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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  October 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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police say around 11:15 a man in his 40s wearing a black peacoat pulled a weapon and robbed the travel x currency exchange in the bustling plaza shops in the hotel's basement. the thief made off with 3,000 euro or 3,300 u.s. dollars. the robber left the scene and headed east on 58th street, still on the run tonight. travelx shut down as police began their investigation. the hotel closed off to the media, but we spoke to customers outside who couldn't believe it. >> never would expect this a day in my life. i worked here for eight years and this is the first time since i've been working here this happened. >> reporter: an armed robbery in such a high-end neighborhood is rare. of all the places in new york city, you would expect to find an armed robbery, is this the last? >> of course. >> reporter: back in may three armd men knocked over the watch shop just blocks away at 53rd and madison making off with a
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>>onho would have thought they would go in the plaza and take it. >> what is somebody thinking when they try to rob a place inside the plaza hotel? >> quick cash. >> seems to make sense. plenty of money inside of this hotel, but looking around in the shops area when i walk through, there were surveillance cameras everywhere, including one right above the door that the thief walked out of. no pictures yet at this time, but we're expecting to those to come in from the nypd really at any time. rob schmidt, news 4 new york. we continue to follow breaking developments in the gas explosion that destroyed a building in brooklyn. just a short time ago a second body was pulled from the rubble. suicide may have been behind the blast. news 4 brynn gingras has the details. brynn? >> that second body found in the rubble, but it may be, rather, hours or maybe even tomorrow when we find out if it is the
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body of francisca figueroa. you see the progress that the workers have made at the building site. many investigators still trying to find evidence at exactly what caused this blast. the process of sifting through three floors of chard debris continues tonight. investigators are searching for any pieces of evidence, which would explain how this apartment building blew up saturday afternoon. tonight, we saw dogs sniffing out rubble before it was thrown away. these photos taken by a member of the crane crew given up close look at what is left of tit borough park building. nearby roughly 49 residents and store owners are wondering what happens next. >> we don't know what is going to happen. >> reporter: new 4z was there when an evidence bag was brought to a police trailer and the family of missing woman, 48-year-old francisca figueroa emotionally followed. sources tell me a second body has been found in the rubble, figueroa. her family has been waiting here
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for any news. sources say authorities believe figueroa was in the building when the blast happened because she had recently gotten off the phone with her sister. the blast also killed 64-year-old ligia puello and seriously injured three others. and sibilia, you mentioned suicidal thoughts. ors sources tell me she posted on social media, as well as sent text messages alluding to suicidal thoughts before this blast happened. but we talked to a friend of hers here at the scene who said figueroa was happy and there's no way she committed suicide. that investigation is still under way. that's the latest here, i'm brynn gingras. seven injured when an amtrak train en route through new york city derailed today in vermont. happened this morning in north field, which is about 20 miles southwest. the vermonter train was on its way to washington, d.c., when it hit rocks that had fallen on to the tracks.
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derailment and two went over an embankment. >> as one of the passengers said to me, someone was looking out for us. because you literally, we waukd out of out of a very, very difficult situation. >> one passenger was airlifted to a hospital in new hampshire with serious injuries and six others were taken to a central vermont center. the ntsb is on the scene investigating this crag. we are learning new details about a long island dermatologist found dead in a building entranceway in chelsea. law enforcement sources tell news 4 that 38-year-old kiersten cerveny was using cocaine when she fell ill early sunday. our sources say she was there with her boyfriend and another man. those men tried to carry her downstairs to a cab, but apparently collapsed and later died. neighbors are shaken. >> yeah, this is very nerve racking. i've been in this building for years and nothing like this happened.
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ambulance and all i saw was the feet. from the feet y doubt she's like young. i thought she was overdrugged or something. >> cerveny was a married mother of three. investigators suspected she was strangled. they have since backed off that assessment. city controller scott stringer released a report claiming more than 1 in 12 public departments in the city are crowded. >> just what is crowded? how about five people cram under to two rooms. news 4 andrew sif has more of the details. >> reporter: there are 8.4 million people in new york city and not enough places for everyone to sleep. just ask rudy cladio one of five people in a washington heights apartment with just two rooms. another example, little quincy coplin shares a one-bedroom apartment with his brother and his mom and aunt in hunts point. >> there is not enough space. i'm trying to get something bigger. >> reporter: in a new report from the city controller, record
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crammed into small spaces. severely crowded apartments of more than five people are up 44% from 2005 to 2013 before mayor de blasio even took office. in the bronx, that's up 74% and the number of tiny studio apartments with three or more people skyrocketed by 365%. >> here are the facts. we live in the biggest crowded out city in the united states. >> reporter: scott stringer said overcrowding could be a factor in the city's ongoing homeless epidemic. >> how is it that overcrowding contributes to homelessness? >> we worry when people are living doubled and tripled up, at some point that could be temporary housing for some of the people in the household. and that could push a family or an individual into the shelter system. >> reporter: the mayor's office has doubled down on eviction prevention. and today said its $42 billion plan to build or preserve 200,000 apartments should help
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relieve overcrowding. in the meantime, allen describes life with her daughter and grandkids as hectic. >> sleep in the living room. my grandchildren have their room. >> reporter: and everyone could use more room. in washington heights, andrew siff, news 4 new york. the supreme court will not hear an appeal from new york congressman charlie rangel who overturp overturned his censure. house disciplinary proceedings fell outside the jurisdiction of the courts. in 2010, the house voted to censure him for fund-raising misconduct. house members conducted that investigation against him suppressed evidence. breaking news. a police chase and shots fired in the bronx. dennis is in chopper 4 over the scene. dennis, what is going on? >> well, looking down what is left of the scene. most of it just cleared within the last 15 minutes or so. looking down east 167th street and around 3:00 this afternoon
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when apparently undercover officers working in this area witnessed some type of shooting going on. luckily nobody hit by gunfire, but the suspects involved tried to flee the scene by car and eventually struck two vehicles at this intersection. one of them very serious. pushing that vehicle right through the intersection. all the activity just cleared away. but after a brief chase, eventually these three suspects were captured and one handgun was recovered from the scene. we understand that two people had been taken from the scene, though. the people that were struck in those vehicles taken to a local hospital unknown condition at this hour. chuck and sibila, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. coming up as news 4 at 6:00 continues. will residents of staten island keep their discounted tolls they pay on some city bridges? a judge made a ruling today. plus, a major blow to the yankees right as they enter the playoffs. >> i'm john chandler here at yankee stadium. stunned is how this team took the news about cc sabathia. i'll tell you why these are players are so passionate about this story coming up in sports
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here at 6:00. also, an update on how badly the coastal storm damaged jersey shore beaches and janice tells us what we're in for this week. >> no coastal flooding and no hurricanes in the forecast this week. but there will be a bit of rain coming up a little bit later. i'll explain that in your storm
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ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month. plus get $350 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. good news for staten island residents who use the bridge. your toll discounts are staying put. the yaus supreme court rejected an appeal by drivers who challenged discount bridge tolls for staten island residents. motorists in new york, pennsylvania, new jersey and connecticut argued that offering discounts to a select group of local residents violated their constitutional right to travel. a queens lawmaker says the
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faa has failed to do anything about plane noise affecting the borough. the noise has gotten worse since 2012 when the faa implemented new flight paths. the new route for planes departing laguardia have increased the frequency of flights. legislation that calls for the epa to step in and take over this issue. comg up when news 4 at 6:00 continues, the dea of one new jersey woman who touched many lives. why her friends and colleagues say her passing in an accident is a huge loss for people withhe blood cancer. chuck and i will see you
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friends and colleagues say that stacy weathers death is a huge loss for people with blood cancer. >> helped raise $7 million to support patients and fund research in new jersey and that she had an unending passion for finding a cure. jen maxfield spoke with stacy's best friend today on how much stacy did and how much she will be missed. >> a second earlier or a second later, you know, half a second. everything would be different. >> reporter: christine betencourt can't believe it. she drove to the beach to see the effects of the coastal storms saturday afternoon. christine stayed home. weathers was killed when a tree fell on her ford mustang, which had a soft top converti se roof.ieshe had rented the car for a ten-year anniversary trip with. hher husband. the police chief tells news 4 that the odds of this happening are so small. the cars here on route 34 are going 50 miles an hour and this tree snapped and fell at just the precise moment that stacy weathers waw driving under it. her death has devastated her
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family, including her 19-year-old daughter, emily, who posted about her mom's accident on facebook. >> she was one of the kindest people i know and she's always en there to help me and my family. she has helped me through tough times with my family. >> reporter: in her personal and professional life, she w as devoted to helping others. she is the executive director of leukemia and lymphoma society in new jersey raising more than $7 million to fight blood cancers. >> she was just such an inspiration and such a light. she was an absolute advocate for what the organization did and aspect. reporter: stacy weathers was 46 years old. police in moth county believed the heavy rain saturday may have caused the already weakened and rotted tree to snap. jen maxfield, news 4 new york. > lester hout joins us now live from columbia, south cab rolina, with a look at what's lester?
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>> hi, chuck and sibila. the rain has let up here but not the drama of all this as there was another breach in a dam and an area had to be evacuated. we were moved a couple of times from a bridge alongside a creek there with very short notice. this is a once in a 1,000-year flooding they're calling it. at least nine people in south carolina will have full details. 're also covering the u.s. investigation into that bombing of a hospital in afghanistan. we'll tell you more about that and also what they've recovered so far in the search for that missing freighter that now believed to have gone down during hurricane joaquin. all that coming up on "nightly news." we'll send it back toouou. >> here is what lester was talking about. that mandatory evacuation in some parts of south carolina tonight because of a dam breach in columbia. and officials say that more dams are in danger of failer because the severe flooding there. moale. than a foo of rain has fallen across much of south carolina since last week. the confirmed death toll now
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stands at ten. another two related deaths reported in north carolina. days of heavy wind and pounding surf has caused severe beach erosion along the jersey ore. some beaches, including those de vastated by hurricane sandy appear to have lost most of thei tr sand. in many pdlace wheres protected duobnes stand between the ocean and homes the surf cut large cliffs into the sand. and this is new video of the damage of the coastal storm ca used to one new jersey home. this footage was taken by a drone. it shows a two-story house that was dislodged from its piling on the marsh near grassy sound village in cape may county. the home was washed from the north side of the community and floated to the south side before settling into the marsh. the owner was not home and, thankfully, no one was injured. >> all this and we missed the hurricane entirely here, pretty much. >> exactly. we did here and even in south carolina but that storm wasn't the hurricane. although it did draw moisture from the hurricane and look at what happened there. these storms are incredible that
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have moved through the east coast over the last couple of days. here the northeast is getting a lot better. as you probably noticed yesterday when the sun came out. right now we're seeing a few clouds mixed in that sky right now. but they'll clear out later today. the temperature is a cool 64 degrees in central park right now. under partly cloudy skies. and tomorrow it's going to warm up even more than what we saw today. we were in the upper 60s in most locations today from central park to newark to bridgeport. islip at 64 and by tomorrow a few of us will touch 70, if not go above that in the area. so, temperatures tonight still 40s and 50s and maybe not as illy as it has been tne last couple of nights and back to the 70s tomorrow and no rain until iday even though we're still running a deficit despite all the rain we had. it's clearing out back to the north and west tonight. still some clouds hugging the coastline right now. they will eventually cle s out right now, as well. tedaeratures throu the evening drop into the 40s and 50s. if you are going out, need jackets and sweaters still.
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bed overnight and in the morning, too. 40s and 50s degrees temperatures ross the area. tomorrow it warms oplittle bit more. by 3:00 p.m. in the 70s and 67 in monticello and another cool night on tuesday into wednesday morning. buet not quite as chilly. each day it moderates a bit until we geet the end of the week. right now across connecticut, s in re bing, fairfield and straf stafford from long island into new jersey and hudson valley and cooler up around monticello where you're in the 50s. a few clouds early this evening. they'll gradually clear out of the area laterstonight. 40 ts in the suburb. ier the weekend, the temperatures will be a little bit cooler, but these are near average. mid to upper 60s. no rain, few clouds here and there on saturday. sunshine for annday. the rain we're expecting will come late into thursday. hurricane joaquin still a category 1 storm still holding ona.
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from bermuda as it starts to pick up steam with the upper level winds and will continue to the east of us into the middle of tst atlantic. for tonight, the temperatures in the 40s and 50s. garden city, the city, east chester down to 47. going to be a cool night north and west where you're in the low to mid-40s. tomorrow, 72. and wednesday 74. upper 60s thursday, friday. we'll get a few showers on friday. but then dry for the weekend. >> summer's back. >> nice. all right, so, filmmaker and brooklyn native spike lee will serve as grand marshal at next month's new york city marathon. the world's largest marathon takes place sunday, november 1st. and runs through the fort green neighborhood where lee grew up. as grand marshal, lee, a well known new york sports fan will celebrate in several race week fessieveties. lee has no idea why he was chosen for the honor, but says he's a life-long fan of the race. live from yankee stadium. >> shocked. that is how the yankees describe
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learning about the news of cc sabathia. coming up in sports, cc will not be with them pitching for the playoffs but he m still be able to motivate them in the postseason. i'll explain that next in sports
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the verizon fios sports desk is brought to you by verizon fios. leave slow internet behind. get fios. >> well, a big shocker in baseball and it couldn't come at a worst time. john chandler is at yankee stadium to tell us more. >> well, that's right. the yankees completely shocked by this news today as they
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step towards chasing their first world championship since 2009. of course, cc sabathia anchored the rotation back in 2009, but they will not have the lefty in the playoffs starting tomorrow against houston. that's because cc has entered alcohol rehab. cc said in a statement through the team today that "it hurts him deeply to to this now, but he owes it to myself and to my family to get myself right. i want to take control of my disease. i want to be a better man, player and father." it was pretty evident throughout that entire yankees' clubhouse that he has the support of this organization. >> he's carried this franchise on his back in the past and led us to places we wanted to go and i think, obviously, now, he's raised his hand and said, i need someone to help and guide me. and, you know, if it takes him taking a time out and getting the help necessary, you know, that's more than fine.
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>> you know, cc has been a warrior here. and he always showed courage then. and he always showed an inner strength. and i'm probably more proud of the inner strength that he showed yesterday than any day that i've had him as a manager. and he did the right thing. >> and brian cashman added, boy, it takes some kind of strength to be able to make this announcement at this time with the yankees on the verge of the playoffs and certainly all the pressure here in new york with then taking a step towards the playoffs. now, the yankees worked out today at the stadium. they will host the houston astros. a one-game showdown tomorrow here in the bronx. a common theme throughout the clubhouse this afternoon. it's time for this team to rally around cc. >> what you see is what you get with cc. he's a warrior. he works his tail off. and he's just a very likable guy. he's one of my favorite teammates i ever had. and kind of guy you want to go
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to the foxhole with. >> you have to getter better there before you can come out and compete at this level. we're all glad he's getting help and we're praying for him. >> i mean cc for the last, since 2009, he has been a huge part of what we've done around here. nobody was more excited the other night to clinch a spot in the post-season than cc and definitely, you know, definitely like to play well tomorrow night in advance and make them proud. lr. so, it will be yankees and astros tomorrow night here in the bronx in that one-game wildcard. later this week the national league division starts with the mets and dodgers. friday and saturday, it's going to be late for games one and two. 9:45 pirs first pitch on friday night. the mets won't have to worry about the shadows, but they still have to deal with the dodgers big arms. i'll send it back to the studio now guys with this final note. for cc sabathia, just takes an awful lot of courage for him to
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