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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  October 13, 2015 11:34pm-12:37am EDT

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that's it for news 4 new york at 11:00. "the tonight show" is ahead. news 4 starts at 4:30. good night and we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ]
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rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- michael strahan, eve hewson, musical guest charles kelley featuring dierks bentley and eric paslay, and the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 349, woo! >> steve: and now, here's your host, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey, looking great. thank you very much. thank you, thank you, thank you very much. thank you.
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welcome to "the tonight show." this is it. you are here. that makes it a show. [ cheers and applause ] thank you so much for being here, everybody. here's what people are talking about. of course, tonight was the first democratic debate over on cnn. and get this, did you hear that they actually had an extra podium ready just in case joe biden decided he'd join the race. [ light laughter ] it backfired when, before the debate even started, people were like, "can we just vote for the empty podium?" and they go, no, you have to wait until -- [ applause ] currently in the lead, the empty podium's in the lead. i saw that one of bernie sanders' campaign advisers said that they want him to tone down his yelling at tonight's debate. you could tell he was yelling too much, because i had to keep turning the volume up to hear the commercials. [ applause ] and i was like, no, that's something wrong. he's yelling too loud. and trump didn't have too many nice things to say about tonight's debate. surprise. [ light laughter ] in fact, he said that he thinks people would turn on the democratic debate for a few minutes and then fall asleep. then cnn was like, "hey, it
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still counts. ratings are ratings. [ light laughter ] we love it. [ applause ] we'll take it. fall asleep. we don't care. leave it on." since tonight's democratic presidential debate was in las vegas, you could place bets on just about every aspect of the event. [ light laughter ] for real. i mean, you could bet on the number of times hillary would speak, the number of questions anderson cooper would ask. and it didn't end there. take a look at some of these other debate prop bets. first up, how long will the audience stay in their seats after they realize they're not at a cirque du soleil show called "de bate?" [ cheers and applause ] next, how much will hillary clinton pay david copperfield to make bernie sanders disappear? [ laughter ] that's a bet. [ cheers and applause ] and finally, how long will the standing ovation be when joe biden rides in on a dirt bike, grabs the mike and says, i'll take this one. [ cheers and applause ] what's up? >> steve: yeah!
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>> jimmy: and in washington, republicans are still calling for paul ryan to run for speaker of the house even though he's already said he doesn't want to run. when asked why he won't run, ryan said "because today is arms and shoulders, tomorrow is cardio." [ applause ] [ grunting ] >> steve: monkey milk. >> jimmy: you got any monkey milk? [ laug)er ] i need one of those monkey milks. [ chugging ] [ grunting ] >> jimmy: hand me a monkey milk. i do two monkey milks in the morning. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: one in the afternoon. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: and then a secret monkey milk that i don't know i even drink. >> steve: oh! >> jimmy: you know how muc protein is in a monkey milk? >> steve: 48 grams. >> jimmy: that's right. you know how much protein's in an egg? >> steve: 23.8 grams. >> jimmy: this is like having two eggs in one monkey milk. >> steve: monkey milk! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what are you talking about?
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what is he talking about? and get this, guys. a new announcement of recent political speeches found that george w. bush actually used longer and more complex words obama does. yeah. granted, none of those words were actually in the dictionary. [ laughter ] but still, my vocabilation is completely misunderestimated. let's get to some sports here. i don't know if you guys are following the astros right now. but their center fielder colby rasmus has been on bit of a hot streak in the playoffs so far. and during the game last night, analyst a.j. pierzynski had something very interesting -- very interesting things to say about this. just listen to this. >> colby rasmus is so hot right now, that as an -- as an opposing player in bp, if it wasn't the playoffs, you'd go up to him and you'd just rub on him just try to get some of his hotness on you. that's what guys do when they're hot. you try to rub up on 'em to get some of their -- get some of their hotness, get some of their feel. hopefully it rubs off on you one way or another.g [ laughter ]
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you're out. i didn't know that. calm down, buddy. sometimes you just wanna rub up on them -- what happened is i would rub up against him if i could. and no one knew about it, i would rub up against him be cause he's so hot. [ laughter ] a lot of people are talking about this, "playboy" announced that it is going to stop publishing photos of nude women in its magazine. [ audience groans ] en crazier, the magazine "juggs" is now about actual watet?pitchers. [ laughter ] [ ap ause ] i don't mind, i think it's pretty good. >> steve: i love pitchers. >> jimmy: oh, i saw that the chipotle recently hired a a former top official from starbucks. yeah, the executive said he wants to combine his experience at starbucks with chipotle to create the worst bathroom of all time. [ laughter ] [ applause ] can i have the key to the bathroom? no problem. there's a giant espresso ma chine attached to it. so, just drag this through the
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before you go to the bathroom. everyone -- no problem. go use it as much as yout ant. >> steve: you use monkey milk? >> jimmy: by the way, we're out of monkey milk. you nt a monkey milk latte? you know how much protein's in a no boalriatte >> steve: i think 37.2? >> jimmy: yeah, not with monkey lk latte. you know what's in that? >> steve: 49.6. >> jimmy: well, i don't use all of it. [ laughter ] >> steve: 48.7. >> jimmy: 48.7? >> steve: seven and a half. seven and an eighth, something like that. >> jimmy: anyways, it's more protein. >> steve: yeah, seven and five eights. >> jimmy: yeah. [ grunting ] >> steve: monkey milk. >> jimmy: never even heard of that. this is a pretty big deal. yesterday, the nobel prize for economics went to a princeton professor named angus deaton, who has done extensive research into whether parents favor sons of daughters. he says he can't wait to accept the award, mostly so he can rub it in his sister's face. [ laughter ]
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[ applause ] take that, katie! and then finally, "game of thrones" has reportedly just finished up filming season six. and people who can't wait for that might want to check this out. they are about to release the official "game of thrones" coloring book later this month. so, if you're a kid who likes to watch "game of thrones," officials would like a word with your parents. we have a great show, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] give it up for the roots! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we got a big week of shows ahead. tomorrow night, vin diesel and selena gomez will be joining us. tomorrow night, right here. [ cheers and applause ] thenedn thursday, academy award winner tom hanks will be here. we're going to do a littleg -
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[ cheers and applause ] [ jibberish ] i don't have a tom hanks impression. [ jibberish ] every time i see tom hanks. [ jibberish ] [ laughter ] how's it going, tom? [ jibberish ] then on friday, we have my man, bruce willis, and sienna miller will be here on friday. it's gonna be good. [ cheers and applause ] but first, we have a great show tonight. we absolutely love it when he stops by. he has a new book out called "wake up happy." our pal michael strahan is here. [ cheers and applause ] "wake up happy!" happy is what he calls -- yeah, o is happy? he has to wake up happy. >> steve: what does he do? >> jimmy: well, he goes and wakes him up. the roots, you love michael strahan, right? >> questlove: yeah, we do. [ laughter ]
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>> jimmy: michael -- michael, a a special guest, and i tonight are gonna play a game we've never played on the show before called "four-way air hockey." >> steve: that would wake up happy. >> jimmy: no, no, no, four-way air hockey. >> steve: oh, four-way air hockey. >> jimmy: air hockey. four-way air hockey. also joining us tonight. oh, i love her. she's part of the new steven spielberg, tom hanks movie "bridge of spies." which opens inimitnd release this friday. she's fantastic in it. she also stars oppthite clive owen in "the knick," which has a has a season two premiere this friday on cinemax. eve hewson is stopping by. [ cheers and applause ] she's great. and then my man. oh, i'm so happy these guys are here. we have music from charles kelley featuring dierks bentley and eric paslay. [ cheers and applause ] eric paslay. listen to this.
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>> jimmy: everybody okay? that's all you get right there. because they're performing it live tonight here on the show. [ cheers and applause ] charles kelley. talented dude. all three of them are talented. guys, it's time to take a look at the stories making headlines today and weigh the good with the bad. it's time for pros and cons. here we go. [ cheers and applause ] pros and cons and pros and cons and pros >> jimmy: tonight, we'll be king a look at the pros and cons of watching the first democratic debate. yeah. it was held in las vegas tonight. a lot of people tuning in for that. let's take a look at the pros and cons of watching the first democratic debate. here we go. pros, the debate featured all of the top democratic candidates. con, like hillary clinton, bernie sanders and the other guys. [ applause ] tough field. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: pro, the debate was moderated by anderson cooper, dana bash, and juan carlos lo ez. con, "cooper, bash, and lopez" soun
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ds like a legal drama on tnt. [ laughter ] [ applause ] i k,ve that show. that's my favorite show. >> steve: yeah, you love that show. you talk about that show all the time. >> jimmy: pro, hillary clinton had to answer tough questions like, "did you lie about your e-mail server?" con, jim webb had to answer tough questions like, who are you and can we see some i.d.? [ laughter ] jim webb. [ applause ] pro, bill clinton is in vegas keeping a close eye on the polls. con, and the dancers on them. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: chief of staff. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: pro, hearing rnie sanders supporters chant "feel the bern." con, hearing lincoln chafee supporters say "feel the chafe." >> steve: not so good. >> jimmy: not the same ring to it. pro, hillary clinton has
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received the support of the demoreatic whip. con, bernie sanders has received the support of the democratic nae nae. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: that's good. >> jimmy: no word yet from stanky leg. >> steve: none? nobody knows who stanky leg supports. >> jimmy: nobody knows who stanky leg supports. [ laughter ] i love stanky leg. man, what's he up to? >> steve: he's just hanging out. just leaning -- you know, just living it up. he lives in vegas now. >> jimmy: does he really? >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: i love that dude. i like his brother. >> steve: yeah. that dude's the best. he's a monkey milk salesman, i think. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're kidding me? >> steve: yeah, he's the representative for the whole west coast. lives in vegas. >> jimmy: where did it start, monkey milk? >> steve: monkey milk? >> jimmy: over at the gym, right? >> steve: yes. >> jimmy: we were over -- we were lifting weights together. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: as we do every monday, wednesday, friday. >> steve: monday morning. 6:00 a.m. you and i are i the gym lifting weights. >> jimmy: we get up, open the doors. thank god we've got the key. >> steve: they let us go in. >> jimmy: all we do is lift and
11:48 pm
just drink -- chug monkey milk. >> steve: we're drinking gallons and gallons of monkey milk. chug it. lift weights. get buff. get pumped. >> jimmy: get pumped up. and then stanky leg usually walks in. >> steve: yeah, he hops in. >> jimmy: he hops in, yeah, exactly. [ light laughter ] i mean, they made the dance because that's how he walks. >> steve: right. >> jimmy: he kind of slides in. like axl rose. he comes in. [ cheers and applause ] yeah, he comes in. he's like, "hey, dudes. can i get some monkey milk?" that's his voice. and then people aren't imitating his voice, they're doing his dance. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: but if they did his voice, it's like, "do the stanky leg." do the stanky leg do the stanky leg do the stanky leg >> steve: with some monkey milk. >> jimmy: yeah. monkey milk. good for him. >> steve: good for him. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: remind me, i've got to e-mail that dude. >> steve: e-mail him. >> jimmy: he's like a brother to me. >> steve: he is. >> jimmy: miss him, stanky leg. pros and cons. here we go. pro, clean electricity plays a
11:49 pm
a big role in hillary clinton's air policy. con, static electricity plays a a big role in bernie sanders' hair policy. is that possible? [ applause ] >> jimmy: and finally, pro, martin o'malley wants to see more debates added to the schedule. con, leave it to the irish guy to order another round. there you go. [ cheers and applause ] there's your pros and cons. we'll be right back with michael strahan, everybody. 30, 29, 28. tick, tock. 25 years old and you're still playing in the mud. 15 feet in the air, that's where you feel most alive. 10 meter maids waiting to wallpaper your truck. better get out of town. 5, 4, 3... the all-new tacoma. toyota.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our first guest is an nfl hall of famer and emmy award-winning host, who just launched a new clothing like called collection by michael strahan. and his new book "wake up happy" is available in stores now. ladies and gentlemen, please
11:53 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: looking good. >> hello, hello, hello. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: they love you, man. we love you. >> well, i love being here. >> jimmy: we can't get enough of you. >> i love being here. i love the roots. >> jimmy: yeah. of course -- >> even though they didn't look so happy when you asked them if they really like me back. [ laughter ] you know there's a tv back there. i can see what's going on. [ laughter ] just saying. just saying. >> jimmy: they're from philly. they're eagles fan. >> it's not my fault the eagles are bad right now. [ audience ohs ] [ laughter and applause ] >> hey! >> oh! >> jimmy: hey! >> too soon? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: but let's talk about the giants, because they started out scary. >> started to scare me. >> jimmy: yeah. >> they couldn't finish. you know? >> jimmy: no. >> but in that division, they have been the most consistent team. they've been in every game and then finally had one of those wins at the end of last week that they usually don't get or haven't gotten lately. so, i'm a happy man right now.
11:54 pm
>> jimmy: that was a great game. yeah. and how about my jets? anything? >> yeah, i like the jets. >> jimmy: you do? >> i like their new coach. >> jimmy: but that's like saying they don't have a a chance. >> well you know -- >> jimmy: they have a nice personality, the jets. [ laughter ] -- it's fine. the jets are great. they're a team. >> they have a great defense. >> jimmy: and they do. >> i like the new coach. bowles is a really good coach. i think he makes them accountable. quarterback situation is still a little shaky sometimes. >> jimmy: something going on with that whole scene. well, it's ridiculous. >> just don't get your hopes up too much this year. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: thank you. very good. >> they're coming along though. i do like the jets. >> jimmy: and odell beckham jr., when i saw, he was doing a salsa dance. >> yeah. >> jimmy: after -- they said he got injured doing the salsa dance. >> he said he didn't. >> jimmy: no. >> but i don't know how you hurt yourself doing a salsa dance. [ laughter ] i mean, i actually, my rookie year in cincinnati got a sack and i got up and i did one of those big baseball swing things. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and then my foot was hurting after. so i ended up missing -- no i ended up missing like half the season.
11:55 pm
cause i did like a liz frank injury in my foot. for years, i was like, i got it on the sack, then i realized, i got it celebrating. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: really? you say players are all cocky and the adrenaline is in there. >> exactly. but at least mine -- i mean, the salsa, how do you pull a hamstring doing the salsa? >> jimmy: you have never seen me at a wedding, have you? [ laughter ] >> you must of throw flip or something with that. i don't know what you do? >> jimmy: that's the only to do it. throw a stanky leg in there, i don't care. [ laughter ] >> they need him to get healthy and they need v get back out. cause i know victor w show. we got to get h man. >> we need to get him back out there >> jimmy: is don't know >> we don't know yet. >> jimmy: yeah. >> a mystery. >> jimmy: yes a mystery. but he can come back. he'll come back if the giants need -- >> fingers crossed. >> jimmy: yeah. there's a lot to talk about here. i want to talk about, what's your clothing line, are wearing your clothing line >> i am. >> jimmy: this is -- >> i wear >> jimmy: this is michael strahan right here. i gotta get some st [ c >> i got to hook you up man. >> jimmy: at jcpenney, right? >> it's at jcpenney. >> jimmy: no i about, i missed -- re jcpenney catalo >> i use to love the catalog. and you'd get the catalog and
11:56 pm
>> jimmy: yeah. > and bought you so >> but they never bought you anything. >> jimmy: no, no, yeah. [ laughter ] but these were also ridiculous toys -- wow, we would just talking about it toda sears catalog. and they don't do that anymore. >> yeah. well now everything is onl so. >> jimmy: you know, fun. >> no, i enjoy the >> jimmy: i love the catalog. but anyways so if i get -- if i go online, i look for this, and go on to the it's good stuff. >> it's great. >> jimmy: classic stuff. not too crazy. i like the ties. >> it's not too crazy. i mean, i had to develop a a style, though. you know? >> jimmy: yeah. >> and i used to be like everybody else. if you have been in a football locker room, you see some of the worst stuff ever. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: really? >> nothing more dangerous than a young man and a lot of money. [ laughter ] because you got purple suits. [ laughter ] it looks like a room full of skittles. just guys -- [ laughter and applause ] just purple, yellow, orange, blue. and i was a skittle. i was a skittle. i was in that thing. >> jimmy: you were a skittle, yeah. >> so i used to wear the colored suits. >> jimmy: a ski >> i don't know if you used to wear. it was a style then. but you know like the nba used to have those short shorts? >> jimmy: oh, yeah. no, those things. >> and we all kind of fell into that trap back in the '80s,
11:57 pm
'90s. >> jimmy: i look through pictures of myself, i couldn't find any, but i found a picture of you in short shorts. [ laughter ] it's looks pretty -- you're pulling them off. that's not bad. [ applause ] >> jimmy: pulled a hammy on that one. >> i don't know what the worse is. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you pulled a a hamstring just putting them on. [ laughter ] look at this style though. come on. >> i love the short shorts or the hairstyle were the worst thing in the picture. >> jimmy: no, it's just a flat top. >> flat top, yeah. >> jimmy: you know, it's not bad. >> well you know, i put a lot few juices and berries in it back in the day. curled it up a little bit. >> jimmy: oh did you really? >> yeah, just a little bit. >> jimmy: well, there's other things you could have done. i mean back in this time there was stepping -- >> but who tucks their shirt into a pair of shorts? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's almost coming out of this leg. >> you don't need to point -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, no, no, no. i'm pointing to the leg. i'm pointing to the leg. [ applause ] i meant to point at the leg. i'm not a weatherman. i don't know what i'm touching. >> yeah, okay. [ laughter ] little green screen, yeah. >> jimmy: my mistake. al roker. i want to talk about your book here, "wake up happy," which is just -- that's the only way to do it, man.
11:58 pm
if you get up happy or in a a good mood the whole day. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and that's, i love that. i love the message. i love everything. do you have any routines when you wake up in the morning? >> i'm a music man. i love music. yeah. >> jimmy: do you wake up to a a same song every day? >> i wake up to bill withers, you know "lovely day." >> jimmy: do you really? >> yeah, everyday. that's my thing. [ mumbling lyrics ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: am i doing it right? >> yeah, you got the -- i'm not gonna be >> jimmy: i kind of mumbled a a little bit. because i don't really know the lyrics. a lovely day a lovely day a lovely day >> jimmy: i like the other bill withers song where he keeps going. i know i know i know i know i know i know i know i know i know i know i know i know i know i know i know i know [ laughter ] >> jimmy: we get it! you know it. [ laughter ] >> he knows a lot. >> jimmy: you know that's a a great tune. [ laughter ] he's one of the most knowledgeable people i've ever met, bill withers. but i like, you have the strahan rules in here.
11:59 pm
and all the chapters. it's a good -- i love books like this. it makes you feel good but it makes you think about stuff. some of the rules, "sometimes you'll catch the big fish. sometimes you won't. but without a line in the water, you don't stand a a chance." >> if you don't keep trying things -- you may fail. i was on a sitcom that went -- [ fart sound ] in the toilet. i have done a lot of things that have failed. if you don't try -- >> jimmy: then the roots sing, the roots did say, they made fun of us right now. >> you made fun of me when i first came out of here about that. huh? >> jimmy: yeah. they -- yeah. they're laughing right now. they think it's funny. [ laughter ] yeah, questlove doesn't remember -- >> still laughing. >> jimmy: yeah, he doesn't really -- >> and i remember what i said as a joke to get back at you. but i won't say it, because i'm not going to hurt your feelings. [ laughter ] quest man, you never give me love. i see you outside. >> questlove: i do! >> jimmy: you give me that same look like you want to fight. i'm sorry. >> questlove: i'm on defense! i'm on defense. >> but yes, i remember what you said. and that failed. a lot of other things -- everything hasn't been successful and everything is not going to be, but if you don't keep trying, you never
12:00 am
so don't limit yourself and think you're only suppose to be good at one thing or can try and do one thing. keep on going and just enjoy every day, wake up and look forward to the opportunity of the day instead of the negativity of the day. and give yourself a better chance to be successful. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's a great message. just got to remind yourself that that's possible. i love what it does. it's a great "wake up happy" is the book. oh, by the way, you got to tell terry bradshaw, i said please come on the show. >> he wants to come on the show. and i got -- we saw you at the emmys. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and you showed us your finger, which is covered up, thank goodness. >> jimmy: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> i have some jacked up - no. i have some jacked-up fingers. i mean my fingers do all that stuff. and that thing is like that. you are an honorary member of the nfl the way that sucker looks. [ laughter ] without the bandage, that is one ugly finger you got there. >> jimmy: i appreciate that. thank you very much. [ laughter ] yeah, i can't do it with this thing, yeah. >> welcome to the club my friend. >> jimmy: but please tell terry we would love to have you on the show. we'll do whatever he wants to do. we'll play with that guy. i love terry bradshaw. >> don't tell him whatever he wants to do.
12:01 am
come and play guitar and sing with these guys. >> jimmy: he is right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: what is he, a country music guy? >> i don't know what he is. he sings on set. i don't know what's going on. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you don't know what genre of music it is? it's bradshaw. >> uh -- >> jimmy: it's not a genre. >> it's unique, let's put it that way. >> jimmy: nothing i have on my ipod, no. one of the things i like here is a quote you said, plato said "you can discover more about a a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." >> yeah, exactly. seeing somebody out and playing, and joyful, and having a good time and doing something that's outside of work i think shows the true person. how many times have you been around somebody at work and then you get out of work and you're like, man, i never knew this was in there. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and i think that's the case of what it is. and at some point as adults, we forget to play, in my opinion. we think everything suppose to be serious. and you have to learn how to have some joy in your job and joy your work out of play into it that. i love to play, man. >> jimmy: well, let's stop the conversation. let's start playing now. when we come back, we're going to play 4-way air hockey, right now. michael strahan, ladies and gentlemen! the man!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. i'm here with the one and only chael strahan. [ cheers and applause ] we're about to face off in a a new game called "four-way air hockey." now, we're going to need some partners. and we've got good ones here tonight. joining my team from the new movie "bridge of spies" the lovely eve hewson, ladies and gentleman. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: get ready, get ready. there's michael. >> michael: you know, that's al wil jght. you're doing all right. >> jimmy: ah, yeah, yeah. michael, who -- >> michael: i like your guest. bu my partner makes my fo ball career look like nothing. this guy's a 14-time pro bowler and the subject of a new documentary called "play it forward" which premiers friday
12:06 am
at 9:00 pm on showtime, please welcome the greatest tight end of all time, and future hall of mer,ony gonzalez! >> jimmy: hey! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: good to see you, man. >> michael: are you two scared yet? >> better be scared. >> michael: are you scared yet? >> jimmy: are we scared? we're going to crush you. i mean, please. i mean, welcome. >> thank you. thank you. you know what, you're about to lose to a latin guy and a black guy in a game of hockey. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: the game is very simple. the first team -- [ laughter ] the first team to score five goals is "the tonight show" air hockey champion. and when we hear this air horn, it means time is running out. we add another puck. it's gonna get hectic. let's take our sides and get this thing sta ed. eve, you and me are right here. and good luck to you guys. oh, my gosh. all right, here we go. now, i'm gonna drop the puck. okay? then when -- yeah. once i do it, count of three, then we start playing. ready? one, two -- you ready? >>
12:07 am
i'm ready! >> jimmy: all rioht, one, two, three. whoa, hey. calm down! strahan! >> ichael: hey. m sorry. i had a flashback! [ laughter ] >> come on. >>ne jimmy: i mean, al these goals -- >> yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> come on, mike. >> michael: all right. >> jimmy: one, nothing. e, nothing. one, nothing.'>> michael: oh, you're trying to get me, huh eve? >> jimmy: oh! [ audience ohs ] >> jimmy: oh! >> ah! [ audience ohs ] >> michael: get in there! >> jim : oh! [ cheers and applause ] oh! that was -- >> michael: all right, we got a a long way to go, sister. >> j
12:08 am
>> come on, buddy, we gotta -- aah! >> jimmy: ah! no! >> micha.l: oh, jimmy. we wanna go -- [ cheers and applause ] >> michael: hold on. [ aihorn ] , i can g ach over there like you reached over here? >> jimmy: yeah! >> michael: we can do that? you know my arms can reach her agoal. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i know the rules. oh my gosh, you're unbelievable. [ air horn ] that's it. o puck., right now. you ready? >> michael: two pucks? >> two pucas? jimmy: go. >> it's too much! i can't tell what's going on here! jimmy: tony! >> michael: don't stop. puet another one in here. why not? >> jimmy: aah! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: aah, victorious! [ cheers and applause ] i don't mean to rub it in. [ cheers ]haoh, my gosh. >>. mic el: all i can say, wake up happy, go to bed mad. [ laughter ] >> jim : our thanks to
12:09 am
eve hewson, the champ. michael strahan, tony gonzalez. more "tonight show" after the braleak, everybody. stick around. [ cheers and applause ] there is a rhythm that beats inside all of us, and it whispers, "be bold. be an artist. a titan of business." it says, "make music." "inspire." "be a hero." we all have greatness in us, and with the right tools, there are no limits to where your rhythm will take you troducing the ultimate laptop. surface book by microsoft. [ding, ding] hey buddy... what can i getcha? 1, 2, 3... redd's apple ale. [ding, ding] redd's apple ale. also in strawberry and green apple.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: starting this friday, you can find our next guest in two big projects. one is the new steven spielberg film "bridge of spies", which stars tom hanks. and then you can also see her opposite clive owen in season two of the critically acclaimed show "the knick" which kicks off friday at 10:00 p.m. on cinemax. please welcome a talented young actress, here's eve hewson. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back to the show. and thank you for being here. >> thank you.
12:13 am
>> jimmy: you look gorgeous. and, how great are you at air hockey? did you have any idea this was going to happen. >> i got skills. >> jimmy: yeah, you really do. yeah, you were fantastic. some was just straight in. we just beat two nfl hall of famers at sports, kind of. i mean, this a giant thing. [ laughter ] i'm very happy about this. this is fantastic. how are you, how is everything doing? >> i'm good. i'm good. >> jimmy: how's your sister? >> my sister is great. >> jimmy: good, good. my dancing partner. i love her. yeah, we hung out last time and just jammed out. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but we gotta get back together, because this friday, i think, is eve hewson day. >> it's eve hewson day. >> jimmy: yeah, because you have two giant things coming out. >> "bridge of spies." >> jimmy: one is "bridge of spies" with steven spielberg directing. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and tom hanks. >> yes. >> jimmy: and tom hanks as -- [ jibberish ] [ laughter ] that's what he does. that's tom hanks. yeah. >> he's so great. >> jimmy: how fun was that? you look great in the movie. you're like a '50s teenage girl. >> i know, i've got hair curlers and i'm hiding under a a table and eating peanut butter. >> jimmy: yeah, and you're
12:14 am
watching "route 66." i mean, it was just fantastic. i loved that.. i loved the movie, as well. how fun is that, you get to work with steven spielberg? >> it was so fun. i mean, i was obsessed with "e.t." when i was a kid. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i cut off all my hair and made everyone call me elliot. i was absolutely a boy for about two years of my childhood. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah, my mom would be like, eve, dinner's ready. i would be like -- >> jimmy: hiding in all your stuffed animals. >> sorry, elliot, dinner is ready. >> jimmy: aw, no way. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and then, you also worked with the other steven, steven soderbergh. >> yes. i only works with stevens now. >> jimmy: yeah, you only work with famous directors named steven, yeah. who do you plan to work with next, in the future? >> steven fincher. >> jimmy: oh yeah, of course. >> steven scorsese. >> jimmy: steven scorsese, he's a great guy. yeah, yeah, he's martin's brother. yeah, he's really fun. >> incredibly talented guy. >> jimmy: yeah. but the thing about soderbergh as well, i heard that you
12:15 am
charmed your way into seeing an early cut of "magic mike xxl." >> well, i did. >> jimmy: yeah, and he produced it? >> he produced it. he didn't direct it this time, but he shot it. >> you really wanted to see the sequel. >> i mean, "magic mike" is his finest work. >> jimmy: yeah, arguably. but yeah. >> forget "erin brockovich." forget "traffic." it's "magic mike." >> jimmy: "magic mike", everyone knows it. >> so, i begged him for a long time if i could see the movie. and he showed it to us. and i was so overcome with emotion. i had such a cathartic experience as they were playing deangelo that i started crying. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: wait, you cried during "magic mike xxl"? >> i cried. and steven looked at me and he goes, are you crying? because that's how he talks. >> jimmy: that's a good impression, by the way. >> and i was like, yeah. and he goes, if only i knew that was your trigger, i would have channing tatum come and dance for you when you have to cry on "the knick." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. >> so whenever i had emotional scenes after that, channing tatum came, and he got in a little -- >> jimmy: that's so, so -- yeah, i know. how do you --
12:16 am
by the way, i love your accent, but i love also your accent on "the knick." and i always forget that you're irish. >> i'm irish. >> jimmy: from dublin. >> i actually got a lot of trouble last time i was on the show from all my friends from dublin because they were like, "we saw you on jimmy fallon. yeah you were really good, but you sounded american." >> jimmy: oh. they don't like that, no. in fact, now, i don't want to sound american. [ laughter ] i don't want to have to deal with your friends. i don't want the wrath. you get to do this stuff. it's shot so well, if you watch "the knick." and the critics love it as well. but, it's just shot beautifully. now clive owen, we just had on the show. he's a great guy as well. if you look back, you're the nurse on the show. and you have the west virginia accent. >> i do. >> jimmy: how would you describe that? do a little bit, could you say hey, welcome to "the tonight show"? >> i could say, "i'm wearing balmain. it's my dress, i'm wearing balmain." >> jimmy: now, balmain, is that a name of a designer? i have no idea what that means. >> yeah, apparently. in france, they call it balmain. >> jimmy: oh, balmain. i know that, of course. >> yeah, it's balmain. >> jimmy: i wear michael strahan. [ laughter ] >> oh, really? >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, it's fantastic.
12:17 am
jcpenney. jcpenney, all the way. fantastic. so clive owen, we were talking to clive. last season, his character was addicted to cocaine because cocaine was legal, and all the doctors did cocaine to stay up. >> yeah, it was the thing to do. >> jimmy: yeah, of course. so to get him off cocaine, they started him in a treatment. now he's addicted to heroin. >> yeah. >> jimmy: it's crazy. >> and that's true. >> jimmy: it really happened. >> they really did treat cocaine frenzy with heroin. >> jimmy: what a great idea. [ laughter ] you have to see this show, it's really cool. this friday, i'm so excited that it's eve hewson day. i'll be at the parade. i'll be outside. i'll be next to tom hanks going -- [ jibberish ] i have a clip of you. here's eve hewson in season two of "the knick." it starts at 10:00 p.m. this friday on cinemax. check this out. >> do you already have men courting you? you hesitated. i'm going to take that as a no, which tells me i shouldn't give
12:18 am
>> then tell me, mr. ruff, do you believe in god? do you read the bible? go to church, and lead a a christian life? you're hesitating. so i'm going to take that as a a no. which tells me you should most definitely give up the chase. >> jimmy: oh, i mean, come on now. [ cheers and applause ] you are so good. thank you so much for coming on. congrats on this friday. oh, what a good, good day. eve hewson, everybody. we got a performance with charles kelley, dierks bentley and eric paslay after the break. stick around, everybody. it's good. [ cheers and applause ] this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis from the inside out ...with humira.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: this is some good music tonight. you know our next guest is part of the grammy award-winning trio lady antebellum and he's making his solo debut with us tonight, performing "the driver" off his upcoming solo project. with a little help from his pals dierks bentley and
12:23 am
eric paslay. please welcome charles kelley! [ cheers and applause ] i'm the driver bringing their circus to town first one in and the last rolling out shutting down the up all-nighter all the stars and sunrises i've seen every corn field and town in between west to east oh, easy come easy go yeah we rock then we roll out of town but for now while the moment is here shine a light drink a beer let's get loud all the drivers
12:24 am
and dreamers tolievers and singers oh won't you sing with me now oh, oh woah oh oh oh woah i'm the dreamer soaking up every line searching for truth all the time oh yeah the believer that music can save a soul the one who's at every show in the front row singin' oh, easy come easy go yeah we rock then we
12:25 am
roll out of town but for now while the moment is here shine a light drink a beer let's get loud all the drivers and dreamers believers and singers oh won't you sing with me now oh, oh woah oh oh oh woah i'm the singer pouring out all that i had every love song and heart break gone bad and looking back when i was younger sitting right there where you are sending a prayer
12:26 am
and here we are oh here we are oh, easy come easy go yeah we rock then we roll out of town but for now while the moment is here shine a light drink a beer let's get loud all the drivers and dreamers believers and singers oh won't you sing with me now oh, oh woah oh oh oh woah [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: come on! come on! thank you, buddy. come on.
12:27 am
that's fantastic! that is awesome. thank you, thank you, thank you. charles kelley, dierks bentley, eric paslay. tickets for "the driver" tour are on sale this friday.
12:28 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to michael strahan, eve hewson, tony gonzalez, charles kelley, once again. dierks bentley, eric paslay, and the roots. the roots from philadelphia, pennsylvania. stay tuned f "late night with seth meyers." thank you for watching. have a great night. hope to see you tomorrow. bye-bye, everybody.
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