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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  October 19, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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right now a car theft turns into a kidnapping. fortunately, that child just fo four months old is safe tonight. >> the aunt who left her niece inside the car has been arrested. news 4 is in bay shore long island with new information from the police. lorie. >> reporter: and police have charged that aunt with endangering the welfare of a child. they say she went inside this subway, left her car unlocked and running here in the parking lot with her four month old niece inside. all smiles at the end of a frightening ordeal for a bay
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shore family. >> a honda civic with a baby in the vehicle. >> 43-year-old gale left her car running in the parking lot of this subway. her 4-month of old niece strapped in the backseat. when gale came out, the car was gone. police canvassed the area with helicopters. >> they asked me if we have any outside. >> the officer found the blue honda abandoned about a quarter of a mile away. >> the baby was awake and alert. the mom rushed to the scene. the two reunited. the baby's aunt charged with endangering the welfare of a
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>> she seemed calm. >> tonight police warned drivers about leaving cars running while unattended. >> particularly, as the cold weather approaches, people want to keep their car warm, be warm when they get back into it and unforchau natalie unfortunate unfortunately, this is the result. >> reporter: police say the man who stole the car was in his 50s. they're asking anyone who has any information to give them a call. >> lorie, thanks. >> in brooklyn, a man accused of strong ling two women at local hotels has pleaded not guilty. prosecutors say joseph dan clair killed 34-year-old christie at the hotel. he's also accused of killing another woman in midtown. according to investigators he admitted to being with those
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claim she died while he was asleep. >> the two got into a struggle and she ran off after she bit him to escape. >> drugs and guns seized at a cancer fundraiser in long island. police arrested 11 bikers on saturday. >> now to the race for president. new pole numbers shows how to republican candidates are seen stacking up. steve is in washington to break
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it all down. >> ben carson may have the best news. >> three quarters of republicans met and they could see themselves voting for the retired neuro surgeon as president as their second choice. 59% say that about trump. trump has more republicans than ever saying he's their first choice. >> the pump came since the republican's second debate. trump is up to 25% support nationally. they kept the live fetuses to sale organs. thousands had the neuro surgeon sign his new book.
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today in austin, another crowd. >> because he's not to typical politician. >> it is encouraging every place i go to receive these kinds of receptions. >> donald trump fanning his feud with -- it's what activist republicans now want. >> these two outsiders, trump and carson best reflect of the frustration and anger that exist within the base of the party. >> the democrats outsider, bernie sanders, is in iowa today free to campaign while hillary clinton plans her testimony thursday. >> sources tell nbc news biden is likely to decide by wednesday. >> thanks so much.
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coming up here, revisiting an em fa misheist, a good fella goes to court. >> in flight fight a pilot forced to turn around after a passenger allegedly chokes the woman in front of him. we'll tell you what sparked this altercation. >> and lester holt has a look at what he's working on for 6:30. >> hello, coming up at 6:30 an nbc nightly news, after too many close calls with planes, we'll tell you the options governments are considering for drones. we'll have details on amazon's plans to go after the posters of fake product reviews and how the opera effect st. paying
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a wild scene on the southwest flight. all over a reclining seat. >> we're declaring an emergency. >> this flight was headed from los angeles to san francisco. one passenger tells nbc news a man began choking a woman sitting in front of him. evidently she was attacked because she tilted her seat back. the woman screamed for help and crew members rushed over. >> evidently we got two passengers in a physical altercation. we need to get turned around. >> can't imagine. another witness posted this picture to instagram.
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80-year-old vincent massaro is accused olann pg a $6 m onol up. they panlted him as a life long mobster. the defense counter by accusing the government of relying on the testimony of mobsters. >> coming up, bad review revenge revenge. >> plus a plan to keep you from getting stung at the shore. >> hopefully we can be swimming here again with our grand kids. >> what you can do now to help take the sting out of next summer. >> first, our social pick of the day. i went for the cutest one possible trying to warm everybody up. it's so cold outside. this is posted by polo spreads love.
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coming up, patients need not apply. the help wanted add that has a local health care accompany under fire. >> plus rats run all over new york city and now complaints are at an all time high. has the problem really gotten worse? those stories and much more when we see you at 6:00. >> thank you.
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in jersey this afternoon. thick, black smoke poured into the air. officials say they also had to deal with some small explosions coming from the gas tanks and tires. traffic was also impacted. route 35 north reduced to one lane because of this fire. >> if you write a fake customer review, amazon will sue. they have filed suit against 1,000 people who have wrote bogus reviews for money. they are called how do you know if a review is for real? here is one expert's advice. >> the only way is to look for patterns, comments you see over and over again about specific aspects of a prubt and oduct and look at multiple websites. >> a spokes person says they actively remove services that
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violate the abuse and reports of inappropriate content. >> consumer alert, general motors is adding nearly 4 hundred 2015 vehicles to the air bag recall. gm says the new recall includes some buick lacrosse models. the vehicles have side mounted air bags in the front seat that could rupture or properly deflate injuring drivers and passengers. you can find a list on our website. >> whether you're fired or quit your job, you can extend. >> here's linda baquero. >> it was that tiny error that had melvin facing thousands of dollars in medical expenses for him and his family. >> mel hated telling his son
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let him stay at an out of state medical medical treatment facility. >> now he's had to leave that situation. >> he had to make the tough decision when he heard from his insurance accompany's administrator that he had been cancelled in september. even though he knew his coverage should have lasted 36 months according to new york's law and he was only at the 32 month mark. >> my last payment was insufficient. my wife but instead of 1706, it was 1,076. >> had you received any notice? >> we didn't receive any notice at all.
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cancelled or we were deficient in payment they said they weren't required to mel reached out to news 4 out of desperation when he realized how much money he would now need to pay for his family's medical needs. >> they were probably the two most expensive months for me with medical expenses during the whole period. >> so we reached out to chime in on mel's half. they came back to tell us they can't share details about an individual's medical coverage but they take these matters serious seriously. good news, problem solved. they have decided to reinstate their medical benefits. we're very happy we were able to help with that. >> he seemed on top of everything. it's nice to know.
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>> it's a little transition. we have to be careful when we write those checks. >> what policies do we have? >> interestingly enough with cobra, they're not required to send out monthly premium notices but they have the right to cancel for nonpayment or late payment of premiums and generally speaking, insurance companies are required to give at least 30 days notice of cancellation so you have time to shop around and get a new policy. >> good to know. thanks. >> linda, stay on top of all your paper work. >> sure. >> send an e-mail to bettergetbah betterget bettergetbaquero. >> it's 52 degrees and temperatures are rebounding behind you. how soon in. >> very soon. happening as we speak. temperatures are much warmer this afternoon than they were this morning. it's all over again. the good news is we're on the
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that's the story for the next several days. dry conditions for the most part over the next week or so. but keep all clothing available. don't put away anything and don't take out anything because you got to wake up and see what it's going to be like before you decide what you're going to wear for the day. some days it seems we're wearing wool sweaters and heavy jackets and the next day it's t-shirts. for the next two or three days it's going to be the light stuff. that's the good news. temperature 52 degrees right now. 46 degrees in monticello. an isolate at 49 degrees. record setters this morning, it was cold. isolate which we just mentioned was at 29. the old record 31 back in 1986. trenton broke a record as well to 1986 as well for those records to fall but look at this. dutch's county got to 21 degrees today. it was 66 years ago when this
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record was originally set. so we tied. 1974 brinl port at 40 and today 30 as well. radar pictures will swing around and the same thing for the next several days. cloud activity through the overnight tonight hanging around until early tomorrow morning and we'll clear up rather nicely. clouds stay to the north and east even into wednesday morning. the afternoon should be nice for everybody. 45 is going to be our low temperature tonight under mostly clear skies. into tomorrow we'll see breezy conditions. 62 degrees. keep in mind a small craft advisory in portions of long island because of the breezy conditions and rough waves out there. wednesday and thursday, look at this. 72 on wednesday. 71 thursday before we're reminded hey, it's autumn again
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and we slip back to the 50s and 60s. folks, that's a quick look at your weather picture. back to you. >> i hope that's not your last taste. 72. >> thanks a lot. up next. a plan to save you from getting stumped. >> what volunteers are doing along the jersey shore to rid
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it's a scrub down using household tools aimed at taking the sting out of waterways like the one in tom's river that pete heartman use to enjoy. >> the target young microscopic jelly fish that eventually grow into stinging creatures like this. the state organized this first ever bolt head blitz. an experiment where poll lips are literally scrubbed off and floating docks constructed with man made materials and hard surfaces in which the creatures attach themselves for the winter. >> basically, kill the pop lyps
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>> as humans we are kind of being part of the problem. now we need to figure out how we can be part of the solution. >> these experts and volunteers are urging those with water front property to do some scrubbing of their own. >> the goal would be if the general public has a way to minimize the problem so they can enjoy their lagoons again. >> experts say the goal isn't to eradicate them. they hope people like pete heartman will be able to take the plunge pain free. ted greenburg, news 4 new york. >> makes you feel better. >> it doesn't feel good when you get stung. >> thanks for watching. >> stay right here. the news continues at 6:00. >> live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york. >> now at 6:00, no patients. a local health care accompany under fire.
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>> it's full of rats. i can't describe how many rats are back there. >> rats running wild complaints at an all time high in new york city but is the problem really getting worse? >> the i team exposed this mom begging for money with her baby. now she skipped court and skipped town. >> we begin with that penny saver add singling out a specific minority group. it's as you can see says no hagss. tonight the accompany is under fire and apologizing. >> we are joined live with the story. >> reporter: we'll get to that in a minute. this is distributed across new york every single week. next week in rockland county readers are not only going to get the classified in coupons, they're going to get something else, an apology. turn to the back page of the
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penny center and you'll see a
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