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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  October 21, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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in this case. we start with sarah wallace. sarah? >> reporter: let me set the scene for you. you can see that pedestrian walkway over there. that is where officer holder was gunned down. it remains closed for an indefinite amount of time as officers continue their investigation. meantime the iteam has learned much more about the suspect. he's a repeat felon. he was wanted for a shooting that took place just last month. boats search the east river today near 120th street for the murder weapon police believe was used tgun down 33-year-old officer randolph holder. investigators pulled out a . .40 gun clip from the river. investigators nearby found a a . .40 casing on the walkway where police say career criminal tyrone howard opened fire. the news 4 iteam obtained cell
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response racing to the scene. >> it was like baghdad. as soon as i came down the block, there was tons of pole'e officers. the ambulance came and rushed him to the hospital. >> 13 minutes before he went down, housing cops observed gunfire on top of a rooftop. >> one of the individuals, tyrone howard, ends up fleeing toward the fdr drive. he goes toward the fdr promenade. >> reporter: the i iteam realizes they know who he is. >> he puts down the bicycle, stries the officer one time in front of the hit. holder's partner fired back hitting him in the leg. he still got away, finally captured four blocks north. >> there were helicopters, car ter car after car, sirens
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street the wrong way. un rked cars. it was like a war zone. >> reporter: the chief of manhattan detectives told us they have recovered a lot of physical evidence including dna evidence and they have been interviewing witnesses. right now tyrone howard is at the 25th precinct. they're conducting lineups there where he is expected to be charged with murder. live from east harlem, sarah wallace, news 4, new york. >> sarah, thank you. s just one station has the surveillance. you see him racing east on 120th street in a desperate attempt to get away from the police. news 4's marc santia is live with more video from that chase. marc? >> reporter: chuck, this all started with a fight, a gunfight between two gangs at 102nd. that's when police say howard ran up here to 106th. he stole a bicycle here and started pedaling north.
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first avenue and 120th street 4 investigates canvassing of east harlem. watch the bottom of your screen. an unmarked police car makes a hard right and speeds toward the east river. seconds later a man believed to be tyrone howard seen at the top of your screen, quickly pedalling the stolen bicycle on east 120th. he's traveling toward the water. seconds later unmarked police cars flood the area in full pursuit. >> i seen helicopters, motorcycles. it was crazy. >> working at the corner store, yasser naji stunned. >> it could have been me, you know, it could have been one of my customers, family members, it could have been an employee, it
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could have been anybody, you know? >> these surveillance cameras capturing what this store owner heard and saw with his own eyes right here on first and 120th. news 4's photographer and i watched the surveillance from different angles. what stayed with us are the number of police officers who rushed toward the nfir rushed toward the suspect, rushed east toward danger. i'm marc santia for nbc news 4. >> a longtime friend of officer holder is understandably upset.
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news 4's greg surh cergol is there. >> reporter: they spent a half hour con soelg and holding the police officer's father, step-mom step-mom, and many other. they moved to new york from guyana and they're said to be well known in this community and the loss of this fun-loving officer is said to have touched many. tears flowed and emotions were raw both inside and outside the far rockaway home of officer holder. why was a question for which no one had an answer, not even officer holder's dad, a police officer in his native guyana like his father before him. his son, he said, had vowed to follow the same path when he emigrated to new york almost 12 years ago. >> he only wanted to be a policeman, and that he did. he delivered his duties diligently. >> reporter: so diligently he said officer holder was to be
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about to close on a new house in valley stream. >> this was his dream and where he was heading. >> reporter: she's been friends with him since high school in guyana. they were texting last night before he was shot. >> he did not run from service, he ran toward danger. >> reporter: all jobs are dangerous, his father said but this man had strong ones when asked about the punishment of s son's killer. >> to me he should be put to death. >> reporter: officer's father really showed remarkable strength today trying to hold his large family together. he told us officer older has a 16-year-old daughter, another person tonight who's mourning this hero cop. we're live in rockaway, greg cergol, new york. when the police chief announced the death of officer hold e he remarked how often the
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father had gone to the precinct to comfort his brothers in blue. tonight many are wondering why the suspected cop killer was even on the street. >> tyrone howard has at least 16 prior arrests and ten felony convictions and last year he was arrested in a major gang roundup where he pleaded guilty again. >> nbc news 4 reporter jonathan dooents has more. >> they're angered, why he was returned to the street after his 16th felony arrest. he was allowed to admit wrongdoing and go into a drug diversion program instead of facing more prison time. according to police, they say tyrone howard is a major drug deal were the east army drug crew who for years h used violence to enforce its drug turf across east harlem. >> he would have been the last
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person in new york city i would have wanted to see in a diversion program. he has shown no propensity with the number of arrests but changing his ways. and as we saw recently, his whole life has been about an escalation. >> when it comes to truly hardened violent criminals, it's promote that they be in prison, and when you look at the offenses that this individual committed, they were consistent and they were violent. i don't know the details of how his case was handled by the judge, but i do know that someone like this shouldn't have been on the streets. >> prosecutors tell us they called for prison time for howard's latest drug gang arrest, but the judge overruled them and instead sent the 16-time arrestee with ten felony convictions into a drug conversion program. who was the judge? he said it was an appropriate option under the law, but police
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point out howard has been convicted not only of dealing drugs while in east harlem but in 2013 he pleaded guilty to dealing drugs while he was inside rikers island. some of his past arrests include 2009, assault, first degree with a loaded gun. 2011, felony drug dealings, 2012, public lewdness for allegedly trying to attack a woman in an elevator with his panhandles down. september, 2014, drug charges. then one month later, october 2014, that felony drug gang wrongup where he got sent to a diversion program instead of prison. out on the street again last month he's wants for pursuing a drug dealer. last night his drug rivalings tried to shoot him, he fired back and fled the scene. as police moved in, he allegedly shot and killed officer holder. >> all that and he was supposed
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to go into drug diversion instead of jail. certainly some questions for the judge. what is the d.a. saying? >> the d.a. is saying they objected. they wanted him to face the maximum prison time for the latest case in which he pleaded guilty and the d.a. released a statement a short time ago, i am deeply angered and sadden fwid senseless murder of police officer holder. this defendant was part of it. targeting the individuals driving crime in east harlem. we recommended state prison for the defendant, and opposed his request for diversion. >> infuriating. all right, jonathan, thank you. many people have been stopping by the police precinct station house where officer holder was assigned to pay their respects. residents from all around east harlem stopped by to light candles and leave flowers. they were joined by police chief brroatton who came to offer his
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closely with holder in house pas-5. they're heart broken. >> they give a good impression on some of these kids. not everybody hates cops. yo know, when i was coming up, we respected cops and they respected us, you know. we wanted to be one of them. they were our superheroes and they still are. >> and we're told that officer holder will be laid to rest next wednesday in far rockaway. meantime here are live pictures in from chopper 4 of officer holder's office being moved from the coroner's office to the funeral home. >> you can find out more at and at the nbc 4 app. up at 4:30, officer holder's post and why it's so vital to the community. coming up, millions of cars
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dangerous problem with power windows. >> plus >> plush a push fo the pennant. >> could tonight be the night the mets try to sweev p away the cubs? we're live when news 4 new york rolls on. and we've investigate a dose of spring for you tonight followed by an appetizer of autumn as we head through the end of the week. we'll tell you more in just a
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team startris practice today. coach called to see how i was doing. i blew out my knee last year. just as college football programs began calling me. i didn't realize i'd get hooked on the pain pills the doctor gave me. i never thought my life could change so fast. for now at least, football and college are going to have to
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don't let addiction sideline
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new information on the bronx mother who is accused of killing her baby throwing it out the window. the bronx d.a. is awaiting the results of a psych exam to see whether she can stand trial. she allegedly dangled 6-month-old old junila lawrence from a sixth floor window before dropping her on october 15th. a recall. toyota says the power windows could start a car on fire. debris could cause it to short circuit.
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checked worldwide, merks 2 america, 2.5 alone. toyota will notify owners. >> the educators and students took over manhattan's foley square. they accused the mayor and other city leaders of playing politics with the students' future. it's mainly a half million kids where 37% meet state academic requirements. and knew to the now to the push to the pennant. it's great time to be a mets fan. >> it's amazing. they're nine innings away from something that hasn't happened in 15 years. the last time the world series
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giuliani was mayor and the tickets were a dollar less. >> and the last time they won, mayor koch was mayor. bruce beck is live at rig write field where the mets are hopefully breaking out their brooms for a sweep. >> reporter: shiba, they're putting cup on ice. it's the first time since the year 2000. murphy and degrom, degrom and murphy. what a combination. >> the new york mets have pushed the chicago cubs to the brink. >> last night he did his mr.
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purse nation by hits his fifth. >> i wish i could explain it. but i can't. >>'ve watched a lot of baseball over the years. i don't think i've seen anybody put on a th kind of a show. >> the duo propelled the mets to a 5-2 victory and kept the ameazing juggernaut right on track. >> he d it a couple of times this year. nobody was panicking, wi all believed in him, and he did it. >> reporter: meanwhile transplanted mets fans in chicago will be out in force again tonight, especially the crlkew at merkel's bar and grill who want to make it four straight wins over the cubs. >> we're definitely in the world series. it's going to happen. it's just a question if the cubs are going to win the game. >> do you think a sweep is po ssible? >> yes. >> they're going to do it this year.
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year. >> one mets fan told me she moves to chicago this week and hopes to celebrate here. talk about timing. and manager terry collins has series. he's made all the right moves and tonight he sends out 24-year-old left-hander steven cubs. live at wrigley field i'm bruce beck of new york. >> shom spotty showers out there. we'll talk about that in a mold. times square in the background. what a day. look at these temperatures out here right now. 72 degrees under mostly sunny conditions. sun set coming up in just about an hour or so. let's get to the headlines. all the frigid temperatures in the rear view.
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the weather is not too exciting. very good look ahead. for the meantime we enjoy these warm temperatures. 65 in oceanside, 7 o in floral park. staten island at 68. we widen the picture. look up at dutchess county. warm temperatures for everyone. we've got close to 80. in the mid-70s across the island and 77 in bridgewater. the warm temperatures, well, the trend continues. look at this. we're going to keep through thursday with the warm lovely temperatures before things begin to cool down just a bit. some clouds roll on in in anticipation of the front which is going to pass through. mostly a chance of showers to the north and west. that front by the way is over the midwest right now. that's why we could have a spotty shower. again, in the event of rain, we substitute mops for the brooms but we're going to take it
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68 is the temperature. 67 as we head out tomorrow. as we mentioned, temperatures go into the 70s. seven-day forecast, not bad at all. a good run we have. we're going to drop back into the conditions that we typically expect this time of the year. another chance of showers on resunday and we stay with autumn-like temps as we head into next week. stay dry for the most part. that's a look at the forecast. we'll send it back. >> still ahead, how one local burger king is hitting back at mcdonald's all-day breakfast menu. and not running. vice president biden knickss the idea of not running in the presidential race. up next, why it may not have
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zwree sigs to 16 now and it's official. vice president bide listen not be jumping into the presidential race. >> his announcement races questions. nbc's stevens handelsman is at the white house. steve, biden waited a long time and said time's run out. >> that's right. exactly so, chuck and sibila. it was emotional. hillary clinton called him afterward. she in a statement praised him and said he will keep fighting for all of us, but not as a presidential candidate as he finally said today. >> with his wife jill by his side he said it's too late. >> unfortunately i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> reporter: the bidens have been mourning s
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they're smiling at the memory of beau biden. he's still passionate about the middle class. >> we cannot sustain the current levels of inequality that exists in this country. >> hillary clinton gets stronger, gaining five points over bernie sanders. clinton at 58% in the new nbc wall street poll. >> she's the closest thing to a lock i've ever seen. >> republican front-runner don anchd trump tweeted i would rather run against hillary because her work is so bad. probably the republicans. >> that's not joe biden's style. >> they're opposition. they're not our enemies. >> after 42 years in washington the senator, twice a presidential candidate and then vice president, biden promises
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knowing joe nobody doubts. at the rose garden today biden warned them to run on the obama record nd not against it. live at the white house, steve ha mnd dellsman, news 4 new york, chuck and sibila. >> thank you so much. shiba is here now with what's coming up. we have more on the man accused of killing a new york city cop. why was he with such dangerous past allowed out of jashlg and we'll tell you what his family is saying tonight. plus, keeping track of your teen when they're taking the car. the new app to follow their every move. and a second chance. why nearly losing his life may
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