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tv   Today  NBC  October 6, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. welcome to boozeday tuesday and we can't hear it, but apparently, you a listening to me and i "the rhythm" by salena gomez. >> i like her.
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>> and we have a terrific show for you, hoda. >> the boys are back. >> how is yourt tattoo? >> here is the funny thing about the tat, i was in the shou wer with warm water to literally scrub it from yesterd, g ef i ansom "the blindspot," and she was here, and she said, good luck getting it off, because it takes a village. >> and hody, to remove the tat. >> and not soap and water. so weird. >> put it front and center so proud. >> hoda, you are gog ing to talk about the boys is? >> yes, the boys are back in oa eu tpe thm er, es etub >>eef. yes, i do, those two. >> and then it is e fiesta in
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version of one of your favorites tacos. >> and one of the most inspirational sen o here, pastor joel olsteen, and find the out what he wants you to say every single day that could change your life. >> yes, he has a new very good book out, too. and last night, there was some fun last night with john stamos. >> and the bold and the lyrical, andt os recite lyrics from the songs and they make a cheesy soap opera scene. >> darling, i'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream. >> shake it off. >> i'm going to dress it off. >> a players going to play, play, play. >> and the haters are oi t hahate, hate, hate. >> and go on to tell your
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friends that i'm obsessive and crazy. >> and tonight' gh we foret about heartbreak and dress up like hipsters and make up with our exes and i don't >atis so great. so fun. >> if you were home watching "the voice" last night and it was the last night of the final auditions which is fun and the coaches have their final team. and last night, each coach had a couple of spots, bu te h had all of the coaches turning. and so they had shelby on there who did her own version of a song from the nocturnals. i can't look at you the same same at the time that you love
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i know that you have gone too far so i i can't look at the star s s i, i, i can't look at the stars >> and she picked team adam, but she wanted blake. >> yes, and she went for adam. >> and you know what is so funny when you hear you li al tt,duv kn gog. tltt. dseow skt ch tgeurned. >> my family said they wished i would not go for the high notes. >>ti don't go there. >> and dear, god, here she goes. i finally learned how to do them, and now i can't do them at al and e.the
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amy vashelle. >> "dream a little dream"? >> yes. dream of me and tell me that you are listening while i'm alone and blue as can be dream a lit le dream of me >> please, lord! pick me. >> remember when kath -- cass sang it. from the mamas and the papas. >> i knew it was the mamas and the papas, and what is the papas' names?
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who was the other mama? >> oh, michelle phillips. >> it is coming together full circle now. mama cass and michelle phillips. >> that is so generational. >> and now, and dam has sheaed his head. >> he went all of the way. >> is that a statement or because? >> that is i doubt it a cure for life. >> and have you been to a party or had a friend ask you a question that is rude, and ask you something that is innocent we question and sometimes isn't, because sometimes it ha has to do with money or politics or all kinds of things. >> and people say, how much do you weigh? >> who says that? >> and how much money do you make? i went, what! >> i get embarrassed if anybody asks anything close to that. >> how do you respond? >> and if anybody asks me that,
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it is usually when i am speaking to a group of young people, and i said to them if you are asking that question, this business is not for you, because you start out making nothing. and so there was what do you >> and i don't call it a stay-at-home mom, but it is a work at home mom, be use having ad a career and also having raised children, and raising fine children is the hardest job in the world and what do you do is a little bit -- >> off-putting. >> yes, es. >> and if you are at a party or oat a bar or out with people, and after, where where are you from and do you have brothers and sters, an what do you do? they say instead of saying that, you should ask this, what is
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keep keeping you busy? >> i don't want anybody to ask h a to business. >> then you start to panic, what does that mean? >> that is an odd question, why do you ask that. put it back on them, and not a mean -ay, but why in the world wo phuneld you ask such a thing. > a.d some ple ask, do you v have a boyfriend or girlfriend t? yet. >> these are all rude. >> if you dropped off the yet, it might be fine. >> and maybe they don't want t lb alse i am still looking and i just blew it off. >> and you use it with humor, and somebo you what you made and not enough, and we try to have humor and sometimes it is off-putting, and people when they give you their opinion about something, one time i did say to a woma that i gee, paw her coming like this, aid i said here comes from trouble, and i love you and rejis and i watch everyday but -- that is when you walk away. but i have to tell you
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something. no, you on't. nothing compels you. that white dress you had on the utother day, awful. i just looked at her and i said, i'm sorry, but i don't remember asking you, and i did not do it in a mean way at all, but i don't remember asking you, and then i said, you have to understand something, you may see me on television, and i'm a human being and i have feelings and you are allowed the opinion, but why would youusay something that is unkind. she did it all in front of her friends. and so there s is a way to let people know that they have no right to be asking certain q'luestions. >> one lady walked up to me in the mall, and she said, ooh, i thought that you were so much bigger, turn around. and you know what i did? the sad part? i turned around. >> you turned around.
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>> and i said, why am i spinning for this crazy person. and she said, yeah, you are not as big as i thought, bye. bye. i am still thinking of it. >> and i was in alabama jacks and the 80 year-old ladies werei clogging and she came right over and said, you r are a whole lot better on tv. anyway. you have to have a sense of humor. >> this could be your week, and we will tell you what to say. >> and joel osteen will daddy gator couldn't push the throttle on his little boat any harder if he tried. he's beached here, gazing out on an unforgiving wndscape. for while the people who come in here use quilted northern, a toilet paper that works so well they completely forget their experience... daddy gator sees all and forgets nothing. "i've got to motor out of here," he thinks. "this is no place to
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he is the pastor of the church in houston, texas, and millions packed in for his inspirational night of hope. with his wife victoria. >> and he has a new book called the power of i am and how to change your life. >> two w rds, hufo >> yeah. >> two wor pnlesat folow i am. and it is easier to go around saying or thinking, i am unattractie unlucky and this, but to me, it is just inviting the wrong things in your life whereas the if you will turn it around and maybe not how you feel, but i am blessed, and i'm happy and i'm a child of god. it changes and you are inviting the right things in your life, but it is not being positive, but it is changing your mind of how to create a new way of thinking. >> how do you write a new book
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on that concept? >> i took one chapters to talk about the power of the word. be positive or be quiet. if you are not going to say anything good, don't say it bad. then i do 17 chapters of i am -- i am strong, i am victorious, i am patient. and just give the reader encouragement and inspiration. >> and if you areitu a difficult time in your life, an ill ns ness or breakup, and you are not feeling joyful or t thing, what should that person do? >> well, it is important to find something to be grateful about, and it is easier to be bitter and discouraging, and god, why did this happen to me, an when you are discouraged, it is going to push you down further, and i want to encourage you to get up and say, lord, thank you for this day. and this, too, you v have to be happy where you are before you can get to tn cn ys t becase of the job or this loss or what, and lit keep you there, and you have to sa,d'o
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and be good to somebody else. >> and what about the people who look around and say how can a loving god allow this to happen, and christians being behead and children -- and things being done. and how can a loving god allow it to happen? >> wl kahy e lee, god has given us free will, and he did not make us robots, and we will get to the place where there is no evil or ha e gives us free will, and some people choose to do it for evil and harm >noplre defined by the scars. if you meet someone, and look, i'm a cancer survivor and sometimesly say that, but -- sometimes i will say thax but sometimes it is the the sole definition, and some people are defin d ed by the scars, and that is hard to get out of, isn't it? >> yes, but whatid i so important, don't let one event or two events define your life, a divorce or a bad breakup, and
10:17 am
it is one moment in your life, and god has written every day of our life in the book, and sometimes you are stuck in a chap chapter, and maybe you are stuck in a chapter, encourage you to keep moving forward to come into another chapter. >> and isn't it who you surround yourselves with. and people who are reenforcing the good in you and make you feel good about who you r are. >> that is important and that is the biggest thing gpl ocsseop the hanging out with, because you will become like them, and sometimes we think that we will chant too often they change us. >> and it is a terrific book, and a lot of people are hurting and could be helped by it. thank you, joel. >> yes. >> and we are going to be hanging out with the guys for a little while and you won't learn a looking for a delicious dinner idea? make tonight white chicken chili night! start with bush's white chili beans, simmered in our
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that's why you don't have any now. >> and talking about dating and relationships, don't you wish that you could read a man's mind sh? >> well, we will try to helpp yo hunky panel. >> first single jared freed. >> hi. >> you are on probation. >> i thought that you looked great in that dress. >> no, yo not. >> and married father, rick unger who is going to be record ing his second comedy album. >> and actor ryan devlin who is host of "are you the one" and ryan is married with a baby. what! you are. married with a baby. >> yes.
10:21 am
sorry, taken, hoda. >> well, good to know. good to know. >> so is she, soon. and last but not least, the still divorced paul kinney who plays in a band and has a new song called "the single and hungry" -- >> well, it is difficult out there. >> and you have news? >> i got engaged on labor day. >> wait a second. you are gog lose all of the charm. wait, bob. >> are we thinking about -- >> and soon i will be sad and divorced, but i am engaged. i have gotten engaged a lot. >> all right. breaking news. >> and let's go across the street. hi, hon. >> howdy, i'm donna from livingston, texas, and i'd like to know how guys know that she is the one? >> all rht guys, i have to take this. >> and bob, let's start with
10:22 am
you ecause you have found the one. >> clearly by me it is trial and error and i suggest that you get married as many times as possible, and sooner or later, you will find the one >> for me, i grew up in church and we prayed for the one and i had a checklist and i realized that my wife is about the checklist and i think that i better go ahead and i think that this is the one that god sent. >> look, i host a show on mtv called "are you the one" wednesdays at 10:00, and so what we do, guys is that we take a couple that thint they might be a perfect match, and we put them into the truth booth and the truth booth tells you if you are the one, and so, donna, come on my show, and we will put you in the truth booth. >> and the girl gives you the inside spoon for more than 3% of the t. > ea >> the ini spoon. and you know, the inside spoon and the outside spoon.
10:23 am
and every guy wants a little bit of time, and ask your boyfriend, do you want that, he is like, i don't know. and every guy wants that. and three-toe sloth or swadle little baby jesus. >> you are on probation any time. >> i will spoon with you, any time, kathie. >> any time. i wish we could go to commercial, but we can't. one more. katy wants to know what's the perfect date night like for a wife to take her husband on, your perfect night. >> have a plan. you want to have a plan. so many times you go, what do you want to know, and what do you want to know? and dominate us with the details. >> it is about married people. okay. >> why are we yelling? >> all i need is someone who will take care of the kid.
10:24 am
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oh, god. hamilton bridge. 10:27 on this tuesday, october 6th. we're learning more information about three people shot this morning in east williamsburgh. two of the williams remain in their 50s. they were working in a mechanical shop on gratton street. they confronted a group of men breaking into nearby cars. a 13-year-old girl on her way to school was grazed. so far there have been no arrests. sunny, mild, nice day, 73 degrees. sunny clear skies, not as chilly, 59. tomorrow, look at that. 74. thursday. mostly sunny. high of 68. coming up next on the "today" show with kathie lee and hoda, tips for getting your garden ready for winter that's coming on. join us noon and tomorrow
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news at 11:00. okay. is boozeday tuesday, hoda's favorite, and we are back with the "guys tell all." >> and jared freed and newlyweds rick and ryan and newly engaged bob. okay okay. question across the street. >> and i'mnospearfish, south dakota, and i want to know why so few men appreciate a strong-willed woman. >> i don't know what you are uk talking the about, and like i said before, make a plan. > unt ancharge? >> yeah. if the guy has a problem with
10:27 am
you having a strong will, then that guy has a problem. >> yes, it s is about that guy's insecurity. >> you want to be challenged by the partner if if you want it to last and you want the give and take otherwise things are going to be running out of steam. >> i want a girl who says, we are getting drunk. put down than klondike bar right now. >> that might be the most manly thing i have ever heard. >> and it is also about spoon ing and strong at the right time, and sometimes, you know, sometimes you need to be strong as a man, but sometimes the woman needs to be strong. superand this is something that i thought that i would e sa i miss chuck knight. >> i always miss chuck. here we go, nancy says this, i love to travel but my husband doesn't, and i travel around with tour groups and then sometimes my husband says he
10:28 am
will go, but he gets stressed out, and so it is not a good time. >> well, they don't like to travel. >> well, i love to the travel and i li someo w is doing to make it easier and not a pain. >> he is your husband and stuck with him, and you want to see the world, involve him in the trip. >> and that issing? that you guys should have found out something for you, and when you find out something that does not work with the particular couple, and do other things work, and if it is creating problems, then maybe not. >> treat him like a toddler and tell him something that is going to be comforting him on the trip wings. wings. >> or a klondike bar. >> and who is he? >> hoda, i came for you, because you are my type. >> and i was telling kathie lee, i like an olderwn, and this
10:29 am
>> and that is -- >> i love older women, they always have snacks. >> let's go across the street for an intelligent question. sgri . >> i'm abby from charleston, south carolina, and how ki politely tell my fiancee to clean up his beard shavings. >> there is not a kind way, dude, come clean this up, i'm not your mother. >> and you can leave some other trimmings around and he might get the hint. >> oh, no, this is a family show! and pia wants to know, long hair or short hair? >> all the hair types. we want one woman with all of the hair type, and you don't have to worry about the phone. >> again, who is he? >> i want a hairdresser to switch it up.
10:30 am
want you have to be confident in whatever you to. >> the shorter is it, the quicker they are out of the door. longer, they stay. >> and speak of beautiful women, can we we look at your fee iancee ee yaun iancee fiancee? >> we are strolling in the park. >> she is looking 12. >> trying to train them. >> and guys, that is so much fun, thank you. >> told you we wouldn't learn anything. >> and for more go to hit the connect woke up l8, freaked, then remembered mcds all day bfast, #boomshakalaka. @mcdonalds yaaasssssssssssssss #alldaybreakfast soooooooooooooooo good yo mcdonald's is serving breakfast all day now? five goal hands emojis #bae @cowsgomookie fo'sho dear @mcdonalds. thank you for serving all day breakfast heart emoji everyone on earth. retweet favorite your retweet it's time for #alldaybreakfast
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if you are looking into the yard and thinking that the summeclean c thnagain. >> from now flowers to fruit trees, you can get the spring garden ready by prepping your beds. >> and yes, we are here with the editor of "farming and gardening" magazine, sara miller is here. and people are thinking about fall? >> no, fall is the only time to think of tulips or hyacinth or daffodils, now is the time to plant the bulb s s. >> they don't show up on their the own, do h >>nt ui ht at is -- >> what is this bulb? >> it is a tulip.
10:35 am
and you put it in the ground, and you think that the roots are coming out of the bottom so the pointy said up. >> what is this? >> hyacinth. >> that is looking like garlic. >> and this is garlic which you also plant now, and you plant the cloves and again the pointy side up and root side down. >> and you plant it like that? >> yes, isn't that crazy. >> and this? >> it is way more instant gratification are from lettuce, and it goes from seed to harvest in as little as a month so if you plant it now, you can have mini lettuces before the frost kicks in. >> and the frost will keep it? >> yes, and they will pop up in the spring. and for lettuce righ under the soil, half an inch, and with the bulb, it is twice the dime mer is how deep you want to go and always on the package, it will tell you. anneh you can plant this time of the year is trees and shrubs, and it is
10:36 am
easier, because the ground is warmer, and easier to work, and drier, and better for the roots. this is an apple tree, and great time to get it in the ground. >> and it won't die in the winter, it will make it? >> it will make it. >> and there is a question of the tree not making it. >> yes,ocourse. >> but a good nursery -- >> nursery. >> and they will give you another one. >> and get a discount, because people think of planting in the spring, and so i have gotten great bargains in the fall. >> how do you keep the garden ready? >> when you rake those leaves don't toss them. they make great mulch, and so spread them over the bed, and they will regulate the temperature, and when they decompose, they will be ground up just like that. >> you don't have to chop them up? >> hoda is leanoch st that she is never going to the use. >> and as long as i live.
10:37 am
and when you come out to spring to plant, and this is the perennials and plant something, and then whoops, a lilly comes s y comes up. and so when you have little stakes to mark where you plant the lilies or the peonys and that way when you plant next spring, you won't be on top of them. >> okay. >> and what did you have before? >> i live on a balcony. >> and you could put the hose there on the balcony and bring it in if it is outside so it won't crack and same thing for lawnmowers, drain the gas or put a freeze stabilizer in there. and these, e petunias and ferns.
10:38 am
>> put them in a very sunny spot. they are called annuals for a reason. >> yes, annuals for a reason, but they do better inside than perennials. >> lastly, that is it? >> and the palms or the ba bananas or whatever you have out on the porch, bring those pla in. >> thank you very much. and we are going to be planting an idea for tonight's dinner. >> how does taco tuesday sound? >> i like it. let's have some. > i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor saidr joint pain from ra can be a sign of existingt joint damage that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain and help stop further damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if
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now, to the series "viva today" and if you have ever gotten a a hankerring for tacos, this dish is going to hit the spot. >> and our chef lorena scott is garcia is whipping up some new dishes.
10:43 am
>> and this is the bible of taco, and when you think about latin classics, i want you to have my favorite. a beef tenderloin taco with a slau, and of course, the bleu cheese because i want to incorporate that into the meat, and the tortillas for cooking. >> what do we do? >> we take the sirloin, and kathie kathie, help me out. put salt and pepper on both sides. >> okay. >> and i like to put it liberally, because it is very important that you season the meat well, because you want to slice it, and keep that flavor when you sear the meat. put it on the grill, and i love it. >> now, when it comes off of the grill, you let it sit for a second? >> yes, it continues to cook.
10:44 am
you want it to be very soft and tender, and we like four minutes on each side, and very high temperature, and one of the cases when you are grilling, it has to be hot. and so once the meat starts to release itself, it is when it starts to turn. and so we will let this rest. >> for a little by. >> and kathie, you watch my tortillas here and have some grill marks. >> and we can get it going. >> and the slau. and i like what she calls me, hoda. >> and so give me away, a testimony accent gives s k and the accent gives me away. sorry. and slau, and w and carrots and greens
10:45 am
cabbage, and the bleu cheese dressing. >> she can't have the cheese. >> and i have one without the cheese for you. >> and look at that, cutting it exactly, and look at that beautiful medium, medium rare. >> perfect. >> the meat are will give it another level of flavor and also a crunch with the celery. >> okay. it is time to eat. >> this is looking delicious. >> come backer here er er er er er er here. >> and i want to give you one that doesn't have the bleu cheese. okay. give me the tortillas, and fan fantastic fantastico. >> and we want you to taste them? >> yes, a little bit of the meat and a little bit of the slaw and the onion.
10:46 am
and absolutely love it. >> just grab one of these? i heard you guys were cooking. so i decided to come over. >> and one of these, avocados fried. >> yes. and in a little bit ofhe co sau and this is very good for the din dinner with salt and toe ta mow for -- tomato and lemon juice for the chips. >> and i love it.
10:47 am
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this boozeday tuesday, we want to make five viewers happy. >> because it is time to g away. in honor of national fire prevention week, we want to give away fire alarm s >> yes, and you won't have to remove batteries again. and the alarm system batteries will last ten year s s. >> and two atom smoke alarms and two carbon dioxide alarms. >> and i'm exhausted, let's find out who the winners are are. >> okay. the first one is maurita wiltering from alabama. >> and james from washington. >> and douglas morgan from haw hawthorne, new jersey. >> okay. i have got, and you is ere t me. i have tammy teapool from owens crossroads, alabama. >> and the last one --
10:51 am
>> who is it? >> nancy tranor from banning, california. >> congratulations to all of the winners. if you want to enter, you have to do it again and go to clg klg and hoda and hit kon connect. >> and we will have news for the garage. >> and we will find out new things that you can make from scratch. >> and what your smartphone is doing to your vision and what you can coto keep your eyes healthy.
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