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tv   Today  NBC  October 1, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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there's a guy who was walking his daughter down the aisle. the stepdad was also there. you know what the father did? >> i think it's genius. i love it. i'm so tired. i'm going nuts. >> all the information is out there. we don't have any information you need anyway. it's boom, boom, boom. you're never going to learn anything here. you know that. boom, boom, boom. i like it. you know what's happening. as we get older in life. happening to everybody one minute at a time. you start to say, you know what, life's too short, hurry up. this is great. >> everything's about the elevator pitch. people don't want -- they want to know what is it you want, tell me, don't go on and on and on and on. >> speaking of that story, remember the one we told about the couple that didn't get to go because the mother, their baby-sitter fell out and then they got a bill for $75 for -- yeah. people are insane about it. they're incensed. rightfully so. this is our version of quick mode. >> that was our version.
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we take it from tivo. don't mistake what we just did for the actual thing. >> isn't there a way to skip the commercials? >> yeah, you can do that. we have a question for you. how do you hold your purse? over your shoulder, a clutch, a tote? whatever. did this article and said you can tell a woman's personality by how she holds her purse and probably the type of purse she picks too. if you hold your purse like a briefcase, then you're serious and you're trying to show the importance of your job. >> what if it's got long straps, you're not going to let it drag along the road. >> they'll hold it by the handle. there's a handle and a strap. if you hold a purse in the crook of your arm -- >> you're a crook. >> you want to show off your position or status. >> look at me with my purse. >> what if you had a big lunch and you're a little bloated, you're just trying to hide the bloat?
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if you carry a purse over one shoulder. >> which is not good for you but a lot of people do. >> you're practical. >> which you're not. >> at all. and more concerned with function than appearance. yes, i am more concerned with function than appearance. >> that's how you damage your neck and your back. if you wear a cross body bag in front of you, you're shy, cautious or defensive. >> yeah. >> if you throw it behind your back -- >> you don't care how you look. >> you also don't care if it gets stolen. someone can go right in it. so many bags show your -- although the pope carried his own bag until that, you know, it broke my heart when he was going up the steps and he stumbled a little bit because he carried -- >> you know what, he doesn't want anyone carrying his bag. >> you notice at the end, he was letting -- >> he was not caring. >> right. don't stumble on the steps. he's wearing that catholic thing no. apparently you need to know the duck face is out. >> you know those people who
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that duck face. donna came in and said, will you do it so we can have a picture for the show? please don't make me do it. i took a picture doing it and it's terrible. that's it. that's it. why is that a good face? it emphasizes all the little lines over your upper lip. >> why would anyone? so anyway, we have the new face. >> it's the fish game. >> the fish gape, what is that? >> you suck your cheeks in slightly. you turn your chin down just a hair. >> and lips apart in a slight "o." >> it's too much trouble. it gives the illusion of a slimmer face. >> if you don't understand the difference. here's you and me. i'm doing the duckallegedly. you're doing the fish. we both look crazy. >> we both look completely -- >> stop it. >> we never did it to begin with so now we're not sorry it's gone. >> we look crazy. >> here's something these ladies
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in england did. >> what? >> oh, yeah, what is it? >> oh, wait, i don't think we have time. >> what? >> all right, go ahead. >> no, we got to get your play list. >> no, do the ladies. >> okay. these ladies wanted to raise money so they asked their husbands to pose for a calendar. didn't tell them until the end, oh, by the way, you have to be naked. >> and they did it. >> do we have the pictures? >> no point if we can't see them. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, hiding. pretty good shape for an october january farrian. >> i think he is. >> mr. february. >> oh, my gosh. that's great. >> oh, and where's mr. november on the golf course? i want to see that. oh, yeah. nice bag. raise money for the local medical association. all right, are you ready? i'm convinced this song's about botox. i might be wrong. who knows. it's a fun song by the weekend. it's called "i can't feel my
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face." we can't go without it she told me you'll never be alone oh oh whoa i can't feel my face when i'm with you but i love it but i love it oh i can't feel my face when i'm with you but i love it but i love it oh and i know she'll be the best of me at least we'll both be numb >> it is. it's not about botox. >> probably not. >> trust me. no. trust me. you can still feel your face with botox. all right. you may not be able to make an expression that looks anywhere near human, but you can still feel your face. maybe it's going to the dentist. >> or maybe something even worse. >> you're blind and sick with love like elizabeth hurley
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>> you can listen to us on sirius radio 108. look at elizabeth. >> hello. >> how gorgeous is she? >> i know, i'm sick of her. >> anyway, don't forget, we're going to give it away on tuesday. five lucky winners are going to give a prize. once a week, if you want to be part of it. go to don't forget, her sirius radio show every monday and wednesday. >> i got to do a little country, a little country music. i got to guest deejay on the highway. that's coming up. >> okay, good. >> today. >> i want to do the broadway channel, too, with miss carol lee. all right, elizabeth hurley tells us how she makes being cold look so very, very hot. >> yes, she's getting into some mmm... nothing like johnsonville breakfast sausage. delicious and packaged with nothing to hide. no secrets. just like our family. well there is one. folks, i'm not your grandma. just a handsome kind hearted drifter who wandrered in years ago
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being queen of the british empire is a tough job but somebody's got to do it.
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>> it may as well be elizabeth hurley. she looks so good doing it as her royal highness queen elena on e!'s "the royals." take a look. >> your father would be endlessly disappointed in you. >> yes, well, why don't you tell me who my father is and then we'll see about that. try not to let the horse fall on you. >> oh, i don't think so. >> oh, wow. >> i don't think so, elizabeth. >> i don't think you raised your children well. elizabeth is here to tell us about that and the work she's doing for breast cancer awareness which is featured in this month's issue of "in style" magazine. the last time we saw you, you were about to do your first season and now you've got two seasons under your belt. or your tiny cinched waist as we say. >> it's a dream job. i couldn't be luckier. we just wrapped season two and it companies y s comes out quite soon in america next month. >> you shoot it in england, right? >> all on sound sets and in beautiful homes, which is
10:11 am
fantastic. >> hard to beat. is this something people in england are seeing or is it a u.s.-based show? >> well, it is a u.s.-based show but people see it in england. the american people think it's very english. which is actually what we want to do. >> breast cancer awareness is very important. why is it something you hold so near and dear? >> well, the late evelyn asked me to join in her campaign right in the beginning when i worked for estee lauder. she said women all over the world are dying of breast cancer. i want to change that. that's what she set out to do with the breast cancer awareness. >> long before she had it, right? >> absolutely. and nobody wanted to talk about breast cancer then. so all that's changed now. she started the pink rick bbon. young people today can't imagine a world without the pink ribbon. when i was growing up, we didn't talk about it.
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before i started working with evelyn, she didn't talk about her breast cancer either. i really remember the time, like the dark ages, this disease. we're lucky to live in a time now where we're more communicative. >> were you someone who always got checked? a lot of women think -- they feel they don't want to do it. >> we're scared to. that's why we've always been very deliberate about telling people even though it's scary to get a mammogram. >> it's more scary not to know you have it. >> you're so much more likely to survive if you have it -- >> if you catch it early. >> catch it early, yeah. >> what can we expect from this coming soon? are you going to get on the royals? who's going to have a baby out of wed lock? somebody's got to. >> there's an awful lot of scandal sort of put into our ten episodes we've seen. it's fast moving and it's naughty. >> it's the way you like life, let's be honest. come on, we're on to you. >> it is, it's very out there. if people liked season one, they'll like season two. if they didn't see season one,
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>> they can catch up, they can binge watch. >> we should point out as elizabeth did she's a paid spokesperson for es sta lauder's breast cancer awareness campaign. >> "the royals" on e! >> the ambush ladies are ready for their big reveal. >> plus, the black list sta i already feel like we're the most connected, but i think this solo date will seal the deal. sure! i offer multi-car, safe driver, and so many other discounts that people think i'm a big deal. and boy, are they right. ladies, i can share hundreds in savings with all of you! just visit today. but right now, it's choosing time. ooh! we have a winner. all: what? [chuckles] he's supposed to pick one of us. this is a joke, right? that was the whole point of us being here. craving the taste of chocolate but watching calories? introducing light & fit greek with chocolate on top. so chocolatey good... you won' t believe it'
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it is one of the hottest shows on tv and, baby, it is back. so is its star, the man who makes being bad look so good, james spader. tonight, season three premiere
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of "the black list." james who played criminal mastermind raymond reddington is on the run with elizabeth keane. >> raymond, elizabeth. and you are? >> marta. >> marta. >> please don't hurt me. >> no, no, no, no, we're not going to hurt you, marta. we are, however, going to take your cell phone and lock you in the bathroom, okay? >> gracias. >> i must say, your hair, the way it frames your face, very becoming. >> gracias. >> there you are. >> there you are. >> the secret, you know, of sucess is he only kills bad gu and he's very nice to housekeepers. >> that is a big part of your character. it must make it fun to play it he's evil at types.
10:17 am
he can be charming and funny. >> a little like "silence of the lambs." >> charming and menacing at the same time. >> is it daunting coming back for another season, seeing the success in your wake and everyone loves the show and, you know, there's a lot kind -- >> it's toug coming back for a third season. a television show, i mean, it's dauntsing when you're, you know, it's an undertaking. you have to sort of rejuvenate and find your way and then get to the starting line. because this train leaves the station and full speed. >> is your character, is red evolving as a human being, as we're watching in season three? >> well, don't know about that. but life is changing drastically drastically. which he's comfortabl with. he's perfectly comfortable with chaos. and season three kicks off very kay yotically. >> the relationship between you and elizabeth is what a lot of people have wondered what's going on. are we going to learn more about what the connect is between you two? >> yes to a certain degree. the first season when i would
10:18 am
run into people on street or do interviews and so on, the question was always, you know, what is the true relationship between these two. and at the end of the first season, i realized, if your show was really going to sustain, the sign of our success would be if people were able to put that to rest or put that aside and become just as compelled, just as interested in what's happening right now. >> they want to know -- >> the relationship right now. and season three has really started out that way. you know, the seas starts minutes after the last season ended. and we are moving at such a pace that there's no time to sort of reflect on past or -- we really are just dealing with the dire circumstances of the day. >> but isn't that a natural human question? we want to know whatmoivates people. >> the human question is to want to know everything. so put it on a box, put it up on a shelf. if we do that, that's not really the recipe for a successful show. >> what about the hats? >> he wore a hat in here. >> your hat is your signature.
10:19 am
it is also the signature your character. are we going to see a wide variety -- >> no, he wears the same hat. >> not in designer colors either. >> just the same hat. >> he tends to travel light. >> have youer said er ver said on a long series to yourself, i'm really, really tired of your character. did it ever get to that for you on any of them? >> yes. i mean, that just is i think care in picking what the thing might be, you know, and this show, when i read the pilot, i realized that the directions the show could go and we're limitless. and that would sustain. and also i think the tone of the show. i responded to right off the bat. the fact that it could have real intensity and drama and at the same token, could be silly and funny and strange and eclectic and surprising. >> all the things you are. >> well. >> james. >> our favorite mystery man.
10:20 am
>> great to see you. "the black list" returns tonight at 9:00/8:00 central right here on nbc. >> two lucky ladies kick off a new month with new looks when we reveal ambush makeover. plus, i finally did it! ew, you did it all right. let sparkle paper towels clean it up. do the math - and you'll see sparkle costs less. plus it's perfect for cleaning spills... ...desktops... ...and chalkboards. now that's what i call clean. too clean? sparkle. because it's a messy world out there. 1,100 meals a year... 300 stressful decisions... no wonder our digestive system sometimes acts up. try activia! enjoying activia twice a day for 4 weeks may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive issues.
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. the lincoln tunnel. 10:27. the 1st day of october. steps are being taken for the possible arrival of hurricane joaquin. they range from sand dunes being built along the shore to emergency go bags. more on where that storm is headed and how it will affect the area, storm team 4 will have more at news 4 at noon. showers possible. especially south and east of the city. dohon't, chilly 50 degrees. tomorrow wind and rain. 56 saturday morning, 57. monday, more rain and wind. 67. up next on the "today" show, "saturday night live"'s edie bryant.
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it's breezy thirsty thursday in new york. we're ready to reveal our ambush makeover. >> two women who were ready for a brand-new look. >> contributor, hairstylist to the stars, louis lacari. >> good girl, hoda. >> and contributor and author jim martin. hello, kids. >> how was it out there, a little chilly? >> a little chilly but fine. we had so many people to pick from.
10:24 am
>> carmen kingsbury is our first lovely lady. she's a proud grandmother to four beautiful grandchildren. this is her first time in new york celebrating her 61st berth day this coming tuesday. last may, carmen celebrated 40 years together with her husband randy. take a listen. >> we couldn't miss this sign. why don't you tell everybody be? >> help, my wife needs a makeover. don't tell her i said so, i'll be in trouble. >> that we all know, but this is actually a good thing. >> it is, it is. we've been married 40 years. she's watched your show a lot. she's so excited. >> so what are you hoping for here that you wanted this so badly? >> just a new look, just freshen up. just, i'm really excited to have a new look. >> okay, we can do whatever you want? >> oh, yeah. >> anything. >> wow. >> randy who loves the broncos. all right, randy, keep your blindfold on for just a second. here is carmen kingsbury before. all right, let's see the new
10:25 am
come on out.&m wow! oh, yeah. all right, are you ready, randy? take that blindfold off. >> hope you don't have a pacemaker. this could be -- >> whoa! who are you? >> all right, carmen, it's time. spin right around. >> oh, my. >> you look gorgeous! >> oh, my gosh. that is so flattering. >> thank you. >> tell me about the hair. >> first of all, the simple layers. the thing about the layers is they're so easy to manage. a little blower, a little spray, she's in place. the color, what i had to do is i put a contrast, i tried to put some darker blonde tone, lighter blonde tones, which got rid of the strawberry color. >> oh, it's beautiful.
10:26 am
>> look at randy. >> randy is -- what do you think when you look at your bride? >> it's amazing. it doesn't look like her at first. man, wow, what a job. great job. >> jill. jill, the top. >> the top is -- >> okay, we put it on, i love it. it's a great staple. nydj jeans. >> that necklace looks beautiful. >> the necklace is from talbots. >> love it. >> big round of applause for carmen. >> our second lady is lori. she's 58 years old from modesto, california. before retiring, she worked as a juvenile correction officer at a maximum security. she's the first woman in state of california to work in an all male unit. she never dyed her hair. last time she wore makeup was as
10:27 am
a kid. let's hear her story. >> michelle, i know you're busting. >> i've never seen my mom with makeup in my life. she workings in the jail. she's like, this is not her thing. good luck to you guys. >> there's so much there. are you letting us do whatever we want? >> sure. i'm going to trust you guys. i'm a little nervous, but i'm going to trust you guys. >> she works at an all male unit but she's nervous. all righty. she's here with her daughter. one look at her before. lori van rooten. and bring out the new lori. oh, my god! wow! no, don't look, don't look. all right, michelle. look at your mom. >> holy crap! whoa. >> you want to see, go ahead,
10:28 am
look right here. whoa. serious. >> that's unbelievable. >> wow, you look awesome. >> everybody looks so good. >> look right there, sweetie. >> all right, wow. >> just tell us about it. >> wow. >> same thing, we -- okay, first of all, another great haircut. he's so good with these layers. the tip here, is use a little wax, a little blower. you can use your fingers to dry your hair. and of course the makeup. just reshape the haircut. it's not much. and now look, how flattering. >> the shape of her face even. >> what did you even do? it's just beautiful. >> that's the combination of the cut. as you noticed, the front, which also will highlight certain points of the face. >> just beautiful. >> we love the outfit. >> i love the outfit, love. come on. look at what she looks like.
10:29 am
>> thought, let's make her look cool and hip. it's from white house black market. the necklace is martin shift. >> what are you doing over there? >> shocking. >> let's bring carmen out. big round of applause for both of our ladies. nice job. everybody looks amazing. i can't take it. to studio 1a. >> "snl's" aidy bryant. and off you go, and off you go, and off you go, for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats... and off you go. did you know only 1% of supplements have earned the usp mark... an independent certification for quality and purity?
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(hawk screech) (hawk screeches) but now thanks to we can shop with low monthly payments on over 275,000 items and growing from brands like samsung, rachael ray and keurig. go to and get the credit you deserve today. t fingerhut. (doorbell rings) oh, i bet it's the kids' new xbox. yeah, you get that. (hawk screech) it's back, "saturday night live" returns this weekend for its big premiere. >> so does this funny lady right here, aidy bryant. >> aidy will kick off her fourth season on "snl." >> like her girlfriends talk show. take a look. >> hi. >> welcome to girlfriends ta show. >> your girl coming at you. >> and i'm morgan approaching
10:34 am
cautiously from the side. >> awesome. we're bffs. >> ya heard. >> morgan's super pumped because it's prom week. >> i'm so excited. i'm going to match my eye shadow to my dress to my nails to all the crystal clips in my hair so i'm like one big color. > welcome back, nice to see you. >> i'm so happy to be with you. >> of course you are. >> you still got ,t. >>ou so what do it feel like when it starts all over egain? lwoike this is the new season. >> i mean, it feels>> like coming back after t summer. >> it really is because we're on kind of a school schedule. it's like you're seeing everybody. like who changed, who did what over the summer. >> who got too big for their britches britches. >> exactly. bring them right back. >> you went over the holiday, right, to japan i hear? >> i went to tokyo, yeah. >> just for fun? >> no, i went to shoot episode "girls."
10:35 am
>> how did you find it? >> i found it very bright and very loud. and very cool. so cool. but i don't really eat fetch so ish so i sort of lived off candy and casadias. >> don't go to norway. >> i know. i think i may have been like the most american japanese tourist. >> "snl," was that your dream job? > a thousand percent yewh. i used to dress up as like cheri oteri and stuff as a child. so to get to be on it now, it's like amazing. when you auditioned, how does that work? was it lorne michaels? >> yes, it was the most terrifying experience of my life. truly. >> it's usually a process. you write, you audition, then you come back and you come back -- >> actually, they came to chicago, so i was doing a show there and lorne was in the audience. i felt my heart stop and then, yeah, i mean, basically, they flew me out.
10:36 am
ou stand on the spot where the host does the monologue and just do your best five minutes. >> how did you learn you got it? w it a pho call ordwhat h pened? >> i had a meeting with lorne and he basical was like, you're very young. you got a lot to learn. >> okay. >> and i was like, okay. and then he said, i think you'll do very well here. and i was like, okay, thank you. bye. wiggle. >> what was the first phone call you made? >> right to my mom of course. >> what did she say? >> she basically was stunned to silence and then full cry for three days. >> proud of her girl. yeah. >> you play so many great characters. i was thinking of the video with "brave" and how ridiculous. what do you love? is there a special character? >> you know what i really love doing, the music videos with all the girls. where we get to be the pussycat dolls kind of. yes. ve
10:37 am
way right now. >> has thearig scr n called you yet? you're going to have a career, baby. >> oh, my gosh, is this my opportunity to audition? anything you want. no, i mean, spent the summer shooting some stuff. so it will be exciting. >> well, we're eavxcited for you. miley cyrus is the host and musical guest, right? say hi to her from us, all right? >> oh, we will. >> this saturday night, hoda. >> can't wait. >> a wa and hearty dish for a chilly day. >> a new orleans favorite for
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if there's one dish that rep resens the south better than any other meal,t's obably fried chicken. >> to whip up a winner-winner
10:42 am
ive chef john besh. back. look at you with the fried chicken and red beans and rice. often. i did make it the other day. monday is red beans and rice day in new orleans. had all this great fried chicken. left it out. it was kind of cooling. my dog ate it. no joke. >> gone. >> i got this mean look from my wife. >> you have to be so careful with dogs. >> are they all right? >> i guess. i jumped on the plane and came here so i don't know. i hope. >> oh, god. >> this reminds you of -- >> a couple people. lining fried chicken's comfort food. when i do cook it, it's something that kind of bring mess back to my grandmother and my grandmother grace. we have a beautiful person in new orleans willie may who jump passed away, 99. willie may. the finest fried chicken on earth.
10:43 am
>> she would never give up her secret. >> you have to show us. >> this is really all about accessible. easy ingredients you find anywhere. this is it. really simple it it's all about having good chicken. seasonedwith a little bit of salt. and then we have a little bit of celery salt, garlic powder and cayenne pepper. right into the flour. here's the really cool thing. buttermilk. wwe've all heard about buttermilk fried chicken. the buttermilk is really good. you can do this a day ahead. >> oh, a day ahead. >> the great thing is that it will actually tenderize because of the lasik acid. it will tenderize the chicken. right into the canola oil. >> canola. >> 350 degrees. >> how long do you -- >> i'm sitting here talking to you, flirting with you, and i'm burning the chicken. >> look how good that is.
10:44 am
>> actually, that is not burnt. >> perfect, great. >> put a lid on it, just like that. >> for how long? >> will taan about 15, 20 minutes. with the bones, it's going to take a little bit longer. this is our monday meal in new orleans. i love a little bit of fried chicken. some red beans and rice. >> did that just become the official -- >> monday was always known as, you know, like sunday had a big family meal. monday was wash day. kind of like back to the grindstone. so you wanted a dish that could just sit on the stove all day. and that was the red beans. served with rice. fried chicken. >> oh, my god. john. i don't have to -- it's a little bit of heaven. so od. the recipe -- >> how you eat fried chicken. i can't possibly do it like this. >> we have to save our lip liner. >> the recipe, and yaurn going to want it, it is on fall off the bone, baby.
10:45 am
make a revenge song? our thoughts are next. first this is "today" on nbc. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay
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what time is it, hoda? >> it's time for okay/not okay. >> how's the chicken? many artists use music to sing about their exes. we were asked, is it okay or not okay to make a revenge song? >> what did we say? >> i don't know. let's watch. >> you can write what you want according to the constitution but it seems awfully junior high school, hoda, doesn't it? >> sure, it's okay, but keep a little mystery. take a page from carly i'men who never revealed who "you're so vain" was about. >> warren beatty. >> it wasn't? >> i don't know. >> tomorrow, emmy winner jeff daniels is here.
10:48 am
go and make this chicken. honestly. a performance by singer/songwriter andrew mcmahon. lilliana shows you how to wear sequins everywhere, every day. >> plus some gadgets that will make you want to get out into the great outdoors. >> enjoy your thirsty thursday,
10:49 am
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10:51 am
>> melee grant just got her twoers divorce papers. >> where is this going. it's an annual tradition, elizabeth hurley joins us to kickoff breast cancer awareness month. and then this. i have a little bun for you. you like the bun? >> welcome to ses hollywood live. i'm billy bush. >> i'm kit hoover. we needed that. >> i'm going to pass on that. i'm not doing something right in my life. >> that's terrible. >> how did you connect me? >> do not touch.
10:52 am
if leo can do it and a few others, a lot of women are into it. it's so sexy. it's such a bad boy thing. it's such a turn on. >> i don't like it. >> i want to see thehat said this. >> she is in the control room. ryan patterson, you need to show yourself. >> what is sexier. a man in a wool hat in the middle of summer. they love the wool hat. >> i was one of those guys before. i went through the wool hat phase. you don't wear it with sweat trickling down your face and you try to act like you don't notice it. i don't know. i bought it at the wrong time. i thought it was in season. nobody told me. i made several fashion mistakes. >> what are your others? parachute pants?
10:53 am
>> long johns under the sh . it's like i'm could go, but if i was cold i had a solution. >> no good reason. >> you go through phases. >> now that i'm older i don't go through phases anymore. >> and ashton kutcher. >> beckham was big with summer. i will give beckham that. >> he looks good in anything. so can you. i want you to know that. >> it wasn't that important at all. >> this guy is so fit. we played tennis with you. >> not a good tennis player. >> that's justin bieber, the lefty. that's me. right there. >> this is when i did. watch what i do. look at me. >> i think i clocked this at 85 miles per hour.
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