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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  October 20, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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fire in the middle of the night. and now there are concerns it could collapse. >> yeah, that five awill remember fire started on the fourth floor of the building and quickly spread. eventually burning right through the roof. katherine creag has been at the scene, what's the latest? >> reporter: it's incredible to see nine hours later, firefighters are still spraying that building. you see there on the ladder truck, spraying, trying to extinguish any hot spots there in that building on west 17th street. heavy also set up a collapse perimeter down below, steel barricades, making sure people stay away from this building because there are fears it'll come down. fire marshals expected this building in chelsea to continue smoldering, for hours, the damage from a massive fire so great the fdny worried it would come down. >> major danger of collapse, so we are keeping everybody away from the building. we have a few other buildings that are evacuated because of the potential collapse, and this is going to be an extended
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operation. >> fire broke out at 221 west 17th degrees at a building under construction. it started on the fourth floor, flames moved to quickly engulfing floor's five and six with concerns over the vacant building collapsing, the fdny evacuated three apartments across the street. >> i can see the flames like really high and i was on the same level. i'm on the third floor. so i thought, i have to evacuate. >> they just said evacuate, we could see the flames all night long from like 3:00 a.m. until this morning. seems like it was under control. >> reporter: the restaurant cafeteria on the corner opened its doors to evacuees, this building was being worked won contractors planning to add more floors to build multi-million dollar apartments, we investigated, and discovered the contractor's filled applications to install a sprinkler system in mid-august mid-august, but the application is still under review according to to the department of buildings. fire investigators say
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construction materials fueled the fire, flames moved up the open air shafts, smoke filmed the neighborhood. >> this street keeps black, we don't see anyone. >> and the whole side of the building, just huge flames. >> reporter: and people from as far away as long island city queens could also smell the smoke. as you look at what firefighters are doing here, still spraying, extinguishing hot spots. we're told the investigation is still continuing as to how this fire started. reporting live, katherine creag, news 4 new york. >> thank you. moving now new jersey where another fire has forced at least 12 people out of their homes. chopper 4 was first over the scene this morning on river street in lodi. it started around 3:00 a.m. in this building on the right side of your screen then spread to the top floor of the adjoining home. officials tell us at least one of the two structureses will have to be demolished because of the damage. thankfully, nobody was hurt, and
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a wild scene on long island, began with a police chase then a wrong-way crash. now two people are dead. it happened on the northern state parkway near deer park avenue in the hills. tracie strahan has been covering the story since early. police spoke a short time ago, what have you learned? >> reporter: well, they could come firm to us, shiba, that the two people behind the wheel died from two different weeks. one was going in the right direction on the northern state parkway behind me, and that is exactly what led to a fiery, and very violent crash that shut down the roadway in both directions for nearly seven hours. the remnants were still smoking following a wild early morning chase that turned deadly. a attempt to flee a traffic stop caused a female driver her life as well as another driver who she hit head on. all started when an officer from the third precinct stopped her on suspicion of having a stolen vehicle and dui in central
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icelet. >> at the traffic stop with a female driver, the suspect, the suspect refused to comply. she got into her, she got into the driver's seat of that vehicle, and fled from the scene. >> in a rush, authorities say the driver almost struck that police officer while trying to get away. the car eventually made its way on to the eastbound lanes of the northern state parkway, barrelling towards a honda acard. >> the suspect vehicle was going in the wrong direction, going westbound on the eastbound lanes. when it struck a 2011 honda accord. >> reporter: police say this is the result of that police pursuit. sop we made it a point to look up their policy. and it says an officer is only to initiate a police pursuit if a violator shows an intention to avoid arrest. so far, none of the identities of those deceased in this incident have been released. we're live in the hills, tracie strahan, news 4 new york.
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hacking mystery on long island may be solved. three students hacked into the computer system. changing the grades and schedules of hundreds of their class mates. news 4's report sker at court with the charges those students are facing. >> reporter: the three high school students are now preparing to face a judge here at sufficient folk district court. police say the trio surrendered to authorities this morning, all are 17. they faced charges ranging from burglary to computer trespass to computer hampering. it all stems from an incident in july when police say someone hacked into the computer system of the school district. during that hack police say, the schedules of some 300 students were changed and grades for two students were also altered. right now it's unclear how police determined that this trio was behind the hack. again, they are expected to face a judge here shortly. police say the investigation is
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ask for the public's help in gathering more information to possibly lead to other arrests. for now we're in central icelet, news 4 new york. >> thank you. new at noon, a major deal to buy manhattan's biggest apartment complex, it makes. up a large part of the city's east side is expected to be sold for more than $5 billion. it is a deal affecting a lot of people living in its 11,000 units. news 4's lori bordonaro joins us with more. >> reporter: there's been so much uncertainty here for years, but mayor de blasio anoungsed that blackstone group has bought the village, but under one condition, that 5,000 of the 11,000 apartments here remain affordable housing for the next 20 years. it is the largest apartment complex in manhattan, occupying 14th through 23rd streets. it was built after world war ii
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for returning veterans and many of the residents we spoke with this morning tell us they've grown up here. they've raised their families here. there's been a lot of speculation about what would happen to the rent prices if the complex sold. one resident who's lived here for 50 years, he showed me around earlier and tells me he paid $1600 for a two bedroom, way under market. others are already getting priced out. >> we're probably going to move because it's becoming $5,000 a month. 60 grand a year, kid going college. >> we can now say to thousands of hard-working people, thousands of families in peter cooper, your future is now secure. you'll be able to afford your housing for the long haul. and this community will continue to be a community for all. >> reporter: and residents here will get a chance to ask more questions and hear from blackstone group this saturday,
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we're live, news 4, new york. >> thank you. some breaking news now, the nypd looking for an escaped prisoner in brooklyn. the 3-year-old man got away around 7:30 this morning. he is wanted on felony and domestic violence charges. he was last seen on georgia avenue heading toward the avenue. he is described at 6'0" with dread locks. he was wearing a blue hooded sweater and blue jeans. commuters will get a chance to sound off on the port authority bus terminal. a committee will hold two hearings today in hackensack on a proposal to replace the 65-year-old building. bus riders are invited to testify alongside state officials and transportation experts. the port authority board could weigh in on the plan at its monthly meeting on thursday. well, tonight, the mets have an opportunity to get even closer to the world series. >> yeah, they're playing so well. the team is working out right
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now in chicago, preparing for the game three of the nlcs. the mets lead the series two games to none, and tonight, jacob will go to the mound. he is excited to make yet another playoff start. >> i think we have a lot of confidence going into this game. you know, we matched up well against develop great pitchers. and you know, we got a chance to take a 3-0 lead. >> we haven't won a game here in two years. we understand it's going to be a different atmosphere. >> new york city and chicago about in the same temperature range. it's expected to be about 65 degrees there for the first pitch. that's at 8:0037 and bruce beck will have a live report from chicago tonight on news 4 at 11:00. will be warmer than the weekend games. those were freezing cold out there at citifield. coming up here, new polls number in the race for president. who got the biggest boost from the democratic debate? brand new guidelines for mammograms. why fewer may be better.
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turning now to the race for president, hillary clinton is widening her lead coming off last week's democratic debate in las vegas. >> yeah, she is now 20 points ahead of senator bernie sanders and just below the 50% mark. that's according to a new nbc news/wall street journal poll. if vice president joe biden decides not to run, clinton's lead soars to 58%. in the republican race, that
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his highest standing yesterday with 25% support. dr. ben carson is at 22%. he's also gaining ground. senator marco rubio is their closest competitor, back at 13%, carly fiorina who got a bump after the first debate slipped four points this month. that puts her in sixth place now behind ted cruz and jeb bush. we have just learned former virginia senator jim webb plans to drop out of the democratic presidential race. he is expected to make the announcement this afternoon. may run as an independent. man with the famous last name is putting together a new development of in canada. the liberal party won a majority in monday's election. he now becomes prime minister in the second youngest pm in history. that title was held by his legendary father. the election ends steven harper's near decade in power. he is promising warmer registrations with the u.s. than
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under harper's leadership. the family of oscar pistorius denies he's getting special treatment or was snuck out of prison. the olympic runner was released in the middle of the night. now he's under house arrest at his uncle's sprawling estate in south africa. pistorius is expected to fulfill his five year sentence there. prosecutors are trying to get a more serious murder conviction. former nba and reality tv star lamar odom will continue his recovery in los angeles. e news reports odom was discharged early monday night. and air lifted to an unnamed facility in l.a. he regained consciousness on friday. last week found unresponsive in a nevada brothel with a number of drugs in his system. his condition is said to be improving, but he is reportedly on dialysis because of the kidney failure. the american cancer society revising its advice on when women should get mammograms. guidelines say women at an
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should start annual screenings at 45, instead of 40. the group says women in good health can cut back to going every two years when they turn 55. the other change, no longer recommending physical breast examines, they feel for lumps in a woman's breast when they have no symptoms. in today's money report, amazon's got big plans for the holiday shopping season. >> with that story and a check on the markets, let's check in with cnbc's bill griffith, there are big holiday plans every time we speak. >> they're gearing up. you hit the holidays from a standing start, you have to run into these things. that's what amazon is doing. get to that in a moment. first the stock market right now. pretty quiet again, mixed reports on the state of the economy. disappointing earnings from ibm last night as their sales continue to slip. positive report on housing this morning. that may help home builders today.
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late last night, united continental airlines finally cleared the air about who is going to run this company. last week, their brand new ceo suffered a heart attack. we didn't know that at the time, all we knew is he was put in the hospital. and all weekend, united continental was mum about his condition and all kinds of stories. so, finally last night, they announced that their general council brett hart will become the ceo. it is too early to say when he will be able to return to his job. son-in-law been on the job five weeks. united continental has had three ceos in the last two months. we wish him well. yes, amazon is gearing up for the holiday shopping season. they are planning to hire 100,000 temporary workers to staff their fulfillment and sorting centers around the country. that is a 25% increase from last year when they hired 80,000
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workers. amazon also recently hired an additional 25,000 permanent employees. getting ready for the busiest time of the year. it is already the biggest online retailer as you know in the land, and it recently surpassed walmart, the biggest brick and mortar retailer in terms of stock market value. old amazon, they are still firing on all cylinders these days. everybody gets to the shop there for the holidays. >> we're already talking about holiday shopping. >> stronger, we appreciate you wearing your holiday piece for that by the way. >> merry christmas. >> thank you so much, happy, happy new year. if it went a few degrees colder, would have felt like christmas around here. today will be better. >> yeah, here's our meteorologist with your forecast. >> a little -- tvrps started out mild they are morning. they're heading into the upper 60s this afternoon. a good run of warmer days coming away from at least the middle of
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little rain chances next few days. we have one, i'll talk about that in a second. it will cool down again by the end of the week and the weekend. not as harshly cold as it was, but colder than normal. speaking of normal, normal highs about 62 degrees for this date, we expect a high in the upper 60s, then the next few days into the 70s. heading out this evening, nice one. clear sky, about 63 degrees, slipping to about 59 degrees at 9:00 and 58 by 11:00. overnight tonight with a southwest wind. temperatures no lower than the low and mid-50s in the city. future tracker keeping us nice and sunny through the around, some clouds at times will mix in. again, not completely sunny skies, and then tonight, mainly clear, especially north, look where it lines up. it stays there all day tomorrow to the north of us, so we get plenty of sunshine, the southwest wind tomorrow, 70 to 75 will be pretty common for high temperatures i think by tomorrow evening, a few more clouds and thursday morning, notice the clouds fill in more
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here comes the only threat of a shower. this is a front between 7:00 and 9:00 on thursday evening, and that may kick off a light shower or two and that pushes to the south and east. behind it, temperatures will drop off a bit. low temperature of 54 in town. 40s, north and west with a generally career sky. the push of warm air continues along the southwesterly flow tomorrow. temperatures keep rising, low 70s tomorrow afternoon, central portions of new jersey wouldn't be surprised if a 75 or a 7 #. mean tile, we'll talk about the chicago weather, we're thinking about wow, reach chicago and freezing like in citi field. unusually warm too. first pitch temperature, about 7 # 65 degrees. warm here thursday, 73. passing shower, sprinkle later in the afternoon or evening possible. then a change to cooler weather on the northwesterly flow that moves in on friday with temperatures back into the upper 50s. so again, stretch of really nice stuff today, tomorrow, thursday, in the 70s, cool it down friday. still a nice-looking weekend to start.
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sunday and back near 60 again with sunshine on monday. little bit of everything for everybody to keep them happy in the forecast, guys. >> nothing wrong with that. >> thanks so much. new york live coming up next here at 12:30. >> i think sara and jackie are happy. >> so happy. what? all right within well coming up, which weight los company just made millions of, thanks to an investment from oprah? the answer, plus what's next for the media mogul. >> what's not next for oprah? star of not one, but two, eve jobs and the martian with jeff daniels. he'll be right here live. so much more at 12:30. >> and marla thomas. >> can you believe he's in dumb and dumber? >> the range. >> i'm telling you. >> he does it all. >> very skilled. >> ladies, thank you. still ahead here on now 4 new york at noon. the force is strong.
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star wars fans proved they are strong with the force. >> legions of them caused ticketing websites to crash. >> nothing will stand in our way. i will finish what you started. >> i feel like he's talking to me. i'm like crazy here. the new trailer for the force awakens debuted during monday night football. the same time preorder tickets went on sale. >> because of the demand, the website actually crashed. amc theaters and other sites also had problems. this film opens december 18th. make a lot of money. okay. and tomorrow, you can feel like
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october 21st, 2015, is the actual day that marty traveled to the in the second installment of the films. >> to help celebrate, lyft will offer free rides here in new york city. it is a cool car. they promise to stay under 88 miles per hour. while some predictions have come true, mets fans are hoping it was way off because the film predicts that the cubs will win the world series this year. and thing e all know we're not going to let that happen. >> just a movie, right? >> from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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