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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  October 14, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we are live on the scene to update us, tracie sta han. >> reporter: the good news is that man was able to rescue himself. and there was a large emergency response for just that one man. the storm drain road has since been reopened to traffic. showing you video now, chopper 4 over the scene when the man was pulled out of the drain. now according to everyone here, they're telling us that the man, again, did not fall into the 24-inch storm drain. it's unclear exactly why he was down there. authorities are telling us as he progressed and tried to move forward, the drain became smaller. and that's when he started to call for help. show you video now of after he was pulled out. the large effort to really wash this man off. there was fear a child had fallen in the drain. couple of emergency responders
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went down in the pipe in harnesses, but that man again was able to back out of the drain and get himself to safety. we spoke to an initial on scene about how exactly this all happened. >> water running through the pipe. you know, we sent flashlights down. couldn't see the pipe. can you back out? are you hurt? stuff like that. just wanted to keep contact with him. make sure he didn't lose consciousness. then we would have really had to go get him. >> reporter: it's a confined separation rescue with a happy ending. alert and conscious. and he's being evaluated in this area. there is a hospital nearby here, it's unclear if he was taken here. as we bring you back live to the avenue where all of this happened, the road has been reopened. and now, authorities again, trying to figure out how the man got down here, they were reports that he was wearing a hospital bracelet.
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hospital nearby, but again, a man able to get himself after interstate becoming trapped in a storm drain. nour, new york. you're going to stay on long island, the village of rothville where the lights are finally back on. this morning the entire town last power. the outage was caused when a transmission to the village failed. thousands of homes went dark and all traffic lights were out leading to a dangerous morning commute. >> the police department, i have a police radio was broadcasting car accidents. so, we, the fire department helped the police department and traffic. all power was restored about an hour ago. at least one person is seriously hurt after a car pile-up may have involved nine cars. this is object southbound i-684
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in westchester. happened near exit two around 5:30 this morning. that accident was a bad one. chopper 4 was overhead as crews worked to clear the scene. one person, possibly a motorcyclist was seriously hurt. it shut down two lanes and backed up traffic for miles. all lanes are now open and still trying if figure out what happened. another crash happened about 5:30 this morning. the car lost control on 46th street and hit the front of the building. two men in their 40s were hit by the vehicle. one now in serious condition. both expected to recover. former nba and reality tv star lamar odom remains in critical condition at a las vegas hospital. odom who grew up in queens was found unresponsive in a nevada brothel yesterday. he checked into the love ranch on saturday, partied for several days, and was later found unconscious in his vip suite.
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no illegal drugs were found, but according to to the brothel's owner, he was taking a lot of herbal viagra. >> we called 911 immediately called 911, and 911 said roll him on his left side. and my management did that, and he started throwing up all kinds of stuff, foaming. >> the fda has warned people against taking herbal viagra. it contained a prescription anti-obesity drug. odom's ex-wife clo with a kardashian is by his side. they married in 2009 and starred in a reality tv show together. the abandoned hospital where a teenager fell to his death will be tore down today. family and friends prepare to say a final good-bye. we are there live with more, katherine. >> reporter: david, what's happening right now, workers are putting up these tall steel poles, a fence, big fence will wrap around this property site.
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to keep debris in. the demolition is eminent, but a lot of people are wondering why didn't this happen a long time ago? as the candles flickered outside where a teenage boy fell to his death. construction workers worked around the memorial. demolition work. last friday, 16-year-old marcus castillo died after falling seven stories. news 4 learned the city issued a demolition permit to tear down the building which used to be a hospital that's been vacant for nearly 40 years. >> this should have came dow too back then. now they're doing something because the kid got killed. that's a smack in the face to his family. >> t re's nodreason why it should be still up. obviously no one is utilizing it, tear the thing down and get rid of it. >> reporter: as family and friends prepare for his wake which will take place tonight, the funeral tomorrow, the
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heartbroken father of marcus told news 4 he wonders why this empty building stood here for so long. >> they closed it before wreck it down, my son could be alive. but now it's too late. why did they wait so long? >> reporter: and we contacted the property owner of this abandoning building, shore ld, we are waiting to hear back. reporting live on staten isla , news 4 new york. happening today, charges expected to be dropped against a long island man who was accused of snapping photos of a young boy inside a restaurant bathroom. the man is h8-year-old lew flores jr. prosecutors released this video back in may when hey a ested him. an eight-year-old boy told police a man took photos of him inside the stall in north babylon. wesc don't know why the charges oiwere dropped. new at noon, federal agents arrested a man who they say
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bottles of salad dressing. this is what officers took from a guatemalan man's cute case. after noticing the bottles, the agents conducted a more ex tensive search. and that is when they noticed an unusual smell. the agents say the bottles $195,000 worth of cocaine. the documentic presidential contender -- democratic presidenti al contenders had their moment in the spotlight following republican debates. re is a wrap-up. >> it wasn't quite as personal as the republican debates. if it highlighted some differences between the t y two contenders. >> guns. >> this has gone n too long, too fast time the country stood up against the nra. >> all the shouting i0.the world is not going to do what, i would hope all of uswadt.
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hands of people who should not have those guns. >> reporter: economic and political views. >> we should look to countries like denmark, sweden, norway, and learn from what they !ave accomplished for their working people. >> we are not denmark. i love de ark, we are the united states of america. >> and foreign policy. >> able no fly zone in syria at this time, actually, secretary would be a mistake. >> i was pleased when governor o'malley endorsed me for president in 2008. >> reporter: hillary clinton was the most experienced. many said this was her debate to lose. >> she did what was most important for her campaign, structurally, she s pped a lot of the hand ringing. >> reporter: bernie sanders said one millio came in during and directly after the debate. social media lit up after this. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me co.. me too. >> reporter: mewhile, the
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and lincoln chafee struggled to gain much traction. >> you're looking at a block of granite. >> reporter: the one thing they didn't talk about was the vice president joe biden, there's still the outside chance that he may enter the race, but if he does, it'll need to be quick. many say though that clinton did so well last night, if biden was looking for a clear opening, this debate didn't help him find one. of course the next democratic de ebate is scheduled for n ember 14th, that one is in iowa, shiba shiba. >> thank you. donald trump apparently watched the match-up. and decided to live tweet to is four and a half mi ion fo orllowers during the debate. trump said, sorry there is no star on stage tonight. also, all are scripted, two at least should not be on stagch trump will tarkin saturday night live on november 7 . that's when he returns to guest coast. inf djust few hours, mayor de blasio will host his town hall meeting.
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'll be held in washington heights with the area of the highest population of rent-regulated apartments in the city. he'll talk about the rent-freeze and other protections for renters. first of many community health r orts sho s disparity between tw york city neighborhoods. parts of brooklyn and the l e expectancy, obesity, and infant mortality rates in brownsville compared to others. even though the neighborhoods are just a few miles apart. si pmilar profiles were cnmpiled for 59 communities, and those will be released in the next few weeks. >> fascinate ing there. coming up, violence rages in israel. more clashes break out as the country deploys more troops to try to stop the unrest. also the search for a cause and victims after a plane crashes into a trailer park. and erica has the forecast. >> that's right. you can see behind me on the live radar, just a couple light sprinkles, the big story is the fall-like feel has returned. i'll tell you if it sticks
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around through the rest of the
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> israel is deploying tougher dsecurity measures to halt the latest wave of violence.nythey're h oping to stop further attacks. this h pened after three israelis were killed on tuesday. palestinians are accused of carrying out the bloodshed. several attackers also died. israeli forces clashed with west bank cities residents. a man was shot by police during a protest on tuesday. we have new information now on the small plane crash in florida. two people were killed. surveillance video shows the pl
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park in palm beach county. the ntsb says the victims were the pilot and one person on the ground. we don't know the cause yet, but investigators say the pilot did not make any distress calls. today's money report, markets are down sharply on wall street. bill griffith joins us from the global headquarters with that and more. >> hi guys, blame walmart, we had a quiet open this morning, all these earnings reports are coming out right now, then about an hour ago, walmart surprised everybody by saying the sales will be flat, they were expected to be higher. and earnings will be down this year. so, that stock is having its worst day in about 20 years. and it's taking the rest of the market with it. the dow is sitting on its lows of the session right now down 118 points. big surprise from walmart today, that's accounting for about 35 downed points on the industrial average. another report out this morning, you know, the federal reserve is really held back from raising interest rates because of low inflation.
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and in a new report out this morning does not change that story. wholesale inflation we learned this morning was down the biggest amount in eight months in september. down .5%. that's a big decline, and you can attribute a large amount of that to the recent decline in gasoline prices which are down 16% in the last year. rising inflation, i mean, you know, these low prices are good for consumers, but for economists reason rising inflation means rising growth, and that's just not happening right now. finally, how is this far stocking stuff they are holiday season? starting this week, big retailers like k mart and office depot are offering gift cards that give you shares of stock. that's what they get with this card. this is from the california company called stockpile. they're like any other gift card, buy them in denominations of 25, 50, or $100. what you're buying are shares in stock like coca-cola, facebook, and apple.
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are a huge business right now. last year, they sold $90 billion in gift cards. so this company wants to get into the stock market and gift card business by selling shares in stock with those things. >> interesting. >> cool idea. >> nothing says i love you like investing in stock. here's your stock, david. it's better than a gift card, right? >> i'll take it. >> thank you, bill. >> see you tomorrow. all right. erica, how -- it's getting drastically chillier outside, right? >> especially this weekend. >> slow chill. >> absolutely. so today feels cooler than did yesterday, and the big down is this weekend. time's square is seeing some sunshine, but we'll see variably cloudy skies through the rest of the dpap right now it's 65 and partly cloudy. here's a look at weather headlines, it'll be breezy this afternoon. quick shower as we're looking at the backside of yesterday's cold front. sunny and just beautiful on thursday, friday, we're going to look for another cold front with
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right now, it is 65 degrees in astoria. 65 in woodland park and also in avondale and staten island. and as we head to the north and west, just a little bit cooler, it's 59 right now, still only 50 in monticello, and it's 67 degrees in icelet. on storm tracker, wrap around showers, cold front well off to sea. that's what moved through yesterday. now we're just looking at some of those showers that develop on the backside of that because of cooler air aloft, and a few light showers moving through right now. the poconos and the catkill skills, these won't reach through the immediate area. most of the showers dissipate, but we will see those streams of cloud cover through the rest of the afternoon and the evening commute. then it's going to clear out overnight tonight and as we head into thursday morning, beautiful sunshine. we're going to see beautiful sunshine staying with us all day long. friday, that's when another change arrives. future wind gust tracking, it'll
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evening hours, heading out for dinner, you're going to want that sweater or light jacket. then on thursday, winds settle down, it'll be nice and pleasant with winds only gusting to around 10 miles per hour, but friday, as the next storm system arrives, look at these winds, gusting to 20, 25 miles per hour. even a 30 mile an hour wind gust can't be ruled out on friday. but today, just beautiful in the afternoon. a little bit breezy, and you might have that sprinkle north and west, high of 68 degrees. it's going to be very pleasant, then overnight tonight, getting chilly with a low of 49 degrees and mostly clear skies. looking ahead though, as we head through the rest of the workweek, fantastic fall day with a high of 66 on thursday, and then friday, we'll see those showers once again with a high of 65. and here's that look at seven-day forecast with the cooler temperatures behind friday's cold front. a high of only 58 degrees on saturday, 54 on sunday. david and shiba, back to you. >> thank you. shiba took issue with the
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way the copy is written right now. the mets are on the brink of seeing their world series hopes slip away. she says we should be optimistic, and she's right. game four of the nlcs against the dodgers, former met justin turn her a big hit, two run double in the top of the third. mets got one back with a solo home run by daniel murphy, but pitcher clayton kershaw held the mets in check for the rest of the night. dodgers win 3-1. and as shiba points out, deciding game five is tomorrow night in l.a. why can't the mets take it to the west coast and take it. >> they're on the brink of going to the world series. >> exactly. >> as objective as we are. >> we believe. >> all right. chris would be really proud, right? new york live is up next at 12:30. >> and jackie is here, optimistic as ever. >> keep hope alive, shiba. keep hope alive. all right. coming up right here, jennifer lawrence takes on sexism in hollywood. how last year's sony e-mail hack opened her eyes to serious inequality. plus looking for an amazing
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meal? we'll tyke you to the neighborhood serving up mouth-watering dishes. you won't believe we are in brooklyn. and so much more right here at 12:30, see you then. >> we can't wait. >> we wore these for you, we'll explain later. >> okay. still ahead on news 4 new york at noon. uber rush, the new service
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next time you order something from across town, might be delivered by an uber driver. >> they deliver lunches, but the app is also launching uber rush in three cities, new york, chicago, and san francisco. the service helps local stores offer same-day delivery to customers. it'll be available through a partnership with an e commerce website called shopafy. they can select as a delivery
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option during checkout. hey, is that tv in your taxi going to be dropped off? set to vote tomorrow on a plan that would remove them from about a third of cabs. according to to the new york times, tlc is considering a pilot program that would replace the screens with less intrusive technology. one foblt use a smart phone or tablet to process payments. it follows complaints about the tvs from both drivers and passengers. coming up next, it's being called the holy grail of photography. a rare photo of billy the kid. wait until you hear where it was
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how about this for a wise buy? a man bought this photo for two bucks at a california junk shop. and now it may end up selling for $5 million at auction. >> that's a good profit margin. a company specializing in rare coins says this is a photo of billy the kid, taken in 1878. it took months and a team of experts to confirm its authenticity, the other only known photo sold for $2.3 million back in 2010. >> you never know what you'll find. tonight, starting at 5:00, the big recall to know about before you sit down for dinner. and there are dangers for drivers and nuisance for homeowners. the humane way one is working to control the booming deer population.
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