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tv   Today  NBC  October 2, 2015 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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after 10:30 thursday morning. >> we do have one female that has been shot at this time. >> reporter: according to witnesses, police arrived on scene within minutes, engaging mercer in a shootout. >> exchanging shots with him. he's in a classroom. >> reporter: nearly ten minutes after receiving calls of shots fired. >> code 4. the suspect is down. >> today was the saddest day in the history of the college. >> reporter: oregon's governor kate brown said her priority was the victims. >> i am joined by my fellow oregonians and americans in profound dismay and heartbreak at this tragedy at umpqua community college. >> reporter: president expressing his pain and frustration with yet another mass shooting in america. >> the reporting is routine. my response here at this podium ends up being routine. the conversation and the aftermath of it. we've become numb to this. >> reporter: gunshot victims
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>> four patients went to the operating room for various procedures, and, unfortunately, one patient was deceased in the emergency room. >> reporter: shooter's father spoke briefly to reporters late last night. >> this is a shock to everybody at what happened today. obviously it's been a devastating day, devastating for me and my family. >> any surprise at all? >> shocked, shocked is all i can say. >> reporter: a lot of shock, a lot of heartbreak here. community speakers at the vigil last night credited law enforcement for the crick response, including two u.s. marshalls who just happened to be here in rosenberg in an unrelated case. when they first heard reports of the shooting on the scanner, they raced to the campus and were among the first responders, perhaps preventing more loss of life. matt and savannah? >> all right, natalie. we'll check in with you a lot throughout the morning. thanks very much. >> and, of course, big question this morning, the one we ask so often in cases like this why? for more on the shooter and his motivations we want to turn to
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nbc's joe fryer. joe, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. law enforcement agencies are still trying to figure out the motive in this case, telling nbc news that right now it's unclear if any of the factors were religion, race, mental illness or any combination of those things. it's just too early to tell. here's what we do know. the shooter, chris harper mercer, was 26 years old. he lived in oregon with his mother not too far from the campus, and before that he lived in california. neighbors describe him as someone who was shy and seemingly didn't want to be bothered by others. now at scene of the shooting, four firearms were recovered, three handguns and one long gun, similar to an ar-15 style rifle. several mag seines and a ballistic vest were also found. he was not a current student at the community college, and his connection with the school is still unclear. a myspace page under the same name with photos verified by nbc news to show the shooter featured mercer holding what appeared to be a rifle and
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the irish republican army with masked gunman and logos. earlier reports later discrete itted warned that the shooter warned people on a social media site and the post from an anonymous reared said some of you guys are all right. don't go to school tomorrow if you are in the northwest. all of this, of course, is being looked at by investigators who are trying to figure out a motive. we'll have a news conference later this morning and hope to learn more at that time. savannah? >> stay on it, joe fryer, thank you. >> john hanlon is the douglas county sheriff. sheriff, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> i understand investigators have been at the apartment where this shooter lived in winchester. can you tell me, is there anything that they or you have learned overnight about him that we didn't know last night? >> i can tell you that overnight
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number of firearms and later today we will describe more as far as the numbers and types of weapons. regarding the shooter himself, all i know is that his identity has been made, but it's way too early in the investigation to really tell you any more about the shooter himself. >> can i ask you to confirm this horrific part of the story that we're hearing from some family members of students who are at the college, that this shooter actually lined people up and asked them if they were christian, and if they answered yes they were shot in the head and if they answers no they were shot some place else, often in the legs. based on who you have spoken to is that an accurate side of this story? >> i can't comment on that. again, it's very early in the investigation. we will be trying to determine exactly what happened in that classroom, but it is too early to -- to tell at this point the specifics about the shooting itself.
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>> you said in a news conference overnight that you were not going to mention this shooter by name. i think you said you didn't want to give him credit for this horrific act of cowardice. can you tell me though, was he someone who had come to the attention of law enforcement at all in the past? had he done anything or said anything that raised red flags? >> again, it's early in the investigation. i'm not -- i'm not aware of any specific red flags. he is a local resident, and i know personally i haven't heard of any -- any warning signs coming from this person. >> sheriff, i have to ask you about some things that are circulating online that involve you. apparently you wrote a letter in 2013 after the sandy hook elementary school shootings to joe biden, the vice president, and you denounced any attempt at gun control. you wrote according to what i've seen online gun control is not the answer to prevent heinous
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crimes like school shootings, and you added that an attempt to change the second amountment would be irresponsible and an indisputable insult to the american people. first of all, are those statements accurate, and have you changed your mind at all based on what's happened in your community? >> well, first of all, i know there's a lot of talk about guns and gun control. that is a conversation that i'm sure we will all be having in the coming weeks following this horrific incident, but right now i'm focused on -- on completing this investigation, and more importantly focused on the victims and the family of the victims and ensuring that they get through this very difficult time. >> sheriff john hanlin, i know your community is going through a lot and appreciate you taking the time to talk to us this morning. >> thank you. >> when those shots began to rang out it was terrifying for the young people who were forced to scramble for safety. cassandra welding and sarah
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copper, both students in the school and in the classroom next door to the shootings. ladies, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i first have to ask how you both are doing and how you are processing what happened, having been so close to something so horrific. >> it's terrifying. it's absolutely terrifying. i never thought something like this would have happened at such a small community like this. i'm mortified. i don't know what to think. >> yeah. i'm in horrific shock right now and i just don't know what to think at this point anymore. i'm sflust out just in utter shock that this happened. >> cass drag, you were in a classroom next door, a different one than zayrea. can you describe what you saw and one of your classmates went out to see what was going on. can you tell me what happened there? >> i heard a really loud noise, and i thought it was a book dropping or a table that fell or something, and then i realized -- or a balloon, that you know, has a really loud pop
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and i realized something wasn't right so a fellow class made the went out to the door to see, and she got shot twice by the shooter, and -- so she collapsed and we were all in panic mode then, and we closed the door, locked it and turned off the light and huddled in the corner of the room and we continued -- our classmates and i continued to hear shots after shots. >> and cassandra, how is your classmate this morning? do you know how she is doing? >> i honestly don't know at this point if she's in critical condition or if she's even okay at this point. >> sarah, what about you? as i said you were in a different classroom and you also heard the shots ring out. what happened? >> so i -- about half an hour, 40 minutes into class, and i hear this loud noise, and like cassandra i thought it was maybe a book or a table or something, but it was kind of suspiciously loud, and so i -- my parents always from a young age told me to be alert and be aware of your surroundings so at that point i
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was looking around and looked out the window, and i -- i saw two girls running from the building, and that's when i knew, it registered to me that it was a gunshot so i told the teacher we've got to get out of here, get out of here now and she was leaning over to the door that connects the two classrooms by the wall, and she asked is everyone okay. are you all right and almost reached to open the door which thank god she didn't because that would have been the end right there. we all would have probably had the shooter in the classroom also, and so after -- after i told her that it's a gunshot, we've got to get out second and third shots happened and by that point she had opened the door and i was halfway across campus by then. i went over to the student center and stayed in the financial aid area for the lockdown. >> well, what an absolutely terrifying situation for both of you. we're glad you're both okay and appreciate you sharing your stories this morning. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> let's bring in don barelli, a fbi. >> good morning. >> so many times when an event like this takes place law enforcement officials arrive. they first have to figure out what crime was committed and who committed it. in cases like this mass murders, where the mass murderer ends up dead we know what crime was committed and who did it. enforcement now. >> i think we want to know why and how so we want to figure out what the motive was. was it mental illness, whatever the case may be, and how did he get the weapons, and more importantly were there any clues that could have led to the prevention of this? did he tip his hand somewhere, did he tell somebody, his family, somebody on the internet. did somebody have a piece of information that could have been brought to the attention of law enforcement early to prevent that? i mean, you can't bring back the victims, but certainly you need to try to figure out if there are lessons to be learned and implement those lessons so that we can do better next time.
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>> and that's the question this morning. i think everybody, from the president on down, is saying how does this continually happen and people in your line of work who do these investigations and put together these profiles. i mean, are there common threads and things we should all be looking out for. >> well, it's difficult in this situation. you have somebody that on the surface looks to be mentally ill and we have lots of people walking the streets that are mentally ill. we also have millions of guns on the street that are unaccounted for, and then you overlay what happens in the internet, whether you believe in white hate or benlate hate or islamic extremism or whatever group you belong to it adds fuel to the fire and adds justifications to these violent actions. it's a very difficult situation. >> we know at least four weapons actually were recovered, three handguns and a long gun. how long will it take law enforcement officials to trace those guns so we know how and where he got them? >> i think they probably have those answers if not already.
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try to figure out how he got the weapons and then, again, lessons learned to see if it could have been prevented. >> don borelli, thank you very much. >> meantime, the weather still a story here on the east coast. forecasters watching hurricane joaquin, a very dangerous category 4 storm t.lashed the bahamas overnight and in the meantime there's another storm system that's already led to some pretty severe flooding in the southeast. it's about to get a lot worse. two reports this morning and, al, we'll start with you. good morning. >> this is really interesting as we watch this development. joaquin is still a category 4 storm, and it currently has winds of 130 miles per hour. it's 50 miles south southwest of san salvador. it's really not moving that much, so we're going to continue to watch this track, and as it does, it tracks along the coast. the good news the tracks with each run has been a little further to the east. in fact, it has now started to match the european model, but it is off the coast, and we're still going to feel its effects, and look at this. we've got this closed off low
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down south and that's bringing a lot of rain over the next several hours and days into south carolina. take a look at the video we've already seen. seen flooding and haven't seen the beginnings of the leftiest rain coming in. this is going to push to that area and that low is going to sit there thanks to an area of low pressure that's blocking that and back to the maps to give you an idea what have we can expect over the next several days. the heavy rain continues for the next 72 hours. rainfall amounts, we're talking in some areas like this right here just north of augusta, 20 inches of rain in the next three days. periods of torrential rain right through monday, and this large area could go from south carolina to northeastern georgia, and the flood watches are in effect for 31 million people, leavening flash flooding through sunday and record-breaking rainfall, and,
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in fact, every county in north carolina is under a flood watch right now. that's where we find dylan dreyer currently in kill devil hills, north carolina, and coastal flooding and big effects along the coast will be a big problem. dylan? >> she sure are, al. one point it was looking like a category 2 hurricane was going to hit right here along the outer banks of north carolina, but even with joaquin staying far away from the east coast, there's still a huge threat of coastal flooding. look at the ocean behind me and just how rough it is. we have had a persistent, strong, easterly wind that's just been drawing all of this water onshore, so around the time of high tide we have the threat of significant coastal flooth flooding, not just from here but from new england all the way down to florida as winds get stronger over the next couple of days. high wind warnings for parts of new jersey and delaware through tomorrow afternoon with gusts up near 60 miles per hour. now this, area has been very hard hit by rain. it is rain nearly every day in the past week, and as you
7:15 am
pointed out with the additional 20 inches of rain possible for some in this area, flash flooding and flooding, along with the coastal flooding and beach erosion will all become an issue. it doesn't take a hurricane to make a direct hit to feel the effects. we're feeling the outer edge of it, and it's going to be pretty significant this weekend. al? >> absolutely. dylan dreyer in kill devil hills, north carol, thank you very
7:16 am
two systems. one joaquin, going to miss us. this one along the coast is not. the leading edge over the tristate. light and spotty in nature. heavier rain off to the south that. will fill in this afternoon especially toward the evening. the day planner, it's windy and chilly. no better than the mid-50s. rain gets steadier and heavier toward the evening hours. coastal flooding possible into tomorrow. mid-50s tomorrow. light rain, especially early. nothing more than a leftover shower sunday. drier and milder middle of next week. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right, al. tell you now about a tragedy overseas. 13 people including six american service members were killed overnight when a u.s. c-130 transport plane like this one crashed in afghanistan. it happened while the plane was taking off from an airfield in jalalabad. the six americans were members of that aircraft's crew, a cause for the crash has not been determined. military officials said though there were no reports of hostile activity in the area at the time of the crash.
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>> tough morning. coming up. we'll have much more on this american tragedy. the mass shooting at that community college in oregon. an angry president obama saying enough is enough.
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coming up, think football players are pretty rough and tough. wait until you hear what the new york jets are bringing for them for their game in london this weekend. >> and in honor of breast cancer awareness month, we're throwing
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the brooklyn bridge and the east river. 7:26 on this friday, october 2nd. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. communities along the jersey shore taking steps to protect themselves from the stormy weather headed our way. tracie strahan has the latest from belmar. tracie? >> reporter: michael, this current weather system is bad enough. officials didn't want to waste any time preparing from effects from joaquin. the hurricane was a concern and even though it's not going to be a direct hit to this town, they already erected sand dunes in this area a couple of days ahead of time. the mayor says they pumped out water in two lakes to mitigate against homes flooding in this area. governor christie will be here this afternoon and not only survey the dunes but see if other shore towns will have to evacuate as a precaution. michael, back to you. >> tracie, thanks very much. right now, we want to take a look at the morning commute. here's lauren with that. >> michael, we have delays and
7:23 am
on the roads, avo m the bronx river parkway southbound. the cleanup will be out there until 8:00 a.m. the through way or theyi hutch are the way to go. heading to route 46 eastbound, an accident before route 3 blocking two lanes and route 80, that knack knifed tractor-trailer is out there by westbound 58. >> we'll be right back with chris' forecast. live storm tracker 4 radar. light rain over the city. light intermittent rain for a few hours and heavy rain this
7:24 am
afternoon and during the evening hours. first half of tonight, soaking rain. coastal flooding possible. increasing winds, 30 to 40 miles an hour gusts. tapers off. middle 50s. leftover showers on sunday and much nicer as joaquin misses early next week. on the "today" show, the winner of the next big thing. they goat sell their item on qvc. back in a half hour. i'm bobby flay and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state has to offer. like this famous winery
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vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery belongs in every beer lover's hall of fame. you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone. 7:30 now on this friday morning it's the 2nd of october, 2015, and the morning after, yet another mass shooting on american soil. ten people are dead this morning, seven others have been woenunded. a campus, a town and the country in mourning. >> >>n the wake of the last mass shooting an emotional president obama made an impassioned statement on thursday saying thoughts and prayers were not enough and demanding political action on gun control.
7:26 am
oregon, with the latest on this shooting. natally, good morning to you. >> repter: good morning to you guys as well. a lot of still unanswered questions here this morning. this is umpqua community college, the road that lea in. it'su still closed. the campus remains closed into the weekend, and it will reopen again on monday. students were settling into class on thursday morning when kessier, the 261-year-old, enter the the class at snider hall and opened fire beginning his vicious attack. what we don't know about him, we don't know his motive. what we do know, he's originally from california, living here with his mother. law enforcement telling nbc news it's not clear if or whether factors such as religion, race, meezal illness or some combination or other factor played a role in the incident. we also don't know his connection to the school here, if any. he was armed with four firearms, three handguns, including one lo sng gun an several rounds of ammunition, including mag seines
7:27 am
found on scene. family members of the survivors say that mercer asked their religion, and if they answered that they were christian, he shot them in the head. this is a small town of about 20,000 here, the town of roseburg. it's been a very heartbreaking ght, as you can imagine. other a thousand gathered last night at a nearby park to pay tribute and to honor those victims and refusing to say the shooter's name saying that they will not -- they do not want him to be remembered io this. instead, they want to rememner the victims and those who are surviving this, and they say this will in fact bring them closer together rather ttyhan teasir them apart. tt and savannah? >> all right, natalie. thanks. some numbers really put this incto perspective. there have been 41 school shootings this career alone, according to every town, a group whose mission it is to reduce gun violence that. group also reports that this is
7:28 am
the massacre at sandy hook elementary school back in december 2012. >> this morning's "daily news," "new yha daily news" puts the shooting deaths since that tragedy at more than 87,000. as we reported on thursday, an otional president obama spoke out the shootings. he challenged reporters to go bathei and tally up the number of americans who died in terrorist attacks in the last decade versus the number of americans who have been killed by gun violence. a reporter did just that tweeting his findings to the president revealing that from 2001 to 2011 more than 10,000 americans were killed each year by gun violence compared with th fe few hundred killed each year by terrorist attacks with the notable exception of 9/11. >> and a stunning fact this morning in "the washington post," president obama's second term, not a single week has gone by without a mass shooting. let's get more now on the politics of all of this.
7:29 am
nbc's national correspondent peter alexander is at the white house. peter, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, >> good morning to you. president obama was visibly frustrated, really as angry as we have seen him. the white house even releasing this photo showing the president exasperated as he was glancing at the news coverage of yesterday's shooting. as you noted, this was the 4 1st school shooting this year leaving the president exasperated by the fact that these tragedies have become so frequent they no longer shock us. outrage from the highest office on down. >> as i said just a few months ago and i've said a few months before that and i said each time we see one of these mass shootings, our thoughts and prayers are not enough. >> reporter: president obama eaking out thursday in the aftermath of another mass shooting in america, a speech he's had to givee,ore than ten times before, but this time delivered with unprecedented
7:30 am
>> somehow this has become routine. the reporting is routine, my response here at this podium ends up being routine, the conversation and the aftermath of it. we've become numb to this. we are not the only country on earth that has people with mental illnesses or want to do harm to other people. we are the only advanced country on earth that sees these kinds of mass shootings every few months. >> the anger and, haufgs also spreading to those whose coverage of such massacres has become commonplace. >> can i not imagine what it's like to be that man and say i am the president of the united states, and i cannot get my legislators to put their heads together and pass legislation that will stop americans from
7:31 am
>> again, if i'm not mistaken this is the largest massacre in oregon state history and it's just awful. >> reporter: for others thursday's killings were a call to action. comedian jimmy kimmel tweeting numb, dumb, right, left, whatever we are, no one wants this to happen again. let's work together to make it stop. a weary nation and its leader fearing that inaction now means only a promise of further future violence. >> i hope and pray that i don't have to come out again during my tenure as president to offer my condolences to families in these rcumstances, but based on my experience as president i can'tt guarantee that. and that's terrible to say. >> the president challenged those who would accuse him of politicizing this tragedy, explicitly saying this is something we should politicize and shortly ahereafter mik
7:32 am
huckabee, running for president, blasted president obama calling his comments shameless and ignorantly inflammatory, adding that the president in his words can exploited any tragedy that he wants, but it's clear that gun-free zones, huckabee said, are sitting duck zones. matt and savannah. >> peter alexander at the white house, thank you. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press" as well as nbc's political director. chuck, good morning to you. the president in his remarks yesterday at the white house said this has become routine. we are all numb t this. no take me insid washington. seems to me there is a short-term reaction to these reality. >> no, there is, and it is a routine re action so what you have is you have folks on the >>l. they say similar things to what the president did. on the right those who are -- don't -- who believe that it isn't a gun control issue say let's focus on mental health and
7:33 am
hours and then everybody mofaz ves on because the fact of the matter is you have a whole bunch of political leaders who don't want to deal with the politics of this, who are afraid othe nra who the president mentioned and not by name and the president himself succumbed to gun politics in his first term. it is interesting to note that he has -- and i think sandy hook abeasolutely sort of changed him on this, but he's succumbed to the politics of this in the first term. he avoided the gun issue and when eric holder, the then attorney general, wanted to pursue an assault weapons ban, he got slapped down by the white house in the first term because they were afraid of the politics of this. so the president is not alone on this front, and he's also -- when he lectures everybody, he probably has to look in the mirror, too, and i think that he does regret not pushing this now in hine sight, so i guess my question is going to be what is he going to do in the next wpek or two? does he throw down the gauntlet.
7:34 am
he did so after sandy hook. he sounded like a guy who was going to do that, but that's what it's going to take. it's not just us in the media. he probably has to go grab this and campaign around the country around as if he wants to refocus washington on this issue. >> in just a year and three months left in his term. chuck todd, thank you very much. >> of course, these are some of the topics that will be at town hall on monday. we're sitting down with hillary clinton and have a one-on-one interview and questions from you, our viewers. if you have a question for secretary clinton, you can post it on facebook, twitter, instagram and use the the #h larytoday. that's monday on "today." >> we look forward to that. mr. roker, how about the forecast. >> let's see what's been going on, the latest on joaquin, and right now currently a category 4 storm, 130-mile-per-hour winds and it's moving away from the bahamas at about northwesterly speed. three miles per hour. now here's the other problem. we've got joaquin down here blocking an area of high
7:35 am
pressure. there will be another low pressure area developing 2,000 miles between the systems, and that's causing all these winds now to just fire right into the coast, and so you can see coastal flood warnings, watches, flooding. 51 million people under some sort of a coastal flood watch or warning, and then we've also got a lot of heavy rain due to the opener low in the southeast. heavy rainfall over the next three days and up to 20 inches of rain in south carolina, northeastern georgia. we're also looking with flood alerts, 31 million people are under the gun for flash flood watches, life-threatening flash flooding through sunday and record-breaking rainfall possible. that's what's going on zierjts al, rain, wind heading our way throughout the day. rain is light now. it will pick up in intensity. high temperature, chilly. in the mid 50s. windswept rain tonight. local street and highway flooding.
7:36 am
coastal flooding a concern especially along the jersey shore. more rain tomorrow but tapers down during the day. low 60s sunday. just leftover shower. upper 60s. joaquin stays offshore on monday and 70s middle of next week. and that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right, al. thanks very much. israel. it's a national pastime, baseball. >> yeah. >> you go to a game and what do you do, you take selfies? take selfies. why these sorority girls are catching a lot of heat on tv and all over the internet. >> all right. but coming up next, carson's kicking off our pink power
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we have got a pink power party going on this morning in honor of breast cancer awareness month. we're celebrating survivors and trying to draw attention towards breast cancer and carson has more in the pink room. >> that's right. it is the pink room. downstairs the dressing room, our pink pour party is going to be awesome. so many survivors and awesome and here in the pink room we've got hoda kotb, of course, our special correspondent, joan lunden. >> hey. >> both breast cancer survivors. they are sending out their buddy checks. we'll explain what that means in a minute and another survive, my friend, we go way back and great to have you here as well. >> thanks, carson. >> we cross-ed paths at the lunchtime breast cancer hero
7:42 am
breast cancer survivor, do you remember that? >> i'm obsessed with patty. >> she had a speech, too. >> she stole the show. >> you were diagnosed at such a young age. >> 27, no known family history, i found the lump myself so it's really important to spread the word to young women and breast exams save lives and buddy checks. >> and they toll you weren't going to have kids. >> and now i have a 16-year-old daughter, a miracle, a little bit mean sometimes, love you, sky. >> that's the 16 part. >> there's an alarming stat out there, and can you tell me more about this. today a woman worn has a 1 in 8 chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer. >> unbelievable, and i think we heart 50/40 debate, women in their 20s and 30s do against breast cancer. >> buddy checks, as you mentioned, goes a long way. reach out to eight people in your life and remind them to get a mammogram. you wanted me to reach out to my friends too. >> can you call pharrell and gwen. >> the coaches alone on "the
7:43 am
voice" have 100 million followers. >> kanye. >> i don't know about kanye but matt will take care of kanye, bff. >> and i'm calling all my sorority girls. get the word snout joan and hoda making progress on their buddy checks and we'll have you back in our fourth hour and so much more on our pink power campaign coming up from the pink room. >> love the buddy call. good idea. >> carson, thank you so much. acting a real talent that and off you go, and off you go, and off you go, for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats... and off you go. this season at chico's,
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live look there. that's the brooklyn bridge. dark morning outside. 7:56 on this friday, october 2nd. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. strong winds are whipping along
7:52 am
parts of the jersey shore. it's heading our way. dunes were built earlier this week. lakes have been drained to keep them from overflowing. governor christie declared a state of emergency and he'll be in belmar later on today. steps being taken on long island to stay ahead of the storm. this as crews pulling out the heavy machinery to tackle street flooding and to rescue stranded residents if it comes to that. state park officials put up protective sand walls at the park and the beach. lauren has a look at the traffic. >> southbound out by the cross county, this truck struck an overpass, took the roof off that. will be out there for a little bit longer. avoid this in the meantime. heading over to the hutch, there's an accident southbound by orchard beach in the left lane also causing delays. we still have a disabled vehicle on the white stone expressway by 20th avenue. the bridge is backed up. bqe, disabled eastbound by the kosciuszko bridge. let's check the weather.
7:53 am
rain, windy chilly. windswept rain, 49 degrees tonight. tomorrow, light rain, wind, 56. sunday, leftover showers, 62. monday, now, partly sunny, 67 degrees. coming up on the "today" show, seth rogan talks about his role in the new film, steve jobs. another local update coming up in a half hour. in the meantime, enjoy your friday morning. during blinds to go's early fall savings sale, save 20 to 30% on all the season's latest looks in cellular shades and cascade double shades. that'll really make you look smart. blinds to go.
7:54 am
back to school? how about...back to blinds! during blinds to go's early fall savings sale, save 20 to 30% on all the season's latest looks in cellular shades and cascade double shades. that'll really make you look smart. blinds to go. blinds for life. >> it's 8:001 on "today." coming up, pink power. >> so beautiful. beautiful. >> hoda and joan lunden will help us celebrate some brave breast cancer survivors and the people that supported them when they needed it most. >> when i was completely done with my chemotherapy and radiation, he threw me a surprise no mo chemo party. >> and we're topping it off with a pink power party full of surprises and from the campaign trail to "saturday night live" a sneak peek at hillary clinton's
7:55 am
expected arrival on the "snl" stage this weekend. >> check it out. >> and seth rogen takes a byte out of apple. >> you will not blow me off right now, pete. the top guy -- >> there are no top guys. >> he'll be here live to talk about his transformation in the big screen drama steve jobs that's already generating a lot of buzz, today, friday, october 2nd, 2015. >> pink power on "today." >> hey, we're here from new jersey. >> and celebrating new beginnings. >> and a birthday. >> from austin, texas, celebrating five years of marriage on the "today" show. >> hello to our friends and family in boston. >> i came all the way from san diego to visit the "today" show. >> and welcome back, everyone.
7:56 am
icle 8:001 now on a friday morning, the 2nd day of october, 2015. busy day, busy news day. let's get right to our top story this morning. what we are learning about thursday's mass shooting at a community college in oregon. >> that's right, natalie morales has moved to murphy medical center where survivors are being treated this morning. natalie, bring us up to date. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you once again. we note identity of the gunman. he is chris harper mercer, a 26 yearly. he entered the classroom at snider hall at umpqua community college at 10:38 in the morning and started his vicious attack killing nine, injuring seven before he was then shot by law enforcement. now, we don't know mercer's connection to the school or his motive yet, survivors report though that he asked about their religion, and if people reported that -- if people said that they were christian, he then shot them in their head.
7:57 am
there's a lot of heartbreak in this small town of about 20,000 people. they have never seen anything like this to this magnitude, and i'm hear at mercy medical center where they did take in many of the shooting victims, and joining me now we have kelly morgan, the ceo of mercy medical and dr. jason gray who is the e.r. doctor who treated many of the victims as well. dr. gray, let me start with you. update us on the condition of those that were shot. >> of the ten that we received, four under went operative intervention yesterday. one remains in critical condition, two remain in stable condition and one of those will likely be discharged today. >> can you describe the extent of the wounds, the injuries that you were seeing. >> you know, in the emergency department they were seeing multiple gunshot wounds throughout, from extremities, abdomen, torso head, legs, front and bag of the patients. >> obviously the hospital prepares and you're trained for
7:58 am
traumatic events like this, but have you ever seen anything of this magnitude, and describe for me, as were you trying, to you know, triage those who came in, what was going on. >> well, the community like this has not seen something of this magnitude before. >> right. >> we train on a routine basis as part of our state trauma designation for this, we train with the entire community, the first responders on it, and i was actually in the operating room, not in the emergency room, but they were triaging based upon condition and following the state triage system, and it's very difficult for them and the nurses and the staff. >> and mr. morgan, i know the staff really came together. >> it. >> in fact, some staff members came in on their days off. >> they did. >> to really come out and help out in this situation. >> it was phenomenal teamwork with all of our e.r. docs and nurses and lab people and with the operating root i mean, everybody really pulled together. i mean, we had people, actually doctors that were retired that came in to help out. >> wow. >> we've had a tremendous
7:59 am
colleagues up and down the i-5 corridor here in the state as well as some of the hospitals throughout the country. >> right. >> well, we are so grateful for all that you did and really appreciate what you're doing here, and thank you, again, for spending some time with us this morning i know it's been a very, very long night and very drumtic time for this community, thank you. matt and savannah, still critical days ahead for those still being treated here. >> all right, natalie. thank you so much. hurricane joaquin may be a lesser threat to the u.s. today, but the weather is still going to be nasty for millions of people. >> that's right, and it is indirectly going to threaten the eastern board of the united states as you look and we show you where it is right now. still a major hurricane, a category 4 storm. it's winds at 130 miles per hour. it's 45 miles south southwest of san salvador and moving northwest at about 3 miles per hour. it will continue that track paralleling the coast but far
8:00 am
to get direct impacts, but the winds and because of the counterclockwise flow, that's going to be coming in, and, in fact, it is now matching the european model so that's good news. but with all of that we're also looking at this the cutoff low pressure system. it's an upper level low that is by itself and so it has no steering winds so it will continue to dump rain in the southeast anywhere from 5 to 20 inches of rain, especially around columbia, asheville, charlotte. flash flooding is going to be a big problem. 31e million people under flash flood watches and 51 million people, guys, under coastal flood watches or warnings because of all those winds piling up against the shore line. >> all right, al, we'll keep an eye on that. thank you very much. >> okay. coming up, who needs professional wrestling when you've got moves like these? it's all in trending. that's not it. >> that's not it. wait until you see those moves. plus, we're having a pink power party celebrating breast cancer survivors and their supporters and drawing attention to the
8:01 am
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8:05 am
back now at 8:10 with what is trending on this rainy friday morning. let's start with the this. new york jets traveling out of the united states this weekend. they are going to london to play the miami dolphins on sunday. >> yes. >> they are going to bring their uniforms, outlet adapters, even some first aid equipment. you know whales they are taking? >> what's that? >> they are packing toilet paper. >> oh. >> why? >> are they staying at someone's house? >> they are packing american toilet paper because they are worried that european toilet paper is perhaps too thin. >> really? >> and they don't like the feel of european toilet paper sorry they are packing 350 rolls of toilet paper. >> these are like big, strong tough guys and they are worried about toilet paper. >> these are big guys. the jets are packing 263 cases of food items, including hot sauce.
8:06 am
>> priorities as the toilet paper, barbecue sauce. >> they are worried about toilet i hope they bring fity along for the ride too. >> the jets team operator saying some may say that's a little over the top or what not, but it didn't really cost that much so why not. we're basically trying to replicate everything that we do here at home. >> so superstition. >> comfort. >> by the way, that's an important comfort item. >> got to tell you. >> toilet paper over there is scratchy. >> i think a lot of people have personal tastes. >> i think they do. >> who is ready for a sign of the times. >> take a look at these gals from arizona state from a sorority sorority. they attended a baseball game. here they are. they are at diamondbacks game and you don't see a lot of cheering or rooting. >> no. >> let me take a selfie. lots of them. apparently this went on and on and listen to what the men traitors had to say. >> every girl in the picture is
8:07 am
locked into her phone. >> oh, lord. >> every single one is dialed in. welcome to parenting in 2015. hold on, take a selfie with the hot dog, solvy with the churo and selfie of the selfie >> you know what? >> if the churo were here right now i'd also take a selfie with it. >> you do see it all the time. >> kids though. with the pope at st. patrick's. everybody had their phone out and the pope was walking by people and looking tat through the lens. >> that's different when you're capturing a moment of something happening in front of you. these are always turned on yourself. >> they are girls. >> and by the way we're sitting next to the selfie king. have you seen his instagram account, not at a supporting event, just hang out. >> done it at broadway shows. >> jury duty or something. >> i didn't do a selfie. >> i actually got a courtroom artist to the draw me. >> that's fine.
8:08 am
a lot of us are wondering how to get the perfect pet selfie, hard to get the dog's attention and get him to look at right place. take a look at this new gadget called the pooch selfie. it attaches it to a squeaky tennis ball to the top of your foam, genius and then the pup looks right at you, a team of designers brought this to kick starter and raised over $26,000 so far. did we test this on wrangler? a personal day. >> wrangler has an appearance today. >> i bet that could work for a babe too. >> yeah, absolutely. >> we all love to wrestle with our children, all in good fun, okay. here's a dad who hats most fun at play time, editing video of himself and his son wrestling to an audio track from an actual wrestling match. take a look. >> you got to be kidding me.
8:09 am
>> used that as a weapon before. >> that's great. >> that's a lot of fun. >> i love now, but my first reaction, no. >> oh. >> yes! >> my first reaction when i saw it earlier was that kid could get hurt that's so high but the more you see it the more you can't help but laugh. >> best dad since bad dad. >> gave people in our control room an idea. roll the tape. >> oh, boy. >> oh. >> thank you. >> okay. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> got to entertain themselves. on to the excitement ahead of tomorrow's season premiere of "snl" and jennifer lawrence's truth or dare. carson. >> as hillary clinton gets ready for her big town hall with savannah on monday she may be making a pitted stop, the "new york times" reporting she's scheduled to appear on
8:10 am
tomorrow's season premiere of "snl." her campaign and "snl" not confirming that news but definitely a lot of buzz around this. the moment we're all hoping for, when hillary gets to meet her comedic korntd part played by the very funny kate mckinnon and hosting "snl," miley cyrus, also the michael guest. definitely watching out for that. katy perry having fun on twitter after getting a look at khloe kardashian's new car. have you seen it yet? there it is. that's a custom truck and it's wrapped in velvet. >> what? >> really. >> real velvet. >> range rover in a sweat suit, i mean, that's crazy. >> there would be velour. does katy perry think that's practical, not so much. she tweeted to photoo a little photo of lint brushes and the the #ocdme. jennifer lawrence and another adorable moment of hers gone viral on a game of truth or dair, dared to show as many marshmallows in her mouth and jennifer may the odds forever be
8:11 am
in your favor. >> one, two, three, four, how is it going so far? >> it's going good. >> six, seven, eight. >> what was the final number, how many? >> get them all in there. >> you're up to ten. >> get it the in there. >> come on, one more, you can do it. get it in the cheeks. oh, no. move the camera. >> not going to end well there. ten was the number that savannah has to beat next week. >> thanks, carson. >> you got it. >> wow. al, how about the forecast. >> okay. let's show you what we've got going on, and we'll show today that we're looking at some coastal flooding along the southeastern and mid-atlantic coast. we'll be watching that. it's a real mess but around the great lakes, thanks to that big area of high pressure that's keeping this low from moving, beautiful weather around the great lakes. 58 in cleveland and 60 in chicago and sunny and 64 in beautiful des moines, iowa, but
8:12 am
wet weather making its way from the west to the al, it's damp. it's chilly. light rain for the most part. heavy rain off to the south. that will will push in later today. coastal flooding with high tide. monmouth county, coastal advisory. high tide could lead to flooding. could see gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour. rain on and off. light rain tonight. >> and that's your latest weather and we need a break so lecht's go to the best night of the week, sunday night "football night in america." that's right. the boys, the cowboys taking on
8:13 am
it's going to be a goodline. cowboys versus saints on sunday night "football nice in america." >> savannah. >> all right, al, thank you. the biggest moment we we've been waiting for. about to change somebody's life by crowning them "the next big thing" and they will head to qvc and sell it on the saturday morning. as a reminder everybody, our judges are doug howe, executive vice president of merchandising at qvc. jill martin, a "today" contributor and creative correct
8:14 am
brand and a man who needs no introduction but has requested one anyway, al roker. let's bring in our three category finalists. i'm so excited. winner for the apparel and accessories category, take a look. >> i'm joanne snodgrass from farm beach, florida and i designed kiminis, the next big thing because it's perfect allv year round, fashion accessory that easily converts from a jacket to a poncho and infinity scarf by unbuttoning it. >> all right, joanne, come on out and stand next to your broadcast, the kimini. >> and we want to introduce the next finalist, the winner of the home household and pets category. take a look. >> my name is carmen, hart from little rock, arkansas and i'm the invent ore of the pedi sandt, ultimate hands-free foot five. i believe it will be "today's" next big thing because it enables people to take care of their feet from the comfort of their own home. >> all right. karmen hart, come on out and
8:15 am
stand next to the pedisand, our second finalist. >> and let's meet the third finalist, the winner for the kitchen and gadgets category. love the football music. >> i'm leslie pearson from seattle, washington and my product is good hangups. good hangups is "today's next big thing" because an aninowe tdor magnetic hanger for posters and other uses. >> all three of our hundreds of finalists, worked hard to get here. let the judges ask them a question before they deliberate. >> leslie, can you tell us what in.spir you to create project in the first place. >> yeah, would i love to. i have a 5-year-old and about six months ago he just burst with creativity and he's bringing home so much artwork, fridge was covered, and hi to find a better way to display things that i could change out easily. >> thank you. >> first of all, cthgratulations getting to this point. >> thank you. >> i have one more question.,how heavy can something be in or r to hang it? >> that's a great question.
8:16 am
we like to focus on the size of the item because it's meant for flat art, like posts, prints and things like that, so it can go up to a 36 x 24 which is that large. >> but no pounds, you don't -- >> we don't put a pound on it because it depends on the thickness of the item so we like to go on the flat surface area. >> the kimini, i find this fascinating, is it fairly easy to do the unbuttoning and figuring out how to make this work? >> oh, yes, it is. it only has five buttons, and you unbutton the middle one to put your arms through like this all buttoned for the jacket or all unbuttoned for the infiniti scarf and so many people come up with their own creative ways to wear it. >> does it wrinkle, that's sort of the perfect travel item. what is the material? >> it's a rayon blend. it - is -- rea y travels very well. you an throw it in your bag, get there, put it on and it's
8:17 am
>> and questions about the pedisand. >> karmen, anything that you haven't shareded about the product that you would like to share with us? >> it's fast and easy to use and you get the job done like ten times faster than anything out there on the market, all just very small little things that you use, so, yeah, it's very fast and very effective. >> how long do they last? ho.w often do you have to replace the pads? >> the pad on there six months to a year depending on how often you use it. it's very, very durable. >> if you've got real bad feet, does the sand paper come with different roughnesses. >> no, it's a 180 grip. we tried other roughnesses and they were just too rough. this one is perfect, works on all the feet f.have you really bad feet it may take to you three point to where your feet are looking good and after that it's smooth sailing. >> can you great cheese on that? >> cheese, no. >> i've seen your feet, they are not that bad. why don't i let you judges
8:18 am
the etly and kill their mikes so we don't hear exabilitily what they are saying. >> how are you ladies feeling, a little bit nervous? >> it's amazing. >> what would it mean to win? >> my son has been part of this process the whole time and asked me questions, like, mom, what's a budget and things like that, so this would be grampt i want to show him that he should trust his crazy ideas. >> how but, karmen? >> i feel like i've won already. has been such an awesome experience. i've never done this before so i feel very fortunate to have this format to present my pedisand and you guys have been great. >> a lot of people know about your product no matter what happens. >> absolutely, and qvc is an amaze ing platform for a new business. >> getting our alert our judges have a sglikt who wants to announce it. >> this is tough, i'm going to do the honors as well. the winner al is a gadget guy and says he's never seen anything like this and doug knows that this is going to sell amazing, and i'm very excited to announce and congratulate all of
8:19 am
you being on here, leslie pierson, good hangups. >> oh, my gosh. thank you. thank you, thank you. >> wow. >> congratulations, thank you. >> oh, my gosh. >> hi, alex. >> are you ready to go on qvc tomorrow morning. >> oh, my gosh. >> no, but yes. > let me help you out. >> my new look to go with my green. >> i wish had you come up with that ten years ago when my kids prweoe younger, the material ony refrigerator didn't allow me to put stuff up on it. we get that a lot, fabulous. >> can't wait to hear how this all turns out, hope you come back and tell us what happens. we really want to thank our esteemed judges, they did a great job and i was told they were very torn about this so really three great finalists. watch leslie tomorrow on qvc saturday morning at 10:00 a.m.
8:20 am
and we'll be b the george washington bridge a bit of a wait at 8:26. good morning. it is is friday, october 2nd. steps are being taken to protect low-lying areas in new york city. lower manhattan covered subway grates to prevent flooding. and volunteers helped to evacuate. >> it has not been an easy morning from westchester to the city. cross can county two lanes shut down there. a truck hit an overpass. southern state parkway eastbound
8:21 am
back to you, michael. >> windy, chilly. 55 for the high. tonight, 49. tomorrow, light rain, high of 56. sunday, leftover showers. coming up, jessica biel stops by the "today" show bringing
8:22 am
8:30 now on this friday morning. it is the 2nd of october, 2015. guess what? we are throwing a pink party out on the plaza. okay. we have gotten an amazing group of breast cancer survivors and their supporters. we are doing our part to draw attention to this disease and those who are fighting it, and we're going to have a lot of fun this morning. >> we certainly are. getting a lot of surprises, joan lunden and hoda are here to help honor these brave ladies and their supporters also, because
8:23 am
it's really important to recognize those people. >> only thing that can warm up today, all this pink and the beautiful face and these survivors but we also have some other fun for you.yoseth rogen like you've never seen him before, used to see him when he makes us laugh and when he appears on the big screen and this time around taking on a very serious role as the co-founder of apple in the upcoming movie "steve jobs" and wait until you see this. >> first, al, a check of the weather. it's raining. >> know it's raining here, and let's show you what you've got. your weekend planner, coastal flooding along the mid-atlantic coast and southeast and heavier flooding us a get into the south southeast inland sections. 31 million people under flash flood watches and we're looking at wet weather out through the west as well and then sunday, sunday, sunday more coastal flooding, strong winds and gusty conditions and flooding conditions along the coast of the southeast, mid-atlantic states and also inland in the see. a lot of rain from the plains all the way into southern
8:24 am
. damp, rainy, chilly. 52 in new york city. it stays brisk and chilly with on and off rain. that's the way it place out. keep the umbrella handy all day. temperatures in the low 50s. gusts to 30 and 40 miles per hour. maybe 50 miles per hour up along the jersey coast. advisories in effect. rain could be heavier tonight. 56. 62, leftover sunday. warmer next week. >> and that is your latest weather. well, you may remember back in august i grabbed with the help of some friends, grabbed two unsuspecting viewers out of the crowd and we escorted them on a 's50-hour $50,000 adventure to abu dhabi, all part of the premiere
8:25 am
"50/50," chris and samantha brown are the hosts. >> last time we saw you we were baking in the desert of abu dhabi. >> give or take a few degrees, the desert, you know. >> you have a lot of moments like this. >> 50 hours worth $50,000, take people out of their normal everyday lives and bring them on a 50-hour trip with $50,000. >> w s amazing, went on the boats and fishing boats and doing some racing. >> almost went n.what's been the craziest thing that's happened so far? >> i think for me it was climbing to the top of an active volcano and sledding down it. >> wow. >> yeah. >> you, too? >> it was awesome and hot. the steam was coming off the money and it an i didn't want to sit on it. >> i can do it but i can only do it once. >> exactly. >> samantha brown, thank you so
8:26 am
catch the big premiere of travel channel's "50/50" and yours truly coming up sunday on the travel channel at 7:00 only on the travel channel. matt? >> all right, al. thank you very much. new movie about apple co-founder steve jobs simply called "steve jobs" hits the theaters next week, and just like the man himself the movie is generating some controversy and a lot of activity. seth rogen plays apple co-founderwozniak and it's a performance like we've never seen from him before. >> what do we do? what do you do? >> not many fourth graders know of you. >> you can't write code, can't put a hammer to a nail, i built the circuit board and it was stolen and you threw jeff off his own project and someone else
8:27 am
times in a day i read steve jobs is a genius. what do you do? >> i play the orchestra. >> set rogen, seth, good morning. >> very emotive, look at that. >> it's intense, you know, we hear steve jobs, steve jobs, steve jobs. there's another steve. >> there is, the guy who actually invented the computer. >> it was steve jobs who was the ideas guy, is that fair, and steve wozniak was the guy who was the tech guy? >> from my interpretation of it, steve jobs was the guy who recognized that computers are something that would appeal to more than like techie geek people, and it was something that actually everyone would want. wozniak was the guy who -- who conceived of the notion that computers were something that the average person could have but it was very personally driven. he just wanted one for himself. he didn't think everyone would want one of these. >> it's a dramatic role and steve jobs died tragically several years ago. steve wozniak is alive. you had the chance to meet him. >> yeah. >> did you pick something up in that meeting, something in his
8:28 am
personality or his demeanor that helped you with the character? >> honestly, his passion for technology was something i'd never encountered before, like the way chefs talk about food or we talk about film or you talk about, you know, journalism is the way he talks about like requires glued to a piece of plastic, and i literally had never met anyone who had that sort of passion about engineering and -- and technology before. >> we've all dreamed about it if there were a move made of our lives who would play us. how did you feel with you playing him, did he say was bradley cooper busy? >> he seemed okay with t.sure he wasn't at the top of his list and he knew when i was which is good. >> didn't you go to a screening with him, in the same room? wasn't that awkward? >> had seen the movie already and knew he wouldn't be at the screening i was at unless he liked it so it wasn't that awkward honestly. >> in the clip that we showed getting into this set there's clearly some friction between these two.
8:29 am
how would you describe the relationship. >> in the film the relationship is strained, and i'm constantly trying to get steve jobs to acknowledge things that were instrumental to apple's success that he didn't have allotted to do with and, therefore, he had no interest in acknowledging them at all. >> so much buzz and let's end with a rapid fire of genius bar. >> great. >> you know what genius bar is. >> those are the guys that doesn't fix your computer properly. >> the place you go to ask questions. quick questions. what was your first apple product? >> mac computer. >> what was the long song you paid on the iphone? >> the sock that came out yesterday. >> the last movie you downloaded on iactual? >> "wild tales" from argentina, i think it was, great movie. >> and what was the last picture you took on your iphone, was it a self? >> with mindy kaling's book so i was proud of myself so i took a genius with it. >> genius bar and you're great in this movie.
8:30 am
>> seth rogen, great to see you. >> thank you. >>led picture opens in select theaters a week from today. next up, we're going to catch up with seth's co-stars, kate winslet and jeff daniels, and we've got pink power putting smiles on the faces of some inspiring breast cancer survivors and people who helped them battle the disease, but,
8:31 am
this is my fight song >> all right. everybody, we are ready to have a pink power party. how about these pink laidies. >> we do not care about the rain. spain, schmain. >> we're listening to this song, on my pike power play list, it's "fight song."
8:32 am
>> got a lot funky ones, too, that i think you're going to like. >> hoda's power play list. >> and turn to joan lunden, our special correspondent and survivor herself. joan, good morning. >> great to be here with this amagds group, an i have a story of another amazing group. for more than a decade delta airlines has been committed to raising funds and awareness in the fight against breast cancer, and their annual breast cancer one employee survivor flight recently took off for their first international trip to mexico, and i caught up with some of the breast cancer survivors and their unsung heros right before the trip. >> delta airlines breast cancer one pink plane this year is taking 140 employees and their pink pillars of support to mexico city. >> all right. >> reporter: raising funds and awareness for breast cancer. tell meal how you happened to
8:33 am
>> well, madison went through a very difficult time with my cancer. she sat up nights with me and knew every medication that i took. she was bullied by children at school about my appearance. >> people would say things like why does your mom even bother to try, she's just going to die anyways, and she was ugly because she was bald and that she should just give up. >> reporter: mean, that is so tough. as a mom that had to like break your heart. >> it was very difficult for all of us. >> so beautiful, so beautiful. >> reporter: this is no ordinary flight. it's an empowering moment, a celebration of life. i want to hear really why you wanted jeremy as your unsung hero. >> he's just so much fun, and when i was completely done with my chemotherapy and radiation he
8:34 am
threw me a surprise no mo chemo party. he also -- he used to have curly long blond hair that he shaved when i was done with chemo so that we could have a hair-growing contest. >> reporter: as you set that bar, that gold standard pretty darn high, jeremy. >> well, i hope so. you know, let's celebrate life, spread some light and make it fun. >> reporter: >> awesome. i love that plane. delta's done a great job. >> so much money. >> and by the way they are about to do something even more awesome. >> yes. >> ladies, you get to do the honors, pick three names, okay, from this. these are the people at our party. >> by the way, do you know who you're getting in. >> you are getting two trips anywhere in the u.s., so who was our first lucky person. >> here's joan. >> rebecca weiss. >> raise your hand, rebecca weiss. >> are you even ready? >> thank you.
8:35 am
>> next one out, tina thompson, where's tina, tina. >> come over here. >> there you go. >> joan, you get to pick the third. >> bernadette vargas. where's bernadette? >> yay. >> bernadette, here you go. here you go. congratulations. >> anywhere, anywhere courtesy of delta airlines, two tickets to each of you anywhere, delta flight, tears. isn't that awesome. >> this morning congratulations. wasn't that exciting. >> there's more. we're not done. let's take a look at a really great company that does so much of breast cancer awareness. >> ford motor company has been involved in the fight against breast cancer for 22 years dedicate ing $128 million today. the pink fund helped women with ford to help lisa oliver with the financial burden when it
8:36 am
take a look. 46-year-old lisa oliver was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer four months ago, endured double mastectomy and chemotherapy and five weeks of radiation. >> not just exhaustion, so much that you have to do extra to care for yourself during chemo. >> lisa and her husband mark have four children between them including their doubter who had a brain tumor removed as a toddler and still faces cognitive challenges. lisa's prognosis is good. she's been clean for the last two years, but her treatment meant she had to stop working and it took a toll on the family finances. >> very expensive. a lot of wear and tear on your car, a lot of gas money and there were extra expenses for treatment. the co-pay and deductibles start looking pretty scary so one of the ways that we found to help make ends meet immediately, you
8:37 am
was -- was the pink fund. >> ford warriors in pink and the pink fund paid for three months of lisa's medical premiums. mark was lisa's pink pillar of support, driving an hour to treatments and back. he stood by her side the entire time. >> my amazing husband. i'm -- i'm just blessed. mark took the reins and he really jumpeded in. >> i wanted to be there for her, support her and do whatever it took to help her get healed and get healthy again. >> pink power! >>. >> we invited lisa and her family to come to new york for our pink power on the plaza. oh, my gosh, yes, yes. >> i'm here, you know, and i have so much to live for. >> lisa, you're here in every way and angela and martin, so great to have you. how are you guys doing? >> great. >> wonderful. >> so excited to be here. >> we just heard obviously how hard the treatment can be and what a toll it takes on the family. i mean, obviously emotionally but also financially.
8:38 am
>> right. >> and we just wanted to do something great for you, specifically ford did. shall we tell them. >> yes, we have a little something for you and your family that you hope you like. >> we can't fit it. >> al roker is outside in the rain and he has something to share with you. take a look at that monitor right there. >> take a look, guys. i think. >> the rain has made it a little heavy. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's a new car! >> lisa, that's your car. that's for you. >> oh, my gosh. >> thank you. >> oh, i -- thank you, ford. thank you everyone. oh, my gosh. i -- yeah, kind of needed a car. >> ford is doing such amazing things all across the country
8:39 am
to women for screenings and ma'amos and radiation in 17 cities. >> i want to take a moment to say thank you to all our corporate sponsor is who have done so much, delta, ford, mention the the partnership with lift. i don't know if you saw the adorable little cupcakes we got going here this morning. we want to say juice prep for the juice and supreme court fast is served. >> can i have that cupcake, please. thank you. >> we're going to continue the pink power celebration all month long so please stay with us. >> congratulations,ladies. >> thank you, congratulations. >> congratulations. >> coming up next, a young man forced to flee and now a bright future. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ck to school? how about...back to blinds! during blinds to go's early fall savings sale, save 20 to 30% on all the season's latest looks in cellular shades and cascade double shades. that'll really make you look smart. blinds to go.
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8:41 am
back to school? how about...back to blinds! during blinds to go's early fall savings sale, save 20 to 30% on all the season's latest looks in cellular shades and cascade double shades. that'll really make you look smart. blinds to go.
8:42 am
the music says it all. time for our continuing series about "together we make football." and willie is here with our latest story. >> when hurricane katrina hit the gulf coast a decade more than a million people were displaced. cliff chapman was one of those people, and after he left new orleans his only connection to home was his favorite team. >> i like to think about what's going to make me better that day. what's going to make me better and what's going to brighten my future. >> high school senior clifford chapman has a bright future, but ten years ago he almost lost everything. >> hurricane katrina came ashore just about half an hour ago. the storm surge could be as high as 28 feet, and that would, of course, be devastating. this is the nightmare that new orleans residents have wore i'd about for years. >> i was 8 years old. you hear people scream and see
8:43 am
all the water and stuff, and my mom started crying. >> and he would say let's come see, let's come see and we was like the last people they came to rescue. >> we stayed on the bridge until the sunrise and then from the bridge to the superdome. >> it was real scary. something thatobody would never want to live again. >> iatch the saints a lot and being in that superdome during that time, it didn't feel right. >> reporter: in the days llowing katrina, clf's was relocated to hon, serated from his school, his friends and the sport that had become his passion. >> it wa k of hard for him because whe he got there he really started acting out. >> it was terrible. i was in texas. i missed fool, i missed playing it. i don't have no friends. i felt lost. >> you know, he wasn't really doing well in school, and it
8:44 am
was -- it washa . and i jt packedp one dnd we came back to new orleans. >> this is where i used to stay. >> reporter: cliffed chapman i ba whe he belongs on the football where he's earned a brighter future. >> he came back and started playing football, he wasn't acting out ymore and he was just doing the right thing and focusing on the right thing. >> i love football. i'll do anything to play football. >> reporter: football . >> football is his dream, something from a little boy we used to talk about. >> reporter: with multiple scholarship offers this time he'll leave the crescent city but this time it's his choice. >> everything he dreamed of it's truly happening. before he walked out the door this morning he said my life is like a movie. >> and he's a great player. cliff has had scholarship offers from colleges across the country
8:45 am
but has decided to go home making a verbal commitment to louisiana state u.n. in baton rouge and hopes to make it back on field at superdome to play professional football. now at lsu competing in the best conference in the land, the s.e.c. head to to share your story. if we feature it you get a chance to win super bowl 50 in california's bay area. >> may even play for the saints one day. >> that would be cool. >> thank you, willie. >> willie, thank you. don't forget, you can catch the new orleans saints taking on the
8:46 am
>> what a day for lisa, want to be part of the action go to to purchase a t-shirt.
8:47 am
the susan g. george washington bridge. 8:57 right now on friday, october 2nd. good morning. communities along the jersey weather. preparations began earlier this week in belmar and other places damaged by sandy four years ago. beaches. water is drained out of some of the lakes to prevent them from overflowing. the wind and the rain is is not hurricane joaquin. this is a separate storm with nor'easter like conditions can.
8:48 am
tomorrow, light rain and wind. sunday, leftover showers. but 62 for the high. might be one of the better days. tuesday, mostly sun. ahead on the "today" show, go into the kitchen with al as he shows you how to make a delicious chicken dinner.
8:49 am
this morning on "today's take," jessica biel opens up about motherhood, justin timberlake and what she wants every woman to know, and then wait until you see how these brooklyn ballers train for their games, and al's in the kitchen making the best chicken dish ever. all that and more coming up next. >> from nbc news, this is "today" take" with al roker, willie gyetvai, natalie morales and tamron hall live from studio
8:50 am
1a in rockefeller, plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a rainy morning in new york city, actually a rainy morning across large parts of the country. willie along with al and tamron. natalie is in rowsburg, oregon, covering the shooting on the campus of umpqua community natalie, let's go right to you with the lateest. >> reporter: good morning to you guys, once again. college. it's actually closed and the road leading into the campus is closed through the weekend and will reopen again on monday. this is pretty much an active crime scene right now. this is a community really in mourning. it's a small town and rosenberg has 20,000 people and that kind of community where everybody knows everyone in town and last night over 1,000 people held a candlelight vigil at a nearby park to remember the victim and to honor and pay tribute to them because in times like these it's the victims that we want to remember. we're also beginning to hear incredible stories of courage under fire.
8:51 am
law enforcement was quick to arrive on the scene here in less than ten minutes. got to the campus and perhaps that prevented even more loss of life. at 10:38 in the morning yesterday the first week of school, classes were settling in and that's when there were the first reports of an active shooter on campus. chris harper mercer, 26 years old, was reportedly armed to the teeth with three guns, handguns, and a rifle. several magazines of ammunition, and he -- and a ballistics vest and according to some survivors he reportedly asked the victims to stand up and asked them their religion, and if they said they were christian he then shot some in the head. now, as these horrible details emerge so are many of the questions that we still don't have answers to, and the -- the biggest one, of course, is why,
8:52 am
campus and did he have any connection to this college that. we do not yet know. what we are learning about though are these incredible stories of survivors and heroics. one of them chris mintz was a student here. he's an army veteran and had served ten years. he just started college. he was shot multiple times according to friends and family. he is expected to survive. he apparently pleaded with gunmen saying it was his son's birthday so to please let him live and his aunt tells nbc news that he actually was cited for being a hero and protected others as he was being shot himself, risking his life to prevent others from being injured or killed. guys, i'll send it back to you. >> yet another case of the veteran of the united states military stepping up in a crisis and perhaps saving lives. natalie, thank you so much. this thebviously is a huge
8:53 am
it's the 31st mass shooting since columbine. that in 1999. this includes shootings with three or more victims. that's how we're defining it here, although there are many definitions of a mass shooting. this is the 142nd school shooting since the massacre at sandy hook elementally school in december 2012, from every town from gun safety and nbc news has counted four college campus shootings since the start of the 2015 school year. president obama stepped to the podium in the white house briefing room and was exasperated as he spoke. >> somehow this has become routine. the reporting is routine. my response here at this podium ends up being routine, the conversation and the aftermath of it. we've become numb to this.
8:54 am
have to come out again during my tenure as president to offer my condolences to families in these circumstances. but based on my experience as president i can't guarantee that. and that's terrible to say. >> going back to the campus, earlier this morning savannah spoke to two students in the classroom next door to the shooedings, cassandra welding and sarah cobb described what they heard yesterday. >> about half an hour, 40 minutes into class and i hear this loud noise and like cassandra i thought maybe it was a book or a table or something but it was kind of suspiciously loud so my parents always from a young age told me to be alert, be aware of your surroundings so at that point i was looking around, and i looked out window and i -- i saw two girls running from the building, and that's when i knew, it registered to me that was a gunshot so i told the teacher we've got to get out of here, got to get out of here now
8:55 am
and she was leaning over to the door that connects the two classrooms by the wall, and she asked is everyone okay, are you all right, and she almost reached to open the door which thank god she didn't pause that would have been the end right there. we all probably would have had the shooter in the classroom also. >> you know, you -- this is now almost becoming one of your biggest fears as a parent is, that you know, you -- you send your kids to school, whether it's elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and what happens if you start to see something like this. >> yeah. >> i mean, the thought of every parent in that community who has a child or knows somebody who worked at that school, you know, until they found out what happened to their loved one. frightening. >> doesn't matter where you live. can you can be living in you'll oregon or suburban chicago or chicago publicschools. >> one of the organiations that tracks these mass shoot some thngs called every town because
8:56 am
happen and to your point, al,n new town, 26 children and 6 staffers and aur was movie theater. the incident that happened in louisiana was at a movie theater so whether it's a child whose parent gives them a hug and sends them off to school or the teachers who managed to escape from the theater in louisiana on the last week of a break and thought we'll catch a funny film and barely made it out alive. it is what the president said both routine reaction of himself and our jobs as journalists as well. how do we have a provocative, important, fearless conversation about what to do next, and that is the complexity of it because already mike huckabee, who is running for president, has come out and said the president is using this and then we get back into that same dialogue. where are those voices, dare i
8:57 am
a heartfelt real and unafraid conversation. >> and what are the specific policy proposals out thereto that would actually work because oregon does have universal background checks. things in place to stop this. >> and it didn't work yesterday. >> obviously. natalie will be there and we'll continue to follow all of the latest development. something that hopefully and i think it will. i know will warm your heart today. you know, we love taylor swift. her talent is obviously at a next level, but her heart apparently matches that talent and beauty. taylor swift has donated $50,000 to her backup singer. his name is kim toshi davidson. his 13-month-old nephew is battling cancer and we're celebrating our cancer survivors today but baby aiden, his picture, the family actually started a gofundme account to help pay for medical treatment. talk about a parent's fear, not being able to afford the care your child needs to potentially save their life.
8:58 am
well, taylor donated and posted this message, baby aiden, i'm lucky enough to perform with your uncle toshi on tour and all of us are praying for you and your momma is sending so much love your way. love taylor. toshi wrote back, and said taylor swift is an angel and my family and i cannot thank her enough. she's an incredible human being, and i saw a little video of them on stage, just to know that obviously she has what people would assume is the perfect life. no life is psrfect but you make these assumptions about people and that she stops in the middle of everything that she's doing and she says this is not a backup dancer. this is my friend. >> right. >> and i want to help. >> and those are families out on those tours. >> have to be, have to be. >> spend so much time. >> good for taylor, and you know, what we're wishing the best to baby aiden as well. >> absolutely. this is kind of fun. the brooklyn mets had a rather unusual training session, they
8:59 am
a russian billionaire, and yeah -- >> happens to be. >> right. >> just happens to be a russian billionaire so look at the drills he's put them through. this is not something -- i mean, th, at's pretty impressive stuff. >> what does that do for you other than look funny on video. that's pretty good. >> he's a good basketball player, too. nice when you love basketball growing up and you get to a point where you can buy a team, that's ultimate basketball fan move. >> hands on, like jerry jones with my cowboys, like practically on the field. >> he's around. >> he's around a lot. >> jerry jones-esque. >> if you're an owner running drills and doing the drills with the team i would say you're pretty much hands on. >> we've been talking all week about joaquin, and it is still a category 4 storm. the good news is with ndch successive run of the models it's brought it further offshore and that's good news. right now still a category 4
9:00 am
storm and 130-mil er-hour winds. it's moving through the bahamas and now moving to the northwesterly direction and that's good news and keepi it away from the coast and so as it does we're still going to have effects for this. we're still going to be feeling the effects. winds very gusty winds along the coast. there's going to be coastal flooding. we're going to be watching this, and down in the southeast we've got this low pressure system. this could be historic catastrophic flooding in the southeast, especially in south carolina. the effects for this are going to be over the next several days, going to be really rough. we're talking upwards of 20 inches of rain on top of what's already fallen so it's going to be a mess. dylan dreyer is down there and will be heading and reporting over the weekend for this, and we've got flood alerts. 31 million people being affected by flash flood watches and warnings from washington all the way down to charles-to-. as that storm continues to
9:01 am
move up the coast, coastal flood warnings in effect right through tomorrow night probably into sunday morning. strong gusty winds. winds along the jersey coast of 50 miles per hour. 30 to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts later this afternoon. periods of rain, wind. it's chilly. we stay in the mid-50s. tomorrow the rain is lighter. still windy. sunday it dries out. a stray shower behind. monday, joaquin stays offshore. nice middle of next week. january, and that's your latest wetter. >> thanks, al. >> actress and new mom jessica biel steps up to talk about some taboo topics all to help women and girls.
9:02 am
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9:05 am
several yeature films and is team up with woman care global and other celebrities to help educate and em ower women with a little humor. >>n if you want me to take my birth control pill and like remind me to take it, don't make it pink, make it in the shape of a tiny crying baby. >> it's almost like the pills should have a siund like a greeting card like every time you open it it goes wah, wah, oh, my god, i'm going to literally like guzzle them. >> jessica biel is here along with the ceo of women care global. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> i love it when we kept the video going and it says don't guzzle your birth control pills. >> have to put a disclaimer on video. >> pretty much. >> it's a great group. doing such good work. ssica what, drew you to this and what was your specific interest? celebrities, you have to pick and choose the causee that you attach you elf to. wshat was it about this? >> this't was really personal for
9:06 am
me because a couple years ago when i was thinking about tarting a family and i started to, you know, realize, okay, now you have to get off birth control and what happens and how -- how exactly is it going to go and i just started to realize i had absolutely no idea, really, what my cycle looked like. i never knew, and i was embarrassed and i -- i didn't want to tell my friends. i didn't want to the tell my mom, and then i started talking to people and i realized nobody else knows, and it was this real awakening, this moment of oh, my gosh, we have a real kind of problem going on here. there's such a lack of education and such a huge amount of misinformation when it comes to these issues, you knoli women, reproductive health issues and it's just staggering what we haven't been taught. >> and we're not talking abut r fung places, talking about right hre in our schools in the united states. >> well, honestly.
9:07 am
there's a couple of shocking statistics. one of them, only 22 states even teach sex education and out of those 19 have to be medically accurate so when you think about why there ismisinformation, and a lack of information, you know, we're really hoping that we can be the curator, that we can be the organization that brings a lot of information and education to girls but not just girls. we want this to be about partner to par ner. that's right. cb we want this to be about parent to child and peer to peer and want to include men in the conversation. >> you're a new moem mom mother, us a pointed out. baby silas, justin has a few years before he needs to have the sex talk with silas. how is the little guy? >> he's wonderful. >> yeahqv he's -- he's just a. you know. he's -- it's an amazing, amazing experience, incredibly harvard, the hardest job in the world, nnd i -- i've never been more thankful and grateful to my own mother. >> isn't that true? >> oh, my gosh. >> thanks. >> i -- i'm going to call her
9:08 am
right after this actually and just thank her b ause what you have to do for your kid, it's -- it'snan amazing responsibility and the biggest joy ever. >> there's no question. i did the same thing st. mom, hi no idea. i took you for granted for 0 years, i'm so sorry for what i've put you through. are we getting justin up in the middle of the night to do bottles and diapers and all that sort of stuff? >> he is doing it all. >> he's in there. >> he's in there deep. >> see, that's a good example for what you guys are talking b.ladies, congratulations on the work you're doing an ontinued success. nice to see you both. >> thank you. >> if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who
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9:11 am
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9:12 am
>> i'm working on the furniture. don't worry. it takes six to eight weeks. the stars of "the hunger games" sat down with an interview, jennifer lawrence, will iiam hemsworth and josh hutchison p olayed a game of truth or dare and jennifer accepted a challenge to see how many marshmallows she could fit into her mouth. brace yourself. >> one, two, three, four, how is it going so far? >> fine. >> eight. >> here's two. >> okay. >> now can you do the mocking jay whistle. >> you're up to eight, two more.
9:13 am
there you go. >> after that she was asked to share her most disgusting habit, believe it or not, it wasn't that. her answer, she doesn't wash her hands after using the bathroom. are you kidding? jennifer, get on this show and explain that. okay. well, so she's honest. just don't shake her hand. if it seems will smith is getting jiggy again and he's got a new party song to prove it. smith releasing his first song in ten years, it's called fiesta and actually by a colombian group and he apparently liked the song so much and rapid on the remix version. could this be m rre music from the fresh prince in the future. we can only hope, can only hope and youtube start is at it again known for creating epic video tributes to his favorite artists covering superstars like beyonce and taylor swift and his latest a rihanna tribute.
9:14 am
and it's taking all the air, i love the smell of it changing with excitement >> holy moly, can't wait to see who he covers up next. my brother's nam coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day. when your cold is this bad... need new theraflu expressmax. theraflu expressmax combines... maximum strength medicines available without a prescription... fight your worst cold and flu symptoms... you can feel better fast and get back to the job at hand. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel for a complete eye renewing effect try new age perfect eye renewal from l'oreal. it renews eyes 5 ways. targets: puffiness crepiness under eye bags dark circles crow's feet
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new age perfect eye renewal from l'oreal skin expert paris. we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey' s is mine,
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thin> good morning. taking a live look at the grand central parkway by laguardia. 52 degrees at 9:27 on this friday, october 2nd. i'm kerry barrett. suffolk county officials are giving an update on what is being done to prepare for the coastal flooding, beach erosion. big concerns throughout the weekend. some residents started leaving fire island yesterday. others decided if they needed to pull their boats out of the
9:17 am
taking a quick check of the weather. today of course rainy, windy, chilly. 55 is is the high. tonight wind swept rain 49 depress. light rain and wind with a high of 56. and the rain continues pretty much through monday. coming up on the "today" show, jeff daniels talking about his
9:18 am
taking a look at headlines, another big data breach to tell you about. hackers have stolen personal information belonging to 15 million t-mobil customers including social security numbers, home addresses and birth dates. the hackers got the information from credit reporting agency experion which t-mobil uses to check the credit of consumers looking for phone plans. there's no evidence that the data has been used inappropriately.
9:19 am
aimed to protect consupersummers are set to take place tomorrow. the u.s. government will require now disclosure documents be given to applicants in order to help consumers better understand their mortgages before they sign on the dotted line. they are simpler and shorter and make it easier to compare multiple loan offers. and you made your flight in the nick of time, but did your luggage neighboring it on board? now american airlines can track their checked bags in realtime by going to american's website and typing in bad claim information. u.s. airways and delta airlines also offered this service. checked bags are scanned four times at passenger check-in when loaded on the plane and when unloaded from the plane and at baggage claim. a recall of cribs sold at target and and at baby stores nationwide is being expanded. 12,000 da vinci brand cribs were recalled in july because of mattress support brackets breaking and detaching. now another 6,000 crips have been added to thatly.
9:20 am
model named jamie, jenny lynn and emily sold from may of 2012 to decemb of 2013. of course, for more information you can go to the company's website da andif you've ever wnted to live like mr. spock or captain kirk and travel at wash speed to texas where a mansionon designed with a "star trek" theme is on the market, $1.2 million, by the way, will get you a media room that looks like the bridge of a starship terprise and also has spaceship-inspired bunk beds and futuristic bathroom for when you want to go boldly i guess where people go every day. let's get a check of the weather with mr. roker. >> even you were embarrassed by that one. i like that. >> all righty, hey. weekend planner, it's going to be a mess. have anything planned outdoors, mid-atlantic states into the southeast you're going to have problems because it's going to be windy and wet and it's going to be a mess. as you get your way into the midwest, beautiful weather and back through the plains and on
9:21 am
wet as well, and then as we move into sunday coastal flooding again going to be a problem and strong winds. beach erosion and just at mess up and down the east coast with rip current going to be a problem. more rains, plains, back moot southwest. sunshine in the pacific northwest. that's what's going on windy, nasty, raw chilly day out there. temperatures no better than the 50s. close to 50-mile-per-hour on the jersey coast by the end of the day. the rain will get heavy wrer in the first half of tonight. tomorrow, just a lighter rain left over. plenty of clouds. breezy and windy. highs mid-50s. low 60s by sunday. could be a leftover shower. 67 monday. joaquin stays offshore. mild 70s middle of next week. >> and that's your latest wetter. >> all righty. >> it's our favorite time of the
9:22 am
going to show you how to get your tailgate on by throwing the best party in the lot with the help of amy panos, "better mes and gardens" and a saints fan who is going to be crying on sunday. good to see you, amy. >> turn around. >> well. >> i've got brees here, he's hurt. >> you kno >> tailgating, all about the snacks, best part, right? coolers, think multiple coolers. >> okay. >> you want one more cold food, and look at this, handy dandy little velcroed on baggy for all the utensils. >> love that. >> and another cooler for hot food, just line it with tin foil and take up the extra space with dish towels and that will keep it insulated. >> are you assuming we have the suv? >> or do the small version. >> and then, of course, a drink cooler. >> love it. >> and you can just freeze little water bottles to act as ice. >> perfect. >> crab a couple of jumbo muffin
9:23 am
tins out of your kitchen and really smart for condiments and lined them with the pipeliner, done with the tailgate. throw them away and you're not throwing away a mess and it also makes a perfect container, fits a red solo cup and what's going on with our beer. >> clean tube socks. >> what is it do? >> keeps your beer cold and hands off, i've got the blue one. >> and al. >> the ultimate sandwich. >> indeed. this is the ultimate sandwich. you take a big low of of bread, slice it all the way through almost to the bottom and stuff every other opening with the stuff and your tailgaters can grab and go. >> only transporting one sandwich. >> mexican dip. >> these are individual ones. would you like to learn how to make the perfect layers.
9:24 am
>> start piping the sour cream in the middle and swirl it ou. >> perfect. >> and where do we get the rest of the cheese. >> there are the pretty ones that are done. >> and then football brown less. >> thrill football shaped cookie cutters and make cute football-sped brownies. >> catch. >> nice. >> nailed it. >> well done. >> and there you go. didn't let that one fall. >> this is chalkboard paper. just made a little gridiron here with chalk. >> love it. >> we're all family. >> shall we see who is the best quarterback at this tail backparty. >> i think it's erica hill. >> i should throw the football because my aim is probably wor. >> a couple dollars each and decorated them with crepe paper. >> she's going to go to the smaller hoop, go one smaller.
9:25 am
>> and hold it far away from your body, right. >> nice. >> one more. >> this is the ultimate challenge. >> the small hoop. do it. >> very nice. >> impressive >> there we o. >>kee >>py tat >> don this is an aming sandwich. isn't that smart? >> and these brownies are ridiculous. nicely done, amy. >> thanks, guy. >> don't miss all the action this sunday night, "football night in america." when the cowboys take on the saints. coverage begins at 7:00 eastern. up next. >> don't go anywhere because there's more food, if you can believe it. al has -- one of the best chicken dinners that you will ever eat. what was it? chicken, chicken. >> winner winner moms know their family's mouths often need a helping hand. after brushing, listerine total care helps prevent cavities, strengthens teeth and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine
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9:29 am
r is right for you. go to to learn if you may be eligible to receive tanzeum free for 12 months. make every week a tanzeum week. so our theme this week food winner winner chicken dinner and this fits the ball. salty skin chicken inspired by the late jeune julie rogers from the san francisco cafe and everyone i've gifd this recipe to has raved about it, part of their go to. >> really. >> you need a little time and plan ahead a little bit, simplicity unto itself. talking about a whole chicken, three or four pound chicken, whatever herbs you like, onon ion, salt and pep per and olive oil.
9:30 am
take sea salt, kosher salt, whatevyou wan and put at bunch of it in a bowl and take whatever herbs yo like, rosemarie, thyme, sage, what is that, oregano, organize, and then you're going to takea bunch of it and cho it up, just chop, chop, chop, chop, chop. in the judy rogers recipe, if you want todo this, you can. you work ur fingers underneath the skin and puthe herbs underneath the skin or you can just chop it all up and put the herbs into the salt. now what you're going to do is you're basically going to rub this all over, and i know it looks like a lot but here's what's going to happen. >> looks delicious. >> put a little in the cavity there. you'll take this and put it on a plate and you'll put it on top of that. you'll put this it your refrigerator loosy covered like this for one to tw days. >> oh, really. >> it can stay in your fridge like that. the salt isabsorbed in and eventually pushed out and it tenderizes the meat.
9:31 am
>> wow? this is what you're going to have and the other thing to do do this on the stove top or do it in the oven. i like to do it on the stove top. i like to take a cast iron skillet skillet, ta that out and put that over here. you take your chicken and you're going to put it the in that real hot pan bst size up and hear that sizele and then yore going to take it and put it back insde and put it in for 30 minute, breast side up. now what you' going to do leave that in there 30 minutes breast side up, tke it out, put it the breast side down 20 minutes and then after that ten more minutes breast side up s the skin crisps. >> about an hour. >> breast side down, up. >> and this is what yound up with. >> ooh, this is so delicious. >> d what you'lldo is you'll let is rest and while it's resting, okay, you take the chicken out of the oven. you're going to cut up -- while
9:32 am
this is cooking you'll cut up a couple of onions and put them in the fat and can you see all that great brown bits at the bottom. put that in, okay, put this back in often, check it a couple of times, if it gets dry you add a little water or broth or whatever and you get carmelized onion and the crispy skin chicken and it's moist and tender from the white meat to the dark meat, i love this recipe. >> this chicken is delicious. >> as advertised, as good as i've had. everyone should have a good roast chicken in their repertoire, judy roger, god rest her soul, left a legacy that will last forever. >> want this recipe and more chicken ideas go to and click the dinner tab. coming up next, a 10-year-old comedian who broke the internet with her hilarious comedy act and she will the way i see it,
9:33 am
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discover perfect cell renewal from l'oreal. editexfoliating lha. skin renewal is accelerated. new cells rise to the surface, faster than before. my skin is more radiant, refreshed. l'oreal age perfect cell renewal. i like me age. and i like my skin now, too. l'oreal skin expert paris. we're worth it. we're wrappings up what's been a wild wow me weeked with the edgy stand-up comedian who is hilarious act has gone viral. >> and we mean edgy, but did we also mention that she's only 10 years old. welcome the new face of comedy super stardom saffron herndon. good morning. >> good morning. >> you were born for comedy. your name saffron was taken from a british comedy "ab fab. wi the "you.
9:37 am
>> my dad knew i would be a comedian the day that i first learned how to use a toilet, with my diaper over my head with a helmet. >> so you do physical -- >> you do physical comedy. >> i can. >> who is your favorite, who -- who makes you laug >> phyllis diller. >> phyllis diller, old school. >> you're melting our hats. >> brought in a live audience. >> all paid the two-drink minimum which is fantastic. >> there's an open bar? >> we're told that you had to tone down your act because it can get a little raisy. >> yes. >> yeah. >> we only have three jokes that we could actually tell. >> on tv. >> that's incredible. >> well, you're from texas, that's why i've got the dallas cowboys gong on. >> what did you love about seth rogen? >> oh, yeah, i met him and i cried a little. just a little. i got star truck. i get star stru easily. >> katherine herndon. >> front row. >> oh, yeah. >> okay.
9:38 am
three, two, one. okay. so i saw this show call "the flintstones" on tv, most of you guys out here look like y watched it. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> and you guys watch this it probably just called the news. so i gaut a glimpse of my dad's yearbook. why in the '80 did you perm everything? don't know what to do with my bangs, perm t.billy ray, that's a sweet mullet but be even sweeter if you perm it. and hey, look, i have all these ceramic pets, let's grow grass on their heads and perm it. cha-cha-chia. i wait my mom tries to talk to me about dying, when i die i want to be cream aid, i wash my ashes spread over the golden gate bridge. i'm 10 years old and i want ice cream. how do you handle that thing?
9:39 am
just bought her an ashtray. but i do think when it does come time, hopefully it wll help lift up her rits. ever notice how dogs are always like hey friend and cats are being like i don't like youand parents be like let's make saffra superstar and send her here to california on your dime. >> wow. >> help me. >> thank you. >> that's -- that's all my clean jokes. >> savon herndon. >> saffron herndon. >> last comic standing right here. >> you get a good start. >> will you be able to live with your parent after those jokes about them. >> they are okay with it. >> you want to see more of
9:40 am
saffron go on youtube, it gets much edgier than what you saw here. >> you're a superstar. thanks for coming in. >> seth rogen should have been crying because he met you. >> back in a molt.
9:41 am
. ds to everybody. >> tamron wants to get her t-shirt. she says i have a website. >> got to make money somehow. >> supporting her family. >> exactly. >> a lot of people to take care of. >> what's coming this up weekend? >> you know about the movie "the martian" and natalie sat down with matt damon. and i just came back from california where i sat down with andy weir who wrote the book "the martian" that the book is based on. he's a very funny guy. we talked to him a little bit about why he has a fascination with mars, what the response has been and it turns out, by the way, given up on being a writer, computer programmer, never going
9:42 am
to work out and then he started writing the book and a fascinating story about how it ended up getting published and within four days of that book deal he got the movie deal. >> got to see that movie. >> it's great. >> the book is fantastic, highly recommend the book and the movie is really -- stays pretty closely to the story. >> wow, can't wait. >> dylan is going to be in south carolina for all the flooding. >> she will be covering that for us. she's there and this morning she's in north carolina. >> kill devil hills. >> and now driving with her crew because this could be historically dangerous flooding. >> everybody needs to be careful of that. >> speaking of "the martian" one of its stars emmy winner jeff daniels will be joining kathie lee and hoda. >> after your local news and
9:43 am
>> bravo, saffron, you [instrumental music playing] windows are the eyes into the soul of the home. ugly soul. go to blinds to go with the largest selection of blinds and shades custom sized and guaranteed for life. they're a designer's best friend. trust me, they make window decorating easy. back to school? how about...back to blinds! during blinds to go's early fall savings sale, save 20 to 30% on all the season's latest looks in cellular shades and cascade double shades. that'll really make you look smart. blinds to go.
9:44 am
a live look at the brooklyn bridge. 52 degrees at 9:357 on this rainy, october 2nd. strong winds of course whipping the jersey shore ahead of the
9:45 am
coastal storm that's headed our way. dunes built along the beaches earlier in the week. governor christie has declared a state of emergency. he is urging residents to prepare and not to panic. the approaching storm is expect totd bring strong winds. gusts could reach 50 miles per hour. today rainy, windy, chilly, 55 for the high. tomorrow, light rain. very windy. 56. leftover shower. 62 the high. monday, finally the sun begins to creep back in. 67 degrees. tuesday, mostly sunny with a high of 71. can coming up on the "today" show where kathie lee and hoda, the story of one breast cancer survivor beating the odds and help other women fight the
9:46 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody, it is friday october 2nd, and jenna bush hagar is in for kathie lee. and you have had a little baby since we were last with you.
9:47 am
that our thoughts and prayers are with all of the people of oregon with the shooting that happened midafternoon when we were all home, and had a lot of people heart broken and shaking their heads and wanting answers, and more will come out, but we wanted everybody to know at umpqua community college that we are thinking of them and praying for them. >> i have to say that having a new bay by puts it in perspective, because i was feeding her yesterday, and you hear this news, and you look down at your precious, innocent child, and you think, when is this, politics aside, when is enough enough? >> when is enough enough? >> so that you can send your child off to college without being scared -- >> or elementary school or anywhere. and speak ingaling of your adorable baby we missed you so much, and so glad that you are back and tell us about this the little one.
9:48 am
>> and her name is poppy louis. >> and the name is perfect. and look at mee la. >> well, she is loving being a big sister. >> what happened on day one? >> well, that i me like first day of represchool, and that is the first day that she came to the hospital, and we let mee la pick her out of the nursery and any one of these is yours, but that is her. and we let her pick her out, and she is totally crazy about her, and every morn g ing she sys, mmy, wre is poppy, and she has little routine and she likes to sing her lull labies to poppy when she sleeps and as anybody knows who has a newborn, they
9:49 am
>> hmm, hi, munchkin. >> i can't stand it. >> can you think of the tune? carry me home >> in the photographs, mela is looking at poppy. >> yes, and she is craze y about her, and she is singing the songs to her, and she is gaga about her, and it is great, because you never know, and everybody knows that i am hormonal, and -- >> she is crying. >> i will cry at the drop at the hat, and it feels really complete, and we are happy. >> we are happen y for yo family and i want to give you a present. it is breast cancer awareness month as we we all know. this is the breast cancer
9:50 am
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