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tv   Today in New York  NBC  October 9, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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plus, this morning, a break in the investigation into the attempted abduction in connecticut. the teen victim escaped by jumping out of a moving car. and minutes away from the nobel peace prize announcement. some of the names being mentioned as possible winners. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. friday morning. it is october 9th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino is here with the forecast. an observation. it seems like it got to be a warmer morning this morning. >> it is. a little muggier too. you can feel a little more moisture in the air. we're going to play with that later today in the form of some showers. this morning it's mostly cloudy. temperatures low 60s generally speaking. white plains, 59. poughkeepsie, 54. much milder than it has been. we have a 40 showing up in sussex where it's 48. morristown, 59 degrees. mainly cloudy sky. this is pretty much the way it's
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it's not going to take much to warm it up. a strong southwest wind. it gets breezy. 74 by noon. maybe a spot shower early. better chances through the late afternoon and evening hours. let's get the first check of the commute. >> just some roadwork out there, no accidents to report. we have the emergency roadwork on the harlem river drive northbound by 155th street. then the jackie robinson parkway is shut down over to forest park drive. i'll let you know when all that reopens. >> lauren, thank you. new this morning, a violent attack in brooklyn. an elderly man attacked and robbed near his home. this morning police have a good look at the two suspects. katherine creag is in prospect park with that. >> reporter: as you were saying, an elderly man, 79 years old,
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he was almost home when two men attacked him, two young men. you see video of the two suspects there. it happened this past tuesday at 4:20 in the afternoon. the 79-year-old victim was walking home when two men came up to him from behind. one of them put him in a chokehold. the other actually pulled down his pants. they took his wallet in his pants. it had $1,000 in it as well as credit cards. they also took his mobile phone. the video you saw of the two suspects, they actually used the victim's credit card to buy items at an adidas store. at this point, police still investigating, looking for these suspects. in fact, one gentleman just asked us what was going on here. he was surprised this happened here. 4:20 in the afternoon. that's when the elderly man was attacked here. back to you. >> kat, thank you. new this morning, a man accused of grabbing and sexually abusing four boys is now under arrest.
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slew of charges. among them, forcible touching and sexual abuse. police say in four separate instances, he either expose the himself or inappropriately touched boys. he globed the boys as well in some fashion. also new this morning, a long island man charged with stalking young children is due in court today. nassau county police say the 71-year-old was spotted in a parked car watching children and apparently touching himself. witnesses say it was not the first time he was parked on that block. charged now with four counts of stalking and endangering the welfare of a child. on long island, authorities say a woman in police custody at a smithtown hospital escaped and took off in an ambulance. we're told she was in handcuffs when she drove away in that emergency vehicle. this happened at the st. catherine of siena medical center last night. the woman eventually crashed the
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was apprehended. we're just minutes away now from the announcement of the latest nobel peace prize winner. pope francis considered to be a strong contender because of his advocation for the poor and fighting global warming. also, german chancellor angela merkel could be honored for opening up her country to syrian immigrants. and this man, fighting the wartime torture of women in africa. just some of the names of people we'll know in about 25 minutes. >> very excited. all right. 4:34. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. >> good morning, guys. another quiet morning. it may get a little rough in terms of some showers and a thunderstorm by the end of the day. what to expect, we start out with a milder morning. 50s and 60s in most locations. it turns breezy, but it's a warm wind direction, south-southwest
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that will allow temperatures to climb into the mid and upper 70s. spot shower early. most of the time it's not raining through early afternoon. once you get past 4:00 or 5:00, indian creasing threat for a line of showers and thunderstorms to come through. 63 in the city right now. just a mostly cloudy sky. breaks down this way. by noon, jumps to 74. we may get some glimpse of the sun from time to time. watch for those showers and thunderstorms late afternoon into the evening. the rest of your forecast is coming up on the 4s. lauren has the latest on the commute. >> we have an accident on the roads. sunrise highway is shutdown westbound because of this accident between wantagh avenue and wantagh parkway. head to the local streets instead. if you're getting on the subways, overnight track work on the 1, 2, 4, 6, a, f, l, n, and r.
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b-16, m-8, m-9, and m14d. >> thank you, lauren. right now an update to a story we brought you yesterday. an attempted abduction in connecticut. police now have the car they're looking for. now they're looking for the woman who was behind the wheel. jen maxfield is in bridgeport with the latest. so many people saw the dramatic way this unfolded. >> reporter: that's right. it was all caught on surveillance video. as you said, the car was recovered in new haven. now police here in bridgeport say they do know who the woman is, this attempted abduction suspect. they say she tried to kidnap that teenage girl earlier this week on monday morning as she was walking to school. this surveillance video shows the teenager jumping out of the car police say a female driver offered her a ride to school. once inside, police say the woman attacked the teenager. the teenage girl was able to
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that was a toyota yaris. now here in bridgeport, there has not been an arrest. police here say they are close to making an arrest, but still, worried. >> i don't feel safe with my boys walking around here now. >> i'm so scared now. i have to be very careful about my kids. >> they don't get in the car with strangers. female. >> reporter: and police here in bridgeport say they have identified the woman. they are close to making an arrest. the car was found in new haven. so we are waiting to see if there are any developments this morning. of course, we'll keep you posted on all of them. that's the latest live from here in bridgeport, connecticut. back to you. >> jen, thank you very much. happening today, homeland security secretary jeh johnson visits the flood-damaged areas of south carolina. he'll be joined by representatives from fema. they will discuss the recovery with federal, state, and local
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this comes as the state's governor is urging towns to evacuate. republican lawmakers will meet today in the struggle to choose the next speaker of the house. republicans turning now, hopefully, to paul ryan, they say, to pick up the leadership gavel, but the former vice presidential candidate is saying is no, thanks. at least publicly. now representative jason chaffetz of utah and daniel webster both want the job, but apparently neither can muster votes. the gop scrambling after the front runner, kevin mccarthy, yesterday suddenly withdrew from consideration. >> i'll stay on as majority leader, but the one thing i found in talking to everybody, if we are going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. >> meanwhile, the current dilemma would leave congress almost paralyzed, and this comes deadlines.
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president joe biden may be closer to making his own presidential bid. he's going to be with his family this weekend in delaware. they're supposed to discuss his possible run. also, biden's staff has met with the democratic national committee, the dnc. according to "the new yorker" magazine, they were briefed on filing deadlines and rules. happening today, the mets make their postseason debut in los angeles. yesterday the team worked out at dodger stadium. this is the first time the mets have been in the playoffs since 2006. as you can imagine, the entire team is ready to play. >> it's excellent. i mean, individually it's satisfying. it's fulfilling. but i'm more excited and proud of this team, of what we've done to be able to represent new york. >> we all had our goals set early in february. we achieved our goal. now we're just setting new goal
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>> also, the mets will have jacob de graum on the mound. the game starts at 9:30 p.m. >> so excited for chris. he'll be clutching his mets lunchbox. >> and thermos. >> all right. ahead this morning, why whole foods is issuing a nationwide recall for cheese. plus, new information about that fiery crash on the new jersey turnpike. video moments before the wreck. >> also weather and traffic on the 4s coming up as we take a look there at both levels of the george washington bridge. don't forget to follow us on facebook and twitter.
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revealed. we're going to bring you the winner as soon as that announcement is made. experts say now is the time to get your flu shot because it takes two weeks for your body to build immunity against the virus. doctors predict this year's vaccine is going to do better than last year's. last year's was only 19% effective. and a consumer alert for whole foods shoppers. the chain is recalling papillon organic roquefort cheese because it could be contaminated with listeria. you can bring it back to whole foods for a refund. find more information on our website, today the islanders kick off their season. their inaugural game at the barclays center in brooklyn. the team moving from nassau county for that. they're going to take on, as did the rangers, the stanley cup
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i guess everybody plays the blackhawks first. several islanders legends will be in attendance. it will be interesting. new time for the islanders now in brooklyn. we'll see how that goes. >> it's going to go great. >> islanders, the new black. >> i have the islanders uniform. >> and the foam finger. >> half islanders, half brooklyn nets is what i'm going for this morning. thank you. >> it's working. let's just leave it at that. it would have been, i think, kind of a ranger/brooklyn game would have been better. get the rivalry going. >> they'll probably have it during the season. >> oh, they definitely will. we're not thinking hockey weather today. we're talking about temperatures getting into the mid and upper 70s. it's more like baseball weather. the mets are on the west coast right now. right now it's a mild morning. 63 degrees. sky is mostly cloudy. a low ceiling in parts of the area. be aware of that.
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lot of rain early in the day as ma it turns breezy and warmer. late afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. springtime-like thunderstorm possible later on today. but the weekend is a winner as that front pushes east. a little cool on saturday, but nice crisp fall weather. these temperatures up a little bit from the last couple mornings. 63 in town. 60 at islip. 63 in bridgeport. even up through the hudson valley, poughkeepsie, 54. that's almost ten degrees warmer than recent mornings. well above normal. normal high is 66. 78 is what we're forecasting today. if there's enough sun that breaks through the clouds at times today, some inland spots may get close to 80 degrees. you can see on storm tracker, there's some cloud cover out there. no rain nearby. showers well toward the north and west. the main emphasis of the heavy rain passing north and west. there's a trailing front right in there.
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as the day wears on, that'll get enhanced by the heating of the day. future tracker shows a lot of clouds. thin spots from time to time. this is 1:00 in the afternoon. nearest shower is up towards the poconos at 1:00. by 5:00, look where it is. a line of shower and thunderstorm activity bearing down upon the city. north-central new jersey, hudson valley, portions of connecticut. that sweeps south and east. by tomorrow morning, we're back in the sunshine, looking good with a northwest flow. lots of sunshine, and that trend should last into sunday as well as it stays relatively quiet around here into the start of next week. perhaps by tuesday, another round of showers. for today, 78 the expected high in the city. places like ramsey, 80 possible. notice central new jersey close to 80. long branch, 79. 54 the low tonight. that'll take place once the
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a crisp, cool, northerly flow. tomorrow morning you'll definitely need the jackets. mild weather sunday. back to the low 70s into monday and mid-70s at that. columbus day looks fantastic. by tuesday, another round of showers passing through. i don't think it'll be a problem in terms of cancelling the mets playoff game. the first game monday looks great. second game may have a shower or two in it. 78 for the high today. watch for the showers and storms later. mid-70s with sun on monday. a shower or two tuesday. back to the mid and upper 60s next week. let's see if the commute is quiet so far. >> mostly quiet. new jersey is in great shape. so is connecticut. we do have a problem on long island. sunrise highway shutdown westbo d between wantagh avenue and the wantagh parkway. a lot of flashing lights out there. eastbound does remain open. you can take local streets to get around this or head to the southern state. i'll continue to keep you posted on that.
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throughway, you have two lanes shutdown by exit 12. no delays heading into this area. we have some delays out there on the cross bronx expressway. we'll take a live look at it where you see it's really jammed up out there westbound out by the bronx river parkway. we do have construction and reports of an accident, although it's not confirmed. i'll let you know. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. >> lauren, thank you very much. 4:48 now. today president obama's planned visit to oregon could spark a fierce debate over gun control the president is going to roseburg. that's the site of last week's college campus mass shooting. the president plans to meet privately with the victims' families. those who are opposed to stronger gun laws planned several protest. they call the president's visit a politicized event. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords is launching a new niche fif called the women's coalition for common sense. it's aimed at closing gaps in the federal laws regarding guns,
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partners to own guns, even if they th're convicted of domestic violence. spouses who are convicted cannot own firearms. giffords, who survived an assassination attempt back in 2011, will announce the coalition next week in washington. the truck driver killed in a fiery tanker crash on the new jersey turnpike has been identified. tran ort incorporated says the driver was from newark. he'd been riving for the company for nine months. he tried to avoid an suv that swerved because of a mattress in the road. now we're seeing video of the van hauling the mattresses. we tried talking to the owner, but there was no answer. meanwhile, truckers we spoke to say you do have to be ready for anything. >> you don't have time to think. just hang on. that's all you can do. >> you have no time to stop. th ie only way you can do is run it over. >> it's unclear just how secure the mattresses were while on top of that van.
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driver hauling them will face any charges. in e bronx, 20 families e homeless this morning, displaced by a fire that swept through an apartment building. five firefighters were hurt tr thying to extinguish the flames inside the building in the longwood section. injuries are minor, but the fire did damage to ten apartments. officials believe the fire may have been electrical. this investigation is ongoing. authorities are now identifying a second victim of the deadly building explosion in brooklyn. they say the second body found in the rubble is that of francis can figueroa. another tenant, ligia puello, died in the blast. investigators say it was not caused by natural gas. that's what it was initially thought to have been. right now the cause is under investigation. a celebrity chef who owns a manhattan restaurant is now facing child pornography charges. police say they found videos of him having sex with a teenage
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he's appeared on the food network. police say he met the boy on a dating app and enticed him to have sex last december. they say he then shared those videos online. police also recovered texts between the two. >>ta i'm always surprised to hear something like that because it is -- it's disgusting. >> it just makes me a little more cautious when it comes to brominging meeyoung family members around. >> he's also facing charges for allegedly having sex with a minor back in may. his lawyer insists he's innocent. 4:51 now. bill cosby expected to be questioned nder oath today. ra56-year-old judy huff claims cosby gav her alcohol and sexually abused her at the playboy mansion when she was 15 years old. she's one of dozens of women who accused him of drugging and raping them. cosby is not charging with any crime and ta has denied all legations. >>a tappen right now, police in
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suspects in a sta ing of a ench train hero, spencer stone. poiglice say stone was stabbed multiple times during an altercation outside a bar in sacramento. officials say it's unrelated to terrorism or the incident we all saw on the french train. surveillance video shows what appears to be one man stabbin stone while his back was stone is in serious condition at the hospital. and the family of an unarmed man killed by a south carolina police officer will get a $6.5 million settlement. the city council in north charleston voted unanimously 10-0 to approve the settlement. a bystander recorded the sturbing shooting on a cell phone. the video shows officer michael slager firing at 50-year-old walter scott eight times as scott tried running away from a traffic stop. slager does face murder charges. 4:52 right now. still to come, it's a win and a loss for sea world. the ruling that could be a serious blow to their business. and a glimpse inside one of the hottest restaurants in town
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we have you covered. even with wifi at home and n the go. plans start at $14.99 per month. call 1-855-want twc to switch today. time warner cable. welcome back. it's time for weather and trafpic as we look at the temperature, 63 degrees on a friday. we like it. >> it's the warmest day of the week. but it will be the only day we'll see rain, later on today. this morning it's not bad. temperatures are a little milder than they've been in recent mornings. low 60s in the city. 50s most suburbs. look at that high, 78 degrees. that's a good dozen above normal. very impressive. a lot of clouds, limited sun. watch out for a line of showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening. the evening commute could be a little rough in some spots. we're not talking about flooding rains, but a couple downpours are possible. early in the evening, a shower or storm. clearing overnight and cooler. 54 by morning.
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a little cooler start to the weekend. typical fall. crisp, nice weather. warmer by sunday and monday. >> good vibe about the mets tonight? >> yeah. >> all right. lauren, what's happening? >> we have a lot of construction out there on fhe roads. we have that emergency roadwork on the harlem river drive northbound by 155th street. if you're getting on your major commuter lines, the first trains are pulling out. so far everything is on or close to schedule. overnight track work on the subway should be wrapped up in a few minutes. >> thank you, lauren. peta is now offering to restore a beloved jersey shore attraction. they say they will help pay for lucy the elephant. in return, they want lucy to be decorated with a message about the unfair treatment of
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lucy was built in 1881. sea world in san diego predicts it will have to end its shamu killer whale exhibit. that's because a of a new decision by california state regulators. the state ruled sea world cannot breed 11 orca whales being held in captivity. animal rights activists argue it's cruel to confine these giant sea mammals. fantasy football sites draft kungs and fan dual are now facing a class-action lawsuit. the suit filed right here in manhattan fedeyal court. it alleges that regular players are at a disadvantage by employees who are allowed to play in the other sites' games. earlier this week, both draft kings and fan dual banned their employees from playing on the opposing websites. that came after new york's attorney general launched an investigation. mayor de blasio is going to israel next thursday. he plans to talk about fighting anti-semitism.
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this trip is not costing city taxpayers anything. now we have a story about one of the city's trendiest new restaurants. it's booked until january, but it doesn't have a celebrity chef. it's not in soho. it's not in tribeca. a columbia senior runs it out of the communal kitchen in his dorm. it it only costs between $10 and $20 a meal. he takes reservations on yelp. >> i think of myself as maybe better than the average college student but definitely not an amazing cook. i'm pleasantly surprised by all of the positive feedback. >> i think he's being pretty modest there. the columbia senior says pith is a way to get to know people. it's not a restaurant. the city is looking at whether it is a restaurant and soon to
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department rules and regulations regulations. how cool for this to happen in a college dorm. >> it's great. a lot of credit to him. i had a feeling it was going to be about five minutes before the city health department stepped in to see what was happening. >> but he'll be working at per se next year. >> executive chef maybe. it's 4:58. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 new york app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. right now these are live pictures from oslo, norway. we're waiting to find out who will be the nobel peace prize winner. as soon as it's announced, we'll bring it to you. plus this morning, a break in the investigation of an attempted abduction in connecticut. the teen victim escaped by jumping from a moving car. and a violent attack. an elderly man is choked and robbed on the street in the middle of the afternoon. this morning, a good look at the suspects.
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good morning, everybody.


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