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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  October 15, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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banging on the window. so i figure she's throwing the rest of them out. >> that baby was rushed to st. barnabas hospital where she died. police tell me those three other kids in the apartment ages 4 and 10 were not hurt. so many neighbors watching tonight, watching with officers of course distraught over what occur here in this apartment. so many people saddened. we're working to get much more information for you including who this woman is and exactly what led up to this tragedy. natalie pass carell la. sadly this, is the third baby thrown from a window in the last two months. a little more than two weeks ago, a newborn baby girl was thrown in the 7th floor window in the university heights part of the bronx. police say the mother gave birth in the shower and tossed the child out the window. the baby wasn't breathing when she was born.
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was also arrested after her one month old son was thrown from a fourth floor window according to court documents, the mother told police that she killed the baby boy because of an evil spirit that had taken over the child. the mother is in both cases has been charged. and new tonight, an arrest in a hit and run in new jersey. investigators say he struck a college student with his pickup truck on route 46 in clifton last week and never stopped. the 22-year-old is fighting for her life in the hospital. michael is charged with with leavings scene of an accident. and new at 5:00, a police raid happening right now at a hotel in brooklyn. chopper 4 over the scene at nypd officers scour the building for evidence. it's not clear what they're looking for, but we are making calls working sources to find out. we'll bring you that as soon as it becomes available. tonight investigators are working to figure out what started a 2 alarm fire in a new
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jersey elementary school. students were evacuated as firefighters rised to get the claims under control. marc santia is there. where did the fire start? >> reporter: let me show you. the fire started right there and that classroom on the third floor. all of the students were evacuated. they were walked over about 100 yards to that other school and safety. shatter glass litters the school yard three floors below a classroom on fire this afternoon. >> i just heard the alarm go off. >> this eighth grader heard the warnings and saw smoke, a lot of smoke pouring from the classroom here on the third floor. >> i seen smoke coming from the back of the building right here. and then i started smelling it. >> reporter: firefighters busted out windows to make quick work of the fire. >> departments fire kept contents fire. >> reporter: teachers and staff evacuated. many parents relieve.
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she's thankful, but parts want to know why they learned about the fire from tv news. >> terrified. terrified. yes. like one of the scariest moments, you know? you don't know what happened, how it happened, where your child at. >> i seen it on social media that the school was on fire. >> reporter: marc santia from wnbc. we called the district and sent e-mails. moments ago, the school says the parents were notified, some chose to pick up their children from the other school prior to end of school day. the fire department tells me this fire does not look suspicious. as for school tomorrow, will it be open? we asked the district that question. as of right now, we've not gotten a response. no decision on if school will be open tomorrow. we're live in patterson, marc santia, news 4 new york. new information about who was with lamar odom in the hours
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in a nevada brothel. now the manager of the love ranch is sharing what the former champion told her. david ushery is here with what she had to say. >> t.j. moore says she talked to him for hours, that he wanted to get far away from something. nbc news is also learning details about police stay from the ranch's opener who says odom paid $75,000 on a credit card for minimum of four days with two women. whatever the circumstances, there is now a somber vigil at a hospital bedside. inside sun rise hospital right now, sources close to the former nba and reality tv star tell e news that lamar odom is in a coma breathing with the help of a ventilator. doctors found drugs in his and that he suffered brain damage after what is described as at least one stroke. >> he was a great guy to talk to. >> reporter: t.j. moore spent hours talking to odom during his first time as the love ranch.
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he relished the peace and qui evident quiet of the desert. >> he was coming to relax and just rest and get away from the spotlight for a while. >> reporter: that all changed dramatically tuesday. >> he's like almost not breathing. >> reporter: when odom was found unconscious inside this vip suite and employees called 911. >> they need to hurry please he's got blood coming out of his nose and white stuff coming out of his mouth. >> reporter: this new video from tmz shows odom being transported by ambulance. there has been no change in his condition in the last two days. odom's estranged wife close i car dash yap re rian kardashian remains at his side. support is flowing in. >> we've all been praying. my thoughts are with him, my thoughts are with his family. and he's a strong guy.
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he's been through a lot. and he can get through this, too. >> nbc news also reporting the ranch's other than says odom was planning to extend his stay to help celebrate the owner's birthday. now to the unrest in the middle east. today israel is accusing palestinian president abbas of inciting violence. benjamin netanyahu says abbas falsely claimed israel executed a 13-year-old boy involved in one of several stabbings. video released by the israeli government shows that boy alive. netanyahu says he would be hope to meeting with abbas. 32 palestinians and 7 israelis about a v. been killed. two new suspects have been identified nearly 27 years after one of the worst terror attacks in british history. u.s. and scottish officials want to interview two libyans they believe were involved in the
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1988 bombing of pan am flight 103. all 259 people on the this morning- new york-bound flight died. only one person has been convicted in connection with the bombing. the administration may consider the war in afghanistan formally over, but thousands of american troops will stay much longer than president obama planned. the situation on the ground there is getting worse and the president says it's the right thing to do. edward lawrence is in ashington digging deeper. >> reporter: good evening. experts say that the president made this decision to avoid a mistake made in iraq or the same mistake that was made in iraq. they say that when the u.s. troops pulled out, the country slipped into chaos. president obama announced more troops are needed to stay longer in afghanistan to keep that country secure. even though the combat mission is over.
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president says americans will be safer. >> i believe this mission is vital to our national security interests in preventing terrorist attacks against our citizens and nation. >> reporter: the president reassessed his plan to drawdown the number of troops by the end of 2016 because of recent taliban advances. this abrupt turnaround keeps our presence at 9800 troops through next year. and then drops to 5500 in 2017. >> this modest but meaningful extension of our presence can make a real difference. >> reporter: he adds the mission remains the same, advise and train with counterterrorism operations. >> the afghan security forces at some point are going to have to step up and take the lead. >> reporter: still retired army colonel jack jacobs warns stanlt can be a balancing act that requires more than the president announced. >> the in the end, it will take a lot more than 9800 american troops many are support troops
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to train the afghans and to chase after the bad guys. >> reporter: president obama opened the door to add more troops in the future if the situation continues to slide. and the u.s. will keep bases open across the country. now this, conflict in afghanistan is our longest war and this announcement means that it will continue. reporting live from the white house, edward lawrence. back to you. well, a young baseball player who had a bright future is being remembered. mike nolan was shot outside a fast food restaurant in yonkers last month. thursday nolan was declared brain dead and today his family and friends gathered to say their good-byes. nolan was drafted by the oakland as in the 2014 draft. no arrests have been made in his death. time is running out for sandy victims to file appeals and have their flood claims reviewed. homeowners who thought they were short changed on insurance payments have until midnight tonight to submit their applications. as of last week, more than 16,000 policyholders had asked
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for that review. the federal flood insurance program has paid out more than $8 billion to cover sandy-related damage. still ahead, moms and dads need to check their cabinets for a popular treat for babies and kids. >> we'll explain why it's being pulled off shelves. all of a sudden bears aren't afraid of humans. i'm investigating a growing bear problem in northern new jersey. chuck, we'll tell you about some cold air coming in our direction. some clouds as well. we'll tell you what the weekend looks like, all coming up in just a couple of minutes. he's one of nassau county's go-to guys in a crisis, but now a top emergency management official is facing one of his
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and the future of new york is saying no to synthetics! go to, or call or text the hopeline. in new jersey two parks are now shut down because of bears. they aren't afraid of people anymore and that is a big safety risk. tonight fewnews 4 investigates why bears have no fear.
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here is michael george. >> reporter: there have been 13 cases of bears approaching or even chasing humans in the last month. the bears in this park used to be scared of people. but something has changed. and humans may be to blame. bears are a regular sight for people living in the state forest. >> loud noise will make them run into the woods, but they have never been aggressive. >> reporter: but now hikers say bears are turning aggressive, in some cases chasing after people. more than a dozen cases in the last month. and there have been some close calls. >> makes me kind of nervous actually. like i mean now i definitely don't want to go in there. >> reporter: so fish and wildlife experts believe hikers are feeding bears and now the bears aren't scared of people anymore. >> the issue is probably a human issue, human buildings have caused the bears to no longer be so frightened. >> reporter: bear encounters are on the rise across new jersey. moving closer to populated areas over the last 20 years.
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as a precaution the forest and near by reservation are closed to the public. four bears have been euthanized by fish and wildlife staff after they showed aggression. many locals and environmentalists disagree with the decision. >> i would think they would be able to relocate them into an area that is not populous. >> reporter: fish and wildlife managers say the bears would be a danger no matter where they would be placed saying we can't take any chances when it comes to protecting the public. we must err on the sifd protecting people. the park will remain closed until the bear problem is resolved. and experts say if you encounter a bear, don't run. back away slowly and make plenty of noise. michael george, news 4 new york. former house speaker dennis hastert will plead guilty in a hush money case. his lawyer told a judge this morning he plans to have a written plea agreement monday. the 73-year-old is expected to return to court later this month to admit to charges that he lied to the feds about bank
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withdrawals. prosecutors say he used the money as payoffs. after week of legal wrangling, oscar pistorius will be moved to house arrest next week. pistorius has served less than a year of his five year sentence for killing his girlfriend in 2013. he was acquitted of her murder but convicted of a lesser charge. however prosecutors are seeking a murder conviction in south africa's supreme court on november 3. a handful of current and former owners of papa john's in the new york city area will have to dish out nearly half a million dollars in a wage theft case. new york's attorney general and the u.s. labor department made the announcement today. under the settlement, the four franchise owners who operated the popular chain in the bronx, brooklyn and queens must pay back wages and damages to 250 workers. a vermont judge has freed randy quaid and his wife. police arrested the couple after they noticed the two were wanted
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california dating back to 2010. but a vermont judge rule there had is no probable cause to hold the quaids on the charges. and released them under the condition they remain in vermont and answer to the charges. the quaids said they plan to stay in vermont to care for evie quaid's ailing father. in three hours the mets take to the field in los angeles with their eyes on a win that will send the team to their first national league championship series in nine years. john chandler is in the city of angels tonight where everything is on the line. no pressure, john. >> reporter: no, no pressure at all. yet this mets team feels no pressure. grand der son stepped into the visitor's dugout here at dodgers stadium dress this had street clothes and a smile. he shrugged his shoulders when i asked if they were ready, he said we have no choice but to be ready for this tonight. game five for a chance to play on into the nlcs.
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tonight with quite the pitchers dual. our cameras were there in pasadena just a couple of hours ago as the mets boarded buses here headed to meet their playoff fate. this team is so calm, so cool, ready for a game of this magnitude. they kind of take on the attitude of tonight's starter for game five, degrom, their ace on the hill and all the months of hard work boil down into basically three hours tonight. one game. their playoff fate hanging in the balance. terry collins just finished speaking to the media. >> you can't teach this kind of atmosphere and this kind of noise, this kind of pressure. you can't do it. you have to live it and experience to be able to deal with it. >> this was our goal, we want to make it to the world series. and there is one step towards that. so i just think we never give up and we battle until the end. >> and jacob degrom promised they will be in the playoffs and here he is tonight on the hill
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dodgers, zach greinke. it will be a great pitching match-up. don mattingly is taking ground balls at first base and one went through and almost hit us. i don't know, maybe it's an omen for the dodgers tonight. who knows. got to get any kind of an edge you can here because this will be one heck of a ball game and one close ball game. live from chavez arena, john chandler, news 4 new york. >> continue to watch your back. sometime for the weather now. and i inadvertently promoted you to the go-to guy in nassau county. >> and the pressure is on, i have to deliver. let's walk over to the weather wall, tell you a good story because it has been a gorgeous day. outside right now, beautiful times square in the background. cool, comfortable, pleasant. sky conditions couldn't be any better. 62 degrees and partly cloudy skies as we wrach up the workday and head on home to celebrate the evening. as we head into the nighttime
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hours, let's take a look at our headlines. showers possible overnight, some clouds will work their way in, breezy conditions will prevail and a sprinkle prink sprinkle not out of the question. heading in to the weekend, brisk and chilly, it will feel sole i had lidly like we're in the heart of autumn. around the area temperatures pretty uniform. temperatures in the 60s. central park at 62. she'ds head bay at 63 and 64 in staten island. we take a look at temperatures which are cooler to the north and west, indicative of things to come as we head through the night tonight. all right. here is what we're looking at. it's far off to the west right now or at least it seems so, but it's working its way in our direction. that's a front ahead of it some clouds, behind it a little shower activity. and behind that, much cooler air coming down from canada. so what happens? well, we'll cloud up first, a lot of that consistent looking rain may break up over the
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higher elevations. but i think we'll get clouds as early as the overnight and into tomorrow morning. we could see a wave of shower activity roll through. nothing heavy. but then look, behind it, there could be another a batch of showers as late as friday at 6:00. so we'll keep a chance of a sprinkle in the forecast through tomorrow. but then by saturday, we clear on out. but what is behind it, much cooler temperatures. windy conditions. and that will be the story for the weekend. wind gusts go up to 25, 30 miles per hour. they die down friday and then peak up again as we head through the weekend. and again that's going to knock off a degree or two. tonight 52 degrees, mostly cloudy. mild tomorrow, but then the changes. we go to that cooler weather straight through the weekend. and temperatures on sunday in the 30s. a look at the fall foliage will
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be terrific over the weekend. we'll talk more about that within the next hour. and as far as the "7-day forecast" goes, check it out, the big news is look at those 30s, those achl temperatures, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, still dry. we could use the rain. back to you at the desk. dave, thanks so much. and good by passwords. popular e-mail app is getting rid of them. up next, what you'll have do instead to log on oig. . and one local school district doesn't exist any more.
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a big holiday name change in one connecticut school strict. from now on, columbus day will be known as indigenous people's day in bridgeport schools.
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the school board this week followed in the foot steps of several other u.s. cities by voting to celebrate the history and contributions of the native american culture and not the fame # italian explorer. go go squeeze is recalling some of its apple sauce pouches after fruit hold was found. best buy date tws june 30, 2016 and july 26, 2016. the company's founder says the mold poses no health risk but could have an unpleasant look or taste. and now a look at what is coming up new at 5:30. >> a mother and son murdered in their own home. the suspect a family member. what police say happened in the minutes leading up to the murders. plus a long island official under arrest accused of lying on his job application about a crime he was convicted of more than 30 years ago. and predictions for winter. should we expect a lot of snow?
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national forecasters weigh in. those stories and are more when
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right now family tragedy, a mother and son stabbed to death inside their home. her other son now facing murder charges. it is a crime that has stunned and saddened a new jersey neighborhood. >> and there are still a lot of questions tonight as to what
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really happened.
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