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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  October 2, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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more likely off the j [sey shyoore, to see moderate property damage in the warning area, through the high tide cycle. we'll go through those high tide cycles for you, the next one that's coming up, and talk about when the forecast is going to back to you. >> janice, you'r talking about the jersey shore. and in new jersey, high surf and heavy rain are already battering the coast. governor christie says the threat has been dialed back a little bit, but he says residents still have to be ready for some serious flooding there. news 4's brian thompson i n bradley beach tonight. how's it looking now? >> reporter: it is cold, it is rainy, it is windy, and i'm etty miserable out here right now. but i've got to tell you, i've gotten a wind measurement here, with gusts up to 32 1/2 miles an hour. i'm standing on the boardwalk here in bradley beach. we had the surf earlier today, we still will. they are worried all the way through tomorrow. angry waves crash into thore
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work crews have to truck in # 300 loads of sand, in which is a sea. >> our biggest concern is that the waves will be high enough flood the streets. >> reporter: locals are skeptical that it will work. >> it's still very minimal, at least. but you can't stop these nor'easters. it's just -- it may last an hour, these dunes. >> reporter: and in fact, the most exposed buildings were perilously close to the surf. ordly beach is one bf several towns waiting for an army corps of engineer rebuilding project post sandy, but leaders are having trouble etting easements from property owners. >> what would you say to someone o won't sign the easement right now? >> crazy.e>> reporter: so this plugging of holes in the method of protection will continue until easements here are finalized.
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i asked mayor kehler here. >> if i had answers to that, i woul d be carried on people's shoulders like a god. >> reporter: there are a lot of mayors that woulald like to be carried on shoulders, but it's not going to happen. not as long as the army corps of engineers is still stalled and trying to get those easements. here in bradley beach, that's not the issue, but they did have to build teeir berms, over the last couple of days, which they were active in doing, to protect the south end of bradley. as you can see behind me, it is still holding. but as we say, they still have a good 24 hours and at least another couple of high tides to worry about. live in bradley beach, brian thompson, news 4 new york. so true. brian, thank you. now t long island, where suspended in l s than half an storm. news 4's greg cergol is in bayshore and continues our live team coverage. >> reporter: well, sibila, suffolk county executives ordered the ferry shutdown as a safety precaution in the wake of
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this nasty weather. we actually drove on to fire island today, with the county executive, who took a tour of the barrier island, which he says is at its most vulnerable state in decades. bay water rising over the docks resulted in flooded streets here in ocean beach. >> the water's coming up fast with high tide. >> reporter: for fire island residents like terry hamlin, it's been a trying week. first talk of approaching hurricane joaquin, and now a coastal storm with driving rain, surge. >> it's been crazy, but this has happened before to us, and you know, like -- it floods a lot. you know, everybody's been getting ready. >> reporter: courtney colletti is among those getting ready. she returned to her fire island home to try to safeguard it against the bad weather. >> we did as much as we can do. now we just go back to the mainland and pray that everything is fine. >> folks on the mainland are
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high tides have brought street flooding to south shoree communities like babylon, leaving homeowners hoping they, too, can avoid any major damage. >> i didn't expect it. i didn't expect it. i just pray that when i leave in a couple of hours, it comes back down again so i don't have to worry about my car. since sandy happened, we haven't seen this kind of flooding. >> reporter: now a lot of the flooding and erosion concerns ton fire island are the result of damage done by sandy that has yet to be prepared. when we see you again at 6:00, we'll s ke you to fire island's new achilles heel. for now we'ren baho,g y cergol, news 4 new york. >>llright, greg,athank you. hurricane joaquin may not be threatening the u.s. with a direct h , but things are only going to get worse in the bahamas. the category 3 storm is still churning over the islands as janice told us a few minutes o. and for americans who were looking to soak up some sun, s has run out there to get out.
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reporter: f theor visitors who wanted to leave nassau, there is now no way out. the airport shut down a few hours ago. officials worrie the high winds would make it too dangerous to fl gunding all flights in and out of the airport until at least tomorrow morning. canceled across the ard. hundreds of travelers are seeing d tonigh finding out they're stuck. it may take a while to get their lu e up in tho air and out of the bahama that includes the johnson family fr virginia. >> we'reig rying ind a hotel, so we can book down f the nit and book the first flight to our destition in the morning. >> reporter: many of the beaches over the past now hours. their furniture picked up, the windows boarded up. while officials focus on the eye of the storm from this disaster center. >> we just don't know, hour by hour, the storm seems to be changing. >> reporter: the waves are growing. and the wind gusts are getting stronger in nassau.
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security that everything is okay. >> reporter: but it's the smaller islands in the central and southern bahamas that are getting battered right now by winds of up to 130 miles per hour. and also dangerous floods. a viewer sent me this video from long island, one of the worst-hit areas. you can see the high waters engulfing homes and making streets nearly impasse pnl >> it's lingered over those islands, just torrential rain. so we know that flooding is a major problem. >> and because the southern islands are so difficult to get to right now, t u.s. coast guard has agreed to send down helicopters to help they can out the damage. i'm dan krauth in nassau, back to you. >> and reer, you can stay one step ahead of any sere weather with the nbc 4ew york app. alerts are sent straight to your smart smartphone. takes just a second to sign up. go to and click on the tab that says get severe alerts at the top of the screen. new information tonight on
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that campus massacre in oregon. the killer felt the world was against it. and we've learned that 26-year-old christopher harper mercer had six gun with him when he stormed umpqua community college where he murdered nine innocent people. jonathan dienst joins us with more details. >> reporter: relatives say the spect d a history of mental illns and officials say in recent years, he had an access t to a total of 14 guns. they also say he left behind angry messages be his sh cting rampage. chris harper ercer is described as a mentally ill troubled man who is angry at organized religion and left behind an angry note that he would be welcomed in hell and embraced by the devil. witnesses say he was shooting, he asked victims what religion they were. >> if they were christian, they were shot in the head. but if they stated "other" or didn't answer, they werehot in the leg. and all my brother was focused , was, please don't kill me, i have a family. >> invtigators now say he came med k,th sixs to the
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community college, lots of ammo, and a flak jacket. seven more weapon and a 14th gun, he recently turned to a dealer. all guns believed purchased legally. >> some were purchased by the shooter, some were not purchased by the shooter. >> reporter: investitors say there'stilno mothye picked t colgepus as a target, but they say he remarked up past shootings, like the public killing of two journalists in virginia and he allege drink voiced sport for groups ranging from nazis to ira mercer was killed in a shoot-out with police. among the campus victims, chris mint a military veteran who was shot five times after trying to stop the shooter. he's expected to survive. this small community grieving, a candlelight vigil held last night. numerous victims remain hospitalized. two of them in critical condition from gunshot wounds. the medical examiner, meanwhile, expected to soon release the names ofhe nine people killed. chuck, back to you. >> jonathan, thank you.
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afternoon about the massacre in oregon. once again say g there needs to be more than just talk about stricter gun laws. >> the only thing we can do is make sure that they can't have an entire arsenal when something snaps in them. >> coming up, a look back at what's been proposed, what's failed, and what is next for gun ntrol in america. plus, how the epa may have ssed a chaece to catch volkswagen's illegal software designed to cheat on emissions standards. and then surrounded by awater, at 5:30, we're taking you back down to the jersey shore, where the atlantic has gone from the beach right into the
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all right. now there are flood advisories, watches, or warnings in pretty much every county in the tristate along the water and this is the reason why. a powerful coastal storm pounding shorelines from the carolinas up to boston and it's expected to get worse before it gets better. there's reason to panic, though. storm team 4 has what you need to know in just minutes. are there additional actions that we can take that might prevent even a handful of these tric deaths from taking place? >> and that was president obama at a news conference just a little while ago. he was again demanding change after nine people were killed on a college campus in oregon. nbc's steve handelsman is in washington with more of the president's comments and where we stand as a nation on the issue of gun contro ste? >> reporter: thanks, chuck. well, we stand divided. president obama for a second day in a row pleaded on tougher
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restrictions for gun buying. he said all he can do now is talk more about it. but statisticians see ironically what they call the obama effect. more firearms now in america. handgun sales exploded as prent obama took office. and since 2008, he's failed to reduce gun sales or shootings. at least 41 in schools just this year. he watched the latest last night. at gun shows, 5,000 every year, background checks are still not required by federal law. >> so the main thing i'm going to do is i'm going to talk about this, on a regular basis. and i will politicize it, because our inaction is a political decision that we are making. >> reporter: despite visiting at least seven mass shooting sites -- >> charlotte, daniel -- >> reporter: the president h not gotten tougher gun laws passed. activists blame gun lobby pressure and ask members of congress --
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sold without i.d.s or background checks across this country. >> reporter: lax gun laws invite mass killings, blamed a democratic senator. >> and those whose minds are beginning to come unhinged think aty've been given endorsements to proceed to this mass slaughter. >> reporter: opponents of any gun restrictions say more students armed yesterday would have helped. >> having people able to protect themselves with a gun is the answer. >> reporter: aside from mass shootings, dozens of americans die every day from gun violence. this 5-month-old girl yesterday in cleveland, bringing the police chief to tears. >> you know what's happened. what are we going to do? what are we going to do? >> reporter: a question that could be aimed at washington. but there's no sign at all, it appears, that a majority of lawmakers is willing to change any federal gun laws. live from the hill, steve handelsman, news 4 new york. and coming up tonight on
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news 4 at 6:00, we'll dig deeper into the issue of gun control with a look at where our local leaders stand, including governor cuomo who just today called for a government shutdown if something isn't done. and tonight at 6:30, lester holt will be reporting from oregon, where he's been speakin with survivors. police are looking for a man who wanted in an attack at a midway substation. he allegedly punched and kicked a 37-year-old man in the face him. this happened thursday night at 50th and broadway. the victim was treated at the hospital and released. rock legend and new york native jon bon jovi is honoring a 16-year-old who died at a football game. bon jovi put a sticker on his guitar displaying murmury ray murray's number 18 at a concert last night.
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they may have catched volkswagen cheating on emissions test if they had used technology that the epa helped to develop. according to the app, they used that technology primarily on trucks, because they tended to be bigger polluters, but because of that test on trucks, vw's cheating went undetected until now. u.s. officials have simply relied on automakers to tell the truth. take a look at this. a guy on a motorcycle was in a hurry to get away from deputies and sheriff in florida, but not too busy to send a text. this is video from the martin county sheriff's department helicopter, and you can see the biker driving erratically, at one point, you see both of his hands leave the handle bar so we can send a text. the helicopter pilot was able to finally force that motorcyclist off the interstate and he was arrested. >> seen some pretty crazy things this week. this has got to be one of the craziest. >> yeah. he wasn't making good decisions all the way along there, i would say. >> he's texting while he's trying to escape?
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that's a new one. >> on a motorcycle, using no hands -- >> haven't seen that one. >> so we escaped is hurricane joaquin. >> yes, with e did. yes, we did. joaquin just doing extreme damage over the bahamas, unfortunately. it's still there, it's starting to pull away, but it's going to be so far offshore from our area, we're not going to see direct impacts at all. it may not hit the east coast, but we may see some big surf from it once it gets close. right now, we're dealing with this coastal storm that's developing over the carolinas. and the farther south you go along our shoreline, the highest the impact you will see. that's mainly the jersey shore, especially ocean and monmouth counties and even farther to the south, of course, closer to that storm. so the heaviest ra, t highest winds, the highest waves, 10 to 16 feet. and the most intense floodi. and we're talkingbout moderate coastal flooding for the jersey shore. they've been pounded all day long. our reporters were out there, holding up as best as they can in the wind and rain and pounding surf. so residents here have been getting prepared for that, most of the time.
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across most of the area, you're across most of the area, you're not going to see very much. in and around the city, some moderate flooding in some of the back bay areas. still some gusty winds, though, north and west. the lowest impact, you've seen that today with the lowest amount of wind, but very chilly temperatures. and across long island, moderate impact there with generally minor coastal flooding, you're talking. wind sts, ough, up around 45 miles an hour for you. and all coastal areas, being concerned. and of course, at t time of high tide is when you're going up. and it's because of that constant fetch off the ocean, the east-northeast wind. so, 12:26 a.m. for seaside heights. and you'll see some of the worst flooding in that general area, but a little bit less. minorflooding, bergen point, stamford, and the high tide cycle that's coming up. rainfall, more than an inch today across mos of long island. the city with about a half inch, 1.13 at jfk. roewery, belmar coming in with over an inch of rain,
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rainfall amounts, of course, were a lot lighter. less than a quarter of an inch in most locations. and we expected that. but the winds have been strong. these are the peak gusts today. some have been higher, but jfk seeing a gust near 40 miles an hour. and other coastal sections may see some gusts up to 50. and the temperature, speaking of 50s, these were early this morning. right now, it's right around 50 degrees. but around midnight, it was the warmest time of the day -- this day. stormy for the weekend, especially on saturday. it does taper off on sunday. joaquin, out to sea. from us. no direct impacts here at all. it's this storm that's developing now that's bringing all that onshore flow in and the strong, gusty winds. you can see it's raining. it's been raining in and around the city and the tristate area for most of the day. it's light rain, except along the coast. this continues through tonight, through most of the day tomorrow, starts to taper off morrow night, and then sl but re, it gets better. sun's going to start to peak out and the temperatures will warm
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up next week. anotheupdate in about ten minutes. back to you. >> all right, janice. a major car recall for problem that could raise your risk of crashing. what you need to know, coming up. it is a good time to be a new york fan. whether it's the yanesr the mets, but what are the chances of a subway series. we'll break it down, next. and coming up at 6:00, an emotional outcry. >> gun violence isn't a statistic. it's about real peop milies real >> members othe san hook unk eat after the shooting i oregon. now news 4 investigates what local politicians are doing to bring real change. join chuck scarborough and
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and ty've done it. >> the bronx bombers have done it. clinching a spot in the post-season with a win over the red sox last night. and that means that both of new york's hometown baseball teams are in the playoffs for the first time in nearly a decade. >> so exciting! john chandler's joining us now
5:23 pm
with more. can we get our hopes up for a mets/yankees world series? >> it is fun to think about. mayor de blasio tweeted that. but that hasn't happened since 2000 and a lot has to happen to get to that point. the mets' road will be tough through the national league, and the yankees still have to win tuesday's wildshowdown. but as we've learned this year, writing offitherf these teams just isn'that smart. subway series, anyone? it's hard not to think about that whi watching this. the yankees bathed in bubbly thursday night. >> nobod bieved in us. we'rere popping champagne and they picked us last. so to be here feels good. >> i know this year was different. this is probably the first year since i've been here in '04 that we were underdogs. >> reporter: wait, wait, that "nobody believed in us stuff" is straight out of the mets' playbook. but this time the mets' october
5:24 pm
the amazingins won the nl east for the first time since 2006, the last time both the mets and yankees were in the post-season. >> to be able to celebrate again with this organization and this team, i've said it from day one, i bleed orange and blue. i truly mean that and i can't be more proud of this team and this organization, the city of new york, and the new york meth ork ew york met fans for sure. >> reporter: right now the mets may be the more talked about team. mets divisional series teams will run you over $150 for nosebleed nosebleeds. but alex rodriguez isn't going to sweat out the yankees got in. for the first time in two years, they're back. >> darned right we're going to celebrate. we've worked really hard for eight months. to put us in a position to win a world championship. and we're here now and it's start for step one. >> amazingly, people would question why to pop champagne for a wild card, but the world series last year, two wild card teams. the yankees still don't know who they're going to play in tuesday's wild card game. while the mets open up their post-season likely against the franchise that used to reside here in new york, the dodgers.
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and l.a.'s a tough matchup right out of the gates for t amazin's. both the mets and yankees not playing the tonight. rain has washed out their games, so they'll play doubleheaders tomorrow. it's fun to think about and the most important thing, we've got october baseball, post-season baseball for both these teams. >> never know, it might happen. >> you never know. you can't count these teams out. shiba's here now with a look at what's coming up next at 5:30. >> yeah, fantastic news. so we are going to take you farther south along the jersey shore, getting a one-two punch today. and this rainy, windy weather continues through the weekend. we'll tell you how people are preparing. plus this. a man was killed trying to escape a malfunctioning elevator in this luxury apartment building, but could it have been prevented? i'm sheldon dutes in
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