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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  October 3, 2015 6:00am-6:58am EDT

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live from studio 3c in rock feller center -- we have live team coverage. >> plus, the rough water has claimed the lives of two people in jamaica bay. >> investigators say he pulled a
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>> welcome to "today in new york." it is yet another wet, windy morning. i think it's important for people to know this is not joaquin. joaquin is headed out to sea. this is just that coastal storm. >> this is just that coastal storm. it's providing nasty weather all along the eastern seaboard. a stormy start to the weekend. coastal flooding. it is windy and chilly. trying to make your way around wn, not a great day to do so. here comes another band of rain moving into the jersey sheer. a bit of a break for new york city now. these are your current wind gusts, up to 40 miles per hour at la guardia.
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to howl throughout the over night. 49. it's damp, chili and raw outside right now. showers co inue into the afternoon. 51 degrees. temperatures are stuck in the low to mid 50s today. we'll take a look at the coastal flooding threat as well as a wind advisory threat. >> that storm continuing so bear down on the try state area. >> we have live team coverage from the communities feeling the brunt of it this morning. brian yes, ma'am. >> reporter: yeah. it is not just a coastal storm, at least not down here. let me show you. we are at low tide right now. look at how close this storm is coming to the pilings of this building. i want to take you down the
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beach here a little bit. you can see this is where theye been trying to safe this part of ortley beach. flooding is an issue everywhere. i want to take you to some pictures here all up and down the jersey shore where there has been flooding yesterday into last night. we're expecting more this morning, of course, as this coastal storm keeps piling up water all the way from cape may. it's quite a problem. and here in ortley beach, that's where the mayor is mostly concerned. >> our biggest concern is that
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over wash the nes. >> reporter: take a look at the effort they haveut in to save their little strand of they're expected to continue today as needed. it probably is needed, but the question is what kind of access will they have as this storm keeps piling up waves as the day progresses. >> brian, we'll be checking back in with you. stay safe and dry, if you can. high wind and rain battering the jersey shore overnight. there has been no significant accumulation of water so far, but governor chris christie warned that some counties may t floods, especially with the high tides.
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>> they said that there was supposed six more tides coming in and each one is supposed to get worse. we're definitely going to see flooding, but hopefully it doesn't get in the house. >> the good news is that hurricane joaquin is headed out to sea. the bad news is we'll have to wait to see how bad this coastal storm may get. >> on long island, they're watching and waiting. greg? >> reporter: gus, no rain out here in long beach right now. that's the good news. but as you can probably hear, the wind continues to howl down here. it's a biting wind, the kind that sends a cold jolt through you. the coastal storm has also brought tidal surges.
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the water not threatening the wall here behind me. but officials are expecting waves from the storm eight feet or higher. the other concern the storm has brought, of course, is street flooding. police telling me they've seen trees down, tree branches down and of course some power lines down as well. pse&g long island reporting ing ing outages most of them on the southern portion of the island. we've seen sand from beaches being washed away so far in the storm. but joaquin not a threat to long island right now. one woman told me after living through sap ndy, we don't want to see any more damage like that ever again.
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two fishermen are dead this morning of their boat capsized in the stormy waters off jamaica bay last night. >> reporter: gus, that boat that the fishermen were riding in capsized not too far away from where i'm standing. i spoke to police and found out the two fishermen are brooklyn residents who are 42 and 50 years old. they were outside last night fishing in jamaica bay in the middle of the coastal storm. the boat flipped over and the group of fishermen plunged into the choppy frigid water. one of them was able to swim to shore and walked through the woods to the operation center.
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boats out to retrieve the other fishermen who were in the water. police are waiting to release the names of the two fishermen who died, because they are still trying to get in touch with their family this morning. the other three fishermen who survived are listed in stable condition. a new jersey priest remains in jail today accused of pulling a gun on an eight-year-old boy. a sports dispute may have started it all. >> reporter: this holy place, st. margaret catholic church, the scene of an unbelievable and frightening encounter between a priest and a young commissioner. >> the priest called the boy into a common area by the church rectory and put him up against the wall and pointed a long arm
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rifle and said i'm going to shoot you. >> reporter: the antique gun was unloaded. but the reason the priest targeted the boy will floor you. >> the young boy was apparently a fan of a football team and the priest i guess was not. >> the eight-year-old a cowboys fan, the priest rooting for the giants. still, enough reason to pull a gun on a child? >> that would be the last person you'd think to pull a gun on a little kid over football. >> reporter: he says it was one of those parishioners, not the boy's parent who is reported it over two weeks later. father carter now faces child endangerment charges. >> there is no such thing as
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you're dealing with an eight-year-old kid. >> reporter: the eight-year-old was not hurt during that incident. priest carter is being held with $8,000 bail. it is 6:09. coming up on "today in new york," the jets are carrying across the pond. and tonight's snl premier
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keeping you updated here on hurricane joaquin. finally pulling away from the bahamas. rains there causing widespread flooding. joaquin is moving northeast by bermuda. coast guard is still searching for a cargo ship that disappeared during the storm. 33 people on storm. it is not looking good. >> it's weakening now. joaquin will run into some cooler waters that will weaken the storm. it is accelerating, pulling away rather quickly. that is good news. we don't have to worry about that. we have enough problems, i'd say, on this saturday morning dealing with the coastal flooding.
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it feels like 43 with the wind. if you're heading outside, you definitely need the jacket for these temperatures. feels like 38 degrees. these are the current wind gusts, gusting over 30 miles per hour in many spots, especially right along the mediate coast. winds get a little lighter. that's going to be the trend as you head inland a bit. coastal flood warnings in effect for middlesex, monmouth and ocean counties. high tide around 12:00, 1:00 and again around midnight, 1:00 a.m. all the areas shaded in green, that's the coastal flood advisory.
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minor flooding. high surf advisory also in act for nassau and suffolk county we also have a wind advisory until 6:00 right along the mediate immediate coast here. those winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour. we could see a few power outages. here's a look at storm tracker. still tracking that rain especially from west chester county north into the hudson valley. enjoying a bit of a dry break in new york city, nassau and suffolk county. around 11:00 this morning there are a few showers out there, but
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by 3:00 p.m. maybe mostly dry in most spots. it's going to be chili and l i ly and we're not going to have any sunshine today. 53, that's where we're stuck today. it is raw all day. temperatures hover in the 50s all night. then we're back to the 60s. looking much better as we head into next week. stay up to date with the news 4 app. the news 4 new york app for eye iphone is available in the app store right now. . the curb item the jets packed for their trip. >> with the mets and yankees
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both headed for the playoffs there's no dampening the spirits around here. a pair of rainouts means both teams play double headers later today. clenching a wild card spot thursday night and then of course celebrating it with some champagne in the locker room. sure, it was disappointing that toronto passed them to take the a.l. east. but this is something to celebrate. the yankees are back in the playoffs for the first time since 2012. the jets will face the dolphins in london on sunday. they brought 350 rolls of toilet paper on the plane with them. the jets arrived friday in london, the team eyeing a 3-1 start. they are all business so far this year.
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under control so far. chris ivory will play. eric decker questionable as a game time decision. victor cruz still doesn't know when he'll return to the field. he's been dealing with that nagging calf injury and has ruled out for the game in buffalo. >> this has got to end. i'm tired of looking at reporters every day. i'd rather be looking at green grass and numbers on the field. i know my time will come back here in a blue uniform with the new york giants. >> rutgers has a week up. notre dame on the road taking on clemson. and jordan spieth is the player of the year. he's the youngest to win the award since tiger woods grabbed it in 1997.
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five wins, two majors, the fedex cup title and $22 million earned. not a bad year. enjoy the rest of your saturday, everybody. >> i would say that sounds like a pretty good year. hey, get ready for a new season of late night laughs. >> saturday night live returns. miley cyrus hosts. the show kicks off its 41st season. >> trump is truly built for your show. >> look for snl to be taking on the role of donald trump. hillary clinton may appear in person alongside her alter ego ego kate mckinnon.
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fandango weekend ticket. >> hey, everybody. there are two excellent movies to tell you about this week. sicario. and the martian. let's begin with sicario has government operatives looking to take down a mexican drug cartel. the chemistry between the three actors is fantastic. also opening this weekend is the martian. this is about an astronaut who is stranded on mars and has to surviveon limited resources. now let's see what movies our fans are buzzing about. here are this week's scores.
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>> have a tip for new york's biggest i-team? . welcome back. so it's an interactive exhibition celebrating art and fashion at the same time. it's called move. here to tell us about is cofounder cecelia dean and debra simon. thank you so much for coming out on this cold, wet saturday. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> this is all indoors. so it's a good bad weather event
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>> tell us what visionaaires. >> we want to invite anyone to participate and have fun. brookfield place was kind enough to offer their incredible space. and so we've peppered it with a bunch of really fun activities. >> what kind of activities do you guys have happening this weekend? >> it's all free and open to the public today from 12:00 to 8:00. se cecelia can tell you about the 12 interactive movements that we have. >> i think you should come down and do this one. this is the result of one of the movements.
6:24 am
between ryan mack and diane furstenburg. he makes a pattern of your photos. so this is me. and then i will have the opportunity to print my face on a dvf wrap dress. >> that is so cool. how much does something like that cost? >> you do have to buy the dress if you want to do that. but you don't have to. and you can still have a pattern that you could wallpaper your bathroom with if you wanted to. >> how did you come one this idea? >> we really wanted to create an event that promoted the fact that not only do we have amazing best in chas lass restaurants, hop shopping and dining but we have you unique experiences. we wanted her to bring move to brookfield place.
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>> thank you. >> i think we have some video. people can go through almost kind of like a gender transformation as well. >> yes. >> there's a whole bunch of different exhibits that are going on that i guess are meshing art and design. but this is the video i was talking about. what's going on here? people can do this? >> yes. this is wonderful movement called crossover. it's with a world renowned makeup artist. a guy can show up, any girl can show up and he will transform them just through the use of some very good makeup techniques into the opposite gender. so it's really about using makeup to unleash a different facet of your personality. and for crossover we're exploring the male and female side of our personalities. >> one of the cool things as i
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this event is you actually kind of place people on a simulated runway. they're in the safety of a green screen if you will. you cg everything onto it so people can see what they look like walking down some of these world renowned runways. what do you hope that your guests or participants take away from this event? >> we want to offer them an experience that they will probably never have. i think the red carpet experience is a great example. it's called a star is born. it was conceived by a fantastic artist named kate gilmore. you have the experience of walking down a magnificent red carpet that is on the stairways of the winter garden.
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i know that brookfield place is a fantastic venue. you guys sponsor a lot of arts. it's a beautiful indoor place that people can go this weekend to get out of this muck that's outside. and we'll put all the information on our website this is nbcnew new information about the gunman in that community college shooting out of oregon that left
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6:30 on a saturday morning. you're take a life ve look at the bell parkway. >> we have seen a lot of rain. right now we're checking in with storm team 4's meteorologist raphael miranda. this thing is sticking around for a little while. >> it's sticking around, but it
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will gradually wind down over the weekend. the heaviest rain probably ending this morning. and lighter showers this afternoon. you can see soaking rain still falling. lighter showers in rockland county at this hour. temperatures, the big story today, the chilly feel out there, temperatures in the 50s. 56 garden city. those winds out of the northeast 15-30 miles per hour. you're stuck in the 40s in the hudson valley. temperatures well below average on this saturday. look at tonight. at least the temperatures don't drop. they kind of stay steady. it's still windy. probably not much rain overnight. overnight lows in the 40s, meaning windchills again in the 30s in the hudson valley.
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we'll take a look at a gradually improving forecast coming up in your seven-day in just a few. the jersey shore feeling the impact of this coastal storm continuing to move through. rough tide and high surf slamming some beachfront properties. >> reporter: let me just show you right here behind me. this is a dune line they're trying to save here in ortley beach. take a look at the effort they put into that yesterday starting with toms river officials bringing in the beginning of 300 loads of dump trucks that were sut putting sand down, scoops it out and using bulldozers all to put it on this one small stretch of beach that is so exposed. they're still trying to save
6:31 am
what's left of this part of the coast. and some people down here are skeptical. >> it's doing very minimal at least. it may last an hour, these dunes. there's no protection. they were supposed to dredge this a couple of years ago. >> reporter: nonetheless there's not a lot of alternative for officials to do other than to bring in sand to try to do something all up and down the shore. there is the concern about flooding we've seen. not necessarily back bay flooding, but the flooding on the streams and rivers that go directly into the ocean or onto the lakes. we are at about low tide right now. let me take you around, show you where i'm standing here next to a building that's very exposed. you can see the pillars here. as bare as it looks right here, if i go just a couple of feet and get the wrong wave, this water is going to come up almost
6:32 am
and that is low tide. we still have a lot to go through and that's what officials all up and down the jersey shore are worried about, this high tide that should be coming shortly after noon today on the atlantic ocean. let's take you to long island there where neighbors there are watching and waiting, hoping the storm system doesn't push the surf into our homes. >> reporter: the problem here in long beach this morning is the wind. as you can hear, it's howling and it's very cold. but thus far the good news, no sign of the expected storm surges here in long beach. we're going to show you this protective sand wall that crews built here in long beach to hold back the atlantic. so far so good on that. street flooding has come to a
6:33 am
pse&g long island still reporting close to 5,000 outages, most of those in nassau county. the storm led officials to shut down the ferry service from the mainland yesterday. it's expected to resume at some point today so folks can get out to their homes and try to baton down the hatches before the storm comes through. with talk of joaquin and this coastal storm, it's been an anxious couple of days for folks on fire island. >> the water level is coming up like crazy. it's a scary time out here. >> reporter: a lot of folks on fire island are breathing easier with the news that joaquin is heading out to sea. but suffolk county officials continue to monitor the storm. they say even if it makes a
6:34 am
slight turn, it could impact montauk and the hamptons. you could stay one step ahead of the weather with the nbc 4 new york app. get alerts sent straight to your smart phone. go to two fishermen have died after their boat capsized in jamaica bay, these two among five who were cast into the water during the height of last night's storms. >> reporter: the three fishermen who survived are listed in stable condition this morning, but we're also learning more information about the two fishermen who died. police tell me they lived in brooklyn and were 42 and 50 years old. right now the conditions here in jamaica bay are windy and there's a little bit of rain.
6:35 am
last night when those guys were on the water. that group of five fishermen were fishing in jamaica bay last night in the middle of that coastal storm. the waves here were as high as 10 to 15 feet. their boat flipped over and they all plunged into the frigid, choppy water. one guy was able to swim to shore and made his way to the nypd's operation center. this is where they dispatch their rescue boats. they were able to send their first responder boats out into the water to rescue the other people who were out there waiting to get some help. now, police are not releasing the names of the two fishermen who died because they're still trying to get in touch with their family. this morning the question on everyone's mind is why these folks were out on the water in the beginning of that storm to begin with.
6:36 am
another story we're keeping an eye on today, heart broken and disbelief is how many are feeling in oregon. news 4 has more on this man who unleashed the deadly gunfire and also we're talking about those credited with trying to stop him. >> i'm very lucky. there's some people that didn't make it out of there. >> reporter: sarah was in the class room next to the writing class are 26 year old chris harper mercer started shooting. >> i was absolutely terrified. i didn't know if i was going to be alive. i didn't know if i was going to get shot. >> reporter: harper mercer shot students and staff. one witness says the shooter asked some student what is religion they were. >> if they were christian, they were shot in the head. but if they stated other or didn't answer, they were shot in the leg.
6:37 am
>> reporter: we learned the gunman left behind a long hate filled letter at the scene. you see police here leaving his apartment with evidence in hand. the sheriff vowing to focus on the victims and their families. nine innocent people shot dead ranging in age from 18 to 67. 34-year-old jason johnson hadn't even been in school a week. >> i would have said don't go if i knew what i know now. >> reporter: nine others were injured in the shooting. >> he was trying to block the shooter from coming in. >> reporter: and may have saved lives. >> as for those injured victims in the hospital this morning, they are seriously injured, but
6:38 am
to survive. 4 6:39 right now. we continue to look at the coastal flooding this storm has caused in other states. that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want.
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this is in south carolina. roads there already underwater. officials say up to 14 inches of rain could fall in some parts of that state. the governor there has warned residents in low lying areas to leave. the winds could reach 60 miles per hour and beach erosion means an increase in the risk of coastal flooding there as well, which is of course going to be a problem all up and down the east coast. >> this could be a catastrophic flooding, a once in every 500 years type event. we're getting some of the
6:41 am
effects of the storm, but obviously nothing like that. but we have our own dealings, our own issues to deal with on this saturday morning. very windy. and we do have coastal flooding. this continues into tomorrow. this is not just a one or two-day event. this is all weekend long, the water piling in. doesn't get much of a chance to leave. because of that rain persisting from the northeast, it's breezy and raw outside. the red areas, that's where we're going to see that moderate coastal flooding levels, two to three feet above astronomical high tides. the other areas shaded in green, we're expecting minor tidal flooding. this happens today around 12:00, again midnight. again tomorrow morning around tomorrow afternoon we're expecting another round of flooding.
6:42 am
for coastal counties. we are seeing those winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour. this high wind advisory in effect until 6:00 tonight. we are tracking those winds right now. generally between 20 and 30 miles per hour especially along the coast. just howling and they're going to stay that way all day today. the combination of the raw, the dampness and winds, it feels like 30s in danbury. 50 in islip. not much better down the jersey shore. you can see not a whole lot of rain going on. the heaviest rain right now well north and west of new york city into pike county, pennsylvania. that's the trend today, the rain becoming lighter and lighter as the day goes on. there is a game scheduled. we'll see if it happens for the
6:43 am
nationals taking on the mets. temper ures, 51 degrees. bundle up if you're headed out there over to city field. there are a few showers out there. we'll set this into motion. more of the same around 11:00. windy with a shower here and there. into the afternoon we start to dry things out. more dry conditions after 3:00 p.m. in the morning still windy, but not as mh rain and temperatures are going to respond to that sunshine and we are headed back into the 60s. not today. today we're stuck in the low to mid 50s. the wind continuing to gust 30 lyto 40 miles per hour around the city. finally getting much better on monday and tuesday. temperatures into the 70s by the middle of the week. you want to stay up to date with all these changes on the news 4 app.
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murecast, interactive radar and how to submit your own weather video. available in the app store right now. after the break, what a big move means for a popular puerto rican restaurant. and what makes your cat meow. plus, we'll introduce you to some adorable animals looking for a home today, including that cat right there. here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time.
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talk about now an uptown move for a restaurant with a puerto rican flare that is very popular among celebrities. >> a feast for the eyes and your appetite. sofrito has a new home in manhattan now along the hudson river. joining us now are the owner and
6:47 am
congratulai>>s on your new space.onow you're at riverbank state park at 154th street. >> we have a terrific new space right on the hudson river overlooking the george washington bridge.hait's 10,000 square feet. we have an out door patio. we have valet seven days a week. we have extensive space to do graduations and weddings. your food is always the star of latin cuisine with a little bit of a twist. speaking of that our first dish here is something that maybe if you're going for brunch at your restaurant you might have to have some french toast. >> this is a pina colada french toast. >> wonderful. consumers want their latin
6:48 am
>> this is ourthried calamari salad with a sweet ginger glaze and pineapples. >> chef, i've always loved your plan plantian sandwiches. >> this has the beef, chicken. and we have the yucca steak with our mojitod >> since you're on the water do you have more seafood dishes? >> we have a wonderful veal in the restaurant. but this is the paella. this is the organic salmon with siracha and honey glaze.
6:49 am
and we have the sushi with latin fusions. thonis is the sushi with shrimp. and we have on top the sweet plantain. and this one is the cubaw,. 's with ham, a white cheese and sweet plantain inside. please i invite you and all the audience to sofrito. he a very sexy place with very sexy food. >> angela give people the website if they want to make reservations. >> it's sofritan ony.lom.
6:50 am
>> this is a public affairs
6:51 am
6:53. it is time for this morning's pet profile. evoer wonder what makes your cng meow. nanca is here to explain how cat owners with interpret their pet sounds. what are some of the things cats are trying to tell us? we know they are definitely trying to tell us something. this is their single way of communicating with us. cats typically when they meow they are either social. they w'rttto talk to you, they want play, or they're hungry or they want to be let outside. in some rare cases when they're older if it sounds like a bit of a sick-sounding meow, it could be they're getting some type of
6:52 am
they're thirsty or irritable because of a thyroid disease or other prtilems.thlisten to the tone of their meow. it differs with each cat. as a cat owner you get to tell them over the years. you can tell the hungry meow. whanchts whanchts >> what's this cat saying to david? >> it's a perfect example of the i want to go outside,piupant to play. this is a beautiful siamese for adoption today. a purebred siamese. isn't tha a beautiful cat? healthy, beautif a coat. loves to play. this is the smartest cat. this cat will figure out
6:53 am
works, just a real fun, smart cat. >> looks very much at home here. >> and this little fellowtoight hestre. >> this is little fealupa, a three-year-old chihuahua. the perfect companion animal. both of these pet frs will be available today in the bronx at the cross bronx expressway pet store. starts at 12:00. we'll have our adoption van there and these pets w l be up for adoption. >> that's fantastic. a little bit of the shaking, people shouldn't be put off by that with chihuahuas. >> it is genetic. this one shakes just a little bit but is calm and loves to sit by your side. lookt those ears. >> listening to the cat. nancy, thank you very much. david, appreciate it too.
6:54 am
find out more on the we're coming right back with a final check of the weetund forecast. you're watching "today in new rk." si here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it
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progresso. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh learn more about nbc 4 new york's recent job opportunities by looking onto a little bit of flooding concern on the south shore and parts of the jersey shore.
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seaside heights new jersey, around just after noon moderate tidal flooding there. also east rockaway inlet new york, bergen point, and stamford, connecticut into the back bays and long island sound it's about three hours after the high tide. we're expecting minor tidal flooding in stamford, contract account connecticut. we have several more high tide sickles cycles to get through. it is raw and chili ly today with a high temperature of 53. temperatures basically remaining stable for the next 24 hours or so. and the rain should be tapers off. it's not going to be a soaker today. the winds are not going to diminish until tomorrow. maybe some sunshine tomorrow afternoon as well. temperatures back to the low
6:57 am
60s. it gets a little less harsh day by day. all of this is gone by monday. and we're up to 70, looking much better on tuesday. >> keep us posted. we know that you will. >> yes, i will. >> thank you. we'll see you back a little bit early today. we're coming back at 8:30. good morning. lost at sea. a desperate search for a cargo ship in the path of hurricane joaquin with 33 crew members. the ship issuing a distress call after taking on water. the h atoric effts by the coast guar to find the ship. fierce flooding. a dangerous situation brewing along the east coast this weekend. up to a foot of rain expected in
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