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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  October 22, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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and what an afternoon it is, right? >> oh, y. >> die-hard mets fans, they never stopped believing, those who bleed blue and orange, this day was a long time coming. >> the fifth time in franchise history the mets are now headed to the world ries, they swept the cubs, took four straight games and they now own the national league pennant. a few fun facts for you from the last time the mets made it to the world series, bill clinton was president, mayor giuliani was in office, a gallon of gas cost $1.26. don't remember that do you, pat? and a year before apple introduced the first ipod. >> say what? the last time the mets won the world series, the year 1986, ronald reagan was president. ed koch was mayor. gas, david, was 89 cists a gallon, under $1. >> don't remember that. >> camcorders becoming regular household item. >> john chancellor at the field, du to arrive in the next hours. a long time since the mets
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series but won a world series a long time coming for this team and for these fans. you are right, this team will be pull nothing citi field here some time later this afternoon, back from chicago, and now into the world series, as national league champs much the players aren't going to be the only ones arriving a little bit bleary eyed. these fansuffeerng from a ook of sleep, but no big deal to them. as you can see, these guys are pretty amped here this morning, not much sleep but a whole lot of celebrating. it's too good to be true for these fans. >> and strike three called! >> yes, that really happened. the mets are going to the world series. and even as they celebrated late into the night, the players couldn't believe it. >> unbelievable, unbelievable year and i can't say enough about teammates, a great job, happy to be part of this team. >> let's go mets! >> reporter: at citi field, waiting to see their heroes. >> waiting for the time to mess up this year, didn't let them down. >> this team and this identity, can't help but love it and fall
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in love. >> reporter: eric and his brother-in-law, tommy, brought their boys to the ballpark, tired from staying up late to help mets clinch. >> as late as possible, as late as possible. doesn't come around too often, when it does, old rules don't apply anymore. >> reporter: the mets are going to the world series. it's okay to bend the rules just a little. can you believe waking up this morning, your mets are going to the world series? >> no, no i called in sick. >> reporter: you got to do what you got to do to celebrate as the mets head to the world series. that gentleman paid $750 for one world series ticket. check stubhub, see standing room-only seats now going for $600 and up. so, if you want to go see them in the w ld series, it's gonna cost you, then you can't really t a price on this kind of a thing, can you players will be here later this afternoon, expect bell as well, guys. live from outside city field, john chandler, news 4. >> john, give that guy a hug behind you, please. [ laughter ] he is funny.
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all right, listen, thank you, john. and the fans didn't waste a cond. they had to have the new championship swag, the world series hats, the t-shirts, sweatshirts, anything else blue and orange with the world series logo on it went on sale immediately after the win. this ar, the pennant will rise murphy's name on it, of course. fans snapping these up at two stores on long island, some at the crack of dawn when stores atopened up. >> awesome, waiting 15 years for. this let's go mets fans, unbelievable ride. mets in five, how about that? >> have to bait and see his predictions, right? streaming the mets arrive ing online, mets field, 2:45, head to our website, or download the news 4, new york app. david? al righ pat, we have to turn to a major fire that left hundreds of people homeless in new jersey. investigators still trying to figure out what cause it. residents say they never heard
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smoke alarms go off, they are just thankful they got out alive. tracie strah an covering this for us and joins us from the scene. >> reporte we want t start with an update, we were just briefed by passaic's fire chief about 20 minutes ago. he told us ty,t the effort to try to get this eight- arm fir under control was so intense that they are ju starting their investigation now. but we made it a point to ask him what many, about 400 displaced residents want to know today, whether or not the fire alarms in that five-story building were working. crime scene investigators knew they had their work cut out for them as they nt back inside the gregory avenue building scorched and destroyed by an eight-alarm fire. milton dawes came back, too, wondering why he didn't hear a warning that flames were spreading across the fifth floor where he lived with his 21-month-old daughter. you di't hear anything? >> nothing. i'm positive. swear to god. thank god. thank god. i saw the fire truck. that's how i knew that it was burning. >> reporter: cell phone video captured the towering flames that erupted just before 9 last night.
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fire crews from ten neighboring departments worked for more than six hours to get the upper hand on flames that appeared to start on the broadway side of the ilding and spread.t re?sidents from all 60 apartments scrambled to get themselves to safety, but they say it hpened without the alert of a fire alarm. >> no. the smoke alarm didn't sound. just the people running, going crazy. >> once again, we went to an eight-alarm fire. it's too early to tell if the alarm system was woing. we have no reports of that right now, official reports. reporter: parts of the roof llap nd. part of it onto a firefighter. another firefighter suffered a minor burn to his neck. hundreds of residents lost everything. >> total loss. total loss. and we don't know right now how it started, but it's a shame to lose everything that you acquired over the years. >> reporter: but say there's an urgent need for at least one thing. >> i just want to just ask one estion, how come the alarm was off?
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top lianfloor of 290 gordon avenue. the fire chief did tell us the common loft of this building did help the fire spread and spread quickly. i did speak to the red cross over the phone. they told me so far, they have assisted about 47 families displaced by this fire and that's a number they expect to grow. live in passaic, new jersey, acie strahan, news 4, new york. >> thank you. so many questions today about how an accused cop killer was permitted to walk the streets despite a long criminal record. these questions come as fellow officers and the community pay tribute to that fallen officer. just a short time ago, members of the nypd and port authority police force gathered at the world trade center memorial where they laid flowers in honor of officer randolph holder. news 4's katherine creag is live. she is in east harlem where that memorial is growing outside the station house where holder worked. katherine? >> reporter: pat, minutes ago, several mta workers, new york city transit gathered here, just
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like many people are gathering here, they bowed their heads and they prayed, paying their respects to officer holder. there were actually two flower delivery people gathering with them as well, all of them honoring officer holder. one of the through ber deliveries late this morning came from a family that tragically knows too well the pain of losing a loved one who is a member of the nypd. the card reads, "all our thoughts and prayers are with you all. please stand strong, from the family of detective when jen lieu" killed in december. officer holder, only 33 years old, was shot and killed tuesday night in east harlem where he worked and built relationships. many are grieve stricken, like lydia mur caddo. >> to have somebody die like this, knowing that they are doing a good deed, taking care of the neighborhood. it hurts. >> reporter: a sign of the cross
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woman says she often saw officer holder in the housing complex where she lives. >> walking around, checking us, i'm a senior, i'm 74 years old. >> you said he is a nice guy? >> yes. yeels. >> pretty sure he was out here doing a standup job, you know? and sad to see this happen send my condolences to his family. >> repor r: many wonder how the suspect, tyrone how board, described as a career criminal, avoided jail e earlier this year after a drug arrest. news 4 investigated and learned while in jail in january, howard tested positive for drugs. a judge allowed him to enter a drug diversion program for addicts. the judge who made the decision to put the suspect in that program made aoutatement saying -- the suspect now faces several utcharges, including fi?st-degr murd
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he faced hundreds of policemen and women at the arraignment. and news 4 talked with that judge who added that he didn't have anynformation on the spect's violent history when he allowed him into that diversion program. reporting live, katherine creag, news 4, new york. >> thank you. and funeral plans have been made for officer holder, a viewing set for tuesday. his funeral will be held the next day. both will take place at the community church of the nazarene, that is in far rockaway. he will be buried in his native guyana. stay with news 4, new york for continuing coverage of the in vestigation. you can find updat any time on and the nbc new york app. coming up on news 4, new york at noon, an american killed indg iraq. it was a special ops mission to save others. it cost him his life. and happening right now, hillary clinton being grilled on capitol hill. the day-long hearing that has her off the campaign trail and on the defensive. i'm tracking a few light
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owers approaching. the cold front that's bringingg th e showers will bring us cooler and drier weather, just in time for the start of the weekend. i'm tracking it all for you
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new at noon, there is word that an american soldier has been killed during a mission to rescue kurdish hostages in iraq. the joint strike by u.s. special forces in kurdish and iraqi troops took place overnight in northern iraq. the u.s. special ops team helped to free dozens of kurdish fighters hel captive by isis there are reports that at least one senior isis militant as captured in that raid.
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campaign trail today and on the hot seat in washington. the former secretary of state testifying about the details on the attack at the u.s. diplomatic compound in benghazi. kerry barrett has been following it and has the latest. >> reporter: hillary clinton testifying at her third hearing on the benghazi attack. she is squaring off with the republican-led house committee that is investigating it. opening statements took about 45 minutes. they began at 10. the attack happened more than three years ago, september 11th, 2012. four americans died, including ambassador chris stevens. the issue, what happened before, during and after t attack. clinton's response, new this time around though, e-mails from ambassador stevens that are fueling some of the allegations that clinton could have done more to protect those diplomats on the ground. during opening statements, representative trey gowdy detailed some of the questions surrounding access to clinton's e-mails about the attack. >> it is impossible to conduct a serious fact-centric
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investigation without access to the documents from the former secretary of state. the ambassador who knew more about libya than anyone else and testimony from witnesses who survived the attacks. >> there was no actionable intelligence, um, on september 11th or even before that date about any kind of planned attack on our c pound in benghazi. and there were a lot of, um, bates apparently that went on within the security professionals about what to provide because they did have to prioritize. the accountability review board pointed that out. >> so, new poll numbers show that about 44% of americans are not satisfied with her answers about benghazi. today's hearing, of course, her best chance to change that. they are expecting this hearing today to take anywhere from eight to ten hours. originally, they were thinking somewhere between two and four. of course, we will be following this very closely and have updates on our website,, and of course,
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on air throughout the day. pat, david? >> all right, kerry, thank you. well, secretary of state john kerry says the wave of violence in the middle east has to stop, but he refused to place blame for the attacks when he met with israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu. this morning's talks in berlin were preceded by more bloodshed. two palestinians were shot by israeli police. they are accused of stabbing a jewish man. kerry now plans to meet with palestinian leader mahmoud abbas in jordan that could happen as soon as tomorrow. in today's money report, stocks are soaring, up more than 260 points. >> sue herera joi us now from cnbc's global headquarters with that and more. hsue, call a broker. >> yes, really an amazing day on wall street and all of the major indices are on the upside. the ere are a couple of reasons for that. basically, a very strong market day. the dow jones industrial average up better than 266 points now on the trading session. here's what happened. overnight in europe, the head of
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that things were slow there and as a result of that, they were ing to keep either cutting interest rates or injecting liquidity, or money, into their stem for some time to come. well, all the traers on wall street say that probably the fed will not be able to raise rates while everybody else around the globe is c ting rates. and that's one of the things that's fueling today's rally. also, some better earnings. now, to the auto sector, where the national highway traffic safety administration is conducting hearings today into that takata air bag recall. the go ernment is trying to decide how best to coordinate the recordsetting recall which includes 230 million air bags in 20 million vehicles and decide whether or not they should let the various departments handle it or consolidate it under one entity. you know, they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? methat certainly is the case for mcdonald's. as you know, just a short while ago, m
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all-daybreak fast for those so-called breakfastarians. only a short time ago they did that, their earnings were fue d by the fact that breakfast is a ge hit. and as a result of that, their earnings beat expectations. the stock is up better than 5% on today's trading session. so you like your breakfast hot? how about home sales. they are hot as well. new home seams reached a record, up 4.7% in september. at is the second highest pace in eight years. people trying to get in to bmi a he before interest rateswgo up. >> did you say breakfastarians? >> that is a term that i recently have en acquainted with, breakfastarians. i definitely am one. >> i thought i was catholic. maybe i'm a breakfasta r rian. >> are you a breakfastarian? >> i believe i am. fell n lo with brunch a long time ago.
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rinkles and showers on the way, see them in a minute on future tracker. right now, a nice, pleasant view of times square. see the sunshine through those tall buildings. 68 right now, partly to mostly nny skies. weather headlines, we will see th at sprinkle or light shower later on today, especially the further north and west ou live, the better chance that you're going to see some of those showers much then tonight, it's gonna turn breezy. the cold front that's moving through is going to bring cooler and dryer weather, so ier weather. it is 70 in florham park. 70, staten island. 68 in midtown. 70's in white plains and morristown already. all of these temperatures are already above our average high for this time of year by quite a bit. on stormtracker, you can see just a few very light sprinkles and showers, mostly in the catskills right now and further best than that but this will descend into our area as we head into the evening commute. you will see that here on future tracker. so still sunshine right now, but here comes the cold front. and the showers and sprinkles
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county up toward month icello monticello, the catskills. most remain in the hudson river valley, not quite making into the immediate metro area, could see the sprinkle or shower, heading back home fmom work, maybe on long island around dinnertime, but everything clears out as we head into the overnight hours. then the issue becomes the winds, even in the evening hours, going to see wind gusts .around 20 miles per hour waking up on friday morning, the winds gusting to 15 to 20 miles per hour, a little bit breezy, nothing too terrible. they settle down a little bit as we head into friday afternoon. today, another warm one, a high of 76 degrees, partly cloudy, tthat spotty shower chance mainly be north and west of town. then overnight tonight, breezy and much cooler, all the way down to 51 degrees with those earing ski es. here is a look at that 7-day forecast, only 60 for the high on both friday and saturday. friday, we are going to see a ton of sunshine, but saturday, a little bit of an increase in cloud cover ahead of our next approaching system that arrives on sunday. that's going to bring us just a few light showers, a high of 65
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between 60 and 65 through the entire 7-day forecast. ading ick to work on monday, we will reach a high of 60 degrees, with a goo amount of sunshine. sorry about is that. and 60 degrees again on tuesday. david and pat, we are going to send it back to you. >> own that cameo. own it. selfies. world of selfies. very nice. >> freeze frame. all right. "new york live's" coming up next at 12:30. >> here are sara and jacque. ian keol you know selfies a great one. >> we do. >> come on. coming up, we will have breakup album tomi makeup album. adele speaks out about twhhe year's mostounticipated music release. we have got her story. >> i can't wait for that. what is the one thing that kate winslet does not allow in any of her ads for l'oreal? we have her inspiring comments to young women everywhere. that and more right here at 12:30. see you then. >> all right.
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there is a deal to potentially save manhattan's crumbling pier 40. >> houses a parking lot and athletic fields but the city plans to sell a portion of the property's air rights to fix the pier'sustructure. th.e plan calls for repl e st. john's terminalu with affordable house and senior house. the dal has to go through a public review process. the port authority expected to consider building a new bus terminal in mat happen at its monthly board meeting, not clear if the board will vote wn it today. the nation's busiest terminal on eighth avenue is considered by many to be outdated. it is more than 50 years old and handles more than 200,000 people a day. the board proposing -- the board is proposing conducting a competition to design a new terminal a block away. i don't think too many people complain about that. >> i ha don't think so. yeah. coming up next, a new face moving on to "sesame street."
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they are breaking some new ground on "sesame street." it could help children see each other differently a new character called julia being added to books and apps, the first money bet autism and she is helping to launch "sesame street's" see amazing in all children series. >> excellent. and tonight on news 4, new york at 5, we are at citi field for the mets' coming home party.
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warnings for moms and dads what to look out for that c ld be mixed in with the candy at 5:00. >> for breaking news updates any time anywhere, logon to or our mobile app. >> "new york liv is coming your way next. ha gve great afternoon. >> we will see yt. back at 5:30. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. when i found out all my medical expen s, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, t t you may know it only covers about 80% t t your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an apip medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicarep p supplement insurance plans, it could save younin out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide.
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