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tv   Today in New York  NBC  October 12, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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searching for clues after a disturbing discovery in a queens park. and a new call to clean up an abandoned hospital building where a teen lost his life. and a suspension hearing expected today ahead of game three between the dodgers and the mets, all over that lay. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. 4:30 a.m. right now on this monday, october 12th. columbus day. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm kerry barrett. let's head over to dave price. he's here with the first check of your forecast. >> good morning, guys. we're in for a great day today. if you liked yesterday, you're going to love what we have in store over the next 12 to 24 hours. 58 degrees right now in central park. 44 in emerson. 54 in valley stream. 45 in wayne. for the most part, we're in the 40s and 50s, even to the north and west, where it's typically cooler this time of the year. we're in for very nice weather.
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plenty of sunshine and warm, warm, warm. crisp and sunny, perfect at noon. we top it off at 74. wind back down to 70 once again as we head to 6:00 p.m. it's going to be a gorgeous day today. get out and enjoy it. beautiful weather ahead. lauren is standing by this morning with our first look at traffic. >> thanks, dave. good morning, everyone. we have a couple problems out there on the roads. we'll head to the turnpike, where just before exit 10 or 287, you do have an accident out there with a downed pole. that's in the northbound truck lanes. two lanes are taken out there. heading over to broad avenue northbound in the fair view area, that's shut down in both directions between 91th street and fairview avenue. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. we have breaking news. three women have been shot near fifth avenue and 21st street. we're told all are in critical condition. we are talking with our police and fire sources. katherine creag is on the way.
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kat has arrived on the scene. >> reporter: michael, as one passerby put it, it was absolute mayhem. we want to show you all of the police officials here. fire, paramedics as well. there's at least one officer near us talking to witnesses. as you said, at least three women were shot about 4:00 this morning. there is either a pub or some kind of club here. it is on 21st street between broadway and 5th avenue. while you take a look at the scene, i'm going to talk with this man, dennis farrell, who was passing by. what did you hear? >> six, seven gunshots. pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. after that, a ton of, you know, mayhem. screaming. you could hear the gunshots from a distance. i was probably half a block away, and i still was in disbelief as i approached. i thought maybe it was a fight that broke out. then you realize there were some serious injuries. >> reporter: lastly, you saw a woman injured?
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>> i saw a few woman injured. there were a couple people getting wheeled into the ambulance. there were definitely women on the floor over here. i don't know the severity of the injuries. >> reporter: i know as you said, it was mayhem. dennis, appreciate it. we're going to stay with the scene here. numerous police officers on 21st street between broadway and 5th avenue. at least three women shot. we're waiting to find out how badly injure they are. >> thanks very much. new this morning, the search for a gunman in a deadly shooting in brooklyn. lori bordonaro joins us with what we know now. >> reporter: i just spoke to several of the victim's cousins who tell me he was headed to the hospital here just about a half a block away, but he never made it. his car crashed into this fence on rockwell place and dekalb avenue. somehow it ended up over here just across the street. you can see it backwards there. it appears that he was driving when he was shot through the window about a half block from here on ashland and fulton.
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you can see more than a half dozen shell casings on the ground. large hole in the side window is evident. family members identify the driver as carl mckenny. >> we don't know exactly where the incident happened. he was trying to make it to the hospital. he got into an accident. >> reporter: she says his family rushed to his bedside as soon as they found out. they're still at the hospital, in fact. meantime, price are olice are still on the scene trying to piece this together. >> thank you, lori. it is 4:34. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. hi, dave. >> we begin our day almost cloud free. it's been a beautiful overnight. the trend continues as the morning progresses, as the sun comes up. through the day, storm tracker picking up nothing. temperatures around the area very comfortable.
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58 in central park. 59 in city island. floral park at 50. 54 in oceanside. staten island, you're wake up to a cool 49 degrees this morning. the wider picture shows temperatures in the hudson valley looking like this. we go to newburgh, 52. 59 in montauk. as far as what you can expect through the day, right now 58 degrees. 40s and 50s in the suburbs, as we talked about. first forecast looks like this. heading to 8:00, 57 degrees. 70 at the noontime hour. up to 74 for the day's high at 3:00 p.m. holding on to that 70 number. it stays at 70 degrees by 6:00 p.m. tonight. nice night ahead. changes for tomorrow and into the next seven days. much cooler air coming into play. right now lauren has a look at what's happening. >> thank you, dave. good morning, everyone.
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still out there on ten different lines, including some partial suspensions on the 1, 5, f and l trains. otherwise, just delays and service changes. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended today, but you still need to feed the meter. >> lauren, thank you. happening right now, police investigating a mysterious murder in queens park. the body of a woman found inside kissena park yesterday afternoon. investigators say she had slash wounz to her neck and her stomach. police haven't identified her. so far they haven't made any arrests either. also happening now, police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who left a new jersey college student in critical condition. the 22-year-old was hit by a car on route 46 in clifton friday. she's a senior at montclair state university.
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the nypd says a man accused of throwing a fire bomb in hell's kitchen was quite possibly intoxicated. but the case is still being investigated as a potential hate crime. it happened friday afternoon. these young men walking near the corner of 9th avenue and 37th street. they say this man yelled something at them like, i'll kill you, and threw a bottle at them. no word of any injuries. it is 4:37. in tovrp kinsville, people are demanding the old staten island hospital be torn down to prevent more tragedies. 16-year-old marcos castillo fell down an elevator shaft on friday night. he fell seven stories below. on -- a new fence has gone up near the entrance, but some neighbors say that's not enough. >> i think the building should have been down years ago. >> i think it needs to be, you
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kids are always in there. >> in response to our inquiries, the department of buildings did issue a statement sunday saying, quote, this was clearly a tragic event, and we feel for the family. at this time, the circumstances surrounding the incident are still under investigation. and the commissioner of the city's department of investigations says he expects more arrests. the current crackdown on illegal activity by department of correction employees. on saturday, authorities arrested correction officer charles bracy for allegedly smuggling a weapon into the jail on rikers island. you can see from this picture here, investigators say that weapon contained a small saw and a razor. he now faces up to eight years in prison if convicted. >> moving to memphis this morning. the killing of a police officer may have stemmed from a disagreement between the officer and a neighbor. this alleged gunman was washing his car when he got into an
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we're told the time the officer was off duty. right now no words that he was targeted because of his job. and in texas, a man is in critical condition this morning after a shooting outside the home of the dallas cowboys. arlington, texas, police say a fight erupted between two men in a parking lot outside at&t stadium. one man was shot, taken to the hospital. the suspected gunman was arrested. the shooting came about an hour and a half after the cowboys lost to the patriots. right now southwest airlines is trying to fix a glitch causing delays for many people. southwest agents had to check in a lot of their passengers by hand. if you are flying southwest today, you are still being told to get to the airport at least two hours early. check in and of course print your boarding pass before you leave online. >> this has been going on for
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when the systems go down -- >> forget it. they were talking to people who were literally writing a ticket with pencil and paper. unbelievable. 4:40 right now. the legendary band aerosmith tells presidential candidate donald trump to dream on. plus, will he or won't he on the eve of the first democratic debate? speculation g&tu$@v o5 continues over vice president joe biden's political f%'(
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4:42 right now on this columbus day. here's four things to know this morning. the mets will take the dodgers on in game three of the national league division series. dodgers, though, appealing chase utley's suspension following saturday night's controversial play. there it is. mets shortstop rueben tejada broke his leg. a decision could come before tonight's game. more on that as the day continues. meanwhile, road closures in the city as the 71st annual columbus day parade hits the stage. for a full list of the closures, log on to our website, and classes will resume today at umpqua community college in oregon. it's the first day of classes since a gunman opened fire on that campus, killing nine people before turning the gun on himself. and actor randy quaid is set to appear in court today after he was arrested trying to enter
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wow, that's the first time i've seen his picture. he and his wife moved to canada after they were charged with vandalism back in 2010. that's quite a hair-do. >> as i like to say, david, randy quaid stayed in character there. >> he looks like santa claus. >> well, it's a new role. let's check in with dave. >> nice to see you guys. pleasure to be with you this morning. and let's get right to that weather picture. it is 58 degrees at 4:44 this morning. a nice morning taking shape. times square in the background. headlights still on. light jackets are probably part of the routine. we're going to warm up rather nicely. let's walk over to the weather wall together. let's put up the current conditions. clear skies out there. a really nice start to the day. let's go to the headlines and see what's happening. perfect day. perfect day taking shape. you're going to love what you see once you get out the door. after sunrise this morning, smooth sailing all day.
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tomorrow things change. we see a passing shower. we know a little more about the timing now. we'll go through that in a moment. then a true autumn feel this weekend as a strong cold front is going to move through. behind it, much cooler air. you're going to feel it. 65 is our average temper ture. that really feels more like let's say an autumn feel. today, up to 74. we would typically see that as our high at the beginning or middle of september. so it is a throwback monday, if you will. storm tracker, nothing to talk about. dry conditions. future tracker, there's where we're going to see some interesting stuff. so as we head through the day today, we see a little bit of moisture roll in from the atlantic. some cloud cover later on tonight. tomorrow after 10:00 in the morning, that's when we see the possibility of shower activity on and off through the day. and it's not going to be everyone. quarter inch or less of
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so today, plenty of sunshine. pleasant day, that's an understatement. it is going to be spectacular. south winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. look at that as we head inland and up. 77 degrees in poughkeepsie. 75 in trenton. into tonight, for the mets game, 66 degrees, first pitch at 8:37. 60 degrees in central park overnight. south winds 5 to 10. clouds roll in. cooler temperatures to the north and west. as far as the seven-day forecast, check it tut. talked about the few showers tomorrow. wednesday and thursday cooler but very, very pleasant. friday, our real front moves in. really cold air coming down from the hudson bay. look at the change in high temperatures and lows saturday and sunday. that's a quick look at your forecast. lauren has our look at what's going on with the roads and rails. >> thankfully, not all that
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much. mostly green still on the maps. let's head to the new jersey vturnpike where northbound in the truck lanes before exit 10, 287, you have two lanes shutdown ct there with some guardrail repairs from an earlier accident. broad avenue shutdown between 91st street and fairview avenue. you will be detoured off the road to get around this. let's take a live look at the george washington bridge, where thel bings are moving along nicely into the tolls. keep in mind you will these your easy pass if you're using the lower level or coming from the palisades approach until 6:00 a.m. the lincoln tunnel and holland tunnel are also in great shape. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended today. meter rules remain in effect. >> lauren, thanks very much. volkswagen now recalling roughly 2,000 diesel-powered cars in china. they're promising to fix the emission problems related there. here in the united states, senator charles schumer says he
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that would be $18 billion. schumer says vw needs to pay up for rigging epa tests to show their diesel exhaust was cleaner than it really was. >> the company carjacked the trust of hundreds of thousands of consumers, thousands of dealers, and they knew it all along. >> senator schumer says vw should re ay the irs for all the taelx breaks they got. he also wants people who b vght those diesel cars to get a rebate. at 4:48, moving to politics. joe biden is not expec ed to reveal whether he's running for president until after tuesday's democratic debate. the vice president huddled this st weekend with his family and advisers. he was at his home in delaware. they discussed a possible presidential bid. biden will not be in tuesday's debate with the five, s far, declared candidates. also, no word from congressman paul ryan. he's home in wisconsin, not saying anything about the possibility of becoming the next sp i-eaker of ghe houou publicly. his staff says he's not
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interested. fellow republicans are leaning on him to take the post. of course, tracie pot will have more on this live in washington in just about half an hour. meanwhile, donald trump in a little controversy again. this time for the music he plays at his rallies. that's "dream on" by aerosmith. no wcthe group's lead singer er er steven tyler is demanding trump stop using their song. perry' lawyer says trump doesn't have permission. trump has similar problems with neil young and r.e.m. >> he st doesn't ask. >> we should point out there's joe perry and steven tyler. we have both names set up there. we'll figure out who actually
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wrote "dream on." classic aerosmith song. >> of course. speaking of -- well, we ren't speaking of anniversaries at all, were we? anyway, let's talk abouthem now. "saturday night live" celebrating a huge milestone over the weekend. >> the show officially turned 40 years old. this was october 11th, 1975 an. "snl" first went live from studio 8h with george carlin as host. to celebrate, "snl" the exhibition held a birthday party for the show right on 5th avenue. >> and in its 45 years, they've never & shied xd away
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co &| apart em^o1*a6 or it ?of%'(< all 51&xd
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in the bronx. this year mayor de blasio marched as well. last year he drew criticism for not may hing. >> meanwhile, thousands watched as hispanic heritage took over 5th avenue on sunday. it was the 51st annual hispanic columbus day parade alpa raid -- parade. miss universe, paulina vega, from colombia was a special guest. still to come on "today in new york," how turkey's military says it'll respond after bombings at a peace rally killed nearly 100 people. and an intruder gets a surprise when he targets the wrong woman.
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live look there at the grand central parkway by the l.i.e. you can tell it's a holiday commute. in florida, dramatic video of a waterspout that got too close to dry land. cell phone video showing the spout just off the shore in st. petersburg. it crossed a bridge, tossed around a tractor trailer. fortunately, the driver was not hurt. when you see those things, you've got to take care. >> of course. when they move on to land, if they move off the water, is it a tornado at that point? >> at that point, they lose their energy source. they eventually kind of -- >> collapse. >> yeah. but if you're close to the water, you have problems. that's a little bit about waterspouts.
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closer to home, nothing like that. no clouds, no waterspouts, no problem. 74 degrees, plenty of sunshine today. just about as good as it's getting at this time of the year. into tonight, we're playing baseball at citi field. almost said chase stadium. throwback. 60 degrees tonight. mostly cloudy skies. in the 50s in most of the suburbs. we'll have your seven-day forecast and take a good look at some changes and much cooler air coming our way. >> i heard. okay. >> lauren, i salute you and all the scalas on this columbus day. >> i salute you and all the gargiulos. >> everybody's italian on columbus day. >> i don't want to be in that family. >> well, tough, because we want you. we have a lot of road closures already because of the columbus day parade. we have a lot of buses on detour, 11 of them as of now. then if you're getting on the trains, all of them are running
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no holiday schedules in place. >> okay. thanks so much. so watch what happens at this spectacular explosion of six apartment towers. two of the buildings didn't come down completely. back to the drawing board. those two buildings will have to get taken down at a later date. more serious news from overseas. turkey's military says it's attacking kurdish rebels. that's to retaliate against this weekend's massive bombing. on sunday the dead were buried from sunday's blast in ankara. turkey is blaming isis for the twin explosions at a peace rally. nearly 100 people first were killed. many explosion, we more were hurt. >> the second explosion, i couldn't find him.
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>> many of the protesters who saw and felt those explosions actually are blaming turkey's government for it. two separate reports say that a cleveland police officer did nothing wrong in the fatal shooting of a 12-year-old boy. both of those reports released over the weekend. one is from a retired fbi agent. the other is written by a prosecutor out of denver. they both concluded that officer timothy lowman acted reasonably under the law when he shot tamir rice. rice was waving what turned out to be a pellet gun. rice's family is disputing the conclusions. an intruder got a lot more than he bargained for when he broke into a home in indianapolis. >> he very nearly got himself skewered. the woman pulled this japanese-style sword on him. that was after she punched him in the face eight or ten times. >> got a little hairy at one point. he did start reaching into his right front pocket.
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your pocket, put it in front of you. >> karen also competes in roller derby, by the way. he definitely picked the wrong woman to mess with. she kept him subdued until police arrived. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading our mobile app on your device. our next hour starts right no uh. now on "today in new york," these are live pictures from 21st street in the flat iron district. three women injured there in a shooting near 5th avenue. we're live at the scene. plus, a woman at the center of this violent mugging caught on can ra mera, she's now speaking out. and a father faces some serious charges. what this dad did that landed him behind bars. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. it is monday, october 12th at 578 a.m. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm kerry barrett in for darlene rodriguez.
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