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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  October 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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suspects identified. police are closing in on a suspected kidnapper. a teenager escaped by jumping out of a moving car. news 4 tries to get answers from the driver of a van hauling mattresses that trigger thtd tanker truck explosion. criminal encounter a celebrity chef busted, accused of having sex with an under-aged boy. what police say they also found on his phone. good evening, i'm sibila vargas. >> i'm chuck scarborough. we showed you the shocking video last night an now a break in the search for a suspected kidnapper in connecticut. >> the car has been found, the suspect identified and an arrest could come anytime now. >> michael george has more on the case that has parents on edge. >> reporter: i just talked to the spokesperson for the bridgeport police department. he tells me as we speak they are trying to track down the whereabouts of this woman. they know she was able to lure
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the teen in to her car by offering her a ride to school. a desperate move. a teen dives out of a moving car to escape a woman trying to abduct her. police say they now know who the woman is. >> we are very hopeful that an arrest is imminent. >> reporter: investigators found the abductor's car in new haven and say they are close to arresting the woman behind the abduction attempt. >> i don't feel safe with my boys walking around here now. >> i'm sar scared. i have to be careful about my kids. >> it happened in broad delight as the 17-year-old was walking. she lured the teen in to the car by simply saying this, hey, it's cold out this morning, could i give you a ride to school? >> inside the car the woman started to fwrab at the teenager. she made a split-second decision to jump out of the car on to to the sidewalk.
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could have gotten ugly. >> luckily the teen wasn't hurt but until an arrest is made, parents will be warning their children. >> i have told them not to get in a car with strangers. i don't care fit is a ride, male, female. >> people need to be aware it is not just males doing abduction, it is females. >> detectives say they have gotten a huge amount of tips from the community for now the attacker is on the loose. anyone with information is asked to call police. michael george, news 4 new york. >> thank you. new tonight, a fire ripped through an apartment building in the bronx leaving 20 families homeless. five firefighters were hurt trying to put out the flames in the longwood section of the bronx. their injuries are minor. ten apartments were damages and investigators think the fire may have been electrical but they cannot be certain. details about an escapee
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a woman escaped custody this evening. she was in handcuffs when she drove off in the ambulance and crashed in to a car. the woman was taken back in to custody and no word why she was held in the first place. new details surrounding the deadly tanker truck explosion on the new jersey turnpike. we now know who died in the wreck. try to get answers from the driver hauling mattresses who triggered the crash. natalie is in linden with details. >> reporter: the driver who lost his life in this intense crash yesterday identified tonight as dalip kumar, a man who lived in newark and had driven for his company for nine months. tonight the company, transport inc. released this statement "all of us are deeply saddened by dn' he loss of our friend and employee dalip kumar. dash cam video seen from wednesday's crash shows the tanker swerving to avoid an suv. that suv was trying to avoid
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mattresses and box springs that fell off of a van. today we obtained new video of the van moments before driving by. you can see the mattresses on the roof. tonight, no charges for that driver. police identified as 26-year-old from linden. i went to a duplex listed as his his address and no one answered. as for how secure the mattresses were that is unclear. we checked with the state turnpike regulations. it is a violation to improperly secure loads of allow any part of your load to be scattered on the roadway. >> don't have time to think. just hang on. that's all you can do. >> reporter: many say they would have run the mattresses over. >> no time to stop. only way you can do is run it over. >> reporter: while we learned there aren't charges against the driver of the van the investigation is ongoing. news 4 new york.
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pitcher from yonksers has died nearly three weeks after shot in the head. 23-year-old michael nolan was gunned down september 17th. investigators told us he was shot in retaliation for a fight two days earlier. it is not clear if the gunman was tar getting him or one of his friends. nolan was draftd last year by the a's. the a ease jrl manager sent condolences to the family. there's no word on any arrests. in other news, a celebrity chef facing the possibility of serious prison time. he's charged with having sex with a minor and distributing child pornography. ray is on the upper west side with the disturbing details. >> reporter: matthew tivy's restaurant is open for business but the celebrity chef is at home after pleading not guilty to child porn charges. the feds say they found videos of him allegedly having sex with teenagers them fbi is concerned
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there could be more victims. >> it just makes me a little more cautious when it comes to bringing my young family members around. >> reporter: chef tivy lists his reviews and recipes on his website. he is well known to in the fbi, too. he is facing child porn charges. >> i'm always surprised to hear something like that. it is disgusting. >> reporter: court documents obtained by news 4 show the feds found videos of tivy allegedly engaging in sex acts with a bronx teenager, a high school junior. they also found he was sharing videos on-line. according to the complaint, it happened between december and january. records show the feds found text messages between the victim and tivy after a sexual encounter. in those messages, tivy said that was really fun even though you were bad not to tell me how fun you are haha, but i don't mind. tivy said i have been with a high school guy before so it is
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cool. how does he explain the text messages and pictures. >> that's something we have to investigate. he has no obligation to explain to me or the government what they are about. >> reporter: tivy was arrested thursday morning. he living in morning side heights. >> this is a significant case. he is looking at significant time in jail physical he is convicted or found guilty. that's certainly weighing heavily on his mind. >> reporter: tivy was arrested in may for allegedly having sex with a minor. he is due back in court next month. live on the upper west side, ray villeda, news 4 new york. new information about a deadly building explosion in. [ lynn. the second body found the rubble has been identified as francisco figueroa. also tonight, fire investigators say the blast was not caused by natural gas as initially thought. so right now the cause is under investigation. new tonight, dozens of
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a vigil for a missing mariner. it happened in east rockaway. he was one of the 33 crew members on the ship that got caught on the ship. today would have been his 51st birthday. >> yoit has hit us so much yet. it has been a tough week. an insane thing that happened and i don't know if we will be able to process it. >> reporter: late today the national transportation safety board is getting involved. new evacuations in south carolina as swollen rivers are expected to deliver more water to coastal communities. residents still recovering from historic rain brace for a second round of flooding. 70 dams are in danger. so far 14 have breached. the governor is warning
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several counties up to 12 days. >> we have been through the first big wave. we are about to go through the second big wave. >> reporter: in south carolina alone, 1.2 million gallons of rain fell per person. 250 road ares remain closed throughout the state. turmoil on capitol hill, the man many thought had been on track to be the new speaker of the house dropped out. mccarthy pulled his bid. he plans to stay on as house majority leader. he faced opposition from conservatives within the gop and recognized he risked a humiliating defeat on the hus floor later this month. >> we're servants. i think there is something to be said for us to unite we probably need a fresh face. >> john boehner agreed to stay on until an election is held in the coming weeks. one potential speaker republicans could rally around is paul ryan them "washington
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but ryan's aides insist he's not interested. governor cuomo is making his mission to fight global warming. the governor joined former vice president al gore at colombia university tie nouns his pledge to reduce green house gases by 40% by 2030. new york is one of 42 mu a nis palties to make the pledge. tonight the mayor is getting ready for his trip to israel. while there he will be a keynote speaker at the conference of mayors event sponsored by the american jewish congress. he says israeli investor is footing the bill for the trip so the city will not incur costs. this is his first trip to israel as mayor. coming up, out of control, why this school bus driver's decision not to buckle up caused a major accident. plus a big dig. what was more than a half million dollars doing buried in
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a man's backyard? forecast. long weekend is about to start. we are tracking showers and thunderstorms headed our way. i will let you know if they will
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tonight we are seeing video of the moment that 39 undocumented immigrants were found a sweltering trailing in southwest texas. police body cameras were rolling when the immigrants began to climb out of the truck last month. men, women and children from guatemala, el salvador and mexico are in border control custody. the truck driver was arrested. internal affairs is investigating an alleged attack
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of two officers and emt in a brooklyn bow degas. it shows the emt and officers confronting a man suspected of stealing the man's iphone from his car. you can see one of the officers walk around the suspected thief and hold his arm back while the emt starts to punch anymore the stomach and head. >> i'm comfortable the matter is being investigated. i think it was shown good credibility in the matters as they go forward. >> the suspected thief was arrested on charges including grand larceny them mayor said he hasn't seen the video but talked about changes to the use of force retraining policy. one of three american heros who stopped a terror plot abroad is recovering in the hospital healing of new wounds. he was stabbed several times in his hometown. they are searching for spencer stone's attackers. he got in to an argument with
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two men. >> this incident is a very unfortunate altercation between two groups of folks who were enjoying the night light in sacramento. >> reporter: in august, stone and his friends tackled a gunman armed with an ak-47 on a train headed to paris. he's in stable condition. authorities say the two with acts of violence are not related nmplts california authorities dug up a half million dollars from a backyard. they encountered during the search of a home of a convicted thief. they stole a million dollars during a heist last year. stunning admission from the ceo of volkswagen. >> to the best of your knowledge, did vw with install the software for the express purpose of defeating emissions controls?
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is part of the investigation, it was installed for this purpose, yes. >> reporter: michael horn denied the installation of the software was a high-level corporate decision. he blamed it on a couple of software developers in germany. >> i'd like to offer a sincere apology, sincere apology for volkswagen's use of software program that served to defeat the regular emissions testing regime. what half million vws will be recalled and repaired in the united states in order for them to meet the u.s. emissions standards here. a recall to pass along. the company safety first is recalling thousands of highchairs. kids could take off the trays and fall out of the seat. 11 cases of cuts, bruss and chipped teeth. it impacts the models on the right side of the screen. sold at babies are us, toys "r"
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us and amazon. what do pluto and earth have in common? according to the new images, the skies over pluto are blue too but because it is so far from the sun it is in a state of constant twilight. they say it found a number of y patches on the surface. that would indicate possibly the presence of water. >> temperatures negative 220. speaking of temperatures we have warm air in store for the tristate area tomorrow. some locations may approach 80 tomorrow afternoon. and with that stormy weather too. outside it is quiet as we look at the top of the rock camera. few scattered showers moving through right now. clouds will thicken in to the day tomorrow as the storm approaches. 63 in central park.
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it lab quiet evening across the area. nothing hap ning just yet. by tomorrow afternoon, showers and thunderstorms with a cold front comin in to the vening hours. the front clears for the weekend. great outdoor holiday weekend. columbus day on monday. behind this front that's coming tomorrow is drastically cooler. highs in the 60s and some in the s north and west. we will warm to the 70s by monday. more showers will appro h the area on tuesday. in the meantime, right now in the 50s across the hudson valley. thompkins cove, 56 as well as poughkeepsie poug ihkeeps . 50ou in morristown and 57 farmingdale. got clouds moving overhead right now. these are not the rain clouds. still several hours away with. not until tomorrow afternoon. this is the front. it exte nds from the great lakes to the central plains. pretty extense i have one. there are showers and thunderstorms scattered about.
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we are running a deficit here so we will take whatever rain we can get. some patches of sun. by midday we will see showers and thunderstorms north and west with. those will be the initial showers and storms ahead of the front. the front itself, this is i here, will come behind it. ere are two rounds, a flound the an around 4:00 and that comes through the city and lieltd and central new jersey. the next round with the front that moves through at 6:00 or 7:00. there will be scattered heavy downpours from 3:00 in the afternoon to 7:00. very chilly air to start our weekend. here's friday. a mild start. 61. well in to the 70s tomorrow. some spo ts close to 80 and you ll need your umbrellas for the afternoon hours. not for the weekend it looks fantastic. tomorrow's high 78 for tomorrow afternoon. showers and storms or the evening commute. sunshine for the rest of the
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holidayweekend. om the 60s on saturday and chilly night, in the 40s and then 70s on monday. >> quite a warm up. >> we will warm up drastically tomorrow and need jackets and coats tomorrow night. . here's what jimmy fallon has coming up tonight. >> thank you, chuck and sibila and everyone in new york.
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caught on camera. a bizarre school bus crash. the driver was making a left turn without her seat belt fastened and you can see her lose grip on the wheel and fall out of the seat. no children, thankfully were on the bus. she has been fired. >> fasten that seat belt. shocking video from georgia. look at surveillance video shows with gas and it flames. two people tackled the man, put out the flames saving his life. investigator sass i they believe the man was fuelling his motorcycle when it was running. he's in the hospital in unknown condition. we'll be r
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well, we had intended to bring you bruce live from los angeles but we have had a problem with the hookup. so here it goes. the metss and dodge ers. game one of the nlds tomorrow and today about a workout at dodgers stadium. the may mazens getting ready for
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postseason for the first time since 2006. today it was a time to reflect and a time to look ahead. concerning the journey you traveled what it is like to be here now? >> it is satisfying, fulfilly individually but i'm excited spaen proud of the team what we have done to represent new york, to be able to represent the organization. put this jersey on and give back to the playoffs. the fans and city deserves it. >> a sense of focus. you don't get caught up in we're finally here, about to start. we have business to take care of. >> we have gone through what every team does, ups and downs, high points, low points. yet, still tried to maintain a positive attitude in the clubhouse. tomorrow is something a lot of these guys have been looking forward to. >> reporter: gratifying to be in
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the postseason? definitely. we achieved our goal and setting new you will goals and trying to move on. mets left hander threw 80 pitches and no back problems. the team will decide tomorrow if he will be part of the roster. texas visited toronto. the rangers cooled off the toronto offense and quieted the crowd. robinson went deep off of price. toronto steals game one and home field advantage. right back at it for tomorrow afternoon. finally, we'd like to say get well soon, vin. vin sculley will miss the playoffs after undergoing a medical procedure today. he started to call dodgers games in 1950 when the team was in brooklyn. the good news is he is expected to be ready for the 2016 season which would be his 67th with the organization.
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good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment.
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bedtime story. imagine waking up to find this on the floor of your kitchen. it happened in connecticut. a hartford family discovered this three-foot long python this morning. animal control came and removed the reptile. it didn't take long for the neighbor to realize the snake slipped out the back door. sweet bertha was missing. there she is. no one was hurt and she is back home. all is well that ends well. >> bad bertha.
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a woman sneen a video is facing charges for doing yoga on a train track. it has taken a year to track her down. this happened near washington, d.c. last december. you can see a woman with and photographer climb on the tracks. she poses, nearly falling on the electrified third rail. she is facing a misdemeanor charge of trespassing. seriously, october is breast cancer awareness month and new york's finest are going pink to show their support. the 112th precinct tweeted this picture showing a cruiser decked out with pink stripes. i'd love to show you the picture. trust me, picture, a cruiser in pink stripes. weird, huh? they had pink socks on. we'd love to show you pink socks but we don't have those either it is a part of a friendly competition to see who is pinkest in the police department and of course for a great cause. >> maybe we with will have it on nbc new
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>> yeah. yeah.
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