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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  October 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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a new york city cop accused of stealing a townhouse. >> sarah wallace is in downtown brooklyn with the details, sarah. >> reporter: well, shiba and rob, 45-year-old blanche o'neil will be arraigned at any moment. she has been indicted by a grand jury for four felony accounts. only i-team cameras were there as sheriff's investigators with new york city's department of finance brought in the veteran cop who is assigned to the 83rd precinct. she was handcuffed in the front. this is a little bit of a bizarre case. sheriff's investigators tell us that o'neil in fact is accused of stealing a house. forging a deed on a property in brooklyn. now this apparently came to light when the rightful heir of the property tried to sell it in april this year and o'neil reported that she was the victim of deed fraud. investigators started digging a
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little deeper and now say that she was the one who perpetrated the fraud. as i said, she's expected to be arraigned at any moment, and her attorney tep ll us that she will be pleading not guilty. i'll have more on the story beginning at 5:00. we're live in downtown brooklyn, sarah wallace, news 4 new york. >> thank you. new at noon, mother is reunited with her four month old daughter after that baby went on a ride in the back seat of a stolen car. we are told that the child's aunt left her in the car as she ran into a sandwich shop in bay shore, long island, and that is when the thieves jumped in and took off. news 4's lori bordonaro is live with more. >> reporter: the baby's aunt parked the car here in a parking lot about 8:00 this morning. she went inside this subray shop here and when she came out, the car and the baby were gone. someone had taken off with the car. the baby in the back seat, but ditched it about a mile from
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here. an hour later, police found the blue honda. the baby still in its car seat. mom there rushed to the scene, very happy ending with, you can see her holding the car seat. police say that the car had been left running when the woman left her niece alone on neighbors here describing a very large police scene. luckily when they found the car, the baby was not hurt. >> i saw the police pull up, and surround the blue car. then i saw an officer approaching from the baby in the car seat. >> reporter: and we've seen detectives here going into some of these businesses. this morning they're going through video surveillance, still searching for whoever stole that car. and they're asking anyone who may have any information to come forward. we're live in bay shore, news 4, new york. >> lori, thank you. many mt. vernon, residents and business owners are sifting through the ashes at this noon after a massive fire destroyed
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everything they own. firefighters spent hours trying to knock down the flames a at strip mall on the avenue. tracie strahan is there with a closer look. >> reporter: more proof of how stubborn this fire was. you can see the debris on part of the building where all of this started. it's still smoldering nearly 12 hours later. now the fire chief confessed to us, there's still a major fear that the front of this entire strip may collapse just one other reasons residents in the area were scrambling for safety. decades of business and memories were destroyed within just a few hours on the avenue. flames that started at 1:00 this morning engulfed and blazed through nearly every inch of these ground floor store fronts and caused the structure on top to collapse in less than an hour. >> i can smell the smoke from my room. >> reporter: she watched the spread of the fire that officials say started in the basement of sal's deli.
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>> i was just with them yesterday, it's crazy to know that today there's no wo where to work. >> reporter: large plume of smoke that bill lowed. the school canceled classes for the day after crews cut power to the area as a precaution. and stunned resz dents watched their favorite places in town disappear. >> i had clothes on the cleaner on friday night, friday night's dinner was the pizza. i riff up the hill. i walk past there every morning. so this is unbelievable. >> reporter: after nearly seven tense hours, the fire was finally declared under control. residents in the apartments that collapsed were accounted for, but with such an intense and dangerous situation, we asked the chief how they were able to get themselves to safety. >> smoke detectors, sprinklers? >> we know they didn't have, the building was not sprinklers. there probably was smoke detectors, we're not sure at
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this particular point. >> reporter: now the red cross tells us they are currently assisting four adults and two children displaced as a result of this fire. the owner of this strip as well as the buildings department here in mt. vernon will have to determine if this area will be demolished. live in mt. vernon, news 4 new york. >> thank you. on long island today, grief counselors were called to a middle school to help students cope with a tragedy. their classmate, 12-year-old deja died after being hit be with a stray bullet. katherine creag talked to classmates who were stunned. >> reporter: before school even started, we saw children here at the middle school consoling each other. hugging one another, and now grief counselors are trying to help. as church bells rang nearby, many missing a classmate. this young girl died saturday
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head by a stray bullet that went through a window friday. >> i didn't know what was going on until i saw the news. and i was shocked because i have math class with her. so i couldn't believe what happened. >> i actually saw her just on friday. >> reporter: counselors met with grief-stricken students and staff today at the middle school in hemstead. >> i live down the street. that could have been me. >> we're dealing with a lot of raw emotions at this time. and you know, i have comforted a couple of students who had just been with her. >> reporter: her devastated parents gathered with hundreds of people at a prayer service last night, the dad clutched a hello kitty doll, his daughter's favorite. investigators vow finding the killer is their top priority. parents of students at the school mourn along with their children. >> it's so hard to see so many young people just thinking about it, sitting in our home and something like that happened. >> reporter: she was simply
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give her brother a plate of food when a bullet flew into the home. counselors are available not just today, but in the days, weeks, months ahead for any student or staff member who needs to talk with snn about this tragedy. shiba and rob, back to you. >> thank you. in manhattan, police are looking for a man who attacked a woman inside a public restroom in union square park. it happened yesterday afternoon near east 17th street. a 63-year-old woman told police that a homeless man wearing a camouflage jacket cornered her, demanded she perform a sex act. police say she bit his left hand in her struggle to escape and he ran off. right now a trial is under way for the man allegedly behind the heist immortalized in the film, "good fellas." vince sen asaro, he helped plan the heist and kennedy airport back in 1978. they say the evidence includes against the 80-year-old includes
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wiretaps and testimony from former mop sters. also today, 11 bikers are facing drug and weapons charges after police raided a party hosted by long island's notorious pig and motorcycle club. they seized weapons, drugs, and three vehicles during the gathering this weekend. men from five different motorcycle groups are in custody. also on long island, school buses still managed to pick up some kids today, even though drivers are on the verge of striking. unionized workers at the bus company voted to strike this weekend after rejecting their latest contract offer. but the school district says the company's buses would still run on their regular routes today. it is one of about three dozen districts served by the bus company. coming up here on news 4 new york at news. first lady's new crew said, how she's helping young kids in their quest to go to college. how truthful are the reviews you read online? what amazon is doing to make sure you're not getting duped.
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and chris has your forecast. >> it's a bright and sunny afternoon, but there's a distinct chill until the air. that's about to change. i'll let you know when we come right back with the forecast. coming up next on new york live at 12:30, was a new adel song leaked? the tune that has everyone talking? plus a bite out of the city's best new barbecue. >> and from gem of the
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presidential politics now, jeb bush is firing back at donald trump's latest criticism of his older brother, george w. >> i don't want jeb bush to say, my brother kept us safe, because september 11th was one of the worst days in the history of this country. >> look, my brother responded to a crisis, and he did it as you would hope a president would do. united the country. >> trump insists his immigration policy would have kept the hijackers out of the united states.
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jeb bush says trump is campaigning like he is still on the apprentice. and in vice president joe biden is jumping into this race, we should find out very soon. sources tell nbc news he'll announce his decision in the next 48 hours. the window for getting on the ballots in some states will start to close soon. so far, there is no indication which way the vp is leaning. secretary of state john kerry will meet with his israeli and palestinian leaders this week. a wall went up in east jerusalem where israelis are trying to keep them from firing jewish residents. an arab man had a shooting and knifing. ten people were hurt, one killed. mayor delaware blash joe back from israel, that's where he spoke with a holocaust memorial yesterday. cities need to unite against the anti-semitism. he spent time with benjamin
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he left a note that says we are reminded here of the power of faith. gray si mansion is opening to the public. go online to enter to win tickets to an open house this coming sunday. head to public tours will go november 10th. we got a look at the new artwork that reflects a more diverse view of the city during a time when the mansion was built. it has been mostly offlimits to visitors sin the first family moved in last year. >> should be great to check out. first lady michelle obama is going online to encourage students to think big. she unveiled a new website for her cleveland campaigning this morning. it is called better make students can learn about entrance examines and fill out forms. financial aid forms. students can also share stories about their goals. >> we want to create a space for young people can engage with
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each other. where they can inspire each other to complete their education beyond high school. >> the white house says more than 20 media, business, and non-profit groups are assisting in the campaign. students always need a little help with all of those forms. seems a little complicated. >> right. in today's money report, many check the reviews before buying something online. >> but are those reviews really true? skeptical of that, with more and that and a check, let's check in with cnbc's bill griffith. >> there was a very important report we were watching for last night from china on their growth rate in the third quarter, it came in a little weaker than expected, but not as bad as feared. right now the dow is down just 15 points as we begin a new week. by far, the biggest gainer of the day in the stock market is
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weight watchers international. listen to this. this stock is up almost 90% right now after it was revealed that oprah winfrey had bought 10% of the company. she will take a board seat. she will advise the company on program development and future projects. weight watchers was founded back in 1963 and lately has seen growth dwindle as a result of competition from free mobile weight management apps and from fitness wristbands like fitbit. but there's a new sheriff in town, here comes oprah. we'll see what she can do. amazon has announced this morning it is going to file suit against 1100 individuals claiming is that they have posted what they call false, misleading, and inauthentic product reviews on the website. here's the kicker, amazon has no idea who these individuals are. but they aim to find out.
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an amazon spokesman told cnbc this morning say a vast majority are authentic, but these are undermining customer trust in amazon. so the hunt subpoena on to find out who these 1100 individuals are that they have filed suit against. but how about oprah? she's still got the touch. her investment has already almost double just by saying she's on board now with the company. >> makes you think twice about weight watchers, right? >> i guess. >> give it a second look after that. >> all she has to do is give it a push and everybody's going to do it, just like with the books. >> exactly. >> thanks so much. >> see you tomorrow. >> all right. fuchbt left the house -- if you haven't left the house yet today, good for you. it's cold outside. >> tucked under the fireplace. >> it is going to warm up this week. here's our meteorologist. >> well, thanks guys, it was a cold one this morning. and record setting lows, low 20s in the distance suburbs north and west. the good news now, we're coming out of it. it's not going to be as cold.
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the winds making a turn back towards the south and west, and that'll bring in warmer temperatures. it's a quiet weather week. by the middle of the week, we're talking wednesday, thursday, 70 degrees or better of possibilities. there you have it going from 20s and 30s and snow flurries. this evening, if you're heading out, you'll still need the jackets and sweaters, it's chilly, by 9:00, 47 degrees. pretty much holding steady overnight with the generally clear sky and fairly light wind. storm tracker, there's nothing going on right now. high pressure is the only game in town. not only here in the northeast, not only in the midwest, but even further west that basically from the rocks on eastward. it is very quiet. and that's why we're in for such a nice stretch of weather. future tracker shows that, evening hours tonight, generally clear. we'll get a few high clouds drifting down from the north overnight tonight. actually a pusher of warmer air. notice, there's no rain around at all. and partly to mostly sunny sky tomorrow afternoon. temperatures back into the upper
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60s. we should se clouds and mix come wednesday and thursday. worst case maybe a sprinkle. chill still lingers, then tonight, not as cold. 44 in midtown, 30s in the suburb north and west. by tomorrow, notice the warm air starting to push in our direction. temperatures by afternoon bounce about 63. today well below normal, trend will continue. you can see temperatures now as we go on into the overnight, we're in the 40s, upper 40s tomorrow morning. watch what happens to these temperatures. upper 60s by 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. and as it's warmer yet as we move to wednesday. there you see low 70s, mid-70s across central portions of new jersey. again, dry wednesday, thursday, maybe a sprinkle. that would be about it. really a nice warm-up, then we cool down a little toward the end of the week. seven day forecast shapes up this way. upper 0u tomorrow, low 70s wednesday with sunshine, a few more clouds thursday, sprinkle here or there, that would be
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about it. 70 and back for the upper 50s friday near 60. saturday, and mid-60s with a mix of clouds and sunshine on sunday. so if you don't like the chill, stick around a couple days guys, nice weather heading our way through the midweek period. >> we'll take that. >> we will. "new york live" is next. here is sarah and raina. >> did adel just release her first new song in years? we have the surprise clip that has everybody talking and listening today. and want to warm-up with the best barbecue? where to find it and what makes it so special right here at 12:30. >> that looks good. >> yum, barbecue. >> sold, yeah. >> thanks, ladies. still to come here, the amazing run continues. >> the mets two wins away from the world series. highlights from a great weekend,
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the mets now head to chicago for game three of the national league championship series. >> yeah. they lead two games to none and are just two wins away now from the world series. and last night's game to right here, daniel murphy came through again, warming up the cold fans at citi field in the bottom of the first inning. right off the bat, two-run homer, his fifth of the playoffs. pitcher noah sind guard went five and two-thirds allowing just one run striking out nine batters. the mets win it 4-1. >> makes pitching more easy when you go out there and play a three spot on one of the best pitchers in the game right now. kind of takes a little load off my shoulders. >> fans have a done great job of helping everybody focus. as much energy really helps you to try to laser in your focus one pitch at a time.
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>> they look so solid right now. game three 12 tomorrow night. mets have jacob pitching, the cubs will send in kyle hendricks to the mound. bruce beck is on his way to chicago, he'll be live with the preps and the highlights. >> they are on fire. giants will be in philadelphia taking on the eagles in monday night football. jason pierre paul might be closer to rejoining the team. might. set to meet with doctors this week. that's according to pierre paul has not played since seriously injured his hand in a fourth of july accident. >> we'll be right back. ah, yes! you cannot stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mom? we all use it differently. so why should we get it all the same way? now you don't have to. with time warner cable, you get speeds from 3 megs, all the way up to ultra-fast 300 megs. with no data cap. no long term contract. even wifi you can use at home and on the go. call us today. prices start at $14.99 per month. if you're not happy, we'll switch you back. no risk. no contract. no catch .
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have a tip for new york's biggest i-team? call 866-news-244 or e-mail tips @nbc new you're trying to cut down on the carbs with stay away. 30 bakers used a bunch of dough and elbow grease to set the world record for the world's longest baget. it took six hours to bake in giant loaf of bread. workers pulled the baguette through an oven cook before the jinsz book certified it as the longest. it was served with nutella. >> should that be dmoen france though? tonight, on news 4 new york
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health insurance could cost you a pretty pen nebraska in 2016. how high it's set to jump. drones expected to be one of the hottest holiday gifted. feds laying down the law. go to nbc new >> have a great day everybody.
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