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tv   Today in New York  NBC  October 19, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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up in flames. firefighters battling a raging fire right now. we're there live. also ahead, the amazing run continues. the mets now two wins away from getting into the world series. but first, they're on their way to chicago. and a dramatic drop this morning. we're waking up to really cold air. "today in new york" starts now. we meant that really cold part. good morning, everyone. it's monday morning, october 19th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. storm team 4's chris cimino is here. >> a little harsh this morning. we're talking 30s in the city. haven't seen that since spring. you don't have to go too far to find 20s. emerson, new jersey, 29. these are the actual air temperatures. a cold 23 in danbury.
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but the five boroughs and nassau county, the southern end close to the water. for the most part, a lot of folks around the freezing temperature or below. day planner, it'll be a bright day. feels better by noontime at 49. forecasting a high at 53 degrees. monday morning, let's start off the commute. hopefully an size easy go so far. >> we're going to head to long island and smithtown. we have a closure on north country road by lynam court. that's shut down in both directions. otherwise long island is looking good. let's head to the construction on the bayonne bridge. this is out there all the time. it will be shut down for just a little longer. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. breaking news right now in westchester county. a fire that started at a business quickly grew out of control. those flames broke out on north street. tracie strahan is there this
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morning. zplr >> reporter: we're trying to figure out what's been fueling this fire that's been burning since 1:00 this morning. you can see it over my shoulder. it's decimated all four shops at this strip mall. it houses a cleaners, a deli. let's show you some video from when we arrived at the scene. according to mt. vernon fire department, they say the initial call came in from sal's deli. something we also saw, there's a two-floor apartment right above this. we're hearing everyone that was inside was evacuated and no injuries reported yet. we're standing by to hear from mt. vernon's police chief as well as their fire chief on all of that. again, back live you can see a three-alarm fire here. still burning out of control.
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i saw at least four ladders that are extended. they're hitting this on every side. certainly from the top where you can see flames are coming out of fair banks cleaners. again, we're going to work to give you more information on this and find out if anyone has been displaced as a result. back to you. >> all right, tracie strahan in mt. vernon. thank you. school buses will be picking up students this morning in three dozen long island school districts where the drivers are on the verge of striking. unionized workers at the bowman bus company rejected the latest contract offer this weekend. they voted to strike. the union's president says negotiations will continue. the workers will not strike today, but if a walkout does happen, 15,000 students would be affected. the national league championship series now moves to chicago with the mets up two games to none.
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murphy came through again. this time he hit a two-run home run off cubs' ace jake arrieta. noah syndergaard went 5 2/3 innings, striking out nine batters. the mets win it 4-1. >> makes pitching a lot more easy when you go out there and the offense puts a three spot on one of the best pitchers in the game right now. kind of takes a load off my shoulders. >> the fans have done a great job of helping everybody focus. the energy really tries to help you laser in your focus one pitch at a time. >> game three is tomorrow night in chicago. the mets will have jacob degrom pitching. kyle hendricks will be on mound for the cubs. travel plans could be derailed for thousands of fans. the long island railroad will be
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replacing the ellison avenue. it will suspend service between hicksville and mineola. however, they won't have to worry if the series never leaves chicago. >> they call him thor. >> he looks like him. >> and daniel murphy. incredible. i still don't want to wake up. i'll leave it be. if they come back, probably next weekend's weather looks nice. but i'm getting way ahead of myself. we have a whole week of weather to get through. a relatively quiet week. we have freeze warnings for most of the suburbs this morning. we'll enjoy plenty of sunshine today. the wind is going to turn southwest. that'll be the key. won't notice it so much today but by tonight you'll notice not quite as cold. by tomorrow, significantly milder. right now, still very cold. coldest morning of the season so
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far at 37. clear sky. we break it down with lots of sunshine throughout the day. doesn't warm things up all that much. 53 by 3:00. that's the expected high temperature. we're talking 60s and maybe 70 at some point this week. let's get to lauren scala. hopefully nice and quiet. >> we have plenty of weekend track work still out there. the, 4, 6, a, e, d, f, l, and s lines are all affected. no service on the 1 train between 14th street and south ferry. no service on the l between rockaway parkway and myrtl-wyckoff avenues. everything should be restored at about 5:00 a.m. we'll have your next update on the 4s. >> lauren, thank you. 4:36 now. today grief counselors will be at a long island school trying to help the children there make some sense of a tragedy affecting their classmate. a 12-year-old girl killed by a bullet fired from outside her
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katherine creag is in hempstead with more. >> reporter: that 12-year-old, dejah joyner. school administrators describe her as a bright student, friendly, always smiling. as you said, counselors will be here at her middle school to talk with grief-stricken friends and classmates. this is a picture of dejah. she was shot friday around 5:00 p.m., a bullet striking her in the head as she walked into her living room. her devastated parents gathered with hundreds of people at a church last night. investigators vow finding dejah's killer is their top priority. it is believed rival gangs are responsible for the shooting, that dejah was not the intended target. her neighbors describe her as a wonderful child. >> she was just doing what a 12-year-old would like to do. she went to school. she went to church. she was in the scouts. she was just a sweetheart. >> reporter: and relatives say
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that dejah had just walked into her living rook to hand her brother his dinner when one bullet went through a closed window and struck her. as we mentioned, counselors will be here at the middle school to talk with students, friends, classmates today, but any time anyone needs them, they will be available and come back. back to you. >> kat, such a heartbreaking story. thank you so much. happening today on long island, 11 bikers are due in court on drug and weapons charges after police raid a motorcycle club party. investigators say they seized weapons, drugs, and three vehicles at a gathering this weekend. members of the pagan, steel wheels, armored saints, the black sheep, and the dirty wins motorcycle clubs were taken into custody. and happening today, the trial begins for refuted mobster who allegedly played a role in a heist made famous by "goodfe
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"goodfellas." prosecutors allege he helped plan the lufthansa heist. 4:39 now. donald trump making waves once again on the campaign trail, this time battling with jeb bush over the legacy of his brother, george w. bush. >> i don't want jeb bush to say, my brother kept us safe because september 11th was one of the worst days in the history of this country. >> look, my brother responded to a crisis, and he did it as you would hope a president would do. he united the country. >> trump also says his immigration policy could have prevented the september 11th attacks. he says those hijackers would have never been here in the united states. the chinese may already be violating their agreement not to cyber snoop on american businesses. last month china's leader promised president obama that trade secrets would not be stolen.
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chinese hackers attacked u.s. corporate computers many times since then. the firm crowd strike says one breach was tried the day after the agreement was announced. israel putting up a wall in part of east jerusalem as a way to fight a wave of violence. police are hoping the barriers are going to prevent fire bomb attacks by palestinians in a nearby jewish neighborhoods. it follows a deadly knifing attack caught here on surveillance video. an arab man killed an israeli soldier. he wounded ten others. mayor de blasio wrapping up his own visit to israel. sunday he spoke at the holocaust memorial. that's where he said city governments must lead the fight against religious intolerance. >> we're here at a painful moment. more and more terrorist attacks on absolutely innocent civilians, something unconscionable and unacceptable
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according to all our values and something that must end. >> the mayor also visited jerusalem's western wall. as is custom, he left a note. aides say it say we here are reminded of the power of faith. the mayor will be back home later today. just ahead, the advertisement placed in one local paper that has a state lawmaker calling for an investigation. plus, just days away from halloween, we have a warning about what's in some of the makeup you're going to find on the store shelves. and it is a chilly morning.
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welcome back. 4:43, here are four things to know this morning. the mets are two wins away from the world series. they beat the cubs last night 4-1. they now head to chicago for game three tomorrow night. despite a vote to approve a strike, news day is reporting school buses will be picking up students from dozens of long island school districts. if a walkout does happen, 15,000 students in that district would be affected. today first lady michelle obama will unveil a new website called it will help students with the tools they need to continue their education after high school. and a piece of music history is for sale in new jersey. this is the long branch home where bruce springsteen wrote "born to run." it's listed now for $299,000. >> but there's musical genius running through the walls. >> it's not the -- i mean, it's
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the house where he wrote it. it's not like, here's the first draft of "born to run." >> well, good vibes in the house, i guess. >> you know there are boss fans chomping at the bit. >> i think it would be fantastic. >> he didn't scribble it on the wall in the bathroom. >> maybe he did. >> all right. in the meantime, the weather has transitioned into a deep fall pattern, meaning late fall pattern. cold temperatures this morning. the ice makes a lot of sense now with temperatures below freezing in many of our suburbs. not there yet in the city. won't get there either. we'll probably stay above the freezing mark this morning. down to 37 degrees with a mostly clear sky. the good news is we're going to snap out of this in the next couple days and have a nice warmup by the middle of the week. freeze warnings for most of the suburbs this morning. it's a real quiet weather week. can't find any storms heading our way.
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maybe touching upon 70. this morning, 23 in franklin. califon down to 23 degrees. you get closer to the coast, it's in the 30s. at the freezing mark in islip. long branch, 30 degrees. a lot of 20s up through the hudson valley. the city relatively speaking the warm spot. here's your freeze warning through the morning hours. all the counties shaded in purple. lots of clear sky here over the northeast. high pressure is in charge. it's been producing a northwesterly flow of air. it will eventually go southwest. look at this. from the mississippi on east, there's nothing going on. with that in mind, we're going to stay pretty quiet around here for the next several days. future tracker, not much to talk about. 1:00 this afternoon, we're bathed in sunshine.
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temperatures get back to the low 50s this afternoon. clear sky tonight with more southwesterly wind. temperatures won't be quite as cold. tomorrow starts out with a good deal of sun. we will mix in more clouds tomorrow. there's a weak front trying to move on through. kind of stalls on wednesday. more clouds in the mix wednesday then afternoon sun. we'll probably be on the warmer side of this front, which means 70 degrees or better a possibility wednesday as well. thursday, watch what happens. a couple sprinkles start to get closer from the north and west. that would be it in terms of a rain chance. 53 the high this afternoon. lots of sunshine throughout the day. everybody generally in the low 50s. tonight, notice these temperatures, not as cold. 44 in the city. still jacket wearing weather. you'll need that overnight into tomorrow morning. only 30s, no 20s showing up north and west of the city. seven-day forecast, the real good stuff comes along on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. 68 tomorrow. 71 on wednesday. 70 on thursday. maybe a sprinkle or two.
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then it cools off again by friday, upper 50s. a dry weekend. 60, saturday. 64, sundays. hopefully still a quiet commute heading our way. >> a very quiet commute. we have one problem in suffolk county in the smithtown area. route 25a or north country road by lynam court, an accident with a downed pole in the roadway. you can take local streets to get around it. and a live look outside at the gowanus expressway. it's a little slow going right in this spot. otherwise moving nicely. we don't have any reports of any problems. you can still head that way. heading over to the new jersey turnpike, you can see just how cold it is out there with the steam in the distance. things moving along nicely by newark liberty airport. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. >> all right. thank you very much, lauren. 4:48. a new york state senator wants an investigation into a help wanted ad he calls outrageous discrimination.
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the ad is for a female nurse in west haverstraw, but listed among the job requirements are the words no haitians. the ad appeared in a local penny saver. they are calling for the equal opportunity employment commission to investigate. happening today, the city wants to take over three shore front laws under laws of eminent domain. it would allow the completion of the entertainment area known as the people's playground. the project started back in 2009 under mayor bloomberg. today's public hearing is set for 1:30. police are investigating a sex attack in the bathroom of a popular manhattan park. it happened yesterday afternoon in union square. a 63-year-old woman told police a homeless man in a camouflage jacket confronted her in the restroom and demanded he perform a sex act. we're told she bit his left hand
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during a struggle and he got away. the coast guard made several rescues on the jersey shore this weekend. in one rescue, the crews hoisted a man to safety after he fell overboard in the freezing water near atlantic city. he did manage to get back on his boat and call for help. crews also towed a man to safety after his sailboat broke down and reportedly started taking on water near cape may. if you sometimes bring home a doggy bag, it could look different at some point. some restaurants and delis in new york state may be banned from giving you leftovers in foam containers. legislation was introduced to do just that. he says he wants to keep the containers from clogging landfills. new york city's ban on foam containers was overturned in court. today the giants take on the eagles in monday night football. it's a chance to grab control of the division. giants are doing well, riding a three-game win streak. one good sign, o'dell beckham jr. traveled with the team to philadelphia. he's been nursing a hamstring injury. also this week, jason
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the giants' doctors, according to pierre-paul has not played this season. a fourth of july fireworks accident caused serious injuries to his hand. now to the jets taking on washington. game tied up in the third quarter. ryan fitzpatrick showing off some nifty moves. runs the ball in himself. then later, it's fitzpatrick again. this time tossing one to brandon marshall. let's watch this catch. great catch there. outrace everybody into the end zone. jets win as well 34-20. so the jets now 4-1 for the first time in five years. the mets are doing great. giants are in contention. >> this is a good day. >> cannot change anything. >> it's 4:51. still to come, your chance to get inside gracie mansion. >> ahead at 5:00 a.m., amazon taking action. why this company is now suing hundreds of people. and pope francis breaking new ground.
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a live look there at the hamilton bridge. actual snow in the catskills yesterday. actually, we had reports of snow as far south as rockland county. way too close for comfort, chris. >> way too close. i'm going to show you right now the flurries outside my window. i mean, i can't show everybody. i'll show you guys at some point. i had flurries outside my window. you don't believe me. you do your weather. go ahead, i'm going to show you. >> all right. well, the flurries are done, but the cold is still here this morning. temperatures in the 20s. it's a hard freeze out there. but things will be getting better. a little bounceback of the temperature. 53 the expected high this
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afternoon after a very cold start. lots of sunshine throughout the day. still a little breezy at times but not as windy. tonight, mostly clear, just not as cold. 44 should do it in the city. 30s in the northwestern suburbs. we're getting the flurries out of the forecast and milder temperatures midweek. those are flurries. >> you can't see, right? >> you're going to have to tweet it out. >> is that flurry? >> yep, those are things falling out of the sky. >> westchester county. >> i'm sorry. >> this is my great reporting i did, by the way. >> fantastic. thank you. we appreciate it always. we have some signal problems on the subways. delays on uptown n and r trains. still have some weekend track work for another few minutes. if you're getting on your major commuter lines, so far, so good. happening today, new yorkers waiting to visit gracie mansion
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can enter a giveaway for tickets to the open house. head to public tours are set to resume next month on november 10th for the first time since the first family moved in last year. well, there could be a record number of complaints about rats here in new york city this year. right now the pace could top some 24,000 complaints. the number from each of the past two years. city controllers called it a rat crisis and criticized the city for not responding to those complaints. meanwhile, some are arguing the rising complaints doesn't mean there are more rats living here in new york. a group of car wash owners are suing new york city. they're fighting new regulations that require the car wash owners to obtain a bond to cover claims against their businesses. the lawsuit claims the new law is illegal because nonunionized shops have to post a much larger bond than unionized ones. car wash owners say the law is
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unionize or put them out of business. drone operators will have to register their aircraft under a new plan that will be announced today by the nation's transportation secretary and the head of the faa. nbc news has learned the plan will require anyone buying the unmanned aircraft to register the device with the d.o.t. it all stems with concern over recent close calls between dronings and commercial airliners. and while your child's halloween costume may be spooky and scary, there may be something downright frightening about what it's made of. chuck schumer is sounding the alarm about halloween makeup. he says products from china are not regulated and can contain harmful materials like lead. he's urging the fda to take action. >> an industry report tested products that were made in china, face paint and makeup. ten out of ten had the dangerous chemicals. >> schumer is urging parents to avoid cosmetic face paint made in china.
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if there are questions about the ingredients or chemical makeup, don't buy it. in news for your health, pediatricians are warning expectant mothers, no amount of alcohol is safe during your pregnancy. new research found women who drink during the fist trimester are 12 times more likely to give birth to a child with an alcohol-related disorder, including heart and kidney defects. women who drink throughout their entire pregnancy are 65 tomb imes more likely to have a child with these problems. pope francis is breaking ground yet again. this time he canonized a married couple. that has never happened. the pope said they created a setting that nurtured their daughter's religious calling. . that's a beautiful thing. >> absolutely. once again, the pope breaking new ground with this as well. >> certainly is. >> people will be talking about that. 4:58 now. coming up on 5:00 a.m.
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if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 new york app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. breaking news this morning, a difficult fight. these are live pictures. a fire that's been burning for hours. plus, the mets are rolling on a cold night at citi field. the team caught fire again. speaking of cold, storm team 4 tracking our freeze chances. that's correct. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. 5:00 a.m. on this monday, october 19th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. storm team 4's chris cimino here with the forecast. >> good morning. the colder the weather, the hotter the mets are getting. doesn't make any sense. meantime, temperatures down to 20s. jackson, 24 degrees. we're spending a few hours below freezing. that means a hard freeze.
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