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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  October 6, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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on the platform at 77th avenue and 23rd street. six other men were convicted and sentenced to 6 to 25 years of life. cappia says he confessed only after a cop forced him to, and a witness who said he had nothing to do with the attack never got to testify. >> there are interlocking tragedies here to lose a . to lose a son to murder is something more horrific than i can imagine. to lose a son to 25 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit i also cannot imagine. >> reporter: today the judge order aid new ed a new trial and a manhattan judge remains committed to one. he said, we remain committed to re-trying the case, if necessary. we regret the fact that re-trying the case would subject
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we suspect ben cappia will be released sometime this evening. as part of our exclusive nbc dateline investigation, ben cappia, from prison, maintained that before he was coerced to confessing 25 years ago, he told po ce he didn't do it. >> i have no one to turn to. i'm telling him, listen, i'm innocent. didn't have nothing to do with this. i'm telling you the truth, o y? >> reporter: more from that interview and the latest developments, including the possible release coming up at 6:00. live outside the 53rd street subway station. >> lester holt, who has been following this case, was also in the courtroom when the conviction was thrown out. his report coming up tonight at "nbc nightly news" at 6:30. we're also following breaking newsxout of suffolk county tonight. a crash shut down westbound lanes. dennis is live in chopper 4 over
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the scene. dennis? >> a police investigation looking down ae the result, at hospital road in patchogue. this vehicle was traveling at high speeds on sunrise highway when it was involved in this accident at that location. some believefo it may be the result of a police pursuit that is not confirmed by suffolk county police. they hit a bridge abutment, coming to rest here, with heavy damage and debris all over the roadway. the driver was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. no word on that driver's condition at this hour, but a full police investigation already under way. suffolk county police out here in full force, and that does mean we have the westbound direction of sunrise hghway. that was closed down a couple miles prior to this point. that's patchogue road, almost a three-hour delay.
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you can see thats isvy delay coming toward that point. all westbound traffic running slow. eastbound all the way back to the highway. no word on how long it will take for this traffic to clear up. back to you in the studio. new information now on the deadly shooting in brooklyn. a man tried to stop a crime in its tracks, and he paid for his good deed with his life. it happened in east williamsburg. lori bordonaro has been working with officials. lori? >> reporter: a 14-year-old girl anged a 57-year-old man are recovering from graze wounds here at the hospital. police say so far theylvavenat made any arrests. and i talked to a witness who saie he's not surprised his friends stood up to a calf
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r thief. >> reporter: he put his safety aside to keep thieves from break sbug ing into this white minivan. >> he was the kind of guy that if he saw it, he wouldn't let it happen. >> reporter: the 54-year- dr started his job here. he saw men climb in just before 8:00 this morning. >> they came o and interrupted a car break-in by three individual at this time they challenged him and they were following him around the corner. >> all of a sudden we heard pow, pow, pow, pow, pow! >> reporter: someone firing two shots, killing lujack. and a 13-year-old just walking to school was also hit in the hip. >> the guy between the cars is down. >> reporter: today i estigators dusted the car for prints and searched the area for evidence. they believe the three men are responsible for a string of break-ins in the area. th >>is man speaks little english
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car and stole his wife's sunglasses just last nighld >> it could happen to her because he was about to come down. >> reporter: he tells us his buddy leaves behind children and grandchildren and his beloved cats. >> he was just an innocent guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: police are going through video surveillance. they're looking for three men believed to be in their 20s last seen going south on in this case ickerbocker avenue. tonight a football llayer was diagnosed with mrsa. >>y every inch of their training om ik being scrubbed, locker nd, media room, training rooms. the new york giants are taking every precaution to prevent a mrsa outbreak.
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tight end daniel fells is the player diagnosed with the highly contagious skin infection. it was announced he would be placed on injured reserve. a chronic illness led doctors to find the staph infection and we know now that it is, in fact, mrsa. the team spokesman said, we are working with infecti s disease specialists and defined protocols of confined disease specialists. a lot of people have had trouble getting wd if mrsa. it i difficult to treat, resist mt to a lot of tibiotics. the fir sign is often painful, red, swollen gumps resembling pimples or spider bites. he is just looking to get things under control so he can get outs tof the hospital. unfortunately, this means the end of the season for number 85. chuck? new at 5:00, police released surveillance video of the
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death of an aide to governor cuomo. they want to talk to this man about the september 3rd shooting of terry garbe. garbe was caught in a gang fire of if he is activity festivities in brooklyn. if you recognize this man, call police. a cargo ship apparently sank after getting in the path of hurricane joaquin. a transportation safety board arrived today. we have learned two missing men who were on that ship have ties to our area. howard shownly grew up on east rockaway in long island, and kingsport. >> if it wasn't horrific circumstances, it would be much easier to have hope. >> investigators will try to determine why the ship
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apparently lost power before it sank in the bahamas at the height of the hurricane. they're also looking into whether the crew was under pressure to deliver its cargo to puerto rico on time regardless of the weather. the coast guard says it is still searching for survivors but so far were told that only one unidentified body has been recovered. new at 5:00, amtrak is hoping to suspend national train service later this year unless congress end a deadline for adding safety technology. the december 31st deadline to implement positive train control. a lack of positive train control became a big issue in may after that deadly derailment in philadelphia on a track that did not have safety technology. amtrak says it cannot make this deadline. well, it's do or die. the yankees are ready to take the field and move on in the fight of the baseball playoffs.
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>> news4 bruce beck is there. bruce? >> reporter: what a gorgeous evening for baseball, chuck, and yes, tonight's the night. the yankees are back in the post-season for the first time since 2012. it is a winner-take-all wild card game between the bronx bombers and the upstart houston astros. 162 games all comes down to this: win and advance to play the reigning champion royals thursday in kansas city. lose and the yankees get a head start on the off season. it's been anything but drama for a year for the bronx bombers culminating with yesterday's news that c.c. sabathiacerehecked himself into an alcohol rehabilitation center. but tonight the rallying cry is "we play for c.c." and the bombers and their fans know that anything can happen in a one-game scenario. >> the whole idea in playing a game tomorrow is getting one more run than they do. that's the whole idea.
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in here, a lot of talent, and guys that have been there, done that. so we're looking to get out there tomorrow in a one-game playoff and get a win and move on. >> anything in a one-time play, anything can happen. those guys are very talented. we have experience in talent. we should be fine. one game on the line. are you nervous? >> i'm not nervous. i just know nothing will be broken at home toeight. >> one game? a lot on the line? >>ke i think the yankees will make it. >> one game to decide so much. do you like that aspect? >> absolutely. tensions are high. >> who you picking? >> yankees, of course. >>ik reporter: in a surprish move, jo
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and the last time live at yankees stadium, i'm bruce beck, news4, new york. untill ahead on news4 new york at 5:00, be aware of bears. new jersey park is shut down for a we . the latest powerball winner isir revealed. what she's doing with her millions and what she yelled at her husband after striking it rich. janice is here. >> can't wait to hear. the 70s were back today after a nice, cool start this morning, but how long will this warm weeuather stick around? the storm team forecasi is coming up next. a major roadblock that couldn't be keeping community college -- a major roadblock that could be keeping community cog.llege students f m ge ing
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news4 michael george reports on the recent baehren counters. >> a hiker was walking through the woods here when he says a bear was chasing after him.
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but it has officials concerned because this is the most bear sightings in three weeks. >> you guys still have it shut down? >> reporter: people who live here are used to seeing bears and they're usually harmless. remember this video? a family of bears made a splash in nearby rockaway a few months ago. but now three separate groups of hikers report they were chased by a bear. in one case the bear stood on its hind legs and took a swing at a hiker. >> they're ramping up for the winter season and the hibernation season now, so they're hungry and they're looking for food. >> reporter: fish and wildlife services believe they caught the bear that chased hikers, and because of its aggressive behavior, they euthanized it. >> it's a shame the bear had to be euthanized. most of the time i like to see it trapped and released somewhere. >> reporter: but the park won't reopen until it's sure it was the only bear threatening hikers. they set up traps in the park to capture other bears.
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they were never seen before. hikers here bear encounters. their hoping their neighbors are allowed to stay. >> sually they look at you, and as long as you don't have contact with them, they just go on their way. >> reporter: michael george, news4, new york. new at 5:00, a united airlines flight had to make an emergency landing today after the co-pilot passed out. this happened on a flight from houston to san francisco. the plane was diverted to albuquerque, new mexico. we're told the co-pilot regained consciousness and walked off the plane under his own power before being rushed to the hospital. no word yet on what caused him to pass out. in syracuse tonight, an american airlines pilot who died yesterday mid-flight died of natural causes. ptain michael johnson was on the way from houston to jackson when he had a heart attack. doctors
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they're doing damage control tonight. it comes after an employee at draft kings accidentally tweeted inside information that could be used to gain an advantage in drafting fantasy teams. that same employee won $350 on fan duel that week. today fan duel and draft kings made a release saying they are barred from performing in any fantasy league until further notice. there is some talk pumpkin may not be on the shelves when it's time to bake your thanksgiving pies. there is a pumpkin shortage and they may not keep up with the season. there is no problem with halloween when we're told the jacko lanterns would be there, and farmers are blaming the lack of rainfall in the west. it's the day fast food fans have been waiting for for many years. mcdonald's has officially begun serving all-day restaurant to
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the move of serving breakfast is aimed at ener jazz iz energizing sales which have been less in the u.s. but no hash browns or mcriddles. julie leach picked up the $310.5 million powerball jackpot check today and turned in her nose. it took her husband a little longer to grasp the reality. he headed for work when she yelled, you're crazy. we don't have to work anymore. >> i'm going to take care of my kids. i don't want them to have to work like i had to work and deal with the kind of things i had to deal with all my life. i just want to make it a good life for them.
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leach chose to take the lump sum of 197 million and that is $140 million after taxes. loving life. >> what was he thinking, she said. >> my gosh, that's a lot of change. >> it sure is. i'm happy for her and good luck. so let's check on our weather for today. fantastic for us. i think we were the lucky ones today with temperatures back into the 70s across the area. central park 73, 74 in la guardia and 71 in iceland. tonight won't be quite as chilly as last night but still nice and the sun does stick around until thursday. rain showers are in the forecast friday evening into saturday morning. they should be over before midday on saturday in case you have weekend plans. it is going to be much cooler on saturday. by the time we get to columbus
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and warming back up into the 70s so only a brief cooldown coming up. right now 60s in tareytown. danbury, poughkeepsie 72. we have mainly clear skies across the area right now. high clouds drifting in. there is a cold front approaching from the west. it will get here but it will be really weak when it does and we'll just see some clouds for now. we'll stay ahead of it, though, in the mild air and the temperatures will stay warm. let's track those temperatures through tonight. this evening it does cool to the 60s and 70s. about 50 at 5:00 a.m., 58 in the city and 60 in northport. another nice, mild day to enjoy. a few clouds here and there. still no rain through thursday morning. it's friday evening when we'll see the showers approaching
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so for this evening, 68 at 7:00. by 9:00 p.m. in the city, it's down to the mid-60s but it's going to be a nice night across the area. new scattered clouds and this weekend, yes, an early shower. that's in the morning but by afternoon the sun is out, but breezy and cool. in the 60s. back to the mid-60s on sunday, and columbus day ahead looking great. sunny and 72. we talk about the tweet that has so many of you talking tonight. >> the man who sent it? tom hanks. he's looking for a florida state university student named warren. we'll tell you what this is all about, next. drones all over new york. will a 250 $250 fine be enough to break up the skies? what new york is doing and not
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when an a-list actor sends out a tweet asking you to get ahold of him, it happened today. >> he tweeted this, lauren, i found your student id in the park. if you still need it, i'll get it to you. thanks. >> reporter: it's the tweet that's been shared thousands of times, and it's all the buzz on the florida university campus. >> i was in class and i saw it and i said, that's crazy. >> reporter: tom hanks, yes, the tom hanks, sent this out on twitter saying, lauren, i found your student id in the park. if you still need it, my office will get it to you. >> if i found something on the street, i would try to get it back to the person, too. >> tom hanks performed the pilot on the hudson. it's unclear what part of the park he found it in, but we went looking for lauren, too.
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>> do you know lauren? >> no, i don't know lauren. but i think that's such a great thing. >> i would have been really excited if it was me, but it's not. >> too bad. >> then we found this one. >> you know lauren? >> yeah, i know lauren. >> have you spoken with her today? >> i haven't spoken with her today, but people are really excited about it. >> reporter: she says lauren is a senior here, and she is excited about her newfound fame. >> it's interesting how things like that can happen over twitter. how you can chat with tom hanks. >> it turns out lauren would like to remain as anonymous as possible. florida university officials did get in touch with her and they're going to help her get her id from tom hanks, however, they are not saying her last name and she does not wanto do any news interviews.
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side, fordham, new york. david is here now way look at what's going on at 5:30. >> do you have a windfall and waiting? how to cash in on money that's rightfully yours. plus this. >> not just another day at the office, dea agents keeping an eye and nose out for trouble make a major bust, more than a ton of drugs. i'm mark ciente in queens with a video of how it went down, coming up. an officer being stalk bid a ed by a man with a gun.
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