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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  October 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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her family, as you can imagine, is devastated, describing the life she lived before it was viciously taken away. >> coming from her job. >> what was her job? >> right there on the corner. i'm not sure. she just started working there. >> she was a mother of five. apparently she was coming home from work, waiting at the bus stop when i heard the coca-cola truck had came up on the curb and hit her. that's all we know right now. >> reporter: as you just heard her aunt mengs tioned, she was sitting at the bus stop. she and a number of other women were waiting for the bus. they describe seeing a woman scurrying down the sidewalk trying to get away. miss silver could not get away in time. it doesn't seem like there will be criminal charges against the driver of the coca-cola truck. the accident investigation is
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we are live, checkey beckford, "news 4 new york." >> checkey, thank you. after months of debate, the city and state struck a deal to fund the mta spending program. the $26.1 billion deal includes funding for four metro north stations in the bronx. they will provide financing for the next phase of the subway line in east harlem and replace thousands of subway cars and buses. andrew siff breaks it down. >> reporter: your tax dollars at work. nearly $11 billion between the state and city taxpayers combined. officials promise you will notice the difference. knowing when your train will arrive, one of the biggest wins for commuters. >> we want to get our money's worth. i think mta has a lot to work on. >> reporter: now, billions of dollars approved to extend to east harlem and money for computerized signals that could
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help run more trains and reduce the top rush hour complaint. >> reduce the overcrowding. >> reporter: it's the countdown clocks so many will notice. they know how many minutes for the number one train. yards away on the a, b, c, d platform, it's guess work. today, she had to cope with a broken elevator. >> if they get extra money, a fare decrease. >> replacing cars like this c train from 1962. the modernization got the green light after governor cuomo and de blasio put aside their feud. they celebrated the deal separately one block apart. cuomo said it's okay. the city pledged $2.5 billion, not the $3 billion he asked for. >> it's more than they were going to do. we are going to buy 1,000 new
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subway cars, 1400 new buses. it will be a more pleasant experience for the rider and better for the economy. >> what convinced you that this time around the state would not divert funds meant to go to the city. why were you comfortable going up to $2.5 billion? >> it's a very balanced deal. there's a lot of good reforms in the deal. it's a good one. >> reporter: yet to be decided how the mta will save $700 million that wasn't included in the final deal. we expect to hear details on that later this month. andrew siff, "news 4 new york." the major and governor were among thousand that is lined the streets for the parade today. 25 festive floats, 30 marching bands and dozens of supporters. >> they celebrated the day. now to the max playoff run and this devastating blow.
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the slide that knocked the met's starting shortstop out for the season. major league baseball suspended chase utley, but could he still play tonight? we are joined live from citifield with how fans are reacting. >> reporter: chase utley is not in the starting lineup. in theory, he could come off the bench to pinch hit. many feel that is unlikely here in game three of the national division championships. fans here at citifield are hoping for a clean win to get their beloved mets one step closer to winning the title. >> i couldn't miss the first game, first playoff game at citifield. that, i wouldn't miss. >> reporter: it's been nine years since the mets made the playoffs. mets fans are more determined to win following this play saturday night when chase utley slid into
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>> i think it might be intention. we are excited now thinker in our house. i dare them to make a move like that today. >> reporter: utley was suspended for two games after the slide was ruled illegal. he is appealing the ruling, which means he can play until it is resolved. >> he can appeal all he wants, but he's guilty as sin. >> reporter: people who watched the slide over and over again said it looked like utley intentionally slid into tejada, not second base. fans gathering can't wait to give the dodger as new york welcome. >> atmosphere is going to be amazing. people are going to go nuts. i'm looking forward to the game tonight. >> reporter: the series is currently tied at 1-1. many mets fans say the best revenge here is winning tonight. as for utley, his agent says his
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they say it was not intentional. he feeled terrible about the injury to tejada. the game starts in two hours. the fans are getting excited for the first playoff game here at citifield. we are live outside citifield, "news 4 new york." >> thank you. on staten island, calls to tear down an abandoned building where a teen fell to his death. it's where the 16-year-old plummeted down an elevator shaft on friday. a new entrance has gone up. a private security guard was stationed. crews did not see security today. tonight, the antidefamation league is expressing concern on two jewish students. it happened in front of a shop. the students were standing in front of the store when someone allegedly threw a molotov cocktail at them.
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no one was injured. they are confident they will investigate the case as a potential hate crime. scary moments for passengers aboard a jetblue jet liner on the way to new york. the flight to jfk airport was forced to turn around when smoke was reported in the cabin. the plane landed safely and passengers exported off. if you can't beat them, join them. jersey city wants to capitalize on the apartment sharing .service, air b & b. it's technically illegal but hard to regulate. there might be a compromise or a payout. what does that mean for new york's battle with the company. we are live in jersey city with details. hi>> reporter: it's an interesting situation. the deals should be formalized in days or weeks.
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richer, including when tourists grab a bagel or come home frr the evening and get a slice of pizza. that's what's at stake. >> nice to moet you. >> ed ramirez invited me to one of his near 30 units he manages, and also his home and office. the units he controls. he tells me, he's more than happy air b & b worked out a deal with jersey city. yes, he'll havento pay a 6% hotel tax, but he was worried about the alternative, a new york city-type crackdown. >> there was some concern. i watched what happened in new york city. >> hotels here pushed back against the deal announced today. taxing units like those of ramirez should add $1 million to city revenue. as for new york's reluctance -- >> i can't speak on behalf of the city of new york. i'm a believer all the
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happening are ultimately beneficial when you figure out how to control them. >> reporter: like citibike in jersey city and other web based odevelopments, the concept of aring is popular. for air b & b, this is the first in the tri-state and may be the first. >> we are eager to work with city leaders. >> reporter: for ed, it's certainty he can stay in business hile he understands, new york city is not ready, yet, to embrace the thousands of air b & b units. >> there are many more hotels in new york city than here. i know that, you know, with the lobbying and other things, they are going to try to with hold or keep people from doing what i'm doing. >> reporter: now, we did reach out to the hotel industry and got no rerespond. new york is unique in several ways and there is no indication
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or will be replicated in the big ple. air b & b is certainly excited ed d about whats happening on this side of the hudson river. i'm brian thompson, "news 4 new york." >> thank you. coming up, a transgender woman is jumped and shot to death in the street. tonight, her alleged attacker is behind bars. a new jersey organization in dire need of help. we told you about this story on friday. news 4 viewers really stepped up. janice is here. >> we could not have asked for better weather on this columbus day and game three at citifield. big changes are coming in the forecast.
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authorities are offering 5rks 0 $5,000 award. two cats were tortured to death. they were t bodies were left on the lawn of the person taking care of them. it happened friday night and saturday. fighting a destructive pine beetle by selling the trees. newsday is reporting they began marking trees on long island for sale. forest managers say cutting the spread. land. facility. >> we first told you about the need for repairs at the marine cracks in th e concrete foundation have to be fixed. repairs should be done this month. stranded seals could turn up on the beaches.
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viewers watched us here on .channel 4 are responding to the adopt a seal program, donating ousa ds of dollars to help. still ahead, banned for life. why a 70-year- old woman says whole foods blacklisted her. plus a nobel prize winner from our neck of the woods. we'll introduce you to the
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caring about the things that make each of our clients unique...
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tonight, whole foods issued an apology for banning 70-year-old new jersey oman if all the tri-state stores. they banned the maplewood woman after she purchased $200 worth of groceries but walked out with cheese in her cart. her daughter shared the story on facebook. it sparked so much outrage that whole foods apologized. lester holt joins us with a look at what's ahead on "nightly news."
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unlimited vacations companies are offering. the idea is for employees to feel more empowered and able to focus on getting the job done, not just putting in the hours. we are all hoping nbc will do this. >> i hope the bosses aren't listening. >> what we may see tonight from somewhere else because we are leaving for our unlimited vacation now. >> see ya. tough take over now. >> the truth is, a lot of people don't take -- a lot of americans don't take the time off that we have much less the idea of unlimited vacation. we are concerned if we take five, six, seven, eight weeks, we won't come back to a job. >> there was a commercial, take that vacation. >> talking to myself here. we'll have that and more when we see you in about 12 minutes. a princeton university professor won this year's prestigious nobel prize in economics.
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analysis of consumption, poverty and welfare. he's a professor in economics. the 69-year-old spoke to the royal swedish academy following today's announcement. >> i'm so delighted not just for myself, but the work that's being recognized. that's a wonderful thing. >> he holds dual american and british citizenships. >> heading to philadelphia where a man is behind bars for the murder of a young transgender woman. stk death investigated as a hate crime. now, they say she was the victim of a sense lsz robbery. we have more. >> reporter: police say the 22-year-old was dropped off on 13th street around 2:30 a.m. on october 6th when she was approached by four men who punched and kicked her. she put up a fight and was shot two times in the back.
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>> this is not a hate crime at all. it's a sad and senseless murder. it is not a hate crime. >> detectives believe it was all about money. >> the victim was, in fact, a prostitute. >> reporter: pedro redding was arrested sunday after police followed up on a tip that identified him as a known robber who lives in the area. he has prior arrests. he is cooperating with detectives looking for three more suspects. meanwhile, the lgbt community continues to make sure she is remembered for who she was, not what she did. >> anybody engages in sex work is a human being. their life is not less, they do not deserve to be beaten down and gunned down and executed in our streets. >> reporter: "news 4 new york." time for the weather now. we are looking at a beautiful evening for baseball. >> it was super fantastic today.
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the day off today, hope you had a chance to enjoy these numbers. temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average. well into the 70s. newark not far from the highs. we have another mild day coming up. a nice night for the mets game at citifield. showers in the area tomorrow. then this weekend, drastically cooler. the temperatures go from 10 to 15 degrees above average to 10 to 15 degrees below average. daytime highs in the 50s, feeling like fall should. right now, warm out there. 64 across northern new jersey. morristown, you are mid-70s. long island, low to mid-60s. you are watching this area of shower that is may clip you tomorrow morning. this is the bigger picture, this cold front coming in tomorrow afternoon will strike up showers
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in the ar . this is going up except for the far eastern edge. temperatures by 9:00 in the 50s and 60s. still mild in asbury park. there goes the coastal storm with showers tomorrow morning toward the east end. then the first round of lighter showers comes in the area midday or 2:00. then the cold front at 4:00 or 5:00. that sweeps through the city by 8:00. it looks like maybe a shower at the start of the next game for the mets and dodgers. it should be past you by 8:00, so it shouldn't be a problem what so ever. then temperatures drop for wednesday morning, cool 40s and 50s. in terms of rainfall, not much, a tenth of an inch or less. coming up with the next cold front, we need a lot more. more rain in the forecast on friday of this week. after that, sunshine for the weekend. boy, is it cool. we are going to see lots of 30s an the map early saturday and
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it's going to get chilly. >> time to bundle up. >> sure is. >> thank you. after serving a three-game suspension rutger's football coach is back. >> he was suspended when an internal investigation found he violated university policy, contacting a teacher in the spring. a star player was failing course and would not be eligible to play. >> he apologize zed but feels fully supported by the university. >> i made a mistake. there are consequences to the actions. >> tonight, he said hefts unaware of the policy when he violated it. some might not believe him because of actions. he'll be on the sidelines when they play indiana on saturday. bruce beck is up next from citifield. bruce? >> reporter: chuck, what a backdrop for the first ever
6:23 pm
the mets and dodgers in game three of the nlds. there's bad blood everywhere. coming up in sports, they try to use saturday's drama as ammunition for tonight. we have the latest on chase utley and the rest of the story
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meanwhile, the mets are ready entertain a sellout crowd that is part angry, part excited, part confident and for good reason. they have the dark knight, matt harvey on the mound. the 26-year-old right hander loves the spotlight. tonight, he makes the biggest start of his career. the manager talked to harvey and the rest of the team about keeping their cool after the controversy yawl ial utley/tejada incident. >> this is too big of a game. we need to worry about winning. i understand everything that happened. as frustrated as we are, as mad as we are, we feel bad for ruben. the thing we can't do is toss the game and this particular game because of anger. we can play angry, but we have to be under control. we have to move on. we have to go play baseball.
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the minute we make this a grudge match, we are going to make mistakes. >> reporter: the royals beat the astros, 9-6 to force a game five. it looks like toronto will also force a game five. coming up, they lead texas, 8-1 in the seventh inning. finally, is there any group more excited than the seven line army, the die hard fans of the new york mets? >> let's go mets! let's go mets! >> reporter: how excite sg it to have a home playoff game? >> we have been waiting for it. >> first in nine years. >> i's going to be an electric event. >> we have the guy on the mound we want, we have harvey. >> beat l.a.! beat l.a.! >> no retaliation. the retaliation is to win the game and win the series. >> win for ruben! win for ruben!
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>> reporter: they are the


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