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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  October 8, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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police do have three alleged gunmen in custody. a fourth man was arrested. police say he helped the other gunman get away. the scene is active after rapid gunfire terrified the people in this neighborhood who were just settling in for the night last night. it is an unmarked suv, back window shattered, tire blown out, shell casings everywhere. last night around 10:30, undercover officers were driving in it when they spotted three men fighting. the officers drove past then turned the car around. that's when police say the men firing started firing at them, startling neighbors getting ready for bed. >> i'm in my apartment and i just -- boom, boom, boom, boom, i say what is going on? my son said, mommy, you sleep it is outside, it is gunshot outside. >> reporter: unmarked police car was hit numerous times. the officers were not shot. they returned fire as the gunman
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ran off. police later found this gun, a .45-caliber sar arms underneath the tire of a nearby car. >> a lot of shots. it stopped and started again. >> it scare, startle you? >> of course. >> reporter: police searched the area hospitals for the gunman and found a 23-year-old man with a gunshot to the leg at beth israel them took him into custody. later this morning, they caught one two others a 24-year-old man and a 21-year-old. folks who live here say they are tired of the burst of violence. >> drug, because of no job, gangster, this building fighting against this building. we just have to pray. >> reporter: police have now identified one of the alleged gunmen as keyshawn smith. i.d.s on the other three men pending, charges pending as well. police tell us they found a bag with lots of ammunition inside. live from fort green, ida siegal, news 4, new york.
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>> all right, ida, thank you. now to a news 4 exclusive, surveillance video showing a hit and run on the upper east side. the victim is a livery cab driver in the hospital at this noon. one of the suspects in custody right now. news 4's katherine creag has been covering the story all morning long and joins us now with an update. kat? >> reporter: shiba, part of that video, you can actually see the vehicle involved in the hit and run back up here on madison avenue, go the wrong way on east 80th street in an attempt to get away. of the two men in the car, according to the nypd, one remains in custody while the victim remains in the hospital. in this exclusive video, surveillance camera images show the moment a car smashes into an innocent man, a livery cab driver who was at the back of his car getting something out of the trunk. the livery driver ends up pinned between the car that hit him and his own car. the driver who struck him can be
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>> i think madison avenue, they are fast. >> crazy people every day, everywhere. >> reporter: people who live in this area, madison avenue near 80th street on the upper east side are furious. the hit and run happened at 1:20 this morning, the victim, a 60-year-old man, lay badly hurt on the ground. drivers passing by, a bicyclist, people who saw the collision, went back to take care of the injured victim. as police arrived, they gave officers a description of the vehicle suspected in the hit and run. an hour later, on the upper west side, police spotted the damaged car on west end avenue in the 70s, two men who were in that car were handcuffed and taken into custody at the scene where the hitbroken to hear of the victim's injuries. >> terrible. there are accidents that should not happen. >> reporter: as for the victim, we are told he has severe internal and external injuries,
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custody, told by the nypd that charges are pending. katherine creag, news 4, new york. >> kat, thank you. following some breaking news right now, one of the heroes who stopped a potential terror attack on a paris train in august has been stabbed now in sacramento. air force officials say spencer stone is in stable condition. this happened around midnight. and nbc news says it happened near a stretch of bars but don't know much more about the circumstances surrounding the attack. he was stabbed several times. back in august the 25-year-old stone, along with two friends, tackled the heavily armed terror suspect on a train in paris and in that incident, he was stabbed with a box cutter during a struggle. completely avoidable, how federal safety inspectors are appreciate death referring to the death of a construction work they are year. the 22-year-old was crushed and killed when a trench collapsed right on him at the 9th avenue site back in april. osha says the project's general contractor, harco construction
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and his employer, sky materials, ignored numerous safety warnings about the trench before his death. osha has issued fines and citations to both companies. in jersey city, detectives are investigating the deaths of a young mother and her son. bags of evidence were removed from the second floor apartment on lincoln street. police say a woman in her 20s and her 5-year-old were found unresponsive last night. this he were pronounced dead at the hospital and police are calling their deaths suspicious. air tests for carbon monoxide were negative. the nypd is looking the video that appears to show a violent police takedown of a thief in brooklyn. the officers with a paramedic confronted the man at a sunset park bodega last month. police say he stole the emt's phone and other items from his car. commissioner bratton says he has seen the tape and the ccrb will also be involved in the investigation. the suspect is charged with grand larceny and other crimes. new at noon, there's one name you can cross off the list
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mayor de blasio's re-election bid. success academy charter schools founder eva moskowitz says she will not run for mayor in 2017. the form two-term councilwoman openly talked about her interest in the city's top political job but today, she says she plans to support more time supporting charter school growth in new york city. >> i'm not running because i think what could be accomplished in public education is game changing, is life changing. >> moskowitz and de blasio have publicly battled over funding and space for charter schools. her success academy educates 11,000 students at 34 schools across the city. overseas now, nato ministers are meeting to decide what to do about russia's military campaign in syria. the organization's secretary-general is calling on them to halt their air strikes. all that happening after a close
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call in the air. get that from richard engel. >> reporter: launching 26 cruise missiles to back up its ally, syrian president, bashar al assad, russia is showing off its military might. the missiles were launched wednesday from the caspian sea, 900 miles from their targets in syria. if it was tense, president vladimir putin didn't show it. he was celebrating his 63rd birthday on skates, scoring, russian officials say, seven goals. nato meeting today is especially concerned about russian incursions into turkish airspace. >> in syria, we have seen a troubling escalation of russian military activities. this is particularly relevant in the view of the recent violations of nato's airspace by russian aircraft. >> reporter: but no one in the vest
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west is ready to turn syria into a clash of superpowers. once, american aircraft had to divert course off syria to avoid contact with russian aircraft. russia isn't just supporting a regime the u.s. is opposed to. it's bragging about it. russia's increasingly aggressive policy is just another chapter in the already tense relation relationship between vladimir putin and president obama. richard engel, nbc news, berlin. the search for the "el faro" cargo ship and its crew members now a recovery mission, you with the ntsb leading the investigation. they are searching for the ship's voyage data recorder that could give some insight into why the ship stalled and sank during hurricane joaquin last week. 33 men and women on board, including two with ties to our area. the coast guard found one body and badly damaged lifeboat before suspending its search. the floodwaters in south carolina are receding but for many who live there, the heartbreaking reality of what they have lost is just beginning to set in. many residents are returning
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their clothes, their furniture swept away by nearly 22 inches of rain. and closer to the coast, people in four counties are bracing for what could be a second wave as all that water flows from the interior down to the ocean. so far, 19 deaths are being blamed on the floods. coming up on news 4, new york at noon, the head of volkswagen on the hot seat on capitol hill. tough talk from hillary clinton, speaking out against president obama's transpacific trade deal. and dave has more on the rain coming soon. >> you bet. sunday, the rain you just mentioned comes tomorrow but wait till you hear about the weekend. we will tell you all the timing in just a couple of minutes.
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call 1-800-341-9716. republican critics say he's flip-flopping on her support of a major trade agreement. on wednesday, she says she no longer supports the transpacific partnership. clinton helped negotiate the deal when she was secretary of state. she called it the gold standard. clinton's opposition to it puts her at odds with president obama, but she says she can no longer support it. >> i don't have the tax, we don't yet have all the details. i don't believe it's going to meet the high bar i have set. >> clinton is also talking today about reforming wall street. she is expected to propose higher taxes on day trading and restrictions on certain risky trades. senate democrats are renewing their push for new gun control legislation and they plan to block all other bills until their measures get to a vote. and "people" magazine is urging its readers to call for action against gun violence. all this coming following the deadly shootings at a community college in oregon. "people" is listening the contact information for all
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upcoming issue and wants readers to contact them. the magazine's editorial director posted a video on twitter explaining his decision. he says "as a country, we are not doing enough about gun violence." as for congressional leadership, republican lawmakers are behind closed doors picking a nominee to become the next speaker of the house. california congressman kevin mccarthy is the odds-on favorite and he was the right-hand man to speaker john boehner who is leaving the post. mccarthy was expected to be challenged bayou tau's jason chaifetz and daniel webster of florida. a house vote on the speaker happens in three weeks. big news in international soccer. the president of fifa and two other top officials have been suspended for 90 days. the subpen iseses are linked to a criminal investigation into fifa president, sepp blatter, allegedly misusing $2 million in fifa money. the african soccer head will serve as fifa president in the meantime, but the international olympic committee is calling for a credible external candidate to
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volkswagen ceo getting grilled on capitol hill. and we have got some new information about holiday spending. >> sue herera joins us now from cnbc's global headquarters with more, sue? >> good to see you guys today, kind of a mixed day on wall street overall. it's, of course, the start of earnings season, as we said yesterday, but we will start to get more and more keyed out components reporting and traders want to see what the latest earnings report looks like, so, let's take a look at where the markets are shaping up now the dow jones industrial average up 30 points but should note that the nasdaq is down just about that amount as well. as you mentioned, vw getting grilled, facing some tough questions on capitol hill. volkswagen ceo told congress he had no knowledge in 2014 of emissions defeat devices installed on some vw diesel cars. vw america's ceo michael horn saying the company has broken the trust of its customers, its dealers and its employees. americans plan to spend more
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this holiday shopping season, but not a lot more. the national retail federation is calling for a total increase of 3.7% in spending this holiday, which comes to some $630 billion. however, that is below last year's increase of better than 4%. and on a lighter note, in alaska, the name change of america's tallest mountain is trickling down to mcdonald's, believe it or not. the extra large size mckinley mac has been renamed the din nally mac after president obama renamed mount mckinley to its traditional name of din nally just a couple of weeks ago. all right, you are up to date, guys, back to you, have a great afternoon. >> thank you, you too, sue. changes. i love it. >> a great day to eat outdoors, i tell you that. >> look behind you. it is beautiful outside. >> you inviting me out to lunch, dave? >> are you paying? >> short on cash. just checking. >> let me go work for it right now. take a look outside, everyone,
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busy crowd hustling and bust ling on this day, why not? a great day to take a walk, 66, mostly sunny skies out there right now, weather headlines look like this. just as it is just as we like it. quiet and dry for the rest of the day into this evening, thundershowers pop up tomorrow afternoon. let's say 2:00 on into the evening hours, after that, we are in terrific shape for a great weekend. we are on a roll, 67, the average high, we are at 69 today, warmer than normal and the trend continues. look at these numbers, 75, bay bridge, 69, howard beach. 71 in jericho. 62 and 68 in richmond town. we widen out the picture, a little cooler as we head up to the north and west, in the low 60s, rock hill, woodstock, west port, 64. a look at this picture from cutchogue, this is the site of the first winery on long island established in 1973 on peconic bay. rain important to this area,
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need more of it, we will get some tomorrow. right now, 64 degrees, 4-mile-an-hour wind, feels like what it reads. the drought monitor, things haven't changed. we got a little bit of rain, sure it's good, but it didn't move the needle, if you will much the rain, the next rain we have, arrives on friday, it is pushing in right now, that is going to bring those thundershowers to us. right now though, we are clear and beautiful and remain with just a couple of clouds dotting the sky and more sunshine than that. future tracker though shows that after tonight and into tomorrow morning, we will begin to cloud on up and then as the afternoon hits us, so do the thundershowers or shower activity into the evening as well. then it clears out. i think we could get up to half an inch or a little more than that in the city, up in rockland county, nanuet, 49.49, half an inch. a little less than that in north port. and a little more than that as you head down to the jersey shore. rest of the day today, what you see is what it's going to be like, 67 at 4:00, 65 during the commute, should be great, watch for the sun glare.
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55 tonight in white plains, 60 in the city, 57, montauk. south wind, 5 to 10 miles per hour. 54 in morristown, trenton at 56 degrees. and as we head down to the jersey shore, 57 in belmar. and up in poughkeepsie, duchess county, 54 degrees. the rest of the weekend and looking ahead to the beginning of next week, we start out cool on saturday, but look at those temperatures kind of creep on up to 72 degrees before the weekend is done. then we feel a little bit of rain beginning to encroach into the area, we head to tuesday. 66 degrees should you can the temperature. more clouds rolling in, a couple of showers possible, keep it in the plan. 7-day forecast, look at this. friday. again, we are talking most likely during the afternoon, we can put the wider parentheses at noon and beyond and then i think as we head into saturday and glorious. 64 degrees. this is the day when you want to go out apple picking, as we head
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into sunday, we inch temperatures up to 68 degrees. monday, perfect again, 72 degrees, it will have you saying what season is it, temperatures well above the norm, we hit monday, tuesday, we see the showers return, as we head into wednesday, 68 degrees, thursday, the trend continues and we are at a near perfect week. overnight temperatures, a little on the cool side, especially as we head to saturday, we will be at 48 degrees, but all in all it is a lovely stretch of weather, perfectly timed to get outside and enjoy autumn over this long holiday weekend. folks? >> fantastic, dave, thank you. "new york live" is up next at 12:30. >> here are sara and jackie to tell us what is coming up. >> coming up here is there an empire feud brewing between taraji p. henson and terrence howard? we have the behind-the-scenes video that clear it is up. an all-star new movie to one very candid podcast with her husband, we are catching up with big stone gap star jenna elfman. plus it is thursday. we have puppies up for adoption.
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coming up right here at 12:30. >> all right, ladies, thank you. coming up next on news 4, new york at noon, the new afraction that's sprouting up at kennedy airport, it may look as good as it tastes.
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the landmark commission is holding hearing hads on whether the pepsi sign should be moved. the commission deciding whether the old calvary cemetery gatehouse in long island city will receive landmark status. visitors flying jetblue out
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of kennedy airport can now get a lesson in agriculture. at terminal five, the airline has a first of its kind blue potato farm. they will be used to make those famous and delicious blue terra chips the airline hands out with flights. 2,000 other plants, herbs and vegetables will be grown there, many ingredientses for the chip also. i did mention how delicious they are? >> yeah. yeah. that's different. okay, next, the nominees for this year's rock and roll hall of fame.
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i'm a joke, a smoker, a midnight toker >> steve miller band is among the first-time nominees being nominated, janet jackson, chicago, the cars, cheap trick making the list this year. >> the hall inducts five performers a year. >> tonight on news 4, new york start agent 5:00, nypd pink what new york's finest are doing for breast cancer awareness month. watching you from above, drones are popping up everywhere, what does it mean for your privacy? new york's biggest i-team investigates.
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>> a reminder for breaking news and weather updates any time, anywhere, be sure to log on to or our mobile app. >> new york live is next.
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