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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  October 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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to a municipalco penalty box with bars. sean avery has gone from on-ice agitator to being arrested for what southampton village police say was a different kind of aggression. throwing things at cars passing one of his southampton homes. >> i didn't throw anything. i didn't throw anything. >> reporter: avery maintained his innocence when he spoke to news 4. he's charged with drug possession. he says the items found in his car are prescription drugs. he posted a complete list on twitter writing "pretty disgusting i have to do this." >> if they want to play dirty and tarnish my reputation and do whatever they think they can do to maybe intimidate me, it's not going to happen >> reporter: avery contends he's being targeted because of complaining about a lack of police action over speeding in southampton village but
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neighbors call him a loose cannon. >> he throws things at cars as he goes by. one lady had her dog in the car and he sprayed her with a hose. several tweets today continue to target village police including a video with a tag line southampton's fnest, i happen to drive by and these heroes had their machine guns out. >> hey don't like people that ask them to hold themselves accountable. >> reporter: we made several calls for southampton village police but they didn't offer any further comment. sean avery is vowing to continue to fight these misdemeanor charges not surprising when you consider his feisty on-ice demeanor. we're live in southampton tonight, greg cergol, news 4 new york. updating breaking news we've been following. this was the scene an hour ago after that tanker truck and suv
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got into an accident that flipped that truck over a guard rail and caused it to explode. ws 4 ray villeda is live with more. >> reporter: traffic is at a standstill at this hour. we saw emergency responders were still rushing to get to that scene. you are looking at that traffic. that's southbound lanes and northbound lanes you can see are completely empty just a few cars were able to avoid that nightmare of a crash. let's go to the video now so you can see what i'm talking about. it happened around 3:15 this afternoon when a small suv and a tanker truck crashed. ite.aused a ball of fire that could be seen for miles. at this hour we know one of the drivers is unaccounted for. the driver of that tanker truck. the driver of that small suv is expected to be okay. you can see it is still such a mess. right now new jersey state police don't know what a box spring and mattress have to do with this crash. that's on the roadway right now.
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they have been able to put the fire out. the traffic this investigation continues is still a big issue at this hour. folks, you're going to want to avoid this area. is is on 15w on the new jersey turnpike northbound lanes on western spur and you can see right now what we're looking at here. we're just about a mile away from that exit. avoid the area if at all possible. we're ive, ray villeda, news 4 new york. >> there's new information tonight in that deadly brooklyn building explosion. fire investigators are now backing off the theory that it was a gas explosion. and now say there may have been another cause that might not be accidental. news 4's ida siegal has more information. >> reporter: fire officials say they are now shifting the focus of their investigation. in the meantime, this neighborhood is finally showing signs of life. some streets have reopened. sidewalks have reopened. you can see those two buildings
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have now been completely demolished. next, figuring out how this all happened. the investigation at the scene is now complete. all of the evidence fire marshals could gather they have. the fire commissioner says it looks like this was possibly not a gas explosion. >> there may have been another ca se, which we're looking at as a possible it could cave been some form of liquid. so this is what the fire marshals are looking at now. >> reporter: what type of liquid is not clear. they are focusing on the apartment of a woman likely killed in the explosion but not officially identified yet. she owned ts brooklyn hair salon on fifth avenue where a memorial continues to grow. >> i know she was a good person because a lot of people never said anything bad about her. >> reporter: sources say she was heavily in debt and sent suicidal text messages and on social media including telling her children to be good and take care of themselves. the gas was not on in her
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apartment so they are exploring the possibility of another sler accelerant. >> she was always in a good place. she had her salon and stuff. >> reporter: doesn't make sense to you? >> no. >> reporter: residents and business owners got new information at a community meeting today. some businesses were able to reopen their doors. others are uncertain. >> i have to pay my bills. i have to -- i have things to pay. it's just -- i'm so mad. i'm so nervous. >> reporter: and that business owner was ultimately told it would be another week before she can get back inside. residents in this area are still out of their buildings in three of the buildings that still have a vacate order. community leaders saying it could take more than three weeks to get them back home. reporting live, ida siegal, news
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4 new york. breaking news in the takedown of james blake. the officer used excessive force when tackling blake outside of month. the officer mistook blake for an identity theft suspect. the officer will be disciplined for his actions. nypd commissioner bill bratton has the final say on punishment. work. heading to long island where three schools tested positive for legionella bacteria. an intensive disinfection and decontamination process is scheduled. there have been no reports of disease at the schools. commuter railroads would shut down. that's what the heads of those
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commuter r heailroads say could happen if congress fails to extend a looming deadline to install train control technology. we have the story of the long fight for positive train control and exclusive interview with one person who says the railroads are dragging their feet. >> reporter: this is a station where a mother of four said good-bye to her husband. he died in a derailment. it's been nearly two years since nancy montgomery kissed her husband good-bye. he was working a sunday shift on the rockefeller christmas tree lighting but the 6:20 a.m. train that morning derailed when the drowsy engineer careened off the tracks at 82 miles per hour. jim and three others died in the crash and federal investigators said it was all preventible. >> if they had made it a priority when they were mandated to in 2008, we would have positive train control on our trains.
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right now my husband would still be alive. >> reporter: the federal railroad administration ordered railroads to add the braking fail safe but metro north doesn't have positive control but along with path and new jersey transit, all railroads are facing a looming deadline. add positive train control by the end of the year or face fines starting the next day. the railroads are asking congress for a three-year extension. >> i believe that some rail companies are taking this seriously and making an honest effort to implement ptc. i don't believe they all are. >> reporter: in may after the deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia, i asked the railroad ceo why it is taking so long. >> the answer is that we started installing positive train control in the '90s. we spent $111 million getting ready for positive train control. >> reporter: some railroads,
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even path, hinted they could shutdown if they don't get an extension. among is skeptical that will happen. >> it's the rail company's responsibility. they own it. they should own it in a proper way to make their customers safe. >> reporter: the next step get congress to agree on an extension. some lawmakers want a five-year delay which would mean no positive train control until 2020. andrew siff, news 4 new york. the nypd is looking for a man who tried to rob a queens hotel. take a look at the man in the gray hoodie as he walks into country inn and suites hotel in long island city. he holds a brown paper bag over his hand and tells the clerk there's a gun under it. it happened last tuesday. the suspect took off without any money. coming up, can you tell what this is? why a monument to jersey shore sandy victims is causing controversy. and new york's bravest hold a solemn annual tribute to their fallen friends.
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janice huff tells us how long our beautiful weather will stick around as well. >> it's pretty much for the rest of this evening. tomorrow is not bad. it's not quite as warm. we do have some rain in the forecast. i'll let you know if that will interfere with the columbus day
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hundreds of new york city firefighters gathered today to honor colleagues they have lost over the last year. it was the 108th annual memorial service. seven fdny members were honored. mayor de blasio reflektd cted on their lives and thanked them for their service. >> to be in the presence of a memorial that speaks to commitment to generations of
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people who believed in protecting others so deeply they were willing to give their lives. >> the firemen's monument in new york is the largest monument dedicated to a single group outside of the military. a man is busted for driving with 39 suspensions. he was pulled over last week for another violation. that's when they discovered those 39 suspensions on his new york license. he's due to face a judge later this month. we've got word tonight that one of the last known survivors of the hindenburg tragedy has died. it happened may 6, 1937. buchanan attended the 75th anniversary ceremony three years ago. he passed away yesterday at the age of 95. coming up when news 4 at 6:00 returns, what is this? did the mta add a new train line today? we dig into the mystery of the
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. t fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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lester holt joins us now with a look ahead. >> we'll have headlines of the day. we're going to kick off a series we're calling your money or your life. tonight anne thompson has a story of a promising treatment for cystic fieb brosis. we hear a lot about pharmaceutical drugs lately. >> they justify it by saying the cost of development and research is a lot. can that be justified? >> no one knows. it's a black hole as anne is going to report. companies are not required to explain how they set their prices and they do make the argument that research and development and those sorts of things and patients on the other end of these things wonder if there is price gauging going on. we'll take a deeper look at 6:30. >> all right. see you then. thanks a lot. a memorial to victims of
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storm of protests in highlands. >> it went up overnight and it's free but some folks can't figure out what it is. new jersey reporter brian thompson joins us live from highlands with the latest. brian? >> reporter: and there's no question that this memorial is making waves here in highlands. you have to also throw in the factor that they have a town council election coming up in a few weeks and that really gives you an instant controversy. seeing for the first time few seem to know what this is. that includes the woman who lives just a few blocks away. >> i thought it looked like stonehenge. >> it's a monument donated to highlands. what do you think?
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>> is there a purpose to this? >> reporter: the purpose like most art is in the eye of the beholder or in this case three eyes in the ceiling. but the design like much art has been controversial in the few days since it was built. no one, except the donors, knew what it would look like. >> in model form, we didn't do a public presentation. the concept was indeed known. >> that's interesting. it blocks this whole view of the water. >> reporter: it's a roughly $400,000 gift from local contractors wanting to donate to the community and a top new york architectural firm. town officials hope it grows on folks. >> projects on their nature sometimes come with change. this will be a positive for the community. >> reporter: so what exactly is it? what does it represent? we say art is in the eye of the
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beholder. one local told me he said it kind of reminds me of when you lift a house up, it's the base platform you build a house on top of it. sounds as good an answer as any. the mayor here told me he thought it was out of place when he first saw it. now he says it's growing on him. live in highlands, i'm brian thompson, news 4 new york. >> thank you. it's not growing on me just yet. maybe it will take some time. look at this. something easy to understand. news 4's andrew siff snapped a picture this morning of the 12 train. 12 drain. >> andrew did digging and found out they equipped their trains to change to any combination of numbers and letters you can think of in case they add a new line and occasionally a mistake is made. the 12 train here was just a mistake. >> all a dream.
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between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. and you may see something unusual. >> nasa is launching a rocket from its facility in virginia to test new technologies. it will test an ejection system creating a cloud that is blue, green and red in color. that cloud should be visible from north carolina to -- wait for it -- long island. right here. so now the question is will we be able to see it? >> there are no clouds or very few clouds out there. when you see this tonight and i hope you all get to see it, it's not a ufo. don't call nasa. it's supposed to be brightly colored clouds. the rocket will reach a maximum altitude of 161 miles. that's why we'll be able to see it here. let's look outside right now. our view from top of the rock camera. i bet we'll see it from this view. all of the way from virginia. it will be so high in the sky. if you miss it, it starts at 7:00, window between 7:00 and 9:00.
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if you miss it, it will be on you can watch it online. mostly clear skies. perfect viewing for rocket viewing and cloud viewing. 70 degrees right now. it's pleasant out there. high of 73 today in central park. mid 70s in newark and right around 70 everywhere else from bridgeport to islip. another beautiful day. temperatures do drop off a few degrees tomorrow. there's a weak, dry cold front coming through the area tonight. it's still going to be beautiful until we get to friday. it's going to warm up on friday. we have showers and maybe some thundershowers in the forecast for friday evening. highs in the mid 70s. that clears out in time for the holiday weekend. so we start out cool on saturday and by columbus day the temperatures are back up into the 70s with full sunshine. a pretty nice weekend coming up for us. temperatures out there right now, 60s to around 70 from newark to staten island. 69 in poughkeepsie. long branch, one of the best views of the rocket launch and
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you can see we're cloud free. there are some clouds banking in from the north and west this evening. but they really won't reach us until later. that's with the cold front. light sprinkles north of albany. we won't see that here. just clouds and mainly tomorrow. mainly clear across the area tonight. temperatures do drop off. it will be cooler tonight north and west and chilly tomorrow as well. just a mix of sun and clouds across the area. you see the rain shows up friday morning. it reaches the rest of the tri-state area on friday evening. so very comfortable this evening with mainly clear skies. temperatures falling through the 60s. it's going to be a nice one. tomorrow, our high is just below 70 at 69 degrees. mid 70s on friday. here comes the rain and maybe even some thunderstorms. and then drying out for the weekend. 63 on saturday. 67 on sunday. and 72 on columbus day. that's your weather. >> thank you, janice. >> we got our hearts broken yesterday with the yankees but we still have hope.
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the mets still have two more days until their opener. coming up in sports, they squeezed in one final workout at citifield before heading off to hollywood to face the dodgers. and the yankees are still trying to pick up the pieces after their season ended with a dud last night against the astros. we'll hear from the sad bombers
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the yankees are out so the spotlight is on the mets from here on out. yes, the amazes are on the way to los angeles to face the dodgers. today the mets went through final workout before boarding a plane to the west coast. matt harvey was on hand one day after missing the team's
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mandatory workout. manager terry collins says the team has moved on from the mess. now the focus is on jacob decrom who gets the ball against clayton kershaw. mets are enjoying the ride into baseball's second season. >> i think there's a lot of fun being had on this ball club. no matter what level or what time of season you're playing this game at, you have to find a way to have fun with it. a lot of guys joking around and staying loose and relaxed. that will be key for us moving forward. and it's a big sign of things to come. >> we're excited. we sat down with things last fall that said it's time for us to win. we won. we set out a goal and everybody bought into it. all they want to do is win. everybody has each other's backs no matter who is in the lineup. they are cheering for them. you don't find that a lot of places. it's the day after for the yankees and their fans.
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against the astros last night. they managed just three hits in a 3-0 loss in the american league wild card game. yes, yankees exceeded expectations but after faltering down the stretch, they're left to wonder what went wrong. >> we take pride in what we do out there and we work hard to go out and play well. we didn't play well. like i said, it's going to take a long time to get over this. >> you try to do all the right things. you work your butt off and try as hard as you can and it's a little short. that was our year. >> it stinks to lose. that's the bottom line. it leave as sour taste in your mouth. i'm extremely proud of the guys in that room. and a bizarre story out of the nba. according to multiple reports, knicks head coach derrick fisher was involved in a physical confrontation with grizzly's forward matt barnes over the weekend. he flipped out after hearing
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that fisher was dating his
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