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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  October 11, 2015 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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from above you could tell, there's a jersey grab right there. but you could tell from above that that ball gone when that foul took place. good call by the official. . eight-yard penalty as it turns out. 26 seconds. beckham to the right side this time, one-on-one with brock. eli in the back of the end zone -- and it is caught for a touchdown by larry donnell! what a drive! let's make sure that's a catch and a score. obviously they'll look at it. does he control it? all the way to the ground inbounds. >> cris: whoa. that's such a great catch. the fact that nobody can knock that ball out of his hands.
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pits's lotose there. he has it. he's down. if that thing moves right there at all, they're going to call it incomplete but he held it. unbelievable. what a perfectly thrown ball and what an unbelievable catch by larry donnell. >> al: touchdown confirmed. >> cris: wow! >> al: josh brown for the extra point. eight plays, 82 yards. it took 84 seconds and the 49ers have 24 seconds to try to get within field goal range. >> cris: wow! what a ball game. >> al: amazing drive. >> cris: this is some catch! he has to reach over the top of bowman, lift it up, now grab it, land and if that ball wiggles at all, that is going to be incomplete, going to the ground, not controlling the football.
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fantastic play! what a clutch play. and odell beckham just being in the game created opportunities. just being in there. >> al: and the 49ers unable to defend shane vereen on the march down the field. >> cris: wow. wow! >> al: cruz comes out on to the field. the 49ers have, for what it's worth, a couple of time-outs. they send ellington back into the end zone as josh brown will kick off. jool >> cris: phil dawson, a career long of 56 yards.
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somewhere at least inside the 40 yard line to have a shot. >> al: oh! miller's going right down there to save some time on the clock but he had a chance to maybe bring it back to the 30 or so. in any event, 17 seconds now. dawson staying loose and kaepernick will have a couple of opportunities to try to get them into field goal range. >> al: forget the wasted time-out. i don't know if it's going to come into play or not but it might. 49ers wasted one right near the end of the third quarter.
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>> al: beckham getting the crowd stirred up. talking about putting a couple of seconds on the clock? i don't know what this is about. clearly much ado about nothing. all right. from the 22. kaepernick has had a tremendous second half. buyiul time. runs out of room. throw's incomplete. that took six seconds. down to 11. >> michelle:py spoke to phil dawson before the game. he told me he converted a 56-yarder in the pre-game. he said to me the is great, the conditions are perfect. if i have an opportunity like that and i miss, it's on me. >> al: all right, michelle.
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>> cris: the guy that has made so many catches like this, a guy named anquan boldin where you just give him a chance. throw something else, let him see if he can outjump landon collins. i've seen it before. >> al: is he's in a slot to the right. kaepernick rolling the other way. he's going to be taken down with four seconds by demontre morris. now you're down to, barring a defensive foul, probably the final play of the game. >> cris: i think thomas just came unblocked up middle and kaepernick, that was clearly not by design. nobody blocked him. not sure if that was hyde's man or not. >> al: giants playing the old cover seven right now.
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third and 13. looking for rangel. holding. end of the game. the giants pull one out of the hat. and for the 49ers, that's going to be a really long ride home. they played well, they played much better than most people thought. their best game clearly since opening night. but not enough. giants lead the east now, they go to 3 -2. niners go to 1-4 as they win by a score of 30-27. eli throws for 441 yards. there's the winning touchdown, donnell hauling it in, a brilliant catch. coming up next, the volkswagen post-game report and you'll see that right after these messages
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call 1-800-341-9716. welcome to the volkswagen passat post-game report. here now, bob costas. >> after a troubling start to the season, the giants have now won three in a row and sit atop alone, leading the nfc east. san francisco, meanwhile, loses four in a row in the basement in the west at 1-4. as al said, a very long trip home across the country. the game balls, the players of the game, we'll give out three
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he lie manning had a gigantic game statistically, 41 of 54. better than 400 yards and three touchdowns. odell beckham jr. coming back from an injury, seven catches, better than 100 yards. one of his catches for a touchdown. larry donnell caught the winning touchdown at the back of the end zone in the waning seconds. 1 of 6 catches he had tonight. all three are with michelle. >> michelle: bob, that. eli, you. entered that last drive without reuben randle knowing that odell beckham jr. was hobbled. very few options for you. how did you keep it together? >> we just put it together. larry down there, we got in the green zone. odell came in for a special play. had the pass interference, then we hit larry on post down the seam. thought we worked on a big target. great catch. a big win today. proud of the guys the way we fought and came out and got that two-minute drive to go win the
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game. >> michelle: you talked to me before the game about fideshing games and not relinquishing fourth quarter leads. >> this is special because we had an opportunity to win games early in the season. we had some two-minute oppo unities and we weren't able to come there but today we came through. i think it is big for the offense, young guys playing the offensive line, coaches, everybody to get that win, knowing we can get back to winning those types of games. that's a fun atmosphere and a fun crowd and a big win for giants. >> michelle: 41 completions. a giants single game record. how's your arm feeling? >> feels good. guys were getting open. offensive line was protected. it was a fun day. great weather. fun day to throw the football and proud of the guys the way we comp ed. >> michelle: thanks, eli. odell beckham jr. you scored is early, then you ran off hobbled. but you came back cain during that final drive.
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what could you do? >> the plan was win the game. this is a pretty big win for us. we were able to put a full game together and be able to finish strong. it says a lot about this team. >> michelle: you seem emotional right now. what's going on? >> just happy we won. just happy we won. >> michelle: how concerned are you about the hamstring? >> i'm not really worried. got a long week to prepare and get right. so looking forward to monday. >> michelle: hey, congratulations. >> al: thank you. >> michelle: to your teammate, larry donnell, what happened on that play? >> well, first of all i want to thank the lord. it is something we worked on all week, we seen in the green zone. we got the look we wanted. eli put it up there and i went and got it. >> michelle: you went and got it. talk about the effort involved and whether or not you had any doubts that you could come down with it? >> well, you know, when we get
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down there, that's where i feel comfortable down there, throwing the ball up, going to get it. we seen the look. ekind of gave me the eye. he put it up there and i had to go do it. you have two happy teammates here, odell beckham jr. emotional. what's this all about? >> woo e started off a little shaky. feels good to get a win. we came through in the end and won and that feels sensational. >> michelle: congratulations. bob okay >> bob: tunny ony dungy, in the standings, wins and loses may all look the same but they don't feel the same. how big a victory was this for the giants? tony: this puts them in first place in the division. but i was out at practice yesterday and this is starting to be a group that is getting some confidence and the reason they have confidence is because
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of eli manning. i believe they're going to win e nfc east because i think they have the best quarterback plisay in the division right now and to keep things close. coach coughlin said they're still a work in progress but if they can keep games close, they feel like they can win them with eli down the stretch, this was a big, big win for the giants tonight. >> bob: we'll turn as always to mike florio of pro football talk. mike, a third straight cowboy loss. tony dungy just said that with eli the giants have the best quarterback play in the division. he said right now, because of course tony romo isn't playing. how committed, considering that matt cassel is on the roster, how committed are the cowboys to weeden at this point? >> after today coach jason garrett said they will evaluate the quarterback position and the bye week a very good opportunity to do that. it could be matt cassel when the cohdwboys take on the giants in
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in one week from tonight the patriots and colts get together again. which quarterback will we see for the colts? matthew hasselbeck at age 40 has looked great in place after andrew luck. eti think the colts will keep patriots guessing as long as they as the week unfolds. >> bob: considering the developments of the past several nths, patriots and colts is a game a lot of people will be looking forward to. tonight the giants come back right at thend and win over the 49ers. 37-40.
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>> second one of the night for andre johnson. . . >> lewis bobbing and weaving in space. >> al: well, wel well. new england at indianapolis next week. a few story lines. lest anybody forget the colts were in the middle of the whole getting the deflategate thing started. had brady been suspended for four games, this would have been his first one back. however, thomas comes in there -- tom comes in there, as hot as in in. we started the season by saying for the patriots it was us against the world. us is winning to this point. >> cris: indianapolis i'm sure looks forward to having tom brady in there. i'm sure he'll get a warm reception but i would say be careful what you wish for because right now tom brady probably feels the same way about this indianapolis colts franchise pat turned in those footballs that started this
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whole thing. so any time in the past we've seen tom brady a bit angry when a season starts usually leads to pretty good football. >> l: as mike said, i'm sure the colts will keep the patriots guessing as to whether luck is ready to play hasselbeck. >> he got a little emotional, o, because he was awfully sireck, came out and was brilliant. >> al: patriots at colts is on the menu for you next sunday night. the giants come from tonight in the meadowlands tonight. great try in the end to win the game which a score of 30-27. until next week, al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, the whole gang saying goodnight from east rutherford, new jersey.
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. right now, the mets shortstop knocked out for the season and major league baseball laying down the law against the dodger who took him out. good evening. >> an intense giants game just ended but everyone is talking baseball tonight, too. >> that's right, let's go to bruce beck for the latest from this nasty play from saturday
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around the world. dean of discipline suspended dodgers' second baseman for two games following last knit's controversial slide against the mets in game two of their play off series. snrs. >> mlb chief baseball officers said quote determining where to draw the line between an illegal slide is an extremely difficult call for our umpires. however, after thoroughly reviewing the play from all conceivable angles, i have concluded that mr. utley's actions warrants discipline. is mets issued this statement a short time later. quote. the new york mets completely support the decision made by major league baseball. >> is chase utley slide to cuben tejada in game two that was high, hard and ending the mets
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shortstop and helping dodgers turn the game around in route to a victory. >> i was shaken up by it. i thought it was something that didn't need to happen. >> this is not the first time utley a perineal mets nemesis has made that slide against tejada. it happened in 2010 when he was a rookie. missing the base entirely in that slide as well. >> calling his move on saturday. a statement saying two-game suspension for illegal baseball play is outrageous. utley is now appealing p. keep in mind that discipline does not go into effect until the process is complete. i can tell you this, the first ever post season game is going to be absolutely electric. natalie and rob? >> yes, it is, bruce. thanks so much. as you can imagine, two new york
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sports fans fuming. we have team coverage with news 4's ida siegal talks with fans. ida? >> yeah. ask my mets fan what they think about last night's play and they will roll their eyes, get irritated and demand justice. two-game suspension for chase utley is just about what many of those fans had in mind. >> a war cry from kelly's pub in fleching tonight, predicting big things from game three tomorrow after what these fans call a raw deal for ruben tejada last night. >> what do you think about what happened? >> i can't say on tv what i think. >> i was like, what the hell are you doing? >> absolutely not a bad play. it was absolutely an bad play. >> chase utley is enemy number one around here. deserving of every bit of punishment coming his way. according to these fans. >> a dirty play. dirty play. >> you think deit on purpose?
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>> but most agree, the real revenge will come in the form of a play off victory. >> win tomorrow night, win tuesday, that's the best way to get back to the dodgers. >> and even mayor deblasio now weighed in on twitter. mets fans have every right to be fuming and they hoping the met have the last laugh tomorrow reporting live from citi field news 4 new york. >> thanks so much. >> if you are one of the lucky wins in the midst of a three day weekend, you hit the jackpot weatherwise. more after a perfect fall sunday. >> absolutely, rob. just beautiful, cool to start. we rebounded to 69 degrees.
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degrees this time of the year. we are a little bit about average for boem of those numbers. and tomorrow even milder though. for that sunshine is staying with us at noon 68 degrees that point and we will get into the mid 70s throughout the entire tri-state. it is going to be a gorgeous afternoon. if you want to do leaf keeping in the catskills and there are high amounts of color as you head further north than that and the rest of us have patchy color right now. fall-like weather comes back in the seven-day forecast and we will talk about that in a few minutes. back to you. >> now going to the brave woman who fended off three men during violent attack. tonight she is still too afraid to show her face but she is telling her story. >> i'm thinking i died because i
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can't walk, i can't stand. >> still nursing a broken wrist, the bronx grandmother is too i a frayed to show her face and brave enough to take on muggers and capturing the violent attack on east 161st street. >> and i cried. and nobody held me. >> she just gotten off of the train around 3:00 saturday morning. you can see the men grab her and put her in a choke hold and she tells news 4 they tried it steal her purse but she fought back and escaped. her apartment is just about half block away from where she was attacked. she was hoping to make it home but one of the men ran after her he kicked her in the leg knocking her down, broke her wrist and hurt her back and foot which is now black and blue. >> i have to be careful with my daughter because it is dangerous. >> police are searching for these three men and left the
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her terrified to go outside. >> i don't know. they have a knife or -- >> that woman says she now has to wear a cast for six weeks. if you recognize the man in the video video you are asked to call police. >> a woman was found dead inside a park this afternoon. police say she had slash wounds to her neck and stomach and that woman has not yet been identified and no arrest have been made. a new jersey woman is fighting for her life following a hit and run crash. this happened early friday morning on route 46 in cliston. 22-year-old anna simioli was struck near the valley road exit. simioli is listed in critical condition. police are offering a $10,000 award for information leading to an arrest. >> two student were walking in
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