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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  October 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and then ahings start to taper move. we've seen steady rainfall, and in some cases, heavy rainfall throughout the day in the ltrinstate area. parts of long island have seen more than an inch of raon. and another 1 to 2 inches possible at the jersey she, where you' see the highest impacts between now and sunday. thghe moderate coastal flooding ag expected there, it's minor when you go farthca to the north, from the city across areas north and west.cstill rainy and windy and chilly, but even long island and rough the back bays in the long island sound, minor impact for you. it 's mainly the jersey shore that will see the worst to have the flooding. moderate flooding during the times of high tide, between dnight andi4:00 a.m. pr seaside heights, one of those spots, and parts of ocean and monmouth counties. so it's a stormy start to our weekend, of course, with wind, rain, and coastal flooding, but it gets better by sunday. and joaquin goes out to sea. i'll have the latest on joaquin coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. >> and as janice just said, the jersey shore is expected to see
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the strongest impacts from the coastal storm system. it's already caused flooding and the rain and wind are coming down furiously right now. news 4's brian thompson is at bradley beach, braving the wind and rain for us. brian, how you doing out there? >> reporter: don't ask, please. you can tell the rain is just about coming down horizontal. e wind is blowing so hard out here, but everyone is keeping eir eyhs on the dunes. here and in many other communities, they putnkhem up, they survived through the high tiround midday today, around noontime. the next high tide will .e a little bit, probably after midnight along this part of the she, and all along the jersey shore. streets in point pleasant beach underwater at high tide. a water rescue in tuckerton at the south end of ocean county. even union beach on raritan bay, threatened by this coastal storm, struggling to hold back the seas, reminding some of sandy three years ago. >> nobody's taking it for granted. last time, everybody took it for granted.
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>> reporter: up and down the shore, t oceanlexed its stortossed muscles. this is the steel wall built and coivered by sand last year and brk, totally exposed now. ortlbeach was plugging a serted stretch of land. a boataptain brought his family from philly to poise pleasant bch and can't imagine being out on the water. >> no one ought to be out on thosewaves, not even commercial fisherman. ey're all docked. >> reporter: winds are ripping along the shore as well, tearing ofmuch of the gutter on this brick home. and enough of a threat to per lines that jcp&l is bringing in 800 outsi personnel. >> those folks are ready to go. they're going to complement the 1300 employees that jersey ntral currently has, as well as about 200 forestry contract. >> reporter: bay head has rock wall under its sand, but curious
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how it fared, even if their only rain protection was a homemade raincoat. >> it's a makeshift garbage bag raincoat. i y.dn't have a real raincoat and i wanted to come and s the ocean, so i took two garbage bags and i look like lild ttle red riding hood with shoulder pads. >> reporter: i don't think those bags were helping that much. this coat isn't helping that much. an umbrella wouldn't help that much. this is nasty bitter weather to begin the fall or winter, whatever ou want to call it. if it's not a nor'easter, it's one heck of a coastal storm we're going through right now. and we will seeutn the high tide ound midnight, the high tide around noon tomorrow exactly how much o an impact it will have. live in bradley beach, i'm brian thompson, news 4 new york. >> brian, take heart. you've ot got about 24 more hours out there. >> reporter: thanks. >> w okay, brian. tonight, governor christie isn't holding back when it comes to jersey shore property owners who are blocking a plano build protective s dunes.
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thos dunes in the area harde hit by superstorm sandy to protect the homes there. but several hundred property owners, including many in margate are fighting the state's dune plan in federal court. >> i'll say again quite candidly to towns like margate, you know, you are amongst the most sel people in the state of new jersey. but you're just costing the state taxpayers money and you're costing your fellow citizens potentially, if we have another bad storm, their property and their wives. margate's mayor defended the pposiaion to the dune project, saying the city -- his city has a bulkhead system, which he sayt is better than dunes. residents and other cities say ey're defending their private property rights by refusing to sign those easements. o long island, the,fire island ferry is suspended dpe to the storm. but craig cergol is out there to see how people are planning to make it through.
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>> reporter: the fire island ferries were shut down for the night about a half an hour ago and won't pick up again until tomorrow. it's really been quite a wk of anxiety fofire island residents as we found out today when we toured the island. even with a coastal storm pelting the shore and bay water flooding the streets, ocean beach's mayor was breathing a sigh of relief at news that joaquin no longer seems to be a threat to fire island. >> every time we get a report of a hurricane, it's absolutely pe >>trifying for us. >> reporter: the mayor's ongoing anxiety stems from this. an emptyfspace on fire island's shore where a protective dune stood until sandy. the dune line here once stood 18 feet high, but it was completely wiped away by sandy, leaving fire island's communities completely vulnerable to the atlantic. >> without that dune line there, that ocean comes straight through.
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executives toured fire island a today striking home the point that the absence of the dune makes the island more vulnerable than it's been in decades. >> we just went down to the beach and couldn't believe the beach was gone. >> reporter: what resident courtney colletti saw today won't get any better, officials say, until that dune is rebuilt. >> restore that dune line so that island can fulfill its role as a barrier beach. >> reporter: officls today called on the army corps of engineers to expedite work on the dune. the project is expected to begin in a few weeks. nearly three years after sandy and two late for homeowners worried about the storm. >> the water level is coming like crazy, so it's a scary time out here. >> reporter: ironically, the dune restoration project has been held uphin part because of concerns of fire island property owners who worry they may lose some of their property to this project. again, though, it's expected to begin, the work is expected to begin later this month.
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we're in bay shore tonight, greg >> greg, thank you. and we want you to know that you can get severe weather alerts mobile device with our nbc 4 new york app. it takes a second to sign up. go to nbc 4 new and click on the tab that says "get severe storm alerts" at the top of the screen. we're learning more tonight about the man who killed nine people at an oregon community college yesterday. christopher harper mercer's former neighbors describe him as people. we also know the 26-year-old flunked out of army basic training seven years ago. harper mercer died during a gun battle with police during yesterday's rampage. his victims ranged in age from 18 to 67. >> i'm very lucky. there's some people that didn't make it outf there. i just pray that their families are okay, that they'll be able to cope. >> reporter: classes are canceled all next week at the college. investigator recovered 13 weapons today belonging to harper mercer.
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seven at his apartment. six at the college. all legally purchased at federal firearms dealers. >> and the oregon school shooting has put the gun control debate right back in the spotlight. but for the families who lost loved ones in the newtown school massacre three years ago, they hope that this time, lawmakers will actually do something. news 4's andrew siff joins us with their story. >> well, sibila, in the tristate area, we may take gun control for graed with some of the toughest laws in the nation. new york's governor made a radical suggestion to change the equation today, even as skeptic said it won't make a difference. allhis as family members from past shootings are more determined than ever to change laws. >> the main is just as real as it was that day. >> reporter: images from oregon have been tough to watch for jilian and dawn. jilian's mom died try to stop the gunman at sandy hook.
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>> my sister did everything she could to save the kids in her class and i'm going to do everything that i can to the day i die to make sure that other families don't have to continue family goes through. >> reporter: but nearly three years after their loved ones died, zero new federal gun laws. routine. >> reporter: the president sounds exasperated. >> i understand the president's frustration, his anger, but it was misplaced here. >> reporter: congressman peter king, a republican sponsor of tougher background checks, said the latest tragedy won't change congressional math. >> no, i don't see it moving. i think we have a total of five republican co-sponsors and that's not enough to get it through. we would have to have at least 60 or 70 to get it through. >> reporter: opponents of gun control, especially shop owners, say legislation isn't a solution. >> we can pass laws all day long. and if somebody has evil in their heart, in their mind, they're going to do it, no
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governor disagrees and suggested hill. >> i would love to see the democrats stand up and say, we're going to shut down the government or threaten to shut down the government if we don't legislation. >> reporter: family members from newtow are using the hashtag no notoriety to keep attention away from the gunman, even as they keep trying to stop future ones. >> it is our job to make sure that it doesn't go away. >> and advocate for gun control have shifted the strategy since sandy hook, targeting congress. six states have passed new background check laws in the chuck? >> andrew, thank you. coming up as news 4 at 6:00 continues, scared and dangerous. p about his wife's suspicious
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we have some breaking news now involving your evening commute because of a signal problem atqueensboro plaza, there is no number 7 train service, express service. some hudson yards bound 7 trains are inbound. the line is running with delays in both directions. and police have released video of an armed robbery in the ft. george section of manhattan, a case in which the suspect is a woman. this happened tuesday night, around 9:30 at the bodega in theyers street. investigators say that the woman got away with an undetermined ountamf money and no one was injured. if you do recognize her, please call the nypd. coming up on news 4 new york at 6:00, hate mail or racist letter targeting city police officers has been discovered in
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the mystery on long island. a woman found dead inside her lake grove home and now investigators are looking for a retired nypd transit cop in connection with her death. news 4's mark santia has the story. >> a bright smile, a vibrant laugh, surrounded by her children. that's how neighbors and friends say they'll remember tricia oderno. >> lovely woman. such a tragedy. i don't even know -- words can't describe what's going on. >> she was always in a good mood and smiling and, you know, she was just a nice person. tricia was a fixture in this lake grove neighborhood. kevin christophes her for 37 years. he can't believe she's gone. police found tricia's body in her home where she lives with her husband and five children. >> besides, you know, being shocked, i mean, it's just so sad. i really feel bad for the family as a whole, but especially the children. what's going to happen to them? >> the circumstances of her
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death are being investigated right now. a crime scene was established inside the house and it's currently being processed. >> reporter: suffolk police stress tricia's murder was not random. they want to talk to her husband, seen here, a former offir with nypd. >> we ven't spoken with him. we would ctainly like to speak with him, but we're not going to narrow our focus right now. >> reporter: the crime rattling neighbors who remember a long island mom who cherished her twins and three other children. >> it was very scary. so we had to stay at my brothers and they finally let us back in. we were just worried, you know. we didn't know who was responsible or -- >> reporter: and you still don't know? >> i don't know. we don't know anything. >> reporter: detectives are continuing the investigation. they're still gathering evidence. and they say, if you have any information, your asked to ask sufficient folk police immediately. in lake grove, i'm mark santia, news 4 new york. >> lester holt joins us now from roseburg, oregon, with a look at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." lester? >> reporter: chuck, just over my right shoulder, the hilltop campus here still shut down
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today, the investigation going on where nine people, nine innocent lives were taken. we'll tell you what they found in terms of the firepower the shooter had. also, the message that he left behind. we'll also, of course, hear from victims of that horrible attack. the other big story, the weather, i know wrr you're watching it there. it looks like the east coast may have dodged a direct hit from the hurricane, but the rainstorm behind it may cause epic flooding in some areas. our team on the ground there as well. we'll have full coverage when we see you coming up for "nbc nightly news." chuck and sibila, back to you. >> thanks so much, lester. well, last february, a racist letter was distributed through the bridgeport police department. it touted white power. >> well, now a second racist letter targeting city police officers has been discovered. nbc connecticut's justin scheker has more on this unsettling story. >> this is a sergeant that's active. this is an officer who resigned. >> reporter: bridgeport president charles parish shows me the latest racist letter
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it says, "next to go, all members of the bridgeport guardians." >> my reaction was the same as the first letter. it's very disappointing. it's deplorable, as far as we're concerned. >> reporter: just like the racist memo from february, this new one targeting african-american police officers is typed on city letterhead and it includes the phrase coined by the kkk, "white power." >> it would be inviting to find out what the results were of the first letter, that would be helpful. >> reporter: last sunday, a bridgeport police officer found this racially charged letter on the windshield of his personal car. when officers searched this parking lot, they found about ght of them. assistant chief james nardozzi responded to the use of his signature saying? i am disgusted that someone would make such a hateful statement and falsify my signure to the document." paris says this racist letter only hur a force wit a morale at an all-time low. >> our officers' names have been spread across the country,
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saying that we're a racist department, which is the farrest from the truth that there is. and we need our names to be clear cleared. >> reporter: in bridgeport, justin justin scheker, news new york. all right. the satellite behind janice says it all. >> take it away. >> we are tracking joaquin, we have the latest information there. but the wind, rain, and waves we're seeing now are not from joaquin. it's that coastal low that's deveping over the carolinas that will continue to be are with us for thxt 36 hours. we'll talk about that in a second. right now, a look on times square. this is a big change from when we usually see it. it's usually full of people, but right now, just the cars and wet pavement, 49 degrees. cold and fog. a cold day across the entire tristatearea. the temperatures will warm up, but only in time. right now, joaquin still over the bahamas, but it's now down to a category 3. it's a dangerous storm and a major hurricane. the wis have developed to 125
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the pressure is rising slightly and it's starting to pull away from the bahamas finally. that's going to be good news for them. the best news for us, it's going to stay way offshore and not have a direct impact on any of the u.s. coast at all. maybe not even canada, as it takes a big right turn on monday. we might get some high surf from it on monday, tuesday, but it will be brief, because a storm will start to pick up speed and move away. in the meantime, storm tracker shows the rain in our area now, and the developing rain from the low pressure system over the carolinas. that's helping to feed this moisture in our area right now. we're going to see this rain continue through tomorrow morning. it will be heavy at times, in some areas, especially from central and southern new jersey. you've got this coastal flood warning here in effect through sunday, for the jersey shore, rest of the coastal areas, long island, connecticut, under a coastal flood advisory. for minor to moderate property damage, in the warning area, and flooded roads, like you usually see, but maybe a little bit more
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during the high tide cycle. for monmouth and ocean counties, wind advisories in effect, gusts up to 50. we've seen our reporters there having to deal with the gusty wind today. high surf advisories effect for south-facing shores of long island. waves 5 to 8 feet there. rainfall over long island today has been upwards of 1 to 2 inches. some areas have seen a little bit more. in the city, we've seen a little close to an inch. belmar, over an inch of rain today. so the rain will continue. you could see another inch, inch and a half, especially south of the city. tonight, more wind, more coastal pounding, more surf. but things start to get a little bit better by sunday, and by monday, the sun is back, and we're back to 70s by tuesy. we'll have another update at 11:00 on the latest. >> janice, thank you very much. and are you seeing any signs of pennant fever yet in the big >> i think so. right around the subways today, lot of people were talking. yankees and mets. coming up in sports, the yankees are in, and alex rodriguez doesn't want to hear you're
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disappointed they'll only be the wild card. plus, victor cruz can't hide his disappointment at thisatest injury setback. you'll hear from him coming up in sports. -are you happy with your bathroom? i wasn't. until i learned about bath fitter. bath fitteputs a new bhtub right ov your old one. isn't that amazing? bath fitter will measure, custom-make and install right over your existing tub. and only bath fitter has seamless walls which guarantees a watertight fit. plus, theyo it all in just one day.
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the yankees celebrated clinching the wild card last night. before you get on your high horse before spraying champagne for not winning the division, keep in mind, the world series matchup last year featured two wild card teams. the important thing, the yanks are back in the post-season for the first time since 2012. they locked up that wild card beating the red sox of all teams, and it happened to be the 10,000th win in franchise history. it was extra sweet for cc and alex rodriguez, giving the obstacles each has overcome to be a part of this. >> all the stuff that i went
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through in '14, i talked about how dark those days were, to come back this year and be part of such a special team, such special guys, and we truly are a family and we've built a great brotherhood here. >> incredible. a-rod spraying champagne, that is something no one expected to see. the yankees still expecting to hear who and where they were. and the mets and national rained out, so they'll ally doubleheermorrow. the mets' last three game of the regular season are pretty important here, too. after losing to the phillies yesterday, the dodgers caught them in the race for home field advantage. mets still hol a tiebreaker over l.a. they wrap up against san diego. and rookie steven matz isn't likely to pitch for the mets this weekend. he has back trouble. the jets touched down in london today and brandon marshal will not have time in the schedule to go antique shopping. seriously, their top whiteout is a collector of antique bags. he has some going back to the 1800s. the jets would just prefer he
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collects a few more touchdowns sunday against the dolphins. their kickoff, 9:30 a. sunday moing. vict cruz willake an appearance o "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon here on 4 new york. he still doesn't know when he will return to the field and he expressed his frustration at that today. >> this is got to end. i'm tired of looking at reporters every day. i would rather be looking at green grass and number lines on the field, you know what i mean? but, i haven't lost faith. i know that my time is going to come. when that time is, is still up in the air. but i know my time will come ba here in a blue uniform with the new york giants. >> tired ofooking at reporters, i don't blame him. >> jordan spieth, the pga tour's player of the ar. he's the youngest to win t award since a 21-year-old tiger woodin 1997. and jordan has turned in a tiger-esque season. aool $22 million earned this
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