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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  October 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> all units use caution. >> reporter: police followed the female driver onto the northern state. she was headed in the wrong direction. the pursuit ended with a fiery and deadly crash in huntington station. the woman who ran from police slammed into another car on the northern state head on. she was killed. the driver of the car she hit was also killed. >> the suspect vehicle was going in the wrong direction, going westbound and the eastbound lanes when it struck a 2011 honda accord. >> that's a sad story, then. i really feel bad for the person she hit. >> reporter: drivers in the area were taken aback by what happened, and also asking, should the police have pursued the woman at all? did that put the public safety at risk? investigators say they followed proper procedure. policy calls for a pursuit when the necessity for immediate
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the risk of a pursuit, such as an individual who may be operating the vehicle in an intoxicated person. >> the cops were doing their job. they had to stop that person to the best of their ability. they did not expect that person to drive in the wrong lane. >> reporter: at this point, they have not released the names of either driver that was killed, and they still don't know if the suspect driver was actually drinking or under the influence of drugs at the time. the medical ida keeg he will. now with that breaking news we've been following on queens, a confirm that looks absolutely disastrous there. crews have just removed the cha, rr.
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. it's you be unclear what caused the fire. . they say they didn't do anything wrong. they. . let's go to michael george now with more on this -- sibila, three members of the a costa family were charged with resisting arrest and assault, but now they're saying that was police brutality. just a few minutes ago, i spoke with nypd officials, and they say they are used to the incident. cell phone video shows officers struggling to arrest two people. the video is dark and it's hard to make out what's happening. but
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but. i wasn't doing anything wrong. i'm wheer my family. they will were there to represent a. darrell and his brother were also charged in connection with a burglary. they claim all the charges are false and they're considering suing for. they claim they are innocent. >> this video was only released this afternoon. we provided it to the nypd in the last nine minutes so they haven't had time michael george, news4, new york. new at 6:00, the nypd.
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avenue and 33rd street shortly after responsive. he. an apple employee is. the 24-year-old group and. they were working in the apple center in the queens mall. he then used them as gift cards. the profit was spent $2 million. prophet faces a loss of up to 15 years in freedom if he is convicted. in new jerj. a building on. firefighters tell us because of the ex tense. >> well, the nypd is ticketing
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lanes, which is more of a tishl remember remember. they found some violators and did you go into a growing problem. >> they're called mike lane blockers. >> you're waiting in a bike lane. >> okay. i'll move. very tough for cychasts to avoid. >> paul steely white add he's pd not surprised that male trucks, big groups of cars and even police have been spoltd. cars are parking in bike lanes? that can send potentially the wrong message to other motorists. it's common sense that officers
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unless they're on official business. elaine chen is project manager of wcy's radio podcast. listeners sent her thousands of examples of bike lane blockers. as for delivery vans and others who create obstacles, joe a acosta from astoria says they need sympathy, too. >> we don't always have the luxury of looking for parking in specific areas. >> reporter: he says the solution is cameras. >> we need to use the same technology for bike lanes as used for bus lanes. >> relieved that we noticed the behavior and not a cop writing a
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i was waiting for my worker. andrew siff, news4, new york. for where you can post your photos, head over to your website, >> the passenger aboard. they spotted that drone it was waiting. political signs stolen in the dead of night. who is behind that connecticut skull dugery. >> can't even look at pictures of snow, can you, sibila.
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started its early registration for snow laborers for the upcoming season. snow laborers are per diem workers and they're called on to remove snow and ice citywide on bus routes, sidewalks, among other things. anyone interested can register at the sanitation department at their local district garage or the website. a fake e-mail to avoid bad press? why fema says the city had a plan to stop an i-team story
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caring about the things that make each of our clients unique...
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the federal corruption trial against former senator republican leader dean skelos will move forward. they rejected the corruption charges against him. judge kimball woods said a dozen
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witnesses and lawyers werecare of that investigation and information give ton reporters did not violate any grand jury rules. skelo is accused of giving lucrative jobs to his son. both deny any wrongdoing. a look ahead on what's on nbc nightly news. >> some of these new guidelines are bound to cause more confusion and debate. the headlines saying women can start getting mammograms at age 45 as opposed to age 40, and the regularly scheduled screenings have changed, too. >> does this change the rules? are people going to see their coverage change because of this? >> they say coverage won't change because of this, but there are a lot of questions because different groups have different recommendations. we have a doctor on the set tonight who will answer some of those questions and help us sort through the answers about this.
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now to an i-team investigation. e-mails authored by fema say a de blasio investigation tried to secure moneys for sandy disaster money. >> thieves planned to use a mock e-mail to get funds. >> this time last year we were asking fema what was holding up disaster aid for recovery. they were ready to sign and dummy up a mock agreement all to stop the bad press. at a v. a. hospital, shovels are in the ground. they're building a flood wall. vietnam vet bill johnson says three years after sandy, storm protection can't come fast enough. >> when i see the wall beginning
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just shake my head, where was this thought before? >> reporter: but the v. a. is actually ahead of city-owned facilities like bellevue and coney island hospitals. >> where is the money and why hasn't this work started? >> reporter: the i-team requested an interview with dr. rahm raju, the man in charge of all city hospitals. the man declined, but money obtained by who radio said raju wanted to put off aid. one year ago just before the i-team issued this report, they said raju was ready to head off the story by signing a mock agreement before fema was able
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i believe they will sign a mass ladder of undertaking. very well, mike, it might be just a piece of cloth with ink on it. i agree not having a mock-up, but our city went ahead and signed this now on stationary, if necessary. it's not clear if the mock agreement was ever drafted on replica fema letterhead, but one week later, mayor de blasio joined other politicians announcing $1.6 billion in hospital aid. >> it is so good for new yorkers and americans. >> reporter: there were no fema reps present at this news conference, because the official agreement wasn't done until five months later. >> today is a banner day. >> reporter: city hall objected to any suggestion the mock-up agreement was intended to justify the news conference or
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jerry bur man, the city official who wrote some of those e-mails, said it was his idea, intended to prod fema to move faster. it was just kbashs impatience in moving through the bureaucracy. >> people want to see results three years after the storm, they wanted to see it yesterday. but it holds it up more getting a mock agreement than a real agreement. that's my problem with these e-mails. >> reporter: back at the hospital, they are proud to say their floodwall is expected to be complete by next year. it was funded directly by congress, not by fema. >> so for the new hurricane season coming up, we should have a new floodwall. the city stressed the fema process is cumbersome will be up.
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>> this resiliency was built until these disasters were potentially out there waiting for us. >> although flood walls at hospitals are incomplete, they are better three years after sandy. renovations have been made. a fema spokesman told us if the city has to create a mass document, he says, quote, we never do that. now it's time for the weather. once again, temperatures are very comfortable, thank you. >> you're welcome. it was a nice warmup today. if you like the warm weather, this was definitely your day. temperatures were back in the 70s in some spots. 69 in central park. newark 72 degrees. just a really fantastic day and
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warmer it is right now than it was yesterday that the time, temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees warmer in poughkeepsie. this warm weather is. then there's a cooldown coming our way, but not until we han. high pressure dominating our weather today. some clouds in the hudson valley. not. it's 65 in north port. a kfrt believe. heading to tomorrow morning, this is 7:00 a.m. on wednesday, nice and quiet here. notice the clouds to the north of town.
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hudson valley, if you live in sullivan, and one down towards new york city. around 6:00, we stay graded in the morning. low temperatures not as low as they have been. no. 49 degrees your. it's getting milder day by day, and then it comes to an end as we head into the weekend. 73 degrees for your high temperature on thursday. a couple sprinkles are possibly there, then a cold front comes through and more seasonable 59 degrees and we have 60s as we head into the weekend.
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>> that reality is not nearly as bad as what we had earlier in the weekend. >> not as bad as it's about to get in december. >> don't say that. >> it won't happen if i don't say it, right? bruce beck is live from wrigley field in chicago. bruce, hi! >> the mets' juggernaut is in friday. coming up in sports, the cubs had hoped to define. we'll get you better for a raucous game 3 at 6:00. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't
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it feels like summer in
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chicago, but it's going to be a long winter for the cubs if they don't get their bats going. it is game 3 of the nlcs. the cubs have the home field advantage. the mets have the advantage. in this best of 7-game series, they lead two games to one. they won 5 of 7, they've been clutch throughout. as they went through their pre-game workout, you could see the confidence oozing from each player. it just so happens both managers are talking a good game as well. >> guys at this level, when they're hot, they stay hot for a while. i just think the focus, the energy level, fatigue is not a factor in the post-season, necessarily, even though it's october baseball. we have enough days off to get some rest. what we have to do is find a couple days to get them hot. >> august at this point has been
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so why would i all of a sudden change because we lost three games in new york in the end of october? i don't get that. >> reporter: the mets' pitching has dominated the first two games of the series. they have shut down the potent cubs' offense. but remember here at wrigley field, the cubs played home run derby against the cardinals in the nlds. on paper, this game looks like a mismatch as chicago sends kyle len drix to the hill. he pitched only once last season. they use their best pitcher, jason degrom, who has been brilliant this season. the momentum in this series is clearly in the mets' corner. >> i think we have a lot of confidence going into this game.
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we matched up well against two great pitchers. we have a chance to make a lead. >> yes, there's pressure. it's the playoffs, there's always going to be some pressure. you have to let the pleasure exceed that. i'm just going to go out there and try and have fun. this is why we play the game, so pressure in a way is sometimes a good thing. >> reporter: since the 7-game format was introduced in 1985, nine of the ten teams who took a 2-0 series lead in the nlcs has gone on to the world series. but the mets can't rely on history, they have to think about creating their own. 8:07 first pitch tonight at wrigley field, chuck and sibila, i've never been here to cover a game, only as a fan. it is special. the infrastructure is old school, it needs some work, but there is some magic in the air when you're talking cubs baseball.
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