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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  October 7, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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away from all of this. you can see the traffic backups it's causing. there are barely any cars going do the northbound lanes of course because traffic on that side is still at a standstill. the cars are slowly moving on the southbound lanes. in fact, in jast the last ten minutes we saw emergency trucks heading to the scene of that crash, which means it's still an active situation. yo u just saw in chopper. you can see these cars are still going slowly because of this crash. folks not in their cars and are taking trains or buses we should let you know that new jersey transit is honoring tickets and passes that you would use on the bus. they are honoring that on the rails so trying to make it easy for you. we are seeing the toll plaza the telling of the picture that's the traffic situation right now. barely any cars going through the toll plaza here on the northbound lanes. southbound barely moving as you can see because o this situation. so folks, if you can avoid the
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we're live in carlsbad, new jersey jersey. >> a rally calling for a change to the education system. some believe that minority children are not getting a fair shot in the classroom. news 4 sheldo dutes h been following the march all day long. >> reporter: charter school advocates think their curriculum would be a better alternative for those in underperforming city schools and they marched from down town brooklyn to city hall to have their message heard. patrick has a son in the third greatty city public school and is fed up with the quality of his son's education. >> nine out of ten kids do not read on grade level. >> reporter: with so much at stake, patrick says more must be done now. >> the mayor promised by the year 2026 all s ond graders will read on grade level. by the year 2026 my son will be .
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he needs a good education now. >> reporter: tens of thousands of parents, students and teachers flooded the plaza in a sea of read pushing for equal education for poor minority students. jennifer hudson added star power to the event coordinated by families for excellent schools. >> i was not going put my kids in a public school. i was not ]oing to allow them to be trapped in the same schools that failed me. >> it's time for the mayor and our city leaders to stop standing in the way of great schools and supporting what works in particular public charter schools. >> reporter: supporters marched across the brooklyn bridge but their message did not resonate with alliance for quality education members. >> it has nothing to do with being pro-choice. it's about providing equity for our public schools. >> in an interview, mayor de blasio weighed in on the state
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>> 93% of our kids are in traditional public schools. we have to turn them around. i'm absolutely committed to reaching children in every neighborhood. >> reporter: and the bronx borough president also weighed in today throwing his support for charter schools and he said the mayor should treat those charter schools fairly. we're live at city hall tonight, sheldon dutes, news 4 new york. >> take a good look. this is surveillance video of one of the three men wanted for a deadly shooting in brooklyn. the victim tried to htop them from burglarizing cars and that's when they pulled a gun and opened fire. marc santia has new details tonight. marc? >> reporter: right now police are searching for those men. they're believed to be armed and very dangerous. this as this neighborhood struggles to find answers. new pictures and a new look at
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bullets hit a co-worker in the chest and a 13-year-old girl walking to school down the street. mike just landed a job here constructing heating and cooling equipment. >> o sohiable. funny. jokable. joked a lot. always said something funny. >> reporter: noel said it was mike's second day at work. >> what do you want to do? tat'ke it easy. everything with time. >> reporter: mike grabbed sheet metal from the shelf and noticed these guys trying to break into this minivan. he tried to stop them and they opened fire killing them. >> one of my co-workers was a witness and went up to them and approached him and he passed in his arms. >> reporter: news 4 did digging and found car thefts are down compared to last year and so are shootings down from 19 to 17 this year. mike's co-workers reflect on a
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difference. back here live, you're taking a look as neighbors stopping to pay their respects to mike at that memorial set up around the block from where he was working. if you recognize the men in those surveillance videos, a cash reward is being offered. you're asked to call police immediately. we're live tonight in east williamsburg, i'm marc santia, news 4 new york. >> marc, thank you. what happened? that's what so many people want to know after a dog suddenly died in central park. its owner thought the dog was shot but since our report at noon, we learned that is not the case. michael george is at the park with more. >> reporter: dog owners are worried about that. a dog dies mysteriously at the park. the owner worries the dog has been shot but now a source close to the investigation tells news 4 there's no evidence that dog was shot and in fact right now the cause of death of that dog is still unknown. this all started last night in
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central park right around 110th street and central park west. the owner was walking its dog when it collapsed and died. the owner saw a wound on the dog's head and thought it may have been shot. nypd detectives began searching central park for evidence of a shooter but didn't find anything and now a source tells news 4 that a veterinarian examined the dog's body and found no source of severe trauma. dog owners are relieved there are no signs of foul play. >> that's a very scary prospect. it's good to know that wasn't the case. >> that's good. at least we know that nobody is shooting dogs, right? >> reporter: the aspca will try to figure out exactly what happened and nypd continues to investigate. live in central park, michael george, news 4 new york. parents are on alert as police release a video of a man
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suspected of touching young boys. the most recent incident the man allegedly grabbed a 12-year-old boy and grabbed his own waistband. word spread as parents were taking their kids to school this morning. >> my daughter likes to walk through the park just to relax because she likes nature. i told her no more walking back there. >> all of the kids we see every day for their safety we want them to be safe. >> police have stepped up security in the area but the suspect in this video is still on the loose. >> there will be a serious crackdown on the streets and this is why. 45 pedestrian deaths in bergen county in the last two years. pat battle spoke with a crossing guard nearly killed just weeks ago. >> i don't remember it. that's a good thing. i don't want to remember it really. >> reporter: she had been home for less than an hour when we
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spoke to joanne. she spent weeks at the rehabilitation center recovering from critical injuries. she was struck back on september 15th as she crossed families to a local synagogue. >> i heard people were saying prayers and to me that's the kindest thing of all when people pray for you. i mean, nothing makes more of a difference than that. >> reporter: with record numbers of people killed on the streets, the sheriff's department is cracking down on drivers who don't stop and on pedestrians, jaywalkers like this man that crossed the street ignoring the law. >> sometimes it takes people to get hit in the pocketbook to pay a fine to realize that i shouldn'ting shouldn't be doing this. >> reporter: drivers don't always stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk though that one did. it's not always the driver's fault. despite the myth, drivers don't always have the right of way. >> you can't assume the vehicle
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is going to stop. >> reporter: engineers will look at roads like the one where joanne was hit and there's the enforcement end. $200 fines for drivers who don't stop and for pedestrians who jaywalk $54 out of pocket. police will use decoys as well. >> hopefully it will make a difference. we have to do something. >> reporter: joanne is thankful to be alive and for the outpouring of support. >> i'm honored that anyone would think of me that didn't really even know me. maybe just getting hurt makes people stop and think because you wouldn't want it to be your kid. it brings it home. >> reporter: pat battle, news 4 new york. new at 5:00, the coast guard says it's suspending its search for the missing cargo ship lost at sea during hurricane joaquin. that ship was headed from florida to puerto rico. it sank with 33 onboard. two with ties to our area.
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unidentified body and debris but no survivors. >> while the search might be over, our support and commitment to the families and loved ones and friends of those onboard has not ended nor will it. >> there are reports the ship's captain planned to go around the hurricane but was unable to because the ship's engine failed. the national transportation safety board is investigating. we're learning new chilling details about the final moments of last week's mass shooting at a community college in oregon. police say that christopher harper mercer turned the gun on himself after a shootout with officers left him wounded. harper mercer shot at two plain clothed detectives who returned fire striking him on the right side. the injured gunman walked into classroom and killed himself in front of several of his wounded victims. still ahead, from bad to worse, the new threat in flood ravaged south carolina and the emergency action being taken there tonight.
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up, the game has changed and your chances of striking it rich could be even smaller now. janice is here. >> here we go. our weather today just fantastic. another 70-degree plus day across the area. we'll see some changes coming up in the forecast over the next 48 hours. i'll have details coming up. we're following breaking news on the new jersey turnpike. a tanker fire just put out near the kearny exit.
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we're keeping an eye on south carolina where things could get worse for residents to hnight. >> rising rivers and bulging dams are threatening to do more harm. jay gray is in columbia with the latest. >> reporter: we want to give you a firsthand look at the power of the floodwaters here. this giant crater i'm standing in, it used to be a roadway. i'll step out of the way and you can see what it's done to the asphalt here. there's concern tonight more water could be on the way. sheriff's deputies are going door to door in dozens of
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communities on edge right now. as rushing waters continue to test bridges and dams already stretched to their limits. >> the water is flowing and as it is flowing, we are watching. >> reporter: 13 dams have failed. 62 across the state of being monitored. as crews work around the clock to patch those that are starting to give way. >> they have already placed 400 one-ton sandbags in place working to get to 750 one-ton sandbags. >> reporter: in other communit s, the work is focused on clearing out and cleaning up. families saving what they can, pulling away the rest pile be up the pieces of their homes and lives ravaged by the storm. many getting help from volunteers who like the water before them are now pouring into the hardest hit areas. >> don't have to know people, just know they need help. >> reporter: karen is one of those that needs some help. >> we were waiting to drown. >> reporter: she and her husband were rescued by boat as floodwaters rushed in.
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>> it's not too heavy. >> reporter: now friends and neighbors are helping them move out what's left of their home. >> they're angels. they're just angels. they appeared. i keep saying thank you and they keep saying we're family. >> reporter: family bound together by the storm and their determination to make sure their community comes all of the way back. now, fema is on the ground helping out as well. i think a lot of the shock is starting to wear away for those that were here and understand the cleanup recovery here in the hardest hit areas will take a year or more. that's the latest. sebelius back to you. the federal administration is getting 100 reports a month
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if a plane and drone collide, the results could be catastrophic. >> whether it hits the windscreen, some piece of the flight control system or is ingested into the engine, this will be a significant event and for the flight crew it will be a challenging event to save the aircraft. >> the faa says it plans to test new technology that could locate drone operators flying illegally within a five-mile radius of an airport. a retailer is changing the way it schedules its new york employees. urban outfitters will end on-call scheduling. employees are required to come to work on short notice. attorney general eric snyderman scheduling. changes are being made to powerball. jackpots are bigger, great, right, but odds of winning them are now slimmer. starting today, there is a larger selection of white ball
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numbers to choose from. and fewer red powerball ones. if you play, you know what we're talking about. your chance of winning a smaller prize is now 1 in 25. that's higher. when it comes to hitting the big jackpot, the odds are worse. it's now 1 in 292 million. the third highest prize now pays $50,000 up from ten grand and the power play option now multiplies most prizes by ten. all right. we're now hearing from the student whose lost i.d. card went viral thanks to a movie star. lauren, i found your student i.d. in the park. if you still need it, my office will get it to you. lauren does not use twitter. it's a good thing she has a few classmates and professors who do. >> i had an e-mail from one of my professors.
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it was a link to twitter. and so i clicked on the link. that's when i saw the tom hanks tweet, my picture. i was very confused. >> lauren reached out to hanks on facebook but is yet to hear back. at the very least she hopes her brush with fame will get her a refund for the replacement card she already purchased. >> i think she'll be all right. >> she can get that one back from tom. >> amazed there's a college student not on twitter. >> it is amazing. i can see us but that's good for her. all right. another great day. i'm sure you enjoyed it. hopefully you did with these fantastic temperatures out. again, 70s in a lot of spots this afternoon. pretty much everywhere except spots to the north and west. central park at 73 today. 76 in newark. 70 at laguardia. tomorrow will be a little bit cooler than today. back to the 60s. still quite and comfortable. cold front coming through tonight comes through quietly.
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there will be rain in the area on friday as everything backs up to the north again. so showers and even thunderstorms are possible on friday night across the area. it's all clearing out in time for the columbus day weekend. coolest day will be saturday. warmest day and sunniest day will be columbus day with highs in the 70s. breezy to start. temperatures right now across length island ranging from 60s to low 70s as you come westward. the city is around 72 and long branch and north and west generally upper 60s to around 70. it's nice. we had clouds come through the area earlier today. most have cleared out now. this is with the front that's here. there are rain showers way upstate north of albany but very light. it will come through the area on the dry side and then temperatures drop behind that. temperatures tonight 40s and 50s. mostly clear skies. it is a touch cooler tomorrow but still lovely with temperatures near 70 in the city.
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for this evening, going out this evening, it's pretty nice. in the upper 60s falling through the mid 60s and skies remain clear. no problems there. like i said, sunshine for the weekend especially by sunday, crisp, fall-like days. temperatures highs in the 60s. lows in the 40s and 50s. we've got sunshine coming up for columbus day. 72. back to the 70s and some rain showers again on tuesday. that's your forecast. back to you. >> thank you very much. still much more ahead as we continue on news 4 at 5:00. actor tracy morgan is back to work for the first time since his crash. the project he's working on coming up. and coming up at 6:00, potential for shutdowns on railroads. news 4 investigates while life saving safety protocols are not in use.
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>> they play friday night against the dodgers. bruce beck was with the team this morning before they left for los angeles. >> it's october baseball in new york. it's time to turn the page for the yankees to the mets. nl east chach mpions back in the postseason for the first time since 2006. mets held a workout at citi field before jetting off to los angeles. game one of the national league division series is friday night against the dodgers. and matt harvey was on the field today one day after missing the team's mandatory workout. manager terry collins has already moved past the latest harvey drama. >> it's over. done. a new day. you know, we took care of it. >> reporter: the players are focused on the task at hand and that's bringing home the mets first world series title since 1986. >> you go into it confident.
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done a lot of things over the course of the season to get you to this point. now you got to continue keep doing those things. easier said than done. but that's the mindset. >> what about the journey for captain david wright, from a career threatening back injury earlier in the year to leading his ball club into baseball's second season. >> to have as much fun as we had down the stretch and play in those type of games, you know, i missed that. it's been a while since we've had that feeling. to be part of that is extremely gratify gratifying. >> the pitching in this series should be off the charts. mets fans should be fired up. could this be the year? are they a team of destiny? find out starting friday night and i'll be in los angeles starting tomorrow. back to you guys. >> all right, bruce. say yes to both. we'll update that breaking
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news out of new jersey. a fiery wreck involving a tanker truck. part of the turnpike still shut down. new information still ahead. plus this -- >> reporter: a local fire department under investigation. how could millions from its budget just disappear. i'm gus rosendale looking for answers. i'm bobby flay and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state has to offer. like this famous winery nestled in the hudson valley. or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery belongs in every beer lover's hall of fame.
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