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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  October 18, 2015 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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now on "today in new york," mayor de blasio continues to his tour through israel. what he says about the recent violent in that region. plus, celebration at citi field. the big move, one step closer in the push for the pennant by the mets. and kangaroo on the run. or on the hop. how this down under native ended up roaming the streets of staten island. that was a sight. i'm sure a lot of people said,
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good morning and welcome to "today in new york" at 10:00. i'm pat battle. >> i'm gus rosendale. raphael miranda in the weather center with one of the coolest mornings we've seen in a long time. >> that's right. since april we haven't seen temperatures in the 30s in central park. we did it today. we're back to the 40s now. we started out in the chilly 30s all around the region. 20s even north and west of town. it stays chilly throughout the day. you can see in your weather headlines, a little less breezy but just as cool as yesterday. it does get milder. we'll see that in a minute. lots of sunshine and a beautiful start to your sunday. wuflly sunny down the jersey shore as well. as you're planning the west of your day, definitely need to later up today. 41 outside right now. still chilly. we're only in the 40s by lunchtime. today's high temperature, 51 degrees. it's still a little breezy. windchills in the 40s throughout the day. we go into the deep freeze again tonight in some of the suburbs. we'll look at the freeze
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warnings in effect for your monday morning coming up. >> all right. thank, raphael. well, a lot of mets fans ready go back to citi field tonight, hoping for another big win. this is really uniting folks across the city. our friend robin nyc from twitter, she said she actually married outside her faith and married a yankees fan, but together they're rooting for the mets. >> there we go. all coming together on this one. last night the amazings topped the cubs in the first game of the national league championship series. sheldon dutes joins us from citi field with reaction. and it is big reaction. >> reporter: a lot of excitement. a lot of folks very hopeful about tonight's game here at citi field after last night's win against the cubs. some fans, gus and pat, are so confident about the mets' performance, they think this could be the year they return to the world series. die-hard mets fans have had to wait a long time for this. sometimes they have felt like the underdog over the years.
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but right now they are riding a wave of pride right now. now, the mets beat the cubs in the first game of the nl championship series. here at citi field last night. it has been nine years since the team made it this far in the postseason. whether fans cheered from the stadium or sports bars, they were excited and hopeful for the momentum to continue. and if it does, some fans say it could get emotional for them. >> i don't cry about a lot of things. if the mets win the world series, i will cry. i would actually cry. >> we're going to game two. we're going to be here as long as we can. we got world series tickets already. >> it's been a struggle. it's been a long, long time. i think it's going to be the year to do it. >> reporter: and the excitement continues tonight at what's expected to be a very chilly citi field tonight. a lot of fans will be layered up for tonight's game. pat and gus, game two starts tonight here at citi field a
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little after 8:00. reporting live in flushing, sheldon dutes, "today in new york." >> all right, sheldon. thank you very much. game time, 8:07. nothing really wrong with a friendly wager between the mayors of both cities. makes it a little more interesting. on the line, pizza. mayor de blasio tweeted out that if the mets lose, he'll serve up a few slices from grimaldis along with a donation to chicago programs that helps kids. if the cubs can lose, rahm emanuel will send out chicago style pizza and local brew, plus donate to charities of mr. de blasio's choice. happening today on long island a community is going to come together to address the stray bullet that went through a window and hit a young girl. 12-year-old dejah joyner was hit in the head with that bullet. it pierced the window of her home late friday, and she's in grave condition this morning. the shooter is still on the loose. neighbors say they can't believe this happened.
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>> a tragedy that's indescribable. it shouldn't happen to a person -- to anyone -- but it shouldn't happen to a person as nice as dejah. >> police are offering a $75,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. we have an update now on a gruesome discovery we have been tracking over the weekend. happened in queens. police want to track down the boyfriend of a woman found burned in her bathtub. the body of the 28-year-old woman was charred from head to toe when she was fund yesterday. police are not calling her boyfriend a suspect. they just say they want to question him. he's also known as carlos alvarado. we're told his girlfriend's body was discovered after neighbors smelled smoke. >> we just -- everybody was just smelling the smoke. everybody just came out their apartments just curious to see what it was. it's very frightening, but since we don't really know what's the cause, what really happened. >> friends say the victim's body
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was found on the same day she was set to fly home to guatemala. in brooklyn, police are looking for a man who robbed a woman and then forced her to perform a sex act. investigators say the man you're looking at there in that sketch followed the victim into her building on thursday. he pulled out a kitchen knife and forced her to a fourth floor landing where he attacked her. the time is 10:06. "meet the press" is up next. chuck todd is live in washington with a preview. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, gus. >> the benghazi hearing is coming up for mrs. clinton. what do you think her tactic is going to be? is it going to be to politicize the whole process? >> well, i think that's exactly what her tactic is going to be. she feels as if she got a lot of help from republican members of congress, including of course the almost speaker of the house kevin mccarthy. you're going to see a debate between two members of the benghazi committee a leading democrat and leading republican on the committee, where they both make their cases or try to make their cases. the republican trying to make his case that the committee is not a partisan witch hunt.
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the case that they've been -- that they were serious about the committee and that they do still have questions supposedly of hillary clinton. but now are they really more in political campaign defense mode. so look, i think it's inevitable that thursday is viewed through a partisan lens. that said, i can tell you this, gus, the clinton campaign very nervous about thursday. so nervous she has no public thursday. they are treating this as if it's the single most important day of the campaign so far. >> well, someone who's still not shying away from public appearances, donald trump. still leading the polls, positioning himself as the outside candidate. but then you have ted cruz, who's on the program this morning. is there a shot that he could, you know, step forward if trump starts to falter? >> it's not even a shot. if you tried to look at all the campaigns, not just judging polls, but fundraising and campaign staff and infrastructure, you could make a case that ted cruz is already the front runner. he has more money than any other candidate in the bank right now on the republican side of the aisle. donald trump has not shown a
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willingness really to spend his own money. he says he would, but he hasn't. and you'll hear from ted cruz. he believes that carson and trump have essentially set this up for him. that they have made the case that outsiders should be the ones to get the nomination on the republican side of the aisle, and what cruz says to me is, hey, i've actually done what trump and carson say they want to do. i stood up in washington. so he's hoping that his actions in washington lure those voters away. but gus, those voters right now are still sticking with trump and carson. so he's still got a long way to go on that front. >> we'd be remiss if we didn't update biden watch, for lack of a better phrase. i know he met with the firefighters union. >> biden watch 2015. >> we can brand it. what are you hearing in terms of your reporting? >> i can tell you this, in the last 48 hours, the vice president doesn't like this idea he's getting pressured, doesn't like the idea that somehow his window is closing. yes, he knows that there are
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but in the last 48 hours, he has advocated a release of a letter to supporters to say, hey, he's still thinking, he's leaning. we got a leaked conversation with a major labor leader saying he's more likely to run than not. i think joe biden doesn't like getting pressured. he got a little huffy with his staff yesterday when they were pushing him to say. he's going to take his time. he wants to be president. the hurdle he's got to get over is does he think he can beat hillary clinton. i think that's been the riddle he hasn't solved yet. >> all right, chuck. thank you, as always. we'll see you in a little bit. thank you, sir. and stick around for "meet the press" with chuck todd at 10:30 after "today in new york." well, mayor de blasio returns home to new york tonight after his three-day tour of israel. there's video this morning. there he is showing him at jerusalem's western wall during what he calls a solidarity mission. later today, the mayor is set to
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meet with israel's prime minister. yesterday de blasio met with city leaders and with victims of the recent unrest there. >> these are attacks on civilians, innocent civilians. we aren't going to be able to here or anywhere else in the world get to peace until civilian life is respected. >> the mayor's trip comes just as violence has once again flared up in that region. there were several clashes this morning. in the last month that, unrest has left eight israelis dead and 40 palestinians. this morning, a lot of parents following this story as thousands of long island students could lose their ride to school. bus drivers and other workers at bowman acme have rejected the company's final contract offer and have voted to strike. union leaders will hold an emergency meeting today to discuss strike details. drivers have been at this point instructed to go to work tomorrow. in new jersey, officials are investigating what caused a warehouse full of hardwoods to
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that fire broke out at the u.s. mahogany corporation in aberdeen township last night. fortunately no injuries were reported, but heavy smoke caused nj transit trains to stop running for a short time. no word on what caused that fire. it was under control by 11:00. well, an australian tourist you would never expect had quite an adventure on staten island. >> it's buster the kangaroo. buster lives upstate. he was visiting the city with his owner when he decided there were some sights he wasn't seeing and he wanted to get out. he jumped the fence, and there he is bouncing around the neighborhood in travis. his owner and police eventually caught up with him, brought him in. we're told that buster is a legal pet, and his owner will not be facing any charges. >> interesting pet choice. coming up on "today in new york," more recalls connected to exploding air bags. which auto giant now taking action with newer model vehicles. and he's back.
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"saturday night live" with a powerful and of course hilarious performance. rap snrks raph? >> and temperatures are on the rise this sunday morning. but there's another hard freeze heading our way.
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and happening now, police trying to track down a gunman in florida who opened fire during a zombie celebration. one person was shot, four others wounded at zombicon. this happened in ft. myers. the shooting just before midnight. police looking for people who may have taken a photo or video of the suspect who may have been in the crowd that night because of the number of people attending the event. they're hopeful they can find something to give them someone to search for. zombicon was expected to draw 20,000 visitors. we have a consumer alert. more cars berecalled because of faulty and sometimes deadly air bags. the takata air bags prompted the
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recall of 19.2 million vehicles. now another 400 just from this year are being recalled by general motors. gm says dealers are contacting owners to take care of the problem. these air bags can explode, fire shrapnel into drivers, and they have been linked to eight deaths worldwide. all right. if you have been outside already this morning, probably ran right back in, didn't you? got a jacket. >> the gloves maybe. we had windchills in the 20s this morning. in the 20s north and west of town. more of the same coming our way tomorrow. it's settling in for a couple days. then it makes a break. maybe it goes south to florida for a few days because we're warming up. you'll see that in the seven-day forecast. right now looking good outside. we have sunshine. temperatures in the low 40s. doesn't feel like 40s yet. we still have windchills in the 30s. little bit of a breeze kicking up. it's going to be breezy throughout the afternoon. get used to that. feels like 36 now in central park. windchills in the 20s still in monticello, where it feels like
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28 degrees. feeling a little less chilly across long island. jumping ahead to tomorrow morning, even colder than today. you can see it, this is the proof. freeze warnings in effect for areas just around new york city. all of these counties shaded in purple, that includes northern nassau county, all of suffolk county, all of westchester, fairfield,ed hudson valley, and portions of northeast new jersey. new york city, it's going to stay warm enough we don't hit that freezing mark. the suburbs, yes. baseball forecast, yes, still chilly at citi field. 44 degrees the first pitch. feels like upper 30s. if you went last night, you know how cold it was. it's going to be just that cold again. fall foliage update here. you can see where the color is. that's north and west of new york city. the best color right now heading into the berkshires. sullivan county, the poconos looking great. great things to see there in the poconos. you can see the rest of new england, also looking good from maine, vermont, and new hampshire. you have to head north to see the best color.
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not much going on in and around new york city just yet. give it another couple weeks. here's a look at storm tracker. it's quiet. lots of sunshine from poughkeepsie down towards norwalk and also dry in the five boroughs. this is what it feels like later on this afternoon. 3:00 p.m., 42 degrees. hovering in the low 40s in terms of the windchills. that's as warm as it gets today. around 9:00 tonight, headsing out to dinner, maybe over to citi field, you have windchills in the 30s in the city. some 20s north and west of town. then tomorrow morning, this is it. crunch time heading out to work and the bus stop. 7:00 a.m., and it feels like 28 in the city. feels like low 20s as you head into the distant suburbs north and west of town. it's a quick cold break here. we're back to the 60s on tuesday. 70 on wednesday. there's a warmup coming. it's coming soon. and it stays mostly pleasant this week. dry conditions and seasonably mild temperatures. back down to the low 60s by next weekend. you want to stay up to date with the news 4 new york app, tap the news 4 logo in the corner, scroll down, select the weather tab.
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interactive radar, and how to submit your own weather video. the news 4 new york app for iphone is available in the app store right now. pat and gus, over to you. well, funny man tracy morgan made a triumphant return home to new york city. he hosted "saturday night live." >> he immediately cracked a joke about his recovery from the accident on the new jersey turnpike more than a year ago. >> thank you so much. nah, i'm just playing. y'all thought for a minute that was real. people were wondering, can he speak, does he have 100% mental capacity capacity? the truth is, i never did. i might actually be a few points higher now. >> his "30 rock" cast members also reprised their roles in a skit about morgan's recovery. he also ended the show, this was pretty special, by thanking everyone, the cast there, and also his wife and their little girl by his side. good to have him back. well, next on this sunday
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morning, new york is known for its culture and night life. we're going to have a look inside the cabarets while bringing you closer to the broadway stars. you're watching "today in new york."
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life's a cabaret, or so says the song. steve joins us with some of the most lively cabaret shows coming up. good to have you here. >> thanks. good to be here. >> cabaret is one of those things you don't see in a lot of other cities, but it's maintained a decent stronghold here in new york. >> friends who haven't been to cabaret shows, i tell them, go to one. maybe they haven't been immersed in the new york city cabaret culture. when they go, i hear great feedback. i absolutely love it. it's a great way to see an artist up close in concert. it's really a sensory experience. many of the venues serve dinners. it's an awesome date night out.
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or just really a great night out on the town. >> and one of the top places, we don't have to go far, is the rainbow room up on the roof here. >> it closed about six years ago. i really hear that most new yorkers don't know it reopened. it's upstairs right here at rockefeller plaza. beautiful views of new york city. amazing experience for dining, dancing, and music. they have the max wineberg orchestra coming up. a lot of americans know them as the band from the conan o'brien show. i actually have a tip for viewers. the other thing i was thinking about is they also serve a jazz brunch. so why not go upstairs, have a jazz brunch, go downstairs, take the nbc experience tour, and see how the magic, like "today in new york," happens. >> there you go. there's a sales pitch. i'm sure that will entice people. we also have " birdland. the cast party they do there monday nights, that's when you can see the stars. >> talk about a legendary location and venue. just a few blocks from times
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square. it's been around for 65 years, founded by the jazz musician charlie parker. jim caruso, he's a cabaret and great performer. he brought broadway to birdland about 15 years now. cast part has been around about 15 years. mondays is broadway's night off. you never know who's going to be there. you never know who's going to get up and sing a song. it's sort of a broadway insiders fun night. performers like legendary liza minelli does songs. rumer willis, she won "dancing with the stars." you never know. really an exciting night out in an amazing, legendary venue. >> and 54 blow. michael feinstein has combined forces. it's now feinstein's 54 blow. >> yeah, it's been open for three years. it's become incredibly famous for bringing broadway talent into a cabaret venue.
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michael feinstein, so great to have him back in new york. his club closed a few years ago. it's great to have his residency here in new york. great performers. seth sykes does judy garland. i have a great show coming up. >> you have an event. you're going to be there. >> yeah, i'm partnering with laura haywood, the twitter phenomenon behind broadway girl nyc. it's telling ghost stories for halloween. i've brought broadway stars like daisy egan. it's going to be october 30th. the whole idea is just to get the halloween spirit out there. >> steve, that's perfect. if people are interested, how do they find you? >> i have a great discount for "today in new york" for ghost light. $5 off. use the code ghost five. >> nice stuff. thank you. appreciate it as always.
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it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this:
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(family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough.
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we have a breaking news update out of long island. sadly, it is not good news. this is where a 12-year-old girl was hit by a stray bullet on friday. that little girl has died. dejah joyner was shot in the head as she stood in her own home on friday. so far, no suspects have been identified in this shooting. community members had planned to gather today in her honor. now they will do so in deep grief as a $75,000 reward remains out there for whoever fired that shot. >> that's a story we'll continue to follow today and have updates on our evening newscast as well. one last check of the weather. >> going to be chilly out there today. temperatures in the 30s and 40s this morning. we don't see much of a warmup today. high of 51 degrees. lots of sunshine. it will be breezy but a little less breezy than yesterday. you need to bundle up as you're heading out the door. overnight tonight, we have a freeze warning in effect for all the suburbs of new york city. not the city itself, but temperatures even in town are going to be in the 30s.
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as you head north and west out of town, they're in the 20s, below freezing in most spots tonight. a very cold start to the workweek. for kids heading out to the bus stop tomorrow morning, you need the jackets there. then it's a gradual warmup over the next few days. 53 for tomorrow. tuesday, up to 67. low 70s wednesday and thursday. also keeping it dry over the next seven days. no real umbrella weather coming any time soon. we could use some rain. we're in a drought. we're not going to get it. then temperatures back down to the seasonal 60s by friday and saturday. so this chill is going to be gone by the middle of the week. >> all right. >> thank you very much. >> all right. we appreciate you spending your sunday morning with us, folks. we'll see you next saturday beginning at 6:00 a.m. >> thank you for having us in for news.
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