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tv   Today in New York  NBC  October 16, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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plus, stuck in the mud. some wicked weather shuts down major roads out west. and the mets are moving on. we'll take you inside the locker room for a soaking-wet celebration. "today in new york" starts now. how great is that? good morning, everyone. it's friday morning, october 16th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. we're thrilled to have storm team 4's biggest mets fan chris cimino here with the forecast. you must be on cloud 9 1/2. >> i just exhaled about 15 minutes ago. i saw every pitch of it. a lot of tired met fans but happy met fans. a big series at citi field, but we have a change heading our way in the form of a cold front. bulk of that passes north and west of us. the trailing line could spawn a shower or two, especially early on this morning. otherwise the bulk of the day will be a mix of clouds and sun.
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say good-bye to 60s. 50s, 40s, and 30s heading our way. right now, a first check on our commute. >> a lot of changes this morning. we have delays on church avenue bound g trains. nogs that, northbound 6 trains running express from third avenue 138th street to chester. expect delays and service changes. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. well, mets fans will be tired but happy today. the team flew to los angeles and took care of business. >> to the plate, and he struck him out! and the new york mets have won the series! >> that's real glee. with that pitch, the mets eliminated the dodgers and moved on to the next round of the playoffs. a celebration on the field as you see then champagne flowing in the locker room.
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now the team returns home to face the cubs tomorrow night. katherine creag is at citi field where that game will be played. good morning. >> reporter: yes, you can just imagine jacob degrom's hair drenched in champagne. they were all drenched in champagne last nightt you'll see a lot of orange and blue today. i think mets fans will be seeing the back of their eyelids. as youer said, it ended late. the celebrating, the cheering erupted soon after. mets teams, they got each other with champagne. for fans celebrating, arms went up in the air when the relief pitcher had the game-winning pitch. this was the scene at a local pub. the star of the game, though, daniel murphy. he moved to second and stole third. ha a lot of people cheering him this morning. he eventually scored, which tied the game in the fourth inning. david wrigdt said all the players on this team really step up when, for example, the
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100%. >> it seems like that's what we've been doing all year. when our pitching stuff doesn't have its best stuff, when we're trying to grind out, we find a way to do it. might not be pretty, might not be sexy all the time, but we find a way. >> reporter: and jacob degrom admitted he struggled early in this game. he allowed two runs and struck out seven. in the end, the mets advance to the nlcs for the first time in nine years. darlene, t s might be the most obscure anecdote i'll bring up, but in '06 and '07, a couple of my friends dressed up fo halloween as mets players. they had gloves around their neck like the mets choked because they had been doing so well and then just faded. so perhaps the halloween costumes might be different this year. everybody excited for the next game tomorrow. >> now, kat, was it you or your friends? >> reporter: my friends, my friends. i would never. >> of course not.
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>> reporter: but no, they're doing so much better this year. >> absolutely. all right, katherine creag, thank you. revealing stuff about her. >> absolutely. 4:33 right now. new this morning, we're getting a look now at lamar odom's stay at that nevada brothel. the general manager of the love be ranch showed nbc news the security video of odom during his visit. you can see him at the bar. he walks away with two women. receipts show he paid $75,000 on his amex card for his four-day stay. this is before he was found unconscious. this morning the former nba and reality tv star reportedly remains in critical condition. right now, mayor de blasio's on his way to israel. that country is on alert for possible violence. this past week saw deadly confrontations between israelis and palestinians. de blasio admits he'll be entering what he calls a sober environment. he'll speak about the threat of anti-semitism.
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sunday. parents and students at one long island high school district are being told to stay on alert. this after a man tried to lure a female student into his car. it happened yesterday afternoon around 1:30. that student was approached by a man in a gray hyundai sonata. it's really a discussion parents should always have with their kids about when people approach you driving and that sort of thing. >> what to do, what not to do. >> it's 4:35 right now. time for weather and traffic. starting with chrissy cimino. >> starting out with temperatures not too bad. pretty seasonable. we're seeing is 40s north and west. as chilly as 40 in bridge water. up towards the hudson valley, a little better, but there's cloud
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cover with a front approaching us from the west. so there could be an early shower. mainly north of the city, mainly north of i-80. breezy all day. that west wind at 10 to 20 miles an hour. temperatures in the upper 60s. it's going to g anet much colder by the weekend. let's talk early commute with lauren. >> thanks, chris. good morning, everyone. we have some road work out there but no accidents to report on. on the fdr drive today, northbound and southbound from 63rd street to 96th, you'll see a few lanes closed with construction. we have the jackie robinso parkway shut down completely over to forest park drive. big stretch there. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. >> lauren, thank you. new this morning, a mother arrested and charged with murder, accused of dropping her baby from a window. tracie strahan is in the mt. hope section of the bronx where
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police took that woman into custody. this just horrified people in the neighborhood, tracie. >> reporter: even worse, michael, it's not the first time it's happened in the city this year. that's why so many people are broken up about this. over the phone, police tell me that tanisha farren is facing second-degree murder charges for throwing her infant daughter to her death. those who witnessed the scene said they heard her shouting things it like, god help us, before dangling that infant out of the window. that 6-month-old girl has been identified as janilla lawrence. she was thrown out of a sixth-floor window. that child was rushed to st. barnabus hospital. to no avail, she was later pronounced dead. >> i am so devastated. you have no idea how devastated i am. i cannot believe she did that. she was okay.
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>> reporter: there were other children inside of the apartment when all of this happene we learned they're 4, 8, and 10 years old and now in the custody of child protective services. witnesses say those children tried to stop what happened. we'll hear what witnesses say about that coming up in our next half hour. >> all right, tracie. thank you very much. new this morning, police arrested a man they say threw a fire bomb near two university students in midtown. police say 53-year-old thomas miles hurled a molotov cocktail in front of a store at 37th street and 9th avenue last week. it missed the students. nobody was injured. police say it was not a hate crime and the students were not the intended targets. miles faces several charge, including attempted murder. in new jersey, a suspect in a jersey city double murder is recovering after being shot by police. officers tracked jose santos alvarez to a home in hackensack. they served a warrant and 21 officers broke into a back bedroom where they found him.
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he'd been renting i room there for the past month. prosecutors say he had a knife and one officer fired. >> there were a lot of police officers ina very small kitchen area. one shot was fired to the abdomen area. i'm told at this time it is a nonlife threatening injury. >> santos alvarez is harged in the strangling of his ex-girlfriend and their 4-year-old son. they were found dead in her jersey city apartment last week. the fbi raided two new york city hotels. they say they were a front for sex trafficking. agents swarmed the hotel on 39th street and 5th avenue in brooklyn yesterday. took the owner into custody. the fbi also raided a hotel near citi field in queens. no word on arrests there. in new jersey, agents rescued six underage trafficking victims, and they arrested two adults. this was all part of a sting operation. our sister network cnbc says it's considering changes to the
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that's in response to demands from the two front runners. donald trump and ben carson say they won't show up in two weeks unless two things happen. they want the debate to last no longer than two hours, and they want permission to make opening and closing statements. governor christie insists he has enough money to keep this presidential campaign alive. "the wall street journal" reports christie raised $4.2 million over the next few months. that puts him next to last in fundraising. 4:40 now. two more states are firing back at the fantasy sports pay sites draft kings and fan dual. new lawsuits seeking class-action status in louisiana is accusing those two sites of racketeering. if it is determined to be eligible under federal rico laws, any monetary damages would be tripled. meanwhile, those who sites are being ordered to shut down in nevada.
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operate there without a gambling license. all right. just ahead, recall parents need to hear about. plus, dramatic scenes out west. severe flooding and mud slides shut down major roads. this morning there are people who are stranded there. plus, look out below. ass comes raining down on a manhattan street. >> plus, some big changes ahead this weekend. we're going to have weather and traffic on the 4s coming up as we look there at the hamilton bridge. and follow us on facebook and twitter.
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it's 4:43. here are four things to know this morning. today the centers for disease control will issue its first flu report of the season. the cdc says most seasonal flu activity occurs between october and may. the final u.s. airways flight takes off from philadelphia today. the airline is going away. it's part of its 2013 merger with american airlines. starting saturday u.s. airways'
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website will redirect customers to the american airlines website. a consumer alert for parents. go-go squeeze is recalling some of its apple sauce on the go po hs after mold was found in some of the products it poses no health risks, but for more information, head to and we're happy to say the mets are moving on. they beat the dodgers 3-2. they'll now face the cubs with a trip to the world series. so game one saturday. matt harvey is going to pitch for the mets. speaking of which, darlene, chris cimino is going to pitch a tent at citi field. we've projected this behind you, chris. >> yeah, i wish. saturday and sunday night. the transition to real fall-time weather. out in l.a., that was nice. even here the games they've played have been comfortable. it's going to get quite a bit chillier.
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be prepared if you're heading out. right now it's nice and dry. 56, mostly cloudy sky. we're looking at an early spot shower, especially north and northwest of the city. for the most part today, the bulk of the area doesn't see any rain of consequence. today turns nice and breezy in the afternoon. temperatures climbing back into the 60s. then we shift to chillier temperatures into the weekend. the key here, it's dry. no threat of any type of rain-out scenario for either game. sun and clouds this afternoon. it is increasingly breezy. normal high of 64. i think we get one last day in above average at 67 today. then3 e start o to slip below average. down to 55 in chelsea. 52 in staten island. 40s and a few upper 30s north and west. morris morristown down to 39 degrees. these temperatures are lower out
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east and toward the north where the cloud cover is thicker,tit's a little warmer. a lot of showerpa weakening line of showers, approaching us this morning. behind that, look what you've got. generally clear sky. that's where we spend most of our weekend, dry but chillier. future tracker, see a couple sprinkles north and west of town early on. they kind of slide to our north. then the clouds thin out for some sunshine this afternoon. maybe another pop-up shower a couple spots west of town this evening. once the sun goes down, the atmosphere gets more stable, we think. but the chillier air moves on in. tomorrow, sunshine with a few clouds. temperatures hard pressed getting out of the 50s tomorrow. 67 the expected high this afternoon. enjoy that while we have it. even with a northwest wind at 10 to 20 miles an hour. 47 the low tonight in the city. notice some lower 30s up toer 30s north and west. that's going to be the trend as we go on into the rest of this weekend. seven-day forecast, we're looking at these numbers for low temperatures saturday night in the upper 30s.
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likely to see frost in some parts of the area sunday morning. only 51 the high on sunday. 53 monday with sunshine. then it warms up again next week. mid to upper 60s tuesday, wednesday. maybe touching 70 again by thursday. let's head over to lauren scala, see how the commute is treating us. roads. no accidents out there. we have construction. we'll head to the belt parkway. this has been ongoing overnight. westbound lanes shut down from street. eastbound lanes are taking on two-way traffic. so you'll be able to get around this. we'll take a live look outside at the bqe where we're seeing heavy delays already. two lanes are shut down with construction there. looks like it's subject to intermittent closures. on the trains, in addition to overnight track work, we have delays and service changes on the 6, d, f, and g right now. you also need to move your car today. we'll have your next weather and traffic update on the 4s. >> lauren, thank you.
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crews have been working through the night to clear two highways outside los angeles that are closed due mudslides. flash flooding sent water, mud, and rocks across the roads, leaving hundreds of vehicles stranded. drivers say it happened so fast, their cars were stuck before they knew it. >> all we saw was just a mountain of boulders and dirt and stuff coming right for us. it was just like a freight train coming through your house. >> well, the storm also took a toll on local roads, damaging some, leaving others covered in mud and debris. so far, there are no reports of any injuries. today one of hillary clinton's closest aides will be grilled on capitol hill. she'll speak privately to thed benghaz committee. she advised clinton when she was secretary of state. her appearance in washington comes at a critical time. next thursday clinton is expected to testify herself about benghazi as well as her use of that private e-mail
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server. scottish investigators want permission now to interview two prisoners in libya about the pan-am bombing. 270 people, most of them americans, died in that 1988 terror attack. the u.s. and scotland identify those two prisoners as new suspects in the bombing. "tf he guardian" newspaper identifies them as former libyan intelligence officers. one of them, moammar gadhafi's brother-in-law. falls glass from a manhattan business building injured three people. it happened just before 7:00 last night. police say a window pane came crashing to the ground. two women and a man were treated for minor injuries. >> is first thing i heard was crash, like a window exploding. then i could hear the glass coming down like pretty quickly. >> the victims suffered some cuts and scrapes. police are investigating what caused that window to fall. coming up on 4:50 now.
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in new jersey, police arrested a man in a hit-and-run that left a college student fighting for her life. investigators say michael che now ski struck 22-year-old anna sem yoe lee with his pickup truck on route 4l. in clifton last week. they say he never stopped. he now faces several charges, including leaving the scene of an accident. she is inda coma. the two women accused of encouraging two kids to fight at a day care in new jersey, they're now trying to get the charges dismissed. they have pleaded not guilty to child abuse. reports they're now trying to get acceaavted into a pretrial intervention program for first-time offenders. if they complete that program, the charges against them would be dropped. the u.s. navy will now search for the sunken wreckage of that cargo ship that vanishe during hurricane joaquin. it went down in stormy seas near the bahamas. 33 crew members died.
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will try to recover the dfoata recorder. investigators want to know why the 40-year-old vessel lost power then sank. still to come, who could soon save a lot of money on metro cards. plus, she's back. a big visitor has returned to the jersey shore.
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welcome back. 4:53. looking at the new jersey turnpike. it's 56 degrees out at this hour. well, a very large visitor has returned. the great white shark named mary lee is roaming the waters off the jersey shore. we just checked -- i didn't check, but somebody checked. mary lee's last location just off the coa of long beach island. the shark was caught and tagged in 2012. she popped up near the jersey shore several times over the
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summer. experts aren't sure why she keeps coming back. >> she's a met fan. >> the mileage is just unbelievable. how far these sharks travel. >> back and forth. coming back up north now. up here. >> she we hope she doesn't bring her friends with her. >> that could be another issue. meantime, weather is going to make a transition -- >> it how about those mets? >> how about those mets. tirelatively mild from today's upper 60s. could be a sprinkle north and west of town. it starts to turn chillier tonight. 47 the low. tomorrow night's game one at citi field, the conditions will be even colder. there's a gusty breeze, chilly. it will be dry. if you're heading out to the game, you'll need to bundle up. first-pitch temperature about 47. then probabl dropping into the lower 40s. fall classic all right. closer to almost football season
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but we'reethere. that's all that matters. >> we're pretty lucky on the part. we'll take a live look outside at the george washington bridge where things are moving along nicely into the tolls. no road work getting in your way at the moment. lincoln tunnel and holland tunnel down fine. the long island expressway before exit 33, lakeville road, plenty of cars out there but nothing slowing down. still in for a nice ride. >> all right. changes around the city. a taxi ride around manhattan may be getting quieter. the taxi and limousine commission voted unanimously today to pull the plug on most of those tvs in the city's taxi fleet. the commission plans to replace the tv monitors with new technology that will provide trip information and allow passengers to pay their fares through that screen. a new plan is being proposed that would help reduce the cost of commuting to college. senator chuck shu
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chumer is pushing discounts to college students. the mta isn't commenting on the plan, but they already offer discounted to senior citizens and young stfdents and loses hundreds of millions of dowlars doing so. spencer stone is now out of a california hospital. he's recovering at home. the uc davis medical center released pictures of the decorated air force airman. stone of course treated for stab wounds in that fight. he was knifed during a brawl outside of a sacramento nightclub. of course, he became an overnight celebrity after he and two friends helped stop a terror attack on a train in france. former house speaker dennis hastert is expected to plead guilty in a hush-money case. his lawyer told a judge he plans to enter the plea on october 28th unless the deal falls through. there's no word if prison time is a part of the deal. the 73-year-old is accused of lying to the fbi about bank withdrawals. that money was allegedly used as payoffs to keep sexual misconduct victims quiet. the family of kathleen mccormick may soon file a
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wrongful death lawsuit againste robert durst, her husband. mccormick went missing in 1982. she was declared dead in 2001, but a body was never found. police have long sought durst as a suspect. a family member says he did it and they can prove it. dursts is the subject of a documentary many people watched. he's being held in a louisiana federal prison. and olympic and paralympic athlete oscar pistorius will be released from a south africa jail next week. he's going to be under house arrest. that will start on tuesday. pistorius was sentenced to five years in jail. 's only served ten months behind bars. convicted of culpable homicide in the killing of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp in 2013. osecutors are appealing this conviction. happening today, actor john stamos is expected to fis a judge in california on a dui charge. police arrested him in june
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after witnesses reported that he was allegedly driving erratically. the prosecutors office did not specify what substance was involved. if stamos is convicted, he faces six months behind bars. it is coming up on 5:00 a.m.eif you're about to head out the door, take s with you >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 new york app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. new this morning, video from inside a las vegas brothel. it shows lamar odom before heo was return ushed to the hospital. plus, two local hotels raided. what police say was going on inside. and it took some muscle, it took some hustle, but the mets continue their playoff run. we'll look at that early morning celebration. "today in new york" starts now. big congratulations to the mets as they start the pennant run now. 5:00 a.m. on this friday, october 16th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. it is an exciting morning. storm team 4's chris cimino is here with the forecast.
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>> good morning. already erecting the statue of daniel murphy in the storm team 4 weather center. but he earned it. 58 in city island. 57 in astoria this morning. mid and upper 50s in the five boroughs. inland spots, a little chillier. things have cleared out a bit many morristown and bridge water. we'll start out with clouds, could be a sprinkle, especially north and west of town. about 56 in the city. 64 by noon. forecasting a high of 67 degrees. some changes down the road. we'll get to that in a little bit. right before 5:00 a.m., hopefully still a quiet commute. >> as far as the roads go, still pretty quiet. we have a subway suspension on the g train. no service in either direction between bergen street and church avenue. nogs that, we have some service changes on the f and d. coney island bound f trains are running express. downtown d trains are running local from 34th street to west 4th street. otherwise, the rails look good.
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>> lauren, thank you very much.
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