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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  October 11, 2015 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is "today in new york." now on "today in new york," the search continues for the suspects who kicked a woman to the ground in a violent mugging in the bronx. plus, the pope responding now to terror in turkey. what he says about the bombings that killed nearly 100 people at a peace rally. and a bitter debate between the city and state seems to have finally come to an end. what the new mta agreement means for commuters. good morning and welcome to
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"today in new york" on this sunday morning at 10:00. i'm pat battle. >> i'm gus rosendale. the entire area waking up to cool temperatures. the one thing we're also sharing today a great forecast. dave price here with that. >> temperatures on the rise. we start off with a cool morning. it's going to be a gorgeous afternoon. just beautiful. plenty of sunshine outside right now. 57 degrees by noontime. later on tonight, 67 degrees. we retain a fair amount of heat. as we head through the next seven days, it's going to be gorgeous with a chance of shower activity on tuesday. for the holiday weekend, up to 74 degrees tomorrow before we begin to slip on down and see more autumn-like temperatures as we head towards the rest of the week. we'll have the full forecast for you. we'll break it all down all coming up in just a couple minutes. right now, back to both of you for the headlines. >> thank you, mr. price. a 60-year-old woman is recovering this morning after she was attacked in the bronx.
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caught by surveillance cameras. lori bordonaro joins us from longwood with a look at that video, which is very disturbing. >> reporter: yeah, gus and pat, people around here tell me the attack is frightening. that woman just walking here near westchester and prospect avenues when the three men jumped her. she fought back. take a look. this all happened early saturday morning about 3:00 a.m. the muggers grabbed the 60-year-old woman around the neck. they put her in a chokehold and tried to steal her purse. she held on to that purse and broke away. one of the men followed her down the street and kicked her in the leg. she fell and broke her wrist. the muggers then took off. you can see they were all wearing hooded sweatshirts. police hoping someone will recognize. . we spoke to one woman in the neighborhood who said this is scary. >> this block is really dangerous. i don't know what to say or what to do. but i know i got to be careful with my daughter. >> reporter: and the victim was treated for a broken wrist.
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she is expected to be okay. once again, police are asking anyone for any information about what happened, maybe you saw those people in the video. give them a call. the number at crime stoppers is 1-800-577-tips. back to you. >> lori bordonaro reporting from the bronx. thank you. in sleepy hollow, a community is mourning the loss of a popular teenager who died too soon. 17-year-old tahj robinson was stabbed to death friday night. police say it was the result of an argument with the 16-year-old. the school superintendent delayed the sleepy hollow homecoming football game as a result. >> that's the end of his life. he's not -- he's never going to get married. he's never going to have kids. he's never going to have a job and go through life struggles. >> it was just a fight that, like, went to something else that could have been resolved. >> police have arrested a 16-year-old, and he's being charged as an adult.
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tragedy out of staten island, where a family wants answers following the death of their 16-year-old son. >> a teenager fell down an elevator shaft at an abandoned hospital that's been vacant for decades. it happened at the former staten island hospital on castleton avenue. rey viellda spoke to this heartbroken family. >> he was a good boy. >> reporter: marcos castillo always came home minutes after leaving school. he was a sophomore at curtis high school. always quiet, the oldest of two boys. friday afternoon, marcos never came home. in spanish, relatives tell me police came to the door instead. there was an accident, they were told. police say castillo fell to his death at an abandoned hospital. investigators say castillo fell seven flights down an elevator shaft. >> he was a great kid. had a bright future. >> reporter: now castillo's family is asking questions. mainly, why was this building not secured in the first place? hours after his death, you can
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see they were building a fence to try to prevent people from getting in. >> someone has to bring down that building because i don't want somebody else to lose their son like us. >> reporter: the abandoned building was staten island's first volunteer hospital, built more than 100 years ago. it's been sitting empty and boarded up for years now. news 4 has learned there was a complaint filed in 2009 with the department of buildings. the complaint was over kids hanging out there. neighbors call it an eyesore. >> if somebody has the power to make something happen with this, now is the time. obviously it's sad it had to come to this. >> reporter: for one family, this building, now a source of the worst heartbreak they've ever dealt with. >> why? >> reporter: in staten island, i'm ray viellda, news 4 new york. the city and state have reached a deal on capital funding for the mta after months of tense debate. that agreement guarantees $26.1 billion in projects that
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maintain the infrastructure. that includes replacing ageing trains, building four new metro-north stations in the bronx, and funding the next phase of the second avenue subway line. >> i'd like to see it actually work. if it doesn't -- i mean, they've kind of ran that story before, and then you don't see much of a change. >> if they put more money into mta, then wooeld really appreciate mta much better. >> skeptical but hopeful commuters. those negotiations were the latest in a long and ongoing feud between mayor de blasio and governor cuomo. the two had sparred in recent weeks over just how much the city should contribute. in the end, city officials increased the contribution to $2.5 billion on the condition that the state not use those projects. the state will pitch in $8.3 billion. the rest will be coming from pre-existing funds. iran this morning says it has successfully tested a new long-range missile. it's the first such test science
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iran and world powers reached that historic nuclear deal. no details were given about the missile's maximum range or other capabilities. however, the islamic republic already claims to have missiles that can hit israel and nearby u.s. bases. among the topics on this week's "meet the press," chuck todd now live in washington with a preview. good morning. >> good morning, gus. i can promise you, it was a -- it's going to be a lively show. >> let's start with some domestic politics. the first democratic debate coming up this week. what can we expect from that? do clinton and sanders go at each other in person at this point? >> well, i got a little bit of a preview of it from bernie sanders. i did a sit-down with him this weekend. you're going to see a big chunk of that interview in a few minutes when "meet the press" begins. he's starting to lay out his case of why him and not hillary clinton. one of the cases he makes to me is why consistency matters. why does it matter he was against the trade agreement and
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for years and why that should matter that hillary clinton is sort of a johnny come lately when it comes to those issues. he was very willing to differentiate himself on that front. i think it will be interesting to see how much more aggressive he gets tuesday night. one thing to watch for tuesday night, i think it's the other three candidates on that stage, the one percenters. those guys need to get into the game. will they do it by attacking clinton or sanders? i have a hunch they'll go after sanders more than hillary clinton. >> why is that? because he seems more vulnerable? >> it's a little bit of a vulnerability. and to get to clinton, you got to get through sanders. sanders right now is the anti-clinton. ultimately, somebody wants to be the anti-clinton vote. you know she's got the establishment lane pretty much locked up. >> i guess the very simplistic question with a very complicated answer is, what the heck is going on with the race for speaker of the house? >> you know, it's almost --
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funny, you took away basically my first questions to the two members i have on the show this morning. i have two republican members of the house. one who represents this conservative wing, who has demanded all these changes and forced all these guys out of the leadership. and somebody from one of the more moderate districts in the country, a republican, and you're going to hear them basically debate back and forth and you're going to forget they're both republicans. they're going to be arguing not about issues but about tactics. it is very divided inside that republican party. i think the question is going to be, gus, whether they can unite in time for the presidential election. >> i tell you, chuck, there's a popular show on netflix that is not nearly this intriguing. we appreciate it. >> "house of cards" for real. >> thanks, chuck. stick around for "meet the press" with chuck todd at 10:30. bernie sanders will be his guest among others. pope francis led a silent prayer this morning for the victims of that deadly bombing
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in turkey. he prayed silently for 30 seconds with thousands of people in st. peter's square. meantime protesters marched through the streets of turkey chanting anti-government slogans. they're blaming the turkish government for those deadly bomb attacks. they threw rocks, set off fireworks at riot police. you recall at least 95 people were killed, more than 240 others injured after those bombings yesterday. the victims were holding a peace rally in the capital of ankara when those two bombs went off. and new this morning, investigators are trying to figure out what caused a small plane to slam into a house in california. firefighters rushed to that scene to get those flames out last night. investigators say it was a beach bonanza plane which had just taken off from lake tahoe airport when it crashed. there were two people on board the plane. we don't yet know what their conditions are. nobody inside the house was hurt. coming up on "today in new york," "saturday night live" tackles the gun debate with the skit starring host amy schumer. we'll have a recap still ahead.
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fans after that nasty collision right there. turned the tides in los angeles. we'll have an update on that controversial slide. and we've got some great weather for you. lots of sunshine, warm temperatures. how long can we keep it going and when does the rain finally arrive?
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quickly approaching 60 degrees here in midtown. some people waking up to much cooler. but everything seems to be on the rise. sunshine on the way. >> we had frost advisories as you head to the north. places like orange county into the catskills, the poconos. the good news is we are going to warm up rather nicely. that warmup has already begun. why don't we walk over to the weather wall, take a look outside, see what's happening as we begin a lovely, lovely sunday. we continue a beautiful holiday weekend. george washington bridge in the background. a couple of clouds in the sky.
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the sun is the ruler today. 57 degrees, mostly sunny skies out there. let's take a look at the headlines right now and see what's happening. it can't get any better than it is right now. that's what you say, right? well, it can, and it's going to tomorrow. we're going to up our high temperature by about four degrees. nice and warm the next 48 hours. some rain on tuesday. shouldn't be much of anything. it's certainly going to put a commuting. but it's not going to be anything significant like we saw with those more severe storms which rolled through friday night. temperatures around the area right now, 50 in emerson. 55 in floral park. 43 in ringwood. 52 in woodland park. now everybody is beginning to catch up just a little bit. earlier today we saw temperatures in the 30s through the hudson valley and out into orange county. now we're in the upper 40s to low 50s.
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to low 70s today. radar picture. nothing really to worry about at all. it does its sweep. we are dry and will stay dry. a couple of clouds as we mentioned in the live picture. you can see them, but they're high clouds. they're pushing out, and many of them will burn off before the day is done. the northeast, look at it. we've just carved out this beautiful weather. we are going to keep it through the holiday weekend. now, as far as what we expect from the future, watch the very end of this sequence. right now, fine, fine, fine. we see a couple clouds kind of begin to push through the area. then out from the west and the south, we see our troublemaker for tuesday come in the form of clouds first, beginning to thicken monday night into the overnight. tuesday i think we're going to see the rain move in. then that should last through the day, shower activity. by tuesday night, it pushes out of the way. wednesday, we are back to dry conditions. pleasant but cooler it will be.
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so let's put things together for you. today, 70 degrees. lots of sunshine. winds out of the southwest 5 to 10 miles per hour. into tonight, we'll drop on down to about 55 degrees. clear and cool. a little bit of a wind shift or a change first from the southwest and then to the south 5 to 10 miles per hour. getting more of that warm air in place for us for tomorrow. there is your seven-day forecast. 74 degrees on october 12th. that's right. we're going to stay in the 70s on tuesday. humidity is going to rise. we'll see some precipitation. wednesday, breezy conditions. temperature begins to drop. by next saturday, look at that. temperatures in the city bottom out at 45 and top off at only 60 degrees. that's your forecast. stay up to date with the news 4 new york app. tap the news 4 logo in the corner and select the weather tab. see the latest forecasts, interactive radar, and how you can submit your own weather video. the news 4 new york app for iphone is available in the app
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folks, back over to you. >> thank you, sir. gus, i'm scared to go home today. >> why? >> i have two mets fans in my house that are probably like this. what a night for mets fans. >> you probably heard the dodgers even up the playoff series in game two in l.a. this is not coming without controversy. in the second, cespedes and conforto go deep. it was looking good. but the big play came in the seventh. mets up 2-1. on a grounder to second, the dodgers' chase utley takes out rueben tejada with a late slide to break up the double play. after that, tejada would be carted up the field. utley was ruled safe, and the tying run scored. then it's adrian gonzalez with a big hit to score utley. eventually the dodgers beat the mets 5-2. terry collins was asked about that slide. >> broke my shortstop's leg.
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you know, it's over, it's done. not much we can do about it except come out in a couple days and get after it. >> as coach touched upon, tejada was diagnosed with a fractured right fibula. so he is done for the postseason. game three, tomorrow night at citi field. we hope for better highlights then. >> i mean, you know it wasn't intentional, but oh, man. didn't intend to break his leg but intended to break up that play. coming up next, we hope you're hungry. >> two local chefs showing us how to make a gluten free brunch that does not disappoint. you're watching ing
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>>o > dining out can be difficult for people who suffer from a gluten intolerance, but a
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that with a completely gluten free menu. steven hoover and jovany morales join us from their restaurant. 38th and 9th avenue. the heart of hell's kitchen. how did you come to this decision? this has got to be a real challenge. >> it can be challenging, but it's actually simple. my family is actually celiac. so we just ran into a problem a lot of times with not being able to go to the restaurant we wanted, not being able to eat what we wanted. they would sit at a table while we enjoyed something amazing, and they would be having a plate of chicken with lettuce. so we just wanted to create with our restaurant some place where we don't suffer but we can hav the same experience. >> this was something maybeusen years ago even we didn't really hear a lot of the gluten free. it's nowecome part of the common vernacular. in terms of finding recipes and converting recipes, how is that? >> it's a ually very easy. i grew up in a his tannic household.
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we moidn't really use flour to begin with. i went back to my roots and cooked stuff my mom cooked for me when i was young. it's a lot of fresh ingredients. we put a twist on everything. we do it so you don't have a problem when you come in with ten friends, five of them are celiacs, five aren't, but you can enjoy everything. >> everybody can have something. you were talking about those plain chicken dishes. i think there's this conception that gluten free food isn't terribly rich or maybe not even that tasty. >> and it doesn't have to be baewd. the key is that the flavors of the ingredients are what give it the flavor and the life.e gluten is more of a texture thing. you can leave the gluten out and leave in the fresh ingredients and you get all the flavor and a great experience. >> is it overall a little healthier for anybody? >> it doesn't have to be. as you see on the table, we have some french toast. it can be healthy if you want to go that way. it doesn't necessarily mean healthy. you can actually have anything. >> it can be a rich meal.
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a good tasting meal. >> exactly. >> that's totally what you have on this buffet table here. we're doing brunch. boy are we doing brunch in a big way. >>ed typically a difficult meal when you're gluten free. >> you can't do wheat. >> it's all about carbs and the sweets. we actually do gluten free cheesebrea's we slice it up. we put it with a goat cheese mix with raisin chutney and drizzle caramel over that. it's really decadent. pst really delicious. >> you're right. this is not the diet planner. >> it's absolutely delicious. >> s yoome tacos here. tell me about these. >> these are breakfast chorizo tacos. very simple but delicious. there's pico de gallo. we scramble some jalapeno sausage in there. very simple but bursting with flavor. when you walk in, you're going to smell that. you're going to smell the love, the flavors coming from the kitchen. everything we do, you know, we do it with passion.
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we do it with so much love. just like the restaurant looks behind you, this is what we put out. >> you've got eggs benedict here. one of my favorites. how do you do that? >> this is actually our take on eggs benedict. we change it up a little bit because didn't want to do a traditio i hollandaise sauce. this sauce is a bacon, parmesan, and citrus gravy. we use that as our hollandaise uce. it's everything you love about breakfast in one unique bite. >> and before we go here, we don't have a lot of a time, but tell me about the world's largest slider. usually it's about two inches. you have four huge cheeseburgers. might be the best deal in new york. >> it's a go-to breakfast burger. delicious. sangria, amazing. it's to die r. >>f we're off the air what time? i'll observe for a while. 38th street. thank you so much for coming in.
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great ooking menu. appreciate it. wish you all the best.
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well, that amy schumer has been everywhere these days, right? last night she said she lived a lifelong dream hosting "snl." >> a busy lady. she won an emmy for her show "inside amy schumer." she wrote and starred in her hit movie "train wreck." and for the first time she took the stage in studio 8h. >> i am so happy to be here. i'm hosting "saturday night live"! >> she talked about her encounters with bradley cooper and hillary clinton. she made some jabs at the kardashians. she hosted a controversial show that took aim at hot-button issues like funding for planned parenthood and gun control. >> you like it?
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>> guns are there. in little moments. guns, we're here to stay. >> next week after a long recovery, tracy morgan returns to host the season's third episode. morgan, as you remember, severely hurt in a crash on the new jersey turnpike that also killed his mentor. this is going to be his "saturday night live" comeback. everybody here at 30 rock very excited to have him back. >> they're going to be lined up around the block for those extra tickets, which is only one. >> all right. dave is here with one last look of the weather. what a weekend. >> they're going to be lining up in much cooler weather than we have right now. it's going to be a great day today. lots of sunshine, 70 degrees. up to 74 tomorrow. rest of the week, see some rain rolling in. >> thank you, dave. thank you for spending your sunday morning with us. see you back here next saturday morning beginning at 6:00 a.m. >> thank you for having us in for news.
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