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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  October 12, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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right now on news 4, who would want him dead? a music producer and father of three is shot dead in his car. after he was shot, he tried to drive to a hospital but crashed his car and died. >> the family is upset. we have more on the person police are looking for. >> reporter: police are looking for the gunman. the victim, a 31-year-old father who relatives tell me was trying to make it to the hospital after he had been shot. instead, he crashed into this wall a block away. 31-year-old eric mckinney was behind the wheel of his jeep, stopped at a red light when someone fired shots into the passenger window. he was hit twice and tried to drive to brooklyn hospital. >> he was trying to make it to the hospital and got into an accident. >> he crashed into this iron
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gate across the street from the hospital. he then reversed and slammed into this wall. he was taken to 2 the hospital, but did not survive. the motive still not clear. his relatives say he worked in the music industry. they describe him as an upbeat, spirited young man who loved to joke. >> he don't bother nobody. he don't bother nobody. >> police say the gunman was wearing dark clothing and took off eastbound on ashland place. they are asking anyone with information to give them a call. lori bordonaro, "news 4 new york." >> thank you. the connecticut woman accused in an abduction is set to go to court. she is charged with sexual assault, unlawful restraint. we showed you this intense surveillance video last week. police say that randall lured a girl walking to school into her
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car, then attacked her. the student escaped by jumping out of the moving car. neighbors were stunned to hear what randall is accused of doing. >> she's been here about a year. i seen her come and go. she's been very nice to me. >> she has a long criminal history, including arrest for robbery and selling drugs. police are investigating a serious murder in a queen's park. the body of a woman was found sunday afternoon. investigators say she had slash wounds to her neck and stomach. police have not identified the woman and no arrests have been made. the fan who ran on to the field at metlife stadium faces charges. you can see authorities escorting the 25-year-old off the field after he interrupted the giants/49ers game in the third quarter. he is accused of resisting arrest, trespassing and spitting at police. he entered from the north end
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security guards tackled him. now to politics. tomorrow night, the democrats hoping to become the next president get their first chance to debate. steve handelsman is in las vegas ahead of the big show. steve? >> reporter: thanks. talk to ordinary folks in las vegas, a lot of them will tell you, they are happy to have the focus on candidates whose names are not donald trump. hillary clinton went to nevada where crews are getting ready for the debate. at the wynn hotel advertising vegas style. they are face-to-face on the same stage for the first time. >> the one everyone is going to watch, of course, is bernie sanders. >> people will have to see my con sis sistency consistency. >>. >> reporter: he leads in iowa and new hampshire.
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on the vegas strip people from across the nation said they will watch the debate. >> i care about what they have to say. i care about where the country is going. >> all we are hearing about is trump. >> i think it's not going to be well rated because trump isn't in the debate. i'm only kidding. >> reporter: for the lesser known candidates, it's a chance to be heard. o'malley today. >> a wonderful idea, both parties having a debate. >> reporter: a chance for hillary clinton to get past the e-mail debate. a second insider revealed the real role is to kill her candidacy. >> it's a lie. >> reporter: the committee's chair firing back. now in a race that's been dominated by donald trump, it's the democrats turn. so, will there be finger pointing, drama and name calling? the guessing is, no.
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joe biden won't be here, the vice president still deciding. live from las vegas, steve handelsman, "news 4 new york." >> steve, thanks. aerosmith's lead singer says to stop use zing the band's song during his campaign stops. steven tyler says the republican presidential candidate does not have permission to use the song "dream on." they are asking to cease and resist. it's the false impression that he endorses the candidate. >> still to come, the unlikely help officials are turning to as they get a handle on the raging wildfires out west. plus, a home intruder chooses the wrong target.
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. it took nothing more than a credit card reader to force the emergency landing of a passenger jet in buffalo. the alaska airlines flight left new jersey and headed to seattle when a fire began in the galley. that flight was diverted to buffalo airport. a credit card reader caught on fire. the flight attendants put out the fire and nobody was hurt. after months of drought and wildfire, california has a plan to have a roster of inmate firefighters. in the past, they had only been nonviolent offenders. there's a chance to add violent offenders to the crew.
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escape from the firefighter camps every year. easiest question of the day, sound? a major company is letting employees take off as much time as they want. true? lester holt at a look at what's coming up at 6:30. >> ahead on "nightly news," we'll preview tomorrow's democratic debate as biden supporters lose patience waiting for him to decide whether to join the race. we'll tell you why more companies are offering their workers unlimited vacation time,
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coming up on news 4 at 6:00, an update, a mother of five killed when a truck crashes into a building in the bronx. >> thousands of cars have much, much more. the mta budget deal finally nalized. how is it going to affect you? we break it down. plus this -- >> need a bed for a night or a week? air b & b strikes a deal with new jersey. what about new york? >> that and more when we see you at 6:00. an intruder messed with the wrong homeowner in indiana. she just fell asleep when she heard a man's voice in her hallway. she let her instincts take over. she punched him in the bace, then protected herself with her japanese style swori. >> i grabbed the sword, told him
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to get down he got flat on the ground. got hairy. he reached into his front pocket. i said take your hand out or i will use this. >> very impressive. she learned how to use it after she has a violent relationship as a teen. she managed to shuffle the intruder into a bedroom. she called 911 and police made the arrest shortly after. she was not messing around. public schools in california will no longer use the term redskins as a mascot. it's the first state in the nation to have the ban. only four schools in california use that term. advocacy groups say the word is offensive and call it a shining example for the rest of the country. >> social security recipients, retirees and others will not get an increase no. increase to social security benefits on
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cost of living adjustments are based on government inflation, which is being dragged down by a drop in gas prices this year. social security benefits have remained flat two other times in 2010 and 2011. unlimited vacation days from work. so many people talking about this online. a social networking company is offering this. could you ak ctually take all the time you want? they have a minimum or maximum amount of vacation to take. the president says it's a growing movement to focus on results, empowerment, not hours worked. several other companies have done the same, including netflix and groupon. >> ultimately, we need to build a world where workers and management trust each other. they realize they are working to live, as opposed to living to work. >> a study found u.s. employees
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only take 51% of of their time off. kick starter tried unlimited cacay. they weren't sure how much time to take off. you said you like it. >> asking for trouble, pulling that move. how can you save tens of thousands of dollars on your mortgage. get to lynda baquero for the answer. >> lynda baquero shows us three ways to cut the interest and pay off your mortgage faster. >> during the first few years, the bulk of your mortgage goes to interest. adding money to pay down the principal can shave big bucks. silvia works as a nurse and was excited to buy this two-bedroom, two-bath condominium in bellville with her husband. >> i wanted to bring down the principle, not just pay the interest rate each month, so i
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>> that's on top of her regular mortgage payment. despite that, she says she's barely able to make a dent on the principle balance owed. >> it's the same on principle, nothing has changed. >> jenna, a mortgage analyst with bank says what happens? >> they don't apply it to the principle. >> she contacted her lender. after several weeks, she got the issue corrected. the $1,000 extra are now going down to paying off the principle. the key is to contact your lender first. >> any extra money goes to principle or my next payment. >> other than sending additional money, another way to cut your loan is make one extra payment a year or pay half your regular monthly payment every two weeks. that adds up to a full extra payment each year. again, check that the lender
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will accept biweekly payments. >> i suggest to give your lender a call and say how do i do this. >> i'm not doing anything wrong, just paying the bill. i hope that bill will go to the right places. >> how much money could you save? here is an example. if you have a $200,000, 30-year mortgage, if you made one extra payment a year, you save nearly $33,000 over the life of the loan. again, remember you are talking building equity, which is key. do it as quickly as possible. >> it's a nice chunk. >> any other tips on saving the interest? >> round out your payment, add $40, $60 to round out the payment figure. that, again, can cut out thousands of dollars. little by little, chop it down. >> to get in touch with our team, send an e-mail to better
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quero. 866-news-244. janice is here with a check of the forecast. i have been upset all day. >> why? >> i had to come to work. >> who thought of that? that's not -- >> this is as good as z it gets. >> if he had those extra vacation days, he would never be here. >> you wouldn't see much of me. >> i'm kind of with you on that one. >> it wauz spectacular day. if you had the day off, hopefully you enjoyed this fabulous weather. feeling more like late summer with temperatures in the upper 70s. 77 in central park this afternoon. a few spots came closer to 80 like newark at 78. right now, still above 70 in white plains, morristown, bridge water. 74 in sussex. back to the west, 70s from cleveland to chicago and 80s in louisville and st. louis. behind that is the cold front coming tomorrow. the temperatures are in the 40s across minnesota. there's the front and the area of low pressure attached to that, the front will come
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through tomorrow evening and bring us showers, maybe a few thunderstorms across the area. that will come up in the region as well. looking ahod to wednesday, thursday, we are going to have more nice weather. not as warm, in the 60s, but still lovely. closer to average. more showers are in the forecast for friday. behind that will be the coolest weather of the season. we are going to see highs in the 50s this weekend, coming up. breezy conditions, crisp and fall. it's great to go out and get leaf peeping in. north and west across the area in the morning, a mix of sun and clouds, spotty showers around noon. temperatures in the 60s. it's mild tomorrow. a slight chance for showers at the east end of long island. same thing in the city.
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this time, we'll see showers and possibly a thunderstorm or two. the jersey shore, you will see your heaviest rain as well. most cases, less than a tenth of an inch. it's going to move through rather rapidly. the seven day forecast shows one more 70 degree dpa. that's tomorrow. not as warm as today. the clouds show up early and the rain by midday for some of us, continuing until evening. cooler conditions wednesday and thursday. it's nice and sunny, in the 60s. overnight lows down to the 40s wednesday night. more showers on friday. the big chill this weekend into monday. sunny, nice, highs in the 50s. a lot of 30 degree temperatures over the weekend. rob, if you are unsatisfied with the forecast, now is the time to travel. >> this is not that bad. >> it's great. >> today was perfect. thanks so much. up next, a touching story from long island. >> a service dog is reunited with her family and the boy who
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news 4 was there for the sweet moment. first our social pick of the day. this comes from dj jayspin. this is the catskills, the leaves beginning to turn. beautiful out there. >> great shot. if you have an interesting pic # #nbc 4ny. it might be the social pic of
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tonight, a long island family is reunited with their son's missing service dog. news 4 was there when it happened. >> she jumped from the window of their wisconsin home friday during a storm. the family was worried she couldn't find her way back home. marc santia is live to explain. >> reporter: she had been missing for three days. her family and this community
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refused to give up hope. they kept searching this neighborhood. a short time ago, their perseverance paid off. >> i have her. i have her here. >> reporter: it was a phone call kimberly was beginning to doubt she would ever hear. >> come here. oh, my god. look at you. >> reporter: kimberly refuse z z sed to believe. she had to see her for herself. >> thank you. oh, my god. you going to say hi to the camera. >> reporter: missing during this weekend's violent thunderstorm, she is a service dog for her son, christopher, who has autism. she is more than a dog. she's a lifeline for the 13-year-old. this reunion is an answer to prayer for mom. >> ecstatic. i can't believe we found her. i just want to thank everybody in the community here and on
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>> her big sister spotted lou lou a short time ago. >> i saw her and when we went down the block, she came right toward me as soon as she saw me. >> after all the tears, mom had one more thing to do, break the news to her son, 13-year-old christopher, that his best friend lou lou is coming home. >> we got your lou lou back. >> reporter: she says lou lou is in good health, maybe dehydrated. overall, doing fine. natalie and rob, today, extra special because today is loulou's fifth birthday. marc santia, "news 4 new york." >> thanks so much. >> thank you for watching. >> stay with us, the news continues at 6:00. announcer: live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is "news 4 new york." a big budget and big changes coming to your commute. we break down the mta deal
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months in the making. >> he took out a mets star but will chase utley play any way? >> making a home sharing site legal in our area. those stories in a moment. fir, breaking news in the bronx where a mother of five is dead after this out of control truck slammed into a building. checkey beckford joins us with the latest. checkey? >> reporter: we are now learning the identity of the victim. her family says she is a 37-year-old. as you mentioned, a mother of five. tonight, her body still remains under that coca-cola truck that lost control and slammed into the scaffolding at 138th street. the accident happened just before 3:30 this afternoon. police say another vehicle cut off the coke truck causing it to lose control and slam into the scaffolding.
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her family, as you can imagine,
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