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tv   Today  NBC  October 12, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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&| coming out. >> comes em^o1*a6?of%'( out go em^o1*a6?of%'( f)qjm/h6g& yeah, tu$ of @v the o5 co same title. &| >> do you like that em song we were ^o1*a6?of%'(
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facelifts achd s s s s and world peace p. >> so you
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we have a podcast we do called kicking and screaming. been there 25 &| em ^o1*a6?of%'( years.
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m/h6 move, &| em^o1*a6?of%'(> what i like about her, em^o1* she a6?of% lets it '(< 51& go. xd she doesn't -- < some are s ke$ef)qjm/h6g&tu$ buttoned @vo5 co up. &| and she em^o1*a6?of%'( i think when you have an g&tu$@vo5 em^o1*a6?of%'( '( yeah, this is fun. xd
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&| interesting, em^o1*a6?of%'(
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1*a6?of% whatever, as a human '(< being 51&xd
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before there was social media so all the em^o1*a6?of%'(
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but you can have ke$ef)qj respect. >> and m/h6g&tu$@vo5 co speaking of &| respect, em this ^o1*a6?of%'(
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> they said this woman had loose weekend plans, there was a movie playing at 51&xd 10:00 a.m. and called her good friend and said < do you want to s ke$ef)qj m/h6g&tu$ go, @v the woman said why are you o5 calling me co so &| early and slammed em^o1*a6?of%'(> i em^o1* want to a6?of%'(
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> i think
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&xd artists. and if you're going to be a
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&| surgery. em^o1* >> and here a6?of%'( to
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a6?of%'( side -- my these > not allowed to
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> now, i'll allow you ?of%'(< to 51&xd > the side effects are just like any other fillers. co &| pem^o1*a6?of%'(
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who i think
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good morning. a live look at the queensboro bridge. 10:27. 62 degrees on this monday, october 12th. the mets taking on the dodgers in the first-ever playoff game at citi field. it will be the first game since ruben tejada's leg was broken during a slide by chase utley. major league baseball announcing utley will be suspended for two games. he could be in the lineup tonight if he appeals taking a check of your weather. today, a lot of sun with a high of 74. tonight, mostly cloudy, 60. tomorrow, highs around 72. wednesday, cool, mix of sun and clouds. highs in the mid-60s. thursday, much of the same. friday, perhaps a little bit of rain to the north and west of the city. up next on the "today" show, when to get the best and biggest discounts on everything from wine to wedding dresses.
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xd so which one > i would say kitchen &| em^o appliness as 1*a6?of%'(> i would say &| holiday is em^o1*a6?of%'(< coming 51&xd up, so they will > '( what? >> so
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things and a6?of%'(> i'm going to agree with co &| you. em i'm going to ^o go 1* with this. a6?of%'(> s ke$ef)qjm/h6g&tu$@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?of%'(
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$ef)qjm/h6g&tu$@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?of%'( that's really rude. h6g&tu$@vo5 co &| em^o >> 1*a6?of%'(> m/h6 perfume versus wine. g& >> is there tu$ a @vo5 co &| em^o bad time to buy 1* a6 wine? i don't think so. >> ?o f% jenna, what '( '( jenna em^o1*a6 won. ?of%'(< >> of course 51& she xd did. >> buy now
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is this this this is our tie breaker. g&tu$@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?of%'(
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book. >> big stone 51&xd
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co &| em^o1*a6?of%'(
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celebrating the heart of '(
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tell you h6 this g&tu$@v very o5 quickly. co &| em when i was in ^o1*a6?of%'(
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&| em^o1*a6?of%'(
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because i can't sleep any 1*a6 more. i'm ?o dripping all f%'(> emoveryone tveu$@v has o5 a co &| fan? >> every day ceem^o1* all a6?of%'(> what s ke is your $ef)qj crowd m/ men and h6g&tu$ women @vo5 co &| or just em^o1*a6?of%'( we h e c@vo5 co &| em^o1*a6?of%'(
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stand ke$ef)qjm/h6g&tu$@vo5 co &| em^o1* ?up with us. a6?of%'m< we have a 51&xd medley that we < do s kef)qjm/d g&tu$@vo5 co called the &| disco em^o1*a6 ?of%'(
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em^o1* >> there it is. all a6 right. ?of%'(
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