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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  October 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york. a wild chase an an innocent man caught in the middle. didn't know this could happen. it's insane. >> a hospital shocker. a man locked in a bathroom, found dead five days later. investigators pull a second body from the rubble of this blast. one mystery remains. good evening. i'm chuck scarborough. >> i'm sibila vargas. we begin with the wild snaen the bronx. a man hurt when a car chased by police slammed in 0 to his vehicle. >> it ended with a foot pursuit. ray has more on what started it all. >> it started with officers hearing shots fired on third avenue. police tried to catch up to the gunman, who hopped in to a car. and then there was a police
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intersection which is littered with shattered glass surveillance video shows the alek skarlatos reening through the intersection slamming in to a car. >> crashed and that's when we seen the place. i was like oh, bleep. it was crazy. i thought somebody died. >> reporter: watch again. a school bus happened to drive by mere seconds before the car blew through the light. the wild crash was the end of an alleged crime spree. >> we seen the car. once it crashed police came out of nowhere. >> it started on third avenue monday afternoon. police sources say two men were spotted shooting a gun. police tried to catch up to them. we're told the guys jumped in a car and took off. police followed and saw the guy dump the gun and crashed in to a delivery driver. that didn't slow them down as they kept driving, ending up a
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mile away slamming in to another car. >> i heard the guy in this car yelling help help. then you see a whole bunch of cop cars. >> reporter: after the crash, the guys in the car tried to take off. police swarmed the crash site and arrested three men. >> i was worried because if you look at the time my kids get out of school, and i know there are a lot of kids here. so i was worried about the kids and if there was going to be a shooting. >> reporter: i checked with police and they have not filed charges for the three men arrested. although the charges are expected later tonight or tomorrow. as far as the two innocent drivers who were hit in all of this chaos, we're told they are in stable condition. >> thank you. also in the bronx, how does a man die in a hospital bathroom and go unnoticed for days? that's a question the man's family is asking month fee orr medical center.
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we have details from norwood. >> 44-year-old anthony l uso's family is furious and confused tonight. they say he works here at montefiore medical center and he went to the bathroom, got locked in and wasn't found until today. >> very angry this could happen. it's insane. >> reporter: thomas can't fathom how his older brother got locked in a bathroom in the hospital where he worked without anyone noticing for almost a week. >> never checked the bathroom until today when we started to make a lot of commotion. >> reporter: he says his brother cleans in the or. he said on thursday anthony left work to get an injured finger treated in the e.r. around 1:00 p.m. he says after the triage nurses saw his finger he went to the bathroom on the third floor and
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>> they made no attempt to check on him. >> officials said that is an ongoing investigation with the nypd n. a statement to news 4, the staff are extremely saddened to learn one of our employees has passed away. our hearts go out to the family, friends and co-workers. what kind of guy was he? >> he was a good guy. >> reporter: as the family gathers mourning their son, brother, they say they want answers. >> suspicious, odd. doesn't make sense. >> thomas luso said hospital staffers said they moved his brother's body thinking he was still alive. he's upset about that. he said the family plans to call an attorney first thing if the morning. >> new tonight, police in queens busted a drug distribution ring when they caught six men
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unloading 3500 pounds of marijuana from a tractor-trailer. these are the boxes the suspects were allegedly unloading. when officers approached they saw and detected a strong marijuana scent coming from the truck. they contain $3.5 million of marijuana set for distribution throughout the city. crews pull a second body from the rubble of a building that exploded over the weekend. news 4's ida siegal has one theory that may explain the explosion. >> reporter: workers have taken a break tonight. hours earlier they made the grim discovery folks aren't expecting. they found the body of a woman buried in the rubble. family at the scene broke down in tears. their loved one has been missing since the blast happened on saturday.
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spoke to her on the phone just before the building exploded and he was at home. they have not officially identified the body but family believe it is her. the councilman lander has been in contact with them. >> can you imagine anything worse than waiting for hours not sure whether your family member is inside that building. >> reporter: a 64-year-old woman was also killed. she lived on the third floor. investigators are not determined what sparked the explosion. though sources say one angle they are looking in to is suicide. sources say figueroa expressed suicidal thoughts and text messages and on social media. friends of her family say she wouldn't do something like that. friends say she was happy and not suicidal. tomorrow, workers at the scene will continue to demolish the two buildings and look for clues to figure out what happened. ida siegal, news 4, new york. tonight, we are looking at
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photos of a man who police say pulled off a robbery at the legendary plaza hotel. look at this photo. police say this gunman rocked the currency exchange in the hotel's undergrouz ground plaza shops. if you recognize this man call police. shock after a dermatologist with a husband and three children is found dead of a suspected overdose after partying with two nen the city. several law enforcement sources say that kiersten cerveny used the drug in the hours before she died. initial reports say she may have been strangled but investigators backed away from that. so far there's no word of criminal charges against the men she had been with. tonight, news four looked in
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an amtrak train derailed. reports show nine other train accidents on those tracks in the last ten years. of the nine crashes, seven involved derailments. today's derailment was caused when a train en route to washington, d.c. hit rocks that had fallen on the tracks. passengers rushed in to help each other. >> the most able bodied people adopted an injured person and got them out. >> seven people were hurt. vermont's governor said there is no evidence of wrongdoing but there is an investigation. the u.s. coast guard now believes the vessel sank in the storm. authorities found the body of one person and this badly damaged lifeboat. the focus is on the search for survivors. it had 33 crew members, including 28 americans as it headed from florida to puerto rico. family and friends of those missing are outraged.
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>> you have got to be kidding. you are on a suicide mission. never should have sailed through those waters, period. >> nothing short of a nightmare. >> reporter: the area where the ship sank is 15,000 feet deep. the coast guard said the ship carrying close to 400 contains er containers. . days of heavy rain have come to an end in south carolina. but the danger is far from over. in the columbia area, massive flooding has caused breaches in a number of dams according to the nbc station there. other dams are in danger, as well with. because of that officials ordered mandatory evacuation today in some communities. >> if this dam goes 50,000 people will be washed away. >> we don't want to have you added to this number of fatalities. >> reporter: at least 12 people have died, including two in north carolina.
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this evening, president obama signed a disaster declaration making federal aid available to people in the columbia and charleston areas, as well as several other hard-hit counties. john boehner pushed back the vote for his replacement until later this month. lawmakers will elect a new speaker october 29th and vote on leadership posts after that. a secret ballot was supposed to be held for thursday but house republicans will only is a select nominee for speaker that day. a health scare at a new jersey clinic. a nurse accused of giving dozens of flu shots using the same syringe. the frightening moment when a car plows in to a show. and cc sabathia is out for the playoffs after checking in to rehab. what are his team mates saying about that?
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in westchester county a runaway oil tanker crashed in t s o the side of an apartment building and spilled 100,000 gallons of diesel fuel. it happened this morning. firefighters say the truck's brakes gave way while it was stopped to make a delivery. the driver was not inside at the time. the hazmat team stopped the leak and no one was injured. residents didn't have to be relocated. police in brooklyn are looking for a group of teenagers who left an mta bus rider with a broken jaw. look at the video. police say these seven men hopped on a bus last month and punched a 17-year-old boy and ran off. it's not clear if the victim knew the young men
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simple flu shot turned in to a nightmare for 67 people in an office in new jersey. it turns out the nurse used the same syringe over and over again. it happened during a company flu shot clinic at otsuka pharmaceuticals. everyone who got the shot is being tested for hepatitis and hiv. >> we feel it is important they are aware of their health status and understand the risks and potential is. >> reporter: the story is worse for those who got the shots. the health department says total wellness, the company that contracted the nurse for the clinic may have used less than the recommendation dose of the flu vaccine in those injections. president obama plans to travel to oregon on friday to meet with those who losted loved ones in the shooting at the umpqua college. classes won't resume until next week. staff members and students were allowed to return today to
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nine people were killed in the rampage. nine others were wounded before the gunman killed himself. american airlines flight diverted this morning when the captain became ill and later died. no word of what caused him to be incapacitated during the red eye flight. the co-pilot called a medical emergency and diverted the plane to syracuse where it landed safely. >> when it landed we didn't know the magnitude of what was going on. saw the fire trucks and ems and they knew what they were doing and put you at ease. >> that's why we train. when you do something over and over on again it is routine under adversity. >> reporter: american airlines confirms the pilot was unresponsive when medical help arrived. his cause of death has not been released. a warning for those with a gluten allergy. cheerios and honey nut cheerios
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the festival is held each year. it began on saturday and runs through october 11th. >> stunning. >> pretty. >> beautiful. >> saturday would not have been a good day here, though. >> it was windy. >> usually when it is that windy they don't go up. but our winds did die down today. generally the weather is improving in the tristate area. that's good news. good news in terms of temperatures coming up in the forecast. look outside at the top of the rock camera. it is blue shirt day. that's why the empire state building is blue in honor of stomp out bullying. skew scattered clouds and 58 degrees in midtown. we are tracking joaquin even though it is not a threat to land. it moved north of bermuda. the hurricane topped winds at 85 miles an hour but racing to the east. the problem is it is over the open atlantic and will not cause
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a problem here but in a few days it will come close to europe like spain and portugal and even southern europe. they will be watching with to see what happens there. likely to bring quite a bit of rain there. in the meantime, it's back to the 70s tomorrow. no rain until friday. we still need more rain. still in a deficit. friday is the only day this week. 40s to the north. kingston, poughkeepsie. sussex 44. 50s in the city and across long island. it will cool down a few degrees before the night is over. those clouds are moving off shore. we will see a few of those around tomorrow. mainly high level clouds. that's it. the weather will be dry for a few days and it warms up, too. you may be happy to hear about that. future tracker shows the clear skies overnight a clouds drifting in across the area in the morning and through wednesday morning, too. they are fair weather clouds. not going to keep the tempertwhures from warming up like we expec acr
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ses the area, 70s. 53ou in the city. nice and sunny and beautiful and 70 at 5:00. afternoon. othe cold front comes through friday. that's what will bring the showers. saturday may see af hower irc the morning and then partly cloudy and breezy 62. back up to the mid to upper 60s by sunday. it warms up again. 40s and 50s tonight. garden city 50. st of the 40s north and west from fairfield to milford. east brunswick 47. 70s in the forecast for tomorrow, scarsdale, smithtown, union 74. west wind will keep it nice and warm. up to millbrook, high of 70 as well. the seven-day forecast shows the warm weather for tomorrow and wednesday. up to 74 degrees. back to the upper 60s on thursday. the rain showers come friday. they will be over saturday and then the sun returns on sunday.
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no major weather events. nice warm weather to enjoy. filmmaker spike lee will serve as the grand marshall of next month's new york city marathon. the largest marathon takes place sunday november 1st and runs through the neighborhood where lee grew up. as grand marshall, lee, a well-known sports fan will participate in race week festivities. he has no idea why he was chosen for the honor but said he is a life long fan of the race. life long knicks fan, too. more questions than answers at yankees stadium and it centers around cc sabathia. coming up in sports the yankees big left hander comes forwa rd about an alcohol problem, and the team rallies around him. >> > we are getting ready for a big baseball game with the season on the line for both the yankees and astros. it's all just ahead. here's what jimmy fallon has coming up tonight. >> thank you, chuck and sibila
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a horrific scene at a motor show in malt ta t. two dozen were injure when this porsche crashed in a barrier and slammed in to a crowd of spectators. 13 remain hospitalized tonight. amazingly no one was killed. homeowner risked his life to stop a robber with a gun. security video shows the would be robber trying to take down the victim in his garage this morning in san francisco. the men wrestled for a couple of minutes. finally the homeowner got the gun. on the street the homeowner pointed the gun at the intruder. the would be robber ran away and has not been caught. i don't think he is going back to that home. >> i wouldn't think so.
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the news and timing about cc sabathia are interesting. >> on the eve of the baseball playoffs we got stunning news. yankees pitcher cc sabathia checked himself in to an alcohol rehabilitation center and will miss the postseason. in a statement today, sabathia offered these comments, "it
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hurts me deeply to do this now, but i owe it to myself and my family to get myself right. i want to take control of my disease and i want to be a better man, father and player. being an adult means being accountable. being a player means that others look up to you. i want my kids to know that i'm not too big of a man to ask for help." here's reaction from the yankees's press. >> tackling this in an honest and open way. the fact he is doing it right before the postseason starts you take a step back and acknowledge the courage that must take. >> as i said to our players when you have issues you have to deal with them now. you don't wait. this is what we all work for this time of the year, to play. krrk c has been part a of this a number of times for us but he knew what was important. if cc is a guy that can step up in a situation like that, i hope
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step up. >> sosa abathia will miss it. three days rest kitele dominated the yankees to the tune of 21 strikeouts and one walk in 16 scoreless innings. after today's workout at the stadium, the talk was less about baseball and more about their teammate and friend. >> obviously sad. cc is a friend and great teammate and like a brother to me. >> like i said we will miss him throughout the playoffs but i'm glad to see he stepped up and is working to become better through this. >> he's one of the leaders of this team. we're going to miss him and
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motivation 100%. >> very courageous thing to do. we play for cc now. >> today was with about caring for a teammate. tomorrow the postseason begins for the bombers in their first playoff game in three years. as for the mets game one against the dodgers is set for 9:45 friday night in los angeles. game two with saturday at 9:07. get ready for exciting and late-night mets fans punctuated by perhaps some awesome pitching. so for the yankees tomorrow, it's either a one-game postseason or it could be a month. you never know what is going to happen. that's why think play the game, guys. >> getting back to cc sabathia it says a lot about the team the way they are rallying behind him. >> the support was straightforward. everyone was talking about him as a person and friend. he's a great guy and has been a leader of the team for a long time and now they are behind him hoping he gets well.
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>> there's the rallying cry. sometimes you see a team galvanize when something like this happens.
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