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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  October 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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love, open since 1950 will be replaced. >> happily the votes are in order, the item is approved. >> the port authority unanimously approved a new $10 billion bus terminal one block west of the old one and they build a tower with apartments or officers on the old site to help pay for it. >> i think it's a good idea. >> plenty of support for scrapping the dreary current model but also concern. what do you think after the idea? >> probably a waste of money. >> why so? >> well they should just enhance this. it is efficient as far as i'm concerned. some already weary of a longer walk. the subway would no longer connect directly to the bus terminal. >> i come from the "a" train and cut through here for me it's convenient. >> some at today's board meeting wondered why the agency suddenly moved forward after stalling in a bus decision in past years. >> i think it would be important
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conclusions came to be. >> and airpoee workers wpo have en asking for a raise not happy that money is being spent j sewhere. but supporters say the bold step of building new infrastructure prepares for a future when tens of thousands more commuters use the terminal in the coming years. >> it will give the commuters who have been suffering for a long time in an antiquated facility an opportunity to come to work with dignity. reporter: now you see how is building is a sky scape scraper in wer tmanhattan. that offers a clue as to how the port aut ority is going to pay for all this. rently the port authority bus terminals a low story building. they'lla sell the rights projecting $6 billion or $7 billion, two thirds of the cost. all of this is not expected to open until 2030, 15 years from now.
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questions remain tonight about the circumstances surrounding the murder of an nypd officer in east harlem tuoesday night. among them, where is the weapon used to kill officer randolph holder. police say they're still trying to find the gun. and as the investigation continues, so does the grieving. officer holder's funeral is now set for wednesday at the great alan ame cathedral in jamaica consequence. >> tonight the judge who sent thh career criminal to drug burehab instead of prison is standing by that decision. >> chuck and shiba, at one point in court last december, tie ron howard's own defense lawyer asked the judge point blank whether his use of violence ght disquali
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drug treatment option, a option some say is a poor excuse to oid punishment after breaking the law so many times. >> hy did you shoot the officer? are you sorry? >> after the accused cop killer tyrone howard was led away to a jail cell, questions remain as to why he was out on the streets. the mayor aeps police commissioner said howard should have never been considered for a drug rehab. but a quick look at new york state's drug aversionlaw says it's intended for felony charges exactly like the ones that howard faced a again and again. >> it should have never been repealed to the extent where now people are given treatment options if they're convicted drug dealers. >> the i-team obtained the court transcripts showing judge edward maclaughlin was made aware of
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and two cases that we're told were supposed to be sealed, involving violence from howard's youth. a gunpoint robbery when he was age 14 and a 2009 shooting in which the charges were later dropped. the transcripts show the prosecutor called for howard to face trial and at least six years in jail for selling crack. but howard's defense lawyer said his client was a drug addict, both of his parents are addicts and i think he should be given a chance at rehab. this is exactly what diversion is meant for. the judge said i've decided, maybe out of frustration and exasperation high why not, adding, i don't doubt that he deserves it, meaning prison, but this gets him to a place where we don't have to pay for him. last night the judge told us no judge gets a crystal ball when they get the robes. a report completed by new york state last year found that
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have been sent each year in cent years to drug court instead of jail and that they had fewer repeat arrests than milar def dants who went to prison. so some people say you may not lake it but it works. we want to get to this new velopment right here. this is the s rge for the chopper4 is over the east raver where police drivers are searching for the gun that killed officer holder. thhaey still haven't been able to find its know they found the clip yesterday while they do were searching, shut down the fdr. but another search is taking place right now. divers searching for the gun used to killed nypd officer lder. the story is the most clicked on the news4 new york facebook page. and we want to bring you an update on the breaking news we brought to you at 5:30. police are investigating a deadly shooting in the bronx. police say someone called 911
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found a woman in her 20s with a gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. this is new tonight, governor chris ty's perfect cord when it comes to avoiding veto overrides is now in jeopardy. the new jersey senate voted to override christi's gun bill. the state assembly still has to vote on the override in order for it to become final. well so much for the back to the future prediction for the 2015 world series. th he mets swept the chicago cubs and are heading to the world series for the first time in 15 years and they're waiting to find out who they'll play. john chandler is at citi field where just hours ago the team made their triumphant return.
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these mets official world series hats, people around here picking them up at the team store. this was a very popular item but not the main draw here this afternoon. that was the mets themselves, as the buses rolled in fresh off their sweep of the chicago cubs. the mets were the main attraction meet the meets, step right up and greet the mets >> reporter: and geet the mets they did. there were sign guy and cow bellma all skipping work, school, whatever important plans they might have had today. >> nothing more important than that, than the mets going to the world series. >> mindy cleared her scheduled and polished her nails. r friend designed these in mets colors a l season. >> i told her from opening day the world series she was going to do my nails in mets and so far so good. here we go to the world seri m.
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their fans, still rewinding these last 24 hours in their minds. >> can't be more proud of these guys behind me, more excited for this city, fan base and organization. we've all waited for a long time for this. >> what's the message you want to give to the plashs tonight? >> that i am so proud of them. i am so proud to be a met fan. i've been a met fan all my life, 54 years and i will be a met fan for life. >> long time coming, we're so proud, happy, eager. >> speechless. >>. step right up and greet the mets >> reporter: guys, i got to show you this, because i think sign guy has a little competition. this is mark and matthew from fleshing telling the story nop now they have to come up with the new sign. can i get a let's go, mets, guy? >> let's go mets.
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lot of that over the nexgoweek or so. live at citi field, news4 new york. >> i feel like the sunset tonight is in mets' colors. look how beautiful that is. >> fabulous behind it. >> coming up, facing a judge five frat boys from queens accused of killing one of their own during a hazing ritual. we'll tell you what happened inside the courtroom today. and from greenwich village, a plan to fix up a popular playing field along a pier on the hudson river. a sun set on a beautiful day and the sun set on warm temperatures. changes in the forecast we'll
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from queens arraigned on murder charges stemming from a deadly hazing case. it involves the death during a fraternity retreat in the poconos two years ago. all five defendants weab members of the pie delta sigh. prosecutmrs say the men took part in the deadly hazing ritual or failed to step in and stop it. dang's death was a prank that went horribly wrong and not a murder. new tonight, prime property along the hudson river is going to turn into affordable housing if mayor de blasio gets his way. they the complex would include hundred of apartment complexes designated for working families and senior citizens. the funding for it needs to approval of the hudsut park river trust board of directors. a report you need to watch
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coming up, the i-team uncovers some of the bus mpanies with the most violations. >> what's being done to keep your child safe. >> watch new york's biggest e
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lester holt joins us now. >> coming up, hillary clinton's testimony in washington. the hearing has been contentious at times. we're going to have details of a new report from aaa which finds that hands free driving is still distracted driving. the new technology may free up ur hands but your brain may still be tied up. >> i think a lot of folks in the area are eager to learn more about. we can't text and drive. it. >> what u that ear finding is the period of time after you use this, a fair amount of time that you're still distracted even though you've stopped what you're doing.
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that when we see you at 6:30. >> whether they're all created equal, right? it is school bus safety week, a push to raise awareness. so how would you feel if you learned some of the yellow buses were caught running red lights and speeding. the i-team spent weeks sifting through the tickets and brings you an eye opening investigation into what might be happening on your child's school bus. here's the i-team's pei-sze cheng. >> you trust them to get your kids to school safely. but what happens when they do this? or this? >> look at that. oh my god. >> using school bus data from the state d.o.t., the i-team analyzed how often the school buses were tagged. this single bus received ten violations in two years, caught running red lights nult. times. the i-team found more than 6,000
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speeding and driving through red lights in the past two years. 171 bus companies got at least one ticket since 2013. the little richie bus company had nearly nine violations for every ten of their buses were more than 500 violations total. bup the same company that loans them also owns logan bus company and that company had more than 300 violations. that's seven tickets for ten of logan's buses. an attorney for little richie and logan bus companies tell the i-team the safety of the children is their biggest concern. as the largest bus company in the city, run more than a million routes annually. they havona three strikes policy. >> i do worry about my kids every day on the bus. >> lois has four children who ride the school bus every day. we watched as two of her sons
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while this particular bus had no registered tickets, the company racked up 271 violations in the past ten years were ten tickets for every ten of their buses. they got to u nnderstand they got kids inside the school bus. ink about them. >> then there's l and m bus codgrps, they had 415 violations with 300 buss in its flee that's 13 violations for every ten buses, more than one violation for every bus. >> it' one thing if you're driving yourself. it's another thing if you have not just your kid, but you have many, many people's kids on. >> the councilman was concerned about the number of violations and some of the most tickets intersections were in his district. >> we need to get everybody at the table and see what we need to do to make sure the behavior changes. that's dangerous. >> most of the bus companies told the i-team that drivers are given extensive draining. knit a driver receives a ticket
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retraining process and four strikes and you're out. y and m bus company did not respond to multiple calls and e-mails for kmaent. bus drivers must submit to annual reviews of their driving records and safety courses. parents we spoke with found it unsettling. >> something has to be done. >> keep in mind, we don't know how many miles each bus traveled for the year, which could give us more perspective. the department of education wants us to keep in mind that they monitor the dmv notification system which provides real-time updates to any changes of a driver's record. >> and if you have something at you think the news4 i-team should look into, call us. you're talking about the mets orange behind us in the sunset. a to be lows day, dave. >> it's been a wonderful day. here's the scoop.
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building at the drop of a hat. but to do that with the skies, that takes skill. let's take a look at the mets' colors highlight g our evening.heit's a perfect post sunset. 71 degrees, partly cloud ya skies out there. let's look at the headlines. temperatures down, winds up. that means it's going to feel much cooler tomorrow. and through the weekend it's going to feel like a fall week nd. everyone i confused because it's either felt very warm or very cold. now we're going to settle into a little bit of a pattern for the next seven days, temperature wise, and we could be looking at significant rain as we head to the midweek next week. he's go through the details. temperature outside 71 in the park, 66 in ocean side, 71 in staten island and 72 in sheepshead bay. temperature is relatively uniform around the region.
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we got up to 77 in poughkeepsie today, same number in belmar, 70 in west hampton. tonight we're going to see a cooldown and we're first going to cloud up and then we're going to clear on out rather rapidly. 51 deg i es should be the low temperature. we'll see the winds kick up, 10 to 15 miles a hour into tomorrow. 60 degrees should be the high temperature, breezy condit ns with northwest winds gusting hower than 10 to 15 miles an hour. now looking ahead as we head into the weekend, sunday wr seeo another chance of showers, but more significant rain most likely as we head into wednesday, thursday. the timing not quite precise yet. wu we could see 0 over an inch of rain in this. here's your seven-day forecast. tomorrow, we talked about the change. the temperature begins to drop, the winds begin to really show thereir presence and that means
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you know, when you take your temperature down 15 degrees and add in 15-mile-per-hour winds, it's going to feel much different as you walk out the door. 65 on sunday, we see a couple of showers pop through in the picture and then monday, tuesday, temperatures a little below normal and then on wednesday into thursday, that's when we're timing out significant rain. like a rainy day potentially. how about that? >> that would be rare. >> and needed. >> much. bruce beck is back from the windy city. >> winning is nice, celebrating after a win is even nicer. coming up in sports, the mets put away the cubs and then revel in the glory with a primetime par pi. and when they returned home, the crowds came out to cheer them on. we've got you covered in erything that's orange and
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team starts practice today. coach called to see how i was doing. i blew out my knee last year. just as college football programs began calling me. i didn't realize i'd get hooked on the pain pills the doctor gave me. i never thought my life could change so fast. for now at least, football and college are going to have to wait. don't let addiction sideline
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the mets have come such a long way, bruce ms they have. on july 30th, shiba, the mets was 52-50 and their offense couldn't hit the broadside of a barn. but with the trade deadline, they took off and never looked ck. the mets steam rolled the cubs in game four, jumping out to a 6-0 lead. and the new mr. oc tber, daniel murphy continued his ridiculous post season as he blasted a home run for the sixth straight game, a new major league record. and the celebration was on in the windy city. next stop for new york, the fall classic classic.
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can't explain the emotion, the excitement that goes through your body. i can't be more proud of this team, can't be more excited for e city of new york. this organization, these fans have waited a long time for this and aim glad we can deliver. >> vi a best group of guys to hang out with every single day of my life. with these guys. >> y i love these guys more than anything. they're my family. >> we're going to enjoy this one tonight. skipper said we're off tomorrow, we're going to enjoy tomorrow and then get ready for the world series. >> there's one more step, one more mountain to climb. are you thinking about that? >> let's celebrate one more time. >> when the mets returned to citi field around 3:30, they received a he roe's ro's welcome. with the fall classic five long days away, the euphoria of last night is still clearly evident. >> u like hearing that, the
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that's pretty special. just an incredible feeling. like i said, i don't think it's quite hit. maybe tonight, relax a little bit, sit on the couch and when it finally hets, i'm sure there'll be a big smile on my face. >> after all of my years of covering champagne celebrations, i should have learned never ask a serious question to a player getting doused in bubbly. >> one more step, the world series how focused are you on that. >> i think we're pretty focused. >> right snow. >> we're definitely focused right now, if you can't tell. >> it's sweet isn't it? >> it's awesome. >> yes, he's really focused. >> his eyes have got to be burning today. >> what's going on, instead of trying to ask a question. >> couple of times you didn't know who they were. so i said would you please pick those glasses up. it didn't matter. anything goes in a celebration. >> a night to remember, bruce.
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>> you looked a little soggy too.


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