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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 12, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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>> reporter: along with past test test. test test. . monday, october 12th, coming up, the u.s. and russia mount opposing strategies, new polls this morning have the candidates jockeying for positions as the deadline quickly goes to vice president joe biden. will he or won't he? pure hell is how some travelers describe their experience as they delay 460 flights. will a two-game suspension
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impact baseball playoffs? and a nail biter on football night in america. "early today" starts right now. good morning, russia's airstrikes in syria have turned up some return fire in the form of new tough talks from president obama. russian president vladmir putin spent sunday preventing a syrian civil war. in a tense "60 minutes" interview that was recorded last week, president obama didn't mince words. he said u.s. has good intention even before they met late last month. he insists an expanded role for russia doesn't equate to good international leadership. >> today, rather than being able to count on their support and maintain the base they had in syria, which they've had for a long time, mr. putin now devoting his own troops, his own military, just to barely hold
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>> he is challenging your leadership, mr. president, he is challenging your leadership. >> there is a theme, i got to tell you, if you think that running your xi into the ground and having to send troops in, in order to prop up your only asly leadership, then we got a different definition of leadership. >> president obama also talks to 2016 and specifically the investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. >> i do think that the way it did gen up is, in part, because of politics. i think she'd be the first to act knowledge that maybe she could have handled the original decision better and the disclosures more quickly. >> and as far as 2016 is concerned, president obama has an idea of who might be able to win. >> do you think the iran could
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run again and you could be elected? >> yeah, i do. >> the 22nd amendment sort of pushed that idea to rest. so who will replace him? we are still waiting to hear from joe biden, who the president called one of the finest vice presidents in history. one of the. is certain you won't sea him take the first democratic debate. he spent the weekend at his granddaughter's cross country meet. time is running out from him. debbie waserman schultz addressed the meeting between biden last week. >> you know he has been carefuling considering whether he wants to run for president of the united states and, of course, in the democratic primary we would have room for the sitting vice president? >> four states have filing deadlines last month. there are reports that a decision could come this week. as we await for a decision by vice president biden, several declared candidates are jockeying for position.
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a few cbs news poll has donald 27%. ben carson not far behind. senator ted cruz and marco rubio round out the to be four. none of the other candidates got above 6%. donald trump went after billy girl yesterday. he is the meeting mogul who wrote a scathing piece saying he'd move out of the country or join the resistance if trump was elected. in trip cal trump fashion, here's what he wrote. little barry diller, who lost a for clune on "newsweek" and "daily best," lives a lie. former investigate or on the benghazi commission says it aims at going after hillary clinton. the chairman strongly deny, claims what former secretary of states have long been saying, comes as house republicans are
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leadership. nbc's kristen keller with reports. >> reporter: stunning allegations from air force major. >> this has become a part of the investigation. >> reporter: the former investigator in the benghazi attack says the group's actual target is hillary clinton. >> i obviously did notally the this investigation was set up to go after hillary. >> reporter: he claims he was kicked off the investigation for taking military leave and resisting pressure to focus on pressure. >> i'm scared. i'm going up against powerful people in washington. i was fired for trying to non-partisan investigation. >> reporter: the chairman of the committee says he was targeting clinton, himself, and caught because of his poor performance. he notes to list an agreement would never mention clinton but the attorney denies he was handling classified information and his client told the concerns. meanwhile the congressman is
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defending the works. the clinton campaign calls it explosive, saying they underscored the investigation has been a part of the sham from the start. this after house majority leader kevin mccarthy suggested the committee was aimed at dragging down clinton. >> everybody to the hillary clinton was unbeatable. right. so we put together a benghazi special committee. a select summitt. what are her numbers today? >> reporter: after heavy criticism for those remarks, mccarthy withdrew his name for being the speaker of the house. a harsh recruit for congressman paul ryan. some republican hard liners said they'll support him. >> i think he will be a wonderful speaker like i thought he would be a great vice president or vice president. >> that was kristen welker reporting. southwest airlines is reporting that passengers may be in massive lines due to technical issues, which delayed hundreds of flights yesterday.
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one passenger in investigate gas called the hour long lines as pure hell. workers handed out water to those waiting. it's forcing workers to pan wally issue tickets. also the glitch has not been determined. southwest says passengers should arrive two hours early and print boarding passes beforehand. a waterspout was caught on camera as it tore through a u.s. postal service tractor-trailer in florida yesterday morning. that was passing over a bridge when the waterspout flipped it over and sent debris flying into the bay. the driver was not injured. water spouts are essentially tornadoes over water and barely cause damage on shore. quite a sight there. we see your monday forecast. incredible video there. >> they don't intend damage. they they k. let's look at the forecast on the monday, happy columbus day, everyone.
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it is a hot one, feeling very country. look at these temperatures later on today. mid-90s in los angeles, about 10 to 15 degrees above average. vegas. the heat continues. we have places like texas. look at austin today, 98 degrees, 15 degrees above average. here northeast, d.c., walk, five to 10 degrees above average. there is a cold front coming through. do it you are in the 70s today. by tomorrow, back down to the 60s. a return to more normal fall sweater under way over the next two days. look at the national pick, 75 in new york city. beautiful weather for your columbus day parade activities in the northeast and mid-west. a couple showers are possible in the northwest, they turn much cooler here, windy, a high wind advisory in effect for portions of the plains. watch out for that today. that's a look at your national weather. let's take a look at your local forecast for the day ahead. and warm and sunny is
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the i-95 corridor down towards d.c.. the heat continues if texas. mid-90s to near 100 in places like snoentd. a couple stoorms are possible later on this afternoon. so looking like some pretty good weather out there for this columbus day. >> it's incredible. not bad. mid-90s up there. all right, rafael, thank you. straight ahead, an update on the american re he r american hero -- american hero who spoils a terrorist attack. you are watching "early today." now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site. most common side effects include skin peeling... ...ingrown toenail, redness, itching, and swelling. tell your doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you or does not go away. stop toe tucking... and get the drop on toenail fungus.
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. turkey is mourning today after the country's deadliest attack in years. according to turkish government, 97 people were killed and 245 were injured in ankara when two suicide bombers attacked a peace
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no one claimed responsibility. turkish authorities say kurdish rebels or isis militants are to be expected. >> its more likely isis has interests, unfortunately, it's not an unexpected event. >> yesterday, pope francis led a silent prayer in the vatican for the victims of the deadly blast. in afghanistan, five were killed and five others wound in a helicopter crash on sunday. the british military hock was a part of operation resolution support, which provides training and assistance to afghan security forces, the crash has been deemed a non-hostile incident and is currently under investigation. alex scarlatos took this picture with spencer stone on saturday. stone is recovering after being stabbed three times outside a bar last week. he is currently a contestant on "dancing with the stars." he travels from l.a. to sacramento to visit his childhood buddy.
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in scotland, things do not go as planned when authorities tried to implode the six apartment buildings at the same time. two were stubborn. they will be demolished at a later date. in maine, 30 couples competed in the 16th annual north american wife carrying championship in a classic race on sunday t. winner of this course is awarded the weight if beer and five times the weight in cash. the more the better, i suppose. the winner duo walked away with over $ 50 and ten 12-packs of beer. time to get down to business. the stockmarket is opened on this columbus day. futures are flat at the moment and the bond market is closed. gas prices at the pump are down half a penny in the last week and are still down about 90
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for just the third time in 40 years, the federal government won't be increasing benefits for millions of social security recipients. disabled vets and federal retirees. low gas prices are partially to blame for government's position for their cost of living adjustments for the year. an announcement is scheduled for thursday and linkedin is the latest company to offer employees an open ended vacation policy. workers on vacation time will be coordinated through lincoln managers and will start rather november 1st. nice for them. just ahead, aing paed nfl sunday ends with a bang on sunday night final. we'll show you the last minute heroics. but the biggest hit of the weekend was on the diamond. fallout from that controversial
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. >> this morning on "early today" selena gomez rocks the plaz zaz with her hit. she also talks about living with will you lupus. in sports, we begin with football night in america. giants-9ers, a back and forth battle. red hot eli manning in the pocket, they pass to o'dell beckham, jr., who pivots and
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but the 9ers strike back with collin kaepernick. game tied again. with 26 seconds on the clock, manning on the shot formation has tight end larry danel to come down with the ball and the winning touchdown. cowboys, patriots, big d brady sacked early in therfirst game of the season. brady bounced right back, running for his own touchdown since 2012, throwing for two tds. the undefeated patriots in a 30-6 shootout. a 20-10 when over st. louis, the rams pikdz up a pair of iran i aaron roger passes, in his first pick at lam beau field since december of 2012. .
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major league baseball defended the los angeles dodger's chase utley. mlb chief baseball officer joe torre says he believes the slide into 2nd base was illegal and warrants discipline. tejada suffered a broken leg. in the a.l. houston aced the 15th straight home run of the season en route to the astro's 4-2 when and houston could wrap up the series tonight. today a baseball fan's dream, all eight playoff teams playing starting at 1:07 eastern time. in college football, they placed him on a leave. he said it was quote he was not healthy. the offensive coordinator will step up and toledo trojans
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aerosmith ballad "dream on" at company events. according to associated press, steven tyler's rep sent them a cease and desist letter and it isn't the first one. reports say trump was fir told not to use the song back if august. another weekend for action, jim carey attended the funeral of his late ex-girlfriend in ireland and helped carry her coffin. "the martian" pulled in $37 million and "total transylvania 2" brought in 3 million and "pan" brought in 15 million. sony execs are telling niel craig to stop bashing the upcoming daifd bond film. when asked last week if he'd
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rather slash his wrists. dmv reports that anne hathaway orderedics and september them back four times. i guess they western eggactually to her liking. "snl" says amy schumer went from train wreck to plane wreck. >> if you want to buy a hack set. we'll be coming right back cftc tell us what they want or tell us what they really, really want >> ahhhh! >> amy schumer can do no wrong right now. >> she is so good. >> he she is hysterical. >> her co-worker made it back on the lane. she later stepped outside zpli
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. in the news on nbc, a tennessee cop soon to be father killed off duty. he was shot multiple times at a home and later died at the hospital. they say a suspect is in custody. he is the fourth officer to be fatally shot in more than four years. in the l.a. times, california schools barred from using redskins as the team name or mascot. california is now the first
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many native americans find offensive. in atlanta, georgia over the weekend, naomi king, martin luther king's sister-in-law was attacked outside a retirement home. she was approached by the secretary who demanded she get out of the car. when she refused. shelves hit in the mouth before the suspect fled. it left her with minor injuries and is still under investigation. >> i grabbed my sword and i put it and told him to get down. he got down flat on the ground. >> she fought back an intruder in an unusual way. she was asleep in her home when she heard a man's voice in the hallway. she reached for what she thought was a gun, it turns out it was a japanese style sword t. man was arrested and will return to court later this week. hundreds took part in a
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activists are recalling to remove the battle flag. some are hopeful adopting a new flag could unify the state. a nascar race opened with a stunt like no other yesterday. in north carolina, dare devil walenda was suspended by a cable under a helicopter. all done without safety equipment. he performed acrobatics for ten minutes before being brought down safely to the infield. he has been performing acrobatics since she was five. >> dare devils. yes, got me going. >> i know, i was going to say, something i have no desire to ever do, but gad for them. all right. a look ahead after randy quaid and his wife are expecting to appear in a vermont courtroom today where they will be arraigned on a charge of being a fugitive from justice t. pair was arrested last friday trying
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he is wanted if vermont for vandalism charges after he and his wife were found squatting in a home they previously owned. they skipped several court appearances and fled to canada. thanks, for watching "early today." have a good one. right now, police in queens
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searching for clues after a
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