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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 1, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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students at madison university finding some silver lining. gop presidential front runner is facing criticism for comments he made following the syrian refugee crisis. he said he's putting them on notice. >> now i hear we want to take in 200,000 syrians, right and they could be -- listen, they could be isis, i don't know. did you ever see a migration like that? i'm putting people on notice that are coming as part of this mass migration that if i win, they're going back, i'm telling you. they're going back. >> just two weeks ago, trump made much softer remarks about the refugee crisis saying we have to do something but we have to get other people to help us and jeb bush is also drawing criticism this morning. he defended the washington
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he said in part, i don't find it offensive, native american tribes generally don't find it offensive offensive. and mean while, a new poll shows donald trump on top with 23% and ben carson and carly fiorina tied for second place with 13% each. now, we don't know all the figures for everyone just yet but we know hillary clinton has raised $28 million and bernie sanders right behind her with 24 million and ben carson has racked up just under 20 million. and some democrats shouting partisan politics over the benghazi investigation. that as they sift through a fresh batch of hillary clinton's emails.
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dodging more obstacles, but amidst all the bad publicity over emails, an unlikely political lifeline from the next speaker. mckarlth carthy saying the people investigating benghazi and her emails is started to destroy her. >> we put together a select committee. what are her numbers today? they're dropping, why? because she's untrustable but no one would have known any of that -- >> that's exactly what bill clinton has been saying. >> they look at the field and say who do we not want to run against and then they dribble out stuff and they attack. >> reporter: hillary clinton with the reverend al sharpton. >> i think they've showed their hand they're worried about running against me. >> reporter: the state
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of emails from 2010 and 11. and none top secret. still to come, four more monthly email release. november 30th, january 29th. and the last just three days before the iowa caucus. well, if one of your coworkers doesn't show up this morning, maybe this is why. one person won the $310 million jackpot. it was sold in michigan at a gas station in three rivers. they have not come forward but after sunday, the chances of wing big are changing p. the odds odds are going down while the odds for the smaller cash prizes go up. it has now gone down to measly
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40 million bucks. and u.s. state department says a bombing campaign is like pouring gasoline on a fire. that's because there are doubts that russia is even targeting ice at all. and tracie, you know, the administration thinks the russian president may have a very different target in mind here. >> reporter: and keep in mind that while president putin in russia wants to see syria's president out or support him, the united states wants to see him out. and the pentagon, yes, is very skeptical that these air strikes are actually targeting isis. here's what russia is cia saying about -- saying about cooperating in syria. >> we think they should get together very soon. >> reporter: the first russian air strikes, the u.s. only got one hours notice. >> concerns we have obviously about the nach
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or e or nature of the targets. >> reporter: the pentagon says isis doesn't operate in this area. they think they're targeting opposition forces targeted by the u.s. >> that approach is tantamount to pouring gasoline on the fire. >> reporter: critics say vladimir putin is take action as the u.s. didn't. >> he perceived the inaction as weakness and he's taking full advantage. >> reporter: after that frosty handshake, the u.s. and russia are still on opposite sides. they're saying that they're going to cooperate, in fact, the military ies are supposed to be talking within days, betty, buts all there's also a big military build up with russia on the syrian coast. and then there's this, big changes coming to your facebook profile. they will have several new
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mobile friendly. users will be able to replace the profile picture with a seven second looping video and it features photos and an expanded bio section but they're currently being tested by a small number of iphone users in california and the uk. let's check back in with meteorologist, bill karins and joaquin joaquin. and this front is in the process of becoming a stationary front and that's where the rain will be. a lot of warm condition in the west. now a closer look at the day ahead. well, some of the rainfall associated with the station air front will begin what could be a two or three day very significant rain event in the carolinas. we'll come back in about 10
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. welcome back everybody. caitlyn jenner will not face charges linked to a fatal car crash in malibu. they say she was not driving rec reckless recklessly or speeding and not on her cell phone at the time of impact. she was involved in an accident that left one woman dead. the children of the woman have filed a civil lawsuit against jenner. and a leopard got in a bind
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while searching for water. forest officials were able to removal the pot after tranquilizing the leopard there. how much would you pay for titanic history? a menu sold for a whopping $88,000. that is a whole lot of lunch money. another scandal for the secret service and this time reaching to the top levels. they found a secret service director leaked information to embarrass a congressman. nbc's kristen has more. >> reporter: a devastating report for an agency trying to make a comeback. the inspector general says score of secret service employees
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received application to join the secret service. he applied to become an agent and was turned down. he was leaving the investigations into a series of recent scandals at the agency, which continue today. they say the actions of the secret service employees could be criminal. >> shocked and surprised. the assistant director wrote in a march email to a colleague, some information that he might find embarrassing needs to get out just to be fair. they found ememployees accesses chaffetz's application and his unsuccessful application was reported a few days later in the daily beast. >> it's a bit scary. if they would do this to me, i shutter to think what they may be doing to other people. >> and jay johnson released a
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this morning on show rr "early today" rr -- "today" all row need
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to know about the nation wide roll out. baseball's longest post season drought is over. a game one of a double header. the blue jays claim the american east title for the first time in 22 years. in the national league, the cardinals clinch their third and their 100th victory of the season. they claubered pittsburgh 11-1. and the 11 inning, 9-5 loss kept new york from securing a spot in the wild card. and pettis has two bruised fingers. the good news, x-raies were negive neg negative. up ahead, kim kardashian could some day be first lady but
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toaster's broken. which means no eggo waffles. what's that sound? did you leave your hairdryer running? no. something smells delicious. how could something smell delicious when the toaster's broken? i smell sausage, egg, cheese and... eggo? l'eggo my eggo breakfast sandwich. the eggo breakfast sandwich. but the toaster's broken. it's sweet, it's savory, it's in your microwave. l'eggo my eggo breakfast sandwich. all right, welcome back. these maps are to show the forecast uncertainty. let's start with our european model. lingers it near the bahamas and
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for three days in a row, takes it to the east, well off the east coast towards bermuda. so, that's one of the scenarios possible. and now to the american gfs model. and that changed just a little bit overnight, taking a little bit more off the coast and bringing it towards the coast and an end fall possibly towards the jersey shore and new york. they've been flip-flopping, actually, the european hasn't been flip-flopping much. >> they really don't know. >> anywhere from the south carolina to bermuda. until it starts moving towards one of those areas, we won't know. let's get to entertainment news. kim kardashian stopped by ellen and told about kanye's announcement that he planned to run for president. >> did you know that he was going to announce his candidacy
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>> i did not. that was news for me. >> so, he's never even said to you maybe i want to run for president some day? >> no, that wasn't a discussion in our household. >> she added that he was serious. and the recent facebook privacy hoax and it was so good even mark zuckerberg liked it but he found john isn't so internet savvy when it comes to his own show. >> we don't take suggestions from people. >> you have a site. you have a place on your official website for suggestions. >> i genuinely didn't know we had a website. >> that's a great idea. we should put suggestions on our facebook. >> you think? >> yeah. >> would you read them or listen to them?
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leading the news in the new york times, lemony snikt and, the author donate to planned parenthood. and it said good fortune should be share would noble causes. and tesla delivered only six model x's. and the fully loaded model
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starts at $132,000. there's still no word on whether he got an employee discount, although he can afford it even without the discount. now nbc news can confirm that kim davis did in fact meet with pope francis. the vatican later issued a statement saying it does not defly de deny the meeting took place but denied to give any further details. and these are the rosaries they claim the pontiff gave them during the meeting. and part of a 1,000 mile walk around britain and the goal is to help physically and mentally wounded soldiers returning from war. harry spoke to utv news. >> it's a -- my understanding is not permanent. you can get help. so, we just need to be able to understand that and appreciate
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bit of support and they can get their life back on track. and one fisherman in texas caught something completely unexpected, an owl, it swooped down to steal the bait and got caught in the hook. animal control came and the hook was are emove removed. an owl going after something. have you heard about this? a couple that ended up not attending the bill. the couple said they did rsvp that they would attend but their babysitter fell through at the attend. they do not plan on paying the bill. >> i'm guessing they also didn't give the gift.
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that's the way to ge. and celebrating birth days, hang over actor and mary popens herself is 80 and former president, jimmy carter is 81. i'm betty nguyen. thanks for w everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. so whatever speed you need, fios has it with the fastest internet and wi-fi available, from 50 to 500 mbps. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month. plus get $350 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. right now, tens of millions
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are preparing just in case. the newest track of hurricane joaquin released overnight. plus, major changes set to be unveiled by the police commissioner. new rules that will apply to every member of the nypd. and this morning a lot of you will be digging a little deeper into your pocket before catching your train. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. thursday morning. it is october 1st. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. storm team 4's chris cimino has the day off. we're thrilled to have raphael miranda with us. looking at a lot of stuff. >> yeah, it's going to be quite a day. we have some lousy weather heading our way. winds, flooding, and chillier temperatures. let's look at storm tracker. lots of clouds out there. no heavy rain like we had yesterday overnight into the morning hours. lighter showers off to the south and east. otherwise, pretty quiet start to the day.
4:27 am
temperatures a big story. you'll notice a major difference today. 57 right now. temperatures stay in the 60s throughout the afternoon. it will be breezy, a little raw. definitely want to grab the light jacket as you're heading out. could be one or two showers but not the heavy rain we're expecting over the next couple days. we'll take a detailed look at that as well as the latest on hurricane joaquin. right now lauren is here with your commute. >> if you're getting on the subways, fast track maintenance on the e. you can still take the shuttle buses. that will be wrapped up at about 5:e0 a.m. then the other overnight track work out there, the 1, 2, 3, 7, a, n, and r. expect delays and service changes. more weather and traffic ahead. >> thank you. new this morning, we're learning about new rules that will apply to every memberodf the nypd. the commissioner will lay them out today. katherine creag is in midtown with more. >> reporter: darlene, good morning. one of the more widely known cases of nypd use of force that happened so recently, it happened right here outside of
4:28 am
this hotel. that's the grand central terminal, the former tennis pro james blake was arrested, taken down. we saw that takedown in surveillance video captured here. it happened on the sidewalk. a case of mistaken identity. blake was mistaken for a suspect. it happened just last month. blake was later released and the officer was put on desk duty. then eric garner after an officer put him in a chokehold. "the new york times" this morning is reporting the nypd will establish specific guidelines when there is an encounter between an officer and civilian. it doesn't just have to do with use of force when there's an arrest, even if the person is cleared and not arrested. you saw commissioner bratton in that video there. we do expect him to talk about this later on today in a press conference. back to you. >> all right, katherine creag. thank you. new this morning, the midnight deadline for congress to extend the zadroga act has
4:29 am
come and gone. the legislation provides millions of dollars in health care for first responders who were sickened after working at the world trade center site. the program still funding into next year, but unless it's renewed, officials say they're going to have to start shutting down by next summer. happening now, tens of millions of people along the east coast preparing for the possible arrival of hurricane joaquin. the storm is expected to reach the bahamas today before turning ward the u.s. its exact path is uncertain, but communities across our area are building sand dunes along the coast just in case. on the upper east side, the city's office of emergency management handed out emergency go bags to more than 150 concerned residents. >> i think we'll be prepared. i think it's going to be okay. we learnedtirom the last time. >> north carolina crews are preparing for the possibility of hurricane joaquin hitting the outer banks. more meetings are planned today to determine if evacuations
4:30 am
shmoould be considered.


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