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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  October 13, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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right now on news4 new york, a dangerous man on the run. police say he killed his ex-girlfriend and their four-year-old son and now they need your help finding him. the news of their deaths quickly spreading in jersey city and neighbors there are stunned. >> jose santos alvarez strangled and suffocated his ex-girlfriend and her son inside their home. brian thompson has more information on the suspect. brian? >> reporter: this has been a tough one for law enforcement, the hudson county prosecutor, because it took them a couple days even to recognize that the mom and her child had been killed, ask nd then it took them some more time to figure out who the likely suspect would be. that search does come with a warning, that warning that the suspect is considered dangerous.
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the victims are 27-year-old monica petesneoch and her four-year-old son christopher. last wednesday their bodies were found in a second floor apartment on lincoln street. the mother died of strangulation, the son had been suffocated. it took two days to determine how they died, and the alert for jose ronald sanchez went out last night in this neighborhood. >> you need respect and love in a home, and communication. >> i feel unsafe because i feel he's going to come back. >> reporter: it is believed he is an undocumented former restaurant worker. at last report there is still no word from the prosecutor that their suspect has been caught, so the search is ongoing at this time. and while they consider him
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dangerous, they're also saying people should not try to approach him if they recognize him. call 911. live in jersey city, i'm brian thompson, news4 new york. >> brian, thank you. in southern jersey tragedy for the family of a missing three-year-old boy. search dogs found brendan creado's lifeless body in a wooded area half a mile from home. his family reported him missing around 6:0 on 0 a.m. this morning. he was found a few hours later. investigators do not consider the child's disappearance suspicious. the body of cheng cheng kyenda was found on vernon avenue in kissena park on sunday. she had slash marks on her neck and stomach. no arrests have been made. the driver accused of abducting a teenager and taking her on a wild ride was heard in court today. the victim's daring escape was caught on video.
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here you can see the 17-year-old jump out of a moving car. today police revealed new details about that frightening ordeal. michael george is in bridgeport with those details and more. michael? >> reporter: well, shiba, the suspect appeared in court just a short time ago, and now we're learning new details about the crime, including a claim that the suspect actually laughed at the victim after she dove out of that moving car to escape. a 17-year-old dodged from a moving car to escape a sexual assault. this surveillance video has now be seen nationwide. but news4 has learned new details about what you don't see in this video. >> it started out pretty simple. hey, it's cold outside, wouldn't you like a ride to school. and it turned into this. >> prosecutors say convicted felon tiwana randall stopped to give the girl a ride to school. she grabbed her breast. the 17-year-old then jumped from
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>> we'll get her the help she needs to get this behind her. >> brandon reportedly made a u-turn and laughed at the teen victim who escaped with only bumps and bruises. randall claims she only pulled the victim's hair, and that's because two or three dollars was missing from the console cup. she said, i grabbed the victim because i only wanted my money back. she's been charged with 15 robberies and dealing drugs. >> i have no reason to believe this is a pattern of sexual assault perpetrated by this particular person. >> reporter: i spoke to randall's lawyer. he wouldn't comment, but she's facing charges including sexual assault. her bond is set for $25,000. michael george, news4, new york. new tonight, rap per
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flavoflav has pleaded guilty to driving without a license during a routine traffic stop. public enemy born william drayton, was headed to long island. he was sentenced to time served. the organization planned parenthood announced it would no longer accept any sort of payment that included the cost of programs like aborting fetuses fetuses, a look at illegally profiting from the research. if you live in yonkers, firefighter inspections starred today. firefighters are testing to see that they're working and have enough water pressure in case
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>> still to come here, the familiar face taking bill cosby's place on temple university's board of trustees. >> and later we'll hear a news4 exclusive. i'll take you inside the de blasio's new home and show you how it's being reimagined to better reflect the city's diversity. >> and also lester holt has what he's working on for "nbc nightly news." >> the topics which could provide flash points. also, the passing moments could be kul r cool,. . >> women are often paid less
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a bizarre sight in the gulf of mexico sends swimmers rushing to the sand. this 5-foot alligator was seen in the waters right off the coast of naples. it was a shock to beachgoers who initially thought it might be a shark. the gulf is not the typical place to find alligators. this gator seen here, just a baby, was probably lost. a professional was called to rope in the gator and take him away and nobody was hurt. >> a baby at 5 feet. unbelievable. new tonight, temple university has picked nbc's tamron hall to fill the board's seat vacated by bill cosby amid sexual allegations. the board is trying to distance themselves from cosby and tamron hall is an nbc correspondent.
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also has a show on cnn. she has never been charged with any crime. > a breakdown of the best car seats for your little ones. plus, what was she thinking? a woman uses a live, screaming app to record herself driving drunk. how her followers helped to get her off the road. but first our socohl pick of the day. umbrellas up near bryant park. while this wasn't snapped today, storm team 4 said there were some sprinkles north of the city earlier today and there is a slight chance for more showers this evening. keep that umbrella handy. thank you for the images of this pic. >> if you have pictures you would like to share, use #nbc4ny and it mlght be picked as our
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coming up on news4 at 6:00, facing a judge who is accused of beating his girlfriend's toddler to death. he says it was just a tragic accident. plus, overcrowding is a problem in some city schools. they have a solution. will cities cooperate? shiba? > a flo crida woman is accused of using a live streaming app to show herself driving home drunk. 23-year-old whitney beal got busted when she ed periscope to show the world that she was drunk behind the wheel. police said she first let followers join in on her wild bar-hopping friday night, and then she got in her car and headed home. fortunately, two of her viewers called 911.
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>> within minutes, they found her driving, flat front tire. she hit the curb again. they pulled her over and it was just obvious from that point she was intoxicated. she failed and went to jail. >> well, beal now says she doesn't remember much about her friday night. she had some company there, as you can see. she also says what she did was a huge mistake. a government watchdog says fema should recover nearly half the money it gave to a jersey shore town to a superstorm sandy repairs. fema awarded spring lake a $7 million grant to fix its boardwalk. but the special audit found the town didn't spend 2 million of that grant and another 1.2 million was not properly accounted for. fema has nine days to respond to these claims. a child car seat is safest when it's installed properly, something that is not always
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>> for help on that, better get ba baquero. we look at car seats a bit easier to install. >> that's right, and according to the national car seat safety administration, a certain percentage are installed improperly. now celebrating 130 years, "good housekeeping" aims to make life a little easier for consumers by checking out products in their labs. >> it will be the best performing, the easiest to use. >> they said child car seats are easy to install. for infants, the cicco 3 is the best for infants. remember, gord an said the seat should never move more than an
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the burtax is for children under 60 pounds. >> we loved this one for the ease of installation, which is, again, very important to us, because installing your car seat correctly is one of the most difficult things and one of the biggest bie ggest. all of these covers take off, and so we actually evaluate each one. i took all these off. some of them are less expensive. this is the graco 1065. >> you don't have to take the shoulder straps out to adjust for different heights. >> reporter: with any used seat, especially if you opt for a used one, find out how old it is before you opt to use it. >> some car seats have expirations.
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date is on the bottom here and it says, typically 6 to 7 years they expire. >> i didn't know they had an expiration date. to check out other places where you can find out how to install them correctly, head to that's i want to repeat those names again. the keco key fit 30, the graco fit tight. >> other than reading the instructions, what else should do you when you buy one of these? >> something else the traffic safety administration said only 40% of consumers send back those safety cards when you get the product, and you should really
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issues, and i just feel like a plastic stim with arms. again, in touch with our senate -- 1866-8244. >> it looks like things are getting a little dicey. >> oh, you'll have to get your big coat out. >> i know you're loovg that, too. these. we've been tracking showers a . nothing over the city at this time but clouds. if you get a shower at citi early. whether it's a big shower or a small one, they'll be quick and they'll move right on out and
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down there. lagrange, montgomery and a few clouds aren't monticello 61. it's been another warm day with a west wind blowing. the winds aren't too strong, but they're up around 15 in a few spots. in the meantime, here is future tracker at 8:00, so you can see those spot showers. they're dotted all around the area, so there is a chance there could be one right over the stadium if they start the game, but most of those will be gone within the hour. by 9:00 or 10:00, you'll only see a few left and they start to dissipate and dry out in the area. tomorrow's highs will be in the 60s, and then thursday morning, we'll have some 30s on the front age. if you during the day wednesday, look for 60s.
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on friday we could be getting a few flowers coming your way, and that tarks the chilly air. the temperatures in the city might even dump to the 30s on sunday morning. we do have another chance for showers on friday. more weather coming up. guys, back to you. up fex, it's aen by couple
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on hold music, please check out r our greatest hits at r gracey mansion has been closed for six months since mayor de blasio moved in, but now they're giving you a look inside. >> they've made quite a few changes, including changing the
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art on the walls. they're hoping the new art reflects the ever-changing city. >> reporter: inside the mayor's way. this portrait of president george washington is being replaced with this painting of pierre tussont, the former slave. it's one of 49 pieces of a new gracey art mansion art installation, chosen in close consultation with the city's first family. >> they conferred with us and approved all the pieces, and this is their home. >> this is what they're going to see every day. >> reporter: it's been 15 months since the de blasio family moved from their park sol rowhouse to the people's house on the upper east side. since then it's been closed to the public. after undergoing renovations next month, it will be reopened for tours but only once a week.
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de blasio's new home, they were chosen to paint a new picture of city life, perhaps in the 18th century when the de blasio mansion was built. one in five workers were slaves. soon you'll find abolitionist douglas in the peach room. you won't find this picture of first lady wagoner. visitors will see the gradual emancipation act of 1789 calling for children as slave be to see freed in adulthood. headed for this bare blue wall in the library, a collection called "the cries of new york," containing the age-old struggle to get by in this city, a popular de blasio theme, and after all, archibald gracey even lost it during hard times. upper east sider larry jacobs
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put results on display, not just diversity. but he says he likes the idea of new art. >> somewhere in this country are a bunch of old, dead white guys. >> de blasio said moving to the manhattan mansion was a difficult decision even though his family went from one bathroom to eight. >> 13 years in this house. this is our home. >> reporter: when you take a mayor out of brooklyn, at least hang a picture of brooklyn could be a mistake. even the cost of changing the repairs. facing a judge. a mana kusd of killing his girlfriend's child has his day in court. a solution to overcrowded
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the bait? >> what is causing the batteries to explode? we begin with the death of a baby boy killed, police say, by his mother's boyfriend. that man faced a judge today and insisted boit's the boy's death was just a tragic accident. examiners said that was proved otherwise. >> here at police headquarters, nasa's police commissioner referred to that boyfriend as a monster. as you said, his bail was set at a whopping $10 million cash, on the charge she killed their boyfriend's son on monday. >> neighbors asked that they not show the 17-year-old photo. but neighbors were horrified by
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the murder.
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