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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  October 22, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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right now on news4 new york, a brooklyn brown stone burned to the ground, two men never made it out and we're learning this was no accident. it gutted the brown stone worth nearly $2 million. >> and while they try to figure out who is responsible for this, the families of two men who lived there say the findings have intensified the heartbreak over their deaths. those men lived on the second and third floors of the building on hancock street. news4's sheldon dutes talked to family members and she joins us tonight from that eeighborhood. >> reporter: the question for loved ones and neighbors tonight, why. why did someone apparently use fire starting material inside of this brewnstone leaving behind all of this devastation and destruction. not to mention tha t policu say the fire was suspicious and they've deemed it a homicide >> i'd rather tyrone was a person that was larger than life
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>> tyrone was in his third floor apartment on tuesday night when someone intentionally set this fire inside the brownstone. the flamessspread and trapped the residents of the building. >> my daughter said to him, i hear you, i know it's you, you've got to jump. >> to see all of that flame in the doorway, only in the doorway. it was massive. >> corely was prono ced dead at the hospital. his second floor neighborhood, 47-year-old stanley w tkie died e next day. investigators found fire starting materials inside the brownstone and are calling this fire suspicious. >> it's not easy. we're having a struggle. >> friends like james ellis lit a candle at the front door still confused why someone would intentionally cause so much devastation. >> all good people that live there. they're all good people. this wasn't a drug den.
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i don't know why this place was targeted. >> corely's sister is leaning on loved ones for strength but she's confident about justice. >> let the police to their job and let he find out who did it. that's my reaction to that. >> reporter: and one of the residents who lived in this building still recovering at the hospital tonight. another resident is staying with neighbors. and i talked to the neighborhood association. they said police are going around looking for surveillance video and they w t everyone to know to keep an eye out. ey hope that someone might have seen something on tuesday night and call the authorities. we're live tonight, sheldon dutes, news4 new york. and new tonight, police are made two arrests in connection with the hazing death of a college student from the bronx. authorities say two men forthd trevor duffy to bing drink as he pledge for an unsanctioned fraternity last year.
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the 19-year-old's blood alcohol leve yl was more than sevengiimes the legal limit when he died. police say they expect to make more arrests in that case. the texas nurse who was quarantined last year is filing a lawsuit. kay sis hick cox was detained last year. her attorneys say he was held against her will and now she wants the state to pay up. news4's natalie paska rel la has details. >> reporter: i've been going through the lawsuit in the pas coupale of hours. nurse casey hick cox said she was unconstitutionally detained in new jersey last year. now she, her attorneys and the aclu are suing wovernor and the health officials for approximately $250,000. this all stems from her detainment during the ebola crisis last fall. the suit claims she was illegally held against her will after arriving at newark
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international airport last year. now that time period was right after she returned from helping ebola patients from africa. the suit claims the tent wasn't properly heated a and her only access to the outside world was her cell phone. hick cox tested negative and showed no symptoms of the virus. >> when you choose to detain someone out of fear, then that's discrimination and it's not based on any constitutional law. >> reporter: governor christie instituted a strict protocol for those returning from the ebola zones. i did reach out to christi and the department of health. they're not commenting because it's a legal matter. we're not reporting in midtown, news4 new york. tonight on long island a family is hoping flyers will help in their search for a missing loved one.
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she was last seen two weeks ago. her family is distributing these flyers across south hampton, saying she disappeared on october 10th after arguing with her estranged husband. the couple is divorcing. he was arrested for allegedly violating a protection order. a burglary suspect is on the run tonight. police in bridgeport, connecticut were transporting 29-year-old nelson vega from the station to the courthouse when he slipped away. the build is not even two blocks apart and this one has ome residents in the area skroching their heads in wonder. >> maybe this guy was skilled or maybe opportunity presented itself. but he's gone. >> the first thing is to find the guy and then let the police department figure out what they need to do at this point. >> the bridgeport police are reaching out to neighboring departments for help in tracking the suspect down. new details about a deadly sword attack overseas.
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many thought it was a halloween prank. some bronx kids being e vekted from their classrooms because the school didn't renew the lease. how could something like this happen? i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of
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underground... ...or thrilling sights above it. there's so many incredible ways to experience the fun of fall in new york state. plan your trip at
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we've got some breaking news now we're following from the bronx. a woman has been shot and killed. someone called 9 1 about a shooting on wearing avenue. officers found a woman in her 20s with a gunshot wound. he was taken to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead there. we're working to get you more details about what happened and we'll bring that information to you when we get it. >> the popular apartment site air b and b is blasting the new york city council tonight. the company says t ill which targets landlords who ill heelly re out regulated apartments could bankrupt the owners.
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councilmaninaid the fine might be steep but it would not be leveed against the occasional b and b user. a report reveals that technology meant to eep drivers safe on the roads is doing the opposite. hands free technology like voice activated calls is not without risks. in fact they say it can be a huge distraction. that's because even after ending a call, the person behind the wheel remains reoccupied and not paying attention to their surroundings. >> what's particularly surprising is that that cognitive distraction not only is pre lent when the people with using the system wu it persists or lingers up to 27 seconds after they stop using the system. >> nearly 3,000 people a year are killed in accidents volving districted driving. still to come, a new recall involving more than 1 million vehicles that could catch fire. have you thought about getting the solar panels on your home? one of our viewers did but he couldn't get them turned on as it was.
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better get baquero. she's got important tips for anyone thinking about m iing t switch. our social pic of the day, just a gentle scene, a calming scene in orange county from mom of two. >> it's a pretty picture. if you've got a picture cho share one se the #nbc4ny on twitter or instagram and your
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coming up new at 6:00, a $10
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billion plan to build a new port authority building, tearing down the old one and replacing that with condos and an office tower. andrew siff will have all of the details. after years of con ten shows debate, a plan and deal to fix a hudson pier in desperate need of repair. those stories all new tonight at 6:00. a deadly sword attack at a school in sweden. many students thought it was a halloween attack but it was real. police say a 2 is-year-old man walked into the school wearing a black mask and carrying knives and a sword before going on a rampage. a teacher and a student were killed. the suspect was shot by police and is in the hospital. mazda says it is recalling more than one million of its older vehicles in order to fix defective ignition switches. it includes the popular property
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day and 626 model fps the switches can overheat and catch fire. so far no injuries have been reported. dealers are going to start replacing the switches in december. save money and protect the environment. sounded like a win-win for a long island couple. >> here's linda with the information you need if you're planning to switch to solar. >> pat, i didn't hear you say my last name. >> baquero. >> thank you, pat. the concern here is over the timetable. how long should it take to get the system turned on. one man thought it was taking too long so he asked us to investigate. >> enough sunlight hits earth every hour to help power everything on it. >> it was this tv commercial that convinced henry to go solar. >> we're helping save money on the bills, we're semi retired now, living on social. it would be a help and also good for the environment. >> they contracted with home solar to install the panels and
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get the system running. he started the process in february. >> it sounded like a win-win proposition. you didn't have to lay out a penny and they did all of the fees and searches. >> henry says the panel were in place by august. a few weeks later the town inspector took a look. >> he looked at it, left, said he would notify pse and g that it's okay to turn the thing on and now we're still waiting. >> he had been waiting a month by the time he contacted news4. typically to switch to solar, you have to establish the size system you need, make sure that your contractor fills out an terconnection application early to speed up permission. then install the energy panels which can take from a few day to a few weeks and then get the required city or county inspections. and once your utility receives the final local permits and a diagram of the system, it can take between 5 and 30 days to get permission to operate. >> what would you like to happen with your system? >> with my system?
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>> well, just a couple of days after he asked energy home solar about his system, problem solved. they explained that it takes ten to 15 day to review the dotuments and permission was granted on october 9th. at that point, the energy has to go to the customer's home and tumirn on the solar panels. a spokesman said we're constantly working to reduce or customer installation time pen as of this astmonday, henry's solar is funnily functional. >> i love to see that check mark. what can people do to expedite the process. >> and one of the steps was the interconnection application. that's really key. that's the part that usually takes some time. so the earlier the contractor es that, that starts to file the paperwork, the faster you can get things moving in the process. companies that have done this
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longer tend to be more familiar with the processes. look online and see how long the company has been doing things yand decide whether this is a company you want or another company. it depends op everyone is trying to get it moving as quickly as possible. >> send a e-mail to better get baquero. you can all us, 1-866-news-244. well he got the narj, the solar panels installed for a few days of sunshine before the rains come. >> absolu hly. you know, you've got to look behind you right now. the view out the window from the top of the rock, absolutely spectacular. it's a nice evening. why? sky conditions are meeat, temperatures above the normal at 72 dedegrees. but everything changes and both of those factors will as well. temperatures are going to return to normal or near normal in the next 24 hours. we're going to see the winds kick up. that means we're going to feel
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is even bigger than it actually is. because those numbers are going to rest at 60 but winds are going to gust up to 15. and that means it's going to feel chillier than the thermometer reflects. soggy wednesday and thursday. typically we would say that's awful ne . this is good news. we need rain. we'll talk about the specific timing in just a moment. right now we talked about the temperature in central park. it's relatively similar wherever you go. the bigger picture shows a little cooler in monticello, but not by much. 73 in trenton, 76 in poughkeepsie and 70 in danbury. highs today were really a carbon copy of yesterday. all in all, it was a very, very crm day. we're going to drop by 17 degrees in some locations by tomorrow and then with those winds it's going to feel like autumn and it should. so we cloud up tonight but as fast as the clouds gather, middle of the night, they go away.
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and tomorrow we're in for a terrific day with plenty of sunshine. nice, nice day ahead. the big changes roll in on saturday into sunday. by sunday at 5 o'clock in the morning, we're talking about shower activity. now remember, that's a ways out. so the timing on this. don't hold it to this exact hour. but we're talking about a system that could bring raith saturday night into sunday at some point. the bigger rain, the stronger front as we h d into the middle of next week. but this could produce something for us and that's not bad news at all. 51 degrees will be where we set our low tonight. clearing skies, breezy and cooler conditions. winds out of the northwest 10 to 15 miles an hour. tomorrow, a glorious day but it's going to feel like autumn. sunny and cooler, winds out of the northwest 10 to 15 and gusts higher than that. ere is your seven-day forecast. look at that. that's what october should look like and feel like. 60 degrees into tomorrow and saturday. again, that front rolls in on
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the upper 50s to low 60s. and then we' looking at showers wednesday into thursday. this looks like we could see 24 hours of a rainy day. we'll send it back to you at the desk. we want to take you back now to the breaking news in new jersey that we told you about a little earlier in this broadcast. news4 confirmed what is behind this police investigation. you see the car parked there. officers say a 48-year-old woman was found stabbed in that car, in her driveway. we are of course making calls on this working to find out what her condition is, if police are undeed looking for a suspect. we'll bring you more information as get it. coming up next, kids kicked out of the classroom but it wasn't for anything they did. >> fifth graders in one bronx school being evicted. where will they go and who is evicting them.
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a group of fifth graders in the bronx will no longer have classrooms. >> this is apparently because the school let the lease on the build expire and new tenants are already planning to move in. news4's checkey beckford went to look at how this slipped through the cracks. >> unbelievable, irresponsible. >> angry parknts at a school meeting blasted the department education, a building that houses ore than 100 fifth grards will soon be gone, the district asked to vacate the annex across the street after allowing the lease to expire
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>> it's a shame but it's just incompetence. >> brian pen tar attended the meeting. >> one guy walked out. i used to be a firefighter and some of the union mights i always thought fistfights were going to break out. wean had a moment or two last night where i got that feeling again. >> the par ts w der what will happen to the fifth graders. >> my son has 31 kids in his class already. when you're talking of squeezing in more people, it's a tight squeeze already. >> this could have been avoided, tell me theistrict refused to pay market value for the property and stopped responding all together. >> we made a significant effort to try and engage with them to renew their lease. >> the organization called and sent the school district e-mails an letters beginning in december. one read to date you have
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please inform me of your current intentions. and in february whitehall warned i believe it is likely you will lugs the space if you do not act quickly. now it's a done deal. the build has incorporated a new tenant. we reached out number times and were told that the district was working on a response. but so far we have not heard back. >> state senator bill cline has gotten involved and says he plans to meet next week to find a place for the kids. white hall is in talk with the district to allow the kids in stay in the building until the end of the school year. >> news4 will keep passing the d.o.e. to find out what they say. stay with us as the news continues at 6:00. new at 6:00, the port authority approves a 10 bld plan ton tear down the bus terminal
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>>be> news4 investigates who happened inside the courtroom that allowed the suspect in the nypd cop killing to go from jail to a drug program. and an i-team exclusive, school bus violations. how do you make sure the bus your child rides is safe. russell. >> and i'm chuck scarborough. 65 million people a year travel through the port authority bus terminal and it's fair to say that millions of them have been complaining about it. tonight there's a new plan in place to replace the terminal and tear down the new one. the new terminal will be built a block west. and andrew siff is outside the port authority head kwaushters with the detail. >> reporter: the decision was de late is afternoon in wer manhattan at the port authority head'uarters. but it involves the price real estate, 8,000 buses a day, the port authority bus terminal.
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