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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 2, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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betty.he so tragic. thank you, jacob. well, hours after the shooting, visibly angry president obama had a blunt tawe c with the nation. >> our thoughts and prayers are not enough. it does not capture the heart ache and grief and anger that we should feel. and it does nothing to prevent this carnage from being inflicted someplace else in america. somehow this has become routine. th be repo ning is routine. my response here atothis podium ends up being routine. the conversation in the aftermath of it, we've become numb to this. we talked about t awhis after column columnbine, tucson, new town,
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after aurora, after charleston. it cannot be this easy for somebody who wants to inflict harm on other people to get his or her hands on a gun. have news organizations tally up the number of americans who've been killed through terrorist attacks through the last decades and the number killed by gun violence. and post those side b ity side on your news reports. all right. so, here they are side by side. on the left, according the cdc, more than 316,000 killed y guns and in the middle the number kit.lled by guns in that time span, more than 118,000 and finally, according to the global terrorism data base, the number killed by terrorimm in the u.s. in that period, just 38. the presidential candidates
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hillary clinton, she called for sensible gun control measures to save lives. donald trump offered his condolences and jeb bush said he was praying for the victims and fa, milies families. >> condolences aren't enough. we've got to do something. we've got to stop shouting at each other. we need sensible gun control legislation and by the way, we need to significantly improve mental health services in the united states of america and i'm pledged to do everything i can in both of those areas. >> umpqua community college campuses classes are canceled. right now, hurricane joaquin is pounding the bahamas. it's a powerful category four and mean while, an already drenched east coast is bracing
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for a possible run in with joaquin. and nbc's jay gray is live in north carolina's outer banks. let's start in kitty hawk where dangerous flooding is expected before joaquin hits. >> reporter: good morning. they've been having and dealing with flooding issues throughout the last couple of days in the carolinas. joaquin only going to intensify that. and they've already evacuated some of the out lying islands. they're afraid with the rising waters from a storm that's been inland already and dropping that rain, combine would the d with the water from joaquin, it could cause problem tz going back and forth, so they have evacuated those out lying islands. there is concern that this area already soaked over the last several days can't handle more water and we're talking about
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areas like this one. kitty hawk, another five inches or more. this storm is already battering the bahamas and causing problems there. just a calling card of what's to come. it does look to be moving more to the east. understand though, without land fall, it's still going to cause major problems up and down the coastline, including here in the carolinas. for now, i'm jay gray live in kitty hawk. back to you. >> that cone of uncertainty, as they call it, is very important.meteorologis nit bill karins is here. >> the storm is in the worst case scenario in the bahamas. it's going to be devastation in that region of the central bahamas andurhen we get the
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pictures in about two days. 15 miles finm clearance town on avlong island. it's mov about as far westcy as it's going to move. and it's well off the coast. there's going to be no u.s. land fall, it doesn't look like we'll have any direct effect besides rip and waves. it's going to be from the separate low in the southeast that's producing a tremendous amount of rain and the winds, there's tropical air flowing towards the east coast, a northerly wind coming down the coast and that combination is lifting all the rain from the carolinas to the chesapeake bay. our computer models have been raging anywhere from five to 10 inches and isolated totalled hire than that. that's your national weather.
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ahead. so, down in areas of florida, rip currents will be a problem, large waves but it's very important. all the pictures with coastal flooding have high tide cycles in the midat lanltic lantic and that will not be from joaquin. the coastal flooding from virginia to the jersey shore. every high tide it will get progressively worse. they confirm that 13 people died yesterday when n airport c 130 transport crashed in afghanistan. 3:30 p.m. eastern as it was taking off from an airport outside of jalalabad. it carried a crew of six u.s. service members, all of whom died. five contractors working to
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as many as two afghan civilians were killed on the ground. they say there were no reports of hostile activity in the area when the crash occurred. and is isis really their target? plus, a big over time comeback on thursday night football. you're watching "early today." is your head so congested it's ready to explode? through allergies. -d to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms. so, you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec -d.
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this morning, tensions between the u.s. and russia are escalating over russian air strikes inside syria. russian pilots have been on attack and the white house says they're focusing the attacks on opponents instead of isis militants. tracie potts is live in washington. >> reporter: well, now we have the pentagon, turkey, the u.s. coalition all telling russia to refocus, and to focus only on
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new this morning, a foreign affairs chief, saying that their bombing campaign can last three to four months and they insist they've already hit 12 isis targets. the white house saying that it looks like they're going after these opposition forces and the u.s. and russian militaries trying to cooperate to avoid more conflict. there was a video teleconference about that and the re trying to work out strategies so they don't escalate the violence and reports out of lebanon that iran now may be sending troops into syria to help the syrian government. so, a complex situation sk is trying to figure out what vladimir putin is up to. we go to pittsburgh now, ravens looking for the first win of the season.
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and cab narrow gets into the end zone but the steelers battle back to take the lead before half time as vick hand off lan del and ravens attempt a 42-yard field goal for the tie, sending the game into ot and after trading possessions, ravens tucker lines up for a 52 yarder for the win and nails it. 23-20. expeerian has released info from 15 million t-mobile records that were hacked. t-mobile customers who signed up for service between september 2013 and 20 e 15.
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date that the data has been used inappropriately. according to a new economist poll, donald trump tops the list at 25% and rubio is on the rise with 16% and ben carson is third with 15%. and on a day we could all use a little escape, here's your daily dose of cuteness. and a kitten save bide the tiny kitten society, a canadian rescue group. the wheelchair was reportedly donated by handicap pets in canada. that is precious. and an update on the latest hurricane creeping towards the mainland u.s. you're watching "early today." have opened up a lot of dawn. they rely on it because it's tough on grease... yet gentle. but even they'll tell you, dawn helps open...
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well, a couple days ago, we were afraid we'd be dealing with hurricane joaquin over the weekend, that does not look to be the case, it looks safely off shore. we still have a terrible storm possible and on the east coast, maybe major coastal flooding and back up through the chesapeake
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and along the jersey shore areas. and we're going to continue to watch rain j the worst will occur on sunday around south carolina and on the border of georgia. by the time we get to sunday, the water will head into the larger rivers and sunday to monday is when the river flooding would be occurring. and sunday is when we expect the highest of high tides over the next couple of days. and the high tide cycles during the daylight hours on sunday. entertainment is just ahead and and we've all heard of a bird on a wire, but a mountain wire. . and wishing you could stay in bed all day. when your cold is this bad... need new theraflu expressmax. theraflu expressmax combines... maximum strength medicines available without a prescription...
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now for some entertainment news. who you gonna call? well, if you're sony, probably some artists. they're developing an animated "ghost busters movie." now word if it will have the women reboot or the original guys. the weinstein company will rerelease "south paw" ritsz it's part of the cane film festival a nod.
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and "the martian" premiers and "the walk" has its imax debut and the car tell drama gets its nation wide expansion and last night, jimmy fallon asked viewers to reminisce about their first apartment. >> as the landlord was finishing up his how to keep a apartment clean, a squirrel ran out. i was home alone -- my husband and i always fought about the therm stat temperature until it fell off the wall. it wasn't wired to anything. >> it was in college in austin, texas. >> i was in topeka, kansas. it was empty. box of pots and panz and i ate my dinner on that box. >> i'm betty nguyen and this is "early today." we hope this is just your first
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all right, we want to bring you the latest on the deadly campus shooting in southwest oregon. a late night victim was held. 10 people are dead, including the gunman. they say he demanded to know his victim's religions before opening fire. umpqua college class are canceled until monday. we're awaiting the next press
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gopers scramble to denounce comments and they're calling on mccarthy to apologize. in an interview with msnbc, clinton called the comments deeply distressing and in had huffington post, tnt wedding favors caused an evacuation. they were no joke to tsa agents. they found they were filled with bath salts. still, not very funny going through security, right. an unmanned progress spacecraft carrying 2.3 tons of supplies and it docked safely with the station at about 7:00 eastern time.
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this bridge that's made of glass and crosses over a canyon. so, when you cross over, you see the entire 600 foot drop. no thank you. and a mountain line climbed a 40 foot utility poll. they think it was frightened by children in the nearby playground. it may its way down after night fall. how did it get up there and how did it get down? i have no idea. so, a virginia man was reduced to tears after his wife told him she was pregnant. he found the picture of the ultrasound sound sound next to a package of bunz in the oven. they've had four miscarriages, a stillborn and 17 years of trying to get pregnant. his reaction was just priceless.
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[ crying] >> oh, well, congratulations to them. celebrating birthdays today. parry, and sting and fashion icon, da right now we have a
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promising overnight update on the path of hurricane joaquin. but a different powerful storm could cause problems for parts of our area. and a community shattered when a gunman killed nine people at a community college in oregon. what we're learning now about the shooter. plus, a murder mystery on long island when a woman is found dead inside her home. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. 4:30 a.m. on this friday, second day of october. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm kerry barrett in for darlene rodriguez. >> we want to check with storm team 4's chris cimino. you have been watching this every hour. >> yeah, and the trend is taking joaquin further and further out to the east. that's the projected path. in the meantime, we have two separate entities here. that's joaquin. this is the other storm. this is the one that's going to impact us. it's already impacting us with the rain. you can see generally light rain across the tri-state area. bands of heavy rain sitting off toward the south. they'll continue to push
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looks like the heaviest rain probably arrives tonight. it's chilly too. temperatures between 50 and 55 just about anywhere you go. wind gusts so far on the order of 25 to 30 miles an hour, even a little higher on the east end of long island. we could eventually see gusts approach 40 to 50 miles an hour up against the coast of new jersey, especially later today and tonight. chilly, raw, damp, windy weather. keep the umbrella handy. make sure it's sturdy with these wind guests. temperatures stay in the low to mid-50s. all right. roads wet out there. hopefully no big early problems. good morning, lauren. >> good morning. where we have problems is at the airports. one-hour delay on awe rival rrivals at all of our area airports. we'll look at the grand central parkway by laguardia. you can see the roads are glistening this morning. we don't have any accidents to report out there. that's good news. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up.
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>> all right, lauren. thank you very much. right now, communities along the jersey shore are taking steps to minimize the potential for coastal flooding. tracie strahan is in belmar. what's going on there? >> reporter: michael, already at 4:30 in the morning, we are feeling every bit of the forecast. the driving rain and of course the really, really heavy wind. i want to show you what's happening on the beach already. governor christie said he wanted residents to prepare and not panic. that's why you see those sand dunes on the beach. the mayor even tweeted a picture of a photo that showed these dunes being constructed. you can see the crews working on it here. he said they've pumped out water in both silver lake and lake como, all to mitigate against homes flooding in the area. the steel wall protects perhaps one of the most fragile stretches of sand along the
4:29 am
jersey shore. still, residents all along the shore really worried about the possible weather to come. >> the minute we saw the storm was coming this way, we started packing up. >> it's always best to worry. the more you worry, the more you get prepared. >> reporter: governor christie will actually be here in belmar this afternoon. he's going to survey some other shore towns to see if evacuations are necessary. if things continue like this, certainly hope he brings umbrella and boots. >> and that hood and hat, tracie. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> it does look bad out there. this morning, though, new york city officials are encouraged by the latest forecast models on joaquin, as we just heard from chris, but they are still urging residents to be on alert for high winds and some of that coastal flooding we've been talking about. katherine creag is in rockaway beach, where repairs are continuing nearly three years
4:30 am
after superstorm sandy.


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