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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  October 23, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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this all happened on queens boulevard and reeder street. mark santia with more on how the water main broke. mark? >> reporter: yep. updates, major development here in just the last few moments. if you take a look, you can see right there in between that green fence that was ripped down by the raging water, the water they have been able to find some of the valves. they're starting to slowly shut those valves down and get the geyser under control. this is all on queens boulevard and broadway. right now, the intersection is blocked off. no traffic here. we're also seeing some delays on the e, f, n and r subway lines that's because some of the water got into the subways there. there's some delays right now. as you can see, though, right now they're getting that main, getting some of that water under control and told it's
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construction equipment operating here on the corner that hit and ruptured a city water main and that city water main was 6 feet around. a massive main that was hit and sent thousands of gallons pouring on to the street. right now, we're told photographer mike, can we just show this way? if you can see straight down the street on broadway, there's a row of shops on broadway all of those shops had to be evacuated. water went into those shops. you have a special operations vehicle from fdny on the scene. dep on the scene. several folks here still working to get this mess under control. the first row of shops that you are looking at right now, all of those had to be evacuated because water poured in. it's residential above them. folks inside the apartments were allowed to stay inside. they were in constant contact with fdny. workers trudge across queens there.
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they're trying to work and clear it out of the way. you can see the water down garbage cans, broke pieces of fencing here and created havoc right in the intersection of busy queens boulevard and broadway here. again, we're being told a construction crew hit a water main, that main 6 feet around. sent thousands of gallons of water rushing to the street. there are no injuries right now. it was too dangerous, the fire captain tells us, to send fire crews down. folks in the area could not believe what was playing out here in the intersection. >> everything's flooding. and the whole queens boulevard is now just like blocked off. >> it's crazy. and never seen anything like this before. >> yeah. it is like a lake. this is queens boulevard or not. >> pushing on upwards of four hours now. unfortunately, the flooding
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condition was such that d.e.p. had a difficult time finding the twakt gate valves to shut down to isolate the problem area. >> reporter: so the latest out here right now, they have managed to turn some of those valves down. that geyser that you saw before is now down to a trickle. so they're controlling, they're controlling some of the water. they have found the valves. that geyser down to a trickle. there is no time line, though, we asked the chief, there is no specific timeline when all of this mess here will be cleaned up. but right now, they're getting to work. they do know it's heavy equipment here on the corner that hit one of the water mains. as you can see, though, right now, there's some water coming out but that geyser there before, that's done. there's a trickle. now they're working on clearing out this water, the existing floodwater here and then sort of getting folks back on their
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in the bottom. but initially, it was just too dangerous to send firefighters into the buildings. electricity and water do not mix and told there's no injuries right now and no timeline as to when this intersection is reopened. this mess will be cleaned up. live in elmhurst, queens, back to you. >> busy intersection there. thank you. we are also following breaks news in fairfield, connecticut. all 10,000 in 17 fairfield public schools getting out of class early today and police say that's because three of the schools got an anonymous gun and bomb threat. the schools were on lockdown for most of the morning. and then police changed that to a lockout situation. school officials want parents to stay home and wait for their children to get home and some nervous parents rushed to the schools after getting the text from the school district. >> you know, you worry and you don't know if you're going to be seeing them for the last time or not.
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goes through your mind. anavd just got to pray and ask god to be there with them. >> so let's get a live update of ed hughes in chopper 4. ed? >> and david, we are high above here. this is the fairfield ward high school in fairfield. you can see center part of the screen, one cop there in the middle trying to advise students and they were dismissed about 15 minutes ago around 11:45 and bring the picture out and see plenty of kids on the school grounds trying to make the way home. as you said, police want parents to stay at home. let the school buses do their job. let the kids get home and do not come to the schools right now because it's chaos at this point. but again, bringing it back down in here, see the school buses lined up. students trying to make their way on and walk home at this point and try, do not come to the school. this is from fairfield ward high school here in fairfield, connecticut. and of course, as you said, david, all 17 schools are
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activities. that's what we're told. no afternoon or evening activities in the fairfield ward school district and much more about this at 5:00 tonight. hughes. >> thank you. precautionary move by police ruling out a credible let to the fairfield schools. get updates on the phone or tablet, the water main break and the situation at fairfield, connecticut. the murder of a new york city cop has prompted the mayor to call for changes in the justice system. specifically, in state law and how courts deal with dangerous criminals. the suspect accused of killing the officer randolph holder has a long record and was placed in drug rehab instead of jail. news 4's andrew siff at city hall. >> reporter: about 48 hours after the mayor and police
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commissioner made the claim that fie rhone howard should not have been walking the streets, the mayor offered something he says that might have made a difference and that would be a change in state law. howard as you know the s the repeat drug offender accused of firing the fatal shot killing police officer randolph holder earlier this week and a judge sentenced howard to diversion instead of prison, essentially drug rehabilitation. the mayor said the loophole in state law was that the judge wasn't allowed to consider the potential doing tore the community. >> tyrone howard would have gone to jail. he would not have continued to poison the community around him by selling drugs. he wouldn't have been roaming east harlem on tuesday. and one of nypd's good, decent, hardworking cops would still be alive today. >> reporter: now, the mayor was
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know that is a change in state law might have made a difference, how the judge was supposed to know that tyrone howard could be dangerous. and mayor said the facts were clear that howard had repeated drug arrests and wasn't showing up for his court ordered probation or drug rehabilitation. that should have been a warning sign that the judge in this case was not allowed to consider. reporting live at city hall, andrew siff, news 4 new york. >> thank you. police are looking for a man that robbed two men and nearly cut off the arm of one of them. it happened early this morning. news 4 katherine craig in central islip. you spoke to a victim. how are they both doing now? >> reporter: indeed, david. that one victim, he is at home right now but he tells us his friend, remains in the hospital. he is in terrible shape. the attack and robbery right here on this street. and that one victim might be home recovering back in his
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one of the victims showed us his bandaged arm wounded after another man robbed him and his friend with a large knife in the attack, the 25-year-old victim doesn't want to show his face. he says he fears for his life. police say the victim was getting a ride home from his friend. a man came up to the suv to rob them and threatened them with a knife. the victim raised the arm to defend himself and police say the suspect nearly cut off his arm below the elbow. the suspect took off, detectives interviewed residents. >> i think -- i didn't know what was going on and my husband wasn't home. and i was afraid to, you know, come outside. but this is a very safe neighborhood. >> reporter: long-time residents describe the neighborhood as tranquil and safe. a next door neighbor of the victim said he said ambulances and police in the moments after the robbery and attack happened.
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the most severely wounded victim was air lifted to a hospital and had surgery to reattach his arm. the suspect got away with a two victims' jewelry, cash and mobile phones. and we just talked with police who are still looking for the suspect. there also might be more than one suspect. also, detectives spent hours here and never found the weapon so presumably that large knife is still with the suspect. reporting live, katherine creag, news 4 new york. >> thank you. an accident of a school bus and tractor trailer shut down traffic in monmouth county this morning on route 35 near kings highway and middletown. no students were on the bus but the driver was flown to the hospital with injuries. route 35 south was closed for several hours while crews cleared this wreckage. a five alarm fire in yonkers burned so quickly and so long it damaged a church older than america itself. it took out two stories of a
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the fire started last night around 11:00, destroyed several businesses and firefighters said they weren't about to let the 18th century church go up in flames. >> the church was in good shape. we knew we had to protect the church. historical church. square. and there's really -- there may be a little water damage, a could of shingles that got loose but that's about it. >> those firefighters battled more than six hours to get the flames under control. fire marshal trying to figure out what caused it. 43 people confirmed dead after the body of a child is found in the wreckage of a horrifying crash involving a tour bus. it happened in the early morning hours in southwestern france. french authorities say a truck driver lost control and collided with that bus which then caught fire. the bus carrying mostly senior citizens on a day trip. the bus driver managed to get the door open before he died so a few could escape. some others were able to break through their windows and crawl
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to safety. this is one of the worst dents in france in decades. coming up on news 4 new york at noon, the strongest hurricane ever measured bearing down on mexico right now. the message to everyone in the way, brace for a catastrophe. raphael is tracking patricia and the local weather. >> that's right. it could be a potentially devastating storm for mexico and could play a role in our weather over the next few days. we'll look at the 7
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want to update you on the breaking news. a major water main break in queens in the area of queens boulevard and reeder street. lasted for several hours and crews still trying to cut off all the sources of the water there. took them a while according to
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the fire marshal. businesses affected. residents can stay in the apartments but they're affected. motor vehicle traffic affected and the subway lines running with delays. gracie mansion is ready to open its doors to the public for the first time in more than a year. this is a live look outside the mansion where an open house is planned for this sunday. and we got to go inside for a preview this morning. the deblasios made big changes and recently gave news 4 an exclusive first look at roughly 50 new works of art but the administration's narrative about these changes has itself been a work in progress. first they told us that a portrait of george washington replaced by a portrait of a freed slave and then they told us washington would share the same wall and now they tell us the curator made an error and that the first portrait of george washington wasn't exactly george washington. it's archibald gracie who built the mansion in 1799.
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i think all the wigs look alike in that time, right? >> yep. >> public tours of the mansion begin on november 10th and when you can check it all out for yourself. >> see how it ends up, really. residents of a stretch of mexico's pacific coast gearing up for the arrival of hurricane patricia. >> many in the resort area boarding up their homes and businesses. officials are warning that the monster category 5 storm may become the most dangerous to hit the area since they began keeping records in 1949. the u.s. government is urging all americans on the coast to take shelter. stay away from beaches and rough seas. so this is when we talk about the coast, texas, as well. >> yeah. eventually the remnants of patricia moving towards texas and the gulf states. flooding a concern there and this is an epic storm. 200 miles per hour. this's the sustained win. not gusts. strongest hurricane we have ever seen. there was a typhoon that had lower pressure, back in the '70s. this may rival that one, as well. so this is an epic storm. >> wow.
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>> about to cause a whole lot of heartache in mexico and eventually dealing with that tri-state and parts of the united states rather. not here in the tri-state but seeing some rain from patricia. >> really? >> that's in the seven-day forecast. this is quite a situation developing along the pacific coast of mexico. lots of resort towns there around the pew to vallarto area and set to made landfall today with a storm surge up to 20 feet in some spots and the winds of 200 miles per hour. very quiet around here. the satellite picture. very tightly wound storm. the hurricane force winds don't extend all that far out from the yeah eye and it's a well organized storm. winds 200 miles per hour. again, the strongest winds ever directly recorded in our history. and you can see it's expected to make landfall later on today and then weaken thankfully significantly ly ly dealing with the terrain of mexico and then a depression texas later on this weekend and then rain and
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flooding will be a threat for them as we head deep sbeer the weekend. for us closer the home, cold air alerts in effect tonight. see the frost and that could end the growing season for you. you can take the plants in if they're sensitive. that's into tomorrow morning. all right. break down the weekend for you. lots of sunshine out there. tomorrow. a beautiful fall day. great day for leaf peeping north of town. 59 for the high. tracking some rain as a front moves through saturday night into sunday morning. some of those should recalls may linger on sunday. probably until 8:00, 9:00 a.m. and then clearing out and the bulk of the weekend dry and nice and comfy. see nice and clear here. great weather if you're making a weekend getaway up to the catskills. 50s. 54 and it's 47 degrees in central park. 61 down the shore. for your evening commute, 6:00 p.m., no weather problems here. very quiet, clear conditions. overnight tonight, clouds filter in. this is tomorrow morning. dry to start your saturday and
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drizzle by the end of the day. there goes that cold front. 5:00 a.m. sunday and showers linger especially east of town as you head to sunday morning. see the seven-day forecast, that's not the remnants of patricia on sunday. that's for wednesday and thursday and there could be a good soaking rain which we need. doesn't look like it's too much all at once but wednesday and thursday that's when we're tracking the next chance for maybe an inch or two inches of rain and updates throughoutdy and the very latest of your forecast tonight. dave price will be here at 5:00. >> thank you. right now, the mets are holding a workout at citi field as they gear up for the fall classic. hometown rally for the mets is being held monday at 3:00 p.m. at queens borough hall. the world series starts tuesday. the mets play the kansas city royals or the toronto blue jays and that would be away game for the mets. royal vs a 3-2 lead and wrap up the series with a win tonight
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>> very interesting to see who they'll play. new york live -- that cowbell. does it to me every time. new york live at 12:30 is next. >> what are you working on? >> more cowbell. >> there you go. >> coming up, what can we expect from nbc's upcoming live production of "the wiz"? we're talking to the stars. what does it take to shom former president clinton? we'll talking with neil tyson about the funny and informative sitdown here at 12:30. people are excited he'll be here and patricia heaton, as well. >> wonderful friday show. thank you. >> busy. still ahead here, why one man says he was forced to crawl
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a staten island artist created a tribute to the lives lost in superstorm sandy. scott searched the beaches of staten island for pieces of driftwood for his latest installation of empty chairs driftwood memorials. he is hoping to have chairs to honor all 24 victims before the 29th out this month, the third anniversary of when the storm hit our area. a man says he was forced to crawl off a jetliner when he him. he was traveling from san francisco to reagan national airport just outside d.c. saying when the plane landed, no one from united airlines came to help him. neil was returning from a speaking engagement about accessible transportation. >> i mean, it was -- it's humiliate humiliating. no one should have to do what i did. i crawled up the rest of the way through the aisle and then i got to the end and i had to crawl
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over the entryway to make sure i didn't fall. >> united airlines says it regrets the delay assisting neil. next, a live update on the huge water main break in queens. it is causing big problems above
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>> along queens boulevard and reeder street, construction crews ruptured a water main there sending water down the street and into businesses. >> queens boulevard closed in both directions. we'll have the latest at 5:00. >> thank you so much for joining us. "new york live" is next. when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage.
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