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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  October 21, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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right now on news 4 new ooyork, an nypd cop killed in east harlem. the suspect, a wanted criminal with more than a dozen prior arrests leaving many to wonder why he wasn't behind bars. that suspect is being questioned by police tonight. >> this as the department, loved ones, and the city at large mourns the loss of officer randolph holder. this is what we know at this hour. police say officer holder was chasing a suspect who stole a man's bike at gunpoint and that chase ended when officer holder was shot in the head. holder was a five-year veteran who patrolled a dangerous path
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the gunman hasn't been charged yet. >> why was a man with such a long rap sheet not in jail. brynn gingras has more. brynn? >> reporter: he's inside the 25th precinct house being questioned. he's not formally charged yet. police are talking to him as well as bringing in witnesses to i.d. him in a lineup. he does live about a mile from here in east harlem where residents and police know about his checkered past. tyrone howard is in police custody but 4 investigates le larns that police have been hunting for him for weeks wanted on three active warrants. sources say the 30-year-old is well known by officers patrolling the east harlem complex including one he is accused of killing, officer
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randolph holder. we knocked on the door and a person identified as a family member said this from behind he door. >> right now we're going through a crisis, ma'am. we need some space. >> reporter: the same person told us howard has a 5-year-old son with the woman who lives in that home. we found he has one more housing complex which is known for selling drugs. we looked in his criminal past. it shows howard has been arrested 16 times before not including hi juvenile record. he's been in prison 12 times since 2006 mostly on drug charges and assault and he's even been caught selling drugs behind bars. recently a judge released him on a diversion program which rehabs offenders rather than incarcerate. authorities say his criminal has escalated. most recently police link howard to gang-related shooting on september 1st and since then they've been looking for him.
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he was a no-show at court. he has an active warrant. we were huntingim but obviously unsuccessful. >> police caught up with him last night after officer holder was gunned down. a family member of howard's woanuldn't talk but e ressed his condolences. >> i have family in law enforcement and i feel for them. that's it. >> reporter: he'll likely face charges for the september 1st shooting as well. of course, again, he's inside the pry singt house, police taking its time with the investigation. i'm live here i t >>he investigation. brynn gingras, news 4 new york. this is a picture of officers saluting as officer holder's body arrived at a funeral home. that funeral expected to draw thousands from around the
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he worked for psa 5's assignment. it's lesser known but it's tough. andrew? >> yeah, david. as you know, long-time students of the nypd used to hear about the housing police. they used to be a separate department a couple of years ago but after the merger they got a lot more responsibility. they became psa cops, in charge of public housing, going aft drugs, guns, and violent crimes. plain clothes fellow officers of poli area 5 stood in salute outside the house. >> these are psa cops. for this to be happening at our psa 5, it's very disheartening remember others say the approximately thousand psa cops citywide, about 15 members of
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public housing, also known as anti-crime police since so many housing projects are riddled with drugs and guns. the policionion president told me one on one -- >> it's hugely critical because they know the complexes like the back of their hand, but it's not just the complex, it's not just the building. it's everything that surrounds it. >> reporter: and some leaders tonight had stern words for neighbors who say they should have spoken up and revealed the whereabouts of the wanted gunman before last night's shoot-out. >> he was being harbored by community members who knew that. shame on you. >> reporter: raw and emotional words. there's been a steady stream of visitors outside psa 5 leashing flowers and lighting candles. and within the last couple of hours, everyone has been droppi ng by to offer sympathy.
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> in addition to the curbside tributes, a soaring one. the empire state building will be lit in blue to honor officer holder. you can count on news 4 to bring you every development in this investigation at nbc and n nbc 4 app. coming up at 6:00, much more, how this is reignited the fight over gun control laws here in new york. firefighters returned to this fire in chess see one day af ter flames tore through. smoke is the r feason they returned. the builds is on west 117 7th street. it is still unclear what caused the fire or what caused it to begin smoldering again. still to come, a warning about a p opular delivery app many new yorkers have on their phone. plus, a local burger king goes rogue. what this new jersey store
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decided to do to compete with its rival. and lester holt has what he's working on. >> hi, david and shiba. what does it mean for hillary clinton's standing? our latest poll numbers shed some light. what a hacker found in the cia director's personal e-mail account now being posted including some advice he gave to the president regarding iran. that story plus the man pressing to take over one of the most powerful jobs in the country has some conditions that opens up a conversation about men and work/life balance. new york. these grapes are squishy. i...need a shove. can someone help me? new york. yes, that's a real bear.
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they say they're giving it a second chance. khloe kardashian and lam odom have decided to call off their divorce. this is one week after he was found unconscious in a brothel. they signed off in july but there was a backlog.
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they're legally married. the judge approved to withdraw the divorce petition toda if you're looking to follow in the footsteps, burger king is selling breakfast all day. we have no word from burger king corporate just yet. we should point out there's a mcdonald's across the street clearly trying to compete with mickey d's. coming up, the future is now. was marty mcfly right in his prediction j. what if a service that promised to deliver your dry cleaning actually lost your clothes? better get baquero has a warning
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coming up at 6:00, accused cop killer, why was he still out on the street. he had been sentenced twice since 2007. police commissioner bratden says the suspect should not have been allowed out of jail. why was he? those stories a fend much more when chuck and i see you at 6:00. >> sibila and chuck, thank you. these days we use apps to make our lives easier whether it's to order food or get a ride to work. what about laundry service? what if you don't gemt t your clothes back? >> you'd better get baquero. >> david and shiba, there's an app that will pick up your
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laundry right at your door but the bbb noticed a sharp uptake in complaints and they want you to be aware. >> reporter: from her apartment janet kim, a filmmaker, heard about an app. it's called fly cleans and she was a happy customer until she hand-painted over 80 pounds of clothing. >> they kept tracking it down and admitted they lost it. >> reporter: he frustration grew when she couldn't reach them. >> you don't get attention unless you're on yelp and twitter and there are a lot of very unhappy people. >> there are about 38 complaints at this point havebeen filed by consumers.
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york city area better business complaints. >> we contacted them in july as we do with any company we see. we asked them to respond to the done. >> reporter: after her complaint $200. they say it's based on industry guide lions. $5 per pound minus depreciation. with any app it's good to review the policy. >> what if you lose my clothes. >> check any reviews, check yelp. make sure they have a phone number and a person you can speak to. >> we asked fly cleans about the bbb's remarks and they say in recent months they've grown their customer review base and they've.
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reached out to her after our call and apologized. he's offered ed ed ed ing to reimburse her in full. that's roughly $1,200. >> to get in touch send an e-mail to bettergetbaquero bettergetbaquero or call us. it's official. >> we're now living in the future. >> yeah, we are. remember the movie "back to the future 2?" then you might remember. >> october 21st, 2015. >> 2015? >> so crazy. today is back to the future day. but many of the movie's predictions have not come true. one in particular definitely won't if the mets have their way. >> wait a minute. cubs win world series. >> i'd say maybe next year. >> yeah. the mets are three up now, okay? so we're hoping this will happen.
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the hover boards maybe we'll get those next year. iea know they're working on it. quite haven't mastered it. >> interesting to talk about it today, dave. >> future day? >> future day it's i'm old day somewhat is. man, it was that long ago. nice to see you, everyone, as we go from movies to broadway. spring's spring awakening is playing. some places warm around the region. temps aren't going to stay that way for long. we're going to get back to seasonable conditions. no major rain in the picture for the near term beyond the seven-day forecast. 69 in elmhurst, close to 70 in flauoral park d 64 in oceanside. staten island checks in at 67. look at these temperatures in dutchess county. 76 in poughkeepsie, 75 in
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bridgewater, 66 in long branch. ths.ese are the high temperatures around the region. just exceptional. exceptionally warm when you consider our average high on this day our norm should be out 62 degrees. fast-rising temperatures. remember, we were at 50 on sunday. so we've risen 26 degree s s. it brings it up. bruce is there. hein'lf have all the details for us all night long. please stay with us. getting cloudier during the overnight. the clouds in advance of the front pushing through. comfortable conditions. tomorrow, glorious 74 degrees. yes, it gets cloudier as the day progresses but it's going be
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absolutely spectacular all in all. 578d then there are those changes. as we head into friday, those breezy conditions stick with us. 10 to 20-mile-per-hour winds. saturday, 60 degrees. sunday, a better chance of shower activity. and as we head into monday, tuesday, wednesday, a better chance of more widely spread showers. that's a quick look at our forecast. folks, we'll send it back to you. >> thank you. it's time to meet this week's "wednesday's child." >> joshua is looking for a family to share his passion for life, maybe even play a few video games. here's newt s 4's janice huff. >>- same time. >> bright. full of life. >> reporter: and full of ideas. joshua took an interest in all kinds of video games from fantasy -- >> i see the ean. i'm swimming. >> reporter: to action. all this fun inspires him to
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accomplish one of own life's goals. >> work with video games and create. >> but the whole idea of s w is open mountain skiing. >> reporter: joshua is also into sports. >> basketball, any kind of sports. even lacrosse. >> reporter: and he's an a student in school. >> i'm on a regent's level. >> very sociable. very likeable. gets along with all he's peers. >> reporter: like many children in foster care, life hasn't been easy for joshua. >> josh has had a lot of loss of life in his young age. it time he find a forever family. >> repor r: a family that can his opponent in plays video games but in real life always on team joshua. >> family means to me, love, caring, sharing, kind. the most fun about it is love. >> janusz
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>> if you're interested in adopting any of wednesday's children please call the hotline. >> sharing, caring, and love. so sweet. coming up next, tracking your teen behind the wheel. >> a new tool parents are using
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letting your teenager get behind the wheel of car, we know it's nerve-racking for any parent. >> what if you could track whatk they were doing in the car? would that make it easier? we're shown a new toolth that eat lessing parents do just that. >> reporter: parents, have you
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driving when you're not around? pretty soon cars will give parents report cards on their driving habits. were they driving over the speed limit, did they have close calls or were they distracted? this is a system that will first be introduced in the 2016 malibu. >> click on the report card. if your friend says, hey, i'm going to visit a friend that's 20 miles away and it's 36 miles away, let's have a conversation, where did you go. >> the car automatically slows to avoids p estrians and steers them back when they're going off the road. the music is muted. >> all music is mute till i fasten my seatbelt. once i put on my seatbelt, the music comes on. >> reporter: car crashes are the
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number one killer of teens. aaa believes it soon could be standard for all cars. >> we think teens knowing that they're being monitored will help to reinforce good driving behavior on their part. >> reporter: there's definitely some concern from parent wls this amounts to spying on their kids but people we spoke with said they would try it. >> i think it's very important. whether it be for teens or even to seniors as well. >> reporter: in engle wood iffs, michael ga iulo, news 4 new york. >> thank you for watching. stay with us. the news continues. now at 6:00, the latest information on the fourth nypd officer shot to death in the last 11 months. >> why! plus, the outpouring of grief from friendses, family, and fell low officers. >> some people have to be in jail.
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shooter a career criminal free to roam our streets. good evening, i'm chuck scarborough. >> and i'm sibila vargas. the suspect tyrone howard was wanted in a shooting just last month before he allegedly shot and killed officer randolph holder last night. the shooting happened at the end of a long chase that started at 102nd street and ended at 120th. we have new information on the program that allowed the alleged shooter out on the streets. the latest on the community reaction and we look at new investigation. >> i team sarah wallace is there with more for us. sarah. >> reporter: first, chuck, the latest. you can see fdr drive has been opened but the pedestrian walkway right over there where officer holder was shot remains
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