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tv   Today  NBC  October 22, 2015 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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temperature more. bright and sunny for friday. breezy, upper 50s for saturday but dry. maybe an early shower sunday and 60s. quiet into early next week. more seasonable temperatures. >> chris, thanks so much. the "today" show is coming up next. >> that's what's happening today in new york. good morning. the hot seat. hillary clinton n capitol hdel this morning for the long-awaited hearing on the terror attacks in benghazi. will there be fireworks again? >> what difference, at this point, does it make? >> will there be new evidence revealed today in the case that has polarized so many? confession. the suspect in the road rage killing of a 4-year-old girl in custody and admitting to the crime. the tip that led to his arrest. busted. mexican authorities arrest six people accused of helping el chapo escape.
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will those arrests bring authorities closer to their man? and clean sweep. >> they haven't been to the world series since 2000, and the mets are on their way back. >> the mets beat the cubs to advance to the world series for the first time in 15 years. >> giving new shine to the big apple. but there's no joy in cubville today, thursday, october 22nd, 15. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lawyer lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. i was on a half second delay because of what's happening in new york city. everybody is excited about the mets. >> tale of two cities. new york happy. the mets going back to the world series.
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not good morning for chicago. the cubs get swept. >> why can't everyone win? no ties in baseball. >> no crying in baseball either. >> may have been tears in chicago. let's go to the top story. one day after the vice president said he is not running, hillary clinton now set to testify before the house select committee on benghazi. this stems from september 11th, 12, was the mission in fbenghazi, libya, was attacked. four americans were killed, and many have been questioning if the attack could have been prevented. >> a state department independent investigation into benghazi found systemic failures, leadership and nagement deficiencies at the state department. clin thton echoed that report, acknowledging a systemic break down. andrea mitchell has more on that and the political ramifications. good morning.
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with our new poll showing 44% of americans are not yet satisfied with hillary clinton's answers about benghazi, t ay is, indeed, her best chance to change all of that. republicans wh themselves, in cent weeks, have hurt the credibility. >>rs reporter: hillary clinton will be on the hot seat today after spending a week in her washington home in a war room with her husband and top ads visers she's had tough questions on benghazi before, including this iconic moment. >> what difference, at this point, dos it make? >> reporter: clinton's game plan th whic time, not to lose her cool. >> don't play the game. be above the fray and, you know, you'll be fine. >> reporter: house republicans point out if not for their investigation, no one would have discovered clinton was usi ling a private e-mail server. >> they're going to try to wear her down. itls looks like this hearing that wawes going to last for two or foouur hours, they're talking about six, eight or ten hours.
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up, as she showed in her town hall with sasavannah. >> this was set up for making a epartisan political issue out of the death of four americans. i would never have done that. >> reporter: what happened before, during and after the attack, now about to be portrayed in a new movie coming out in january, with a storyline clinton allies argue is not factually correct. clinton is facin an ad that aired four times during the debate. despite criticism by the families of those killed in the tacks. the mother of one of the victims wants answers from her today. >> how come she let my son be killed? she knew this was happening. >> her numbers are dropping. >> reporter: it's republicans led by kevin mcar cae rthy who helped clinton, by acknowledging the
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politics of it all. >> the stakes are high today for hillary clinton and her campaign for the presidency and also for the republicans who have, so r, spent $4 million over 17 months, and have y t to all another top national security official during benghazi, other than hillary clinton. >> andrea mitchell, thank you very much. despite w tbyou said, the high stakes at the benghazi hearing today, hillary clinton has one less thing to wor wa about. vice president joe biden is not going to challenge her for the democratic nomination for president. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker has more on w ofhat was going on behind the vice president's decision, if you can. ha extraordinary day at the white house. after more than 80 days of indy indecision by v e president biden, the time was gone. his son had died in may, which was pivotal, but for biden, bowing out doesn't mean staying quiet.
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>> reporter: joe biden is waking up to the reality his lifelong goal of becoming president isn't going to happen now. >> i believe we're out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> reporter: it was a difficult deercision for the vice president, as recent as monday, his advisers were convinced a 2016 campaign was a go. instead, thes y and even the president, who served as a sounding board for biden, for left guessing until the final hours. with oneof the biggest questions of the race settled, hillary clinton has the most to gain. polls show her lead over bernie sanders increasing without biden in the race. clinton called biden after the announcement and tweeted he's a good friend and a great man. sa, nders also weighed? >> joe biden is a man who has demid hisoentire life to public service and to the well-being of worki families and the middle class. >> reporter: so did republicans. >> i thought he would have been
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a competitive candidate in the democratic nomination. >> he did the smart thing because, frankly, i don't know that he would have won. he wouldn't have gotten the nomination. i don't think he probably would have. frankly, i really want to run against hillary. i really do. >> reporter: biden, who has run for president twice before, at times, sounded like a candidate during wednesday's announcement, seeming to take aim at hillary clinton, who recently called republicans her enemies. >> they're not our enemies. for the sake of the country, we have to work together. >> reporter: and he made it clgeear in the months ahead, he will not sit on the sidelines. >> i intend to speak out alearly and forcefully to influence as much as i can where we stand as a party and where we need to go as a nation. >> sources familiar with biden tell me an important moment for the vice president was the democratic debate, when clinton, e he been wounded, delivered a dominant performance. her poll numbers went up, and his started to drop. it was hard to see a path to
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>> kristen, thanks. stick around. >> we'll bring chuck todd into this conversation. let's start with benghazi. at's the news we expect today. hillary clinton has done a fairly good job of trying to disqualify this panel. some would argue they disqualified themselves. woryuld you expect her to kind of call them out on that directly today? >> i'll be curious to see how aggressive she is on that front. i think that that is actually a riskier strategy. if she -- you could argue, they d the politicize ing. they acknowledged it with kevin mccarthy, let them live with it. if she doesn't take this seriously, if she's too political herself, she's not going to help herself with the narrow slice of voters that might actually be persuaded by what happens today. >> the tone is hard, and she hasn't always gotten the tone right. she got criticized for making jokes about the scandal. i would imagine, there are going to be testy moments. >> there are.
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i think there's two tough things she has to deal with. number one is, for 15 years, the state department was told it had to improve embassy security. 15 years. this is four secretaries of state. she, along with three other secretaries of state, didn't do that. second, is this about libya and the decision to go into libya? that's where she has no good answers. if they focus on e-mails, if play focus on the benghazi attack itself, that's where republicans can fall into a trap and clinton can feel comfortable. >> savannah and i were talking. it was bizarre yesterday in the rose garden. i'm not running but here's what i would say if i am. i'm not running but i'll take swipes at the front runner who, by the way, i'm not ready to endorse endorse. what was your feeling about that? >> it was almost as if he was delivering the speech he would have delivered if he had announced. i think it underscores how conflicted he was throughout the entire process. this is someone who always
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wanted to be president. i think when he looked at the numbers, when he looked at the big picture, he realized it was a narrow path. in order to win the nomination, he would have had to have gone after hillary clinton. he would have had to have gone for the nug jugular. that's not what he wanted to do. >> someone who said biden would look like a candidate the second before he got out of the race, it was true. >> he regrets not getting in before the debate. that was not a speech of a man who decided not to run for president. that was a speech by a man who said, i want to be president but i can't figure out how to run. >> can i a about paul ryan? he doesn't have the endorsement of the freedom caucus, the hard liners in the house -- >> but he has the votes. >> right. is he likely to be speak center. >> he said, i won't do immigration while president obama is president. that might have been enough.
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>> thanks, guys. appreciate it. republican front runner donald trump will join us live monday morning from new hampshire for a live town hall meeting with voters. join can conversation. send us a question using #trump today. to a major development in the road rag case that left a 4-year-old new mexico girl dead. authorities arrested a man and charged him with murder. miguel is following the story from albuquerque. good morning. >> good morning. tony torez was a retorrez was arrested after confessing to the shooting. there were multiple leads that le d them to the suspect, a rder motivated by road rage. >> reporter: the news came with this tweet. tony torrez charged with the murder of lily garcia, less than 48 hours after her death. >> the albuquerque police department detectives took into
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who confessed to the murder, of little lily gar ttle lilly garcia. >> reporter: lilly was shot in a fit of road rage. she was riding in this pickup truck with her father and brother after school, when road rage led torrez to fire at the truck while driving on the highway. >> the father recognizing that he did, in fact, hear shots, saw that his daughter was bleeding, pulled to the edge of the road and tried to administer first aid. >>c reporter: the only one hit by the gunfire, lilly died at the hospital. 66% of traffic deaths are caused by aggressive driving. 37% involve a firearm. lilly's family, thankful for the
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support pouring in on social need ya immediate media and online. her mot kr writing, your help, comfort and compassion during this difficult time is greatly proesht appreciated. her father, she as the light of my life and showed me how to truly love. a family grateful as they grieve. the mayor says torrez has a lengthy criminal history. he faces several felony counts, including murder. he's being held here on $650,000 bonds. back to you. >> thank you very much. let's get to al now with potentially dangerous weather situation you're following. >> we've already got reports of gh water rescues going around in texas. let's show you what's been happening overnight. we start in new mexico. you can see the heavy rain pounding. hail involved. high water rescues had gone on overnight. look at the hail coming down. golf ball sized hail coming in, ca
7:14 am
windows and causing big damage. lubbock, texas, you can see the driving rain, which is causing massive flooding, high water alerts. we have flash flood watches and warnings in effect. thndis is why this is happening, we have basically hurricane patricia patricia, all the moisture will be coming up out of mexico into texas. we have a tornado watch in effect right through the afternoon, as these heavy understorms move through. flash flood watches and warnings into early next week. all this moisture coming up, and the cells of these rain cells e going to keep piling up on top. today, north central texas is the bull's eye. locally, four to six inches of rain. tomorrow, we have more. the system will stall out and sit over texas. another five inches o rain. as we move into saturday, another five inches of rain on top of that. south central texas, to corpus christi, between today and
7:15 am
or more of rain, guys. >> wow. >> falling in that area. ash flooding is going to be a massive problem. this is going to be an all ekend event. >> we will keep an eye on it. thank you. >> you bet. let's turn to major league baseball. foilr the first time iu 15 years, the new york mets are headed to the world series. listen. >> strike three called. they haven't been to the world series since 2000, and the mett are on their way back! >> that's right. the mets swept the chicago cubs with a big win, game four, the nlcs, 8-3. they jumped out to an early 4-0 lead in the first inning. ey never looked back. >> second baseman murphy led the way again, hitting another home run, a record-setting six straight post season game in which he homered. murphy is mvp.
7:16 am
the cubs never head the lead. for their opponent, that's to be determined. the series is, kansas city adin , leading. >> the new york papers, all over the mets' win. you want to see how tou it is in chicago? they haven't won sin 1908. take a look at some of the faces on cubs' fans, who are still wat iting for the mirac return t >>so painful. >> it's a young team. they have high hopes. >> lot of potential. >> hearts go out to the folks in chicago. >> yeah. don't play uf ntil tuesday. some of the young arms, they'll do all right. natalie has breaking news. >> starting off with a deadly attack at a school in sweden. officials say a masked man armed with a sword or large knife killed at least one teacher and
7:17 am
injured several students at a school outside sweden's second largest city. anxious families waited outside of, the building for any news. the school has 400 students with classes ranging from preschool to high school. the attacker was shot and wounded by police. police in st. louis are trying to find whoever is behind a string of arsons at churches. at least seven churches have burned in the last two weeks. the latest one this morning. re rter john henry of our nbc station is in st. louis. good morning. >> good morning. this happened near downtown st. louis. like all he other fires, it happened at a doorway. it was set at the doorway here. one big difference here is it happened at the rectory of this church. on top of that, there's also a geographical difference. it happened near downtown. the others have happened in the north side of our city. on top of that, another difference to be told here, is that this is a predominantly
7:18 am
white church. the other churches have been predominantly black. they believe the person may have scouted out the area beforehand. >> john henry in st. louis. thank you. secretary of state john kerry is holding a key meeting with benjamin netanyahu. kerry arrived in berlin for theaimed at easing the vi leens between -- violence between palestinians and israelis. kerry will meet with president abrebas in a few days in jordan. pope francis has a small, curable brain tumor. the paper said the pope met with a japanese surgeon twice to offer health advice. the report is called unfounded, and the surgeon dismissed the story as completely false. the newspaper says it stands by its story. today in new york city, a
7:19 am
tribute at the national september 11th memorial and museum for slain police officer holder. the man who killed holder, howard, was arraigned and charged with first degree murder. there's a lot of outrage, as the suspect is described as a career criminal with 28 prior arrests. many wondering why he had been on the streets at all. the suspect is now being held without bail. cory wells, one of the founding members of the 1970s rock group, three dog night, died unexpectedly. they had hits like "mama told me not to come," and this one, "joy to the world." jeremiah was a bullfrog, was a good friend of mine >> shamala. easier sung than said. he performed with the band until last month when he developed
7:20 am
back pain. he was 74 years old. >> that's sad. >> we all remember. >> generational. we had a young lady named carter who works with us. when we told her the song, "joy to the world," she thought it was the other. >> the holiday song. >> exactly. you had to be around back in the day. >> the '70s. >> exactly. >> good times. >> more weather? >> let's show you what's going on for the rest of the country. today, we have a beautiful day in the pacific northwest. the rain makes its way to the central plains. up and down the eastern seaboard, we have gorgeous weather, as well. cooler but sunny through the great lakes. to the used car buyer who's worried about getting taken for a ride... don't worry. the only rides you'll get taken on at carmax are the ones you take yourself. but just in case that absolutely 100 percent perfect choice... ...turns out to be... less than perfect... we give you five days to change
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sorry. some clouds from the city on north this morning. temperature 59 in the park. 40s to the west of us. we'll see a mix of clouds. one last mild day. temperatures climbing into the 70s. could be a spritz or sprinkle early eke. clearing sky overnight. 51 in the city, 40 in the suburbs. high temperature upper 50s. same for saturday. the clouds roll in late. maybe early showers sunday. 66. quiet early next week. 60 monday and tuesday and a few showers likely by wednesday. latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. coming up, are authorities closing in on el chapo? the escaped mexican drug kingpin who escaped from prison, he's one of the most wanted men in the world. the new arrests that could be a major break in the case.
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people are shopping online. packages. the battle over the boxes.
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it's thursday morning. looking at the tappan zee bridge. 59 degrees out. i'm darlene rodriguez. an eight alarm fire in new jersey has left hundreds of people without a home. news 4's tracie strahan has the latest from passaic. >> reporter: darlene, the fire that started around 9:00 on gregory avenue was only brought under control early this morning. flames could be seen shooting out of the top of the five story brick b foding around that time. heavy smoke as well. as many as 400 people had to get themselves to safety. all 60 apartments are thought to have sufdered some sort of damage. the red cross has helped everyone tha was displaced. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. back to you. tracie, thank you very much. the morning commute. >> you have delays on downtown d trains this morning. that is due to signal trouble. also an hour on the upper level of the george, same at the lincoln. 10 from route 1 and 9. 80 eastbound.
7:27 am
bronx river parkway. crash in queens and the cross hail in southbound. the southern state westbound at 110, accident here wrapping up. big delays back to wellwood avenue. >> thank you very much. [c 'll be back with chris's forecast. heading back into the 70s but it gets crisp and cooler by tomorrow and carries that into the weekend. a shower threat possible on sunday, but not a lot of rain anticipated. you can see that on the seven
7:28 am
pretty quiet, 76, upper 50s. saturday dry. morning showers sunday. more nice weather next week before showers return on wednesday. darlene ? chris, thank you. wrangler is on the road and taking the lone star state by storm. we'll have another local update in half an hour. see you then. team starts practice today. coach called to see how i was doing. i blew out my knee last year. just as college football programs began calling me. i didn't realize i'd get hooked on the pain pills the doctor gave me.
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change so fast. for now at least, football and college are going to have to wait. don't let addiction sideline your dreams. 7:30 now onaa thursday morning. it's a beautiful morning here in new york. nice, warm temperatures again. those are coming to an end a little bit, but we have a great crowd celebrating the mets victory out on the plaza. hopefully, it'll be nice tomorrow, when carrie underwood is outside for her concert. >> can't wait for that. stories making headlines this hour. hillary clinton testifies today before the house select committee on benghazi. four americansty died in the 2012 atratacks on the u.s. consulate there. the conservative house
7:30 am
freedom caucus says it supports representative paul ryan for speaker f the house, but that l but guarantees he will get the job. still, the group stressed their support for ryan was not an official endorsement. as mentioned, the new york mets heading backe to the world series for the first time in 15 years. red-hot second baseman david murphy homered again, as the mets continued their sweep of the chicago cubs. they now await the winner between toronto and kansas city. coming up, point, click and deliver. package gridlock. online sales are boom g. they're expected to increase more this holiday season. now, more and more landlords are saying, thanks but no thanks. they're not taking resident's deliveries. what is a shopper to do? mexico's most wanted fugitive, the search is growing more intense. authorities captured six people whyoo helped el chapo break out of
7:31 am
prison back in july. >> reporter: more than three months after kihgpin joaquin el chapo guzman tunnelled out of this prison, the mexican government arrested dozens of people allegedly involved in helping him get away. wednesday night, mexican auth rity general gomez said six more people have been arrested, including chapo's brother-in-law, who allegedly supervised the tunnel instruction, and a member of his legal team, accused of masterminding the escape. a pilot wasbalso arrestdw. to escape, guzman dropped down a hole in his prison cell toka sophisticated tunnel, the exit a mile away. what's most impressive is how well the tunnel is built. there are steel beams, wood, electricity. this is a generator to run the lights. this is an electrical panel. the attorney general says he was then driven north to the town of san juan del rio. from there, two planes took off.
7:32 am
to the sinaloa area, the ronghold of his drug cartel, where he's fiercely protected. >> he knows that area better than probably most of mexico's security forces. >> reporter: sources tell nbc news after agents intercepted phone calls indicating chapo was at a ranch in a tiny town, marines raided the area earlier this month. it's believed chapo and his security team got away on all terrain vehicles. he suffered leg and facial injuries to avoid recapture. the latest military search for chapo is winding down, as his trail goes cold. the attorney general says chapo will face justice. once again, he has disappeared. for "today," mark potter, nbc news, miami. we want to turn now to former nba star lamar odom and his wife khloe kardashian. odom was hospitalized after suffering a drug overdose.
7:33 am
craig melvin has more on that. >> good morning. the spotlight once again focused on heir relationship. lamar odom, khloe kardashian, they separated in 2013. they had filed for divorce. submitting the paperwork in july. the judge just had to sign off. yesterday, the entire process came to a halt. >> reporter: it's official. khloe kardashian and lamar odom are calling off their divorce. inju court documents filed wednesday, kardashian's requested the divorce judgm t willing dismigissed. the nba star, still recovering, signed the agreement. >> a source says this wasn't the time for the couple to move forward with their divorce proceeding. it's a difficult and trying time for them, and they're focusing on the fact that lamar needs to get better. >> reporter: lamar odom is again waking up in a los angeles hospital. he arrived three days ago with his previously estranged wife at
7:34 am
his side. odom was found unresponsive last week inside a brothel. odom's condition is improving. in a statement released tuesday, khloe kardashian said, the past week has been incredibly difficult but incredible strides have been made. >> courtesy of chef odom. >> reporter: the former nba champ has a long road to recovery recovery, as the road to reconciliation starts today. >> the couple could file for divorce again but, apparently, this is typical standard procedure there. the process on h d for now. >> wait and see. >> craig, thank you very much. g another check of thl weather from mr. roker. >> we have the temperature roller coaoter going. a good time t keep your feet and arms inside the car at all times. boston, let's start it off. monday, you were 48 degrees. wednesday, you got to 61.
7:35 am
look what happens friday, you're down to 52 degrees. let move along. we go to new york city. again, on monday, you had a temperature of a 53. yesterday, 76. tomorrow, 60. finally, take the roller coaster to philadelphia. monday, 55 degrees. yesterday, 76, and then we get to gu 64 on friday. you like that? >> can't handle roller coasters anymore. >> that' another beautiful day. we're on the peak of the roller coaster as 76 degrees as al pointed out. turns cooler. earing skies after an evening ower. 51ou mid town, 40 suburbs. tomorrow only in the upper 50s to near 60s despite the fact we have bright sunshine throughout. still in the upper 60s.
7:36 am
morning showers, 66. back close to more wet weather by next week. >> glad i was able to induce a little nausea for everybody. >>he do the teacups next time. >> the worst. coming up, what is the secret to a happy marriage? you may only need to know two words. we'll tell you what they are. >> two words? coming up next, delivery overload. why the packages you buy this holiday season may not make it to you. we have that story people think californians live in our own reality. with our heads in the clouds. like bunch of space cadets. huh? what? i've drawn a blank. what's my line? [director]: reset! maybe we do live in a fantasy... .in our own little bubble. just hangin' out! as if we're not completely down to earth. but just a bunch of dreamers? way! we're just like everyone else. you know, average joes. start dreaming big at
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7:41. we're back on this thurs y morning. online shopping is now at an all-time high. >> that's leading to a growing problem across the country. landlords in apartment buildings struggling to keep up with these packages. one major chain is refusing to accept deliveries. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more on this from atlanta. good morning. >> good morning. there are two trends going on here. more people are living in apartments and more people are shopping online. now, some apartment complexes, like this one, are trying to meet this demand head on. others say, it just doesn't make fi ncial sense. >> reporter: as the holidays creep closer, landlords are feeling boxed in. >> oh, my goodness. anywhere from 100 to 200 packages. >> reporter: it's a delivery dilemma dilemma, brought on by a mountain of online shopping. the package pileup has gotten so
7:41 am
bad, one of the country's largest operators stopped accepting them. they say delivery ie s are skyrocketing 50% annually. each package is ten minutes of lost productivity, adding up to $3 million a year. >> they said that the new policy was packages would no longer be going t the office, that they would be dropped off at your door. >>ov reporter: christina says she and her neigherrs are outraged. a lot of people are breaking their lease and moving out. >> reporter: the company said the decision wasn't easy. the package volume exc ded the amount of space we have to accommodate them. other properties like this one in houston opened a package room in the last year. >> we're trying to make it more convenient. >> reporter: with online retail sales expected to surge 27% since 2013, not just departments are inundated, but college
7:42 am
campuses, where students arebooks online. many pi mail roo offer e-mail or text alerts. others have height and weight restrictions. others are italling lockers >> th key pads for residents. >> it can be overwhelming. >> yes. >> do you need a bigger package room? >> yes. >> this rental property in atlanta has hire add full-time employee whose job it is to handle the packages. guys, this is no longer a high-end ameant namenity. many residents expect it. >> it is growing. >> absolutely. >> every time a guy comes to my door, the driveway, i go, nice seeing you. he goes, i'm sure i'll see you later. >> i feel bad. i get like six packages a d.y at my house. >> becoming family members. >> invite them in for dinner ne xt time. >> > coming up, who will take the stage for the super bowl halftime show? there's buzz around one band this morning.
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morning ted! scott! ready to hit some balls? a ooh! hey buddy, what' s up? this is what it can be like to have shingles. oh, man. a painful, blistering rash. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. after almost 3 weeks, i just really wanted to give it a shot. you know, i' m not feeling it today. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. if you remember, the iphone 6s just came out last month. there's already speculation abe yut the new iphone 7. we know how this works. let's check in with carson to find pl out what they're talking about. >> that is right, guys. the iphone 7, we're just getting used to the iphone 6. the rumor is out.
7:48 am
you have, this is gene munster, a notable research alyst. based on his favorable rating of apple stock, it went up 9%. he's predicting you're going to 7. we can always improve on that. they might replace the home button on your iphone and incorporate more of the 3-d touch technology on the phone. >> i love that. >> i love the home button. >> when you're stuck in the matrix of your phone, it's your bailout. >> it's your lifeline. >> in the middle of the night, that's the way you know if it's upside down or right side up. >> that's correct. >> we should all have a home button. >> exactly. >> we'll start a #save the home button. hopefully that'll pick up steam. i want it to stay. the iphone 7, rumored to come out septemb 2016, you still have the new apple tv set to be released and the ipad pro. the future looks good for apple,
7:49 am
which is why the stock went up yesterday. >> they're kind of brilliant in keeping their products in the head looip headlines, aren't they? >> amazing. what one major company is doing to woo female workers. could it be the start of the new trend? the always entertaining simon cowell making a big announcement. >> tell me that after a check of these messages, y you are so small. d our hopes for you so big. yet what we expect of you is less important than what you expect of us. you expect us to keep you warm, and fed. to wish you sweet dreams and to help those dreams come true. you expect us to teach you to do the right thing. and try to leave the world a little better than you found it. a bit safer, cleaner, fairer. so we trceour best, because we want something
7:50 am
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live, this is "news 4 new york" now. good morning, everyone.
7:55 am
the man accused of murdering new york city police officer randolph holder is being held without bail. tyrone howard didn't enter a plea when he went before a judge in a courtroom filled full of officers. he had been previously convicted ten times and arrested 16 times. back in february he was released into a program to keep drug ofefendern from over crowding t >>he ty's jal,s. mayor de blasio called him a hardened criminal who should never havesseen on the streets. let's ke a look at the morning commute. >> re's emily west. >>ot> we have an accident in greenwich. exit 3, you can see it's off to th te side. several cars off to the side and really a big backup as you try to get around that. trouble on the sprain accident here around 100 b northbound. slowdowns as well getting around it. delays in new jersey first off on the turnpike eastern spur. we have a crash there. 60 minutes at the lincoln. hour at the george. darlene. >> thank you. checking t weather, sun, clouds, high of 76. tonight a cool
7:56 am
bright, sunny 59. mperatures on saturday staying in the upper 50s under cloudy skies. sunday, a chance for some rain in the morning. 66 degrees. coming up on the "today" show, today's parenting, five tips for getting your little ones off to sleep.
7:57 am
i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses... see spectacular sights underground... ...or thrilling sights above it. there's so many incredible ways to experience the fun of fall in new york state. plan your trip at
7:58 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, wooing working women. the company that will pay for fertility treatments, adoption fees and more. will it be a trend? you sang like a dog trying to lay an egg. >> everyone's favorite judge, simon cowell, joins us to talk about some big news. wrangler on the road. our puppy with a purpose is crossing the country, making friends everywhere he goes. >> up, down. >> as we headbao the lone star
7:59 am
state this morning. today, thursday, october 22nd 2015. t's always a good time mama told me not to come >> good morning, australia! >> it's my 16th birthday, and i came from minnesota. >> from arizona, i'm 60 today. >> ook at you. happy birthday. >> al roker is my hero. here's we're here to see savannah. >> it's 8:00 on "today." welcome back. it's thursday, october 22nd, 20 t15. it's a pretty day out here on our plaza. you have kind of a sentiimental pick for your t owback thursday song today. >> because we were talking about
8:00 am
the loss of cory wells, the late singer of three dog night, we decided to do "mama told me not to come." >> it was your wedding so. >> love it. >> our buddy wrangler is not here by carson's side this morning. he's on the road. he was in washington, d.c. yesterday, and today, he's in .the heart of texas. he's in dallas. we'll find out hat he's beene,p to in the lone star state. also, a familiar face, especially in my house. siri pinter is back. she'll show us crock-pot recipes for the weekend. >> let's get the top stories from natalie. good morning. it's a critical day for hillary clinton and her presidential ambitions, as she go back to capitol hill to testify before
8:01 am
the house select committee on benghazi. she's facing tough questions about what happened before, during and after the 2012 attack on the u.s. diplomatic compound in libya that killed f r americans, including the ambassador. she accused the committee of turning benghazi into a political issue, but house republicans point out it was their investigation that led to the revelation about mrs. clinton using a private e-mail server. vice president joe biden is urging fellow democrats to run on president obama's record, even though he has decided against a third run for the whit.e house. biden ended months of eculatio during an appearance with the president wednesday in the rose garden. he said after losing his son beau in may, the grieving process did not leave him with enough time to mount a winning campaign. wisconsin republican paul ryan is a step closer to becoming speaker of the house. late wednesday, he won the backing of a majority of the conservative house freedom caucus. ryan tweeted, it's a p ty step toward party unity, one of his
8:02 am
conditions for agr ing to run for the post. a suspect is in custodyifor the deadly road rage shooting of a 4-year-old girl in new mexico. tony torrez was arrested overnight. he's charged with murdering lilly garcia tuesday, by firing into her father's truck. police say the two men had just exchanged words over a traffic incident. they say an anonymous tip led to the arrest. police in southern california are asking for help in finding four masked suspects seen here on surveillance video, as they burst into a jewelry store on wednesday and staged dramatic smash and grab. it all lasted about a minute. the men reportedly were armed, but no one was hurt. officials said the stolen items had tracking devices. about 30 m utes after the robbery, police got reports of rolex watches being thrown out of a car on a freeway. guess they figured it out. seese same street is introducing new character to increase
8:03 am
autism awareness. the new kid on the block is this little kid. preschooler named julia. sesame street says she'll be a br ight little girl who does eathings a little differently when playing with her muppet friends. julia will appear in digital and printed storybooks, featuring elmo and abby. great idea. glad to see them do it. >> thanks very much. let's talk about health care. open enrollment season about to start for a lot of companies. while it may feel like the trend is higher premiums and fewer options, aidt tech firms, it's the opposite. intel is quadrupling some of the fertility benefits. why, erica? >> this is what some people are hoping this will be a new and different trend when it comes to health care. not only will employees see mor nefits for the fertility treatments, but the family leave and adoptions are getting a boost. the tech giant says it's good for business.
8:04 am
>> reporter: there's no perfect time to start a family. creasingly, americans are putting of babies to focus on educatio and career. the downside to having children later, our bodies don't always get the message. and age isn't the only factor. across the country, 1 in 8 women struggle with fertile ity fertility. recently, well-known tech companies have been adding more fertility benefit for employees. facebook and yahoo! will pay for egg freezing. intel will quadrupue their fertility benefits to $40,00 related drug costs will increase. employees won't need a medical diagnosis, which will help same-sex couples. >> this initiative is basically trying to help our employees at a time when any research says
8:05 am
that it's very stressful, specifically, people trying to start a family. >> reporter: women account for over 24% of intel's work force. 's a number the company is ho ping to grow. >> what we wanted to do was to keep the talent we've got and, so, help to attract even more talent. >> reporter: while some form of infertile ity treatment is covered by 60% of large companies across all industries, only about 1/4 cover invitro vertly vaigs fertilization, the most expensive. it can cost $30,000 with a success rate of 20% to 30%. >> we were willing to break into our retirement and do what we had to do because we wanted children so badly. >> it didn't come to that. he r benefits covered nearly all of her fertility costs. >> we didn't have to fret over how we would afford it, necessarily. fret over things like, we're
8:06 am
going to be parents. how do we do that? rather than, how do we pay for it? >> this is something that, obviously, is working well. we're seeing it with high-tech companies who will say, we need to do this and increase the benefits because we need to tract and retain top talent. regular mainstream businesses and small businesses, it's tough for them to keep up with the cost. maybe they will have some influence. >> one area you have the competition for the best employees is working out for the employees. coming up on trending, a frightening tale out of cleveland. is the ghost of claude monet haunting his own art? a big announcement from simon cowell. the answer to every parent's
8:07 am
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8:10 am
we're back. it's 8:12. time for what's trending today. >> does t smell like cheese, or is it just me? >> yummy. >> come on. >> i was about to say, al roker is going to make a cheese joke. >> chocolate or cheese? >> chocolate. >> me, too. >> i love cheese. >> you love cheese? >> and chocolate. >> couldn't choose? >> which would you give up? >> i can't. >> answer the question. >> i can't. >> think about it, but you have to make a decision at the end of this trending report. new report is explaining our obsession with cheese. researchers say it could be as addictive as drugs. our brains apparently read a chemical compound in cheese as an addictive substance. one expert said cheese should be called dairy crack. by the way, experts say we're
8:11 am
only supposed to have an ounce of cheese a day. you know how big an ounce after cheese a day is? this, right here. this little one, that's an ounce of cheese. i picked it up, sorry. >> i've been thinking about it. i'm going to say, i'd rather ve up chocolate than cheese. you can get something sweet in other ways. there's only one cheese. there's only one cheese. >> dairy crack. >> don't make me give up the wine that goes with the cheese. velveeta. >> cracker barrel, extra sharp edda >> my mom made a great open faced velveeta grilled cheese >> next story? >> catch you in mid sentence. >> i was cleansing for the next item. secret to a happy marriage? it is not something you do, it is something you say. forget the fancy jewels.
8:12 am
comes down to two words, thank you. this is from the university of georgia. couples who express gratitude to each other are more likely to stdsay together, saying thank you. it helps with the damage caused by a nasty argument. >> i'll end the cooking segment with siri by saying thank you. >> even if your spouse yells at you, say thank you. thank you for pointing out my flaws. >> you know the worst thing you can say in an argument? >> i know you are, but what am i? >> i'm sorry you feel that way. that's worse. >> never say that. >> i hear what you're saying. >> but -- >> but i'm not really listening. >> all right. this time of year with halloweew around the corner, people like a good mystery. here's one from the cleveland museum of art. see what you think. they have an exhibit featuring the works of claude monet, the french impressionist. he died in 1926. lots of people have checked it out, including one mystery man. take a look at the top of the
8:13 am
a shadowy figure with a long, white beard and a hat hovers above. does he look familiar? >> yes. >> some say it's the ghost of monet himself. that he turned up to oversee the exhibit. the museum says the photo was not retouched in any way. or could have be one of the members from zee zee top. >> could have been a publicity stunt. >> i think so. now to the chart-topping band who c.uld rock the super bowl halftime show. can't wait any longer. >> have some cheese, w yoine and relax. yesterday, big news about chris rock and the oscay. this morning, we're talking abevout another one of the year's biggest events. the super bowl halftime show. who might you see on the stage in february? adam levine and his band, maroon 5. the guys are in extensive talks and currently are front runners for the gig. there have been other names.
8:14 am
bruno mars, focoldplay. maybe they all do it. >> that'd be awesome. >> adele, forget the rumors, the superstar herself is confirming new music is on the way. she didn't give a date, but her else kay ssay posted on social media, which is awesome, read it, her new album, 25, she'll explore her journey to self-acceptance. >> the ast album was a breakup album and now this one is a makeup album. >> we've been missing adele. another trending topic. "back to the future." matt celebrated with the cast yesterday on their big day. michael j. fox and christopher loyd lloyd showed up on "jimmy kimmel live." he explained johnny carson no longer being on television.
8:15 am
the selfie. pretty good. they look amazing. >> they do. >> by the way, i c led him christopher walken yesterday. do us,u have cheese in your mouth right now? >> i do. >> finally, big news from simon cowell. after a two-year hiatus from american television, he's making a comeback.omhe will joining "america's got talent" as a judge. joe fryer got the details from simon himself. i've got to run away >> you sang like a dog trying to la hy an egg. >> reporter: if television had a supreme court -- >> i really hated that. sorry. >> reporter: -- simon cowell might be cheap justice. now, he's returning to u.s. tv as a judge on "america's got talent." >> you are essentially the boss of the show. did yao say our say, i would like to be e judge, or was it someone else's decision? >> no. to couldn't really do that. it was the network's decision. >> did you judge them,
8:16 am
ike hey here? i popped my head up. if you are looking for a very good looking british judge who can fit on the show, i know someone, yeah. >> it was like some ghastly party where three work mates got drunk. >> you've done american "american idol" ," idol," "x factor," "britain's got talent." >> i thi the "america's got talent" is one of the best talent shows in the world. the british one has been probably the most fun job i've ever had in my life. >> i think you can win this competition, after that. >> reporter: these days, cowell is balancing work with fa ythercahood. his son eric was born two dsars ago. >> how has it changed you? >> yo you become responsible for someone else apart from yourself. that's your protective gene that kicks? >> can we expect to see a gentler simon on the shows since you're a fa fer? >> if they're good, yes. if
8:17 am
i can't sit in front of someo e who is useless and say, take sing ting lessons and everything will be fine. >> it was just karaoke with a capital "k." it was. >> i should ask you about the scruff. >> what do you think? >> it's great. >> yeah? >> what's the feedback? >> positive. not by everyone, but i'll keep it a while. i have a housekeeper who has been with me 2 ye s, brenda. she saw me and screamed. she didn't like it. >> everyone is a judge, right? >>e exactly. >> reporter: for "today," joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >> earlier this year, howard stern suggested simon, and that is your pop start. back to your cheese, everybody. >> i thought you were enjoying that already. >> we vote for this on trending every day. a knack snack platter. >> tomorrow? >> al, you went for the blue cheese. >> i like it. >> check of the weather?
8:18 am
>> let's show you what's happening right now. again, our big concern today into the weekend is going to be texas in the central plain states. we've got a lot of activity going on. right now, we've got a tornado watch in south central texas. we're going to be watching that, as well. heavy rain between now and tuesday along the i-35 corridor. we're talking heavy rain. dallas, san antonio, corpus christi. some areas, up to 12 inches of rain before it's all over. we will watch this as well. alplso, [ just in, this is really kind of scary. warmest september on record globally. the highest departure for any month in 136 years. and seven months this year with all-time warmth. 2015 is on track for the warmest year on record. we con nue to track this as we
8:19 am
al thanks very much for the info. 60, chela. other day that is above normal tempeaature wise. 40s north and west of the city. patchy cloud cover. a couple sprinkles northwest new jersey. then another round of light showers this evening. look at the temperature this afternoon. back into the 70s. cooler tomorrow. breezy but sunny 59. 58 saturday with clouds. sound, 66 and showers. quiet early next week. >> and that is your latest weather. >> mr. roker, thank you. day wo of wrangler on the road, our puppy with a purpose. he's in the middle of an add adventure, deep in the heart of texas. >> what's wrangler been up to, janet? >> hey, guys. good morning to you. you get to enjoy wrangler every day, but this is a big deal re. in fact, we have the texas chapter of the wrangler fan club here. actually, wrangler's trip had a serious purpose.
8:20 am
it is to put in a new, different and challenging environments. he did something yesterday many us find challenging. going through airport security. >> reporter: getting to dallas marked a milestone for lrangler. his first plane ride. >> wrangler, come. >> reporter: just like the rest of us, he had to endure airport security. wrangler traveled as part of american airlines puppies in flight program. >> we welcome you to board. >> reporter: which let sky dogs in training hitch a ride to their assignments. he even got his wings. >> he's the youngest pilot ever. >> reporter: in texas, wrangler channels his inner cowboy at the ft. worth stockyard. checking out, but not wrangling, cattle, during the daily drive.
8:21 am
friends when in a new place? >> sit. good. >> down. >> you want to read to him? >> yeah! >> yes. >> reporter: kids from the ft. worth boys and girls club were thrilled to give wrangler a texas-sized welcome. >> said the cat in the hat. >> reporter: hard to say who enjoyed it more. >> there we go. thank you, guys. >> wrangler did great on knowwednesday. no secondary screening on the plane. he $ slept most of the flight. as you saw, he was not phased at all by those long horn at the ft. worth stockyard. at the hotel last year, very well-behaved. wein had ti draw the line at ordering room service. herwise, he's a little exhausted from his travels. what are y eating on the ground there, babe? a lotd of fans have come to see him. it's been a smooth trip to far, guys. >> adorable. getting up c lose and personal
8:22 am
with wrangler. doaes he miss us at all, janet? >> i'm sorry? >> has wrangler asked about us? does he miss us or anything? >> i'm sorry. still having trouble hearing. >> never mind. >> he wants to eat everything on the ground. he's been very well-behaved. he'd love to stay in tex but as but he has another part of his trip tomorrow. >> i take that as he misses us. tomorrow, wrangler is on to philadelphia. want to learn about puppies like wrangler, go to the link on our website, coming up, siri is cooking slow cooker treats, perfect
8:23 am
8:24 am
good morning. 26. looking at the george washington bridge on a thursday morning. it i october 22nd. i'm dorlene rodriguez. 400 people are without a home after an apartment building ca hught fire. it broke out just before 9:00 on gregory street. it wasn't put out until early this morning. residents tell us they never heard the buildings fire alarms go off. red cross had to help many of them find place to spend the night. let's take a look at the morning commute. re's eibly west. 45 at the lincoln due to a crash eastbound from route 3 into the bus lines. turnpike northbound near 15x, accident off the side of the rail station. another crash, 287 southbound near exit 39 and 37. 80 eastbound around exit 38, a crash. thank you very much, emalbu thn at's teke a check of the weather. sun, clouds, 76. tonight, a cool 51 degrees. tomorrow, bright and
8:25 am
nny, 59. sa anturday, temperatures staying in the upper 50s under cloudy skies. sunday, a chance for rain in the morning, 66 degrees. and monday, partly sunny, high of 60. coming up on the "today" show, ghostly gadgets and gizmos for halloween.
8:26 am
i dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped up four wheel drive 8:30 on a thursday morning. it is the 22nd day of october, 2015. we get outside to check out the crowd once again. tell you we're going to be treated to a concert tomorrow morning from seven-time grammy winner, carrie underwood, on our plaza. if you like her, and most people do, come early. it'll be a b crowd. >> can't wait for that. coming up, if you can't open your eyes this morning, maybe you're dragging because you're sleep deprived, you might be a parent. this morning, sleep solutions to
8:27 am
give you and your kids a good night's rest. >> never wake up a sleeping baby. we also have new ways to use your slow cooker this morning for deliciously dishes. siri pinter is showing us what she has. how about a check of the weather? >> looking good tomorrow along the east coast, but a lot of rain from the plains, northern plains all the way to texas. we've got heavy rain looking goodea i you get into the western third of the country. as we move into saturday, that rain moves into northern new england, upsta new york. the heavy rain continues ver xas. western two thirds of the country looking good. east coast looks the best. sunday, sunday! we have sunshine in the morning with some showe rs in new england. the rain hangs around the gulf coast. look for more rain in the pacific northwest. elsewhere, things dry and
8:28 am
seas it's a good looking morning out there. 59 degrees. holding steady right now. generally 50s up to the north and 40s across new jersey. we'll warm it up everywhere this afternoon with a partly sunny sky. a sprinkle this mo arning. maybe another one this afternoon and this evening. 51 the low tonight. tomorrow, only back to 59. 58 on saturday. cool but dry. quiet m day, tuesday. more showers. by wed sday. any time you need it. go to weather channel on table. online. a big birthday to our big boy. >> thank you, al. >> how are you, sir? >> thank you very much. >> your twin brother's birthday, too. >> it is. >> funny how that works out. >> it is. thank you very much. always a pleasure. >> back inside. >> happy birthday. thank you so much. we heard a lot over the past few years about the challenges that face young kids with autism. those struggles often continue
8:29 am
into young adulthood. >> c looks at a new film that tells a part of the story. nthist good morning. good to see you. >> good to see both of you. opening up the world was the motivation of the director, who over several months, documented the journey of a group of friends on the autism spectrum. as they prepared to go to their very first prom. the delightful hbo documentary is called "how t dance in ohio." we sat down with one of the stars. >> now, the queen. jessica! >> it's a moment jessica sullivan only dreamed about. not just elected queen of the prom by her friends, but now watching it all over again on the movie screen. >> that part still makes me cry. i don't let many people into my room. >> reporter: she's one of the stars of a new hbo documentary that shines a spotlight on an
8:30 am
often misunderstood disorder, autism. >> had this all my life. i'm not sick. i just - am challenged in different ways than most people. >> reporter: "how to dance in oh yio" follows jessica and her friends, all on the autism spectrum, as they prepare for th r firstgh spring formal. >> how many of you are comfortable slow dancing? >> reporter: their therapist uses this rite of passage to help the kids learn new skills. >> it requires an understanding of a lot of social cues. >> like life. it's complicated. you don't know what to expect. it's scary. >> do you like it, mom? >> gorgeous. >>e reporter: the premiere in hometown columbus brought together the movie's stars and their families. it was a celebration. even during the painful scenes, ke where jessica had a run-in with her boss at work and cries on camera for her mother. >> i wish my mom was here. >> my heart was in my throat. that was the hardest thing, i
8:31 am
to see my daughter say, "i wish myla mom was here." wished i could have been there for her, and there's going to be so many times when i can't be hehere for her. >> reporter: was she reluctant to let her daughter be in the film? >> no. from the time jessica was 10 years old, she told us she wanted to be a voice for autism. >> when people watch, what do you want them to know? >> know that there's more people like us out there. >> they make the world a better place, and they add spices to you'ur spice rack that you can't ever imagine knowing unless you know someone. >> i wish you could have been looking at jessica's face. >> they're some of m favorite people in the whole world. you don't want to watch on the curb all the time. you want to go to a formal, work and have relationships. >> we want to fall in love and go to the dance.
8:32 am
>> life is easier to breathe now, kno ewing that people understand. >> spice, indeed. the film debuts on hbo monday, october 26th at 9:00 p.m. it is a wonderful way to learn about what it means to have autism and, frankly, what it means to be human. >> what a great idea for a do mentary. reasally, really well done. >> they shot for three nths, had 240 hours of film. >> looks amazing. >> thanks. coming up ext,e top yawning. expert sleep solutions for you and your little ones. rst, this is "todayp on n
8:33 am
fo party on, people. blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale is back... plus 1! celebrate when you buy one get one at half price off the entire store. blinds. shades. sunscreens. the entire store! 'cause the older we get, the more you save. that just oww we roll. blinds to go. blinds for life. "today's" parenting team is sponsore by johnson, so much more. >> for the past month on oday"'s parenting team, we've been talking about a topic every single parent of little ones is obsessed with, sleep. we all want our kids to get a
8:34 am
we asked our contributors to share their sleep challenges. here are the true cell phone confessions of sleep-deprived parents. >> why won't you guys go to bed? my kids come out of their room, six, seven, eight, nine, ten times after i shut the house down and pwt them to bed. aren't you tired? >> no! >> i don't know. >> help me, please. >> why did you guys wake up? morning yet. >> it is, okay? >> no, it's not. >> it is. >> can you guys go back to bed for me? >> no. >> will, it's 5:00 in the morning and, yet again, my kids are wide awake and ready to go for the day. i'm so tired.
8:35 am
>> getting my daughter tore go s to go to sleep at night is not the issue. the issue is getting them up in the morning. oftentimes, i have to drag them out of bed caveman style to get them out of bed. we're always late. >> please help! help! >> well, it's 2:30 in the morning, and my five month old is up. i'm going to feed him. the doctor says he should be sltheeping through the night. can someone explain to me how? >> in the past month, he's been waking up screaming and cryi , inconsolable. the only way he'll go back to sleep is if he gets in our bed. that' where we're heading now. >> shh, he's finally asleep. >> i can so relate. dr. ash is the director of sleep medicine from meridian health. where to start? this is the subject that bedevils all of us new parents, and it's crucial for the child and the parent.
8:36 am
i mean, for example, you have a kid who was sleeping through the night we saw, and suddenly, waking up and getting in bed. what do you do? >> savannah, for most of these problevs, and some of the problems, you need to sleep specialist to help, but most of them, hat underlying tue problem is our own need to make our children feel safe and loved. we do things, not understanding thgla physiology of sleep, and not derstanding the consequences of sleep. it'll impair your performance, poor mood, indicative behaviors, obesity, increased risk of colds. there are who things to do to get the kids back on track. >> is the bottom line that, at some point, you're going to have to let your baby cry? >> absolutely. again, it's understanding the ph inysiology, savannah. it's really key. it's okay to let your baby cry a little bit. you can go in and say, hi, i'm here. if you start from the beginning,
8:37 am
for sleep and wake is not developed. they'll sleep and wake when they want. six months on, there's something yo au can do. >> you have an acronym, dream. d. is for drowsy. >> that helps your child to learn how to self-soothe and be dependent on themselves. >> don't rock them to sleep? >> if they wake up in the middle of the night, they'll need the rocking. if you put your child to sleep awake, they're going to be staring at the ceiling, looking for you to intervene. that invites crying and a glass of water. put them to bed drowsy. >> the next one, r, which stands for rules and routine. this is a biggie. >> this is key. rules and routine are important for setting expectations and consistency. the brain looks for that, to tell it, it's time to go to sleep. yo..u can use som e cues, like a warm bath or you can read a book to them. even conjure ing up the emotions
8:38 am
of calm and comfort. >> stick with a routine. >> stick with it. >> e, electronics. good or bad? >> they're bad. get the screens out of the room. the light from the electronics will tell the brain, the day is not ended and it's not time to sleep. the lek electronics keep you engaged. you're playing on the iphone for the bigger kids. the parents talk about, they can be the get their kids to bed and can't get them up in the morning. the electronics interrupt how the clock works. >> that leads to the next, which is a for ambiance. >> you want to set the mood. you want quiet, dark, cool and cozy. if it's too noisy, get a white noise machine. make sure the mattress and pillows are right. make sure the temperature is right. you sleep in a cooler environment. >> i have a few seconds. for m, model the behavior. >> kids learn by example.
8:39 am
it motivates them, if curiosity and a challenge. go to a website with them and learn about sleep. make a fun activity on a saturday. if they gin up, you can go to this fun place. if they get up without an alarm ock would be the key. if they're doing it right, they don't need an alarm clock to get up. >> dr. ash, g d tips. thank you st much. thank you to all of our today parenting team contributors. we love you and are glad you shared your stories and advice you can add your own voice to our community at team. may we all sleep a little better tonight. coming up next, a different take on hollywood and vine. courtesy of "fame" director. first, this is "today" on
8:40 am
this morning, people on medicaid who might otherwise be struggling to care
8:41 am
elderplan, is there... he lping them with bathing, dressing and meals so they can remain safely at home. homefirst, a product of elderplan continuing the work of the four brooklyn ladies caring in so many ways. call 1-866-386-4180 or visit www.h you will not be able to see francis ford coppola's latest project on screen. >> he opens his vineyard which is as much about the past as it
8:42 am
is about the future. here's joe fryer. >> reporter: far rom the glare of hollywood in california's wine country. >> good morning, everybody. >> reporter: legendary director francis ford coppola is revealing his latest re lease. this is virginia dare, the latest winery opened by the mous film maker/wine maker. >> walk me through the wine as someone who hasn't had it before. >> no one has. >> you're the first to taste it. >> reporter: the winery is so new, we sampled chardonnay fr. >> we're proud of this one. >> it is good. >>na reporter: right from th barrel. >> does he have to approve these before he sells em? >> he does. >> fortunately, he loves our wines. >> reporter: like many films, the wine tells a story. in the 1500s, virginia dare was the child of new parents born in the new world. her life and death are part of american th. >> what attracted you to viarrginia's
8:43 am
ory? >> it was a fairy tale. >> reporter: as a child in the 1930s, coppola remembers a winery named after virginia dare that went out of business. virginia dare >> reporter: the jingle stuck with him. >> i always remember the, say it again, virginia dare. >> reporter: now, he's brought the wine and jingle back to life. >> i get the impression there's lot of childhood nostalgia in this for you? >> it's funny how all the things that impressed me when i was 6 years old and 7 years old are the things that i've used in this career. >> reporter: of course, it all started with film. >> i'm going to make an offer he can't refuse. >> reporter: he's the man behind classics like "the go ather," and his wine empire too root in the 1970s. >> did you intend to be a wine maker or did you stumble into it? >> i stumbled into it. >> reporter: after buying an estate in the napa valley,
8:44 am
wineries wanted to buy his grapes. >> i said, gee, if they all want to buy our grapes, maybe they're good. ma tybe we should make the wine ourselves. she said, what do you know about how to make wine in i ? i said, i don't know anything. but it won't stop me. the things you do out of truly loving it and wanting to enjoy your life are also the things that are sensible businesses. >> reporter: for coppola, the success of his wineries and resorts affords him to chance to pursue his passion projects in film. >> i can basically do what i want. what i want to do is learn. the best way to learn is t do exriments acd try ideas out and hope they work. learn from the experience. >> reporter: from film making t o wine making, coppola's fairy tales keep coming true. virginia dare. >> reporter: for "tod ," joe fryer, nbc news, california. >> might wan
8:45 am
>> where's our case of virginia re? >> we could have had it with our cheese. carson is up in the kitchen. >> take some of the wine, pair it with the cheese. the cheese theme continues with siri pinter. we have chips and dips. it'll be delicious. we'll do it all in a slow cooker, as well. use it this weekend at your football party.
8:46 am
how many bites w i'm bobby flay nd new york is my home. there's no place like i ant in the world. come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state has to offer. like this famous winery nestled in the hudson valley. or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery belongs in every beer lover's hall of fame. you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone.
8:47 am
hello, everybody. is is today food. it's all about fall favorites. siri pinter here of seriously fame is a today food contributor. today, we're cooking up origina recipes you'll want to make tonight. like these delicious dive-in -- wh,at are you looking at? you were laughing at the fame patort. >> you're looking at me weird. this is a slow cooker. we live in mets-jets country, long island. >> this is a perfect world series -- >> tailgating heaven. >> we're slow cooker users at home. >> best thing we did, we bought our slow cooker to make ribs because you need the surface area on the bottom. the best thing if you don't own acooker, buy two. today, you're making two dips. >> exactly. this is the buffalo chicken dip. first thing we'll do, we have chicken, a lot of different cheeses, sour cream, hot sauce. we'll add the chicken. you have the tongs. >> they're clean, and there they
8:48 am
are. dropped them earlier. >> but you cleaned them. we'll add chicken breast which i sprayed with cooking spray first. nothing will stick. hot sauce, pour it right there. >> i should mention the today show friends are downstairs. hi, guys. >> are you munching? >> love it. >> we'll cook it an hour and a half on high. you can skip that. you know the rotisserie chickens? break that up. now we have the chicken shredded, which i do with two forks. it's simple. as you can see, it's in there. why don't you add these light ingredients? >> you like to do that, yet you ask me to do this at home. >> i like when you do it at home. >> to say you enjoy doing it, i've never seen her do it at home. >> oh, stop it. >> okay. do what? >> add the cheese. >> this is an unapologetic meal.
8:49 am
real sharp cheddar cheese. no greek owe yogurt. >> cream cheese. >> we're going to stir it up and cover it and cook it for an hour and a half on high. >> okay. >> then at the very end, you add the remaining cheddar cheese, and we can sprinkle spal callions on top. you're done. >> are these homemade chips? >> they could be. you can make them homemade. i did not make them. next, our ultimate quaso dip. >> over here, while you're getting, you know, little toasty, we have onions and garlic simmering on the stove. we're going to add jalapeno. since you're not helping me, i'll do -- >> you're the cook. >> -- that part. i like to deseed it.
8:50 am
>> you can add the whole thing. to deseed it, make sure you get the rib and the seeds out of the jalapeno. i cut it in half. i like to use one of these paring knives. i slide it like that. >> all the heat is in the ribs. >> yes. >> this is more labor intensive than the buffalo dip. >> it's not like you're doing it. >> it's good. >> i love the buffalo dip. delicious. >> buffalo anything is so good. >> normally at home, is your job to pop the top on the the pbr? is that what you do? >> yeah. while siri is cooking, someone has to parent our three children. i teach them many things about life. >> just watching the two of you. >> we love cooking. this is what it's like. we'll discuss the day's events, i'll drink a beer and it's fun. >> exactly. >> same thing here. >> we're going to add cheese,
8:51 am
cream cheese and milk, then tomatoes. stir that up. it'll cook on low another hour and a half. >> what was the main cheese in here again? >> cream cheese. you can add any cheese to this, which is fun. it's a dip so you can add -- >> i love the carrots if you want to be a little healthy. >> right. dip celery, broccoli. >> how about that for your tailgate this weekend? >> really good. >> fantastic. >> love it. >> you can get these recipes and
8:52 am
good morning, everyone. 8:57. looking at the george washington bridge. it is 59 degrees on this thursday morning. i'm darlene rodriguez. the mets are headed to the world series for the first time in 15 years. fans are already buying hats, shirts and other gear. the merchandise went on sale immediately after the mets beat the chicago clubs last night to sweep the nlcs. game one of the word series will be played tuesday in either to ronto or kansas city. let's check the weather for you. sun, cloud, high of 76. tonight, a cool 51 depress. tomorrow, bright and sunny, 59 the high. saturday, upper 50s. under cloudy skies. sunday, a chance for some rain
8:53 am
in the morning. 66 grees. just ahead on the " day" show, bree larson talks about her new
8:54 am
this morning on "today's take," the legend bill murray joins us, as he takes his show on the road and gets ready to rock. then the best gadgets to trick an vid treat the kids this halloween. plus, the jeans that are hot and the ones that are not, for fall. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," with al roker, natalie morales, willie goois pgeist and tamron hall liis from studio 1a at rockefeller plaza.
8:55 am
>> good morning. it's thursday, october 22nd, 2015. willie along with al, natalie and tamron. it is mets day here. >> yes, it is. >> i know you're a chicago nati . >> i'm a tex j an. >> i'm not a native. >>r sorry. >> predicted it. i thought this was their year. what they say in chicago -- >> next century. >> o. >> that's a thing. >> joe. >> you know what? the mets, i l move the mets. i love curtis granderson. he's my favorite player outside of any ranger player in the league. they earned it. >> murphy, too. >> amazing. >> he's going to be earning more. >> yes, he is. >> that's murphy hitting a home run at a post season game for the sixth consecutive year. mlb record. he has seven altogether in the
8:56 am
post season. still with the world series in f thront of him, as the mets swept the cubs at wrigley field, 4-0. you feel bad for the cubs. they have a great, young team. they'll be back, tamron. >> you can't say, next year. next century. >> they will be back. >> they will be, but you know, in chicago, it's like, oh. it hurts you. >> that's what i feel bad about. looking at the faces. >> the hopes were high. >> of the fans. especially last night. >> mm-hmm. >> when you could tell they knew this was it. it wasn't going to happen. that's a bad feeling. >> you want it to be a little closer. i wish they won one. >> for it to be a sweep, i fell like it's kind of li -- >> it would have been worse to goas seven games then lose. >> i always wondered about that. >> they weken't even in the series. >at> at least they show up and give it their best. >> i'm trying to help out the chicago people this morning. it working?
8:57 am
>> no. >> isn't it more painful if you come that close and miss, as opposed to, we weren't even in it? forget about it. >> i need one win. i can look at my tv and keep playing that back. the cubs are like the cowboys, in that they are america's team. even though you love your mets, in the back of your mind, you want a little bit of chicago. >> i think everybody roots for the underdog. i thi k they will have their soon. >> 100 years. >> before that, before that. >> toronto blue jays. >> they're up. those games. >> people are saying wrigley field is a jinx. >> no! >> do renovation. >> no. >> the shell is still there. i don't know. i don't think you should, but -- >> they renovated fenway and won
8:58 am
a world series. >> i know. that might be the ticket. we'll see. also, big headl de politically, joe biden, after waiting weeks, it seemed like forever, the vice president came out yesterdayto the rose guard arden yesterday and made it initial, he is not running for president. the grieving process over his beloved son beau was pivotal in this major decision. let's take a listen. i've said all along what i've said time and again to others, it may very well be that that rocess, by the time we get through it, closes the window on unting a realistic campaign for president. that it might close. i've concluded, it has closed. t while i will not be a ca0 ndidate, i will not be silent. >> obviously, pledging there to
8:59 am
gets the nomination on the democratic side. how presidential he looked there with the flag. dr. jill biden sitting there next to him. we watched this p ay out, and joe biden, arguably, one of the most liked politicians on both sides of the aisle. hillary clinton contacted him right after that. bernie sanders also commented. donald trump weighing in. the front runner on that side of the race. let's take a listen. that might be the first time in history you can't hear didn't hear donald trump. >> ouch. >> he has a sense of humor. it's all good. >> i'm sureere'll see in a tweet from him. >> or a direct call. you never know with him. here's a second shot. do benald trump. >> i think he did the smart thing because, frankly, i don't know that he would have won, he would have otten- the nomination. i don't think he probably would have. frankly, i really want to run
9:00 am
i really do. >> so you have, now, people who, and we're talking abo sports, so many people say our political process, it's seen as a sporting event. you heard the crowd, in the matchup between hillary clinton and donald trump. would that have been a better matchup, joe biden versus donald trump? i don't know. >> we were talking about this earlier. the other thing i saw sterday, besides the politics, was a man who has been in public service more than 40 years. hat's it for him. that's the end. he's run for president before. now he plays out the next 15 months in his political career, and it's effectively over. you sawgtome of the sadness. >> is he a king maker in some ways? >> he's still pivotal. >> you testify nitly got ly definitely got the sense that he, by saying whoever he edges his support to, should run under president obama's legacy. you know that he is somebody who is going to help and pave the
9:01 am
way for whoever it is. >>y not just the nominee, but other democrats whoiare renning, as well. it'll be interesting. speaking of interesting, pink or swim? 're raising money to support breast cancer research with avon. we've got somebody on the phone who wants to weigh in on this. mystery guest, sign in, please. >> we don't know who this is, right? >> hi. >> you need to say more than hi. >> i'm sorry. hi. i am a huge fan of the show. >> where are you from? >> new york, acsually. >> is lucy your child? >> i was born in the city. >> have you ever seen our show? >> i've seen it, yeah.ldi've seen it. i've been on it a couple times, too. i'm clumsy. >> are you a redeead you love ar weound here? >>wo oh, my god, no. >> no.
9:02 am
>> is this brooke shields? >> i thought it was ellie kemper. >> i wasn't sure if i should go all new york or just -- wasn't sure. i think what you're doing is absolutely incredible. >> you're helping us raise money, right, brooke? >> i am going to help you raise money. i know the goal is $50,000? >> yeah. >> and i also heard that even if you guys raise $10,000, that would -- that's mazing. i would like to even start it off, or be a part of it, by i'm going to contribute $1,000. >> thank you, brooke. >> we love you, brooke. >> thank you very much. >> there are a couple things though. >> conditions. >> what are the conditions in ? >> there's something about seeing willie in a comeromised outfit. >> you saw that at his christmas party lasttyear. >> i'm not shocked by that, so
9:03 am
that's not the motivating factor. >> she's seen worse. >> the dunk tank is motivating. >> will wh you come down next week and watch the dunk tank? >> if you raise your goal, i won't just watch, i'll get dunked, too. >> yes! >> brooke shields in the dunk ank. >> she's in. >> it's only fair. >> we have a viewer doing the dunking. >> okay. good. >> now we have to find a five-person dunk think, and get city code. they told us, we brought in a horse yesterday but, apparently, there's a weight limit to the dun kerr ker thing. >> i'm not that big, tamron. >> i know. > th> i think we can handle it. we had a pool on the pl a. >> here comes brooke, here comes the heifer. >> no. that was not implied at all. you said you we e going to go new york on us. could i hear a little of your all new york?
9:04 am
listen, you don't know who i am? >> i love it. >> cannot wait to see you. thank you so much. we love you. also, for you folks at home, you have a chance to win a trip to new york to throw one of the balls to dunk us. four people can win a trip to new york. hotel accommodation for one night. send us a photograph of you and tell us in 50 words or less why you deserve to win. go to follow the pink or swim challenge contest rules. after entering, don't forget, please donate. and your hometown meteorologist could report the weather with me. >> send us a vine or video of you throwing a ball. >> oh. >> see what throw you got, too. >> they can run up and press the button. >> that's what i did. >> that's illegal. >> all ends to a means. that's right. >> thanks. >> brooke, we love you. thank you. >> avon is great. what you're doing for breast cancer research is amazing. see you when it happens. >> thank you, brooke.
9:05 am
>> fantastic. we've got a lot going on here down in the south plains. we've got hurricane patricia. while it's oing to affect mexico mostly, all the moisture rell be streaming up into texas, where we've got heavy thunderstorms already. we've got thunderstorm watches and warnings in effect. also, flash flood watches today into early next week. moisture from the gulf. expect cells to train and rain cont isinually raining. thursday, north central texas, the bull's eye, four to six inches of rain possible. as we move to friday, thisfr stalls. we're looking for heavy rain, amounts up to five inches. on saturday, it continues. corpus christi, locally, five inches. look at the totals now to tuesday along i-35. wes could see 12 inches or more of rain. there's going to be a major, major weather event that we're watching for the rest of this week into early next
9:06 am
some clouds out there this morning. also sunshine expected during the course of the day. another warm one at 76. a stray shower popping up afternoon and evening. 40s north and west. much different feel to the day tomorrow bright and sun wherewith a deep, blue sky. high in the upper 50s to near 60. saturday, low clouds. 58. looks good early next week. near 60. perhaps more rain by wednesday. >> that's your layest >> al, thank you, sir. up next, bill murray leads an all-star cast in the new movie "rock fx: bae // sent 1:00pm forget the scooter, now she wants a bike pick-up? right this way. i ordered this online. yeah, let me have a look.zthanks hey ouys! he-ey robbie! nice, ipaght? buy now, online and through our
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start your day... ...with 150 nourishing calories inla a bowl of special k. eat special, feel special. you get used to the lingering odors in your bathroom you think it smells fine, but youriguests smell th s... abasbreze air effects heavy duty has up to two time withe odor-eliminating power to remove bathroom odors you've g sione noseblind to use febreze air effects till it's fresh. and try febreze small spaces... ... continuously eliminate up to two times the odors for 30 days febreze small spaces and air effects, two more ways to breathe happy. oscar nominated actor bill murray is a comedy legend, but it's his latest role in the film "rock the kasbah" that's getting
9:10 am
between serious and seriously funny. i sat down with bill and his co-star, leem lubany. bill murray is rocking the kasbah as a washed up rock and roll manager on the search for his next big star. she'd like to stay for a whele >> needless to say, it's not going well. which leads him to t ke his show on the road, to afghanistan? >> get me the hell out of here, now. >> the girl is gone. >> just as the going gets tough, he happens upon a teenage girl with a dream. but in her world, a woman could ac ually be killed for her performance. this movie is built as a comedy, issues. we have war, female oppression. it must have been a difficult line to walk.
9:11 am
part of it, trying to be entertaining while making a poiit. this particular one had to have some very high highs and low lows. >> low lows,.indeed. the plot is loosely based on a young muslim who performed in afghanistan's version of "america " "american idol." she received death threats and remains in hiding today. shot in the deserts of more occo, the movie introduces 19-year-old leem lubany. this was your first hollywood production. what was it like? nervous. >> alongside murray, the film features bruce willis, kate hudson and zooey deschenel. she got a warm welcome, especially with her on-screen manager. >> he was humble and it was incredible.
9:12 am
he is terrific in this picture. >> he said this is probably one of your finest performances. how do you feel about that? >> willis is a dummkofp. >> i don't get excited about my own work, but i really enjoy this movie. it's been a nice ride. >> and rock the kasbah opens corm. come -- tomorrow. coming up next, we have across america, people... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza . p for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. t but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza . he said victoza works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza is not for weight loss, but it may help you
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by sophia loren. l'or\al excellence. so voluptuous. so the non-drip cr me formula super rich care for excellence legendary brunettes by l'or\al paris. you'll have trick or treaters knocking on your door for candy. really get into the halloween spirit. >> we have some spooktacular gadgets.
9:16 am
>> love the ensemble. >> i had 110 gadgets to get these. >> let's get to i s >> this is really cool. this is from the home depot, $70. six-foot lamp post. short sir account eh circuit effects. this stood out on the porch. lights any entreeway yway. >> th0se are the creepiest in the lineup. hat they are, they start at $30. they tap on the window. you put the suction cup on the window, and they'll pass any time someone passes by. per creepy. >> that's nice. >> the eyes are following us. >> how about this werewolf? >> this is one of my favorites. here at halloween, as soon as you step on it, it's motion activated. it growls. super scary. people walk past it, thinking it's a regular rug, and it'll pop up.
9:17 am
>> okay. >> regular rug with teeth. >> that won't cause nightmares. >> these are cute. >> every $20 from hearth these are lightweight. put them in any doorway. they are batteries that come winith it. hang them from anywhere or right on the ptach. >> cool. >> we have the barrel zombie. >> this is a keg. the barrel zombie is a moon shine five foot keg you come in front of and have a step activation somewhere. >> come on, zombie. >> there he is. >> yeah! it's actually not a keg to put stuff in. it scares you. this is very cool, fun animatronics. >> we've been digging on these trees. >> the trees are the big hit. these are $270 a piece. >> scary. >> they ve sound, so you can
9:18 am
as soon as somebody comes by, you can hear the scary phrases. >> that is really scary. >> like the witches. >> those are cool. you can stake these into the ground. good to put around with something like this. this is my favorite halloween product of the year. >> you know what burns my -- >> a flame this high? >> full flaming baskem't. durable. awesome fabric and an ambient red light. with volume control, so it sounds like a fire. one of my favorites. >> can't forget the blow-up pu pkin pumpkins. >> i alm st forgot. the great pumpkin might not have shown up, but this baby did. seven feet tall. it sings and dances and flashes the l.e.d. lights to monster mash. al just got attacked by a tree. it's cool. he rode with it. obviously, something awesome. >> hey, mcfly, make like a tree and get out of here. >> great stuff. thank you so much.
9:19 am
> coming up, get in shape with the help of the whole family. we have our 16 to 16 team here with their kids. the exercises and meals even your kids are going to lov johnson's believes that bath time is more than cleansing. your loving touch stimulates his senses and nurtures his mind. the johnson's scent, lather, any.d bubbles help enhance the experience. so why just clean your baby, when you can give him so much more? the cold truth is, (coughing) you can't work from home when you're sick. you need real relief.
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i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. tappan zee bridge on the hudson river. a brief tribute is planned at the september 11th memorial for the police officer murdered in east harlem. fellow nypd officers will gather to remember officer holder. local residents, community leaders marched there from the spot where the officer was fatalitily shot on tuesday night.
9:22 am
a check of the weather. sun, clouds, high of 76. tonight, 51. tomorrow, bright and sunny, 59 degrees. saturday, temperatures stay in the upper 50s under cloudy skies. sunday, chance for rain. coming up on the "today"
9:23 am
taking a look at the headlines. a suspect is in custody in a deadly road rage shooting in albuquerque. police in new mexico arrested the 32-year-old, tony torrez, and charged him with murder in the death of 4-year-old lilly garcia. the police chief says he confessed to killing the girl as she rode in a truck with her family after an altercation on a highway. new guidelines to reduce the number of c-sections in the u.s. it's recommended that doctorss pe wrform more vaginal deliveries using forceps
9:24 am
or a vacuum extractor. those methods have declined over thdoe decades. the doctor's group says they remain an important part of care and the overall chance of injuring the baby is low. researchers are suggesting a mediterranean diet may slow signs of aging in your brain. a study looked at 600 elderly people and found those who adhered to a diet of vegetables, grains, fish oil had healthier brains than those who didn't.'s the same as five years of aging. brains shrink with age, and it can be as ciated with cognitive problems and alzheimer's. a new study finds joint replacement provides more relief than non-surgical treatments for knees worn out by arthritis. the first study to compare the options concluded that after one year, patients with surgery improved t1%ce as much on scores for pain, daily activiwy and quality of lif k however, 2/3 of those without surgery still had meaningful
9:25 am
improvem mt. youtube nnounced a new ad-free subscription service. called youtube red, rolls out next wednesday. it will cost .99 a month. subscribers can save videos and include access to new and original shows and movies. something to look forward to. let's get a check of the weather with al. >> natalie, thank you. we are watching for tomorrow the heavy rain that will continue in texas. we have to really keep an eye on that. flooding is going to rt an issue. the western third of the country, looking good, tho ugh there could be snow in colorado. above 10,000 feet. rain along the eastern coast of ot florida. sunshine along the east coast with temperatures a little cooler than they were today. for saturday, wet weather spreads into parts of northern new england, the ohio river valley. the heavy rain stays over texas. story for the weekend. spectacular. temperatures, a little on the cooler side.
9:26 am
then as we move on into sunday, sunday, we're looking at some mouorning yhowers in northern new efengland and along the mi bdckttant,c coast. things clear out nicely. plenty of sunshine through the parts of florida and the gulf coast. again, folks, the big story is going to be this heavy rain. it will move to the east a little bit. less of northern and central texas. even though a lot of the state is at 47% of moderate drought, 13% 1s at extreme drought, by the time this is over, 12 inches of rain could have fallen. while that is great for wipi y out the drought, it's not s ing to help as far as flooding is one last warm day today. temperatures into the 70s once again. clfuouds mixed with sunshine. a spray sprinkle or light shower north and west of town, late afternoon, early evening. it gets cooler.
9:27 am
tomorrow, bright and sunny, 59. n giving way to clouds on sunday, but a dry day. 66. sun and clouds next week. more showers by the time we get to wednesday. >>an that's your latest weather. willie? >of> al, thank you very much. week six of the 16 to 16 challenge. if you've ever dieted, you know it helps when people around you are supportive. >> it's a family affair. we'll show you some meals and exercises lhat the whole family can get involved with. our three participants are mary jean, rochelle and ken. they're back. they brought in kids, nieces and nephews, along with joy bauer and jenna wolfe. good morning, team 16. >> goods morning. >> it is a family affair. let's talk about how we've done so far. last week, you lost 37.5 pounds. now, just to remind people, here's extra motivation. not just for looking good, but you're helping to feed zamerica. feeding america.
9:28 am
for every pound you lose, you are donating, with the weight loss so far, 6,000 meals. >> wow. >> amazing. >> okay. >> nicely done. >> tally it up. how have they done this week, joy? >> even better. mary jean this week lost another two pounds for a total of 17.5. >> wow. >> two balloons. rochelle lost another 0.5 pound, so she's down 10. >> amazing. >> ken lost three pounds this week. en 1 h5 pounds. one, two, three. ken just got a report from the doctor. his cholesterol has normalized, blood pressure normalized, and his triglycerides oormalized. that's a span of five weeks. let's start with the gym, jenna. at are we doingl >> first of all, i had a chance to work out with these three this past week.
9:29 am
they are light years away from where they were when we first started. tlook at this. they couldn't stand up on their own two feet when we started. i'm kidding. but we had a lot of fun working out. we continue to do so. >> she's tough, isn't she? >> yes. >> i do this great workout with families. it's called a deck of cards workout. rainy day, snowing, do it with your friends or kids. what you do is take the four suits, assign four exercises you and your kids can do. all you have to do is turn over a card, whatever the number is, you'll do that exercise. we'll do two today. you all brought your kids or relatives. you all are here to help out, right, guys? >> yup. >> thank you very much. halerrison, do we the honors and turn over the first card. how old are you, buddy? >> 5. >> that's what i l ke to hear. >> what's the first card? >> a 5 of clubs. a club is a mountain climber. let's get on the ground, guys. we're going to do five mountain climbers.
9:30 am
one, two, three, four, five. ood. hop it up. without even -- we'll turn the next card over, right away. never stop. what's the next one? 6 of hearts. you have crab kicks. down on the ground. we'll do this before we get to the food. we're going to kick our legs. working the triceps, core. >> got that one? >> then you go throughout the entire deck. see how long it'll take you to do the whole thing. >> nice of you to represent the mets this morning, harrison. >> thanks, harrison. thanks, guys. >> all right. let's move over to joy. >> now, it's time to eat. >> come over. >> you have time to reward yourself. >> so i'm guessing most of you all love macaroni and cheese. am i right? >> yes. >> you're going to help yourself. each come over here. >> these are muffin macaroni, right? >> yes. take a bite. dive in, take one. get in there.
9:31 am
i want you to guess what hidden special ingredient that's super healthy i might have put in there. see what you think. let me know if you like it. come over here. what do you think? what do you think it is? >> turn around. >> what do you think is in there? something really healthy and good for you that's not typically in mac and cheese. >> ladies? >> mayonnaise? >> not mayonnaise, no. what do you think?hiarrots carrots, maybe? 30 seconds. squan'. regular macaroni and cheese, just one cup, if you can imagi pe, 4ut calories. what i did w used whole grain noodles, so there's more fiber, and then i added in roasted pureed butternut squash. it's amazing. >> did you not like it? >> did you like it? >> it's okay. >> these are my sp aecial meatballs.
9:32 am
see what you think. >> all right. le yt's guess what's in the meatballs mlteatballs. >> when you order off the kids menu, regular spaghetti and meatballs is going to be -- >> usually red sauce. >> there's red sauce. >> what do you think is in there? >> i don't know. >> do you know? >> no. >> in there is zucchini and oats. these things are busting with fiber and nutrition. i promise you -- did you like it? >> the look on their faces said it all, joy. >> natalie, say that again, please? >> it was good. >> there you go! >> thank you very much. [ applause ] >> that was a close one. >> isn't that good? >> very good. >> if anybody is daring, the recipes are on the website. >> thanks to you all. you're awesome. motivate your families, okay?
9:33 am
plus, a full calendar from joy and jenna for every day of the week. coming up next, actors brie larson getting oscar buzz for her new dove invited women to a makeover... with a difference. hi ma'am.\hi. would you like to have a free makeover? perfect! who doesn't love a good makeover. here you go... it's a shower?! it's a shower! but it's a shower with dove body wash. with its breakthrough formula all it takes is just one shower. for softer, smoother skin. wanna feel? it feels really good! really silky smooth. it's awesome. i love it! dove body wash. softer, smoother skin after just one shower. coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day. when your cold is this bad... need new theraflu expressmax. theraflu expressmax combines... maximum strength medicines available without a
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so you can give them everything you've got. tylenol she's one of hollywood's hottest stars right now. who? aof course, we saw this summer, amy schumer's level-headed sister in "trainwreck," and before that, the love interest of jonah hill in "21 jumpstreet," and also in "the gambler." >> now, she's held captive for years in a room. we can't stop raving about this movie. >> you attacked me with love. >> it's wonderful and devastating. i mean that in the est way. your performance and your
9:38 am
how do you prepare for a rolekidnapped in a room for seven years? >> you have to talk with experts because it's not something our brains can understand. i was able to meet with an incredible trauma specialist at ucla, who helped me understand how the brain organizes trdema and how would separate from the sexual abuse and from the confines of the space. that's why in the second half of the film, it's when you start to deal with the trauma that she's perienced, after they go through thetescape. >> as heavy as the subject is, it's portrayed in a sweet and innocent way, with the actor, jy acob, as your son. >> exa ly. i think that's where the heart of it is. this is a story about mother and son. about growing up. i think people can, at times, when hearing the setup for it, of this confine of "room," they think, i can't watch the movie. the point of it is that it's tense so you really feel that
9:39 am
can get into the freedom that's actually more than the second half of the movie. >> i always wondered, as an actor, how do you take care of the cycle of coming off of a set like that, being so intense, and acting, then coming down and going to have to go back into the character the ne day? >> well, you take breaks in between takes. you have to be very clear about your boundaries, as to when you're going to be playing this ch iaracter and when you're not. for me, because it does get so emotionally heavy, i needed a way to sort of shake it all off. i would go do karaoke every night. >> what's your song? >> it's true. >> what's your go-to karaoke song? >> i love r&b. "shake it off" by mariah carey, "burn" by usher. >> you're the queen of r&b karaoke? >> i don't know if i'm the queen, but i love it. it was great.
9:40 am
i learned where the karaoke nights were. i'd sing one song and go to bed. >> drop the mic and go to bed. >> literal. >> it was awesome. >> the term oscar buzz is thr.own around, and in this case, it's warranted. people should see this movie. it's in select theaters now and opens te nationwide november 6th.
9:41 am
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9:44 am
hey, brie is still with us. >> i really wanted to know about the jeans. >> every woman needs a good pair of jeans, or maybe two. while there are trends out there, we don't know what to buy for the fall. our friend is here. liliana, they say the two hardest things for a woman to buy, jeans and a bikini. >> jeans are harder because they fit differently and are made differently. we'll show you new styles to add to your denim wardrobe. you can keep the classics. >> we have willie. brie is here not just because she'll probably win an oscar, but i'll sworn off jeans. >> i'll probably wear jeans. >> tell me what parieto wear ir pair to wear. >> the first is kendal in the
9:45 am
motto and alexandra in the straight. the one for fall is the straight. you'll want to wear that. alley ali is showing these here. under $50. they're the most versatile, wear them with sneakers or heels. ever never go out of style. >> i like the distressed look. >> willie? >> fall. >> you don't like it? >> i do. >> the next one, skinny versus the cropped flair. love the skinnies, but the cropped flair is in for fall. show us how to rock it. >> i can't wear that. looks amazing on her. >> they also come in blacks. wear them with a pointy toe flat. >> you lost me at flat. >> she's glowing. looks amazing. >> yeah. a plus.
9:46 am
i need to know the body type. i can't wear it. brie can. i can't. >> it's higher waisted and the crop is at the bottom. super flattering. >> t c0 seconds. >> last is the jenning, which is cotton denim. >> pajama jean? >> come on out, anna. which is the right one? i love these. these are the higher waist flairs. these are from american eagle. if you notie, it starts at the knee, down from the flair. it's updated for fall. >> willie? >> you look fantastic. the boot cut isn't my favorite. you look great show. >> makes your butt look aw ome. go to a club tonight. >> thank you. didn't work for willie. >> tthis is "today" on nbc.
9:47 am
o hey, everybody. >> hi. >> how are we? >> thank you for the flowers you sent, willie.
9:48 am
th t was very, very nice.
9:49 am
s o now i don't hav 9:57 right now. a live look there at the roadway. you can see very crowded on the l.i.e. thursday, october 22nd. the mets bound for the series for the first time in 15 years. that would be the world series.
9:50 am
the mets sweeping the cubs to win the nlcs last night. they face toronto or kansa d city. the mets will play game one and be on the road tuesday. and the first world series ever me three one week from tomorrow. the mets are now champions. the fans want to buy hats, shirts and other merchandise. some stores had them for sale immediately after last night a's game. tonight cool, 51. tomorrow, bright and sunny, 59 for the high. coming up on the "today" show with kathie lee and hoda, it is a hearty and yet inexpensive meal. another local update in 30 minutes. in the meantime, enjoy your
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