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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  October 6, 2015 12:37am-1:37am EDT

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[ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers." thank you for watching. have a great night. hope to see you tomorrow. bye-bye everybody. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- idris elba -- from "scandal", actor tony goldwyn -- from "saturday night live", pete davidson. featuring the 8g band with fred armisen. ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] all right, glad to hear it. in that case, let's get to the news.
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season, a national poll has placed dr. ben carson as the republican front runner. carson was so excited about the news, his eyes almost opened. [ laughter ] hillary clinton said this weekend that the record turnout for bernie sanders rallies is great for the democratic party. and it wasn't easy for her to say that, because at the time, she was biting a cinder block in half. [ laughter ] so happy for you, bernie. it's great news for all of us. [ laughter ] donald trump said in an interview this weekend that he has a license to carry a concealed firearm in new york, and added that if someone ever attacked him, they're going to be shocked, especially when they see where he keeps it. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] [ trump voice ] i'll happily turn over my
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just let me straighten my hair. [ laughter ] donald trump confirmed in an interview today that he operates his own twitter account. however, his mouth and his brain are run by interns. [ laughter ] republican presidential hopeful chris christie said this weekend that he would rather jump off the brooklyn bridge than be in congress. and just to be safe, mayor de blasio issued a tsunami warning for lower manhattan. [ laughter ] [ applause ] researchers have begun collecting data to develop a pill that will allow users to experience the benefits of exercise without having to work out. said americans, "so i have to get up -- [ laughter ] get a glass of water, unscrew the pill -- no, thank you. not interested." a farmer in michigan last week accidentally unearthed a woolly mammoth skeleton while digging in his field.
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and now, authorities say they have some questions for the old mammoth widow who lives down the street. [ laughter ] why, i haven't seen henry for weeks. [ laughter ] a realtor from hawaii is denying reports that she verbally harassed a flight attendant, exposed her breasts, and threw a half full soda can at him after being told she could not use her e-cigarette in flight. it does sound pretty unbelievable. we're supposed to believe the flight attendant gave her the entire can of soda? [ laughter ] burger king customers who have tried the restaurant's limited edition black bun whopper are reporting that the burger turned their poop unnaturally green. [ laughter ] though i have some news for those customers. that's just the whopper part.
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documentary is out that follows a man born without a penis who claims to have slept with over 100 women. of women, his wife, barbie. [ laughter ] we have a great show for you tonight. [ cheers and applause ] he's a star of a great new movie, both on netflix and in theaters. it's called "beasts with no nation" idris elba is with us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] yesterday, my mom asked me who is on the show tomorro and i said idris elba is on the show. and my mom said, "oh, oh, oh! be still my beating heart." that's just an expression she used. she wasn't saying it to be funny. she definitely heard the name idris elba and just needed her heart to still. she's very excited he's going to be here tonight. we also have, from the abc show "scandal", the hit show "scandal", tony goldwyn joining us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] and he is one of the new stars
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joins the show. for the first time, we are so excited to have pete here. [ applause ] but before we get to that, after the shooting in roseburg, oregon last week, candidates on the campaign trail were asked about their positions on increased gun control. for more on this, it's time for a segment we call "a closer look." [ applause ] >> seth: no candidate received more attention for his comments than jeb bush, who took questions at the conservative leadership project in south carolina. a reporter at the event tweeted "in greenville, south carolina jeb bush arguing against calls for gun control after major tragedy, says "stuff happens." the remark ignited a twitter firestorm and the media quickly picked up on it. >> jeb bush is under fire for shrugging and saying "stuff happens." >> the fact that he said "stuff happens," a lot of people are looking at that and thinking "god, that really is tone deaf." >> i saw this, i tweeted immediately i think "stuff happens" is going to trend. and i wasn't wrong about that.
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happy it trended. i tweeted it, it has a bunch of faves. things are going really good. of course, if "stuff happens" sounds familiar, it's because it was also the tag line for the short-lived abc sitcom, "single dad." but "stuff happens" was only a snippet of jeb's remarks. and taking it out of context isn't fair. it makes it sound like jeb lacked compassion, which he clearly did not, rather he was talking about legislative responses to tragedies. here's a longer version of his answer. >> it was very sad to see. but i resist the notion. and i had this challenge as governor. because we had -- look, "stuff happens." there's always a crisis and the impulse is always to do something. and it's not necessarily the right thing to do. >> seth: so to be clear, he wasn't callously shrugging off the shooting. he was just saying "so, when tragedies like these occur, it's important for the government to not do anything." [ laughter ] jeb was confronted by reporters later and he failed to make things easier on himself. >> was stuff happens a mistake then --
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i said exactly what i said. why don't you explain to me what i said wrong. >> you said stuff happens -- >> things happen all of the time. things. is that better? >> seth: i will say, when it comes to running a campaign, jeb bush is not good at things or stuff. [ laughter ] jeb elaborated on his original remarks, offering an example of a tragedy that he said didn't necessarily need a government response. "a child drowns in a pool and the impulse is to pass a law that puts fencing around pools. in some cases you don't solve the problem by passing a law, and you're imposing on large number of people burdens that make it harder for our economy to grow. make it harder to protect liberties." first of all, how are pool fences making it harder for our economy to grow? [ laughter ] are they taking jobs away from backyard lifeguards? [ laughter ] what do you mean, i'm fired? sorry, devin, but the fence does your job for half the cost, and i'm not going to catch it smoking weed in the garage. second, florida did pass a law
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swimming pool safety act, which required that a barrier must be placed around the perimeter of the pool. i mean, who would sign an anti freedom law like that just because of one isolated tragedy? >> someone fell into a pool and died, and they proposed a law that required fences around pools that jeb bush signed. >> seth: jeb, exclamation point! [ laughter ] so to clarify, jeb bush is in favor of pool control, not gun control. but this illustrates the point perfectly. we implement sensible regulations on potentially dangerous things like pools all of the time. why should guns be any different? i know. i know. there's no right to bear pools in the constitution. but that's only because our founding fathers failed to see that a bunch of rich ass [ bleep ] would want cement ponds in their back yards. jeb isn't alone in his beliefs that new laws won't stop gun deaths. the language of futility has been ringing out from other candidates as well. >> i keep waiting for someone to tell me, what new gun law can we pass that would have prevented
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this shooting? >> there's just no evidence that these gun laws would prevent these shootings. >> gun control only works for normal law abiding citizens. it doesn't work for crazies. [ laughter ] >> seth: ben carson is a neurosurgeon. is he allowed to say crazies? i've done a full examination of your brain, and i'm afraid you have the crazies. [ applause ] [ laughter ] ben carson with raccoon hands. and now if you excuse me, i see the lid on that garbage can isn't on, and i'm going to go rifle through it. but perhaps the best illustration of the hopelessness with this issue are chris christie's comments yesterday. >> the state some of the toughest gun laws and one of the lowest murder rates. isn't there a correlation? >> george, i don't think there is. >> seth: chris christie actually disagrees that the laws in his own state have been successful
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politics of this issue are. have you ever seen a politician decline to take credit for something good that happened in their state? that's like kanye saying, you know what, i don't deserve this award. it was really the sound mixer. [ laughter ] give it to the sound mixer. it's not about me. [ applause ] there's other -- it's -- no. even if you take gun control opponents at their word they need more evidence before passing laws, fine, let's have the government research the causes of gun violence to find out how to stop it. except they're opposed to that too. >> in 1994, the nra, through their lobbying, was able to pull the cdc funding that the premier public health organization in the world, so they were not allowed to do gun violence research. >> seth: that's right, the nra was able to convince congress to even ban research into gun violence, which is a shame, because all the data shows the more guns you have, the more gun deaths you have. just look at this chart on the relationship between the rates of gun deaths and gun ownership among developed nations.
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other country, we're running out of chart. [ laughter ] the only other chart that gets the same results for the u.s. is the number of cheesecake factories and number of sweat pant sales. [ laughter ] but, as jeb says, stuff happens, and some of it is candidates bragging about their gun ownership after tragedies like the one in oregon. >> in fact, i have a license to carry in new york. can you believe that? nobody knows that. [ cheers and applause ] [ laughter ] >> seth: just when you thought trump 2016 couldn't get any gnarlier, oh, my god, he has a gun. and a case of the crazies. this has been "a closer look." [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with more "late night"!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody! please say hello to the 8g band. [ cheers and applause ] best band in late night, and we are so excited tonight. fred armisen is back from portland. it's lovely to have you back here tonight, fred. >> fred: thank you. >> seth: i'm so happy you're here. >> fred: thank you. >> seth: and, fred, i'm so happy you're back. as you guys may or may not know, fred loves tv.
12:53 am
he loves tv. and we live in an era right now where a lot of people think there is almost too much good tv on. it's hard to watch all the shows that are on tv. fred, however, he watches everything. and he can really provide a service, because of it. so we're going to check in with him in a segment we call "fred armisen's extremely accurate tv recap." [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so i picked a show at random from the tv guide. did you see last week's episode of "snapped?" >> fred: snapped? >> seth: yes. >> fred: i love "snapped." >> seth: okay, great. it's on oxygen channel, as you know. >> fred: it's on oxygen, right? >> seth: yeah. for those of us who missed last week's "snapped," can you recap it for us? >> fred: well, first of all have you seen it? >> seth: no. >> fred: oh, you have to see it? [ light laughter ] >> seth: okay, good. >> fred: you have to. >> seth: okay. >> fred: the pilot is amazing. "snapped," it's like seven businessmen, right? >> seth: uh-huh. >> fred: and so what they do is to like -- one of them has to get fired, right. they're like "we have to fire one of these guys."
12:54 am
but it's a drama, so the way 're going to do this is we're gonna snap whoever snaps last. [ laughter ] gets fired. >> seth: okay. >> fred: so james, who is loveable. he's got a heart of gold, but he's slow at snapping. [ laughter ] and you root for him -- you're like "you have to snap fast, you've got to get in there, and he doesn't." so immediately, you're like, please, james, go back in the boardroom. get back in there. >> seth: when they say whoever snaps slowest is out, do they say, "one, two, three, go" and they all snap? >> fred: yes. so you've seen it? [ laughter ] >> seth: no, no, no. >> fred: so, they're like one, two, three, go, and poor james is like, okay, i guess i'm last. he goes in the other room and they all go in, and they're about to apologize. they're like "hey, man, we're really sorry about the way we conducted ourselves in there." and then -- >> seth: wait, so what's that accent? [ laughter ] >> fred: it's very northern. it's a very, like, northern drama. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> fred: it's like a northern business. you know what i mean? >> seth: a northern business drama. got it. >> fred: like anchors -- >> seth: okay. so they come in and they apologize for their behavior. >> fred: and james is gone.
12:55 am
>> seth: wow. >> fred: and you see his footprints. and you're like, where did he go? >> seth: i'm sorry, footprints in an office? [ laughter ] >> fred: yes. in the carpet. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> fred: and he's in the other room, and he's looking at them, and he's like -- i actually snapped first. >> seth: what? >> fred: he says, i actually snapped first. >> seth: okay. >> fred: which is so beautiful. and that, like -- it's -- the poetry of it is so good. [ light laughter ] please see "snapped." it's great. >> seth: that's fantastic. because that is -- that's -- because the tv guide said "snapped" is a true crime series profiling female murderers that were recalling the events that led them to kill. >> fred: you could see it that way. [ laughter ] you know what i mean? i could see that. yeah. sure. >> seth: welcome back, fred. it's great to see you here. [ cheers and applause ] i do -- you know, i haven't seen is the show. i do, i deeply care about james. >> fred: poor james. he's loveable. >> seth: yes, yes. >> fred: heart of gold. slow at snapping. [ light laughter ] >> seth: and how thick are the carpets, would you say?
12:56 am
>> fred: i mean, they're really thick. it's almost like -- it's like grass. it's just really knee-high. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that's great. i can't wait. "snapped" on oxygen. now, we here at the show believe things are, they can still have common ground. again for "venn diagrams." [ applause ] diagrams." groups and find out what they have in common. first up, on one side we have jon snow. on the other side, we have donald trump. and in the middle we have people who won't shut up about the wall. [ laughter ] moving on, on one side we have volkswagen executives. on the other side, we have someone who blames the dog. i wonder what this could be. people who lie about emissions. [ applause ] moving on, on one side, we have hurricanes. on the other side, we have wall sockets.
12:57 am
in the middle, we have bernie sanders' hairstylists. [ light laughter ] let's see what that looks like. there it is. moving on. on one side, we have the pope. on the other side, we have kim davis. and in the middle we have -- and he's running away. [ applause ] [ laughter ] and finally, on one side, we have infamous boston gangsters. on the other side, we have chris christie's underpants. and in the middle, we have whitey bulger. [ applause ] that's "venn diagrams." we'll be right back with idris elba.
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i can't wait the 5 truth or dare challenge is back.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody! our first guest is a "golden globe" award-winning actor who starred in films like "no good deed" and "mandela: long walk to freedom." starting october 16th, you can see him in netflix's first original film, "beasts of no nation."
1:02 am
>> the government already killed my father and my little brother and my -- >> everybody has called a commandant. >> how does the commandant look? [ crowd chanting in unison ] how does the commandant look? [ crowd chanting in unison ] now what are they calling you? >> agu. >> you must say it like you are proud. >> agu. >> one more time. >> agu. >> uh, huh. well, agu. that's what i will be calling you then. >> seth: please welcome to the show, idris elba. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you?
1:03 am
>> i'm very good. really good. >> seth: before we talk about this wonderful film, i want to see if you remember something. last year, we were at an emmy party together, i had my parents with me. and the only person my mom wanted to meet was you. >> your mom. >> seth: yeah. and she still talks about it to this day like the two of you had this incredible connection. >> how is she? >> seth: she is well. she's very well. >> hillary, right? hillary. >> seth: hillary, yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. you know, they watch the show. my parents watch the show on the ground floor. and after she sees that you said that, my dad's going to have to get her in the attic. >> no, i think she's got other plans tonight. >> seth: oh, she does. all right good, well, i'm glad. [ laughter ] >> seth: so this film is fantastic. it's the first film -- the feature film on netflix. and it's certainly a heavy subject matter. but it's a wonderful film. and you play this commandant. >> commandant, yeah. >> seth: and is it true? because a lot of the cast were not professional actors before this film. is it true that on the set they
1:04 am
actual commandant? >> yeah, we had 200 nonacting extras who basically just needed to be in the moment all the time. >> seth: yeah. >> which is good, because we didn't have much time to shoot. it was a low-budget film. and so i'd walk on to the set, you know what i mean, like groggy-eyed at 7:00 in the morning and they would be like, "commandant! commandant!" and after a while i got used to it. except for, you know -- trying to get that ten-one. you know, i wanted to take a [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] >> seth: there you go, yeah. >> just leave me alone. all the way to the toilet. "commandant!" [ laughter ] >> seth: the kid, the young actor, abraham, is that his name? >> yeah. >> seth: he's fantastic. he never acted before, yes? >> he's never acted. he's amazing. real instinctual actor. had a good vibe about him. he's great. >> seth: and the director is cary fukunaga? and he did the first season of "true detective." >> that's right. >> seth: and it's a beautiful film.
1:05 am
out in cinemas as well. do you think, would you recommend seeing it one way or another, or do you think it doesn't matter? >> i think the cinema experience -- the way cary makes movies and pictures, you need to see it in the cinema to really, fully appreciate it. i love the fact that it's available on the same day to like, 60 million people. >> seth: i think that's true, because is one of those movies that i do feel like having access to is important because it would be a film where you'd see a trailer and say, "i am definitely going to see that." and then you'd sort of, time would pass, and you realize you didn't get out. so, i'm glad it's available. >> i think that's great for the future. the films that have a more difficult subject can still see a big audience. >> seth: well, i'm very happy for that. you do a lot of other things as well. you have your own clothing line? >> yes. >> seth: and how would you describe the idris elba clothing line? >> actually, i've been describing it as a 24-hour business, basically. that's my little tag line. >> seth: gotcha. >> it's basically, because you can wear clothes, you know, you go to work d ring the day, and then in the evening, you might have an engagement. everyone's so busy now. >> seth: if you have any
1:06 am
good business. [ laughter ] >> but in my clothes, you look good at 4:00 a.m. [ laughter ] that's all i'm trying to say. >> seth: that's important, because one of your other professions is, you are a professional deejay. and you've been doing this for a long time. >> yeah. >> seth: you've played ibiza. am i saying it right with the "tha?" >> yeah. ibiza. >> seth: you can do it either way. >> that's the -- yeah, spanish. >> seth: but, when you do ibiza, so that's a place i've never been but heard a lot about. what is that scene like? what is it like to deejay in one of those, like super clubs? because they are, like, super clubs, right? >> yeah, it's massive. i did pacha, which is one of the big pinnacles for any deejay. and it's, like, 4,000 people. and it's tough work, trying to get everybody to dance to -- >> seth: and is that -- but that is what -- when you, as a deejay, a good show is you look out and everybody's moving to the beat. no one is talking or looking at their phone. >> a good show is en you're enjoying yourself, you're connecting and they're connecting with you. it's like playing instruments. when you vibe, the band will know. when you're vibing, the audience will vibe. >> seth: that's pretty good. >> i love it.
1:07 am
>> seth: pacha, can you put me on the list? if you can say ibiza three times in a row. >> seth: ibiza, ibiza, ibiza. yo [ laughter ] >> okay. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: i was first, i think like most american audiences, i was first introduced to your work as stringer bell on "the wire." one of the great characters on one of the greatest all time shows. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: and like many people who saw you first as that character, had no idea you were british. and when you auditioned for that ow, david simon had no idea you were british? did you come in character? >> yeah. >> seth: okay. >> i was spe fically told, "don't come in with a british accent. speak american." >> seth: how far into it until you had to reveal to him that you were? >> it was actually the last audition. i knew that i was close, but i wasn't sure. and i was really auditioning for avon barksdale. >> seth: right. >> this was the audition that they made the decision that they're going to give me stringer bell, but at the
1:08 am
audition, one of the producers, whose name i'm forgetting now, but he was a lovely fellow. he was from ireland, and he looked at me and he said, "where are you from?" [ laughter ] ane i was like, "you know, fourth audition, do i lie? if i lie, it looks bad on my character." >> seth: right, right. >> so i just aid, uh, uh -- "i'm from london, mate. i'm sorry. [ laughter ] i know you're going to be annoyed at me. i'm sorry, i've fooled you for four weeks." i'm sorry about it." they were like, "oh, wow." david simon didn't know. >> seth: that's fantastic. and you have one of my favorite getting a job stories of all-time. because buthe day you got -- you auditioned for the show and got. and again, nobody knew what "the wire" was gonna be. you've got casted on a pilot. you were deejaying that night, and there was more to it than that. >> my wife at the time was pregnant and in labor. so -- >> seth: so the day you found out. >> the day, yeah. so the day i was on my way to audition. she's like, "i'm going into labor."
1:09 am
tight. [ laughter ] i've got to make this money." di went to the audition and the audition went well. i got a good vibe from there. but then w t back, and i had to deejay that night. we were broke. it was really hard times for us. so i had to deejay, i couldn't get a cover deejay, and she was still in labor. and then when i finished deejaying about 3:00 in the morning, she went to the hospital and it was perfect timing and my daughter, isan, was born. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: well, congratulations. that is happy -- unlike evorerything on "the wire", at is a happy ending. so, thank you so much for being here. i've been a fan for a long time. >> thanks, man. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: me and my mother, idris elba, everybody. "beasts of no nation" is available in select theaters and to stream on netflix on october 16th. we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] it's here! the most advanced iphone yet. get the new iphone 6s at t-mobile. the network that's double it's lte coverage in the past year. our new extented range lte
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "lt ate night" everybody. our next guest plays president fitzgerald grant on the massively popular series, "scandal." new episodes air thursday nights on abc. let's take a look.i [ clamoring ] >> are you the president's mistress? >> yes. >> scandal. >> seth: please welcome
1:14 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> i'm great. seth: so happy to h e you here. >> yeah, she said yes. >> seth: she said yes, that's a big deal. now, usually, when we show a clip before an actor comes out, you would be in the clip, but you -- [ laughter ] >> i don't need to be in that clip. >> seth: that's a big clip. but you also, you directed that episode. >> i did, that's right. >> seth: how many episodes of the show have you directed over the course? >> i've directed one every season. i think, this year, i'm gonna do two. but normally i do one. >> seth: that's great. is it fun to play both roles on an episode like that? >> it's amazing. because we're -- it's such a tight knit group, and to be able to just kind of slide over, it's amazing. it really is. >> seth: you don't use it as a power trip to all of a sudden be able to tell your fellow cast members what to do? i completely use it as a power trip. [ laughter ] we have this whole egalitarian thing on "scandal" and then i get be the boss and tell them whether they're good or bad. >> seth: that's wonderful. and you can say, "do it more like tony did."'m[ laughter ]
1:15 am
>> exactly. "d bo you want me to just show you, kerry, how i want you to kiss me? i mean, come on. [ laughter ] >> seth: and then you just go full hand, like this. >> i'm like "do this." right. >> seth: now this, end of last season, fitz and olivia, it looks like you're going to get together. happily ever after. obviously, already a lot of drama, a couple episodes i >> right. >> seth: i guess that's not surprising, the show is called "scandal." it's not called "two people getting along with nothing going wrong." >> exactly. >> seth: were you surprised how quickly shonda sort of brought it off the rails or is that what you expected? d>> i expected it, but i was so relieved that we didn't repeat thate pattern of bringing us together and ripping us apart. that was kind of my fear. i didn't think she'd do that, but i was afraid we might go there. and so, what she has done instead is kind of said to the auakdience, "for four years you've been dying for fitz and olivia to be together. here you go. let's see what that looks like." and it's really interesting. the first two have aired. but now we're on to eight. >> seth: right.
1:16 am
you anything -- >> seth: no, it's one of those. it's a top-secret show. but you do -- you can't tell us anything. but fans immediately tel you what they think. your show became one of the first shows to sort of let people live tweet the show, and all the actors are on twitter when it airs. you engage with fans. >> yeah, every time. for five years, we've been doing it. >> seth: which is incredible. and our -- how do you choose which twee to respond to in the hour that -- because there's are so many -- there are over 400,000. >> about 5 million that come out of -- well, it's hard. you kind of look for common questions. you look for smart questions. you look for funny things to respond to. the only thing -- if i can give people any advice -- you get so many tweets saying, "why haven't you tweeted at me? you've tweeted at everybody. everybody has gotten a tweet from t y exceptt mu. please, tweet at me." [ laughter ]
1:17 am
those tweets, you know? [ laughter ] >> seth: they should say, "i don't even care if you tweet ba ck." >> exactly. >> seth: "oh, hey." >> "what would i have to do to make you care?" >> you have had some people tweet some outrageous things to you. any favorites? >> you mean, like, raunchy tweets? >> seth: yeah, please. >> you mean, like, the one where someone said, "please occupy my butt hole?" [ laughter ] yeah. i get several a night of that ilk. >> seth: that's, like, the jane austen phrasing of it. it's so polite. the "please" is so wonderful. >> exactly. you're r ht, it was. it was polite. i answered that tweet. we've had a nice relationship ever since. >> seth: perfect. that's wonderful. that is so wonderful. now, you, there is, you have a show -- i thin some people watch it the way other people would watch sports. there's team fitz. there's team jake, played by the actor, scott foley. and do you ever have team jake-ers treat you badly? >> yeah, sometimes. i was at the white house correspondents' dinner, and scott and i were at a party last year. and people want pictures and stuff.
1:18 am
and this woman came up and, you know, normally the two of us and people take pictures of both of us, and this woman shoved me out of the way and said "i'm sorry. i'm team jake." and i said, "please, at least let me take the picture." >> seth: and then you took a super [ bleep ] picture. >> "and then occupy my butt hole." that's right. [ laughter ] >> seth: "before you even ask." now, you -- you were known for a long -- you're obviously known for this role. for a long time, you were known for your role in "ghost." >> right. >> seth: playing carl? was that your character's name? >> very good. >> seth: when did you realize th dat people -- that you were a pe i rson people recognived as playing fitz? >> right. yeah, because "ghost" was a daily occurrence. i was directing a pilot of a show i produced last year in philadelphia. this was a couple years ago. this was in our second season when we made the pilot of the show. and i took a little break from "scandal." and it was just at the beginning of the second season. the show was doing reasonably ll, but we started to get a real following on twitter. bu dot we didn't know quite what we had.
1:19 am
and i get to philly, and we're shooting this thing that had nothing to do with "scandal." and all of a sudden, women started running out of department stores screaming, "it's the president! oh, my god! it's the president!" and i thought, "obama's here? where? that's amazing! no one told me." and they were talking about me. [ laughter ] and i thought, "well, we might have something here." >> seth: that's fantastic. and the treatment of fitz must be nicer than the treatment you received all those years. you were such a villainous -- a wonderful performance. >> that's true, people are much >> seth: one of the great all-time villains. >> oh, thanks. >> seth: how did people, when they approached you about "ghost," how did they approach you about that? >> with "ghost," they were hostile. like, i was doing a play right when that movie opened down in the village here. and i was -- took a break to get something to eat, and the waitress would not seat me. she would not serve me. i sat there for 20 minutes, going, "please, could i --?" and she was giving me these dirty looks. then finally, she came over and she said, "are you an actor." she said, "you were in the movie 'ghost', right?"
1:20 am
i said, "yes." she said, "oh, my god. i'm so sorry. i thought you were a guy i'd slept with and had been really horrible to me." [ laughter ] okay, no. but "scandal" is a little bit different. although fitz is hardly a boy scout. i murdered the supreme court justice. it is kerry washington. but i am cheating on my wife. but people love it. >> seth: yeah, exactly. [ laughter ] >> i'm not complaining. >> seth: if you're the president, they'll let you get away with a lot. >> that's so true. yeah, that's for sure. >> seth: thank you so much for being here. congrats on the show. it was wonderful having you here. >> my pleasure. great, thanks, seth. >> seth: tony goldwyn, everybody. >> thanks, everybody. new episodes of "scandal" air thursday nights on abc. we'll be right back with pete davidson.
1:21 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to the show, everybody. our next guest is a very funny comedian who you know from the cast of "saturday night live." please welcome to the show, our
1:25 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> thank you very much for having me. >> seth: great to see you. >> thank you, guys. [ cheers and applause ] thanks. >> seth: you -- you're not fooling around. you know what you're doing on that. >> dude, everybody's so tired of it, at the office. >> seth: oh, yes. so what, you roll around in the office in it? >> the first day, everybody was like, oh it's so cool. and now everybody's like, he peed on his segue again. [ light laughter ] >> seth: how long did it take for you to get that level of aptitude on that thing? >> about a week. i spent my summer -- >> seth: okay. >> -- really perfecting it down. >> seth: and you -- this is sort of an inside toy. >> yeah. >> seth: more than an outdoor. so do you do it -- do you do it at home? >> i ride it to work. >> seth: okay. you do? outside. >> yeah. >> seth: okay. [ light laughter ] >> lot of dirty looks. yeah. the coolest thing is when people are like -- hey, can i try it?
1:26 am
you just zoom -- [ laughter ] yeah, you don't want to, like -- >> seth: you're liable for that. somebody could break their neck on that if they don't know what they're doing. >> yeah. the first day back to work, it died. >> seth: uh huh. >> as i was going into the revolving doors, and i just face-planted. [ laughter ] >> seth: i wouldn't think, even if it had a battery you should take it into a revolving door. >> yeah, it wasn't really that smart. [ laughter ] >> seth: so have you ever done it in your own apartment? have you ever rolled around there? >> yeah. me and my girlfriend live together. and she hates it. because i ride it in the house. and she said no, you can't do it. and then she went away, for like two days. and the second she left, i turned it on. and i just went right into the wall. [ laughter ] and now there's a huge chunk missing in the wall. >> seth: were you honest when she came home? >> no, i was like, that was there when we moved in. [ laughter ] she's like, it was a new building. and i was like, i know, i'm just as mad. how did we not see this? [ laughter ] >> seth: you auditioned for "snl."
1:27 am
that's obviously something we have in common. i auditioned doing sort of doing characters, impressions. you came from stand-up. >> yeah. >> seth: so you just straight up did stand-up at your audition. how did that come about? >> i didn't know i was auditioning. >> seth: okay. >> i got very lucky, and i got a small part in "train wreck" thanks to amy schumer, who is hosting this week. >> seth: there you go. the great amy schumer. [ cheers and applause ] right? can't wait. >> oh, cool. i always wanted to set up a clap. [ applause ] i never did this before. this is very nice. so much better than staten island cable. [ light laughter ] anyway. so i met bill hader and we had a good time onset. and he called me a week later and he was like, "hey, buddy." [ light laughter ] that's my impression of bill hader. [ laughter ] and he was like, hey, buddy, i recommended you to lorne, so you got an audition next week. >> seth: wow. >> and i was like, "oh, thanks." [ laughter ] like, i didn't know. and then i just did stand-up and i got very, very lucky. >> seth: and now, where were you when you got the call that you got the job? >> oh. i was -- my girlfriend was doing
1:28 am
shows in -- where the hell was it? it doesn't matter, it was in the west coast. >> seth: okay. >> i don't even remember. i should have prepared. [ laughter ] >> seth: you should have like a memory of moments. >> oh, san francisco. >> seth: there you go. [ light laughter ] >> yeah. i went -- >> seth: we're not going to fact-check it. [ laughter ] >> she went -- she was doing shows but i wanted to go see the "full house" house. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> and by the way, not that great. [ laughter ] yeah, after like a five-hour flight and all that -- cabs, and then you get there. >> seth: yeah. >> and you get there and you're like, "oh, it's a house." [ laughter ] and they're not there. >> seth: no, they're not. >> they're not there. [ laughter ] >> seth: and there's no -- the memory -- laughter is not coming out of the windows? >> no, it's just someone else taking a picture like in front of it. [ light laughter ] oh, one of those guys. >> seth: so you flew to san francisco. >> yeah, and the second i landed, i turned on my phone and the second it turned on, i got a call from nbc, and i answered it, and -- obviously. i was like, "oh, no, waiter." [ laughter ] i'm good. and i go, hello. and it's lorne. and he goes, hello.
1:29 am
[ laughter ] and he was like, "oh, i don't know what to do with you, but you got the show." and i was like, "oh, thanks." and then i was like, hello? [ laughter ] and he was just gone. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. that was it. >> seth: yeah. >> and then i went home, and i was like -- i think i got snl. i think he's already mad at me too. i don't know what i did. >> seth: i had a meeting with lorne where he hired me. i didn't know he'd hired me for two more days. >> yeah. >> seth: i just keep -- and so -- >> yeah. [ light laughter ] >> seth: i don't know, maybe. i guess i'll just hang around and wait to see if they put a wig on me. >> it was so weird. [ laughter ] yeah. >> seth: you had something exciting happen this summer. the miami marlins were in town. >> yes. >> seth: they were playing the new york mets. there's a player on the marlins that people told you you looked like, which is christian yelich. >> yes. >> seth: there he is right there. >> we kind of look alike. [ laughter ] >> seth: you do. you look -- i will say you look more like when you're not right next to each other. >> i look like him on crack. [ laughter ] [ applause ] yeah. let's be honest. i look terrible.
1:30 am
but you -- so he was in on this, but his teammates were not. >> no, here's what happened. so the guy from the marlins was like -- we twittered each other. and he was like, hey, i think we should surprise christian. and, you know, you dress up as him and, you know, you go out and stretch with him and see if he notices. and i was like, great. and i should have known there was a problem because when i got to the mets stadium, when i got there, i pulled in, and i'm like here for the marlins thing and they're like there's no such thing going on right now. [ light laughter ] and then i called the guy, and i'm like, hey, i'm here, what should i do and he's like, i don't know. [ laughter ] i was, what do you mean, you don't know. i can't just walk in. you know, so -- >> seth: but we have you did. we have video. this is you coming out on the field during stretches. >> yeah. this is an hour later, by the way. i came out to do stretching and i was like, you know, being a jerk. [ laughter ] i was like -- oh, yeah. by the way, foul tip. and i was very happy with that. no, they didn't tell anybody. and they -- so when i went to stretch with them, i was trying to be funny and nobody knew --
1:31 am
[ light laughter ] and then the strength and conditioning coach goes "hey, son, get the [ bleep ] off the field!" this is a man's game, son! [ laughter ] and i was like, "this was a nice time, guys. thank you so much." [ laughter ] really glad i came here. >> seth: you reflect very badly on the strength and conditioning coach. >> yeah, yeah. [ applause ] and i was like, you guys are like 40 games under .500. >> seth: you guys should try anything. >> yeah, enjoy this! [ laughter ] >> seth: another person who you look even smaller next to, than chris yelich, the rock. you did a great sketch with the rock last year. >> oh, thank you. yeah. >> seth: where at one point -- what would you call it? you were doing a cartwheel. an inverted cartwheel. >> i cartwheeled into a 69. >> seth: you cartwheeled into a 69 with the rock. [ laughter ] >> yeah. hi, mom. [ laughter ] >> seth: and what was that moment like? >> well, here's the thing. the whole sketch is -- he gets hit by a poisonous darts and i have to suck out the poison. >> seth: yeah. >> and kate mckinnon is trying to get -- suck the poison out first, and i'm like, "no, i'll
1:32 am
[ light laughter ] and it was supposed to end with me sucking his chest, and colin jost comes into the hallway and he goes, hey buddy i really like the sketch idea. how about you cartwheel into a 69 at the end? [ light laughter ] and i was like, we can do that? and he was like, i think so. and the rock goes, "hey, buddy, i heard we're going to suck each other's [ bleep ]." right on. [ laughter ] right on. [ cheers and applause ] i was like, all right. yeah. >> seth: that's what you guys were cooking. >> yeah. that's what we were cooking up. by the way, the rock tastes like creatine. [ laughter ] like, yeah. yeah. when i got home i was like, "babe, do i looked jacked?" >> seth: thanks so much for being here. >> oh, thank you. >> seth: congratulations on the season premiere. you were great on saturday. >> thank you very much. >> seth: pete davidson, everybody. we'll be right back.
1:33 am
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