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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  October 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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tonight on news 4 new york. >> i feel wonderful, wonderful. i feel free. >>tu conviction overturned. a new york man's first order of business after serving 25 years in prison. then collision course. a crash sends an suv on to a sidewalk in to three pedestrians, one a 2-year-old ingirl. ic>> good evening. i'm sibila vargas. >> i'm chuck scarborough. for 25 years he hoped for his conviction to be overturned and today it happened. >> johnny hincapie walked out of the prison. his fight for freedom is not over. >> for 25 years johnny hincaute
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mom without a guard watching. has never been able to talk on a cell phone or get a decent dinner. today, with an overturned conviction came freedom and all of those other things. for more than two decades johnny hincapie has waited for this moment. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the 45-year-old qu'eens an walked out of a lower manh,ttan courtroom to -- >> johnny! >> reporter: screams of his name and tears from his family and friends. >>o i feel wonderful. wonderful. i feel free. >> reporter: hincapie doubt he'd taste freedom again until this morning when a judge reversed his murder conviction from a notorious 199 killing on a plubway platform. >> brian watkins, a 22-year-old from utah name became a new york city crime statistic last night.
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and hincapie, 18 years old was iarrested along with six others for killing a utah tourists. he confessed on tape to the crime but later said he was coerced by abusive cops and maintained his innocence. his family remained by his side. >> i dreamed about it. >> reporter: a new trial is a possibility in the future, but first -- >> love you! at?d>> face time? okay. >> reporter: he's catching up ons technogegy. catching up with riends over dinner and grateful for freedom. what's the first thing he wanted with his freedom, seafood. you probably saw the lobster on his plate. he hid dinner at this restaurant behind me this evening. the manhattan d.a. says it will pursue another trial but ncapie says he's taking it one
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brynn gingras, nbc four new york. police released a video of a man wanted. >> a triple shooting left one of the victims dead. according to investigators, 53-year-old man was fatally unded when he and a co-worker tried to stop a man from breaking in to their shop the co-worker was with also shot along with a 13-year-old girl walking to school. >> all of a sudden we heard pow, pow with, pow. >> the girl and worker are expected to recover. if you recognize the man in the video call police. a terrifying scene in queens. a crash sends an suv out of control on to a sidewalk in to a group of people. tonight, one woman is dead and a mother and toddler seriously hurt. ne wiws 4's ray villeda has a play
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in play of hat happened. >> reporter: according to police and witnesses, a car barrelled through that intersection a ttinleanother car and ending up on the sidewalk where it hit a mother, relative and little girl. tonight we're told the relative ed. e mother and daughter fighting for their lives. a horrific scene at 108 and atlantic. two women and a little girl hit by a car. witnesses can still remember hearing the awful sounds. >> the lady screaming. she took he baby and threw it. >> reporter: it happened 5:30 tuesday evening. witnesses say the white suv went through a red light. victims were related. a mother and daughter and another relative. myriam says one woman tried to push the child out of the way. >> i seen when she threw the baby. >> an officer rushed over along
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happened to be in the area. said he could see where the car hit one of the two women with. he was still shaken over the sight. >> the older women had tire marks over her stomach and a lot of skrachts on her face and legs. she was unconscious, just breathing. d eporter: we're told th mother and daughter are in critical condition. the drivers are expected to be okay. we will look at the surveillance video of nearby businesses to gure opt how this happened. i'm ray villeda, news 4 new york. . police are investigating whether something other than gas c sed a deadly explosion over the weekend in brooklyn. the nypd said the gas had been shut off tona floor i the apartment building where investigators think it iginated. initially authorities blooift happened after a stove was moved from a gas line they thought may have not been properly disconnected.
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police released surveillance video of a an they want to talk toupn connection with the septs ber sho yooting of kerry cobea. he died my ten days after he was shot in the head. if you recognize this man, police ask you to call crime stoppers. clues about why a cargo ship vanished during hurricane joaquin. a week after it left port, the search for evidence yielded more debris. the ntsb is looking for the ship's data recorder. with the storm looming many argue the ship should have never port. the owners of the vessel say for them safety afways comes first. >> i can assure you there is no schedule more important to keep than that would in any way endanger the lives of our crew members or employees. >> reporter: >> the cargo ship was loaded 65%
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capacity carrying 400 containers. itread a crew of 33 on board. most americans. the giants are taking action after one of their players was diagnosed with diagnosed with mrsa. doctors discovered the staph infection. they are taking every precaution to prevent the outbreak of it. the training center in new jersey is scrubbed including the locker rooms, meeting an training rooms. the yankees 2015 season could be over in a matter of minutes. they are trailing the astros in the american league wild card game. >> john chandler is live at yankees stadium where fans are hoping for a miracle tonight. >> chuck, sibila, you are right. hoping for a miracle after a long two years of quiet octobers and no playoff baseball. in the bronx, the playoffs are back complete with pomp and circumstance and high expectations. >> this is unlike anything i
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have evert.een before. the energy, the crowds. >> i hope we win. >> i hope we get in. >> reporter: the yankees taking thmie field at the playoffs was a welcomt sight to those that actually saw it. ouletside of gate four, thousands were stuck waiting to get in. >> look, the line is not moving. it is in ste second inning already. >> reporter: the second inning, 40 minutes after first pitch, the last of the crowd made it in. playoff baseball is back and it's stressful. >> as if there wasn't enough stress already. >> yes, ey had to stress me out. >> we are going to win ton ht. >> there's the confidence. yankees fans have stored up up after two disappointing seasons. do you feel nervous about the game. >> extremely nervous. >> reporter: the astros sent fach to an early exit already writing this one off. why are you leaving? >> they are losing. it is not going to happen for the yankees today. >> they ended the year on a bad
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skid and that's how it is oing to go. >> we have a great cast of young kids. great new kid from the minors. everything sok. nothing to worry about. >> reporter: i did want to end on a positive note. we found one yankees fan that maybe optimistic about the team's future with the team losing 3-0. ill in the ninth. still with hope. not a lot of people expected the yankees to be in the playoffs this year. to mlde it back is a start. they hope it is a start of something good. still time to rally, guys.dbruce bee' will update you later in sports. john chandler, news 4 new york. >>. coming up as we continue, cake, cheese and coffee. what customs agents say a man tried to smuggle in to the country hidden in these itads. dining hall meltdown. hotrw the student's tirade landed him behind bars and janice has the forecast. i have good news in the
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forecast for the next couple of days before more rain sets in. i will let you know if that will move out in time for the holiday
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. t fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. high speed crash leaves one man hurt. the driver lost control. it happened 2:30 this afternoon. police say the car slammed in to a guardrail and hit a cement column. the driver has been identified. he was ejected from the vehicle and is listed in serious cooundition at brook haven memorial hospital. police are calling it one of the worst neglect cases they have seen. a 14-month-old boy living in
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feces, flies and garbage. police say she was severely dehydrated when the seized the child last week. and he was so drunk he passed out on the sidewalk. the son is in foster care. new jersey, a priest pleaded not guilty to charges he pointed a functioning musket at an 8-year-old boy. kevin carter is charged in last month's incident at the church in little ferry. carter an avid giants fan says it was a joke that was misinterpreted. they were talking about football shortly before the alleged incident occurred. the giants and cowboys played later that night. >> nothing that day put him in fear.
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and the media coverage coming from that could possibly put him in trauma. >> reporter: carter is charged with child endangerment and aggravated assault. in new jersey, a story about a cheesy attempt to smuggle drugs in to the country. according to officials a man tried to hide ten pounds of cocaine and a dozen oxycodone pills in cheese. investigators say the coke and pills had a street value of $170,000. for the second day, general mills recalled products. this time green beans. it affects organ if i can green beans distributed under the cascadian farm label. the product tested positive for listeria. the packages have a sell by date of june 29th, 2017. no illnesses have been reported.
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million box s of cheerios. the twitter world is abuzz over a tweet sent to tom hanks. he found a student i.d. and went looking for the owner. here's the tweet. lauren, i found your student i.d. in the park. if you still need it my office will get it to you, hank. needless to say the classmates thought that was cool. the latest powerball jackpot win wither is taking a page out of the country classic tune "take this job and shove it." she picked up the $310 million check today. when her husband got ready for work this morning she hadded to stop and say you are crazy, we don't have to work anymore. she said she will use the money to help her family. >> i'm going to take care of my kids. i don't want them to have to work like i had to work and deal with the kind of things that i
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had to deal with over life. i want to make it a good life for them. >> reporter: leech chose to take the lump sum of $197.4 million, that's 140 million after taxes. one of new york's iconic buildings enlisted to raise breast cancer awareness. the spire is glowing in pink tonight. the color many of us associate with the search for a cure. the governor requested the george washington bridge be lit up in pink as well. he is asking women to take advantage of free cancer screenings this month for breast cancer awareness. >> also wearing shades of pink right now. i am, so are you. >> visibility is great to be able to see all of the sights out there tonight. high clouds overhead that will be moving through for the rest of tonight r tonight in to tomorrow morning. no rain until friday.
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pink spire at the world trade center. otherwise, a lovely evening across the area. 65 degrees and partly cloudy skies in central park. tonight temperatures not as chilly as the last several nights. still cool but milder, especially in the this city. north and west 40s and 50s. the sun is here through thursday. clouds thickening on friday before the rain gets here and the showers will be in the afternoon. they will continue overnight in to early saturday morning. by midday it should taper off. the sun comes through. saturday is very chilly. it warms up gradually throughout the columbus day weekend with. by monday we are back to the 73 temperatures. beacon 54. a little cool at 51. most of the area temperatures outside of the city are in the 50s right now. from montauk to long branch to morristown. here's the clouds. this is part of a weak cold front from the west.
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there's no rain with it. pretty dry. the temperatures will drop behind it on thursday. ahead of it in the 70s for tomorrow. enjoy the day once again. future tracker shows the clouds coming through and thinning out in the afternoon and evening and still dry in to thursday even though there is a front coming not much with it except the cloud cover. slight chance in temperatures. for wednesday, starting in the upper 50s in the city. 68 by noon. and in to the 70s the rest of the afternoon. the weekend showed a chance of showers early in the morning on saturday. breezy the rest of the afternoon and cool temperatures in the 60s for sunday a bit better in to monday. now it is time to get out and start leaf peeping. looking for the fall foliage. leaves are changing. the best color right now up near the canadian border and new england. 54 tonight in white plains.
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city to newark to yorktown. north and west is where you will see 40s. tomorrow more of the same, sunshine and 70s from scarsdale to smithtown. 72 norwalk. tomorrow. here's the seven day. lovely with the 70s tomorrow. thursday upper 60s. that's the air mass behind the still mild. 7 on on friday. here's the showers. we could use them. they will come to an end on saturday. the rest of the holiday weekend looks great. columbus day back to the 70s. great day for a parade. could have been a parade tonight for the bronx but i don't think so. bruce is live at a gloomy yankees stadium tonight. bruce? >> reporter: the yankees made the postseason but the question tonight, could they stay there?
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take on the houston astros in a do-or-die wild card game. we have highlights and low lights at post game reaction just ahead on news 4 new york live from the bronx. here's what jimmy fallon has coming up tonight. >>. >> thank you, chuck and sibila and everyone in new york. lady gaga is my guest tonight.
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only at your lincoln dealer. a long island teen is in trouble after a try raid that's gone vooibl viral on you tube. >> it happened on sunday at a dining hall at the university of connecticut. a meltdown over macaroni and cheese. >> oh, my god. >> a campus food court manager refused him since he had been drinking. he demanded the mac and cheese with bacon. after cussing out the dining hall manager he got physical and taken down by the staff. they held him down until the police arrived. as you can see all of it was caught on camera. >> the video did justice. i was there from the start. >> i think the kid was in a state where he had no idea what he was doing. regardless that was so inappropriate. >> reporter: he is from
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bayville, new york. this is not his first brush with the law. according to court records, he was arrested twice last year for disorderly conduct when he was a student at the university of massachusetts. he never did get that bacon mac and cheese. we'll be right back with bruce beck live from yankees stadium. n see the exact second, when curiosity becomes wonder, when winter becomes christmas, and joy becomes a tradition. a moment that can only happen... the radio city christmas spectacular presented by chase. you bring the family, we bring the joy. visit
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the yankees struggled all season and barely sweeped in the postseason. a lot of people thought there was a chance hey might turn it around last second and make it. >> we all did but we feel deflated over here. how was with it out there at yankees stadium? >> reporter: it was tough. a one-game season, if you look at it for the yankees and astros tonight in the wild card game. one game to decide who would go to kansas city to take on the royals in the alds. look at the highlights. the first inning breezed through. and in the second, crushes one to the right field seats. 401-foot homer.
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ta knack ka surrendered 25 long ball during the regular season gave up another homer in the fourth. gomez takes him deep to left. solo shot as the astros go ahead 2-0. astros ace he gets him to fly out to center to end the thread. here's the final on the ball game. brian mccann grounds out in the bottom of the ninth inning. the yankees had three hits on the night. their season ends in a witcher. 3-0 the final. moments ago, joe girardi met with the media. >> it's really disappointing. it is hard. seasons end abruptly and it is very difficult. this was a club that fought all year long. a there's a lot of character in that room and this hurts.
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>> reporter: the yankees lost seven of the last eight, outscored 50-23. momentum, don't say it doesn't mean anything. meanwhile, the mets are alive and they had a workout today at citi field. it was smiles for the amazin's who played game one in los angeles on friday. jacob faces kershaw in the opener. one man was absent, matt harvey. the mets star pitcher missed the mandatory workout. apparently he was stuck in traffic. when he finally showed up, harvey accepted responsibility for the mess up. >> you know, i basically -- there's no excuse. i screwed up. i wasn't here. i showed up a little late. they know what happened and i
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it happened at a bad time and truly, i just screwed up. >> back to the yankees for a moment. they finished with 87 wins. nobody expected them to be a post-season team this year. in that regard, they overachieved. down the stretch when they had a chance to put away some of the other teams and build a comfortable lead in the wild card, they couldn't get it done. not enough hitting and not good enough pitching. the season ends tonight with one playoff game, the first for the yankees since 2012. there's still the mets. it's coming up on friday. game one in los angeles. should be a fantastic series between the mets an the dodgers. that's the story from the stadium. very quiet here. somber crowd. chuck and sibila, you can't win them all. >> no, you can't. >> they played their hearts out. they did. bruce, thank you. >> no question. >> absolutely. now we have mets fever.
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