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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  October 5, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: she alluded to sue sidle thoughts. that before authorities but a friend of hers at the scene told us today -- she was happy and not suicidal. the explosion killed 68-year-old who lived on the third floor of the building and injured three others. now, guys, it's difficult to see where this building stands right now because of the sunlight. but i can tell you that the entire building where this explosion happened is completely done. there is nothing left of it, as well as the building next to it. but investigators still have a lot of work to do. sifting through there. looking for evidence of what caused this explosion and my sources tell me it may be into tonight and maybe tomorrow before we know for sure if that body was hers. that's the latest here, brynn
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cc sabathia is checking himself into rehab for alcohol abuse. many reading about this on john chandler is at yankees stadium with the details. john? >> just walked out of the yankees locker room where alex rodriguez told me, yes, he and the rest of his teammates were shocked by this news that cc sabathia will not be with the team after the post-season. the phone call yesterday came to brian cashman, he also was surprised by the general manager and the rest of this team are in unison. backing up cc, he needs help and the team says, of course, he will get it from us. the yankees mitt the field for a workout today ahead of nar one-game wildcard show down tomorrow but one glaring admission, cc sabathia has left the team and will check himself into an alcohol rehab facility. brian cashman said the move surprised everyone. >> because i can be quite honest before that call yesterday it
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i didn't, i did not expect or know he needed that type of help or any help for that matter. >> reporter: the big lefty did not address the media. it hurts me deeply to do this now, but i owe it to myself and my family it get myself right. i want to take control of my disease and be a better man, father and player. as difficult as this decision is to share publicly, i don't want to run and hide. being an adult means being accountable. being a baseball player means others looks up to you. i want my kids and others who have become fans of mine over the years to know that i am not too big of a man to ask for help. while the yankees as a team are prepping for the astros, their thoughts are with sabathia the person, not the pitcher. >> acknowledgment that the issue that he has is bigger than what we're going through right now. and, you know, what cc is dealing with is a life issue. it's bigger than the game that we have tomorrow night. >> you know, i asked our guys to pray for cc. you know, i think that's what
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during this difficult time. >> now, in that locker room we often see players as just batting averages and statistics. but brian mccann the catcher really struck a cord saying, look, guys, we're human beings, too. that team is reminded of that as our yankees fans today now cc sabathia not with the team checking himself into rehab. you'll hear from nose playars little bit later in sports at 6:00 here on news 4. until then, i'm john chandler, live in the bronx. >> john, thank you. breaking news tonight. news that affects you if you stayed at one of donald trump's hotels. the trump hotel collection is confirming tonight that hackers accessed its computer systems during that period. the trump soho and the trump international here in new york. there was no evidence that any customer information has been mismused. a historic and deadly. that is the scene in south carolina where flood waters are ripping through parts of the state. nine people are dead. homes and businesses destroyed.
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tonight as rescue crews make their way through the devastated neighborhoods. nbc's jay gray is in the hard-hit area of columbia to give a look us a look at the scene. jay? >> it is devastating. the rain's easing. that's the good news and the problems here are clearly, take a look behind me. in some neighborhoods, they're still fighting rising flood waters and others like this one, they're dealing with what has been left behind. south carolina is still under water right now. historic flooding that has tossed aside cars, torn away roads, bridges and dams and swallowed communities from the coast through the midlands. >> we are continuing rescue and evacuation operations throughout the state. >> reporter: in the columbia area alone from the weekend through today, there have been more than 150 swift water rescues and first responders expect that number to climb. the national guard has moved in to help with the ongoing effort in the flood zone focusing much of their attention in the
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columbia area, where the water has had an effect on just about everyone and everything. >> our infrastructure is compromised. >> reporter: one of the most severe issues, water. not the flood levels that continue to climb, but the public water system that has been compromised leaving thousands without usable water. the situation so dire, fire teams continue to pump tens of thousands of gallons of water into area hospitals. >> we're going to continue to provide the watter to the hospital as long as we can sustain it and we just don't know how long we can sustain it. >> reporter: the firefighters and water system, like most everyone here, pushed to their limits. but the struggle for many is still far from over. when it finally does stop raining and the floods recede, then we have to deal with all the incredible amounts of property damage that will total into the billions. we have a lot to do, but we're doing it together. >> reporter: the same way so many to this point survived this
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historic storm. >> that was jay gray reporting. and the flash flooding may not be over yet. lester holt will be anchoring nbc "nightly news" live from columbia, south carolina, tonight. al roker will join him with the very latest on the forecast. watch for that at 6:30. a dangerous ride for amtrak passengers today. some of them headed for our area. the train derailed in northfield, vermont. scheduled stops here in penn station in new york and newark before reaching its final destination, washington, d.c. natalie is at penn station right now to explain what went wrong. natalie? >> well, chuck, just what you mentioned here. the train was set to arrive to stop here at penn station right around 6:30. but that scary ordeal changed that schedule and left seven people hurt. >> they've been through a pretty traumatic experience, but they're doing very, very well. >> reporter: the governor of vermont talking about the passengers onboard the vermonter when it it derailed in north field.
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to washington, d.c., hit rocks on the track and went off the rails around 10:30. five cars went off the track with one passenger car and engine car that went over a hill. governor peter shumlin called the derailment "pretty brutal." >> one of the passengers said to me, someone was looking out for us. we walked out of a very, very difficult situation. >> reporter: they don't believe there was any wrongdoing adding that a freight train came through last night without incident at this point they don't know if the brake was applied but they don't believe speed was a factor. basically the ledges of rocks just fell and caused the crash. a scary thought for these folks at penn station who take a train daily. >> petrified. >> scary. especially for somebody who takes a train a lot. >> reporter: passengers helped each other out of the mangled mess and made their way to the waiting buses. tonight, crews are beginning their salvage operation. >> as you can imagine, ties are torn up. there is some diesel fuel in the river.
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for us to be able to clear away the tracks and rebuild on them. >> reporter: and back here live at penn station. we know buses were provided to bring those passengers back to their final destinations, including right here at the station. for now reporting live in midtown, i'm natalie pasquarella. new at 5:00, the bronx mom accused of tossing her newborn out of a window faced a judge today. jennifer berry kept her eyes down as she made a brief appearance in court. she is charged with murdering her baby girl last week by tossing her out of the seventh floor apartment window shortly after she gave birth. her lawyer says that she won't testify before a grand jury. if she's indicted, she'll be back in court later this month. attorney general loretta lynch announced the largest pollution penalty in u.s. history. a multibillion dollar settlement with bp for the deep oil horizon oil spill. the company will pay $20 billion for that role in the oil rig explosion. the deep water disaster was the worst rig explosion in u.s. history.
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sending millions of barrels of oil into the gulf of mexico and on to shore lines. >> so, we feel that this will, with the cooperation of the agencies here and the gulf states lead to real relief for the people and the citizens and the businesses of the gulf. >> the $20 billion settlement announced today comes on top of the separate $4 billion settlement with bp and a federal criminal probe stepping raem stemming from the same mnchlths scheduled the election to replace him for october 29th. a secret ballot election was supposed to be held thursday for the new leadership team. but house republicans will only select their nominee for speaker on that day. some gop members wanted more time to weigh their options. still ahead as we tikz continue a major revelation in the case of a dermatologist found dead in chelsea. and an american airlines pilot dies mid-flight. hear from passengers who were onboard when the plane went down
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and then at 5:30, the flu season has begun. what you need to know about shots this year to protect yourself. and janice is here. >> and, finally, our weather is improving. we've got some warmer temperatures part of this week. i'll let you know just how warm it is going to get in the seven-day forecast, coming up next. i'm bobby flay and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state has to offer. like this famous winery nestled in the hudson valley. or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery belongs in every beer lover's hall of fame. you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state.
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we have new information in the mysterious death, indeed of a long island dermatologist. the mother of three was found dead in a chelsea building, but what was she doing there? greg cergol is in the doctor's hometown tonight with new details from police. greg? >> well, sibila, chuck, the nypd has yet to determine what happened to her, but law enforcement officers, multiple law enforcement sources confirm to us that she was not a murder victim. in fact, the apparent story of her last night is sure to raise eyebrows here in her hometown. no'st ettn a delivery man drew a response at the wront door of dr. kirsten's manhattan homes. neighbors were also tight lipped
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about tht 28eyear-old dermatologist, but this man urged us not to paint her in a bad light. >> now it's standing person. pvery vibrant, very alive. very dedicated mom. >> eporter: 20 miles away investigators in hazmat suits moved in and out of the apartment building where she was found early sunday morning. multiple law enforcement sources tell news 4 her death involved no foul play, but appears linked to drug use. the sources say the married mother of three was using cocaine at that chelsea apartment. she was there with a man described as her boyfriend and another man. according to the sources, she became ill and the men tried to carry her downstairs to a cab, but she collapsed. the men then called 911 and when ems arrived, investigators say the boyfriend ran back upstairs. she died later at a hospital. >> this is very nerve racking. i've been in this building for years. >> reporter: no one would
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comment at the long beach office of her husband of six acyears. her work as a doctor drew praise on the social media app yelp. posts there called her a beautiful soul. friendly, helpful, awesome. a doctor with a great bedside manner and very kind and encouraging. >> not sure what happened, but, it's unfortun ate. >> the new york city medical ex aminer is working to determine the exact cause of death, but tells us it is yet to complete its autopsy on her. we're live tonight, greg cergol, news 4 new york. tragedy in the air. tonight, we're waiting to find out what caused an american airlines pilot to beco me incapacitated during a flight and die. american says today's red eye flight was diverted to syracuse because of a pilot illness. passengers are praising the co-pilot who landed the plane. >> you have a feeling if it wasn't for the copilot using a cool head, it might have been
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more disastrous. the captain died midflight. that's my feeling. >> the airlines confirms the pilot was unresponsive when medical help arrived, but did not specify the cause of det. college campuses in philadelphia are on alert today after an online threat. the fbi issued a warning after a post was found on social media threatening violence at an unnamed community college at 2:00 this afternoon. that deadline came and went without incidents. some schools did add extra security with police making extra patrols. staten island will soon have its own justice center. broke ground on a new acility in st. george. domestic violence, alder abuse and go to get some help. >> one of tte things that so exciting to us about having this center here and staten island is it makes the help closer to the people in need and that's what we're committed to. >> the city's first family justice center opened ten years ago in brooklyn. queens, bronx, and manhattan each have a center now.
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consumer alert tonight. general mills is recalling nearly 2 million boxes of cheerios and honey nut cheerios. some of those boxes labeled gluten free may contain wheat. honey nut cheerio boxes have better if use by dates from july 12th 2016 through july 25th, 2016. cheerio boxes have better if use by dates of july 14th, 2016 to july 17th, 2016. you can find more information on this recall at >> i was so tempted to ask you to repeat those dates. i'm not going to do it. once popular clothing retailer american apparel is filing for bankruptcy protection hearing. the company ousted the founder. he's suing the company. the retailer says it will continue to operate and no layoffs have been announced. shares plunged 20% in market trading today. if you have plans to travel over the holidays, now is the time to book those flights.
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the best travel bargains this week. your best day to book a flight for thanksgiving is tomorrow. now, if you're traveling during christmas, you'll want to book that flight on friday, october 9th. and saturday the 10th, the 10th is actually the best day for booking new year's eve travels. the projections are based on past holidays. >> past holidays. everybody piles in on those dates. >> all the systems will crash tomorrow. >> honestly. well, anyway. good information, though, if you're the first one in line anyway. >> we had a great day yesterday. >> didn't sfwhee. >> little chilly. >> little on the chilly side but we were done with most of that wind and the rain and the dreariness. yes, we see improvement in our weather and that will continue for several more days, even though, yes, we could use more rain, of course. but a few more days before we see some more. we have views like this to enjoy right now. a view from our sky cam looking over from new jersey, i believe. looking back towards manhattan and it looks beautiful out there this evening. it is a great day.
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a great evening. temperatures are pleasantly cool. 65 degrees right now under partly sunny skies and we've got more sunshine to talk about coming up. these were the high temperatures today. mainly in the 60s. we're approaching 60, though. ridgeport was up to 68 this afternoon. 67 in central park and 64 degrees in islip and it gets warmer each day going through the rest of this week. not as chilly overnight, but still on the cool side. maybe you don't need to put the heat on to take the chill out of the air. a lot of you had to do that over the weekend. back to the 70s tomorrow and through the middle of the week. now, we're going to see mild conditions, dry weather, the temperatures will couldn't down a little bit towards the end of the week and there will be more showers in the forecast by friday. but we're only talking one day of rain coming our way. it should clear out in time for the weekend. however, the drought monitor still shows us in a moderately dry situation despite all the rain we've had. i'm sure this will update, as well. it helped the rain that we've en over the past several days.
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but still doesn't take us out of the dry cond ions >>. skies still clearing us back to the west. clouds hugging the coastline in and around the city and near the shore areas. slowly but surely, those clouds will move out. most of the wind today coming in out of the northeast or the north versus hitting the coast line right on where you've seen all that flooding from the weekend. so, that certainly has eased, too. ght now the temperatures mainly in the 60s, poughkeepsie and long branch and you see some warm weather, though, back towards louisville where it's in the 80s and st. louis in the 70s and tat little sliver of warmth is coming our way for next several days. this evening if you're going out, 7:00 p.m. temperatures around 62 and we'll fall through the 50s for the rest of this evening in the city areas north and west, you'll be cooler, of course. this weekend 60s for daytime highs. more clouds saturday versus sunday. sunday looks pretty nice. plenty of sunshine coming our way. meanwhile, joaquin still a hurricane but it's category 1 continues to weaken and racing away from bermuda now and the
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that continues to out to sea and we probably won't hear too much about it for the next several days unless it maintains some strength and head towards eu rope. they'll watch it there becauae it might bring them some rain. lows in the 40s and 50s. still on the chilly side, especially north and west where your temperatures will drop into the low 50 40s. tomorrow 72 and 74 on wednesday and then 60s and the rain coming on fridayp out of here by the ekend. guys, out of here. >> thank you. still much more ahead on news 4 at 5:00 new clues in the search of a missing u.s. cargo ship. what has been found and what the u.s. kaes gourd is now telling the families of the passengers who were onboard. that's next. and coming up at 6:00, police on high alert at the plaza hotel after an armed robber pulled a gun and stole thousands. the new information news 4 is learning as the suspect remains on the loose. join chuck scarborough and
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well, families of 33 people missing aboard a cargo ship are receiving some tough news. the u.s. coast guard believes that ship sank. >> they believe it was swallowed near hurricane joaquin near san juan. david is following new developments. >> the coast guard captain says they're not ready to will out a person's will to survive. and he ss one could survive a few days in the 80 degree water. still, it is a sliver of hope at best. >> search for survivors continues. >> reporter: spurred by sunday's discovery of a life ring and an empty life boat the coast guard has not given up hope of finding survivors among the 33 crew members. >> these are trained mariners. you know, they know how to properly abandon ship. they know how to survive in the waters. >> reporter: but officials did confirm finding one victim sunday floating in one of the ship's survival suits. the remains were not identifiable and weren't recovered.
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>> when we have reports of other life boats and life rafts we have to get throughout and see if there are any signs of life. >> reporter: searchers are focused on two debris fields. one about 300 square nautical miles north of the bahama wheres it is thought to have gone down thursday from the high winds and seas of hurricane joaquin. another debris area is 60 miles to the north. >> we're not going to discount somebody's will to survive. >> reporter: that optimism is tempered for the second mate, danielle randall. >> if anything happens to me while i'm at sea, mom. it's okay. i died doing what i want to do. >> the aircraft involved in the search are winding up their efforts if they haven't already as the day ends. but the coast guard ships will be out there looking throughout the night. >> thank you. shiba is here with a look at what's coming up new at 5:30. what got hillary clinton emotional, choked up during a campaign stop today.
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new information on that amtrak derailment out of vermont. who is now joining the investigation and hear from a new yorker on board when it came off the tracks. baffled, busted, broken. better get baquero. >> coming up, national fire safety week. we'll have tips to keep you and your family safe in your home. >> consumer reporter lynda baquero coming up on news 4 new
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