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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  October 20, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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right now on news4 new york, the city takes aggressive steps to get drugs off the street before it gets any worse. tonight there are new laws on the streets to make it a crime to make and sell k2, or synthetic marijuana. >> mayor de blasio is hoping it will keep this dangerous drug out of the wrong hands once and for all. there have been its fair share of problems with k2. >> reporter: harlem is being called the epicenter of the k2 epidemic. folks are hoping the new laws will make an immediate impact and give them their streets back. the epicenter of k2 epidemic. for clark pena, the fight is intensive. this walk is something clark
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az community advocate, we went along with him as he paid surprise visits to podegas to see if k2 was on the shelf. here lazano refuses to sell the dangerous drug. he has a message to anyone who wants it at 2 2nd and park. >> it's not good for you. >> reporter: today de blasio signed new k2 laws into the books. k2 users are on notice they face jail fines and fines for selling. east harlem it her district. >> with the power of these new laws, these same partners can take even more action to stop the spread of this dangerous substance. >> this was the epicenter of k2. what made their neighborhood
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>> this is a new phenomenona. i don't think we have much on it. >> reporter: police say in the 10 days following the raids, k2 arrests dropped 24%. we learned between january 1st, 2015 and september 30th, new york state leads the nation of synthetic calls to poison centers, new jersey at 145 and connecticut 256. clark pena has seen the destructive steps. >> mark, thank you. on staten island, a man is accused of stabbing a bus passenger. he repeatedly stabbed a 24-year-old man last week after the two got into an argument on an s-74 bus in stapleton. the victim now in critical condition.
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about an attempted rape in union square park. they released this surveillance video. she fought back and bit the man on his left hand. after that, police say he took off. a $5 billion deal to sell manhattan's biggest apartment complexes. for many new-cast bored inner ro will remain affordable. for the rest who pay market prices, the deal is not exactly a victory. michael shostak gave us a tour of i see two-bedroom apartment he rents in stooif
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he pays $200 in rent, a deal in any area. >> your future is now secure. you'll be able to afford your housing for the long haul. >> reporter: mayor de blasio announced a 5.3 billion sale of stooifers town. the buyers are agreeing to keep 5 of 11,000 units below market rate for the next three years. >> we have to make sure everybody lives up to their word. >> it's a victory for him, but it doesn't do anything for the majority of people who already live here. >> many who already paid market prices like architect don tap tappert tappert. deal or no deal, he's getting tapped out.
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college, and we'll probably move. >> it could essentially become market value. in stuyverstown, new york. this is new video of the school bus that burst into flames on the grand central park way. we told you about it earlier. witnesses told news4 that a bus caught fire. there are om big. coming up, crooks with expense si taste. where able to save a woman from this sinking van. >> >>. today's show will help you make
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sense of the new breast cancer a lightness. why some are wondering if his words today were the american cars stacking up against their foreign counterparts when it comes to reliability.
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rescuers braved fast-moving floodwaters to rescue a woman trapped in her suv. firefighters first thought it would take an air rescue to pluck the woman from her vehicle, but when the floodwater started to recede, three rescuers waded through the water and pulled the woman from her vehicle. massive flooding was in phoenix and other parts of the southwest. a few car dealerships are watching their wheels closely tonight. fairfield police say thieves have been preying on dealerships along commerce drive, striking in the middle of the night,
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tires, the wheels, even the rims. those thieves apparently looking for high-end parts they can resell. >> they become very good at being able to remove a tire and a wheel in really seconds. >> fairfield police say they're adding patrols in the area. so far they have no witnesses and no suspects. coming up, those new chip credit cards. they're supposed to be more secure. >> but there is a new scam you need to know about. plus this. an unusual demolition project at jert the jersey shore after a house is washed into a popular waterway. >> i'm glad they were quick in response to deal with it. >> i'm ted greenberg and i'm asking who is paying to get it out of here. >> but first our social pick of the day, mr. met, the pumpkin scarecrow.
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tonight's game 3 of the nlcs. we want to thank this picture stumbled upon. >> if you have a pic you'd like to share, use #nbc4ny, and it could be picked as the social
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coming up on news4 at 6:00, a hot police pursuit takes a deadly turn on long island. tonight many questioning if the chase was even necessary to begin with. we're live. plus they're called bike lane blockers. more and more drivers ticketed for blocking the like lanes all over the city. but is the problem getting any better? those stories and much more on news tonight.
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see you at 6:00. we want to update that breaking news we've been following in queens. a school bus that burst into flames on the grand central park way. the bus hit a motorcycle before it caught fire. no students were on the bus, but there are traffic backups. let's check in with dennis prosco who is in chopper 4. dennis? >> reporter: this is the scene now, the bus just taken away in the last five minutes. finally some lanes open westbound on grand central park way. we have video of what the bus fire looked like a few minutes ago. a raging bus fire beginning around 5:00 this afternoon, reportedly because a motorcycle struck this school bus traveling grand central park way near q gardens interchange. no students on board, as david mentioned, but that bus bursting into fire and causing major delays. two left lanes now open. we have delays about four miles bumper and bumper heading down from the clearview express lane
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about three or four miles of bumper bumper-to-bumper traffic. reporting live from chopper 4, shiba, back to you in the studio. we want to turn now to decision 2016. former virginia senator jim webb is dropping his bid for the democratic nomination. webb told reporters that he's frustrated with the party's leadership and what he views as a corrupt system of determining successful political candidates. he left the door open, however, on a potential independent presidential bid but says he's not ready to make that decision just yet. a new nbc wall street journal poll on the democratic field has hillary raising her poll to 25%. she's just ahead of bernie sanders. if vice president joe biden decides not to run, then hillary clinton's lead soars to 50%. donald trump has his highest
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standing yet with 25% support, ben carson right behind him at 22%, and he seems to be gaining ground. a consumer alert for anybody with a debit or credit card with the new chip technology. fake e-mails are being sent to cardholders. look for e-mails pretending to be from card issuers. they tell people to update their account by sending personal information to get an upgraded card. that is a scam. scammers then use that information to steal your identity. for those who drink beck beer, it may be tasting differently. beck's has been brud ewed in st. louis, missouri since 2012. so those what would you do if your car was in a dealership for repairs for nine months?
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>> david and shiba, it's a car our consumer loved very much. she bought it a few years ago as a treat for herself and then longed to have it back after it went in for repairs in january. janice hero is grateful to have this courtesy car from a local dealer. after all, it's an audi. >> i love audis. all my life i wanted an audi. i love the way they handle. >> reporter: that's why she bought a red audi s-4. back in 2010, she bought pretty pretty-owned car from parsippany. >> the red check lights kept occurring, and you could feel when you had your foot on the accelerator, it wasn't getting much gas. so i knew something was wrong. >> reporter: she brought it to fixed. then later in the year, more car trouble. shefts she was given this loaner vehicle and has had it for
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several months. >> to this day i don't have a piece of paper saying, this is what needs to be done and this is what it costs. >> reporter: janice says since january she's been in touch with the service representative with e-mails and texts with no luck. >> when you ask when you'll get your car back, what do they say? >> i have a text that says, don't worry, janice, your car is in good hands. when all is said and done, you'll be very happy. i don't want anyone to have to go through this. this is very stressful for nine months, and it also makes me very upset trying to get the answers. >> we called audi in parsippany and they said they wouldn't answer questions. then the corporate office of audi said the service rep had bypassed the system and had only been communicating with janice by personal e-mail and cell phone. when asked why, he said janice
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didn't want to pay for repairs. janice denies not wanting to pay for repairs. the service rep says they were unaware that her vehicle had been in the service for so long. they say that employee, that service rep, has now been fired. as for the repairs, problem solved. janice finally got her car back just a few days ago. they repaired it at no cost to her, and she's thrilled to have her little red car back. >> we are giving the live studio audience applause. to get in touch with our consumer investigative team, send an e-mail or call us at 1-866. i'm looking 69 degrees there now. . folks is here, it's a little
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40s in the suburb north and west of town. probably want to take lunch outside tomorrow. 70 degrees by 5:00 p.m. and it's drilt across long island and down towards the jersey shore. more temperatures dominating. it's 69 degrees, 68 sheep's head bay. as we head east, temperatures in the 70s. it's 61 in bay hollow, and it's 69 at this hour in lagrangeville. more of the same tomorrow, in fact, adding on about 5 degrees in many of those spots.
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if you live in sullivan, ol ulster or duchess counties, one or two sprinkles possible for you, but nothing like in the city. it stays dry for you and stays dry as we head into thursday. not as chilly, mostly clear skies. even in the suburbs north and west of town, temperatures only getting down to the 40s. down to 40 in morris plains and 43 in rock hill. . lots of sunshine even milder than today. then a cold front comes through. it's breezy and cooler again. down on moo. a little milder with a shower or. >> thank you, sir. up next, demolition day at
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>> a storm finally being pulled out of the water. grand central parkway a mess after a school burse burst into flames. we'll have another update coming up. women: (gasping) ( ) whoa, selfies? really? well, i guess that' s one way to check out the new civic. just don' t forget the hashtags, all right? #horsepower. #rearview camera. #rock on. #loving it. (camera shutter clicking) can i help you. it' s perfect. we' ll take it. #i can' t stand hashtags anymore. rr check out this great lease deal on a 2015 honda civic. trihonda dealers. i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of
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for weeks a house that washed away in a storm sat in a channel on the jersey shore. >> crews finally removed it, and now they're wondering who will foot the final bill. here's tedd greenberg. >> reporter: a house in ruins now being removed from where it was washed by mother nature. >> i'm glad they were quick in response to deal with it. >> reporter: piece by piece, demolition contractors hired by
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the state are pulling debris off the grassy channel of north wildwood. it's been there nearly three weeks when the house collapsed in the back bay during stormy weather, floated downstream and settled in this popular spot for fishing and crabbing. the cost of the demolition, between 150 and $175,000. the state is footing that bill, at least for now. >> the state does reserve its right to recoup the cost for this operation, and we'll be looking for that going forward. >> i wish they would have fixed my house first. nobody lives in that house. >> reporter: he is still in limbo. >> i don't know what to do. >> reporter: the house that collapsed crashed into his pier as it passed by. the 75-year-old said he can't afford to fix what the floating home crushed down. >> i don't know who is going to do or what. everywhere i turn, nobody is responsible.
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after hurricane sandy, he didn't have money to make repairs. >> he should have full financial responsibility. >> reporter: the current job is expected to take another day or so. a wrecked piece of jersey shore property now destined for a landfill. tedd ted greenberg, news4, new york. >> that will do it for us. thank you for watching. >> stay right here. the news continues at 6:00. now at 6:00, a fiery and deadly crash. the tragic end to a police chase. tonight questions about whether the pursuit was even necessary. a brooklyn family says they were the victims of police brutality, and they claim they have the video to prove it. and they're called bike lane blockers. what the city is doing to keep bikers safe on the streets. good evening.
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>> i'm chuck scarborough. >> a woman accused of a dui and driving a deadly vehicle. >> but the driver crashed head-on into another car, leading everyone to wonder if that chase was necessary. ida siegel has more. ida? >> reporter: chuck and sibila, we're just learning that the innocent driver that was killed in that other car was a man in his 60s from smithtown. police are saying he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. the mangled vehicle still smoked sitting off the northern state parkway early this morning, the result of a traffic stop gone wrong. the call came in overnight. a driver suspected of dwi and driving a stolen vehicle sped away from police at a traffic stop in central islip.
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