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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  October 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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4 new york. >> turnpike inferno. a tanker truck overturns and explodes. tonight exclusive video of what caused the wreck. then combing for clues. the investigation right now to find out what killed a mother and child in their home. and daring getaway. a teenager rolls out of a moving car, trying to escape a suspected kidnapper. good evening. i'm chuck scarborough. >> and i'm sibila vargas. we begin tonight with the fiery crash. a tanker flips over on the new jersey turnpike, killing the drive. >> the accident backed up near kearny for hours. news 4 showing what caused that wreck. >> ray villeda with an exclusive look. >> reporter: sibila, chuck, i just spoke to a truck driver who saw this crash unfold. he was on the new jersey turnpike earlier this afternoon, saw a van carrying mattresses. the mattresses spilled on the roadway. he watched cars swerve to avoid them, including a tunker truck
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which flipped on a guardrail and erupted in flames. he had a dash camera rolling the entire time. >> it felt like i was starting to burn my arm and i my leg, justnbeing as close as i was. >> reporter: kevin howard can still feel the intense heat from the flames. the truck driver from michigan was on the new jersey turnpike wednesday afternoon when he first spot advance carrying several mattresses. >> i saw a mattress up ahead. it l ked like it scattered out into the lane. >> reporter: watch as cars swerve, including a tanker truck. truck. it was trying to avoid a small white suv in front. it tried to maneuver around the suv and flipped over the guardrail. the truck instant burst into flames. >> i wanted to get the guy out. but being a tanker and as a big as the explosion was, i mean, you could see where i got was as close as you could get. the heat. >> reporter: the awful crash unfolded in kearny in the northbound lanes of the turnpike by exit 5-w. the billowing smoke could be seen for miles.
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on the road, the backup lasted for hours. >> whether he intended to or not, he saved those people in front of him's life. he gave up his own. i'm sure he didn't want to do that. but, you know, he -- those people in that car in front of him that. >> could be gone. >> reporter: as dash cam rolled on the chaos, he kept thinking of the driver. >> i kept thinking about going thome my kids, you know? it's rough. >> reporter: the image of the flames and the truck and the cabin replaying in his mind hours after the fire was put out. >> i went up and got a good look at the cab. whatever -- whatever was left was already gone. >> reporter: he says it will be tough to sleep tonight thinking about that awful image. right now state police have not released the identity of the driver killed in this crash. in the meantime, i can tell you the crash site is still an active investigation. so that may tie up your morning commute. live in seacaucus tonight, ray villeda.
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called the 911 and a mother and a child are dead. this was brynn gingras in jersey city with the details for us. brynn? >> reporter: and chuck, the white house behind me, this is the scene where investigators left really just a short time ago. they took down that crime scene tape. and it was inside that house where they were removing evidence bags. and we have video of that to show you of that second floor apartment of this home. that's where authorities tell us a woman in her 20s and her 5-year-old son were found unconscious late this afternoon. now they are rushed to the hospital where they died a short time later. authorities told us. now they're labelling this suspicious right now. that's as far as they'll go. video we shot of the scene shows investigators from the hudson county homicide division, they were here. i asked authorities if this had anything to do with carbon monoxide or anything like that, and was told no gases were found inside the home. so, again, no further explanation, though, of what happened to the son and mother was given.
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neighbors, though, reacting to this scene. >> strange. it's weird. it's taking my daughter to girl scouts and seeing all the cop, the fire trucks outside. it's out of the ordinary. >> reporter: other neighbors who did not want to go on camera suggested that this woman was a victim of some sort of abuse with either her husband or her boyfriend. they were really concerned that maybe he was involved. again, we question authorities about that. and we were told that no one at this point, or at least there is no confirmation that someone is being questioned or even arrested. and we're hoping to get more information as this case continues in the investigation process. that's the latest though here from jersey city. i'm brynn gingras, news 4, new york. >> thank you. right now investigators are trying to pinpoint the cause of a fire in brooklyn that seriously injured five people, including a baby. the fire began at the building on church avenue at east flatbush today. firefighters risked their lives to pull that 9-month-old child from the flames on the second floor.
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the baby and four adults were taken to the hospital in serious condition. in connecticut, shocking video of a teenager making a dangerous escape from an abduction. a camera captured that girl rolling out of a moving car to escape the driver who police say tried to snatch that teen on her way to school. news 4's michael george is live in bridgeport with more on this. michael? >> reporter: well, chuck, that teenager was walking right down the street here on her way to school when someone abducted her. now fortunately, she is okay because she made a split second decision to escape. and that escape was caught on video. watch this teenager tuck and roll out of a moving car. it was a risky move, but it helped her get away from a woman who was trying to abduct her. >> that's crazy. >> it's horrific for a female have to be jumping out of vehicles. >> reporter: we showed this video to neighbors in bridgeport. they could hardly believe it. >> you see the young girl. >> jumping out. >> jumps out right there. >> that's awful. because i think about my kids. especially my daughter.
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>> reporter: police say the 17-year-old was just walking to school at 7:00 in the morning. a woman in her 40s pulled up in this toyota yaris and lured the teen inside. the woman started grabbing at the teenager. that's when she jumped for it. >> it's hard. when females are going through being snatched up, you can't even walk the street anymore. >> reporter: amazingly, the teen wasn't hurt. but the attempted abductor is still out there. detectives don't know the motive, but they say the victim doesn't know her attacker, and there was no robbery attempt. neighbors were surprised to learn a woman was behind the attempted abduction. >> that's what i'm surprised at right now. >> reporter: after the girl escaped, her attacker makes a u-turn and takes off. here is another shot of the toyota. but despite all the surveillance videos, police don't have a license plate. what they do know is the car is missing a rear bumper. >> jail would be too good for that person. >> reporter: now this happened ed ed at 7:00 in the morning. there were a lot of witnesses. police need your help.
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a woman in her 40s with freckles, a ponytail and black leather jacket. live in bridgeport, connecticut, michael george, news 4 new york. >> thank you. new tonight, a former nypd officer wanted for questioning in the death of his wife on long island is in custody tonight. 49-year-old paul leitgeb was found near the appalachian trail. police say he was armed with a box cutter and threatened to hurt himself and officers during a long standoff. he has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of tricia odierna. tonight a police review board is recommending charges for the two officers involved, alleging they used excessive force. >> both james and i are very gratified by the fact that the ccrb handled this not only in an expeditious way but a very diligent way. in 26 days, they reached a determination that the charges against both these officers were substantiated. >> reporter: and you'll remember
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outside the grand hyatt hotel in manhattan. the civilian complaint review board says that the officers james frascatore and daniel herzog used excessive force and abused their power when blake was tackled. he was mistaken for an identity theft suspect. in a statement patrick lynch said in part it is still no surprise that the ccrb which continues to be nothing more than a cop-hating branch of the new york civil liberties union would substantiate the use of force complaint in such a questionably public manner. the review is ongoing. long island, where cooling towers at three schools tested positive for legionella bacteria. it was detected in seneca, sequoia and east schools. they were immediately taken off line. disinfection are immediately schedule. there is no reports of legionnaires from any one at the schools. and the legionella bacteria was
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found inside a cooling tower at greenwich high school. the tower has been disinfected and students and staff are not at risk. president obama apologized today for the deadly attack on a hospital operated by doctors without borders in afghanistan. nearly two dozen patients and medical staff were killed in the u.s. air strike over the weekend. but for days the u.s. military kept changing its story, first saying u.s. troops were under fire, then acknowledging they weren't. later, officials claimed afghan troops requested the air strike. and today unnamed officials suggested low level u.s. officers were at fault. >> we appreciate the expression of condolences, but it doesn't change the fact that we have 22 dead patients and staff that were killed as a result of this attack. >> and despite the apology, doctors without borders is not dropping its demand for the attack to be investigated as a possible war crime. well, anger and sadness tonight over the coast guard's decision to end the search for
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bahamas during hurricane joaquin. that search was suspended at sunset this evening, six days after that ship went down. the coast guard says it is unlikely that anyone on board could have survived longer than five days. some of the relatives of the 33 missing crewmembers disagree. >> six days? come on. >> i'm mad at god. i'm just mad. brutally sad, angry. >> the ship was on its way to puerto rico from jacksonville when it sank. the national transportation safety board is now trying to find the voyage data recorder to try to figure out why that ship was unable to get out of harm's way. tomorrow the train running between washington, d.c. and vermont will be back in service just days after a derailment. the amtrak vermonter left the tracks after it hit rocks in northfield on monday. eight people were injured. normal northbound service will resume tomorrow. the southbound train will also run, but with some changes. and coming up, as we continue on news 4 new york, he
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but tonight former ranger shawn avery is accused of being an agitator in his own neighborhood. up ahead, that exclusive interview with the hockey star on why he was arrested at his long island home. plus a worker caught in a dangerous situation, hanging midair from a freeway bridge. the tricky maneuver crews used to rescue him. and janice is here with the forecast. >> well, we've had fantastic weather these last few days. a cooling trend on the way, and some rain too. your storm team 4 forecast is
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tonight the national transportation safety board is investigating this plane crash in the backyard of a southern california home. investigators say the plane took off from the compton woodley airport and began having engine trouble.
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the pilot tried to land on the road but crashed behind a home in compton. he was taken to the hospital with a head injury. no one else was hurt. and now to a news 4 exclusive following the arrests of a former new york rangers star. tonight we're hearing sean avery's side of the story. the hockey star was booked last week after southampton police got reports that someone was throwing objects at cars passing his home. they charged him with drug possession after finding oxycodone in his car. but he claims he has a prescription and is being targeted by the police for what he calls excessive speeding in the neighborhood. >> they want to play dirty and try to tarnish my reputation and do whatever they think that they can do to maybe intimidate me. it's not going to happen. >> well, where avery maintains his innocence, some neighbors we spoke with called him a loose cannon in the neighborhood. well, millions of dollars might be missing tonight from a volunteer fire department in the hudson valley.
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a recent audit revealed major discrepancies in the bookkeeping for the mahopac volunteer fire department. state officials are now looking into whether the missing money was embezzled, and mahopac residents want answers. do you think somebody should go to jail? >> like anything else, if they're caught, they should. >> today mahopac officials and other community leaders refuse to comment publicly about the investigation or reveal exactly how the money is missing. tonight a double whammy in south carolina after days of rain and deadly flooding, more water is flowing downstream, testing weakened dams and homes along the way. a national guard helicopter positioned tons of 100-ton sandbags of washed out levee and today contractors followed their gps and bypassed a barricade in the darkness. their truck sank in the high water. two of their bodies have been found, bringing the death toll to 17. more than 60 dams are closely monitored.
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a 3-year-old boy in caden in virginia is getting his wish, dressing up as elsa. paul henson posted this picture of his son caden on facebook. the facebook post has gone viral. but he said he doesn't understand the attention. he says it should be second nature to support your child. and he also says that his son wans him to dress up as anna, elsa's sister. and dad is going to dress up as anna. >> if you go back to the picture, he looked like he was ready to take on any crook. >> he is also saying hey, so what. too bad. >> you want to criticize my dress, bud? i'll show you. >> powerful elsa right there. very good. very good. so great weather across the area tonight. skies are still clear out there. we do see some clouds approaching there is a weak cold front coming tonight. but we're not really expecting too much from that, except maybe some cooler temperatures. a look outside right now from
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our top of the rock view of really quiet night out there. it's been mild again today. we had 70s again. not so much tomorrow. but they will return at some point. 65 degrees right now in the park. and skies are clear. and they'll stay that way for most of the evening. but will start to see some clouds rolling in by tomorrow morning with the front. the front will bring some cooler air. that's really about it. so tomorrow's quiet and comfortable. but there will be rain on friday night into early saturday morning. but it will all clear out in time for the columbus day weekend, which looks spectacular. so the rain that is coming with another front late friday might even touch off a few thunderstorms even. temperatures ahead of the front in the 70s. behind it in the 60s for the start of the weekend. but as we go through the rest of the columbus day weekend, it does warm up each day. and by monday beautiful weather. 50s in millwood, sleepily hollow, terrytown. mainly 50s and '70s the map. a few 40s sprinkled in like morristown 48, and westhampton at 49.
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storm tracker shows the clouds approaching. the front is back here. but it comes through dry. we will just see some clouds, a change in wind direction, and a change in temperature slightly tomorrow. but still a nice day. mix of sun and clouds across the area that moves south. and then it backs up again as a warm front on friday. and then another cold front comes through friday night. so pretty quiet across the area for the rest of this evening. futurecast temperatures and radar showing the temperatures in the morning in the 40s and 50s. and no rain you. might see a green dot here and there. but that's really not much of anything at all. and maybe a sprinkle, north and west. so tomorrow's highs are mainly in the 60s. here comes the rain that approaches friday morning and the thunderstorms if we get any will come on friday afternoon. so a mixed sky during the day tomorrow with temperatures starting thought the 40s and 50s in the morning. and 60s the rest of the day. after the rain on friday, it starts to clear out for the weekend. chilly saturday. a little bit better on sunday. up to 67. for tonight, 50s in scarsdale, the city, smithtown your low 53.
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a northerly breeze will blow across the area. 40s to the north and west. and our highs tomorrow will make it to near 70. just not into the 70s tomorrow afternoon. a mix of sun and clouds. chappaqua, your high near 70 as well as port gervase. 69 in midtown tomorrow. the late-day thunderstorms are friday evening. and then clearing out for the holiday weekend. this great weather coming up for the parade on monday is picture-perfect. >> perfect. >> okay. >> not bad. >> thank you. >> sure. sports is coming up next. >> sibila, from play ball to let's drop the puck. the rangers opened the nhl season in chicago. coming up in sports, the blue shirts and the defending stanley cup champions goes stride for stride in the windy city. and the cubs send the hottest pitcher in baseball to the hill in the nl wild card game against the pirates. highlights from the steel city
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and here is what jimmy fallon has coming up tonight. >> thank you, chuck and sibila and everyone in new york. kate winslet is my guest togh us inorve it's a great show.
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in detroit, a hit-and-run driver clips a tractor on a busy interstate highway, and it's all caught on another truck's dash cam. the big rig careened out of control and flipped over. with traffic whizzing by all around it. tonight the truck driver says he has bruises all over his body, but remarkably nobody was killed. we're told michigan state police tracked down the hit-and-run driver late today. no word yet of any charges. well, you think you had a bad day at work? check this out. according to the nbc station in houston, this guy was doing preventative maintenance under a freeway bridge this afternoon when he slipped off the catwalk. thank goodness he had a harness on. otherwise he would have plunged into the houston ship channel. first responders rescued him by lifting him up through manhole. wow. that's long way down. >> yes. as you said, thank goodness for the harness.
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the rangers dropped the puck on the 2015-'16 nhl season against the blackhawks in chicago. before the game, the blackhawks raised their third world championship banner six seasons. but the rangers quickly quieted the crowd. oscar lindbergh tallying his first ever nhl goal. less than two minutes into the game. later in the first, derek stepan is johnny on the spot, splitting two defenders to knock home the bouncing puck to make it 3-1. henrik lundqvist and the blue shirts hold on for a 3-2 victory. in baseball, it was the national league wild card game in pittsburgh between the pirates and cubs. and kyle schwarber provided all the offense they would need. 450 feet later, it was 3-0, chicago. but jake arrieta was the story. the right-hander was spectacular
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allowing just four hits while striking out 11 en route to a complete game shut-out. 4-0 the final. the cubs are headed to st. louis to face the cardinals. the mets and the dodgers begin their series in los angeles on friday. today they went through one final workout before boarding a plane to the west coast. matt harvey was on hand. one day after missing the team's mandatory workout. manager terry collins says the team has moved on from that mess. now the focus is on jacob degrom, who gets the ball in game one against clayton kershaw. after winning 90 ball games and clinching the nl east title, the mets are enjoying the ride into baseball's second season. >> i think there is a lot of fun being had on this ball club. and no matter what level or what time of season you're playing this game at, you got to find a way to have fun with it. >> we sat down with some things
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last fall that said hey, it's time for us to win. we won. we set out a goal, and everybody bought into it. all they want to do is win. everybody's got each other's backs, no matter what is in the lineup. they're cheering for them. you don't find that a lot of places. >> no you don't. i'll be in los angeles starting tomorrow. nick's hall of fame center harry the horse passed away this morning at the age of 88. at the garden, the knicks kicked off against a professional team from brazil. before the game the focus was on head coach derek fisher, who reportedly was in a physical confrontation with grizzlies forward matt barnes in l.a. this weekend. barnes apparently flipped after hearing that fisher was dating his estranged wife. the nba is investigating. back to basketball. carmelo anthony was back in action for the first time since knee surgery in february. and 'melo came out firing,
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shots of the game's first three minutes. he finished with 17. nice start. in the closing seconds of the half, early hits the half board heave at the buzzer. the knicks cruise, 100-81. can't they save shots like that for the regular season? i mean, don't waste it on an appreciation gail. but a good start. >> i like that. where is he? >> he did fine. good to know. everyone played well today. thanks.
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