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tv   Today  NBC  October 14, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. oh, yeah. >> and hello, everybody, it is winesday wednesday on october 14th, and so glad that you joined us for hoda's favorite days.
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sings that makes you want to get up off of the candle. >> and what is that song that you like? hey little mama i want to the light your candle >> how do you know that? and today, frank sinatra jr. is going to be here, and so to celebrate old blue eyes' 100th birthday birthday, he is releasing a book of newly rereleased pictures. >> and we will have some new music.
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>> and words of wisdom. >> yeah, sometimes you are such a people pleaser that i used to you do. after a while, you realize that it is first and foremost, and to please yourself, you have to be important. >> and it makes sense talking >> yes. >> jennifer lawrence wrote a blog post and it had to do with the amount of money she got paid for that movie called "silver linings playbook." >> and "american hustle." >> and she wrote a article that the male stars were given 4% of the gross receipts and the two women were given 7%, and obviously the two women were
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the question is who should she be angry with, and she said herself for that. >> well, she shouldn't be angryt at the guys because they got a better deal, but i would be concerned with my agent who allowed it to happen, because they are all big stars. i would say equal in the marketplace. marketplace. >> bradley cooper. >> and so most people don't have agents, but in most people do in our business, and that is the person who is supposed to be the bad guy to go in there and fight the fights for you. >> and it is hard if you have gone in there to ask for a raise, because you feel that number one, oh, gosh, the economy is terrible, and i shouldn't ask, and you start off by i know it is not a et great time and you go in apologizing, and that sort of stuff. >> and my daddy used to say, you know what something is worth? what somebody is willing the buy it for and what somebody is willing to pay. >> that is one thing that you are good at, because a lot of
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not good at it. and you seem to say, this is what i am worth and what i deserve and pay me that, but for a lot of us, we do it the other way. >> and a lot of other people say, if i don't stay at this job, what will i do and what if nobody hires me anymore. you have to have faith in yourself. when i joined regis, and it was called "the morning show" and when we were going to be syndicated by bueno vista syndicated and they said that disney is going to take the show national, and i said, it is a morning show and we might be called during the day and they said, what are we going to call it? and they said, "the regis philbin show." and i remember saying to the guy, i have a problem that you
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have don't have a problem with with that. and i don't want to be with that. and the fact is that my friendship with regis was such that when he went to t t regis he said, she is exactly right. >> and yes. >> and your joy should have been nonnegotiable, and so i would have been upset and taken it out on people who didn't deserve like regis. and it is my agent. >> and i wonder if you polled people around the country, and with the exception of a handful the man is always making more and it is still that way. >> and maybe he might have been at it longer, and a lot of times
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to the the older guy, and she can't ask for the same amount, and so you are making so much money that you can't ultimately justify your salary, because you don't have the ratings to support it. >> and there is a lot in there, and we as women don't feel as strong as men, and jennifer lawrence, and she had a couple of quotes, and can we put them back up, and this is one of the quotes. when the phony hack happened, i found out how much i was getting paid, and i would be lying if i said that i was not upset that i didn't make a real fight to the hold out for it. >> and yes. >> and you don't want to be the one who seems spoiled, but a lot of people just work on the
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railroads. >> and so, it is our dear friend louis licari or what is the whole new salon? >> yes. and it is a whole new salon. and we want to give louis a whole big kiss. >> yes. and we will give it to him with louie la-la-la-la licardi. >> and so coda ended up making it, and so regis is going to be be happy. and she sang beautifully and then there was a battle between the two teeb agers. get out of my life why don't you baby you don't the really love me but you keep me hanging on you don't really need me
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let me breathe let me breathe >> so theona is n in red and yvonne is in the black. >> i will go with fiona. >> i am going with e von. >> and the winner is fiona. >> and there's your steal. gwen stefani moves in. >> and there's blake shelton. we have another steal. >> oh, you are pissed now. >> you are so dumb, because you are supposed to be on my team. >> i pick blake. >> blake shelton. >> what!
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chimed in to harass gwen. >> but to our point, she did what was best for her, and she had the courage to say -- >> i want him. >> good for her. >> and there is a show called "the best time ever" with neil patrick harris and they had a little fun with matt and savannah. >> and they pranked them. >> they were both dressed up and told they were christmas ornaments, and matt stepped into what is the photo booth all decked out. >> that is worth it right there before anything happened. >> and so he got into the booth and got scanned and take a look at what happened. >> all right. as i stepped into the booth next i thought that i would be home for lunch. >> three, two, one -- okay. cue the alarm. >> stay where where you are.
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>> there is like sparks. oh, my god. >> savannah -- >> what is that? >> what is that? >> oh, my, some kind of goop flying around. >> i thought that he handled it very well. i didn't hear an expletive or anything. how would you have responded to that? >> i thought think that i would have gotten claustrophobic before any of that other stuff happened. >> we are celebrating old blue eyes with never before seen photos with his son frank sinatra jr. i thought activia was for big digestive issues. until i realized our body handles a lot. 1,100 meals a year... 730 rushed snacks...
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now, the two hot young artists who are destined to become big music stars. >> that is what elvis dur theran says, because they are the ar tis of the month. they are the lipstick gypsy and their music is about to take over the airwaves with the help of elvis duran. >> and first of all, elvis, you are a lead store y. okay. you have hit it big. >> what did i do? >> you have been promoted to the top of the show. >> i know, with we have never been on this early, guy s s.
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and when you have a music powerhouse like l.a. reid behind u like tmese guys do, and we are talking about the award winning, and the grammy award winning and the voice that hits octaves up in the sky, and he is going to bring to you a funky pop thing. >> and john, you are sporting a man bun. >> it is glued on. >> no, it is shellac. >> what does the family think about nohe man-bun? ate they liking it?e?>> i was ahead of the curve and this is not a following move. i have had it for a year and f alf, so for all of you man bunners out there, i started it. >> and not many. >> and chris, what is under there? >> just hair. >> okay.
10:16 am
and you guys are worked mary j. and jay-z. >> well, john is a friend of mine and we were going to do a producer producer/ar tis thing, and we decided to do a band. >> and you started singing in church? >> yes. >> and the first song was "amazing grace." ? and in what octave? >> can you give us a little bit? amazing grace how sweet the sound hallelujah hallelujah. >> yes. by the way, that is beautiful. but they are going to to be singing the cure for us? >> yes, it is a a fabulous song and they sang it for us at the st. jude walk under the brooklyn bridge, and the crowd loved them. but i wanted the bring you some different song. >> and you know what, i am not
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crazy about the people that you are always bringing. i won't name names, but that would have workedm. >> as you can tell, they have had enough wine. >> and as you can tell, they will sing for us in a couple of minutes. >> and from music newcomers to music legend. we will talk to his son. >> and what about some diy halloween costumes. i already feel like we're the most connected, but i think this solo date will seal the deal. sure! i offer multi-car, safe driver, and so many other discounts that people think i'm a big deal. and boy, are they right. ladies, i can share hundreds in savings with all of you! just visit today. but right now, it's choosing time. ooh! we have a winner. all: what? [chuckles] he's supposed to pick one of us. this is a joke, right? that was the whole point of us being here. [ male announcer ] sweet sun ripened strawberries. now we've added
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not many performers could boast a n e-decade career, but tyat is what frank sinatra had. >> he was award 31 gol., and three double plat tum and one triple double platinum album. >> and now, there s is a new book celebrating the birth of frank sinatra right across the river here. and nou w, to join us are the author of the book frank sinatra jr. and his co-author. >> and what maid you decide it was time? > i didn't decide, but iabt was done by committee. >> and why was it important to do something like this? >> i think that you better ask
10:22 am
>> i think hat we have been planning for frank's centennial to plvn for the birthday fo r about five year, and this time, the book is a celebration of the life and career, and a lot of book s books are coming out, but this book is sanctioned by the family did also in his words. we found a treasure trove of tapes that frank ad made talking about his life. a lot of people that write books th at never knew him or met him, and so we tried to match the picture s pictures with the text in the book. >> more popular than ever, it seems to me. >> and there is always that we like to say with frank, no generation gap. every generation seems to find him shgs , and he is as relevant day as ever was. >> sure. in 1964 we haveou picture of your dad with quincy jones, and we we will see if this one pops up. >> who is a legend himself. >> oh, yeah. tell us about that photograph, frank.
10:23 am
>> that was taken at a record ing studio, and appears to be in california. bill basie was in the throes of making his second album with frank sinatra and this time instead of the late kneel hefty and quincy jones who looks like a boy. >> yes. >> and not like the other two. >> and the next one is a loving benefit and it shows how philanthropic your dad was, right, frank? >> he was involved in many charitable organizations, and that particular one in that photograph is very close to where where he lived in a town called rancho mirage, california. that is what that all was all about. >> and your dad, he liked the camera, too, and this is your
10:24 am
dad in the 1940s with a camera. was he a photographer himself? >> not really. not really. that look like a 16 millimeter movie camera and an old bolex and he was at this time to getting active in movies, and like so many people who did that sort of thing, he e wases if nated by cinemaotography. >> sure. >> and let me point out that is one of the photos that you would not see anywhere else, because that is taken by frank's mom nancy in hoboken, and we also have another book that is $1,000 that frank's granddaughter amanda put together that is a limit ed limited edition book that has a lot of photos like that. >> and we will throw up some photos of the family as we go to break. and can you tell us anything about that? >> i don't know, because i was not present. >> i think that it was 1962 or 1963. >> and the holidays.
10:25 am
holiday time. that is what somebody told me. >> when i was a young person, they used to refer to it as christmastime christmastime, and now it is politically correct and called the holidays. >> i will take christmas time.
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10:27 right now. a bit of a wait on the george washington bridge. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. they restored power in the rockville centervilleage this morning. electricity has been restored to parts of the village. expected to get their power back shortly. officials are reminding residents not to call 911 to report a loss of power unless there is an actual fire, police or medical emergency. let's check the we they are ather. tonight, mostly clear. 49. tomorrow, lots of sun. 66 for the high. friday, showers, 65. saturday, cloudy, 58. sunday, only 52. up next, kathie lee and hoda.
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it is winesday wednesday and time for the trivia of "who knew" and today, it is who is worthy of citizenship by asking actual questions from the naturalization question questionnaire and we will see who gets the questions correctly, and if they don't get
10:30 am
get kathie's signed cd. >> and we v have rob chuter here because he has recently pass ed ed the test. is it difficult? >> it is the hardest thing i have ever done and they give you a book of 100 questions and you to get 6 of 10 correct. i studied like a maniac. >> and these guys have not studied, but over to you, kath. and we love you, rob. this lady is from south carolina. what do we call the first ten amendments to the constitution? >> what do we call the first ten amendments to the constitution. do we call them the first ten amendments. >> well, she is not wrong, but you really wanted that cd. >> i do! >> and it is the bill of rights. >> and the reason it is not a multiple choice, and often it is multiple choice, because in the
10:31 am
test, you don't get multiple choice, and you have to know it. and the bill of rights, and fun fact, george washington had 14 made up, and one for the congress and the other 13 were for the other colonies, and they are in the national archives, and i got this question wrong, too. and so don't feel bad. >> all righty. you are from tennessee. and what is the economics system in the united states? >> i don't know, i just want your cd. >> okay! >> it is a good day for kathie lee. and the correct answer? >> i am not sure why this with question was on there, but apparently, it is very important to know this economic system. and ta is a another question they ask you, if you are a communist. and i am not, and so i am here. >> all right. i didn't know they asked that
10:32 am
>> and who is in charge of the executive branch of our government. >> the president. >> she is $100 richer. >> yes. >> president obama. >> and president obama is in charge. this s is a little bit of an odd question, because when you enter to answer the questions, there is a huge question of him, and if you can't remember, there he is smiling away. >> and kath, over to you. >> from clearwater, florida, the house of representatives has how many voting members. >> it is not fair. >> i would guess 536. >> off by 101. it is 435. >> and a lot of people think it is 535 because they add in the senator, and there is 100 senators, and that is the thick one there, but it is the answer there. sgr and did you get it right? >> i did, because i read the book. >> and you studied. time for one more.
10:33 am
what do we show loyalty to when we say the pledge of allegiance. >> the american flag. >> yes. and so i thought that it would be a formality and technicality to become a citizen, i had tears in my eyes. >> do you know the whole pledge? >> no, you are going to make my cry. >> well, happy apple pie. >> thank you. >> and why buy when you can dyi. and with items that you have in the house coming your body was made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to a biologic, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can reduce joint pain and swelling in as little as two weeks, and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma, and other cancers have happened.
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>> and so this is some diy costume s costumes daphne here to help us. >> we can take some simple items and make some show-stopping costumes. we have taken some pool noodles in rainbow order and put them on each end in tape, and attach with suspenders and you have a rainbow. >> and do you like candy corn, rowan? no, not really? >> those are awful. >> all right. you stay right here, baby. >> and this is my favorite costume yet. you take a red yoga mat and transform it into a dead ringer
10:39 am
>> oh, my gosh a that is so cute. >> you cut nit half, and cut a circle in the center and cut out some holes in the front with cellophane and you have a telephone booth. >> okay. do you like skittles? okay. here you go. >> and now -- good, hoda. >>lthis s is going to start with a purple umbrella to create a purple octopus. >> oh, wow. >> turn this way. this is so cute. >> i can't handle what is happen ing ing. >> and we have tube socks lined with cotton balls. >> and how did you attach it? >> glue and overnight let it dry. cotton balls, and there it is. >> you want some candy, doll baby.
10:40 am
all right. >> say thank you. there we go. >> how about some more. >> good halloween. >> that is a prelunch snack for hoda. >> yes, it is. >> and the last costume is the eadsest to create, and it is an empty oatmeal container and electrical tape. a and so what we have done is to painted the bottle caps with gold paint. >> and turn there. >> and we painted the bottle caps with gold paint and let them dry the overnight, and created the stripes with the e e electrical paint, and the oatmeal container with white paper. >> and would you like some candy? i bet you would. >> you can go the to get more ideas. >> and now, lil yau liana is going to go from bow to wow coming up. and elvis duran is here with the
10:41 am
ar tis of the month gypsy
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don't wait. call now. earlier we met elvis duran's ar tis of the month, and now it is finally time to hear them think. >> i heard them rehearse and i like them. they are performing their new song "the cure" and they are singing for us, the lipstick
10:47 am
the world has grown cold my heart is all there i move o your rhythm hey and i hope you don't give away your loving and this is the only one thing frhey te me it feels so good tell me that it is never go g ing to end say that it won't and take a little time to figure it out and i'm tired of the game and i'm sick of it i thought that i would be the cure and i'm going the stay right here baby when i step out yeah
10:48 am
and i know i want to turn it up there are no limits be mine today stop turning away no no no it felt so good never going to end no no no trying to figure out tired of the game i think i'm the cure of your loneliness i'm staying right here i think my loving might be the cure there's no way to teo
10:49 am
ooh ooh don't you and i feel so good whoa hey think about it now trying to figure it out tired of the games i think that you might be the cure of my loneliness and i'm staying right here think about it now and i'm so sick you might be the cure of my loneliness and moving on to the next i'm staying right here i think that your love might be the cure >> yes! >> oh. >> wait a minute, hold on.
10:50 am
>> when they win the grammy, they will thank you guys. >> that was awesome. how fun. >> and thank you, elvis. >> how did that feel? did you like to perform live? >> yes. >> i am out of breath, and it is amazing. >> and the tight man bun takes that voice up an octave. >> yes, this is where most of the vocals come on. >> and are you on tour? >> to be determined. >> and the album. >> elvis. >> and i want you to answer the questions. >> and next year an album which will be here before you know it. >> and i would like to see the ladies in the band. they were fantastic. >> yes. >> and i thank you all. and coming up the looks for less, and they will have the
10:51 am
>> and so it is that time when lilliana vasquez brings us the luxe for less looks. >> today it is about pampering look. >> and the busiest woman in show biz. >> and people love to shop for their pets, but it can be expensive and so we found some amazing bargains starting at wag drove. and they will put together a box like this starting at $25 so that if your dog is having a birthday. i can see it on bambino or blake. >> yes, that is a blake hat. >> love it. >> let's talk about the dog doggie treats, and this is from a group
10:52 am
macaroons for dogs. okay. i had these in my refrigerator, and my husband thought they were real. we can eat them, but we are saving them for the dog. and these are the original dig, and pet pads made in dallas texas and all in the united states and great pattern, and this is great if you have a dog or cat that sheds and you can put it on the bed or carpet or in the car. >> and if you have a hardwood floor they want something soft to lay on. >> and this one, throw me a bone, ladies. this is a fragrance charm, and so if your doggie smells a little bit unfresh, you hang it on the collar and they have different fresh called ocean breeze. >> won't it bug him, you think? >> well, it is a soft scent. >> subtle. >> okay. >> they are so cute and accessories for the dog. >> and these are a cute dress there for you.
10:53 am
>> and you are going to love this, because it was under $100, and you are going to have it on our show? >> why not. let's talk about it. >> and now, lilliana, let's sit down with rumor willis. >> and we will have ambush makeovers.
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