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tv   Today  NBC  October 1, 2015 7:00am-10:02am EDT

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we have the euro, the american model and the national hurricane center model, which is this one. look at the difference here. the spread, where we go. the usa model is bringing it offshore. the european model, nowhere close to the united states. the national hurricane center brings it right along the coast. we're going to continue to track this. here's what we see, as far as the effects, the way we see it now. this could change by 8:00. right now for friday along the eastern sea board, we have joaquin strengthening to a category 4 storm. rain increases over the mid-atlantic states. we have dangerous surf along the coast. on saturday, torrential rain in the mid-atlantic and southeast southeastern coast. beach erosion from cape cod to myrtle beach. costal flooding is expected. rainfall, upwards of 5 inches of rain. sunday morning, flooding across
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wind gusts 55 miles per hour. heavy surf along the coast. that's beach erosion, as well. sunday evening, and now look at this heavy flooding, 7 inches or more. still a category 2. that's 110-mile-per-hour winds. strong winds from maine to the kier carolinas. on monday, we're still dealing with this. it's a threat to the northeast. if this model holds, it's a threat for the northeast. again, guys, it depends on this track. it's really interdependent on the track. we're going to continue to run go. >> did you tell deborah and the kids you'll be spending a lot of time here this weekend? >> uncle daddy already. >> thank you so much, al. another big story we're following. overnight, russia's war planes syria. it's coming despite criticism and scepticism from u.s.
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officials on the targets of the bombing campaign. ash carter was blunt, saying it's like pouring gasoline on a fire. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the russian and u.s. militaries are set to hold talks, quote, as soon as possible, to try to avoid a conflict in the skies over syria. russia isn't waiting. as you mentioned, unconfirmed reports of a fresh wave of russian air strikes. listen how the u.s. learned it was informed of the air strikes. russian officials arriving in the u.s. embassy at baghdad and said, clear syrian air space. we strike in an hour. 36 civilians were killed according to reports this morning. targets russia selected without consulting washington. the foreign minister, defiant. russia says it struck depos and the command center, but syrian
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rebels supported by the u.s., fighting president's assad claims they were hit. secretary kerry insisting isis should be targeted. >> we're concerned if that's not what's happening. >> reporter: the air strikes include ing strikes near homs and hama. u.s. air strikes target northern syria. this is saudi arabia's former washington ambassador, speaking to me as russia prepared to strike. >> it's like lighting a fire somewhere, and instead of throwing water on it, you're throwing gasoline. >> reporter: the air strikes were launched days after the president met with russia's leader. now, putin has upped the pressure again. overnight, donald trump weighed in. ying of the syrian refugees
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>> i'm putting the people on notice that are coming here from syria, if i win, if i win, they're going back. they're going back. i'm telling you. they're going back. >> reporter: right now, the multiple risks in syrian air space include this. what does the u.s. do if the russian air force, and it knows beforehand, is planning to target rebels supported by america? does the u.s. get involved? this has a chance to get intense very quickly. >> thank you. we are also learning that russian-linked hackers tried at least five times to access hillary clinton's private e-mail account while serving as secretary of state. that's one of the headlines to come out of the latest document dump by the state department. kristin welker has more on that. >> reporter: good morning. clinton's campaign stop comes as
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$68 million last quarter. that's a few million more than bernie sanders. important to point out, overall, she has outpaced him by a margin of 2:1. meanwhile this morning, there are new questions about the security of her private e-mail server when she was secretary of state. as hilary lary clinton tries to fire up her base in boston, she faces new cite scrutiny. in 2011, clinton was sent several e-mails disguised as speeding tickets, which instructed her to print out the ticket. according to the associated press, security experts say, those e-mails contained so-called mall so-call ed mall ware that can be traced back to servers in russia. her campaign said, we have no evidence to suggest she replied to be e-mail or opened the attachment. as we've said before, there is no evidence that the system was ever breached.
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continued e-mail disclosures are taking a toll. >> it's like a drip, drip, drip. >> reporter: the new e-mails are part of 6,000 pages from 2010 to 2011 released by the state department wednesday under court order. in one e-mail, a top aide expresses frustrations with the antiquated e-mail system. hesitant to raise the issue because it might encourage hackers. an article is forwarded about the 2010 mid-term elections. clinton said, i gave to bill, trying to influence trat strategy. this comes as kevin mccarthy suggested the investigation into benghazi is political. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? >> reporter: in an interview with the reverend al sharpton, clinton fired back. >> i think they've showed their
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hand. they're worried about running against me so they want to keep knocking me down. >> reporter: as for the newly released e-mails, 215 have been upgraded to classified. the state department released four more batches of her e-mails in the coming months, a reminder this controversy isn't going away soon. >> thanks very much. next monday, we'll have a live interview with secretary clinton, as she also answers questions during a town hall meeting in new hampshire. on the republican side, mitt rotomney is now weighing in on the current race. listen. >> i will support the republican nominee. i don't think it's going to be donald trump. my party has historically nominated someone who is a mainstream conservative. >> with 122 days left until the iowa caucuses, the race for donors is heating up. the third quarter fundraising deadline ended at midnight. jeb bush is expected to add
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$120 million campaign chest. that's head and shoulders above the rest of the field. governor bush joins us now. nice to see you. good morning. >> good to be with you. >> i want to ask you about syria. days after meeting face to face with our president, vladimir putin ordered these air strikes in syria, targeted not against isis, as we believe, but against rebels fighting president assad. what would president jeb bush do this morning to let vladimir putin know that is unacceptoble? >> we should reengage in syria, for starters, and make sure thnat, beginning perhaps with part of syria, but we should have a no fly zone. there should be zero tolerance for assad using barrel bombs to destroy innocent life. last night at a town hall meeting, i interacted with nora, providing support for a dozen of her family members who have left. these are christian syrians who will be executed if they stay.
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putin fwnm bombing the rebels? >>e if we pull back, if we don't have a strategy, he fills the void. we need a stra gy, and it'll create some form of deterrence. we need to reengage with our european allies. this is outrageous, to attack the syrian free army instead of attacking isis, to support and prop up assad. it'll create more chaos and death in syria. >> let me talk about polling.tlthey're not perfect but they give us a snapshot of where a race is at a particular moment. your polling is not good. you entered the race and had 23% of support in april. now, you're doing to 7%. what's happening in? >> well, 23% was an aberration. nevertheless, we're working for the long haul. we've got a great campaign organization. i'm campaigning hard. we're talking about leadership and the need to fix complex things. i'm the candidate tha gus unveiling policy initiativ, that gives people a sense that we can fix these things. i'm confident i'm
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going to be the republican nominee. >> despnte wsat i said about the money you raised in this quarter, the wall street journal quoted sources inside the party as saying your donors are getting nervous. they're worried you might not be the place for them to put their money. a former senior aide to presidengat obama said, if jeb's last name was walker, we'd be out of the race. >> i would like to have him be a supporter of mine, but he's a liberal democrat. we're on the right track. we have a national campaign. i nghave a policy shot that's great. i'm campaigning hard. i think if you ask me in december ohere we stand when it matters, i will be a contender for sure. >> couple of questions about the frontrunner, donald trump. first, his comments on the syrian refugees overnight. saying if he wins, those who come to this country from syria are going back. what's your respons to that? >> it's a horrible thing. he said he supported putin's activity in syria, and ssia is worth supporting,
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ompared to isis. i think we need to have a rategy to deal with both of the evil forces. the idea that you would send back refugees, when in american history has that happened? we have to stand for certain values. mr. trump either doesn't have a sense of history about american values or doesn't care about them. either way, it's wrong. >> he talks a lot about you on the campa n trail, not usually in glowing terms. are his comments having an affect on you and your campaign? >> not at all. in fact, i think it's a great way to compare and contrast. look, i have a proven record of leadership. i have 32 years in the private sector, not as grandiose as his, but building a successful business from the ground up. mymi record is one eople should have confidence, that i can sit rehind the big desk and make the big decisions. >> clearly, your resume and pe'sgree are perfect for the job of president. you come from a family with a long history of publi service. your dad was president.
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you were a successor governor in an important state, florida. you're fluent in spanish. after deliberating for a long time, you decide to get in the race right now. i don't mean to be funny about this. after several months in the race, you're losing in the polls to the host of "celebrity apprentice." how do you g your arms around that? an >> doesn't matter to me in october. when we get closer to february, people want to know, does he care about me? does he have ideas to lift me ? dog es he have the leadership skills to fix these things 3-? at's how it works in politics. in october of eight years ago, john mccain was by himself in an atlanta airport. i was th e, as well. i gave him a hug. tat's going on, man? he had no support. he won the nomination because he had great ideas, and he showed his heart. >> by the way, there's more to do, nald trump's resume than that show, but it's ironic this established candidate comes
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seems voters want anything but an established candidate. >> i'm not an established candidate as it relates to d.c. i was a disrupter in florida, and i'll be a disrupter in washington, d.c., as well. the fact that i have experience in governing successfully in a swing state should be a virtue, not a vice. >> says you have low energy, low energy. do you have the passion, governor bush, to fight -- >> matt, you need to get out of here and follow me. come with me to see the town hall meeting i had last night, for example, in front of 250 people. yo gu'll see i have the passion , and energy. i'm working 16 hours a day. i love it. i'm connecting with people, and i'm going to win. >> governor jeb bush, i appreciate you coming in this morning. >> absolutely. thank you. turn to natalie for a developing story out of afghanistan. >> big news in afghanistan. officials there re saying government troops have recaptured much of the northern city of kunduz and forced
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afghan officials say 200 insurgents have been killed. a taliban spokesman denies the claim. earlier this week, kunduz was the first provincial capital to fall since 2001. the federal government is still up and running. congress finally approving a stopgap spending, hours before the deadline. the bill keeps the government running through december 11th, giving lawmakers ten weeks to negotiate a wide-ranging budget deal. as we mentioned earlier, someone is waking up $310 million richer this morning, as the winner of wednesday night's powerball. lottery officials say the one and only winning ticket was purchased at a gas station in three rivers, michigan. the winner hasn't yet come forward. it is the second largest powerball prize this year. somebody in michigan, waking up with 310 million more friends, as well. helpful advise.
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when a brown bear calls shotgun, probably best to give it to him. dashcam video out of russia. you'll be shaking your head. you can see the bear sitting in the backseat of the car. apparently, it seems to be playfully biting the hand of the person sitting in front of him, in the passenger seat. russian police say they're not going to cite the driver because the bear had a seat belt on. it wasn't breaking any laws, although lots of things could go wrong there. >> i like the way you said, playfully biting the hand, unless it's your hand and you're not sure it's playfully. >> too big, too, the bear. >> natalie, thank you so much. mr. roker, busy morning for you. >> we have even flooding to talk about. active ongoing breaking news situation. this is in north carolina. i-85, parts of i-85 closed. we have a report of one fatality because of somebody driving into high water. this is a very, very volatile situation. we'll continue to track this.
7:16 am
earlier yesterday, we had more flooding in new england. this is in maine right now. you're looking at heavy rain. they had big problems. more people driving into high water. a real mess. as we move into massachusetts, you can see even more rain, as well. we've got these heavy showers and thunderstorms off the coast. the heavy rain that develops later at no time going to be from joaquin. it'll be a cutoff low that forms. whatever happens, we'll be looking at a lot of flooding in the southeast over the next
7:17 am
we're going to good morning, everyone. getting ready for a cool day ahead, much cooler than yesterday. much cooler in the 50s. showers off to the south and east, otherwise very gray, raw dreary day ahead. 56 degrees. it's a fall feel. temperatures stuck in the low 60s. we could see showers especially off to the south and east of new york city. tracking hurricane joaquin over the next few days carefully. regardless of the storm, breezy and raw as we head into the weekend.t weather. savannah? >> al, thank you so much. coming up, new secret service scandal. the agency under fire for digging up personal information supposedly to embarrass a member of congress. we'll hear from that member of congress. the surprising new exhibit at the mormon church's history museum. we'll tell you about that.
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7:26. good morning, everyone. it's thursday morning, october 1st. looking at the tappan zee bridge. i'm darlene rodriguez. firefighters spent the morning in a car lot. the skyline auto auction on u.s. 46 in fairfield, new jersey. about 18 to 20 cars were destroyed there. the cause of that fire is not yet known but so far there's no word of any injuries. let's take a look at the morning commute. here's lauren scala. >> we still have an accident after exit 51. in the left lane. you can see extensive delays here. heading a little further west on the l.i.e. outbound by northern state parkway blocks the left way. the cross bronx expressway out by the major deeg began a disabled vehicle blocking the road there. causing delays across the george washington bridge. >> thank you, very much, lauren. we'll be back with rafael's
7:22 am
good morning, everyone. getting ready for a big difference temperature wise. much cooler outside now. 56 degrees, breezy. not much sunshine. day planner, temperature stuck in the 60s. it really feels like fall on the first day of october. there are a couple of showers especially south and east of new york city. grab your umbrella. today's high temperature only 64 degrees. as we head into the weekend it stays very chilly tomorrow. high temperature 56 degrees. windy and rainy, especially south and east along the coast. saturday, some light rain possible. temperatures stuck in the 50s.
7:23 am
along the coast and then we're tracking the potential for hurricane joaquin could approach the tri state monday into tuesday. we'll watch that track closely and we'll have updates and especially on social media. darlene? >> coming up on the "today" show find out which major retailer is
7:24 am
7:30 now on a thursday morning. it is the 1st of october, 2015. boy, the temperatures around here dropped about 25 degrees in a half a day. chilly in new york. out on the plaza. we'll go out in a couple minutes. >> the weather is the top of our headlines. specifically, hurricane joaquin. it's near the baja hamas now. category 3 cou become a category 4. al will be the latest on the track of the storm, the potential impacts on the east
7:25 am
coast, coming up in a minute. newly released e-mails from hillary clinton's private account while she was secretary of state. russian-linked hackers tried to access her server. she received five e-mails in 2011 disguised as traffic tickets that contained malicious software. not clear if capitol hill ton open -- clinton opened the attachments. one winning ticket sold last night in the $310 million powerball jackpot. it was purchased at gas station in michigan. we start this half hour with another black eye for the secret service. the em battled agency is apologizing for breaking privacy laws in an attempt to embarrass a high-profile critic on capitol hill. peter alexander is at the white house. peter, what happened? >> reporter: good morning to you. this is another blow for the agency that prides itself on the motto, worthy of trust and confidence. after the release of this
7:26 am
security secretary, jay johnson, apologized to jason chaffetz, the one targeted for this leak. those responsible should be held accountable. he's been one of the most vocal critics of the secret service. >> the secret service has to abide by the laws. this is what's so infear er infur -- infearuating. >> reporter: there's been misconduct within the secret service. apparently, it didn't sit well to some inside the agency. a new report released by the homeland security department's inspector general showed 45 employees improperly access the congressman's application to joint the secret service, when he was turned down to become an agent. chaffetz said he was stunned. >> shocked and surprised on how pervasive this was. it takes its toll. it should have never happened.
7:27 am
>> reporter: the report also contained an e-mail from edward lowry to a colleague, writing back in march, some information that chaffetz might find embarrassing needs to get out. just to be fair. two days later, chaffetz's rejected application was reported online. lowry denied he ordered the file to be leaked, saying he was, quote, reflecting his stress and anger. >> the secret service is entrusted with weapons and guns next to the president of the united states. it scares me that they would act like this. >> reporter: it's the latest damaging blow for an agency fighting to overcome scandals and high mf -profile embarrassments. this comes one day after the president publicly thanked the agency for its job protecting the pope. >> i wanted to make a special commendation of our secret service. >> reporter: the report said chaffetz's information was
7:28 am
from the president's protective detail to a field office in london. it also says the director did not know this was going on. in a statement, clancy apologized and promised appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken. back to you. >> peter, thank you very much. the mormon church is opening up about an uncomfortable part of its history in a public way. >> reporter: tucked inside the mormon church's museum in salt lake city, a small but surprising display about polygamy. >> it's part of our heritage. >> reporter: it features a handwritten account from joseph smith, who said he received a revelation from god to practice p polygamy. they gave it up in 1890. >> we wanted to be transparent
7:29 am
>> reporter: mitt romney even joked about it. >> things were different then. the beetles were the only boy band, and joseph smith had only one wife. >> reporter: while mainstream mormons don't practice polygamy, groups that split from the church do. the flds, led by warren, now in prison for sexual assault. >> i'm bill henricks, and i believe in the principle of pleural marriage. >> reporter: "big love" told a fictional story, while "sister wives" follows a real one. >> i'm a polygamist. be my friend anyway. >> though they have a disclaimer, saying it's not the main practice of the church, there is a popular image associating mormonism with polygamy. >> reporter: for the modern-day
7:30 am
distant history, now on full display. for "today," joe friar, n bc news. let's talk about the forecast. >> we just rendered out the latest models to show you what's going on. it's a really interesting trend that's happening here. again, the latest on joaquin. this is a category 3 storm. will probably be come a 4 before it's over. joaquin is 65 miles southeast of san salvador. moving west at 5 miles per hour. we have the u.s., the american model, and the national hurricane center model. by friday afternoon, it's a 4. watch how they now -- the american model is now coming into line with the european model. moving to the east. come on, usa! usa! here's the national hurricane center model. it's a category 2 off the carolina coast. we move it ahead. again, the american model staying off coast. same with the euro.
7:31 am
it's closer to the coast on the national hurricane center model. tuesday morning, it's along the jersey coast. the national hurricane center stays off the coast, brushing nova scotia. the european keeps it well-off shore. again, these impacts are going to be dependent on where the line is. starting friday, we are going to feel effects along the southeastern atlantic coast. it's going to strengthen to a 4. saturday, we expect to see more rain along the mid-atlantic coast. beach erosion, as well. sunday morning, look for more of the same. the winds will increase, up to 55 miles per hour. as we move into sunday evening, more heavy rain. costal areas will be dealing with dangerous surf. we're going to continue to track this and continue to really fine thanks, al. good morning, everyone. we'll be tracking hurricane joaquin very closely over the next couple of days. right now dealing with cooler weather. a fall feel. it's breezy.
7:32 am
get the wweaters out on this thursday morning. see in your day planner, 56 degrees outside. all of that mugginess and warmth from yesterday is gone. today's high temperatures in the low to mid 60s. natural ac in full effect today. windy and rainy tomorrow especially along the coast. still cool for the weekend. >> that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thank you. coming up, christmas in october. the holiday price wars, yes, already kicking into high gear. what one major retailer is doing to win your business this year. up next, the confusion over the new chip in credit cards. how does it work? what will it change about the way you make purchases? we're answering your questions,
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back now at 7:42 with our series, the hacking of america. today is the deadline for retailers to begin setting the new credit cards that feature the embedded security chips. >> millions of americans have yet to receive them. most stores say they're not ready. nbc's tom costello has been looking into all of this. he's at a walmart in virginia this morning. hi, tom. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of people have received these credit cards in the mail with a computer chip embedded on the face, wondering why. as you mentioned, the deadline is today. retailers must have the cdit cardeaders in place, or they will bear the cost of credit card fraud.
7:38 am
walmart says all its stores are ready. we're used to swiping our card with the magnetic strip. instead, you will insert your card in the bottom, with the chip up. it will take about ten seconds or so. as opposed to a quick swipe, it'll take a few seconds longer. a lot of people have a lot of questions. we thought we'd go through them one by one. question one, why are the banks rolling out the new cards? it's part of a massive upgrade against credit card trade that last year cost more than $8 billion in the u.s. on the face of each new credit card, a computer chip. each transaction generates a unique code that can't be replicated. it makes stealing your credit card information almost useless. question two, will i be required to enter a pin code when i use the card? no. while banks in europe and canada require pin codes with the cards, in the u.s., you'll sign your receipt like you have for years. experts say that's a mistake. the u.s. should also require pin codes. >> they're taking a half step toward the technology known as
7:39 am
chip and signature. the pin is a critical element of security, proven to reduce fraud in europe. >> reporter: what should doi if i haven't received a new chip card? don't worry. it should arrive by the end of the year. meanwhile, you can still use your existing credit card with the magnetic strip. you can always contact your bank about when the new card might arrive. question four, if my credit card details are stolen, who pays? if your card is compromised at a retailer that hasn't upgraded its systems, the retailer is responsible. otherwise, the bank will bear the cost. many retailers haven't yet upgraded. question five, what should i expect at the checkout stand? you'll insert your card for 10 to 20 seconds, rather than slide it. that has retailers concerned. >> the holiday shopping season is almost upon us, and retailers are worried that this is going to cause longer lines. it might because these
7:40 am
bit longer to do. >> reporter: 10 seconds, again, is on average. listen, one important fact, if you put your card in, don't forget to pull it out, right? instead of swiping it, when you keep it in your hand, you put it in there. there's concern people may leave their cards. how will this change or impact your atm experience? should not affect it at all. use your atm, debt it card. they don't have to change for years. neither do gas stations. >> what about online shopping? >> reporter: you'll have the same process. you'll type in your credit card number. one concern here is that if this is becoming more difficult for criminals to steal your credit card information at a checkpoint, at a cash register, they might migrate to online cyber crime. it's always about, you know, the cyber criminals might be a half a step ahead of everybody else. it's a constant battle. >> it is indeed.
7:41 am
>> really good information though, tom. thank you very much. coming up, if you won an academy award, where would you keep it? >> right here. >> the surprising places where oscar resides. kicking off our celebration of breast cancer that pain right here, the bloating, diarrhea; i've dealt with it for years. all you can think about is where is the closest bathroom and how can i avoid embarrassing myself? a gastroenterologist told me that my symptoms were irritable bowel syndrome
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october 1st. breast cancer awareness month begins today. carson is in the orange room, kicking off our pink power campaign. i see a lot of pink in the orange room. >> it's a big day for us. with me, a breast cancer survivor, joan lunden, as well as the founder of breast 15 years today. congratulations. we will have a facebook chat. head to the today show page to take part. we're asking people to share rvivor selfies. whether you're a survivor, fighter or part of a support system. share your photos using the #pink power. one survivor close to my heart, this is the nelson family. mike is edge bark raising areness. he has his hley painted pink.
7:46 am
my mom's name is on there. he'll get that conversation started. stopping at treatment centers along the way. part of the story is this music video. his 9-year-old son wrote the lyrics as a way to cope with his mom's diagnosis. he enlisted the help of hosier, florence the machine and others to bring the song to life. hear the song and follow along with mike's journey across the country. last time he went across country was with me in 2008. >> whoa. >> look at that, carson. >> old route 66. >> any stories from that trip, carson? >> we are out of time. our pink power today initiative is going to beuge today. stick around. more coming up. >> we have mike on the line right now. carson, thank you so much. coming up, the new holiday shopping price war already. what stores are doing that could save you big money on your christmas list.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
live. this is "news 4 new york" now. good morning, everyone. 7:56. it is october 1st. looking at the brooklyn bridge. 56 degrees out. i'm darlene rodriguez.
7:51 am
commuters are paying more to ride nj transit's trains and buses. fares went up 9% at midnight. it is the fifth fare increase for n.j. transit since 2002. agency officials say the hike is needed to close a $60 million budget gap but many commuters are not happy about the fare hike especially in light of recent service delays. meanwhile, a new schedule is now in effect on the staten island ferry. overnight ferry service has been expanded with ferries running every 30 minutes. the ferry used to run every 60 minutes during the overnight hours. check in on the morning commute. here's lauren scala. yeah for the staten island ferry. not ah for southern state parkway webound. route 110 causing delays. s have an accident on the l.i.e. exit 42 causing an issue. over on truck route 1-9, the ramp causing a jam. we have the disabled vehicle on the cross bronx. let's check the weather
7:52 am
today. cloudy, breezy, high of 64. showers are possible especially to the south and east of the ci tty. tonight a chilly 50 degrees. tomorrow wind/rain. 56 is the high. saturday more of the same with a high of 57. and sunday stormy weather likely. it all depends though on the path of hurricane joaquin. coming up on the "today" show, the start of a new breast cancer month awareness series
7:53 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, christmas in october. the holiday price wars are already kicking into high gear. what one major retailer is doing that could save you money on your shopping list this year. pink power.itour friend joan lunden is here as we kick off breast cancer awareness month. we'll answer questions about detection and prevention. plus, live from new york, it's almost saturday night.
7:54 am
>> a new study finds that new york city rats contain flees that are capable of transmitting a plague. itas a rare black eye for the otherwise sterling reputation of the flees on new york city rats. >> the team from weekend update gets us ready for the season emiere of "snl," today, october 1st, 2015. i'm coming up so you better get this party started >> handsome looks like this baby boy adam here. get this party started on a saturday night >> i've been waking up with the "today" sw for 35 years. >> hi. we came to see al. >> go kansas city royals. >> good morning, everybody.
7:55 am
we have a great morning in front of our plaza. a lot going on. al, i have to start paying more attention to your forecast. it is so chilly out here. >> same place we were yesterday at this time. >> we're colder than yesterday. >> chilly out here. >> good throwback thursday. >> our pink power party is today. i picked a pink song to get the reference in there, but also to help get our party started. we have great cancer survivors and support teams down here. obviously, important day, ocextober st. >> joan lunden is here, as well. >> no question. >> let's go inside. natalie is at the desk. she has all the headlines of the morning. hurricane preparations are underway along the east coast, as hurricane joaquin grows more powerful. it is headed to the bahamas, with 120-mile-per-hour winds. joaquin could hit the u.s. this weekend on the heels of another storm that's already claimed one life in south carolina and
7:56 am
caused cause ed flooding from florida to ne england. rev heavy rain is also being blamed on a building collapse in maryland. moscow claims it destroyed a dozen isis targets, including a command center. the pentagon says there are no isis positions in the areas that were hit. that is raising concerns that the russians are hitting rebels who are trying to topple syria's president assad. long-time russian ally. republican presidential hopeful jeb bush says the u.s. needs to establish a no fly zone over syria. he told matt that putin is exploid ex exploiting a power void left by thote lack of u.s. strategy. >> this is atrocious. this is outrageous. to attack the syrian free army instead of attacking isis, to support and prop up assad is going to create more chaos and death in syria. >>et bush also said he disagreed with donald trump, who said wednesday he would deport any syrian refugees who reached the
7:57 am
united states. a newly released batch of hillary clinton's e-mails include more than 200 that have been upgraded to classified. the e-mails reveal that hackers with servers overseas tried to break into her account, sending spam disguised as traffic tickets. there is no evidence to suggest she opened the attachments or her e-mail system was breached. prosecutors decided not to charge caitlyn jenner in connection with the fatal car crash in california. jenner's suv crashed into two other cars, pushing one into oncoming traffic. the driver of that car was killed. prosecutors say there wasn't enough evidence to charge jenner with any criminal wrongdoing. i'm sure caitlyn is relieved ab"tout that. have you started shopping t? got my christmas gift? >> not yet. christmas is 84 days away. don't you hate it when p ple do
7:58 am
one e of the biggest retailers is targeting in on your business. >> i know, we're talking about it already. target is entering the battle for your holiday bucks a little early this year. the retail giant announcing they'll start matching the online prices with two dozen of their competitors. >> reporter: call it christmas in october. starting today, target will begin price matching their website against 29 other online competitors, including giants like amazon, best buy, macy's and walmart. they're even taking on membership only scores, like costco and sam's club. target's policy also allows customers two full weeks to make a price adjustment on a purchase, leaving peoatple tons of time to shop around for a better al t. target isn't the first company to take the price matching plge. walmar started matching prices of its on neompetitors last year. >> it's something i think had to be done. everyone else will follow. that's how this works in retail. it's often follow the leadrr,
7:59 am
especially with a highly competitive time like christmas. >> reporter: why challenge 29 th mpetitors to a savings showdown? the price matching policy is an aggressive effort to snag some of the $886 billion up for grabs this holiday shopping season. is this holiday creed coming a little too early this year? not really. according to a recent poll from credit, more than 30 million americans have already started holiday shopping. 18% of online shoppers have already staoted filling their digital carts. other companies jumping on the early incentives band wagon, walmart launched its layaway program for the 2015 holiday season in august. toys "r" us, to reduce the minimum purchase of free shipping to is the. kmart was the first out of the gate with the holiday commercial. >> hello, america. we understand, it's ridiculous to think about christmas now. >> reporter: as the race to grab
8:00 am
holiday shoppers intensify ies, from here. >> retail, it's a game of one ups. as soon as one player moves, the next is going to follow. doesn't matter if it's october 1st, november 1st or july 1st. they want to capture the sale. >> reporter: after ll, a good des al is a big deal. >> we have shopping tips to help you out. do your homework. compare prices in the circulars and online. apps like red laser can help you track down the best deals. know the store's policy. often, the item has to be identical that you're price matching. from the volume to the label wording usually has to match for the price match to be valid. ask for it. it's rare a retailer will ask you at checkout if you've compared prices. managers have the authority to make shoppers happy at almost any cost. it's worth a shot. just ask them. >> squeaky wheel gets the grease.
8:01 am
didn't someone say that? >> something like that. i have respect for the savvy shopper. they save so much money. >> do your homework. >> i'm wearing green, and you're in red. >> it's time. coming up next, what matt damon says was a painful time in his friendship wh ben affleck. carson? jill martin is here to give you one more chance to vot for today's next big thing. this morning, it's about the kitchen and gadgets that change your life. looking very cool today. >> that's a first-rate queso dip haven't been this lost in years (gps) recalculatg shortest route do i really look like this? never seen this one before chicken parm you taste so good i like it.
8:02 am
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8:06 am
(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. we're back. it's 8:13. time for trending. >> there's an article in the "washington post" that caught my eye. can i read you the first line of it? >> sure. >> it says, you can already rate -- i got this on my phone. you can already rate restaurants, hotels, movies, college classes, government agencies and bowel movements online. is that true? >> i'm not even going to look. >> carson? >> why are you looking at me? >> google it. bowel movements. >> oh, gosh. >> people are eating breakfast. >> we have yelp to help you review restaurants and things like that. well, what if there were yelp for people? everybody you know in your life,
8:07 am
you could rate online. it's real, and it's coming to an app store near you. it's called people, allowing you to rate anyone on the scale of one to five stars, as long as you have theirhone number. that means next door neighbors, landlords, co-workers and exs. >> i kind of like this. >> why? >> it exposes jerks. people are mean. >> it's your opinion. >> you can read all about your uber driver on uber, and can driver can read about you and you get quality interaction. >> think about what your exs would be saying about you. >> bullies would not be tolerated and anyone using the service has to be 21 years old, have a facebook account and use their real names. that helps. but this has been getting negative reviews of its own. >> this is a terrible idea. >> there's twitter already. >> forget it. >> it's like the bathroom wall online, basically, right?
8:08 am
>> exactly. are you phubbers? let's say we were sitting around the table, enjoying each other. say my phone was constantly in reach, and i was like, yeah. that's what it's called, phone snubbing. baylor university did a study and says that phubbing is ruining relationships. couples have the most conflict and unhappiness. college units s students use the rule of three. if the three of us are chatting, it's okay for you to look. >> it's terrible. >> it's a real thing now. >> short attention span. people do it. i don't like it. >> the apple watch makes it easy. you can be like -- >> it's not good. >> check your watch. i guess i'm boring you. >> exactly. >> you know the expression, we are what we eat? >> sure. >> all right.
8:09 am
apparently, it's probably true. we have a new study that reveals your personality according to the way you eat. this is according to a food blogger. anyone a slow eater? >> no. >> no. >> if you choose to savor your food, you enjoy living in the moment. fast eaters? >> yes. >> you eat nine chicken wings in 30 seconds. >> i'm a fast eater. >> you're a good multi-tasker and good at meeting deadlines. picky eater? >> not me. >> usually it means you're comfortable with who you are. you know what you want. then there's the oversharer. loud chewer, noise makers. it means you are a free spirit, and you don't take others' opinions to heart. >> nice way of putting it. >> you're rude. >> no manners. >> now to the "tonight show" surprise. >> let's get to it. matt damon is defending ben
8:10 am
him as a meat head. i don't know who says that. matt says nobody is more misunderstood than ben. pointing to a decade ago when ben's career was in a slump, his relationship with jennifer lopez was all over. it was painful to be his friend because it wasn't fair. to my mind, nobody really got him at all. ben has rebounded. matt saying he's managed to climb back up the mountain. way to go, ben. guys, the next time you're at kate winslet's house for dinner, check out her bathroom. that's where she keeps the oscar she won. why the bathroom? here's what she told wall street journal magazine. the point is for everybody to pick it up and say, i like to thank my son and dad. you can tell when they have because they're in there a little longer. when they flush, they are pink in the cheeks.
8:11 am
>> where do you keep your emmy? >> i have two. >> wow. >> i keep one in our kitchen. people walk in and go to it. keep one with me at all times. i have to have it. thank you. never leaves. >> you know what? >> dinner reservation -- >> i don't think the kate winslet story is real. he just wanted to bring his. >> pass it around. >> walk into a restaurant, carson daly, table for two. >> while you play with this -- >> wow. >> dozen. >> whoa. >> thanks for the thanksgiving day parade. >> finally, the "tonight show," jimmy fallon has great musical guests. black sigh versio singing "can't feel my face."
8:12 am
but i love it, but i love it la la la, la la la >> great stuff coming from our buddy jimmy. that's your pop start. >> well done, carson. how is the forecast looking? >> all right. let's show you what we've got going on. this is the latest on joaquin. still a category 3, but about to become a category 4 in the next 24 hours. right now, it is very close to the bahamas, about 65 miles -- 75 miles southeast of san salvador salvador. 120-mile-per-hour winds is the 8:00 reading. as we've been telling you, we have three divergent models. the european model, the american model and, of course, we've got the national hurricane center's model. you can see the hurricane center keeps it close to the coast, but the american model and the european model now start taking
8:13 am
it offshore. good morning, everyone. much cooler out there. raw and breezy. a wind out of the east gusting 25, 30 miles per hour. a high temperature of only 64 degrees today. yeah, you grab a light jacket heading out the door. a couple showers is south is and east. overnight low down to 50. we're watching hurricane joaquin very closely. we are expecting windy and raw conditions as we head into the weekend. >> all right. well, we have reached the last rounds of our finalists. >> that is right. you are here on the set of "today "today"'s next big thing. this week's winners will be back tomorrow to make a final pitch for their chance to head to qvc on saturday to sell their product live. let's review.
8:14 am
on tuesday, you picked joanne son or daughter snodgrass for the apparel category. wednesday's winner from the home, household and pet category, was carman, with her foot file. we have one more spot to fill. you need to vote. this is the kitchen and gadgets category. then it'll be up to our judges. we have qvc's executive vice president of merchandising. jill martin, creative director at qvc. our own entrepreneur and weather forecaster extraordinary, al roker, who likes the american model, for the record. >> yes, i do. finalist. wrapurse is my product. whuns you once you use it, you'll never want to put your purse down without one again.
8:15 am
>> thank you so much for this opportunity. i'm a single mother of two athletic boys, and i sit in fields and bleachers. one said, can i sit in your lap? i thought, where will i put my favorite bag? on to a wet and muddy field it went, and it got a horrible stain. i knew at that moment, i had to protect the bottom of my purses. wrapurse is the solution. doctor's office floors, public restaurants or a shopping cart, it'll save your purse. it's click on, click offer, and folds into a carry case so you can take it wherever you go. if you own a purse, you need a wrapurse. >> judges, what do you think? >> i really like it. how do you wash the material? >> you can't wash it because you'll take the waterproofing off. it's water resistant but there is a cover. hand wipe it. a wet paper towel. >> all right. >> environment friendly
8:16 am
material? >> yes, it's been tested. >> thank you very much. let's meet our second finalist. >> hi. i'm leslie pierson from seattle, washington. my product is good hangups. we think it's the next big thing because it allows you to instantly hang your artwork with no holes, no damage, all fun. >> come on out. we want to hear about your products. meet the judges. >> hi. i'm so excited to tell you about goodhangups. it's a clever magnetic hanging system for poster s ter posters, prints and much more. take the magnetic sticker, apply it to the wall, place your art, and apply the magnet. it's that easy. >> wow. >> they're removal and reusable, and they work on tons of surfaces. brick, concrete and textured walls. they solve the traditional
8:17 am
no more frames or holes and no more adhesive on your artwork. that's why we think it's the next big thing. >> interesting. >> thank you. >> how is it different from the other products out in the market today? >> the great part is, traditional frames, you have a hole in your wall. it's terrible for renters. of the other solutions require adhering something to your artwork, which either doesn't work perfectly or you leave some residue. >> great. thank you so much. >> great idea. >> thanks. >> let's meet our third and final finalist. >> i'm leann bell from centerville, ohio. my product is passwords fast. i think it's the next big thing because everyone has a million pass passwords. who can remember them all? i've come up with a simple solution. >> tell us about your product. >> hi. how are you? >> howdy.
8:18 am
password. just remember one simple password, and you can make all your other passwords strong. the biggest distinction with my product is it's not connected to the internet. not connected to the internet is important. then your passwords can't be hacked. it takes the place of all those sticky notes, excel spreadsheets, or having everybody just have one password for everything, which is highly unsecure. it's small enough that you can put in a purse, a wallet, or you can keep by your desk. if somebody found this, because it's not connected to the internet, you can't get the passwords off here. >> what do you think, judges? >> i guess, people would say, why don't i go to my phone and use an app? >> well, your smartphone is connected to the internet. that's the biggest distinction. if somebody got that, somebody could hack into your passwords. this one, again, not connected to the internet. that's the big thing. >> more secure. >> you can't get your passwords off here.
8:19 am
>> if you lose that, do you lose your passwords? >> if you lose it, you have to get another one. if somebody got into the guts of this, you can't get the password off there. nobody can put internet hacking tools on here. >> we've got three great finalists. now it's your turn to vote at on who you want to bring back tomorrow, when we'll crown today's next big thing. carson, over to you. >> thank you very much. coming up, we have bobby flay and the boys are here from the weekend update team, getting
8:20 am
premiere of good morning. it is 8:26. one person has died and 13 others have been infected from legionnaire's in the morris park area. so far inspectors found the bacteria and 15 cooling towers. lehman high school and the einstein college of medicine campus. right now we have delays on jamaica and forrest hills j and m trains. if you're getting on the roads, an accident southbound on the bronx river cross county is
8:21 am
causing delays. and out by adam lanes. let's check weather. cloudy, breezy, 64. showers are possible especially to the south and east of the city tonight a chilly 50 degrees. wind and rain tomorrow. 56. saturday, more of the same, high of 57. coming up on the "today" show, matt walsh. stay tuned. back to blinds! during blinds to go's early fall savings sale, save 20 to 30% on all the season's latest looks in cellular shades and cascade double shades. that'll really make you look smart. blinds to go.
8:22 am
back to school? how about...back to blinds! during blinds to go's early fall savings sale, save 20 to 30% on all the season's latest looks in cellular shades and cascade double shades. that'll really make you look smart. blinds to go. blinds for life. 8:30 now on this thursday morning. october has made its presence felt. by the way, we have a plaza filled with dogs. you don't get to say that often and get away with it. these dogs you're looking at
8:23 am
right now, up for adoption on this thursday monoing rning. we'll tell you more in a couple minutes. also ahead, breast cancer awareness month gets underway. joan lon dor unden is here. we'll get questions answered. "saturday night live" is back in a big way. miley cyrus is the most. we'll catch up with the weekend update team. >> he dances like you. >> pretty good. also, have you smelled the kitchen upstairs? amazing. bobby flay is here with the recipes for the best brunch ever. a way to give your scrambled eggs an extra punch. >> it has vodka. you have weather? >> let's show you what's going on. we're keeping an eye on joaquin. in the meantime, we have a front bringing in a lot of wet weather along the eastern sea board. costal flooding. look for rain out west into the cascades and the rockies. sunshine for the plains into the
8:24 am
great lakes. for tomorrow, more rainmaking its way into the mid-atlantic, northeast. joaquin threatening the southeastern atlantic coast. rain from the plains to the rockies, along the west coast, showers in the pacific northwest. good morning, everyone. time to grab the sweaters as you're heading out the door. much cooler today. high temperatures only into the 60s. it will be breezy and raw throughout the day. a few showers off to the south and east. have your umbrella to be on the safe side. windy is and chilly. down to 50 for the low. major change in the pattern. hurricane joaquin moving in late this weekend, early next week. regardless, not going to be a great weekend. windy and cool. >> you had a question, young lady? >> yes. we're going back to louisiana on sunday. will we hit the hurricane and be delayed? >> i don't think so. might be some wind delays.
8:25 am
keep watching the weather channel on cable, whether online. >> we don't want no bumpy rides. >> that's a slogan. >> i second that. now to the return of "saturday night live." they've had the summer to rest up, and they're ready to kick off season 41 this weekend. colin jost and michael cha e are the weekend update co-anchors. nice to see you. >> nice to be here. thank you. >> last year, you bonded and got to know one another. did the sharing and caring continue through the summer? >> you have no idea. it was pretty weird. >> yeah? >> kind of weird. >> yeah. i haven't seen you in three months. >> i don't know your name. >> are you guys like elite athletes, that you spend the off season -- >> no. >> -- going through mental calihenics, to keep mentally limber?
8:26 am
>> you read my blog. >> i do. >> is that what happens? >> we did a lot of standup. did a couple shows together and standup individually. it was unathletic. >> is it frustrating over the summer to see some of the stories that make headlines and know you can't comment and scream, why couldn't you wait until fall? >> when i see a bad mistake, i'm like, boy, i wish i had a piece of that. >> yeah, with jared. the one regret was the timing. he could have waited. >> the ring guy? >> jewelry dude was in trouble? >> other jared. >> second jared. >> keeping up. >> i don't think anybody referred to him as the second best jared before. >> miley cyrus is the musical guest and the host for the opening weekend. she's known to do some crazy things on live broadcasts. will you be standing on the side
8:27 am
of the stage holding your breath, or egging her on? >> she was saying the other day what she hid from people when she was doing the vmas. i'm like, told tell the story to lauren. >> what she has planned? >> whatever she has planned, don't tell them in advance. >> you looking forward to working with miley? >> always. she's an exciting performer. she's been to the show, and it's fun to work with somebody like that. >> you have amy schumer coming up as a host. she knows sketch comedy. does that make your sketch easy? >> she's the queen of comedy right now, i thk. she's crushing it, red hot. she'll have a lot of ideas. i'm excited to see whathe'll bring. >> it's nerve racking, too. you're like, this show better be good. we know she's funny. the show better be good. >> if it's bad, it won't be her fault. >> yeah. >> it's be your fault. >> we've been looking at the calendar ahead of time.
8:28 am
day. >> last time i saw him was last year, before the accident. he reenacted the "planet of the abes" for 20 minutes. i can't wait to see him be funny again. >> we can't wait to see you guys be funny again. good luck with the reason. >> me either. >> with the season. >> i meant that. >> what do you mean again? what are we doing, man? >> i mean in a new season of funny. that's the way i meant it. the season premiere of "snl" this saturday. host and musical guest, miley cyrus. first, on a thursday morning, this is "today" on nbc. hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts.
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8:31 am
we are back now. it's 8:38 with the official kickoff of pink power today, in honor of breast cancer awareness month. throughout this month, we're looking at stories of survivors and the family and friends who help in the battle. hoda, a survi herself, is here to help get us started. >> i was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. every year, more than 230,000 american women get that exact same diagnosis. i had the chance to sit down in an exam room with my doctor, my breast cancer doctor, director of breast surgery a new york university to discuss detection, treatment and the recovery process. when should a woman get her first mammogram? >> most of the major groups in the united states have maintained that we should be starting around age 40 and doing it annually.
8:32 am
>> i was 42. i went to the gyno for a vision and felt a lump. went for a mammogram and didn't see it on the mammogram really. what are other ways you can detect breast cancer? >> the two other tests that are done reasonably frequently are, number one, ultrasound and, number two, mri. >> i was 42, and i didn't see myself as high risk. >> breast cancer risk really goes up around age 50. >> angelina jolie sort of put a face to genetic testing. who should be check snd ed? >> the people are people with significant family history. today, there are a variety of other genes that can increase the risk for breast cancer. >> who needs chemo therapy and radiation? >> chemotherapy and radiation treat different aspects of
8:33 am
radiation treatment primarily is ed t lower the chances of a reoccurrence of disease in the breast.harmonal theory. the goal is the to prevent t disease from going to oth organs. >> i remember before i was wheeled into the operating room, my mom was there, and you looked at her and said, i'll take care of your daughter. how important is that, to have family and loved ones with you? >> i think people who are well support and had are embedded in great networks of support just get through the treatments better. >> more and more people are surviving breast cancer. yet, it still is the number two cancer killer of women in this country. how are we doing? >> scorecard is very good. the survival for women at all stages is going up, including
8:34 am
we need to remember there is a lifestyle piece. exercise moderately, not smoke, moderate alcohol intake. that's something we really can't forget, is just living healthy. >> we've learned to much through your journey. there's still questions to ask. we want to bring in joan lunden, whose new book is "had i known," and the founder and president of breast she's been taking your questions on facebook this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we have somet in common. neither of us had any family history of breast cancer. one of the first questions they ask when you go to the doctor is do you have family history. that is not a main component when you're being diagnosed with breast cancer. >> 10% are due to an inherited abnormality, like what angelina jolie had. meaning 90% are mostly related to how you lead your life in
8:35 am
you can take steps every day to lower your risk. >> don't so many of us have the perception, it's not in my family so i don't have to worry about it. >> i didn'to self-breast exams because i didn't realize that only a small percentage of women who are diagnosed actually have a family history. i didn't have a family history. i kind of thought i was immune. honestly, i was a little embarrassed once i got diagnosed about that. i hear from women every day, at my online chat when we're live, and they're saying the same thing. it's not just me. it's a really common myth, and it's scary. if you think you're immune, you're not checking. >> should you get that genetic test? a lot of people think, i don't know if i have it. do you think women should get that? >> there are certain women who are good candidates and should consider getting genetic testing to see if they have one of the genes that would put them at high risk for breast cancer. women are a strong family history or women of jewish background, without a family
8:36 am
history. women who have breast cancer, men in their family, or a lot of generations, or ovarian cancer in the family. >> can we talk about the breast exam? this isn't here for nothing. what is the proper way to do it? i think we've been -- honestly, a lot of us don't know. >> you need to know what's normal for you. exam all of each breast, out to the armpit. you can go up and down, like you would be mowing a lawn. use three fingers. with a little pressure right underneath your fingers, little deeper, more pressure to get down there. go in a circular fashion to exam the whole brus, east or up and down. exam all of each breast. >> what about mammograms? i feel confused about the rules. what is the bottom line? >> the bottom line is, get your
8:37 am
nearly mammogramtartin age 40. mammograms can save yr life. east cancer is the most common cancer to affect women. mammograms are our most powerful tool for early detection. it can save your life, and it may help find it early when you can avoid more aggressive treatments like chemotherapy. >> if you've had a mother or sister, who had breast cancer, whatever age they had breast cancer, you start your mammograms ten years early, right? >> right. your doctor may recommend you start earlier if you're high risk. consider your family history on your mother and father's sides. both are equally important. >> joan and doctor, thank you so much. hoda, as always. check out the facebook page. tomorrow, we are throwing a pink shower party. >> i like it. >> let's do it like you and kathie lee do it. >> pink power party. >> we want to celebrate those fighters and survivors. be sure to share your selfies
8:38 am
and pictures of the people who have supported you using the the the #pink power. >> if you show up, you'll be glad you did. there are amazing surprises. >> you heard it from hoda. up next, adorable dogs up for abortion on the plaza.
8:39 am
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1.4 million dogs are adopted from shelters every year. that's the number that could be a lot higher. that's why, this month, we're working with our sponsor, rue, subaru, to encourage more adoptions. use the hashtag, make a dog's day. it was trending instantly when we launched it on wednesday. matt is the ceo of the aspca. good morning to you.
8:41 am
>> good morning. >> people love their animals. make the pitch. why should people be adopting shelter dogs? >> three things happen when you adopt a dog. first, you'll bring love and joy and companionship into your home. secondly, you're going to free up critical resources for another animal that needs them. most importantly, you'll save a life. the aspca helps to save lives. >> we have three great dogs up for adoption. tell us about these guys. >> this is lacy. a 1-year-old pitbull mix. she's the perfect dog because she will run and play, as you can see, or she'll crawl on the couch with you. next to her is lindsey. she was relinquished from her owners. couldn't find a home that would let her come with them when they moved.
8:42 am
next to her was brama. she was she was a cruelty case. perfect example of coeampanionship. he wants to show love and affection. >> looks great. we have two wonderful candidates who are going to adopt a dog. we have roxanne and madeline. why did you decide you wante to adopt a dog? >> when we first rolled into the aspca, a lot of dogs were taken a aback by our wheels. he would be the perfect dog to join our plan. >> we're both on wheels. i love that. >> hi, baby. >> this is the new dog, cliff. >> yes. >> tell us about this animal. >> good morning, everybody. congratulations on your new dog. >> thank you. >> love him. >> we're going to get him a skateboard. >> he'll get a lot of exercise. >> exactly. >> this is important to you, why do you take this on in?
8:43 am
subaru -- october is subaru's love pets month. we're trying to encourage all of our customers a people interested in adopting aing to to go to our 625 retailers around the country and adopt one of these beautiful animals. >> adorable. are you excited? >> so excited. >> thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> these dogs are about to be adopted, as well. we really want you to get involved in this great effort. thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up next, the best
8:44 am
back now with today's food from bacon to eggs and pastries, nothing like a great brunch to start the day. bobby flay wrapped up his best recipes in "brunch at bobby's." great to see you. >> thank you so much. >> this is not your grandfather's brunch. >> it's not. it's an important meal, and the most relaxed of the week. it can be fun. there's really a few vehicles, as you know. there's waffles, pancakes and french toast and egg dishes. we'll make egg dishes today. the thing i like about egg dishes, you can go anywhere in the world and give it flavor. we're going to go to italy. >> this was inspired by a trip to italy. see the ingredients. >> bread to start.
8:45 am
>> why do you like the taste? >> flavor rolling through it. we also have red onions, provolone cheese and eggs. we're going to start with the olive oil on the bread. i always season my bread with a little salt and pepper, even when i toast it. >> extra punch. >> why not? >> we'll put it on to our pan and let it toast. >> we get our tasting panel down in the studio. a first for carson daly, first time he's had brunch without a hangover. congratulations. >> first time you let him eat here. >> no, no, no. >> we have scrambled eggs. the art of scrambled eggs is continuing to scramble. start doing that. >> okay. >> one tip i like is we have some little pepper. i add the salt at the end. i want to retain the nice, silky curds of the eggs. >> what's the consistency you're looking for? once these get too hard, they're no good. >> exactly right.
8:46 am
some like their eggs firmer. continue to cook them. you see how quickly it cooks. >> right. you have that motion. >> i make breakfast at home. how is it tasting? >>ri ry yummy. >> i don't think this is the dishet plate though, bobby. >> these are low in calorie. >> sure. >> that's what it comes out looking like. >> exactly right. the eggs cook quickly. have your toast and everything ready to go. we also made a pesto with jalapenos in it. we bring in the heat but we're keeping t flavors of italy. i'm going to put a little pit of the pesto on top of our eggs, right on the tot. this is what you want. you want a contrast of texture. >>ll chop it up and serve it in big chunks. >> keep going on. there's the finished product. >> talk to me about the home fries. little difference here. >> if you make eg, you mus have home fries.
8:47 am
continuing the flavors from italy. you get a nice crust. you want the home fries to be crusty. otherwise, you're missing out. >> you cook the poe tatoes first? >> get them crusty. then add garlic, parsley, cheese and peppers. you have the most delicious home fries ever. >> how is brunch? >> yummy. >> like it. >> waiting for the bloody mary me moe ma moe memosa, but it's great. >> come back tomorrow, bobby. >> head to coming up, oscar nominee
8:48 am
good morning. it is 8:57. i'm darlene rodriguez. on the upper east side, concerned residents were given go bags. they need to know which hurricane evacuation zone they are in just in case they are needed. but the storm's path is is still uncertain. it m is unclear how it will impact our area. check the weather for you. cloudy, breezy.
8:49 am
high, 64. showers are possible, especia.. to the south and east of the city. tonight, chilly 50. tomorrow, wind and rain, 56. saturday, more of the same. likely. it depends on the path of hurricane ooaquin. coming up on the "today" show, recipe re-dos r some of your favorite f all foods. back to school? during blinds to go's early fall savings sale, save 20 to 30% on all the season's latest looks in cellular shades and cascade double shades. that'll really make you look smart. blinds to go
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back to school? how about...back to blinds! during blinds to go's early fall savings sale, save 20 to 30% on all the season's latest looks in cellular shades and cascade double shades. that'll really make you look smart. blinds to go.
8:51 am
this norning on "today's take," ellen page on her much-anticipated new film with julianne moore. then the most hilarious mic drop in the history of mic drops. get ready to be amazed. you never know what's going to happen on wow me week. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," with al roker, natalie morale else, willie geist and tamron hill,
8:52 am
welcome to "today" on this thursday mono rning. it's the first day of the month, 2015. i'm willie. natalie, get us going. >> this is where you live, guys. >> yeah. >> "yeah" by usher. >> one of my all-time favorites. >> i l ve that scene. don't live here. >> none of that. >> i have a spin class -- it's throwback thursday. >> '03 is my guess. >> that's what i do with music. what was i doing at that time? >> conspicuous. ridiculous. come on, you don't remember that? >> wow. >> forget it. digress. >> i was going to say, occasionally, he channels an atl black man we've not named yet. it's stunning. >> this was huge, 2004.
8:53 am
>> it happens at the oddest times. this guy comes. we have to name him. >> black willie. >> we have to name your inner southern black rapper. not black will. i refuse. >> not right. >> for many reasons. do not send us what you think we should call him. >> no, no. >> bad idea. >> maybe it's a t-shirt. >> what else do wenhave? >> today is national homemade cookie day. not a single one of these is homemade. unless your home happens to be a store. >> what's the favorite over here? >> you like the oatmeal raisin. >> without nuts. the oatmeal raisin. >> i like a sugar cookie. >> christmas time. >> i did two. for a small cookie with a softer kex texture. for the larger crun
8:54 am
h, the tate's cookie. >> we have this in common. i don't like soft cookies. tate's are great. what i do sometimes is i get ice cream, vanilla in between two and put it in the freezer for an hour. you come back and it'scitie -- >> wow. >> i love the combination when they use t fihe dark chocolate and the sea salt in the chocolate chip cookies. so good. >> fancy now. >> little fancy. >> so good. >> you enjoy your cookies. >> here's the question, who still drinks whole milk? >> me. >> they say -- >> it breaks down more easily. >> i read for women, it's still a good opti if you are not in the process of trying to go on a weight loss regimen. i drink whole milk. i never drink a glass of milk. >> with cookies. >> yeah, i still do.
8:55 am
around here, there have been a couple, especially related to women, about the benefits, as i get serious on whole milk. it's true. >> there is a lot of research that says having whole milk or having whole fat dairy products actually can help you lose weight. >> a lot of things are cheap to say, but i heard someone say that at the grocery store. who buys whole milk anymore, as i snuck mine in? >> the way to live your life s you f the study that sounds best to go and you with it. >> drink it down. >> there is the vodka study. >> i subscribe to that. totally. >> red wine, very, very good for you, especially the more you haveve. that's the study i like. >> the french are thin and healthy. case closed. >> rude but thin. just kidding. >> here's a study, or we're putting it out to you, do you stay in touch with your ex's family?
8:56 am
how often do you get so close to your ex, you know, boyfriend at the time or significant other's family, and then when the relationship -- she'll sti digging in with her cookie -- when the relationship goes sour, a lot of times, you're giving up the family, too. >> yeah. >> perhaps so. >> i guess so. er>> moving on. >> you should. >> emily blunt was talking to howard stern and, apparently, she was saying -- i forgot, she dated michael buble in -- >> that went down ugly. it was a bad breakup, which she said in the interview with howard. it's hard to talk about. >> she said it was perhaps not a good way. wasn't a good time for that. >> yeah. >> the relationship was good though, but unfortunately, did not end the way she wanted to. she still loves the family of her ex-boyfriend, michael buble buble's family. >> i have an ex-fiance, and he knows who he is because he watches, but he calls my mother and sends her flowers all the time.
8:57 am
i had to tell my mom, we've had a heart to heart, she's going to kill me, mom, you have to stop talking to him. >> do you feel he's trying to get back to you? >> i think my mother reveals too much about what i'm doing. she'll say, oh, tamron is, that nah, nah. i think they have a genuine love for one another. he was there when my father passed away. but my mom, nah, nah. >> it depends. >> it's hard. all three of you are married. do you have an ex, whose family you're still close to? >> we broke up for a few years, and let's say, i never got to the meet the parents stage in the other relationships. there was a brevity to them. >> oh, my. >> "new york times" has -- >> willie is in the house. >> ridiculous. >> there's 27 ways to be a modern man.
8:58 am
we just heard one. here's some of the others. >> all right, luda. >> doesn't cut the fat off of his filet. >> what? >> the modern man doesn't cut the fat. do you cut off the fat? >> first of all, the modern man doesn't eat a filet. he eats a bone-in ribeye and does not cut the fat off. won't blow ten minutes of life looking for the best parking spot. >> just get in the spot. walk it out. >> good. >> still jots down the grocery list on a piece of paper. >> i do not. it's in the phone. >> i do. i'm afraid i'm going to drop it or leave it. paper, boom, done. >> drop the paper. >> it wasn't break or -- i don't agree with the next one. doesn't get hung up on his phone's battery percentage. if it needs to run flat, so be it. i'm abc, always be charging. >> i'm with you on that. >> i love that. >> always be charging.
8:59 am
>> always be charging? >> sounds like something black willie says. >> quit calling him black willie. >> we can't say it. >> we can't? >> always be charging. >> don't you get a panic when it turns red? >> 10%, you're like, oh. >> says you're an addict, at the restaurant, anybody have a charger? anybody? a little hit here, please. >> alec baldwin, always be selling. >> always be charging, it's hot. i love it. another thing we're watching -- well, it's one of the epic moments as a reporter. i don't think this happens often in life. >> i hope not. >> it's darn funny. this fox reporter from fox 10 in phoenix is interviewing a local high school band. easy enough assignment. we've all been there. this has not happened to any of us. take a look. >> love the tuba. it's one of my favorite instruments. listen to this.
9:00 am
>> down the tuba. >> he's going in. >> tuba surgery. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, that is so funny. >> that mic has to be nasty. >> how did he get it out? >> tuba surgery. there it is. yeah! we got it. >> impressive. >> he's like red in the face. >> wow. >> embarrassing. >> hilarious. >> very funny. >> ridiculous. >> do it again. >> no. i've met my quota for the day. >> what's happening outside? >> we have joaquin. it's interesting because there's a lot going on. these models keep changing, and so we've been watching this very closely. right now, joaquin is a major hurricane, a category 3 storm. the winds are about 75 miles per hour. it is, right now, 65 miles to the southeast of san salvador.
9:01 am
moving west-southwest, 5 miles per hour. we have three models we look at. the european model, american model and national hurricane center model. there are others, as well. these are the three main ones. look what happens. friday, it's a category 4 storm, 140 miles per hour. watch what happens. the american model and the european model move off to the east. the national hurricane center model hugs the coast. monday morning, it's 90 miles per hour. look at the usa and the european model. they move off the coast. the closest the american comes is skirting the new england coast, while the national hurricane center model is right along the east coast. moves away. we're going to be tracking this. right now, here's what we look at, as far as the impacts. currently, the way we s them, friday, we're looking for ndy conditions along the southeastern coast. we expect to see rain along the coast on saturday. that'll be from a cutoff low. sunday morning, major flooding
9:02 am
across the southeast. some areas, 7 to 12 inches of rain in that area. then getting into sunday evening as it moves up the coast, windy conditions but less of an impact on the northeast, the way it's looking now. as we move on into monday, again, according to this plot, the threat to the northeast, uncertain. rain ends for the mid-atlantic. we'll have a lot of wind. heavy surf and beach erosion for the northeast and the new england area. that's what we have right thanks, al. good morning, everyone. much cooler. today you need to grab a jacket out the door. a live look at storm tracker. rain a off to the south and east. monmouth, ocean county, showers expected there. and suffolk county, light rain for you. fall feel. 58 degrees right now. headed into the 60s later on today. pleasy today and tomorrow. tracking hurricane joaquin could
9:03 am
affect your weather later on this weekend. >> that is your latest weather. >> black willie is trending. not kidding. people are sending these, what would black willie say. >> ridiculous. coming up next, he plays the director of communications on the hbo series "veep." now, matt is busy as a director of his new comedy "a better you." plus, the it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. i try hard to get a great shape.
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toaster's broken. which means no eggo waffles. what's that sound? did you leave your hairdryer running? no. something smells delicious. how could something smell delicious when the toaster's broken? i smell sausage, egg, cheese and... eggo? l'eggo my eggo breakfast sandwich. the eggo breakfast sandwich. but the toaster's broken. it's sweet, it's savory, it's in your microwave. l'eggo my eggo breakfast sandwich. as a founding member of the upright citizens bring gage, matt walsh is one of the funniest. >> he now has a movie he wrote, directed and stars in "a better you." it's a delusional self-help guru. matt walsh, good morning. >> good morning. how are you guys?
9:07 am
>> great. this is a labor of love for you. >> yes. >> tell us how this character came about. >> l.a. is obsessed with alternative medicine. i grew up in chicago. if you had a problem, you'd see a doctor or psychologist. in l.a., there's personal trainers, life coaches, therapists, needle people. >> acupuncture. >> needle people. i'm not literal. i've read the bible. >> good book. >> it is. little slow in the beginning. a lot of names. who cares. who is the hero? get to jesus. right? >> anyway, it's a funny movie. see it october 9th. >> thank you very much. >> you are one of the kings of improv. this movie is a lot of -- >> hyperbole.
9:08 am
one of the funniest kings of improv. i'm pointing it out. >> thank you very much. this movie is all improvised. >> it is. >> with a lot of great people in it. >> yeah. thank you. brian husky, andy daily, aaron hayes, nick pops in for a momen a lot of friends from the used to be improv community. we would just have scenes, rehearse the scene, and then before we started rolling, just film it. all the dialogue was the actors. i would sort of lion tame them. too much, come back from that. throw in a few jokes. i wrote it with brian, who is the maincharacter. >> you're on fire right now. >> really? >> this is hyperbole. am i on the top, a-list? >> a. >> you make this happen. >> yes. >> today's show says i'm a-list. sorry. i think julia carries the show a little qit.
9:09 am
>> lo all the emmys in the arms of the actors. one of the funniest shows on tv. my favorite come bi y dy comedy. >> thank you. >> you're in the new "ghostbusters movie." what canyou reveal? >> sony would kill me if i said anything about the story. i worked with michael williams, and we're sort of homeland security guys trying to get involved somehow. that's all i can kind of tell you. >> wow. >> al was at the set, and he can't tell us anything either. >> i couldn't say anything. >> i might have said too much already. >> i did get slimed. >> you did? >> i think i was there the next day. they were saying it was fun. >> it was fun. >> what did it feel like to get slimed? >> it is not nice. funky. funky. >> you probably got the used slime, too. >> i think i did. there were chunks in chunks in the slime. >> they needed the camera slime. >> it's environmentally friendly.
9:10 am
recycle it. >> we've learned so much. >> matt walsh, we love you. >> thank you, guys. love coming here. >> "better you" hits select theaters and on demand october 9th. >> see you tonight in jersey. hit the chick-fil-a. >> we can eat whatever we want. cheat day. ellen page teaming up with julianne moore with "freeheld." hello! my name is phil zietlow. i work on the cheerios team and it's always bugged me that we couldn't say that, " cheerios are gluten free" . you know, cheerios are made from oats- which are naturally gluten-free - but sometimes grains that contain gluten get mixed in. so we came up with a way to remove them. which means now, cheerios can be enjoyed by everyone! just original cheerios? honey nut cheerios too, buzz. sweet! is anything bugging you now? (laughs) happy anversary
9:11 am
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r is right for you. go to to learn if you may be eligible to receive tanzeum free for 12 months. make every week a tanzeum week. ok guys, go, go, go. honey, do you have the camera? yes, i do. (punctured balloon) (gasp) ooh... hi, can i help you? ugh, i need an eyeball. we should find something here. ooh! that will work! happy to help. -thank you. we're happy to help make your day a little better. walmart. it was eight years ago when ellen page -- i was waiting for
9:14 am
my cue but i didn't get one. when ellen page had her breakout roll in " juno." she was later in "x-men." now, she's starring alongside oscar winner julianne moore in "freeheld." >> it's a true story about a same-sex couple struggling for equality. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> it is interesting. i read an interview with julianne moore, and she said, i hope that this is not hurtful but helpful, in she did not realize the struggle and pain so many people who are closeted go through every day. you enlighten her with this film, skpechb and even your personal life. >> when we were rehearsing and gettg ready to stor i ink it was a nice opportunity to talk to julie about what it does feel like to be a closeted person, the process of coming out and what
9:15 am
it's like to be in a p et closeted relationship which, at the beginning of the film, is what they exist in. a closeted relationship, which is something i can personally relate to, what it feels like. it was something that came up a lot in discussions and rehearsing and what have not. >> you touched on it a little bit, but you said before this film mirrors your own experience. >> yeah. >> what, from your own life, were you able to bring to the role? >> needless to say, i've never gotten throughything like what stacey and laurel went through, which was horrific and painful. what did they was so crucial and important. i feel just so grateful to be a part of telling the story. yeah, i first was involved in the film when i was 21. there was a documentary made about the film by cynthia wade. itoscar. extraordinary film. i was asked if i wanted to play stacey. i mean, i was so moved by the documentary. i wept. i said yes imediately.
9:16 am
a pretty closeted person. what is amazing is the journey that, you know, we took developing the film, did sort of correlate with my own experience. it's people like stacey and laurel that inspire you. inspire you to do the right thing for yourself and the right thing for the community, to come out and be a visible person. >> congratulations on the film. >> powerful on and off screen. we don't see it a lot in young hollywood. >> thank you very much. >> thank you so much. i will take beauty into my own hands...where it belongs. olay regenerist. it regenerates surface cells. new skin is revealed in only 5 days. without drastic measures. stunningly youthful. award-winning skin. never settle for anything less. the regenerist collection. from the world's #1.
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the:27. a live look at the tappan zee bridge. investigators are going to try to determine what sparked a fire that destroyed a dozen cars this morning in essex county. chopper 4 overhead burning cars on the skyline auto auction. 18 to 20 cars destroyed. no word, though, of anyone being hurt. a check of the weather. cloudy, breezy, high of 64.
9:19 am
showers possible especially south and east. tonight, chilly 50 depress. tomorrow, rain, wind, 56 for the high. saturday, more of the same, 57. sunday, stormy weather likely. really just depends on the path of hurricane joaquin. 62 degrees. coming up "today" show, liz hurley stops by and talks about the "royals" and it is is breast
9:20 am
taking a look at the headlines. amtrak is charging baggage fees. the chances are, you won't have to pay up. amtrak will charge $20 to passengers who exceed the limits for carry on and personal items. passengers are allowed to bring two personal items, weighing up to 25 pounds, and two carry on bags weighing no more than 50 pounds each. the fee will apply to each item above those limits. amtrak officials say it's not about making money, it's about safety and space. facebook is rolling out new
9:21 am
features to let users better personalize their profiles that includes a profile video. it's a short looping clip that you can use instead of a static picture. you will be able to use a temporary profile picture for a scheduled of time. for example, when you go on vacation. facebook is giving users more way to control their privacy. we have a winner. someone woke up $310 million richer than this. as the owner of wednesday night's powerball drawing. lottery officials say the one and only winning ticket was purchased at a gas station in three rivers, michigan. the winner hasn't come forward yet. it is the second largest powerball prize this year. a thirsty leopard found the help it needed after getting its head stuck in this metal pot. it was looking for something to drink, apparently. the poor animal was found wand wandering around the village in india. it took hours to free the leopard.
9:22 am
hope it got something to drink. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> all right. natalie, thanks so much. of course, we've been tracking joaquin. we also have some pretty heavy flooding that'll be happening in the southeast today, into tomorrow. some areas picking up 18 inches of rain. also, some wet weather back through the rockies and the cascades, as well. sunshine in the pacific northwest. tomorrow, that rain spreads to the north. mid-atlantic states getting involved. sunshine, great lakes. chillier than it's been. look for a beautiful day through the gulf coast and texas, west coast, with the thanks, al. good morning, everyone. feeling a little raw on this thursday morning. it is much cooler outside. temperatures in the 50s. it's breezy. we have showers as well. mainly off to the south and east. take a look at your day planner. high temperature of 64. a few showers south and east of new york city.
9:23 am
staying cool as you are healing home tonight. much cooler tomorrow, high temperature of 56 degrees. and keeping you cool watching joaquin heading into the weekend. >> that's your latest weather. natalie? >> thank you, al. now for week three of our 16 to 16 challenge. we're helping "today" show viewers and you get healthy by the new year. >> we challenged them to remake their fatty fall recipes. we have joy bauer and the fitness correspondent, jenna wolf, helping us out. good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> we have a power team here. >> i know we do. joy, let's start with a progress report. >> mary jean, last week, lost 8.5 pounds. this week, she lost an additional 2.5 pounds and is now down 11 pounds. the incredible shrinking woman. >> the goal was 16, and she's
9:24 am
down 11.5. >> very good. >> mary jean, you remade one of your favorite dishes. what is it? >> apple crisp. we have it in the fall, but it's more -- i changed it up with whole flour instead of white, lessened the sugar, just about everything. >> a traditional version clocks in at about 470 calories. she reduced the sugar so much, made such smart swaps, this new and improved, 290 calories. >> wow. >> let's see, do we like it? >> this is really good. >> great. the recipe is on the website. to drive it down further, the simplest thing to do is half the topping. >> jenna, you have workout tips for her while baking her crisp. >> why come eat when you can burn calories? >> that's what i was thinking. >> let's work abs. you asked for an ab workout. take a step back.
9:25 am
>> this must take time to make, so helet's make the most of the time. >> rotate hard to the left and stop. rotate, stop. let your obliques stop you. come forward, stop. rotate to the right, hard stop. come forward, stop. the core is working and your obliques are allowing you to stop. exactly. if you can do 20 of these while you're waiting for one item to bake, i'd call it pretty good. >> ready for dez ssert. >> let's come over to rachelle. how much did you lose? >> last week, rachelle lost 5.5 pound. this week, she's down an additional 1.5 pounds for a total of 7 pounds. >> fantastic. good job. >> nicely done. >> what did you prepare for your favorite fall dish? >> nothing like a pumpkin spice cream cheese baker. i took two ingredients and shredded in apple from my backyard because i have a tree. >> what about the cream cheese?
9:26 am
>> well, you don't use much. literally come in here and put a dollop of the cream cheese in here. >> great idea. >> if you can imagine a coffee shop version, 350 calories, at least. these dainty, delicious minis are 117. >> they taste great. nicely done. >> thank you. >> really good. >> secret workout over here. >> you can use cans of anything. let's work our shoulders. everything wants to go up. why don't you bring those to your side. bring them up and down. we'll do those ten times. rotate out. you'll go out ten times and work the side. my favorite, bring the elbows in and let's twist so the beautiful turn on the shoulder. any can of anything, do ten of each of these three exercises. great way to work the shoulders. >> i'm imagining your may boars s neighbors looking in the window. what are they doing? >> back to ken. ken's turn.
9:27 am
ken dropped 8 pounds. this week, he stayed the same. and that is totally fine. last week, the first week, it's a combination of fat weight and water weight. second week, he keeps the eight pounds off. this is pure fat weight. you can see, this guy is -- >> trimming down. >> can you feel it? >> absolutely. feel really good. >> the recipe smells amazing. you like alfredo, which is high calorie. >> this is seafood alfredo. we removed the cream and used califlower instead. there is milk but it lightened it up. >> more than 1200 calories and more than a day's worth of artery-clogging fat. this, 400 cat rhees. i -- calories. i love he bumped up the nutrition. >> genius.
9:28 am
anyone that has a counter top, get into a position. you don't want to do a regular pushup. you're doing counter-chest pushups. if you can knock out 100, or 20, you will get a chance to work your chest. >> we'll eat dinner while he works out. >> you're all doing a great job. fantastic. nicely done. >> so proud of you. >> thank you very much. go to to get the recipes, and you can get more of jenna's fitness tips on her new sirius radio show, "jenna really speaking." 108. fridays at 2:00 on channel 108. up next, be ready to be wowed. we have wayne back with us. he's working his magic in our studio. in your house, too, you might notice some things go a little they gave you nourished hair, and better color but you want more... me too! xmeet newxgarnier nutrisse v with double the v nourishing power i mean, certain people want rich, radiant color. nutrisse actually nourishes while it colors. p
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i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's a simple question. what's in your wallet? we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey' s is mine, yours, our chocolate. this morning on wow week, we are about to blow your minds. well, we won't, but ours will be blown with you. professional mentalist wayne impossible possible. >> we're going to do it together, all of us here. >> supposedly, the magic isn't just happening in the studio,
9:33 am
>> yeah. we're going to effect not only you guys, but the viewers at home. some weird things are going to happen. >> how are you doing that? >> i can't tell you. >> let's get started. before anything, al, i have a key here. i want to get a shot of this for the viewers at home. it's a key, a standard door key, and it's straight. make sure it's real, solid. put it in your pocket. we'll come back to this in a minute. hang on to the key. keep the chain dangling out so it stays there. keep it there. we're going to come back to that in a second. first, tamron, you're going to draw an image here on this board. you can choose whatever color you want. you're going to draw an image. first, look at me. whatever image is in your mind, change your mind. you change your mind again. do you have an image in your mind? >> yes. >> look at me. >> let's go. i'm going to try to actually figure out what's in your head.
9:34 am
i have a vibe already. >> my marker won't work. >> i'm getting a sense of something -- first of all, i'm not sure which color you're using, but i have a vibe. something like this to start. now, i cannot see what you're doing. i have to get a sense of where you are. i'm going to say here, if anything. something like this. i feel like that's about -- are you finished? >> i've seen what you've done. you are exactly right. the only reason it's different is because this marker wouldn't work. >> off by the color. not bad. >> no, you were right. >> did you pick up the ied one? >> i did. the top was broken. >> it's broken. that's all right. later. >> yes. >> while these are happening, the viewers at home are experiencing things. in. hopefully be able to read the tweets on air. >> #today's take, right? >> yes.
9:35 am
your computer turns on by itself. if you look at the keys on your key ring, you'll notice one of the keys is beginning to bend a little bit. if you go in your drawer and look at your silverware, the tines on the forks are going to bend. pay attention and use #today's take and let us know what's going on. let us know the craziness happening right now. al, take the key out of your pocket and tell me if anything ticeable is happening. not yet? >> not yet. >> hold it in your hand close fisted. follow me. we're going to do something here at the same time. i'm going to -- >> wow. >> -- affect that key and this lightbulb at the same time. >> to way. >> what should happen is, while these are happening to the viewers at home, that key will hopefully begin to bend in your hand. at the same time, we're going to have something incredible happen
9:36 am
with the lightbulb. the safety crusade ew said i couldn't do this unless it was in a plastic bag. i want everybody at home and all of you in the studio to concentrate on the lightbulb. send your energy right into the lightbulb. just begin to concentrate. >> whoa. >> how did you do that? it's amazing. >> youll notice the lightbulb shattered. itct wasn't being touched by anyone or anything. while this was happening, i d hon't want to touch it. lift the key out and see if it began to bend. it's slowly beginning to melt and bend. you'll see it. >> wayne hoffman, we have to go. look at that. what's going on? toaster's broken. which means no eggo waffles. what's that sound? did you leav your hairdryer running? no. something smells delicious. how could something smell delicious when the toaster's broken? i smell sausage, egg, cheese
9:37 am
eggo? l'eggo my eggo breakfast ndwich. the eggo breakfast sandwich. but the toaster's broken. it's sweet, it's savory, it's in yo microwave. l'eggo my eggo breakfast
9:38 am
i get to spend all day everyday,
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ie. this... i can do easily. new benefiber healthy shape helps curb cravings. it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. new benefiber healthy shape.ywthis, i can do. so...last drop of gogurt, where ya living now? a tube check this place out. so come on out, sign the papers, and this little gem, it's all yours gogurt. whatever it takes to get it all. time for a wild ride through the world of sports. wor radio. >> this is great. i got up first class. >> cracker jacks, let's go. >> baseball, football, golf and tennis.
9:41 am
let's go spanning the world. >> boom! >> on your mark, in japan, get set, this is the ball in the corner pocket. perfect. >> there you go. >> play ball! the best catch in the majors. perez of the giants scales the wall. >> oh, wow. >> check out this catch in taiwan. how object about this. off his elbow, off his shoulder, off his hat, off his shoulder and -- >> no. >> -- he made the catch. >> amazing. >> our oops of the month. north carolina, the cameraman on the right, ready for a close up. you have to look out for the stampede. >> oh, my goodness. >> nobody got hurt! >> very good, class. in cleveland, they set off the fireworks by mistake for a visiting team home run. the poor fireworks guy had
9:42 am
>> this is a minor league manager. pelnsacola, tossed the hat. then he looses his shirt. for good measure, losing his mind. he uses a bag aor deodorant. not a bad show. pocono, look out for your pit crew. brad keselowski, he actually bowled them over. >> he did. >> that's what it sounded like. practicing your golf swing with a go pro. that works out well. hey, how about our -- ready for ootball? >> yeah. >> oh. >> excessive celebration. don't you think? >> oh, man. >> on two, thre he's out of there. >> amazing. >> what do you do if you're a goalie and a fan throws a hamburger on the field? you eat it. free burgers for everyone. >> disgusting. >> check out this japanese high school baseball player. you don't want to mess with this kid. >> no.
9:43 am
no, he hit the ball. look at the hop on this jack rabbit. this is the basketball shot of a month. off a roller coaster. santa monica pieour. >> no way. >> this is our team of the nth. can the university of tennessee women hit allry2 three pointers at the same time? evteery member of the team. e answer is, yay! >> wow. good stuff. >> popcorn was great this month. thank you so much. back in a moment.
9:44 am
hi, ladies. >> we have the beautiful elizabeth hurley coming up.
9:45 am
>> ambush makeovers are always fun.
9:46 am
>> i'm [instrumental music playing] windows are the eyes into the soul of the home. ugly soul. go to blinds to go with the largest selection of blinds and shades custom sized and guaranteed for life. they're a designer's best friend. trust me, they make window decorating easy. back to school? how about...back to blinds! during blinds to go's early fall savings sale, save 20 to 30% on all the season's latest looks in cellular shades and cascade double shades. that'll really make you look smart. blinds to go. blinds for life. hamilton bridge. it is 9:57 on this october 1st. commuters pay more to ride transit trains and buse . th >>e fares going up 9%.
9:47 am
the hike just needed to close a $60 million budget gap. it is the fifth since 2002. a new schedule now in effect on the staten island ferry. overnight service has been expand. ferries running every 30 minutes. weit used to run only once an hour. cloudy, breezy, high of 64. showers possible. especially to the south and east. tonight, chilly, 50 degrees. tomorrow, wind and rain. and just 56 for the high. coming up on the "today" show kathie lee and hoda are joined by edie bryant. we will have the latest on joaquin at noon.
9:48 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> all right, are you wrapped up, hoda? >> around your finger. it is thirsty thursday, everybody. we're so happy you're with us. even though the first day of october. >> we have a great show. british royalty is here.
9:49 am
>> super model and actress elizabeth hurley. here to tell us about the second season of "the royals." but also to talk about breast cancer awareness month. >> and if you're in the mood to crack up, we have a very funny lady. amy bryant is with us. she's here for some girlfriend talk and a preview. because "snl" is kicking off this weekend. >> with miley cyrus as host. and from the big easy, chef in the kitchen with his grandma's fried chicken. that's low calorie, right, john? >> exactly, just for you. >> and louis and jill were out scouring the crowd looking for a very lucky lady. >> and it's breast cancer awareness so there's some special women there. >> they're all special but those who have gone through that, there's a sisterhood, isn't there? >> there sure is. >> yeah, there really is. >> i kind of heard this. kelly clarkson, we know she's
9:50 am
everybody was hoping to hear her perform "heartbeat song" live but she had to cancel her tour. >> her doctor says she needs to rest her vocal cords until the end of the year. so we're talking about several months. in a statement, she said she was, quote, truly sorry and she's working hard to get better as fast as possible. >> well, that's the irony of saying that is the working hard part, is you don't do anything. you've got to rest it. she's got such a powerhouse voice. >> doesn't she? you think about all those others that happened to adele. where she had the -- >> sam. lots of people. most people don't get through an entire career without some sort of vocal challenge. because it's just, you know, what they put their -- especially today's kind of singing. opera stars train to use their voice that way. >> right. >> but pop stars -- ahhh! all right, we wish her all the best. with the second baby. >> okay, so here is something interesting.
9:51 am
sometimes you're watching a television show and you want to get through commercials or whatever. some people use tivo. tivo has done something crazy. they've taken your show, an hour-long show, which runs 45 minutes, and put it into something called quick mode. which means somehow it goes 30% faster, they say, without any audio or video distortion. now, how you can knockdown a 45-minute show to 31 minutes seems really tough. something has to give. something has to go faster. we wondered what it would be like. we took our program, which should always be seen in slow motion, and we want to see it in quick mode. let's look. >> $57 for a meal at a wedding? >> that's not a lot at all. >> it's not a lot. >> but still. >> so here's your bill. and i say i want my wedding present back. >> yeah, but that's rude. >> i can't believe you invite the guests. you don't eat your meal. >> is it the same thing? >> they didn't show up. >> can we just talk about the
9:52 am
there's a guy who was walking his daughter down the aisle. the stepdad was also there. you know what the father did? >> i think it's genius. i love it. i'm so tired. i'm going nuts. >> all the information is out there. we don't have any information you need anyway. it's boom, boom, boom. you're never going to learn anything here. you know that. boom, boom, boom. i like it. you know what's happening. as we get older in life. happening to everybody one minute at a time. you start to say, you know what, life's too short, hurry up. this is great. >> everything's about the elevator pitch. people don't want -- they want to know what is it you want, tell me, don't go on and on and on and on. >> speaking of that story, remember the one we told about the couple that didn't get to go because the mother, their baby-sitter fell out and then they got a bill for $75 for -- yeah. people are insane about it. they're incensed. rightfully so. this is our version of quick mode. >> that was our version.
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