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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  October 9, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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some soon-to-be brides in tears . . lynda baquero is in greenwich and lynda, the salon closed one day after your report about a frustrated customer. >> it's unfortunate but that's indeed the case. this is one of two location of the fontana bridal salon. it's a sad day for the salon, especially because it's been in business for 70 years. but despite the bad news here, we did get some good news for at least one fontana customer today. >> this will be a fun day, that's for sure. >> angela and anthony can't wait for their only daughter's wedding in three weeks. angela picked out what she thought would be the perfect dress from fontana bridal salon in greenwich. >> i went to fontana. they always had a wonderful name. for years. >> she paid $1,600 by credit card last april and hoped to
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>> i kept calling and calling. i always received the same word from him, we're checking with the designer, we're checking with the designer. >> reporter: last weekend, angela reached out directly to the design he er of her dress. she said to me your gown has been ready for a very long time. fontana must pay her for the dress once it's ready and that hasn't happened. two days ago we told you about another mother of the bride in the same predicament. we spoke to the owner of fontana who apologized to the delay and explained his wife has been ill and a few days after our call, that dress was delivered. >> and then fortunately, i saw your segment on channel 4 and i was just beside myself. i called up. >> reporter: then just yesterday, this notice on fontana's stores in greenwich and bronxville and on their website, due to the owner's prolonged illness, they are closing their doors. anyone with outstanding orders will be contacted in the next five days or they can contact
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the designer directly. one of those designers, tina de-martina told news 4, we're in the process of done tablgting ing contacting all of our fontana customers. she did that for angela overnighting her espresso colored dress. >> my heart is just overjoyed. that's all i can say. thank you, tina demartino and thank you channel 4. thank you. thank you. it's in my hands. i never thought this day would come. >> we are so happy she was very happy. because the designer hadn't been paid by fontana, she says, she charged angela a slightly reduced price of $1,200. in the meantime, angela is disputing the original $1,600 that she was charged by fontana behind me. and again, we did try reaching the store owners with no luck. reporting live in greenwich,
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lynda baquero, news 4, new york. staying in connecticut, we have new developments in an attempted abduction. this is video of a teenager jumping from a moving car to save herself. we told you at noon that the suspect was being questioned by police. news 4's lori bordonaro is in bridgeport. >> the victim's fans tells me she is covered in scrapes and bruises. she's sad and embarrassed about what happened but relieved that police have tracked down the driver. >> she feels bad about it. she don't want to talk about it. >> reporter: ashley rio says her friend, a 17-year-old student at bridgeport's harding high school is the girl caught on camera making a daring escape from the back seat of a moving car. police say the driver lured the teen off the street. >> she opened the door. >> she jumped. >> reporter: the missing bumper on the toyota and lots of tips led police to the driver in new haven they have questioned her
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and say an a est is imminent. >> it was information from the community cooperating with the police that led us to discover the exact pinpoint location of the vehicle. >> reporter: police tell us the woman pulled up to the teen as she was walking to school on boston avenue monday morning telling her it was cold and offered her a ride. the teen jumped in and claims the driver sexually assaulted her. >> she just said she touch her and then she opened the door and jumped. >> reporter: her friends tell us she called her mom and went to the hospital. motive, police say, is still not clear. one thing is certain to the girl's friends. >> if one person ask you, don't ever do that. >> reporter: police say that the driver has hired a lawyer and is refusing to talk to investigators. they say an arrest will happen very soon. we're live in bridgeport tonight, lori bordonaro, news 4 new york.
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pitbull attack in new jersey. a little girl mulled while walking to school, her dad by her side. this is a new picture showing the child all bandaged up. news 4's pat battle is in bayonne. we understand you spoke with the child's parents as they brought their daughter home from the hospital. what did they tell you? >> imagine our surprise seeing that little girl walking home with her parents, just about six hours after she was attacked by that dog. it was a vicious attack and it happened literally just a few steps away from her own front door. >> i come to my house, within five second i see the dog come from the next house. >> an emotional man described how he tried to shield his little girl from the vicious onslaught, the attacking pitbull tore a gash two inches deep in her skull and bit her arm from wrist to shoulder after the
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attack neighbors say was unprovoked. >> there was no incaution. no one knew the dog was going to charge. >> he had her head in his mouth and would not let go. a passing bus driver stopped to help. >> the bus assistant gets off the bus and starts punching the dog. he sprained his hand. >> avery jefferson helped wrestle the dog back into the fenced in yard it had escaped from. that's the dog's owners there, bandaged as well because the dog turned on him. >> the cop said do something. the cop told everybody to back up, told the owner to back up. the cop is like, are you sure? he said, do something. the cop had to do it. >> reporter: firefighter cleaned up the scene about a half hour before the family returned home. the father says his little girl is traumatized. understandably so. the maen who owned that dog who
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me did tell me he is more than sorry about what happened. he lived in his house with another man who actually died this past wednesday. that man was the dog's primary handler. he told me he was planning to get rid of the dog. clearly with funeral plans being made he didn't have time to do that before what happened this morning. that little girl is going to be okay. she has started a series of rabies shots. she was able to walk home under her own accord this afternoon. we don't know if there are charges pending against that dog's owner. 4 new york. doctors upgraded stone's condition from serious to fair. hospital officials say the spirits. he's recovering from a stabbing thursday. recovery.
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who stopped a terror attack on a paris-bound train in august tackling and disarming the gunman. the verdict is not guilty for an nba player who broke his leg during a scuffle with the new york city police. it took jurors less than an hour to found sefolosha not guilty. he maintained his innocence from the beginning. he says he's happy to have his name cleared. mets fans, you have been waiting a long time for this, nearly a decade. the team is finally in the playoffs. >> and tonight as you may suspect as game one of the national league division series between the mets and the dodgers. fans are getting ready. bruce beck is in los angeles where all the action is ha bruce? >> 2006, reese witherspoon won the actress for best actress.
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the age of 13 and the mets were in the postseason. it's been a long time coming but tonight, the amaze ings officially return to the postseason. it's not in hollywood but not as hot as the mets were in the second half of the season. they are playing their best baseball since their last trip years ago. it's been a while since the mets have played a meaningful game but they're not about to let the moment get the best of them. >> in the major leagues, everybody has expectations. you know, when you have to go to work every day in new york city with the competition we have, with our fan base and everybody else, you know, there's a little extra. >> to be able to represent new york and to be able to represent this organization, put the jersey on and, you know, give back to the playoffs, these fans deserve it. the city deserves it. like i said, i can't be more proud of what this team has accomplished.
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two about show stoppers. tonight, all eyes will be on chavez ravine. three-time cy young award winning clayton kershaw for the mets. >> try to win is probably the best bet. i don't know if experience matters a whole lot. >> he's been the best pitcher in four years ago. we faced him before. and we've got -- we like our guy throwing, too. >> this stadium holds 56,000 fans. baseball. and it's one tough ticket tonight. first pitch 6:45 local time, 9:45 in new york. and the temperature right now, 98 degrees, 106 with the heat in five hours it will be much
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cooler. that's the story from los angeles, i'm bruce beck, news 4 new york. check and shib axt a, back to you. the islanders begin a new era. it's their first regular season game at the barclays center. they face off at 7:30 against the blackhawks. mayor de blasio will drop the ceremonial first puck. still ahead, as we continue for you, gun violence rattled college campuses in two states today. >> this as president obama travels to oregon where ten people died in last week's mass shooting at a community college. the controversy his visit is causing there. >> up in flames, what an off-duty police officer did when he spotted this school bus fire on the l.i.e.
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and what you'll be able to bring on track amtrak trains
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new at 5:00, two school shootings, both fatal. in houston, a student was shot and killed at texas southern university today ou ide a campus apartment complex. a second victim is being treated for gunshot wounds in the upper torso and back. the nbc station in houston says two of the three suspects are in custody. investigators are looking into whether this is related to another shooting at the same complex last night. in flagstaff, arizona, police say they have arrested a freshman for shooting four students at northern arizona university. tonight one of the victims is dead. the school says all of the victims are members of the delta kai fraternity. there was a fight between two groups of students before the shooting. tonight, president obama is focused on oregon, the site of last week's horrific mass shooting at a community college. >> ten people died, including the gunman. the president is meeting privately with the heartbroken families. not everybody in the community is welcoming him. news 4's rob schmidt is here with the story. >> reporter: the president just
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left roseburg, oregon. he spent a few hours there today. in this video, you can see protesters line the motorcade route that mr. obama took to get through town. they think the president came there to push for gun reform. according to the white house, this visit was all about comforting victims' families. the president in roseburg, oregon, after a school shooting at umpqua community college. >> this is a political choice that we make, to allow this to happen every few months in america. >> reporter: that student opened fire before killing himself. a quinnipiac poll in the aftermath of the shooting shows while less than half of americans support stricter gun control laws, over overwhelming majority want background checks for gun buyers. the roseburg community has a minority of obama supporters. he received 35% of the douglas
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critics are outspoken. >> he's not wanted out here to push his agenda. >> i think just the fact that he's coming to meet with the families is excellent. >> reporter: while demonstrators opposed to president obama's policies on gun control protested his visit, elected officials also opposed the gun control are welcoming the president. >> he is the number one elected official for our entire nation and by coming here, he brings that whole feeling of the nation is behind us and in support of us. >> reporter: in a community divided by opinions on guns, there is hope to come together and heal during a debate that is sure to open old wounds. and the president had no public agenda on the visit to roseburg. the white house expected him to just meet with those families in private and then leave town. chuck? >> thank you. you remember seeing these stunning images from a train derail ment
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a broken rail, the csx train was carrying 3 million gallons of crude oil when it derailed. the federal railroad administration says that broken rail went unnoticed by inspectored twice. a warning to voters about the dangers of hypothermia. the outside temperatures not a problem today. water temperatures are beginning to drop, though. the u.s. coast guard wants fishermen, boaters and anybo in the water to have safety equipment in good condition, boaters and paddleboaters, boarders are being advised to wen ar life jackets. >> you might not be ready for what we're about to show you, so brace yourself. the rockefeller skating rink is ready for another season. it opens on tuesday. we have a tip for you. tomorrow. before we know it, we'll be ta -lking about e rockefeller center tree lighting. you'll be getting freshs ir about that time.
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in the meantime, we have portant issues here to talk about storm watches in effect through 8:00 tonight and a lot going on outside. gotham is dark this evening. let's take a look and see what's happening. the cloud co r is thickened. umbrella central. busy and that storm system blows through rapidly. that is incorrect. it's 69 degrees at this point. we have some heavy rain working through the area. let's go to the maps and see what's happeneeg. a sloppy commute home. a ldcool saturday ahead and another dose of warmth. those are our headlines. let's talk about that sloppy commute home. the live radar sweep right now shows the storm system pushing to the eastward at about 3o miles per hour. some heavy rains right now, roll g through two areor which we're concerned about, from bridgewater over into morristown and summit and short hills. then out into portions of nassau county along the north shore to
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oyster bay. we'll continue to watch as high winds and heavy rain pushed through the area. we talked about the watches in effect through much of the area until about 8:00 this evening. as we head through the area right now, temperatures in the upper 70s, through much of the region but as you push out east, we're a little bit cooler. as you go to the jersey shore, we keep those temperatures which are well above the norm. behind the system, temperatu es oler as well. and we'll see very chilly air ushered into the region as we head to the overnight tonight. now, wind gusts are a second issue we're dealing with. that's going to remain the case not only tonight but into tomorrow. so through about 1:00 tomorrow, temperatures are going to be cooler and wind gusts are going to be about that 25 to 30 mile per hour mark. keep that in the back of your mind sas you make plans which will be outdoors tomorrow. will feel like it's a little bit brisk. storm tracker, future tracker, at this point, takes the storm system out of the way rapidly tonight.
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time we get to tomorrow morning, it's crystal clear and the day looks like it will be just beautiful. tonight, down to 56 degrees. thundershowers, not out of the question, through the evening but we'll be clearing during the overnight. columbus day weekend, it couldn't be better. i'll get out of the way so you can take a look at this. saturday, fall-like, 62 degrees. maybe apple picking if you want to put that on the agenda. a great warmup on sunday, above average temperatures, 70 degrees. it stays perfect as we head into monday. look at those temperatures, 73 degrees. here's your seven-day forecast. chcheck it out. monday, afterooe reach a high of 73, we'll begin to see a little bit of a cooldown. brecief system may roll through, bringing us shower activity on tuesday. wer dnesday and thursday, lovely but cooler and friday, we caught up just a little bto. all in all, a great stretch of weather. a sloppy commute home. watch it, especially if you're heading out to the island,
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area in bergen county, too, you'll see some rain. attention flyers, your boarding pass could expose highly personal information. how hackers soon get it and the simple change you can make to protect yourself. up next. and coming up at 6:00 -- >> if the change is not made, it's going to happen again. >> remembering the life of avonte aquinn
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we have a consumer alert for air travelers tonight. >> be careful where you leave your boarding passes. the bar codes contain a treasure trove of information that can easily be accessed. passengers names, phone numbers and frequent flyer information. use electronic boarding passes
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leave it in the airplane seat pocket. >> good advice. amtrak is making room for man's best friend and his pet. owners will have to pay a $25 fee and carry the animal's vaccination records. it began in illinois and will monday. lyft, the ride sharing company is partnering with hertz to let drivers rent cars at a down and drive them for lyft. the program would also help people who have cars that don't meet lyft's vehicle requirements. uber. apple says it is expanding its mobile payment service to several more major trains. best buy is accepting apple pay at its 1,400 stores nationwide.
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some stores with the plan of making it available next year. how one officer saved the day when he saw flames shooting from a school bus. while on vacation. plus, this -- >> for the second time in a week, a suffolk prisoner escapes while being treated at a hospital. who's to blame and what's being done to stop this from happening again? >> and also hundreds of phony car inspection stickers seized by authorities. why lives could have been in
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