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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  October 13, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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passenger is in critical condition right now. again, police searching for the suspect. if you have any information, you are asked to call police immediately. we're live in staten island, mark santee, news4, new york. more news in the triple shooting outside a manhattan nightclub that took the life of a 24-year-old mother who was just out celebrating her birthday. news4 is outside the station house in gramercy park where he is being held. lori? >> he is here at the precinct and expected to be charged. he was arrested this morning in carroll gardens. police are also questioning another man but believe they have their guy. >> we believe he is the person who shot the three individuals, killing the one. >> reporter: police say
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26-year-old delone jamison was the gunman who shot outside a nightclub monday morning. >> sometimes they're with other gang members. we had him on the street and that's how we got him in. >> reporter: police say jamison, who has a long criminal history, knew the victim, a 24-year-old mother who was out celebrating her birthday. authorities say he didn't mean to kill her when he allegedly drove by and fired into the crowd. they say he was targeting the bikers who had thrown him out. fosser's best friend was also hit with bullets and is expected to be okay. yesterday her family cried tears of justice as they prepared to bury their daughter who leaves a three-year-old son. his brother posted on facebook and called her his little sis and denied he had anything to do
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a dump truck careen sbud a laundromat today leaving one person injured. it happened at noon near roslyn heights. the driver forgot to use a parking brake when he got out on a hill. the truck crashed into the harbor hill dry cleaners. one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> judged by the damage to the building, you can make your own assumptions. it was moving down the hill at a momentum and the damage it caused is pretty significant. >> at this point, though, no tickets have been issued. investigators have been working to figure out what caused a deadly house fire in rock land county. a 60-year-old woman was killed. video shows smoke rising at about 8:00 in the morning. neighbors say the house held several illegal apartments and held as many as 12 people.
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ysia flight ms-17 over ukraine last year. they showed this animation that a buk missile went off just three feet from that. it destroyed the fuselage of the plane. it killed 298 people on board. the report does not say who fired that missile. the white house says it is deeply concerned about escalating violence in israel. at least three people died and dozens were injured in a series of stabbings and shootings in and around jerusalem today. israel's prime minister says his government is taking aggressive steps in response to the attacks in the hands of palestinians. palestinian health officials said one man died when israeli forces died during a protest in the west bay. the police department has reinstated a lawsuit following the 9/11 terror attacks. today reversed the decision of a judge in new jersey who
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they found that muslims had enough violations to warrant this case going forward. now to the story getting a whole lot of buzz in the city. >> the mets are just nine minutes in innings away from clinching the series. they clobbered the dodgers last night. in just a couple hours, they get their chance to finish off l.a. news4 has got you covered for everything you need to know before tonight's game. we have two reports from citi field, but we start with janice huffman and the forecast before the game. how is it looking? >> all eyes are on the weather, and so far, so good. it's been quiet most of the day. we've seen a lot of clouds. just know that a few isolated showers that have popped up over
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and one -- everything is helded our direction. the clouds will get thicker and there will be a couple showers between now and game time. they will be isolated and it's hard to actually pinpoint where they'll actually be, but on our futurecast here, it shows them pretty close to queens or any other boroughs as well at 7:00 or 8:00. another one may pass through the area right before the game. but it's not going to wash out the game. there could possibly be a delay if we get a quick shower, but overall the forecast for the mets and dodgers looks pretty good tonight. temperatures in the 60s. we'll track it and get back to you. okay, janice. i want to take you now to citi field with how the mets can turn things around and what we can expect tonight, bruce. >> >> reporter: what we can expect tonight is another tremendous
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crowd at citi field, the mets just one inning away from returning to the mlcs for the third time since 2006. there is no question the mets have momentum after last night's blowout victory over the dodgers. the last mets playoff game in 2006 had a little of everything, including chase utley. a thunderous ovation for a hero, shortstop rubien tejada. >> he was here once and that says a lot. >> it had the mets offense erupting on 13 hits, with balls flying out of the park like it was home run derby. >> the way this team responded offensively was incredible. it seems like that's what we've
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>> reporter: most of all, it was a huge party for the mets faithful who were cooped up for nine long years but finally had the chance to celebrate. >> the fans were losing their minds, which is what you want and gifrz ves us that home field advantage. >> reporter: but nothing will happen for the fans if the mets don't finish off the dodgers tonight. >> we want to win for our fans. we want to win so we don't have that game five back out there. >> well, i mean, that's what our plan is. our plan is to close them out. >> reporter: chals se utley is out of the line of the dodgers for the second game in a row. the pitching lineup is intriguing. steven matt with the mets making his playoff debut. and the three-time cy young award winner pitching on three days rest.
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yes, the champagne is on ice, chuck, but remember, the last game in any series to win is the toughest. this is baseball. you never know. now that we got the scoop on the game and the fans developing in and around the city. gus? >> reporter: check-in time already a sea of blue and orange descending on citi field here in flushing. there is a palpable sense of come raud cameraderie, a sense of family. you see fathers and sons playing just outside the ballpark. others just taking in the scene and something lifelong mets fans do not take for granted. >> you're the flushing guy, i'm the flushing guy. what's it like to be a mets fan over the years? be honest. >> no, i've had a lot of friends time. it's been a lifelong passion of
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once in a while you get to celebrate and this is the time. >> this is my first post-season game. this second time is the first time they've made it to the playoff nz s in my life, and the first time was right over there. >> here is hoping the traunt officer is not watching. that dad says he plans to take his son out of school for a ticker tape parade in the weeks ahead. the clock is ticking to the showdown of the democrats' first presidential debate. >> and hit with a question on the campaign trail, donald trump strikes back with an accusation. a long ild sland charge and the
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grief counselors were on hand for the sleepy hollow igh school where people dressed in black to remember their friend 17 ear-old taj anderson was stabbed in a park over the weekend. >> he was a great person. he always knew how to cheer you up. he was always there for you when you needed him.
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second-degree murder in robinson's death. a toddler was severely injured and the dog that attacked him has been euthanized euthanized. the boy was playing at home when he was attacked. the owners requested the dog be put down. hours for 23-y r-old michael nolan will be at the farenga funeral home. nolan died on thursday three weeks after he was gunned down in a parking lot. police believe he was wanted in retaliation for a fight two days earlier. his funeral is scheduled for thursday morning. overseas, iranian lawmakers voted in favor of the nuclear deal struck with world powers, including the u.s. under the deal finalized in july, international sanctions on iran will be lifted in return for restrictions on its nuclear program aimed at preventing tehran from developing anatomic
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bomb. in colorado, fort guatemala bay prisoners are being held. they have looked at several prisons in the state. they are holding about 15 from gitmo. about half are looking for release release. in about four hours, five democratic presidential candidates will come face to ce in their first debate in vegas. right now hillary clinton is a frontrunner, but that could all change tonight. melissa russo is here with what you can expect. a lot on the line, melissa. >> first you ask, what's different about tonight's debate and the other debater of the season?..of course, these are democrats and those were republicans, but there is no donald trump tonight, somehow suggesting a kinder, gentler debate.
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introduce himself to all the democrats who have heard about this socialist senator from vermont. his big ral.reez lies in iowa andnt new hampshire will ow get to size him up alongside hillary clinton. >> they can now share these ideas they like. >> senator jim webb, former republican senator lincoln chaffe and martin o'malley. the former governor has the ability to stand out. >> i'm looking forward to the democratic party finally joining this game and having a debate about how we solve our nation's problem. >> reporter: hillary clinton will be center stage. last night she looked past tonight's debate, showing um at donald trump's las vegas hotel joining union workers, protesting the employment practices of the republican frontrunner.
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donald trump. . he live tweeted. after being hammered byer e-mails and chased by sanders, clinton tonight gets to reboot. >> some other questions headed into tonight's debate. will hillary clinton be able to point percent, and we all hope vice president joe biden would enter the race. there was speculation whether deeld that in time for tonight's debate. i'll have all the highlights on jews 4 at 11:00. live fro new york, the republican frontrunner will be government live. if bush staffer has kind of form
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a question. a conservative website once posted that woman as a bush campaign intern. >> if you become president, will a woman make the same as a man, and do i get to choose what i want to do with my body? >> you'll make the same if you do a good job, and i happen to be pro-life. >> donald had a series of tweets reflecting bush planting that woman in the audience. no one has ever been paid but are volunteers and added, quote, while this question was not sanctioned by the campaign, we can't help but notice mr. trump does seem to enjoy being challenged by women. search meetthecandidates. let's shift to weather now. a little change but you say it's not going to be that bad, right. >> no, it's not going to be that bad. temperatures will drop a little from the 70s. not bad at all. this weekend, though, we'll see
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a big difference, and we'll get to that. first of all, we'll talk about the weather around here because all eyes are on seephil tonight. here's a look at times square. we've seen the sun today and te mper ures still 70, so still very mild out. the cold front has not passed through. when it does, wind will change direction, direction. still above average. 72 in central park this afternoon. will there be a quick shower for the mets? there could be a quick shower, it will be brief but could possibly delay the game. highs in the 50s on saturday, and sunday the coolest, only 52. we'll start out the coolest in the city. some areas might see fog north
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65s and 70s out there. 61 degrees in monticello. we're watching a few showers of approaching summit county right now. part of this is with the front. we had a little bit of light rain this morning. in this quiet, it's rather cloudy, but at best you might see a sprinkle come from the clouds right now. it's later in the evening where we're watching the possibility of a heavy shower. the city could see a -- there will be a few showers in the area. they should be light, could be one or two downpours. by 40 rs and the 50s, so you won't see the 70s across this area.
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shower between now and 10:00. the rest of the evening, though, it gets better. it dries out and it's a little cooler. later tonight, 55 in midtown. nount chris co north. might have one or two showers around tomorrow but not too much. 58 million. >> hempstead, you might get to 70 tomorrow, one of the two spots. slight chance of showers on friday, and then here comes the cool air for the weekend. it's going to be in the 50s. we'll have another update coming up at 5:30 with citi field. >> truth is stranger than
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still ahead, the case of the woman live streaming herself driving drunk. the claim of men reading playboy magazine just for the articles may be easier to understand. something literally blew up. we investigate the world of
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many more playboy readers will be buying the magazine just for the articles. starting monday, they won't be
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putting nude images in their magazines. they are expected to be pg-13. it's a big change for the magazine which has been known for nude centerfolds and pictorial since 1973. interstate net is a big reason for the move. >> the internet killed playboy. nudity is everywhere through a google search. what playboy did special through the years just isn't special anymore. >> going without nudity isn't a precedent. there was nearly a 400% increase in site traffic. tracy morgan is getting back to what does he best and that's making people laugh. he performed two sets at the stand country club. it's the first time he's done
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